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December 27, 2012     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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December 27, 2012

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pirit of JEFFERSON andF.,LRMER'SADVOCATE Farm Thursday, December 27, 2012 A9 Four States i Hagerstown, Md. - 301-733-8120 Dec. 17 SLAUGHTER COWS $1-2 Higher BREAKERS H Dressing To $74 Breakers Avg. Dressing $68-72 BONERS Avg. Dressing $67- 71 Boners L Dressing $64-66 LEAN Avg. Dressing $60-65 THIN and LIGHT $59 Down FED STEERS Grass Fed 1500 Ibs. At $86 ' CALVES Holstein Bull Returning to Farm Steady Prices #1 94-115 lbs. $100-109; 118- 130 lbs. To $102 #2 94-115 lbs. $85-99; 80-92 lbs. $77-97 Holstein Heifers 1 90-110 lbs. $120-127 #2 80-110 lbs. $95-117 Brown Swiss 94 lbs. At $90 Slaughter Calves $60 Down BUTCHER HOGS 1 Lot 220 lbs. At $64 1 Head 340 lbs. At $60 FEEDER STEERS Few Of- fered Dutch Belt 928 lbs. At $84 FEEDER HEIFERS M&L Frame 450-500 lbs. $125-135; 575-675 lbs. $118-129; 700- 775 lbs. To $119 FEEDER BULLS M + L Frame Good Black 396 lbs. At $150 BW Face 602 lbs. At $110 Black 795 lbs. At $95 Dairy Replacements By The Head Jersey Springer Small 530 STOCK COWS Short Bred Angus 1442 lbs. At $69 Dec. 19 1+3 250-300 lbs. $62-68; 220- R~C 250 lbs. $60-63; 300-325 lbs. SLAUGHTE OWS 75 Head To $65 Steady Prices .Sows 9 Head BREAKERS Avg. Dressing 450-525 lbs. $46-52.50; 325- $67-70.50 425 lbs. $50-55 BREAKERS L Dressing $64- Boars over 400 lbs. To $15.25 67 STOCK CATTLE 91 Head $10 BONERS Avg. Dressing $65-69 Lower BONERS L Dressing $62- FEEDER STEERS M&L 65 Frames " LEANAvg. Dressing $59-63 350-500 lbs. $130-141; 500- THIN and LIGHT $59 - Down 700 lbs. $121-132.50; 700-900 BULLS 5 Head lbs. $116-121 YG #1 1300-1650 lbs. $84-89 Holsteins 225-350 lbs. $90-95 YG #2 $77-81 FEEDER HEIFERS M&L FED STEERS Strong Demand! Frames H Ch- Prime 1400-1550 lbs. 350-4501bs.$115-129;450-650 . $124-127.75 lbs. $112-125 Ch 2-3 1200-1500 lbs. $118-123 2 Head @ 960 lbs. At $107 L Ch Holsteins $90 FEEDER BULLS M&L FED HEIFERS Frames H Ch- Prime 1200-1450 lbs. 400-6501bs.$122-135 $122-127.50 700-900 lbs. To $95 Dairy Replacements 93 Head GOATS 22 Head Sold By the Sold By the Head Head L Spr Heifers and Cows $1100- Large Billies andWethers $125- 1425 180 Med Spr Heifers and Cows Selection 1 Kids 70-80 lbs. $900-1200 $120-137; 45-65 lbs. $87-108; Fresh Cows $1000-1425 30-45 lbs. $60-80 Short Bred Jersey Hfrs $700- PIGS and SHOATS 69 Head 1000 Sold BY THE HEAD CALVES 110 Head $30-40 19 Head 391bs. At$35 Higher 6 Head 80-95 lbs. $51-59 Holstein Bulls Returned to Farm Sold BY THE POUND Active Bidding Fancy 110-210 lbs. $75-80 #1 94-120 lbs. $130-142 Plainer 110-210 lbs. $60-65 #2 94-120 lbs. $112-127; 85-92 Stock Boars lbs. $85-112 275-375 lbs. $25-38 Holstein Heifers #2 75-100 lbs. $100-115 Special Feeder Cattle Sale Slaughter Calves Dec. 26 at 7:45 p.m. 80-100 lbs. $40-50 " No sales Dec. 31 BUTCHER HOGS 20 Head Join us on Facebook or visit $2-4 Lower TED KALVITIS On its complex meandering charging beaver over the sound soned that a fall onto solid ice course, the North River flows of the chainsaw., from my height could be par- through our back yardl It's After the cutting was accom- ticularly damaging. In contrast, called the North River, I pre- plished without a beaver attack, the kids in their thick snow- sume, because its confluence Stephanie went about her busi- suits were as wide as they were with the Cac~ipon River is north ness. We reasoned that I would tall so a fall consisted only of a of this river's source. Therefore, be able then to hear the approach subtle change of alignment with it can be said that the North Riv- of a monster beaver. My senses the earth. Their mother, the then er flows north through, when thus attuned, I went about gath- not-so-old Hippie, often skated we're standing on its banks, it ering up the wood. with them, sometimes leading would seem to flow in every di- Our late beagle terrier, Bon- them the better part of a mile up- rection but north, kers, liked to play rough and bite river. I was left on shore to build Sycamore trees line the riv- just a little harder than was some- and maintain a riverside camp- erbanks. I may be in violation times comfortable. If she got a fire and prepare a kettle of hot of some unwritten law here but purchase into the thick leath- water for tea and cocoa. firewood doesn't have to be er, such as the high tops of my Though the fire and kettle oak for my purposes. I like for leather work boots, she would were more or less a given, I was the fire to go out when I'm not apply maximum jaw pressure, assigned various other duties around. Sycamore and elm suit which seemed hugely out of pro- as well. One year, several inch- me well and ash, with its lovely portion to her small stature. She es of snow fell on the Otherwise fragrance,is my all-time favor- liked to incorporate a soundless smooth ice and I was given the ite. approach with a sudden pounce job of scoop shoveling skating I'm waiting for the river to during these assaults. trails. At sunset, the low solstice freeze so that I can drop alarge, I suddenly found myself ham- light turned the snow a subtle dead sycamore tree onto the ice strung by a snarling animal and, pink hue as the skaters moved where I can then cut it up and thus startled, lost my footing about in a Hans Brinker-esque scene. As the days were So short, daylight was usually exhaust- ed before the kids' energy was. "1 suddenly found myself ham- it was then my duty to light my large collection of kerosene lan- bv terns and place them about on strung . a snarling animal and, thus startled, lost my footing and the ice. Every year seemed to be slightly different in one way or fell on the ice." another, meaning that my duties were carried as well. I seem to recall that the last retrieve the wood from the riv- and fell on the ice. I:was none- year the river froze solid was er. The tree is leaning too far theless relieved to see Bonkers 2005. Skating was short-lived toward the river for me to use rather than a beaver the size of a that year and the kids were soon one of my many loggers' tricks Volkswagen. Seizing this oppor- skating through shallow ponds to get it to fall in another direc- tunity, Bonkers pulled off one of standing water on the ice; I tion. Moreover, dead sycamores of my leather work gloves then built the requisite fire and put tend to be hollow which would challenged me'to try and take it on the kettle. Soon, Leah, Emily thwart any of these efforts. The back. That's how they found me, and their friend, Heather, gath- tree has to fail into the river -- lying on the ice, making entreat- ered around the fire to rest and now if it would only freeze, ies to the dog and watching for warm up. My offer of hot cocoa It seems that Indian summer an irate beaver, who, by then, was politely declined and I got runs right into the January thaw would have a legitimate gripe the feeling that I was being re- these days but if we're going over my disrupting his neigh- garded in that manner reserved to get a hard freeze this is usu- borhood, for that elderly relative who for- ally the week when we get it. "They" refers todaughters gets to account for time pass- The last time that I felled one Leah and Emily, then around 7 ing and keeps sending young of these trees onto the ice, it and 8 years old along with an as- adults bunny slippers. I looked was quite spectacular. The foot sortment of neighborhood chil- up and saw polite smiles circu- thick ice held as the tree crashed dren, each carrying a pair of late among the group along with into it. The brittle upper limbs of ice skates. We keep a couple of a half-pint of Southern Comfort. the long dead tree shattered and bushel apple crates full of ice The roundish little snow-suited flew into pieces The tree fell skates in the back shed and are kids had suddenly become 20- near where beavers were known thus able to outfit any potential somethings. to be denning in the riverbank, skater who comes along. I may have to drop that syca- I.had seen these huge creatures, "Are you going to build us more during the summer and re- which are known to be aggres- a fire?" a tiny voice asked. As trieve the wood in cutoffs and sively territorial at times. As a, I lay sprawled among a pile of old sneakers. It can be a chal- precaution, I had Stephanie (aka perfectly seasoned sycamore lenge to catch all of the pieces Old Hippie) stand watch while I twigs and branches there could before they float away. The ben- sawed up the tree, as I would be only be one answer, ver would have the advantage if unable to hear the approach of a I'm a non-skater having red- he catches me in the water. // ...........Commun,tyX " ..................................................................... Commun,tyXo =" Commun,'ty: ............................................................................... Commun,'tyx . Comn.lU.n' iI! ....... ' ........................... Communi .o .." ............... .. Art classes scheduled: The "team for an individual in need. 7 to 9 p.m: every Monday start- are available at or year: For questions, contact Jes- Snnd vnur news . . . . . . ~.....- ,IF .... Berkeley Arts Council will offer Persons interested in volunteer- mg Feb. 4 at the West Virginia by calling 540-247-2482. slca Palencar at 304-724-3862 classes beginning in January for adults and young people age. 14 email, and up. Evening courses include pottery/handbuilding, introduc- Writer competition: The dead- tion to oil painting, jewelry de- line for the annual Charles and sign, and introduction to watercol- Wilhelmina O'Connor Author or painting. A daytime class offers Competition is Dec. 31. The art exploration for homeschool- competition is open to anyone ers ages 12 to 18. Registration for who resides in Jefferson County each series of six two-hour class- or is a member of the Jefferson es is first come, tirst served and County Historical Society, has is open now through the website not ever published a book before, or in person and is in the final stages of writ- at the Holiday Art and Craft Mar- ing a non-fiction or fiction book, ket at 115 S. Queen St. in Mar- play or children's book about the tinsburg. Payment of $75 per per- history of Jefferson County. The son, per class may be by cash; contest offers the winner a pro- check or credit card. The pottery fessionally published book, an e- class takes place at the War Me- book and marketing materials for morial Pool Building on Monday the promotion of their book. The evenings. Other classes will take winning entry will be announced place in the Berkeley 2000 build- at the end of March 2013. All ing at Lambert Recreation Center rules and criteria for submission Class descriptions and more in- to the competition may be found formation are available at berke- on the Jefferson County Histori- or by cal Society website at jefferson- calling 304-262-1611. Volunteers needed: Good Beekeeping classes available: Shepherd Caregivers is current- The West Virginia Eastern Pan- ly recruiting volunteer drivers handle Beekeepers Association for critical transportation needs is now accepting registration for and members of churches will- its 2013 beginner beekeepers ing to serve as part of a care course. Classes will be held from ing should call 304-876-3325 or Fruit Research and Education or email jpalencar@cityofran- Planning an event that's open to the community? Send your Center in Kearneysville. Class- Volunteers sought: The City Community Notes submissions es end March 11. The course of Ranson Convention & Vis- to'Robert Smith at news@ fee is $70. For beekeepers who itors Bureau is currently ac- Low-cost veterinarian service Items have completed the beginners cepting volunteer members,offered: Spay Today is the dr- should be submitted no lat- course or have at least two The CVB is ctlarged with pro- ea's reduced-cost spay and neu- er than 2 p.m. Monday. Items years beekeeping experience, a moting tourism in Ranson and ter program for dogs and cats. At may be faxed to 304-728-6856 three week advanced class will surrounding areas to visitors, the time of surgery, initial shots or mailed to the newsroom, be offered. These classes will Members come to the monthly and tests can also be obtained 210 N. George St., Charles be held from 2 to 4 p.m. Feb 2, meetings, give their input, and at lower rates. To find vets and Town, WV 25414. Questions? 9 and 16. More information and assist with different events that more information, go to bhacs. Call 304-725-2046. registration forms for classes the CVB hosts throughout the org or call 304-728-8330. Source Call today 725--2046 of ettcre0n HEALTH AND WELLNESS, PLLC Need to Relax... Enjoy a 1 Hour Facial Jason Winseck, D.C. Over 10 Years Experience Convenient Location Flexible Hours 304.724.9401 120 Commerce Circle, Kearneysville, WV 25430 Injuries Veh Actlt Ini Subscribe to the Spirit of Jefferson! Call (304) 725-2046 LOTTIRV JEFFERSONCOUN]Y ......... i.$1,904,326.18 RANSON .......................... $345,108.94 BOLIVAR ................ ' ...................... $81,286.33 SHEPHERDSTOWN .......... $134,848.62 CHARLES TOWN .................. .$408,612.23 TOTAL FUNDS HARPERS FERRY ........ ; ............... $22,226.68 DISTRIBUTED ................ $2,896,588.88 Week ending 12/08/12 HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING Gas Heating * Air Conditioning Heat Pumps Humidifiers * Air Purifiers Water Heaters Geothermal Maintenance Contracts Gas Logs * Pool Heaters CAd.L 304-582-0204 we specialize in Residential Repair, Service & Maintenance Contracts. All work has a one year pads and labor warranty. Free second opinions. Call for details. l:~ 3 1 3 2 1 7 ll~ 1 1 ' 1 1 1 2 1 -3 3 2 6 2 10 1 2 3 2 1 5 1 1 0 8 1 76 II~I~t~1 , 1 2 1 1 Iztma~am 3 2 3 1 1 1 1 3 9 3 11 3 10 31 15 55 15