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December 18, 1969     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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December 18, 1969

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Published Every Thursday By The Jefferson Publishing Co,Inc. 210 North George St,Charles Town, W. Vs. Zip 25414 I I Troop 39 Boy Scouts of Ranson band and color guardmen enter- ended their year with a Christ- tained at the Baker VA Center, ]e house. Following the stay in the 41,000 ton carrier rest routine anti-submarie trai operations. Christmas Eve mas party at Camp Rock Enon. with skits and Christmas music Second Class Postage Paid At Charle6 Town Posto4fice Morgantown, West Virginia They left Ranson Friday evening for the patients. December 13, 1969 and returned Sunday afternoon. Those rechartering for 1970 Max Brown, Manager -- Don Rent h, News Editor Mr. Max Brown, Editor Many activities were accomp- are Scoutmaster Thomas Sowers -- Member Spirit of Jefferson We~t Virginia Press Association National Newspaper Association Charles Town, W. Vs 25414 lished during the year WithJr.; assistant Scoutmaster Merle some of the scouts finishing their Larue; Junior assistant Herbert Dear Sir: - National Advertising Representative Having read the letter and C and O Canal emblem of 184 Snyder. miles, before their week at sum- Institutional Representative, American Newspaper Representatives. Inc. l accompanying editorial comments mr camp, at camp Rock Enon Rev. Richard Neal; Committee Atlanta -- Chicago --- Detroit ~r- Los Angeles --- New York -- San Francisco in this paper about peace demon- where they received the Enonchairman Jams H. Andrews, Com Subscription $5.00 Per Year, Plus 15 cts. W.Va. strations, I decided it was about Elite. Three from the troop were mitteemen Roscoe Payne, John time somebody told the other trap out for the Order of the Howard, Carroll Hummer, And- side of the story. Arrow. rews Robinson, Willard Martin, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 18, 1969 In the first place, the peaceA 16 mile hike through Wash-George E. Tabb. "riots" that you and the letter ington, D. C. which gave them The boys are Jimmy Andrews, writer referred to have been, with minor exceptions, not riots the Lincoln Memorial Medal, ser Christoper Basch, Donald Boyer, ial hikes and weekend camping Steve Bush, Michael Cesarini, but peaceful, orderly demonstrat- trips, which included the Histor- Chris Chapman, Barton Hadley, Events (:hades Town Baptist Church The Charles Town Baptist Ct rch with the Rev. Russell J. quhart, as pastor will presen!J pageant of the Christmas at 7:00 p. m. on December 21. unique version of the beauti Christmas story will be told supporting choruses from the mary, junior, young peoples, adult choirs. The program is ten and under the directio Most of the U. S. is blessed with four distinct seasons ions e nd lace there is a ical trails in Maryland, they hope Rocky Hayes, Frank Howell, Harold L Chamblin, Jr. determined by the rhythmic movement of celestial bodies, sil lteneSnC ity Pf military peo- to finish in 1970. Mike Larue, Douglas Lynch, Tho A Christmas eve program ,0] As the sun moves North in the spring it crosses an imaginary nla who think that the hence The Fall camporee where the mas Lynch, James Milton, Robert [ t - - troop received their West Vir- Payne, Vernon Robinson, Lee Sim ' begin at 10:00 p. m. on Dece$, hne, and lo, it is summer. In the fall, it works its way Sou h demonstrators are on the right ginia National Resource Safe ons, Herbert Snyder, Ricky Sow- 24. Christmas carols will be l~ until it again crosses this imaginary line, and we have en- track and that we should get out Hunter Patch, also brought home ers, Meredith Wall, James E. Tat [ Rodney White, Chairman of the Committee ooks on. t edon .the^organ chimes ~ tered winter i of Viet Nan soon. a blue ribbon for their outstand- son Jim Boyer, Robert Dodson, She herd Colic e, Re ublican . ~:aa unto m:taJ p. m. 1he l~ The metabolism of nature is so finely balanced that not a ! Let's face the facts; for purely,P g P . Mr. White, who was appomted is cordially invited to both '~ ing camping, f Thomas Basch, James Engle, Pres, Club has been appointed to the of ny John Stevens, Chairman ot rams. living creature escapes the influence of the seasons. As tactical reasons, the viet r am Four scouts and a cub scout Engle. I fice of District Chairman of the winter approaches, the sap recedes from the trees, small war is unwinnable, short of a of Pack 39 were asked to give the, Money making projects were, Third Congressional Distrist. His the West Virginia Federation of m -"A creatures burrow into the ground and store up stocks of food,ar a i:hf:hma aA:da oe amploev opening.and closing ceremony at the Pretzel machine at the Fair, I duties are to establish clubs on College Republicans has also, I the Scouters Regonization dinner Flares and First Aids Kits that cam uses where the do not exist been asked to accept the nominat I | annals put on their wmter coats and man smTounds him- ~ho on~mv's war-makin~ uotentlal held at the Lee Jackson Restaur- enable them to buy a bus. and Po coordinate thYe activties of self with a thousand and one wonderous contrivances of an i ailecl to" close ti e'-lines of ion for first Vice-Chairman of the I| ant in Winchester, Virginia on Any boys interested in joining those campuses Col'lewes in the West Virginia Federation. In ac- I | technology that make winter one of the most enjoyable per- supply from North to South Viet November 5. I the troop can visit the troop i District are Aldeson-Broadus, Po cepting this honor, Mr. White [ ~E~ V~ "~ iods of the year. I Nam, as it boaster to President They were also color guards in meetings any Tuesday night after tomac State and Shepherd Col- stated, "If I win, the College Re- [ ]] Yes, winter is nearly here It arrives December 21--just I Johnson that it could do beforethe Halloween parade. The troop January 6, 1970. liege, publicans in my district must [ [ one jump ahead of Santa Claus. Whatever man's other ac- the let them bomb the north. Just . The above picture shows White be prepared to put forth an ef- [ : n[ complishments, it is doubtful if he can ever change the march as in orea ,me a,r torce nas Fellers, Peter Gillwald, Marshall 1970. discussing his strategy for better fort such as has not been seen in ] of the seasons. Those who wish to beat old man winter have found several excuses for this " v i failure, like blaming the Johnson Glenn, Anne Gore, Carolyn Grant, ] -- communication and coordinating Rpublican politics to change the but one recourse. They can follow the sun, as ]t mo es South. fnr r strictin the Edith Grove, Roscoe Hayes, Karyl activities, with John Stevens, political point of view of West | For those who live in the North, the time has come to get ta"r~e~'~ls~.'~owev'er,a-cl-ose~lool~ Herring, Theresa ~Hi~,~s, Barbara, ~I,~; IIVlIUG$ IGIJI~ left of Charleston, chairman of Virginia I strongly feel that if~ l nZ:~ N),l W2=~I Hills, Rebecca Hoff~n~an, JoAnnt the West Virginia Federation of all College Republicans work to-il ~~2~ out the Christmas tree trimmings, sleighs and popcorn pop-]at {'l~e damage done in North Viet Jenkins, Thomas Kave C~a'l Kran- ~omt~ Roal narklm College Republicans, while Susan gether, West Virginia as a whole I I ~~'l pets, as well as the more high-powered devices of winter l Nam, as it boasted to President onh,~ ~ T~,~ T~o K~?,h~r~n T n -I r Johnson, executive secretary of will be a new State in every as-,I sports and settle down to enjoy the days of the new season. [everything capable of be!rig dig, er--be ,- ugust-a ,M-a come--, -Kin-I When it's holiday partytime, the College Republisan National pect of the word." I gAY IT WTTH A GII .I ------------- nified with the name target - SAY IT WITH A G I2 | destroyedhaS been destroyed,again. Yetrebuilt'the and berly Machado, Marsha Manuel, land your table decor needs some I " Ill[ SUBSCRIPTIONUBSCRIPTION TO TI |TO THE FIRE SEASON .o o a, Mar ,- .ar e, a ,mag-,oo . MMF Dan,el M. Hammond S- p -I DVOeAT ', enemy ]fights onI This is just one ex- all, Sandra Miller, Robert Ott,I ination - along with china and used everywhere today because Sherry Ott, Virgie Patterson, l silver and paper dinner napkins they save the hostess time and . ]| THIS YEAR | The mos oangerous ;ime oI year I or none zires looms]amvle of our military failure in James Peters, Joseph Pierce, lean create a festive new mood. laundry and let her change the |ng On USS YoAt0 I] Our gift subscription defll #[ ahead The Christmas holidays, which often include over-[ Vi& Nan loaded or unsafe temporalT wiring, and unaccustomed ac-I In Viet Nam, we are support- Robin Piper, Jeff Propps, Steven Serve where you please for ltable's color scheme as it suits [| men is now taking subsc |, cumulations of wrapping paper and other flammables, can ing a political regime which is Pu, tz, Debbie Ramey, Teresa Ring, your next party - in front of the i her whim. orztown l)ec. . mecn- I i,n e, a mail#| be perilous, shot thru with corruption, in- Paula Rogers, Gary B. Scott, family room fireplace or in the For your next holiday event, re,st Mate F, reman Darnel M. I m me person enmg Silveous, Kathleen S mons, Lee living room for a change. For a fold dinner napkms ,n a specml tha you are sending Before the tempo of the holidavs,:snoeds Unv too. much here whyC mpetenCe'should weandcontinueindifference'to ig- Simons, Peggy Smith, Robert A. small group, push the dining food, instead of laying them flatgarHamm nd'M. HammondUSN' ofSOn702Ofw Mr'washlEd" I [[ tha. you'me persOnate sendlngtenmg are some nmgs people snoum oo msure sale y: a,m *ie nrah Smith, Sharon Smith. Stephanie table to the wall and hang a pine beside the plates,ington St Shepherdstown is servl [ Spirit-Advocate to them Get out thost Christmas lights and look them ove " for iems and spend our"money 'a Smith, Todd SmRh, P a u 1 a cone wreath for your centerpiece. Just open the dinner napkin ing aboard the anti-submarine [ [ one year as a gift. | worn insulation, faulty sockets, and other evidence of undue the lives of our men to support Sprague, Rose Ann Stone, Ruth Burn tiny ,individual candles at and lay it as a diamond, facing carrier USS Yorktown in the I [ o that wear. When you string them, be sure you don t have too such a pack of thieves. It is time Tabb, Carl Taylor, Julie Tots(m, each guest s place s tting, you with the embossed open Northern Atlantic. [ [ It is a #ft that goes far many plugged into a single outlet we cut them loose with the rather Jacqueline Townsend, K a.thy Instead of a tablecloth try edges at the top (1. Fold the low- Yorktown recently visited the [[ . ohTtamnTar?dmiP 5 During the holidays, have plenty of ashtrays in convenient sobering instructions to sink or Walker, Alan Warrenfeltz, Jerry placemats for a change Choose er point of the diamond upward,e Welch, Timothy V hitacre, Sherri some with an int restin texture to just below the embossed edges ports Copenhagen, Denmark, and I| arer m : | places. A cigarette ash added to a piece of wrapping paper swim. "n Kiel, Germany. In Kiel, York-II coming year can equal a major conflagration, wneu er we win or rose rots Wiles and Anna W lhams. cett at the top (2). Turn the napki Eighth Grade--Rodney Bane in, Don t put up the tree too soon. There are few things more wars t eu: afeng2gntght v et " " w t. -n- -" "he two town was host to more than 5,000l] " t Betsy Barker K th,Blue . lower wings inside the other (4) visitors during a o general open I , flammable than a thoroughly dried out evergreen Once " t n other .cu . war is not gong to so Bradley, Cindy Breeden, Marsha the most adavtable item on the Stand the napkin ttla on edge (5). is tip, keep well watered. Take down as soon aI r wars from starting, nor is it Brown, Michelle Bush, Susan table, and f()ld it into a new SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMER'S ADVOCATB Christmas as you can bring yourself to do it. going to contribute to our own Carper, Keith Chandler, Robert shape to complete the holiday GO TO CHURCH SUNDAY THURSDAY, DECEMBER 18, 1969 And difficult as it may be, on the big day itself, try to keep ~ecurity. Why don't we learn Clay, Susan Cogle, Anthony Col- that there is no such thing as a lins, Vickie Coulter, Pan Custer, the ribbons and paper picked up. It might pay off in saving your life or those of your whole family. DRAWING THE WORLD Politically and ideo]ogiea|ly the global powers see h more divided today-them ever. Ye,in the midst of these divisions, there is one encouraging development. This is the remark- able success of U, S. business firms as a worldwide unifying force. "Big internationM companies," proclaims U. S. News & World Report, "are pushing far ahead of politicians in re- shaping relations between countries around the globe." American finns abroad are now producing some $100 billion of goods for foreign consumption--three times as much as all goods exported from the S. With this investmerrt have come rapid advances in technology, millions of jobs, efficient management and dramatic expansion of productivity in the recipient nations. Tile result of this international economic activity is in- creased communications and the establishment of countless thousands of business and personal ties between the respect- ive peoples of the world. The horizons of individuals are being raised from the national to international interests. Thus, by its success, U. S. business has probably done more than centuries of politics to giv substance to the hope for a united world. Shoplifter Arrested; School Broken Into, Some Ice Cream Taken Charles Town municipal police report the arrest of one local woman on a charge of shoplifting and the breaking and entering of the Wright Denny Annex, the former Page Jackson High School The shoplifting occurred at Leg ett's Department store and about $25 worth of merchandise was in volved. The woman was arrested by Corporal Charles Henry and Patrolman Calvin Bennett. She was charged with petty larceny and at a hearing before Justice of the Peace E. W. Day, she plea ded guilty and was fined. Patrolman Bennett said the breaking and entering at the Page Jackson School was discov- ered Tuesday morning by Paul Auston head teacher. The van- dals had broken a window in a back door, reached through the broken window and unlatched the the door. Although the school had been ransacked, the only things reported as missing was some lee cream. Information Available At Charles Town On General Motors Programs Parents and students desiring information about the engmeer- ing and industrial management programs sponsored by General Motors are requested to contact Mrs. Jeanne Lutman. guidance conselor, at Charles Town High School. On December 1, George Robertson, representative from General Motors spoke to interest- war to end all war. Perhaps then Rhonda Darlington. Carl Doff, ] we would not be so anxious to Scott Emmert, Cheryl Goode, one that comes Vickie Householder, Frank How- [ is it the last e~. Jo.h~. : Hunt, Sx:~t Jgh~son, '.~. [ J :mes :,ienes, Ric,elicaIL I Respectfully, I Gary Kerns, Frank Keyser, Claud- Robert R. Skinner ia Lamm, Cathy /Marie Leake, My meagre qualifications to Robert Light, Brenda Littleton, speak are (1) I was a helicopter Todd McDaniel, Vickie Maehado, pilot in Viet Nam and Thailand Greg Marshall, Daina Martin, for a year and (2) I'm tired of Mike Martin, Gary Meyers, Joe seeing Americans and Vietnam- ese slaughtered for nothing. 143 Charles Town Jr. $# Students Named To School Honor Roll Miller, Bambi Morris, Pat Myers, Jody Nerhood, Alfred Owens, Ronnie Painter, Robert Payne, Ramona, Pens, Gwynn Perry, David Piper, Sylvia Pollard, Kathy Pulse, Cynthia Reggi, Jos- lyn Ring, Arletta Robinson, Su- ellen Sager, Stephanie Salsano, Margaret Seal, Roxanna Shirley, Henry Smith, Jacqie Smith, Joan Smith, Rieky Springer, Char- Roscoe R. Payne, principal of lene Turner, Susan Wall John Charles Town Junior High School Walters, Wendy White, Carrie announced this week that a otal Whitmore, Virginia Williams, of 143 students, 76 of them sev-, Bobby Willingham and Theresa enth graders and 67 8th graders, Wilt. acquired a *'B" or better average for Vhe second six weeks of the 1969-70 school term and thus have Women Of The Moose been named to the honor roll. ed students at the high school They are, by grades: [V about these programs. Seven, th Grade -- Deborah Ad- Held Christmas Par Mrs. Lutman reminds students ams, Paul Allen, Trudy Anders" . . applying fox college for the fall ennifer Anderson Donna Bailey. Charms Town Chapter 1028 term of 1970 are urged to obtain Wa-ne Bowman Russell Bradley, Women of the Moose was ca led complete college applications Lm ta 13reeden,'Barbara Brooks, to order by Senior Regent Ethel over Christmas holidays and re- Kathrvn Brown, Rebecca Brown, Caniford on Tuesday, December turn to Mrs. Lutman. Transcripts Crites 9th. There were t hree ,new men- can then be prepared and mailed B, an c ,mor Juston Cunning-i ers nitrateS. . as soon as the semester grades ham, T h on as' Dalton, Johnny l The Chapter decided to pre- are available. Dillow. Cynthia Doleman, philip pare a Christmas box for a needy Dorsey, Emery, Robert Ennis, Charles SPIRIT- ADVOCATE Tony .Elliott,George family in the area. The Christmas party was held immediately following the meet- ing at which time gifts were ex- changed. Delicious refreshments were served by the Chairman NEWSPAPER POPULAR AS CHRISTMAS GIFT The number of Spirit of Jeff- erson.Advoca~e subscriptions being sent this year as Christ- mas Gifts is running high and a new record may be set be- the Month with Mamie Lancaster protempiag. Door prize was won by Helen Kelican. "fine meeting adjourned to meet again on Tuesday, January 13, OO0 call for tim Wat d gO. Automatic delivery of Heating Oil. Expert burner service. A convenient Budg Payment Plan. Call: DIAL 725.7510 Charles Town, We Va. Wise Owl 4-H Club Has Monthly Meeting The Wise Owl 4-H Club held it's regular monthly meeting at th home of Joyce and Cindy Vick ers on Saturday, November 22: The meeting was called to order by the President Joyce Vickers with The Song, Pledge, and Scripture being repeated. De votions were lead by Joyce Vick- ers. The minutes of the last meet ing was read by the secretary Faylee Kisner, treasurer's report was given by Wendy Kilmer. The following committee re- ports were given. Conservation - Tommy Dailey and Todd Widmyer. Safety Mary Beth Kilmer. Health: - Jody Nerhood. Old business, thank you notes were to be sent to Sonny Chumb- lin and Mr. Leo Widmyer for helping with the Halloween float $31.30 was recognized from the Bake Sale. Plans were made for a skating party held on November 27. The members decided to sell hot choc olate on the evenings of Decem- ber 18th, 19th and 20th. The next meeting will be held at the home of Robin Wiilingham on Dec. 20. READ THE svmrr.A VOCAT," GO TO CHURCH SUNDAY fore Christmas rolls around. Although the number has not been totaled the rate at which they are being bought would indicate that a new record may be set this year. The Spirit of Seffersen- Advocate sends a Christmas card to the persen who is to receive the paper telling them who sent it as a gift. While some of them are going out as Christmas Gifts locally, many of them are be- ing sent to former home folks now residing in many parts of the country. The regular $5.00 price will prevail on these Christmas Gift Sub- scriptions and we urge you to order yours today. 19 OPEN 'TIL 12 P. M. FRIDAY Cltristmas Single REmlC CANDLE REGULAR 49c PUNCH BOM. SET, 26-PC. KITCHEN TOOL SET 7.PC. GIFT WINNING ITEMS HARDESTY S HARD CANDY 1 POUND REG. 33c BY MARX REGULAR $4.98 A PERFECT GIFT REGULAR $2.98 LADLES' BLOUSES ASST'D. COLORS AND STYLES SIZES 32-40 REGULAR $4.58 CHARLES TOWN, W. VA.