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December 21, 1967     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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December 21, 1967

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= " i i - i I i rb . I i i l !( I : .E !k ! h ' R,i ; ui' +Po : :h,u r, r} i . = I +,o,+'In COMPLETE LOCAL AND SECTIONAL CO l'ne Harpers Perry l~gn Tigers |1 I # ' battled the Williamsport (l~d)[ ~- thers kept their victory train roll I ++ o . + : ~ :.-: : +:.+:.+: t-,~++ tHh~hf::ld~a~,O~)u~ven t~7~h~ ~[ MIDGET BASKETBALL LOOPI In the second period a field~e+"+l~9~'.~ ++~'-'by "sou-~d'l-yl w~n c~ra~e2?h2SMaDne~a~e~ ~#hplto ;si.g~tfO:heairgam~iwitthftohe period the Wildcats moved .inl of Teams 'goal and foul by Hosby gave the Bruns~ick Md " " front 4540 and went on to take Sanding ] Lakers a 7-2 tied lead as the Pack tr.ouncmg ~he e r(fi ') ]havoc with the last week of pre- games Charles Town rolled up a NEWS . ~.=,~ u;e+.~+e Conference vic/ Team w n Lum'l--~ *~;I-'~ ~a"h team rmgn oagers oo~ ,u~'t-, ,t /Christmas basketball action, not total of 277 points while giving tory from the Tigers at Williams-/ Celtics 5 0 I scored six points in the third pc- w~'t~oou~'a defeat+J / a single g~me naa to De pos'tpon- up at t, wnue t~oons:ooro .roueu port. The victory was the. third| Royals 4 1 I riod, with Sowers, J Peters and " . o . ] ed ,this December and as a result up a total of 128 poims white giv- in four outlngs for the Wildcats,/ takers 1 4,W Taylor each collecting baskets The. t'anmers move~ ~n^IrOenv~ t a number of the sectional and ing up 124^:!n two g at~es~ The whi+o ,hp d-f~o+ ,~s +he thi:rd hat ~.~+t .a 5 i .: +~ D~ot.o.~ ~.n w Downin- early in me game a.u wrote t. y area teams ale sort of ~lad to warrmr~ suvw -~ m~ f']~:e'ga'~esf~rthe'Tigers.' l r. -- o -- " I h~t'tin'g+ f'o~+~w'o "baske'~s and L~. staye,d in/:On:ma:lotlWstW:Y thme see the Chris,tends break c~me up aTte Chi~r~e: :o~ :f~nriOvriI~iogr~h I+t was Greg Rouse who led the/ RESULTS DEC 13 / H osby for two foul shots for the ~arymnoe '.~. ~.~ after toniglat s action which 'will c~ g ~. l .: gp g . + . ~ xx~+la.~++o +n +h,~ vlr ~, ~+ he not/ ,~^,+zM ,~ t + ~" I t .~ o me tniro perloa to move m wztum take nlace on hree d~fferenttoo. ~ tonight wnen mey travel to .nlv .~ad +h~ 19-noint wmiam / ~ ~,+ ~ ~0~ ~ / t. +h~ e; ~ +.a +ha T~kers f(:ur paznts of tying the sco e. ut fronts. For some teams the action Inwood to tangle with the Mussel ~'"" ":. " / "":"" "" "+ v~'" in the final period big Larry Cart,man Junior High edgers. ~~J port attack in the third, peri .oflr" RESULTS DEC 16 / outscored the Packers 4-3, with +h~ ~ a a ~,-. hm dumped in ended Tuesday night and these ~,~ ,~ .~.h ~ ~ ,m +ha .~8V M AX BROWN," :~1 " l in s ++ t but he had 19 poanus for me mgn ers 5. Packers 11 P Dorsey and L Hosby gett g . - schoolboy teams wall have a long e un s Lak 1 . W 14 points in tha~ final period to . . pre-season ac~don for both Charles and pulled down 16 r ao a. ~'eltles 30 Rovals 6 ] baskets for the Lakers and . f~ .~. respite from the cage wars ~htch A~ the end of the first period| " ' ~ /Taylor a basket and R Sowers, a mm a rural ut. ?v .u. ?-VlwilI extend urttil Tuesday night, i z~wu teum~" tho twa teams had ,battled to al .~ -. 7 -- . / shot for +he Packers mgnt Tms mg assmz ay ~arr I + " "-~ ca'+" on ft;om th"+ [ m me omy otner action tomgn~ [S TMAS always brings pleasant thoughts of the : ine mggest game ot me young .v~, ~ " played the key role in, the Pan- a.uu ~ ~ " "'~ " William~rt (Md.) High will in- 1%15 deciszon in favor of WilhamI ,oa~ Charles Town Mid-et Bas-/ In .the twm ,bill waged Wednes- . +ho u.+~ I point at a rugged pace unti:l the [ n +~ ~;i + + sport And m the second pe lod/u.~ t e action came u,~/day night. Dec13, the Ce t ~. ~ I poet-season tournaments have I .+. e ve met along the way down through the years. " r L ices r~c++.rl ~am- " " "veroaoers, oonn ~oret,~ WIlO li~tU kS~btI10[l~ rtig'n gyuuzas+t~tz ltCz a m a genuine pleasure for us to wish you each on% the Tigers, ,led by the great shootI Saturday afternoon on the/rolled to their fourth consecut~ ~ ~ ~ + ~ ~ ~.h, ,~ ,ha ~.~. I been completed. I m o.n, n~t,t. mg of Ball Craven, mo ed i I o~.~ q'mwn B:mh .hard-I vlctoryq without a defeat Y I The action tom-ht wiP find two I Y--A MERRY CHRISTMAS, and good " ' v "n b - f+. + ~ +, h outseorin" WUliam I ,m.~, -0 - - " :-- +'-- "+'---~ 40 11 l son, also nit ior o ut t~lt~ it} pOllltb [ ~, ~ . + ',~ I lne bL .YO~ D0ys WIIO WOI1 +[llezir a good helping of happiness fol w yyou u ---'+.~ ~ ~"2'~ ~'~ ~" 'I woods between iwo un,oeaten/ tr~ uuc~+m t.~ ha~.~.~. [ . . I i. +ho final neriod I unaries Town teams invoivea in I fir~ two encounters before being I 1968 and the years to come +. sport, l~S.+~ + .+ +h;~.~ ~,~,~ I teams--the Celtics and the R oya!s| :'l~ne ~eldfsne ctt.nebaKers~oia I +"T~'e Panthers held a 12-9 first I two of ,the three b@ttles on tap. i stoPped Tuesday ltight by St-: >~ u,~, .~. ~,- v.~-~.- "csturned: ,metr ~,u~ =~u ~ +l ,o~ .~. - o~ . ~I and the Celti m l . [ period lead and a 34-21 margin at I The undefea+ed Charles Town I Maria Goretfl, of Hagerstown, Md. 'IN PIlL|CO Race"~urse opens its gates Tues- me w,n~tcats noz omy omsatn me iv ame of the season me t}rst halt annnero a -+--+ el best defens e g / ltic I the halfway mark I High Panthers, will be going after I will be trying to get back mto Tigers, out mey couu-ozz~ m t + ,y a 30-6 score leao iwenty Ol the ~-~ ~,v I ," ~ , 'I o rout the Roy~Is b '1 . ": Carr's 30-post effort was has their sixth consecutive victory in I the oratory column and also stay aUary 2, the famous Baltimore track will inaug-Doaros oe~ter ~to move aneau, l And in contrast to the one man I points came in xne ilrs~ permu I - . ~^ t w-'+~ ^-~--f-ur minute-of "-la'-t - " ' --- -" "~--:- -^+ti-~ 16 of~sec na consecmive ~o-pomt scor-Is ix times out tins season wnen l unoeaten in ~i-State t~onlerence 158th race meeting held by its sponsoring ,~, o ~ ~ ~ v ~ " offense ot ast ames wRn mazcez ~razg get ~; remammg ~ne wuucm~ UaUlwhen Marcel Crai, led the Cel. t mere, and J zv, cvouam aim o t " -- . ' "'-"" . el.on. Founded at Annapolis, Md. in 174i3n th3 --. ~lscormg P g ;I ling spree ln ,two games Ithey travel to Boonsboro (Md.)[play moved 11 pmnts m front. ButItics to the victory, the CelticsI Anders collecting the 9ther.two]big scorers fox" the Maryland l--= .- m l. m ~=m a* I Jockey Club is the oldest Turf body i t . + wu ~, ~imert anct Haner were me ay men rtarpers ~erry oegan ~o cu~I turned to more of a passing andl fiezct goazs, m me mira permul an- 1- oint re ~-a. t . m. =. away at the mar~in and had it o -,~,als-I Craig ~hit for another seven field l~eam~ Watri zz ct a p s " IJ]~rH~,UW~ Jr. ~,1[]~ ~|~ ][lr~[l~ ' ;I runnin~ ~ame a~ainst th ~ ~.~ v==--= =.-- =,== --=== v H SHENANDOA'H"Do ns back on its home down to four poirtts when timeI ~h--th e~ result" six members ofl goals for 14 points, while L. ;, + ] 2' -- . . rancravenOUt 'the sections' leading the"'-'Celfic team f'tgured in the bYLakerWaS aaceountingomts F Keyser sf r the, fleldf ur their*"Cpre Christmas": ""actlon" tomght'"'~ I n ,Brld" s, the Charles Town track is busy tearing out the " " ;I scoring even ,~hough Craig di~l P " " [at Boonsboro Md + t op Capo ge, 7 th Graders Lose scorer, led the Tiger attack withll ' ~-ts l ~oal and a foul shot by BaschI ,u I grandstand benches and replacing them with new lead ,the pack with 19 po ve the 19 points, while G~ry Taulton had and a basket by J Pierce ga o ' seats Make 'era wide enough, Charlie. Not that The Celtics moved out in frontl+-'-ers five "oints in the final he-I 145-Danny Nichols (CT) pinned l The Charles T wn Junior High graders didnt fair so well as ' " ' " ' " " 1~ ~nd p .Tackson 12 . broademng our experience m the racing game, *+T-l~e-'vVil~tcats hit ~n 25 of 631 early in the first period and theyI ~o~ while ~l~e Celtics were g~t-I Worthford in 3"15 I 8th graders had a rather easy~ they dropped a 46-24 decision to / Wide and comfortable seats would meet the shots from the field and 11 of 211 never permitted the Royals.tpI +in+ six noints on + basket by D I 154-Vic Green (CT) and Ours / ~Jime chalking .up their second {t he .h~st team. The Capon Bridge seye with a big gleam free throws, wh~le Harpers eFrry [ really .get close to mem. m aden. I "~ii~er an~d foul shots by M Glenn I battled to a 9-9 draw I consecutive victory ThUrsday i 7m graoers moved imo a ~a-u ,Lmz ON The News-American sports floor for only a Door 31-percen~ I sive attack the Celtics also played I . - " ] forfeit ' I as they roiled to a 67-31 decision I Charles Town in every period ex- Bi~tiT;re h~t for 22 of 72 shots from ,thel tion to their well-balanced offen-[ and Braithwaite ' ",165-Alvin Mills (CT) won an [ rfight, Dec. 14, at Capon Bridge first period lead and ouLscored )wn~ltclaYThem rningDrain :,'. Colts ThatRammed'just aboutTitle andtel~ CaShthe turn- shootin~inO amarkcommend~ble" "the . Tigersperfor. I. didl. thealm StRoyalsair4ightto justdefenSetwo fieldandgoals, Iheld [ nlgrttlntne seconCtme ltoyaisga~l~ w eu~ ~uaYaeleateu LII~I/[ Critesl80"~Iikein 45Hostlersec (CT) pinned '/I ers. Ver It,thewasCap nthe secondBridgewinSthin" grad-two II wasCept 9-9.the third with the scoring rn LEy HIGH'S team won for the first ~lan ~el~! the foul line hittmg forI .l r=k hYew ee t Tii I ] e s :onm a u USe ,CT, t I ~.=~venteen years Tuesday afternoon, on a Mar---~l l'etur~t" to ~~~~~ilb nl :I I I i' ih iowM t hg t ta ff basketball court, whipping the Bulldog caters RACING could Charles Town sooner You think: So don't be too surprised if the gee- rtla',r a7t. Pounding the snow again here around Feb- el' w st Right at this moment there s a lot of poT- ratio tho .Whe and 'string-pulling' going on behind closed doors,embers of Elk ball clubs in four games, met and] Wilkes and B Jordan shot f "/ "'~l" -resent a old fashion Christ " Chlries Town continued to add" The Cit -- ' was held by m . w~ i p n,go Ladies bowling team t;ho t l of our agents has his ear close to the key-ho!e. Branch Lodge No. ::hAiL. ankl iotnV~o~ hea nnk r wWhsO.l ammer;i t.| fie dgO hl .da duD. P eo o nd:e] mas program S~snday, D .m24tl tl o .thetma gnn ~:ht~o:tki~daPe~d of Charles Town dropped 'a 2-1 g .t ,veryinterestiagtoseewhich of our~wo ~racKs A. M at Shenand et2oa, I P Y " "I~ +" ~!'~ ~ "=-ker- failed 7 p. m. on Ohrstmas ",y + " g . + - decision to the Shepherdstown ,;'~ zebrtlary nod Tuesday ni~l~ December 12,] The two teams played to. a 2-2[ Aoyam,' While ~ne ra~ s audRormm' + . f the Funkhouser| and .only m" the firml period when Register in action in the Ma3or ;E a erbac + active have had ex- the I the nnai perioo ~ g lmll had recently been redecorat-] fielder by W. Taylor, being [ n " . . .: .~ it was announced this week. The/bench of reserves, did the host Tuesday I~Lv FOUR from seven to nine o'clock. The[ tie in the first period~ with a/ to score -- .-. Al-er building, Third Avenue in Ranson[ Coach Harry BarKer cleared the B'o~vling League at Pikeside bowl ''Bart ff first-stringerSstarr, Johnnyin NFLunitas,ChampionshiPFrank RyanplaY'and ] [ Wdc keW idTgl O%s t( el Yr end / i~I~tU~:i:d Ch~iihaav~il~lo~ I th~Cn!3Y ~2n~im~Ii~di~:brrel~ Uaita+ ~e~edi 'th. Start has been in five title contests. Over one hundred visitors and ~ - " Just before Christmas Day, famaI had 12 and McCanaughey nine. 182 and a high set score of 473. l their ladies attend ~'~ aaa been'in three and Rya intwo members, w'th " +" 1 ilies in Finland take a saunal Horne led the Capon Bridge at- Other set scores for Citgo were ed the affair, providing a spirit bath This is the traditional steaml tack with 11 points. Mary Ellen McKee, 424; Shirley FINISHEl :" t'Sunday was a black day of +cangratul tions and good fell: bath" taken in a hut with a stone] In the preliminary game the Heckman 473; Scottie ~Marcus 439 and Redskin fans. The heroes of Baltimore owship. Refreshments of fruit oven Charles Town Junior H+igh 7th and Dot Brown 461. up in smoke in a very impressive punch, coffee, assorted cokies, fruit: cake and nuts were serve~. ) say the least, in their season finales You've credit to the Los Angeles Rams for a great IN LIBERIA Unites, the gi-eatest in the business, Liberians use an oil palm in place of the traditional fir as a Christmas ~ree. The palm is dec- oeated with red ba, lls" other palm leaves and ferns. Pith lots of bustle up all afternoon after the fierce rnshes linemen. In fact Johnny spent most of loo up at the Los Angeles TURN TO PAGE and good cheer We merrily PrePare for the }hasures of C'h ist as Day. May the holiday bring ia bountiful tnettSUre, many happy moments 'ith family and friends for @ ": J. EMORY KABLE The Charles Town High wrest-~ Glen Hosby, Frank Bell, George ,ling team demonstrated most con- M~honey, Danny Nichols and vincingly Friday night in Peters- burg, that ,they are going to be real tough come regional tourna- ment time, when. they soundly trounced the Petersburg mermen by a 40-13 score for their fourth consecutive one~ided victory in four times out this season. Coach Eugene's Pan- thers scored victories in eight matches and a tie in another. One of Che .matches which Cha- rles Town dropped was the one in which Httle Jimmy Bracciale, who tips the scales +at only 95 pouncts and who normally wrestles in that class, hut who moved up Friday night to the 103 pound class. And even in spite of the jtm~p in class he put up a .terrific ,battle before losing a 6-2 decision to Hyre. Registering fall~ for Coach Eug ene Piseitelli were Henry Smith, Mike Hostler while Bruce Manuel took a decision in unlimRed event and Vic Green battled to a draw in the 154@ound bout. Winning preliminary bouts for Charles Town were Yyle Hoff- man, George CosteUo, Clarerme Jones and Steve Waldon. The results: 95-Henry Smith (CT) pinned Keplinger 'in 5:25. 103~yre (P) deeisioned Brac- cia.le, 6-2. ll2?Glen Hosby (CT) pinned Aft in 36 sec. 120,Frank Bell (CT) pinned Dove in 5:37. 127-Stump (P) decisioned John Robinson, 10-2. 133-George Mahoney (CT) pinn ed &lexander in 5:05. 138,Shreve (P) pinned Doug Davis in 3:37. ~ ~ S~ a Let Reddy Kilowatt solve your problem with a gleam- ing, glhtening electric gift for everyone on your Christmas shopping list. You'll be long remembered for these lasting gifts. Check these items, then see your dealer for more ideas. Fo~ Mom~ For Dad: For $1u F~ h~or~ Dishwo~er . Rozor Rozo Tro|n Yoolurn Ciconlr HI-FI TY Radle . .Fry Port Power Tooh ~ .--Sun Lomp TV . Cofte Make~ Electric Ha|r Dryer Razor Freezer Blonket Vibrotor Electric Idr Conditlone~ Blanke~