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December 17, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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December 17, 1959

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i)" )UBLISHI'D EVERY THURSDAY AFTERNOON IN CHARLES TOWN, W VA 8Y THE JEFFERSON PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC ALL SUBECRIPTIONI DELIVERED IN TNK ~TATI[ ARK SUBJI~'-r TO $.~ CONIUMERI IIALEE TAX. SUDICRIIrrlON llt3.SO PER YIL~R IN ADVANCE. IIPIRIT ESTABL, ISNEID 11544 -- ADVOCATE E~TAII.ISHED lass COMIIINED MARCH I, IB41 MAX IROWN, Ir,,or'iroR OFFICE NORTH GEORGE WrREET -- TELEPHONE $.22 SERVING JEFFERSON COUNTY FOR ll& YEARS AND READ B~ MORtr HAN 20.000 PEOPLE EVERY WEEK. ENTgRI~'~AE SECOND CLAII MA'I'rER AT THE ~POIITOffFICK ll~ CHARIJIII TOWN. W. VA., UNDER "tHE ACI' pie MARCH S. |eTS. NEW YORK WEEKLY NEWBPAPRR RI0~RESENTATIVI~, INC. CHICAGO AT1LANTA DETROIT IOS ANG FJ.E~ MEMBER OF THE NATIONAL [OlTOll L # Thursday, December 17, 1959 BLOOD BANK 0rth enti0n ]Varied By Been W. Morrow r The Reindeer Trail There's Bushong and Beckwith and Koontz a~d Metz Come, Rudolph, Come Dancer; &nd Nichols and Mason (I didn't let's hitch up the sleigh say Goetz). And Perry and Steptoe and Skin- There's Christmas a-comin, let's ner and Byrer: A shingle for each saying "This Man For Hire." address by Dr. Richard Scholl, pas Hold up there, you reindeers! The tor of the Charles Town Metho- sleigh is not filled; dist Church at 7 p. m. Monday, Dec. 21 members will They're presents for Jimmy rand meet at 7 p. m. at the Potomac Herman and Phil, For Shirley and Eddie and Char- Light and Power Company for the lie and Jokn pur,pose of bagging candy to be and Marshall and Wayne-and a distributed at t~he local graded schools on Tuesday, Dec. 221. ,Smith called Don. There will be no meal on Dec. Now head for the Legion; it's and there will be no meeting o~ Christmas Ahoy! Thursday, December 24. For Leland and Cookie and Kis- Monday, Dec. 28 the annual in her called Roy; stallation party and student dan- For Christians called Joseph and re. Kiwanians and wives are in- ,Browns named J. Glenn vited to be at Federal Hill, home and Printzs and R~elys mad Jim of Leo and Virginia Widmyer at Morlson. 5:30 P. M. for a social hour prior to going to the Thomas Jefferson Now, on with you reindeersl To- Hotel at 7:15 P. M. for dinner and Wards Pack Horse Ford, installation of 1960 officers. At 9 We've a Widmyer to catch; his P. M. The students dance will be- ~get under way. Let's put all the Greetings in one great big box, Includlag that parcel for "Woody the Pox." Alert all the postmen: Call C. Manning Smith, and Shirley and Owens and those they work with. It's time to get going, it's near Christmas Eve; So whip up the reindeers; it's time, boys, to leave. But ere we get going, let's check on the list, Let's make certain, boys, there's no one we've missed. Let's head for the count-down-- and then tnto space, we'll soon be In orbit-so on with the race. Address this small package con- raining some news, We'll send it to Max and to Don The American Red Cross Blood Bank will be at the and the crew, Perhaps it will cause a little con Episcopal Church Parish House in Charles Town next tention Monday, December 21. It is not necessary for us to repeat Y,nstead of that horrible Hardly again and again the importance of supporting this worLhy l Worth Mention. project. We only wish to remind our readers that the Ah WhaUs in this narc l, it's Blood Bank offers an opportumty for everyone to put at from Robert HalV real meaning into Christmas by giving. What better giftJIt says it's for Blackie: "To Be Used in the Fall could any of us give than the blood of life itself to thoseJB1 Dadd B' D":" "'s u't in need g , y, ~g aaay' ~' , a s 2 ~or the game Man cannot play God, and when he attempts to as he Between VPI and "that other big sometimes does the consec uences are generally less than team." desirable. But man can display godly attributes. And Ah, here's a big packmge; what among the highest of these is charitable giving and sacri- does it contain? ricing.If we will but stop for a moment and take inven- et's check on the contents--see tory we will realize that all, we repeat, ajl, that we have what are the names. They're oodles of parcels all neat- was given to us. The least we can do, therefore, is share ly addressed: what we have with others. There's ~,ne for a red head who's S Secretary Joseph Christian of day, Dec. 31. the Charles Town Kiwanis Club announced today that the club will have a Varied schedule for thei next two weeks. On Thursday night at the Thomas Jefferson: !Hotel, members will have dinner at 6:15 p. m. and then hear an first name is Boyd; gin a~ the Charles Town Junior Then on to the Snyders-the one high gym. No meeting on Thurs- they call Bill Where we'll check on the otherl stockings to fill. There're Millers called Lige and Millers called Paul She And Franks and Trumps a~d Klugs, and all. Methinks while I'm here and this close to home, The Shepherdstown Volunteer I'll rest me a while and get on the Firemen at their monthly meeting phone, i~ War Memorial Building Mon- day evening elected the following "Central, I'm calling two-eight- officers to serve for the year 1960: seven-two; Please get me that Shepherd who Chaplain, the Rev. George Ha- lives at Bellevue... zel; President, John N. Rhodes; vice president, W. E. VanMetre; Hello, Uncle Henry; this is H. W. ~reasurer, Herbert Rogers; secre- M.; ta;-y, John 'Jack' Strider; assist- The reindeers are tired and I'm ant secretary, 'Mike' Athey; fire gonna tur~ in. chief, Lee Morgan; chief engineer, But here are my wishes fox you William "Bud" Colston; captain and the rest: fire police, M. M. Athey; carnival A Christmas that's Merry, and all chairman, John PlttLnger; parade, The 1960 Committees are as fol lows with the first named as chair man. Program and Music-Nerhood, Printz, Lawrence, Kline, Smith, Byrer. Attendance and Membership- Hund, Kisner, Christian. Agriculture and Conservation- SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON VARMERS 4---A THURSDAY, DECEMBER progress and extent of this project and contribute as generously as they ca;a, as the more money col- lected by completion time. the less it will be necessary to borrow and less interest to pay. By Miss Dorothy Lake Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Shirley of Wadesville, Va. spent Sunday with J, White, Nichols, Mason. Boys and Girls-Adams, Davis, Whitacre, Burns, Punk. Support of Churches-Brown, MoCord, Boaton. Public Affiairs-Jackson, Eackles Ridgeway, Perry, Jack Huyett. Mrs. Michael D'Angelo. Public l:telations~Burns, Huyett, Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Lake ms- Peters, Snyder. bored to Edinburg, Va. on Thurs- Inter-Club-James Moler, Caper day to visit Mr. Joe ,Gordon. The ton, Ward. latter returned home with them Reception and House-Heckman, for a visit. Staley. Mr. and Mrs. George Morrison Kiwanis Education-Marshall, F. and son Freddie of Bowie, Md. vis White, VanMetre. ited the latters parents Mr. and Finance-Siler, Yowell, Strider. Mrs. Edward Ryman and daugh- Vocational Guidance-Payae, A1 lara, Jay Moler, Thompson, Key Club-Steptoe, Alger, Lango let. Historian-Bushong. WEST WASHINGTON PHONE 143-J CHARLES Strider, Harold Busey and Martin Stephens. Mr. Rogers who was elected as treasurer will begin his 45th year in continuous service as treasurer of the Shepherdstown Volunteer Firemen and is the oldest mem- ber still in active service of the organization. Following his election, the mem bership present stood in tribute to him who has giveea so much of his time and performed an outstand- ing service to the fire department andthe community it serves. ter Juanita on Mrs. S. N. Alger of Va. spe~t several days week with her sister in-law Mr. and Mrs. OWS. Miss Linda Hardy weekend with Mr. ence Burch of Rippen* Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Louis children Mrs. Dewey Gary, Jerry, Jimmy Fritts and Miss Dot visitors at the home Mrs. Alfred JohnsO~ ters of Martinsburg, Saturday evening. Cs cream was served by the occasion being the thday of Sherry I~u Mr. and Mrs. Oene Carlisle, Pa. and dra Lake of ted Mr. a,nd Mrs. T. Saturday evening. Mrs. Leonard son of Charles Town nesday with Mrs. and Miss Juanita STREET TOWN, W. At this Season we commemorate God's greatest gift to sometimes called Pres of the best." ;chairman, Lee Morgan; and build The building committee report- .t rp1T#' o humanity. We can show some measure of appreciation ...... lng fund drive chairman, C. W. ed that progress is being made on ]kN1) ll-l~)/~Ea .. ............. Shipley. remodeling of Firemen's Hall. for the ~reatness and goodness of that gift by displaying Few people realize what the ]wne_,w. va. ~. l). 1 th!s weeKeno Rhodes is beginning his ninth The Firemen also decided to a- _ ......... a willingness to give a part of ourselves for sufferinff "hometown" newspaper means bo]s_o w~;~,youpmase.sena my .~o- consecutive term as president, gain sponsor a drive sometime :II A a serviceman serving away from vocabe ~o vna~ aaoress ,trom now A1 elec s r a t r h " ' s ] ..... i ................. so ted to erve as ep- f e t e first of year to aecure III1h J J/,t ii' humanity. Give to the Blood Bank; in doing so you are home. It is indeed a tremendous on ues nmng wz~n ~ms week s IS an funds wit hi h a b l " ... ____ "resentatlves of the fire comp y " h w 'c to p y for jo giving life !tself. moral factor. I sue-;~ec, io~n. ..... to the newly formed Jefferscm .of remodeling Firemen's Hall. . ~ Thank you very cnueh for your l ~ nave e njo.yeo nawng me ~oun, County Volunteeer Firemen's As- I Whea the hall is completed ap- J~ ~ ~/~n ....... cooperation ~n serving this pur- icy paper an.rang my .stay ner.e_a~ sociatton were. IProximately $23,000 will still be 1 I- I ~g Letters To Editor ,oo o. ,,~ ~ n (since dune; ann otner s d "- I James R. Muse [ ".." . ..... President, John N. Rhodes, Fire [owed on thk project. It is hope ~- - I~l~ ~ ~eu ~ross, e~c nave an Deen m [ ...... .... " glneer William "Bud" Colston, C, l to this project. Many persons who A/lc USAF [ pat!e~s, nurses, .~rey ~..a~les ] Chief Lee Morgan, Chief En- I the public will respond generously ~ [ Bethesda, Md. [[~'ereseealng_me.plnapemer.. counw.._ a]~er, see- W.ToShipleYserve asandalternateA' M. Pittinger.delegates [ tribute] have. indicatedto the theirbmldmg..desirefundt cOnbut .= ...... ....... Away Charles Town, W. Va. Most people want peace too, even I Dec. 8, 1959[ ....... Thank you ~or ne serv;ce you were: William "Bud" VanMetre, [ have wa'~ted unt'fl actual construe- ~ ~l~l~m:~l~ i:~l~m:~~t December 17, 1959 if it takes a lot of talking and [Spirit of Jefferson I . 'WesleyWhitmer John "Jack" tion began are asked to review the .." ." .." ." .. nave g~ven me m senmng ~ne ~ ~. ~.'.~i~.~..w~ -.~.%~ " I Mr. Max Br0~m, Editor trips to other oountrles. The peo- Farmers Advocate |paper here. .. .................. ~ .... Sp::..t of Jelferson-Advocatepie in good old W. Va. would like i Charles Town. W. Va. | Sincerely yours ...................................... ~ .......................................... D,:~' ,~ir:- a road program. Our neighbors Dear Sir:- / Caroline H. Ma~oughtry -~---~-.-~---~---~-.-~---~---~---~---~---~---~-.-~-.-~-.-~---~---~-.-~-.-~-.~-~-.~~~~~~~ 1 Don't leave your bedroom with an electric blanket plugged Don't allow children to play with electrical toys unsupervised. Don't stick a penny m the fuse box. Don't Don't Don't Don't Don't leave your Christmas Tree Lights on when not at home. Light Your Christmas Tree with Candles. Use Cotton for Snow Around Your Tree. Place Tree Near Stove or Fire Place. Block Exit With Tree. in. Don't Put Lighted Candles in Windows or on Mantle Piece. Don't Dress your tree to kill. Keep it away from fireplace, radiator or Don't risk a fall! Use a Stepladder I am_ coming back_ to Kearneys (Mrs. James F.) ' VIEWS OF-0 l TOllS THE THIN EDOE'OF SA]FEq~-~.- -:~'X~/HAT IS A FA~? The highway Safety problem has : : What is a "farm"? many aspects. One which gets too little attention is the thin margin. of safety that prevails in fast-rosy lgig freeway and parkway traffic in and around major cities. \;,-~_'~[ ~,:) commend ,vo~l on your north and south of us build roads SL" ',:~,.i,.:i (,/i~oiial wlhch ~:ppcared while we ma.rk time. Of course in- L~ ~.~ December 10 issue of the flation pushes up road building ~i ~, of JelIe~;~n er,;iiied "Are: costs each year. Perhaps the De- "~ou :~cady For Christmas?" It i mocratic party could take the soft co~'da'=~ed food for .~Ancere though~, drink tax off of fruit drinks suc'h and is the fme~; edi!orial that I as Hawaiian punch and others. have ever sec.u in your paper. They are definitely not soft drinks -I had thought of using tha ~ t~t~rqm.i~ us~.tat~y:~t~en. The same topic for my sermon on Dec. Dem0c'r~tic Doom at the Jenerson 20 but will now perhaps wait and use it .for another Christmas. Carlyle A. McDonald Pleasant View Farm Charles Town, W. Va. Dec. 15, 1959 The Spirit of Jefferson-Advec&te Charles Town, W. Va. Dear Editor:- I would like to speak up on some current items. .First. I belieVe Ranson is to be commended on walti~g till last week to put up their Christmas decorations as d~d many buslaess places. This ideal of putting them up in November seems stupid to me. They get dried up and dead looking by Christmas and mean less to the viewer. I heard a worn an say in Winchester on Dec. 1st that ~hey could save money on Christmas decorations by leaving them up all yeax. May I hope that Ranson will patch up the pot holes m 5th Ave nue and 3rd Ave. especially before they get worse, We know that ,l~nson is hard up for money but it would appear to be more econ omical to 0arch little holes in a street before they get to be big holes. The next step after big holes is a gravel street with little or no blacktop. The BalVlmore and Ohio Rail- road is to be commended for fix ing the crossing over their right- away ,for the street that goes a- round Whitmore Lumber Co. on its East ee~d. I hope tlaat l~hey will soon softe~ their hearts and fix the crcxsslng on N. George St. adjacent to Hyman Viener and Sons and Charle~ Town Oraln and Peed. It is my hope that the s~te will enforce the no parking ban be. eween the inCersectio~ of rqk!te 17 and fifth Ave. and rouge 340. It does 11o good to put up no paxk- ~ng signs and then not to en~oroe them. I would like to see a stop slgn at the new entrance to the old race track o~n route 340 and also at the e~ntrance'bo the horse roans parking lot adjacent to the be-ad o[ the old rave track where the track for racing horses is next to route 17. It might prevent~ an accident like I was involved in. Many drivers come out of ttvIs lot without stopping. I* have read wi~h interc~ H, W. M.'s columns on the Democratic party. He stated sometime ago that all worthwhile things accom plished in the last 5 years were due to the Democrats. I didn't County Fair gave me a laugh this full. It said vote Democratic for lower taxes. I don't recall the De- mocrats cutting, but very few tax es in the last 5 years. Speaking of the unemployment situation in W. Va., it is undoubtedly bad, but what is the real answer. The. qual fficatl(ms for surplus food which 250,000 people in W. Va. are get- tint have been libera~ized recent- ly. Just what can any governor do in a case like this without the state legisla, ture acting. A road program in the last legislature would of helped provide jobs. Good roads attr~tct industry too, as transportation is important in our economy. Of course any pro- gram will take money axed the Democratic Legislature will have to appropriate it and make it a- vall~.ble. Yours sincerely, Angus McDonald Box 25t Charles Towr~, W. Va. December 6, 1959 Mr. Max Brown, Editor Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate Charles Town, W. Va. Dear Sir: On Sunday, December 6, I went Into a dr,~agstore w~ich sells prod- uc~s almost exclusively under a famous naxae trademark. I re- quested two articles and because I rejected one of the articles, I was proml~lY insulted and denied the right :to purchase anything. My indiVidual rights s~d my rights as a consumer to purchase free of choice were violated. It certainly seems to me that a busl~ess operating and receiving its income from the comity is not bhly doing a disservice to its future survival but to the com- m,,mity in which it ,serves, Cordially yourS, Mrs. ~hirley Tolbert Pittsburgh, Pa. EdttOr Dec. 12, 1959 Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate Dear Sir: Enclosed please find check for three d~llars and fifty cent.s in payment for another year. Always enjoy reading the news from down ymlr way, ~clttding Bolivar and Harpers Ferry news. Merry Christmas Mrs. W. T. Hardester (Mary) Decem~r 9, 1959 Havre Air Force Station Havre, Montana Max ~rcnv~, Editor ~Pirit of Jeffer,~gn-Advocate Charles Town, W. Va. Dear t~ir: I am writing to inform you to cancel my subscription of your realize that we had a Democratic Cabinet in Washington as well as a Democratic Congress. He in- cluded Liberals of Mrs. noose- celt's A. D. A. type and and very o~nservative Democrats. I myself see little difference in the thinking of c~or~servatAve Democrats and newspaper since I am going to be ~epublicans or between very lib- separated from the United States ,'ral Democrats and Republicans. Air Force next week. i~ is too bad that there is ~ot a Being a former resident of Har- con.~ervati~e and liberal party in pers :Ferry, W. ~a. and now resid- :?end of the pre.~cnt ~.e%up-~o the ing in Leesburg, Va. it has indeed :)|,,at';, would ha~e a clear choice ,been a pleasure receiving your !}~ n;~:!onal p~licy. 11e al~o, con, :weekly publication, as it contains (~, ~z~:, lke on too many vetoes. It all of t~he pert~ne,nt information :~a:; odd ihat a c~n~rcs~ com0os t~a~ an individual serving in the ed ct a,round ~w~)-th~rd~, Demo- armed [orces wishes to know. Con ...':~s cculdn%.overrid~, his vet,oe if grat~lation:~ on yore" line work .i,c5 wca~d :~o. ~.?~haps the r~O-Li.and- ~ope it 'continge,,; to be the pie bac~ home warned a strongcr sarr2c in the luturc andI am sure l~tmr l~w" and le~ wdd ~,l:)etled~tlg.: it~will. Watch the cars barrel past on one of these roads. More often than not, the space between them is half or less than a minimum safe spread of 75 feet. They're moving at speeds ranging from 30 to '55 miles an hour. Even the most alert driver scan ni~g con~tions ahead can seldom see more than four car lengths in front of him. Once in a while, on a sweeping curve with open view. he can size up things for half a mile or so. That means any driver in "the mill race has to have a large a- mount of .luck to keep out of trou ble. One slip by one motorist a~y where in the ~ine and the "chain reaction" starts. How bad that reaction can be was emphasized one foggy morn ing recently when 59 cars piled up in a few minutes on a broad "modern" parkway. O~e crash a- lone involved 20 vehicles, most de- molished. We seem to be Itfite a way ~rom having eight and 10 lane roads to slt)w down this chase and widen the space 4)etween cars. In the meantime, ~bout all you can do is keep trigger-alert and remember that the edge of safety is thin. (Hagerstown Morning-Herald) If the definition the U. S. Cen- sus Bureau has employed since 1950 is used, a farm is any .prop- erty measuring t'hree acres or more that produces at least $150 worth of agricultural products a year. A smaller proPerty yielding farm .products selling for $150 or more also qualifies as a farm. ~Now the government has rede- fined the term and isustng ,uew criteria for its 17th census of ag- riculture. The new yardstick says a farm must be I0 or more acres in size, with actual sales of farm products of at least $50 a year. For a smaller tract to qualify, act- ual sales must top $2~0 a year. Because more and more farm lands axe untilled and because the trend toward consolidating small farms into 'big farms is c,~,ntinu-.~ ing, the new criteria will result in a sharp drop in the total. The By Miss Dorothy Bowors Sam Henkle ReUres Afttr 21 Years As Post Master At HaHtown Mr. Edward E. (Sam) Henkle has retired after twenty one years as Postmaster In Hallto~a. He had also operated a grocery store in the same loc~tlon since 1924. Mr. Henkle is enjoying his retire- ment after years of faithful ser- vice to the public. He is the son of the l~te Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Swagler Henkle. He is married" to the f~rmer Miss EliZabeth Moore and they reside in Halitown on the Blair Road. His successor, Mr. WflUam El- wood Bowers has eettered upon his new duties as Postmaster and will continue i'n~ the grocery ,business, which he has pu.rchased Srom Mr. HenkM. ~a'; Bowers, son of Mrs. Winerd E. Bowers and the late count will come to about four rail lion farms compared to a 1959 es- timate of 4.6 million. It follows tha t there will also be a big, drop in the total farm pop. ulatioe The new ~igure is expect- ed to ~e approximately 16 million persons. Tn 1958 the estimate was 20,8 .million. ~orty years ago-with the z~ation's pop~latio~ half of the expected 1960 figure-the coun try's farm populatlon was 32 mil- lion. (,Harrisonburg News-Record) ArrE CHVaC. Don't OVERLOAD the Circuit with Too Many Light Sets. the home of Mrs. nettle Bush. .~. Mr. and Mrs. tester Moler vial- i o,~, ted Mr. and Mrs. Roger MlibOurne ].,~; in Charles Town Thursday after i.~,' noon. SET YOUR TREE in Pan of Watex dr Moist Sand. m. and Mrs. Alee Costello were |'.-~: Firmly Anchor. Your. Tree. visitors Sunday at the home of~.4~, Alec's parents Mr. and Mrs. Ed-[~! Co llo n udou Use Asbestos Wool Instead of Cotton Around Your Tree. Use Metal Tinsel and Glass Decorations. cha l simo, of i Loose Sockets, Faulty Connections.. i son spent the Weekend with BE SURE TO CHECK TREE LIGHTS:- .... LOOK 'FOR Insulation Worn grandparents Mr. and MrS, Wll. liam Hoak, Mr. and Mrs. Earl~Pea~ev, Mr. a.nd Mrs. Elwood BO@ers attended R U B'B I S H : .... Before and After Christmas you wdl have A LOT of the Lions Club dinner last Wed-[~ ble Material Around Your House. DON'T LET IT Lay Around, nesday evening In Harpers Perry. Peache .nned to IT AT ONCE and USE METAL CAN When Burning-- It. ! his home home oyer the weekend with the flu, was able to return [o his work on Tuesday. ' Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Cle~enger and daughter Mr. and Mrs. El~ wood Bowers a~d son and Mrs. Winerd Bowers shopped in Mar- ~i~sburg Monday evenlng. Little l~iss Karla K~y MaKee of Mr. Bowers is a graduate of Har- Ranson was a guest Sunday of her pets Ferry High ~chool, class of ;randparents Mr. and Mrs. Mar- 1943 and served in the U. S. Navy shall McAboy. Submarine Division, 1943-46. He Mr, and Mrs. Stephen Dalgarn attended Shepherd College and Jr. and chlldren bf Cl/-arles Town was formerly employed by the visited Mrs. Dalgar,n's mother, ~tandard Lime and Cement Co. in Mrs. Annie Pope and ~amily Sun Millville. day afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Bowers and their t Mrs. ~ill Bowers and son Steph two year old son, Bruce Dean are en of Charles T0wn spent Sunday resident~s of Halltown. Mrs. Bow- with her sister Miss Elsie Edwards ers, before her marriage was Miss * The Christmas program at the Myrna Clevenger, daughter of Mr. ~Halltown Presbyterian Church and ~Mrs. Edwin Clevenger. l will be held Tuesday evening Dec. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Aade~ember 22 at 7:39 P M. and children of Ran,~on were visi-i . .-- tor~ SUnday with Mrs. Anders' par ~ USEFUL, HANDSOME ents Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Ott. [" Most men ~aKe to sweater-vests ,1V~rs. Nathaniel Gray Jr. dat~gh-] like ducks to,water. A lightweight ter Sq,zamne, and :Mrs. Elmer Wri-,I one in wool jersey, br a w~iren fa'- ght, shopped in Winchester, Va: on :[ bric is a good gift for a commut- Saturday- and-were al~o visltors at'l cr., it keeps- him warm, on tho~e BE SURE To Remove Your Christmas Tree AS SOON As Possible Chmstmas and BY ALL MEANS BURN IT in Your Back Yard. w WE ASK YOUR HELP TO MAKE THIS A SAFE CHRISTMAS! You Can Assist Us greatly by observing the above. Then BE you do not let Your Cellars, Attics, and Closets become filled with "4! A L S 0 : .... Remove Your Ashes Often. i 1BY C. F. REININGER, "PreSident'