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December 17, 1998     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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December 17, 1998

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4 . SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON Farmer's ADVOCATE - Thursday, December 17, 1998 VOLUME By Bill Theriault After that, Fritz had all the in the barn of Bakerton's most P.O. Box 173, movie work he could handle, prosperous farmer, George Wash- Bakerton, WV 25410 Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, Kaiser ~,ington Sapsucker. George didn't Dial 876-3321 Wilhelm, no part was too tough for raise pigs. Faithful readers of this column him. When Fritz tore open one of the remember the exploits of Fritz the Wealth came quickly to Fritz. bags he found, not hog feed, but Wonder Dog, that canine criminal Gold plated food dishes, dog neatly wrapped and labelled who smuggled moonshine into Jef- houses in Palm Beach and on theChristmas toys for the kids in Jef- ferson County during Prohibition. Riviera. Packs of pulchritudinous ferson County. Back in those That furry fiend who almost Pomerians in every port. And days, even a cur would not steal stopped the opening of the Charles then the fun ended, children's Christmas presents. Town Bypass when he tried to Talking pictures arrived, and But Fritz was mighty curious place roving possum suicide movie makers didn't like Fritz's about where those gifts came squads at strategic spots along the thick German accent. In a matter from, so he laid down on a feed highway, of months, he went from top dog of sack to see who would appear. But Fritz wasn't always a dog the movies to a penniless poochFritz must have dozed off, be- in the manger. There was a time, who lived from paw to mouth, cause the next thing he knew he way back in his youth, when heThat was when Fritz, the mas- was being shaken awake by Saint had a promising future in showter of disguise, turned to a life of Nicholas, or at least George Wash- business. There was a time when crime. It was during Prohibition, ington Sapsucker wearing a Santa Fritz the Wonder Dog saved and there was lots of money to be suit. His boys Orvill and Wilbur, Christmas for all of the boys and made hauling moonshine into Jef- dressed as elves, peered over their girls in Jefferson County. ferson County from Frog Hollow father's shoulder. The runt in a larger litter ofand in bringing grain to the folks Well, elves Orvill and Wilbur German Shepherds, Fritz left who made white lightning, made Fritz a cup of hot cocoa with home as a pup because there were Well, one Christmas Eve, Fritz them little marshmallow things too many mouths to feed. It was dropped off his truckload of moon- on the top and George told the dog back in the 20's, when silent mov- shine and started sniffing around about what was going on. ies were catching on, and Fritz for grain to bring back across the See, if you really think about it, landed a small role in a comedy, river. Normally, he stole what he there's no way Santa can deliver All he had to do was grab a bank could and paid for the rest. Oneveryone's presents on Christmas robber's pants and hold on til the this particular night, he spied a Eve. So he selects one family in police came. (It was a bit part.) couple hundred sacks of hog feed every community about a week be- fore Christmas, gives them asbes- tos suits, and lets his local repre- sentatives try to squeeze down those red hot stovepipes. Fritz thought that Santa's dis- tribution plan had lots of merit. And when George gave the dog a shiny new collar with Fritz's name on it, he made a friend for life. As the years went by, Fritz spent every Christmas Eve help- ing the Sapsuckers load presents on George's flatbed Ford. And he applied Santa's method of distrib- uting toys to his own moonshine business. Before long he had cen- tral distribution points for all kinds of hooch and a whole pack of wild dogs who hauled illegal li- quor throughout the Eastern Pan- handle. You might have heard of the operation. It was .called Feral Express. Then one Christmas Eve, Frtiz arrived at the Sapsucker farm to find the family in a crisis. George's wife, Ida May, had cooked up their traditional Christ- mas Eve meal of barn burner chili, presents Her eyesight had never been real Fritz and his gang good, and slicing up all those on- last present under the ions and hot peppers had made it just as dawn broke the worse. So she didn't catch her er- And when all the boys ror when she added gun powder to Jefferson the pot instead of chili powder, downstairs to find their It was only after the family it seemed like just members had each eaten three or Christmas morning. four helpings of this explosive con- After that, the Sa coction that they discovered the ily stopped eating chili problem. They agreed that no mas Eve, and Fritz Sapsucker should go near a hot the business of chimney for a few days. One false shine. A few years later, i move and the disaster in Jefferson illegal empire colla County could be as serious as the was forced to flea the explosion of Mount Saint Helen or You'd hear about Krakatoa. Christmas would just year or so. He worked have to be canceled this year. in a carnival for a That's when Fritz took charge, swampland in Florida. First he eliminated the threat of into California politics. imminent destruction by extin- Only the Sa guishing all open flames and haul- about the time that ing in several 55-gallon drums of Christmas. Until now. Pepto Bismol. Then he donned a Maybe you'll join Santa suit, rounded up his crew of wishing Fritz a Merry canine couriers, and sent them off wherever he is. And in all directions with truckloads of Ida May away from the c Letters to the Editor Serving Jefferson County Since 1844 EDITOR & PUBLISHER Edward "Pat" Dockeney Editorial The Charleston Gazette should be able to choose to invest their deductions in private accounts. Sixty years into the hugely successful Social That is also problematic, as it would result Security experiment is no time toi make abrupt in millions of new accounts that could changes. Neither is it prudent to assume that overwhelm the financial system. Smaller changing demographics won't shred a safety net accouts from low-income workers would likely that has provided a soft landing for millions of be ignored. Also, opportunity for fraud would retirees, abound. Right now, Social Seucrity raises 15 million Still others want the government to invest a people above the poverty level, good chunk of the Social Security trust fund in But the problems with the current Social a mixture of Treasury bill stocks, bonds and Security pay-as-you-go system are obvious. The mutual funds. The government would manage nation is aging. Fifty years ago, 20 workers were the investments as a pool, not as individual putting money in the system for every retiree accounts. That approach has many benefits. It taking money out. That ratio is down to 3"-to-1 would spread the risks and rewards, and it now. By 2033, there will be fewer than twoshould keep management costs low. workers for every retiree. But again, a lot of that money is needed to To fix this will take either slashed benefits pay benefits, and won't be available for long- and increased taxes or a restructuring of the term investments. system. We argued for passage of a constitutional Proponents of restructuring urge a amendment allowing West Virginia to invest movement from a pay-as-you-go system (today's retirement funds in the stock market, and we contributions pay today's benefits) to an see no reason why Social Security shouldn't take investment plan (current contributions would advantage of the historically higher returns be invested in stocks and bonds, and earnings available from stocks and bonds. would be paid to recipients in the future). But the transition must be slow and Opinions vary on how best to set this up. deliberate. Right now, Social Security brings in Some on the extreme right believe Social far more than it pays out. A good portion ofthat Security should be abolished completely, surplus is sued to mask the federal deficit Workers should be allowed to use the money(enough that, on the books, there is no longer a they now pay into the fund toi invest--or spend- federal deficit). -as they choose, they say. If that surplus were prudently invested in That would take us back to the nasty days stocks and bonds, benefits for baby boomers and when elderly Americans who never had any those retiring after them might go up instead money to invest were virtually left to starve, of down. Given the power of the American Association of We are leery of individual accounts, even as Retired Persons, we doubt that is a viablepart of the two-tier system proposed by some option. It's also problematic since it would leave groups that would keep a good portion of funds millions of Americans who have paid into the in a safety-net system. system for decades out in the cold. Social Security has always meant pooling Others believe the Social Security deductions funds for the common good. Investing the trust should remain mandatory, but that workers funds needn't mean abandoning that principle. For several years following the discovery of the goliath beetle In Africa, collectors paid as much as $250 for a specimen. The beetles are about four Inches long and eight Inches wide. After I'm dead I'd rather have people ask why I have no monu- ment rather than why I have one. --Cato the Elder (234-149 B.C.) The name Scotti was used for Irish people in Latin documents. About A.D. 500, some Irish Scotti settled in Scotland, and gave the country their name. "BUZZY" ROAD OF DEATH Jefferson County join in celebrating W|LL BE MISSED Dear Editor: son. The Community To the Editor: I, like many others, have sat ebration will take place l The Eastern Panhandle lost aback and read the different views cember 18, beginning at good ma~a this past week when on why we should not build a new at the Boys & Girls Lewis "Buzzy" Carroll Jr. died. I Route 9. I guess we could widen North Lawrence Street remember him very well when he and upgrade the Road of Death. We Town. was Chief of Police in Ranson and could also erect signs showing the The Jefferson Shepherdstown. I did allthe Blood Skull and Crossbones to warn nity and the Boys & Alcohols for him when he made an motorists of the Road of Death. I have a lot to celebrate arrest for driving under the influ- doubt that anyone who has lived in Together, we have just ence. He always wanted to make this community for any length of the first year of sure the decimal point was in the time hasn't known someone who difference in the lives right place, has either been injured or killed on Zion Episcopal Church A few years ago, I drove into the Road of Death. No matter how ward and allowed us the Morgans Grove Park to look much you widen or upgrade a ~porary home at the around one summer morning, coffin, it's still a coffin. With the help That was my old stomping ground I know we must protect our vidual community when I lived in Shepherdstown. scenic beauty. I also know that it is civic organizations, On going back to my car, I discov- not very scenic in a hospital bed or receive funding for some ered the door was locked, my keys the cemetery.1 and renovations. The inside and the motor running. I My home is not in the path of sponded by breaking walked back to Shepherdstown to the new highway, but I would 300 members, ages 6 to the Police Department. Buzzygladly give it up to help end the of schedule. The board heard my tale of woe, took me terror of the Road of Death. Wecan and the volunteers at back out to the Park and within build new homes, but we cannotshared their special minutes had my door unlockedrestore the lost lives or the pain talents with the club . and I was on my way. We had a and suffering this road has and members could benefit. still will incur. We now have a good laugh at my expense. I re- member him saying, James, asWho knows, maybe I or one of to call the Boys & time marches on, we do tend to my loved ones might be the next Jefferson County. We forget. How true. -victim of Common Sense. ing the programs and "Buzzy" Carroll, a good friend Yours truly, 1999. But before we go and a true gentleman. He will be Stephen P. O'Brien c o m e missed. Charles Town W ORK! Sincerely, The Boys & Girls James P. "Jim" Morison CELEBRATE YOUR Jefferson County is a the United Way of WORK! County. HEALTH DEPARTMENT We at the Boys & Girls Club of Jefferson County would like to Ex( LOSING TOP OFFICIALS send an open invitation to theBoys & Girls As Chairman of the Jefferson County Board of Health it is with profound regret, but with a sense of deep appreciation, that I report that the Board is losing, through retirement, its two top officials, ie. John Cooper and Mary Alice Fritts. John has been employed in the health field for forty five years, the last thirty five in Jefferson County, exclusively. For many years he was our sole sanitarian. He supervises the Environmental Section and also is the adminis- trative head of the entire depart- ment. The Environmental Sec- tion, among other things, super- vises, the installation of all wells and septic systems and regularly inspects all food establishments, the public schools, swimming pools, trains and certifies food ser- vice personnel, investigates rabies incidents and disease outbreaks. Mary Alice has 23 years of ser- vice in Jefferson ~ounty. She su- pervises the Nursing Section, in- cluding all of the School Nurses. This Section administers family planning, inoculations, communi- cable disease control and many other aspects of personal health. As a member of the Board for almost forty years I have observed these two in their daily work. Above all, their primary concern was always what was best for the people of Jefferson County. Their dedication to this goal has always been consistent and resulted in many hours of overtime. During this period the county grew from eighteen thousand to about fifty thousand people. We have had to say no to many (often very un- happy) people. However, it was always reassuring to know that our staff was acting in the best in- terest of the public. They will be sorely missed. However, we have well qualified and experienced persons to suc- cess them, ie. Nancy Stolipher and Randy De Haven. In conclusion, I would like to say that the county has been for- tunate to have had such dedicated public servants. The other Mem- bers of the Board, Burla Tenney, James Hecker, D. Lee Morgan and Raymond Frazier, as well as Earl Allara, Health Officer, join with me in the sentiments expressed in this letter. Sincerely, Roger J. Perry, Chairman Jefferson County Board of Health Concrete was invented by the ancient Romans. II COUNTY GOVERNMENTAL ME] II de nty Board of Education I1 Jefferson County Commission ,1st Thursday, 7:00 p.m. II II /it son County Development 3rd Tuesday, 7:30 p.m. Jefferson County Board of Health 1st Friday, 1:00 p.m. Jefferson County Historic Landmarks Commission 3rd Thursday, 7:00 p.m. Planning Jefferson County Solid Waste Authority 4th Wednesday, 7:00 p.m. Jefferson County Parks and Recreation 3rd Wednesday, 7:00 p.m. Plannning Commission Jefferson County Planning Commission 2nd & 4th Tuesdays, 7:30 p.m. Planning Commission Jefferson County Zoning Appeals Board 3rd Thursday, 3:00 p.m. Planning Commission Jefferson County Public Service District Board 2nd & 4th Wednesdays, 9:00 a.m. District Board Jefferson County Ambulance Authority 1st Wednesdays, 7:30p.m. 3rd Wednesdays, 7:30p.m. Planning Count HEAR CITY Bolivar Council 1st Tuesday, 7:30 p.m. Charles Town Council 1st & 3rd Mondays, 7:30 p.m. Charles Town Historic Landmarks Commission 2nd Monday, 7:30 p.m. GOVERNMENTAL MEETINGS (535-2476) Bolivar Town Hall (725-2311) City Hall (725.2311) City Hall Harpers Ferry Council 2nd Monday, 7:00 p.m. Ranson Council 1st & 3rd Tuesdays, 7:00 p.m. Shepherdstown Council 2nd lesday, 7:30 p.m. (535-2206) Town Hall (725-1010) Town Hall (876-2312) Town Hall Source: