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December 17, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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December 17, 1959

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i office of Joe Burdette, secretaxl~ ! of state, will ~ert~fy to the clerk's office all ~ndtdates on bhe state level whose names are to appear on the ballot. .His list will include any presi- dential hopefu~ wanting to test their strength in the Mountain actual election dates year's house-to-house registration State; candidates for the U. S. oters of West Virgi,uia check. ~0nths away, many ad A representative from each par Senate, representatives from con- ,lions for the May ty will be selected by the court on gressional districts; two judges for the State Supreme Court, gover- d Nov. 8 general el- next Jan. 5 for the job in every nor, secretary of state, attorney 'ady underway. Last precinct. general; superintendent of public Courts throughout Some persons already have been schools, auditor, treasurer, commis ~n putting election notified they no longer are eligtb- sloner of agriculture and delegates motion and it will le to cast ballots. None had voted to the 'Reptrbllcan and ~mocrat- as the months roll in the last two county primary le national conventions. and general elections. The pres- Delegates as well as members oi the last day ocn ent law requires removal of these party executive comn2ttees will Courts could re- voters from the rolls, be elected at the primary. ands DemocratAc Registrars will not only correct As a reward for electing a govo to suggest the addresses of all voters. They eMor and U. S. Senator in 1956, Workers for next will make such other changes as West Virginia's Republican dele- EMORY KABLE RIBUTOR TOWN, W. VA. 10 - 2t. correcting the names of female gation to the Chicag~ convention voters ,who may have married sin will be increased ,from 16 to 22. Ol ce the last registration check add this total, 10 will be chosen state ing those to the list who are reach wide and 12 from the state's six ing their 21st birthday and check- congressional districts. ing on voted transfers. The Democratic delegates to the This work will be completed in Los Angeles convention will be 26, February. Registrars will sit in va I~ut only 24-sazne as four years rious precincts beginning March ago-will be elected. The remain- 26 to make further corrections in ing two will ,be divided betwee~n the registration lists, the national committeeman and April 9 is the last day any addi- committee woman. There will be tions or .changes may be made un til after the primary election. Activity in the office of Circuit Clerk will step up in January when he notifies chairman of re- spective executive committees the time for appointing ballot commis stoners is at hand. Terms of these officers begin on February i. Feb. 6 will be an important date on the calendar of those seeking one of the many public offices that will be for grabs in the 19:60 elec- tions. This is t'he final ,filling day; After this deadline is passed the OF BALTIMORE, MD. ANNOUNCE :PRICE REDUCED UP TO 33 PER CENT ON 155 PATTERNS UPerb Imported and Domestic Fabrics in the Weaves and Colors. ALL GARMENTS TAILORED to Individual. Measurements Specification. 12 delegates selected on a state- wide basis and a similar number chosen from congressional dis- tricts. To this list of candidates and nominees, the circuit clerk will add the names of those seeking office as Circuit Court judge, co~ ty commissioner, member of the Board of Education, prosecuting attorney, sheriff, assessor, state senate, House of Delegates, justi~ ces of the peace, constables, magis terial district executive commit~ tee members. All this will be done .by Feb. 22 when ballots, commissioners order printed official ballots. The ballots will ,be sent to mere bers of the armed forces who re- quest them and to those' who will not be in West Virginia on elec- tion day. Applications for abse~ntee ballots will be accepted between March 26 and April 29. During the next 7 days, those who expect to be out of the state on May 10 may mark their ballots in the clerk's office. County commissioners by April 5 will designate commissioners FOR MEN AND WOMENS WILL BE HIGHER THIS SPRING, YOURSELF SOME GOOD MONEY. IN THE EVENING OR PHONE 623'R APPOINTMENT. AT HOME EVERY EVENING. SALE REPRESENTATIVE FOR HOMELAND TAILORS. IN . ....... 116 SOUTH CHARLES STREET S TOWN, - - - W. VA. " .......... "r Yours Today Beverage for Holiday Serving Your Favorit e Food Store Or ()rder" FOR HOME DELIVERY LABORATORY CONTROLLED W! chester. Ave. AM 7 - 6881 ' &RTINSBURG, W. VA. terpurchasing Jefferson County Milk. Christmas, with its magic of colored lights, is one time when the individual really comes into his own. With the same basic materials, and the same general ideas to express, it is a source of continual wonder to see the vastly different effects which can becreated. And, it is not necessary to go to a great deal of expense to create something which is lovely to look at and which says "Merry Christmas" to all who see it. Keeping a few simple rules in mind and giving your imagi- nation free rein, you can make your Christmas decorating a project in which the whole fam- ily can share, giving everyon~e a feeling of satisfaction in his own individual contribution. Selecting and Caring for Tree , For many of us, the tree itself will always be the central figure in any decorating scheme, Se- lecting it, bringing it home visualizing it in its dressed and lighted glory--all add to the sense of anticipation. Select a tree that is full and beautifully shaped. As soon as you bring the tree home~ stand it in a pail or tub filled with water until you are ready to set it up and trim it. This will pro- long the life and appearance of the tree, keep the needles from falling and minimize the danger of fire. Trimming Your TIee Lights can do A a great deal to improve the shape of a tree. If your tree is [ \ long and slen- der, string, the lights around / it; if it is short [.] Fi~. 2 ': and squat, string them in verti- cal rows, from top to bottom. (See Fig. 1 and Fig. 2.) Don't guess at the number 'of lights you need for your tree. Profes- sional decorators use this for- mula: Multiply the height of the tree by the Width of the branches "at the bas~, then multiply by three. A tree seven feet tall, and five feet wide at the base thus would have 105 lights. Using this rule and ~pacing you ights evenly, you will always have an excel- lent balanced effect. .(See Fig. 3.) Fl~. a Don't limit yourself to con- ventional Christmas lights. Lamps which simulate ice crys- tals or snow balls are now avail- able and'produce a very inter- esting appearance. Consider also the flashing, twinkling or bub- bling lights which give the effect of motion and are par- ticularly appealing to children. Start at the Top Tres should always be trimmed from the' top down. First the Angel, Star, Spear or and clerks who will man the polls on primary elecMon day. CItnd4dates according to law must take time out from their campaign schedule between April 25 and May 3 to file a pre-prl- mary financial statement in the county clerk's office. This is also the respOnsibility of committee I treasurers ! On May 13 county commission- ers beg~n the task of canva~ing ~he primary election vote. Then twill come the11,lxll until July 25 I.when ballot ~ommissioners again take up the task of preparing the ballot for the general election. Favorable Prices Received In 1959 Feeder Calf Sales A tdtal of 7,913 feeder calves were marketed through two State~ and nine regional Demonstration- al 'Feeder Calf Sales, during 1999, for a total of $932,462.33, it was reported this week by Joe Emch Extension a~nimal husbandman at West 'Virginia University. This number represents an increase of 1,270 calves over the number mar keted in the 1958 sales. The 4,7,16 steer calves sold for art average of $30.17 per hundred weight or $1.28.70 per head. The 3,917 heifer calves brought an av- erage of $25.,34 ~per hundredweight or $101:80 per head. "Lack of rainfall and ample grazing resulted ix~ calves that were lighter than the calves sold in the 1958 sales," Emch commen- te'~he average weight of the steer calves was 427 pounds and the av- erage weight of the heifer calves was 402 pounds. These weights were 10 pounds per head lighter for both the steer and heifer cal- ves than the calves in the 1958 series of sales. All calves marketed in these sales were dehorned, vaccinated for blackleg and shipping fever, and all ,bull calves were castrated, ~Emch explai~aed. All calves were graded into uniform lots accord- ing to grade, breed, sex and wei- ght. The greater percentage of the calves this year went to cattle ~eeders in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsyl- I water and roughage found Irl veg SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON rAR RS ADVOCATE vama and Michigan. A few of the [etables, fruits, and Whole-grained calves were sold to buyers as fax I cereals also are necessary to help THURSDAY, DECEMBER 17, 1959 5---C west as Illinois, Emch cited. ,regulate the body processes.| energy ~~- ~---~A~-~PlI~t~ may ~m- , ~ More than 82,000 calves have (3) Foods for heat and der be used. A I .been sold through these sales si~- [ to work and play. Every food ~at- mort method is to surround the l ce they were started several years [ en supplies some calories for this ago. [requirement, some foods more plant with a covering of glass| wOol. This gives nearly ideal pro- I than others. Principal sources of tection. If there is danger of t~ [ Leet0 [heat and energy are starches, sug material being blown down, a I [ ors and fats. J All people need the same basic stake may be driven into the soil [ and the glass wool attached to Candle Light ,foods. The amount of food aper- the stake. --- I I s~ns needs, however, depends up- fort his age, activity and physical ATTEND CHURCH SUNDAY The Leetown Busy Workers 4-H j condition. held their regular monthly meet- CLASSIFIED BEST RESULTS " I ing at the Baptist Church Friday night. Dec. 4. A candle light initiation service was given for three new members: George Tabb, Scott Coyle and Bradly Butler. In the busi;aess meeting commit ~ees for the year were appointed. Refreshments were served dur- ing the social hour. Kenna Fritts, Reporter Plan Meals To Keep The Famil Well Fed Tempting holiday sweets are tas te-pleasers, but they are apt to upset the homemaker's plans to keep her family well nourished, Extension home economics spec- ialists at West Virginia University I . , said this week. To help keep a family well fed, it is suggested that homemakers rely upon a good meal plan. Such a plan should include foods that will supply the nutrients ~eeded daily. To satisfy bodily needs, meals .must provide at least the follow- lng: (1) Food ~for building and re- pairing t>ody tissues. Body tissues and bones, mainly are made of ,protein, minerals and water. Chief sources are milk, eggs, lean meat, cheese and dried beans and peas. (2) Food f'or the body-regulat- i~ag processes (minerals and vita- mins). Best sources are fruits and vegetables, especially citrus fruits and tomatoes, and leafy green and dark yellow vegetables, Pro- tein foods such as milk, lean meats, eggs and dried beans and )eas are rich sources of certain minerals and vitamins, too. The For Winter Have you put your garden to bed for the winter? If you have not, now is the time to do so. There are many plants which, al- though hardy, will not take our cold winter winds and sun. Good examples of this are rhododen-: drons, boxwood a~d most of the other broadleaf evergreens. Such plants should be protect- ed from December ! to April 1. The best method to protect such plants is .to select the right place i in which they are protected. Many folks do not plant rhododendron and other plants in protected lo- cations. If you have broadleaf ev- ergreens that are exposed to win ter winds and sun, the best way to protect them is to build a scaf- fold on three sides-east, south and west. Now cover the frame with burlap. This will give the needed protection. ' ~Hybrid tea roses are not hardy in northern West Virginia. The best way to protect .them "is to make a mound of soil 8 inches deep around the base of the plant, Other materials such as straw hay and the like have been tried but none has proved as success- ful as soil. Many of the chrysanthemums- both single and double-which are plar~ted are only semi-hardy. The best way to protect these plant is to lift them and. place them in a coldframe. Around the ~base of the plants, peat moss straw, or leaves may be added for further protection. Other means of protecting ten- CALL GENERAL CONTRACTOR FOR A FREE ESTIMATE ON ANY RESIDENTIAL OR COMMERCIAL NEW CONSTRUCTION OR REMODELING Call Martinsburg Collect AM 3-9411 ! II for heating your home with oil !! mrs put in place. Then the lights should be strung, top to bottom. Reflectors and halos add much: to the brilliance of lights. Now you arc ready for the "string type" decorations. With this much done, you can begin to place your most interesting ornaments, selecting spots whcre they will show to best advan- tage. When all the ornaments hgve been placed the tinsel can be arranged, each piece hung individually on the branches. Angel hair or a spray of artifi- cial snow may be added at the very end. The top-to-bottom procedure should be followed throughout. It is the easiest, the fastest and above all, the safest way. That word "safest" is one which you should be conscious of through- out the Christmas season. All light strings should be inspected carefully and all sets with worn or exposed wires replaced with new U/L approved sets. Protect against short circuits or blown- out fuses by making sure you have at least one set of lights with a safety fuse plug (such as those manufactured by NOMA LITES). This set should be con- nected to the wall socket or other source of current; other light strings can be attached to it. Should a fuse blow, it can easily be replaced at the socket, with a twist of the fingers. Christmas All Over the House Even the loveliest tree has its Keep in mind, too, the cando- liers, lampposts, angels, snow- men, Santa Claus figures and other "ready-made" decorations which are available. They can be combined with greens, orna-, ments, ribbons and other ma- terials with very good results. This idea is particularly adapta- ble in window treatments where both imagination and a safe, convenient light source are most effect heightened if the rest of desirable. the house is decorated attrac- tively and in good taste. Prac- Your House a Christmas Card tically every home offers a We have all experienced that wealth of simple materials which warm glow of good feeling and can be used for novel, imagina-: fond memories which can come tire .decorative pieces. An ordi- from just glancing at a house nary vase can be filled with which-seems to wish the whole greens and white branches with world a "Merry Christmas." ornaments and placed anywhere Here too, safety must be the "~hree graduated embroidery watchword. All outside wiring hoops decorated with tinsel can must be rubber-insulated and be suspended by ribbons aro~md heavy utv #12 or ~14 cord 1 " -d -- .. a half-inch wooden dowe m- is best. A permanent, protected serted in a plastic styrofoam outdoor type receptacle is the base. A set of vari-colored lights most satisfactory current source. wound around the dowel glow Lacking that, you can use a through angel hair; a few small porch or garage light. Should ornaments strung from colored that not be convenient, an in- ribbon complete this lovely door light socket can be used miniature "tree." Another effec- safely in this manner--get a tiv'e idea is to form a cone of heavy Christmas gift wrapping paper and place it over a dowel. The paper should be heavy enough to keep its cone shape, and translucent enough for the light to shine through. The traditional Christmas greens provide many beautiful arrangements. Laurel and Pine branches wound around a stair- rail can be decorated with lights, canes and a few simple orna- i ments for a glowing effect. : Greens banked on a mantle have their beauty heightened by proper placement of lights, A madonna figure combined with spruce branches and creche lighted from behind makeg a foyer table truly lovely. An at- tractive dining room decoration can be fashioned from greens arranged on a tiered plate or lazy susan with lights and orna- ments. A set of lights inter- twined with Pine or other greens on top of a bookcase makes a beautiful illuminated display. Window wreaths, laurel swags across your drapes and other greens also become much more interesting and original whea $hts are cleverl ,use . board about six to nine inches wide, cut to fit snugly under any window. Drill a hole in, the board, put it in position and close the win- dow so that it meets the board. The outside wire cart then be run through the hole and connected to an indoor socket. Brace lock the window with a stick(See Fig. 4). One of the most attractive, and least expensive, means of outdoor lighting is to run strings of lights along the eaves or roof edge. Ordinary drive rings, avail- able at any hardware store, can simplify the job enormously. U-shaped, the drive rings can be affixed to the under- edge of the roof, and the lights threaded through tl}etn. The same tech- tuque can be used in outlining doors andwin- dows with lights. The drive rings will keep them in position, pre- vent sagging or uneven effects. Important to any outdoor dec- orative scheme is the front door. Beautiful wreaths or sprays can be purchased but, with a little ingenuity and dexterity, you can :"Do It Yourself." Pine, Fir, Spruce or other branches and a string of lights can be twined around either a wire clothes hanger forced into a round shape or into chicken wire cut to form a foundation for a spray. Large outdoor candles, sno-men or car- ollers complete a pretty, wel- coming Christmas doorway. Your permanent evergreens and shrubbery also lend them- selves beautifully to Christmas decorating. To protect an expen- sive Fir tree or Blue Spruce build a simple "teepee ' to carry the light strings.' Drive stakes lqto the ground around the tree, inside the spread of branches, at regular inter' vals, Lead rigid wire up from a~/~ the stakes to a ~': ]w~ padded wire .~7~ ~,~ collar placed/~ ~. ~ around the tree ~'~. a]l/~,~"~ stem, several~ inches below ~he top. The ~. ights can be strung around the wires and need not touch the branches at all (See Fig. 6.) Many' people prefer a single color for their outside lighting. but try using one white light at the top of the tree or other prominent place. And, don't for- get spotlights which can be placed conveniently on your lawn to illuminate and focus at- tention on a creche, elfin figures, or other interesting features. More Tips for You More hints and help are avail. able to you, free of charge, in a booklet called "The Art of Dec- orating." This booklet contains not only decorating ideas for the Christmas season, but for many other holidays and occasions throughout the year as well. Your FREE copy will be mailed to you promptly upon request. Simply address: Noma Lites. Inc., 55 West 13th Street, New York 11, N. Y, And ask for ',The krt of Decorating." We believe it will help you enjoy the bright- est, gayest, safest Christmas,you _hay9 ~yer known~ (~) IT'S () IT'S When you heat our home with oil, you enjoy advantages provaded by no other form of fuel First, you have the peace-of-mind that comes with the knowledge that .our heating unit is safe. Second, oil costs so little. Third, you axe assured a steady, reliable level of heat no matter how low the temperature drops! Call us for Atlantic's famous triple.refined heat- ing off. It now has a new additive that helps prevent formation of sludge. DISTRIBUTOR PHONE 161-M CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. SOU HERN LL I reg.price,S229.95 Gxclusive Turbolint Filter re- moves 1/3 more lint than any other washer. 2 cycles, 2 speeds, cold, warm or hot No. A9F. 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