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December 14, 1967     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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December 14, 1967

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daughter, Vicki, spent Thursday with her 2nother~ Mrs. Margaret Gayhart and family in Ranson. Sorry 'to hear Mrs. Gayhart is on the sick list again We all hope PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY the wili be feeling better soon BY THE JEFFERSON PUBLISHING CO INC. . Mr. and Mrs. John Creamer A Department Of Letters In Whch and daughter, of Ranson, were 210 North George St. - Charles Town, W. V& - Zip Code 25414 p~,~ ~ Wie, o Friday night callers upon Mr. and ~,~ ,~ v ~,~ l,~,~. ,o - - - ~irs. Joe ,Milton Wednesday Second Class Postage Paid At Charles Town Postoffiee night callers were ,Mr. and Mrs. ~ m-- = Jake Whittington of near town. i Miss Carol,ine Rissler who teaches school in Manassas, Va, Sliver Spring, Md. ,beauty of his land, prachces ~h t.o.a ~. ~. NATIONAL NEWSPAPER ' a erov v--- Dec 6, 1967 honestly tries to leave the w t ents M - "" s - - "~i sler (~~ ~ [A~OC~TI~N " ' e s,r ana mr. Jonn K s Dear Max: - I sound conservatmn m thud, . -. - - [A@ CBT I~N Find check enclosed for my in as good condition as it reached an~uS~nf n~le/:of Mr and Mrs paper for another year. Sure en- him, and makes reasonable allow- r, ~r~l~- u~ ",~ a~J joy ~he old paper of my home ance for the ligitimate needs for I)onaid 3~c~:;~haand"ciau~ia~ers'of town and don't wane to miss a l recreation of others as well as nea "'i-dlew and "'r ~" -Mr r ta 1 ayta ana s. MAX BROWN, MANAGER --- DON RENTCH, NEWS E ITOR copy. Thank You. [himself, should fear no threat John ~Mitt-- an~ s--~" -f near Yours Truly, from any Compact, because he ~ Arthur J. Jea~kinsl presents no threat, If he is de- ~" ,~ ~r ~ a ~ a T-T~ ~ NATIONAL ADVERTISING REPRESENTATIVE 4204 Garrett Park Rd. t stroymg some maportaat valu of snen, t Frldav ni=h~t and Saturday t the river, through carelesness or w~.t~ : ~ i'~ la ~ " - '" AMERICAN NEWSPAPER REPRESENTATIVES, INC. . . I n mew son- - w anu aaugn- December 12, 1967 I desire for immediate monetary ~er ~a~ ~,~ Mr~ j.h, l-ro,~ Atlanta. Chicago. Detroit- Los Angeles. New York- San Francisco To the Editor [ gain, then he should :be restrain- and "suns'in Bal~t'imore~ ~ Jefferspn-Advocate led by democratic, constitutional i Mr ~.a ~ ~{~, R,~h Charles Town, West Virginia t means. This is what I think a were" S~lnday'evenllt, g'~e~a~le~s"of SUBSCRIPTION $5.00 Per Yr Plus 15ets. W. Va. Tax I wish to extend to the staff of [ Compact - of whatever nature --- u~ ~.a ,M,-~ M~.t,i. ('.~i a the Emergency room and theI should accomplish, f'amii~'~"~.~ For Business, News or Advertising Departments s, " " local Ambulance crew of CharleHow cma this end best be ob-Ve ---- to h ood DIAL 725-2046 or 725-2047 Town our sincere and grateful tained? friend. ~I rs~John P~rLlovYe ~sa thanks and appreciation for the Sincerely yours, natient in ti~e Charles Town Gen "-----~'--~'~~ efficient and professional manner I Carolyn Hoffman~'r~l rro'~n]'t~|-I "h~ ~hp can THURSDAY, DECEMBER 14, 1967 h vic"ms r ~- they aommtsterea to t e u " I soon return home feehng better ot me auxomoone aeement on ~ . r- -~m~mm Rf~ll:t~ 9 ~una~, Novembe,- ~6 I mrs. mcnara vlanus and claugn- -'--'~ . " -'1 ~er Vicki of the Bloomery were 1967. E~ght boys and girls were GOOD WILt AND ~ CHEER involved, our two sons among MECHANICSTOWN Thursday night callers of her 1 k lk ~granamomer, MrS JUlia vlanas them They were uc y to wa Mrs Julm Vmnds ;. " -- ": In churches and homes, in city streets and stores, across away from a station wagon that caqers were 'Mr. the countryside -- the spirit of Christmas spreads its joy was irreparable Again our deep-i -: - - ~ .mrs. i)onam rlovermam an~ ," " M 'I s e everal daughters ~ Leetown, Harry and its contentment. Soon now, the last-minute hustle and est appreciation to all concerned, re. Joe ton p n,t s ~,~, ~n~,i~rh,~ho ---~ days lh~t w~ek with h~r dau~h- ~.nlrley ,Jr of Mldd'leway and bustle will, give way to the hi,host moments of holiday cele- - t bration. It s a time for fun and feasting, a time for light-heart who so neatly and painlessly sut- { tea- Mrs. Ray Marcus, and children ta~ss Ann w.mpp ot .mmvme. . ,~ Mr Marvin bmauwooct anct ured n s in u "nine sut- in Winchester, Va while Mr. .: ed laughter and heartfelt prayer, a time when frendships axe ures, mYcluS ing a Js Yverod artery Mareas was out of ,town on busi- morner: ,tars. aude bmahwooa, renewed and family ties are strengthened. ' . were aaonaay mgm caners m nor near the eye. hess. ~Irs. Milton also had a call Throughout this community, and indeed throughout all the Edith Wilson [after returning borne that her g ranson, . tar ana . ars rran- cm ~mauwoott aria tamny m communities where Christmas is celebrated, the spirit of the Mrs Charles R Wilson t sister, Mrs Oliver Stewart of Mar- ~. season finds expression in innumerable ways -- among them, River View Park, West Virginia tinsburg, was back in ,the Kd"ngs I rtanson~ . . "r " the gladness of gift-giving, the merriment of parties, the & Sterling Park, Virginia 22170 Daughters Hospi'tal. I m.r a.onr 'ongremams a Death al "co I patient in me t;naries xown t~en- happiness of hearth and home and, above all, the solemn husil Route 1 Box 15 ot Ammr . Is per . . . [ erat Hospital and Mr. George of midnight, traditionally the symbolic time for heralding,our community was snocKeatJoneo shows ve little imp, rove Kearneysville, W. Va 25430,ek word -. ' v " the Birth of Christ. ~'^ ^--'"^- "~ "no7 the first of last we when I ment at Newton Baker Hospital. From the holly wreath on the door to the packages under - - -- ~, ~,t came that Admiral George Cooper I Mr and Mrs Robert Armstrong Mr. taax tsrown r~cntor died at his winter home in Na- I and ~n of Brtmswick, were Sat- the tree, from the gaily decorated windows of stores to the Spirit of Jefferson-Adwocate ,qes Fla Mr and Mrs Co-,~erl ' manger scenes in the churches, the customs of Christmas ,^ ~,: . : : iv ' -v I uraay visttors WILII nls mother, L~ll~lt~i lOWll, WI~bL Vllgllll~l,owned a home up from the l ?th'r~ Acrna Armcfrnna iane nt[i'buteleaders tOmeantthe meaningthat holiday f thecustomsDay --should just as eary Christ- D riMr .aBrO r ent letter to the I B1 r erYwamas d WraeSa woel etrh gsht , When Christmas first began to be observed on December editor correctly, the riverfront :-' e ' mountain an iI e a e ot Anar w s on - ~ , landown rs have app r ntly n . " e 11 ~ " - 25th, churchmen welcomed the idea of incorporating core- ,e' moa lans ,f their he will be greatly miss d by a I monies and traditions from earlier beliefs into the celebration. - ;Z: ,y r: ;: *er who knew him. His ftmeral was,r~t,2"~. ~'~] They thought that people would feel closer to the new religion more tha- a decade of fendin- held Thursday afternoon at Fo t [ if former ways and rituals were not abolished, but instead Myer with interment in Arlington/ [~-~ ~ ~.~,- united with the new rites to honor the birth of Christ. of Engineers, the Department of "" uo, al ~ ~m e~. . . . ,I ~~/))[~,'~-:q.-~ Today, nearly everyone celebrates Christmas because Interior, and now the Governor's l tar. aria tars. troy ambert hl Christmas belongs to everyone. Advisory Committee, it would ' Middleway and Rev. Abbott oi / ~%~. '/ /37~z ~ t I ~ X For the Christian believer, Christmas is cherished as a re- seem advisable to draw up de- Pennsylvania were Tuesday call-[ ~/'//~'~g~.~/,~/" i,k,} ligious holiday of paramount importance, and as a Lime meant tailed proposals as soon as pus- ! ers of Mr. and Mrs. Alvie Plotner I for joy and festivity, too. s~ble. It might prove satisfactory and family. Mrs. Plotner re-| ITQ1P V kITD to the local Planning Commission, ceived a letter from her son, Cur-[ ~L)Om lq.lCUlt For people of many different faiths, Christmas is beloved Che local citizens, and.who knows? poral"Kenneth Plotner, who is in ~ /~Xll}~7 nzlnnm as a happy holiday, a secular celebration that gives meaning- might even ward off future thre-! the Marines in Vietnam, that he| ~I121kIt~t~l~ IF~bkl~ ful expression to universal . good=will and gOOdc cheer. Eve- ats to their peace of mind. hopes to be home for Christmas. I ~ The objections raised to the Mr. and Mrs. Milton Pop'us ofleach time you shop. CmST~ C proposed Potomac Basin Compact [Kabletown were Sunday after-[ seem va~c~jn some Cases t noon callers of their daughter:.[ 1 i~DfftI~TT~' s h ntin . . B nnie ''-- This is the open season on CI fistma ard u "' gf r n and dubious surel the Mrs. Josephine Johnston and[ LEelUK// pt~bhc shou/d have more t/me to daughters Joyce and. o . | tho se rugged souls who profess to regard the sending of assess the Compact, and I expect Mrs. Richard Viands greeting cards at other times as sentimental succumb as it will have. ,More Ol~po~unity for ~.~.~,~~.~ ~. Christnms approaches, the democratic process to funct- ~rT~f.J-4~;t~-~J~ddd~[-4~4~~71~~~ The royal family of England has paintings made by famous ion is desirable - the question is, a ists, from which the prints for the cards are produced. How? Should all Basin residents " " ' O Americans who can afford have t hew s engraved, by s me vote on these issues? The river expensive stationer. Some of tbese stationers execute corn- landawners and the Upper Basin missions for private cards running intothousands of dollars residents in total are a small for each order. But the average American man or woman prefers to pick out some whimsical but of verse quaint bit of prose to express his wish that someone has a merry Christmas. Possibly the English take the sending of greeting cards more seriously than Americans do. Perhaps they have a right to since Christmas cards originated in their country. The first Christmas card was designed by J. C. Horsley, a Royal Academician, for Sir Henry Cole in 1846. It repre- sented a Dickensian family group seated about quaffing from large goblets of some dark fluid. Some inkling what the drink was may be deduced from the design on the border. It certainly looks like a grapevine. Probably the most noted American painter to have de- signed a reeting card was Elihu Vedder, who won a prize of $1,000 offered by Louis Prang and Company of Boston, which was the first company in America to manufacture greeting cards, In the early days of Christmas cards the design was the thing. The verses or sentiments appeared later, with the exception of the usual wish for a merry Christmas. Now- adays, those hunting Christmas cards may easily be aston- ished by the number and variety of "Sentinments" as the dealers always refer to them. minorRy. Demands for water are so interwined that you can hardly separate out one county or state and let them vote on one part. Could county advisory committees be elected? Could Commissioners themselves be elected? How would you assure that they were really qualified? Is a Governor really unresponsive to the wishes of a small part of the population of his state? Even though he can- not succeed himself, a Governor often wishes to run agMn later -- for Congress or some other office if not for Governor again, Should the Federal-Interstate Compact idea be dropped? Bearing in mind that the Basin includes parts of four states, the Nation's Capital, ~.~d: number of Federal installat regulate the welter of Fed- ions, what would be substituted? What sort of coordination is need era1, state, and local agencies which now hold fragmented autho rity in the Basin? Where is the line :between too much at~thority GIFT SUBSCKIPTI0NS ann too ttle? 'One assuptio~ that I can't ac- cept seems to' l~e current ~ocally. Christmas is a time for sharing good things with your This is that the men who drew up friends, and the Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate is one of the this Compact are sinister people things you know about which will please a good many who want to regulate all our of those on your Christmas Iist . . . this year, especially. From the usual sixteen page newspai er, the Spirit of Jeffer- son-Advocate has shown tremedous gax>wth in the past few months to where it now requires from sixteen to twenty-four and more pages to carry the news and advertisements. You will always find the newspaper full of news happenings, and especially so, when it comes publshing local news from all sections of Jefferson County. CorTespondents are on the many spot every day, getting news itert s of kinds as well as photographs, all of which go into making a more new,sy and readable newspaper. The Christmas order you mail to us now will save you a shopping'trip later on, and there no wrapping, mailing, ordeli ery problems to worry about: Then, too. there's a handsome announcement card, signed as you instruct us, that will .be mailed to each person on your gift !ist just ])efore Christmas. Your friends and neighbors will enjoy the Spirit of Jefferson:Advocate 52 times a year. Saturday evening callers of Mr. Harry Ashby and grandson, Bob- by, were Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ashby, Sr of Parkersburg and their son, ~Mr. Howard Aslrby, Jr and children, of Winchester, Va. Mrs. Doris Herndon and two daughters, and Mr. Charlie Brown of Suitland, Md spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. l:ives in minutest detail, destroy- ing all freedom in the Basin. If any language in any Compact leaves such a pbssibflity, it should be deleted, but I am cer- rain that this was not the intent. This Compact is the work of con- cerned men, acting at the request of the Governors of the four states, whose, desire is to protect the people of this Basin from de- struction of their enviroment. And we are, otlrselves, potential agents of that destruction. Such destrt, tion need not be wiflful, Or'even conscious. To cite a ~all example: ever since. I have lived here I have particul- amy eiajoyod "a certain magnifi- cen~ view of the Gap. which I saw each time I d~covd ~o fown.' Noff that viewis blocked ,by a large 'building. So what? That view contributed to my serenity, my mental balance, and my personal envim'ment has ,been degraded ,by its loss. This valley provides an outlet from tension for many people because of its peaceful beauty. When we destroy some portion of it, I wonder if we are not killing the goose that lays the golden egg. In a very real sense, many of us "lift up our eyes unto the hills, from whence coinefh our help". It seems to me that any farmer or homeowner who prese~'es the FRESHMAN CLASS TO HAVE BAKE SALE DEC. 16 The Freshman Class of Charles Town High School will hold a bake ~le Saturday, Dec. 16, at the Furniture World Store on ~[est Washington street in Char- los Town. Popcorn balls, cakes, pres. cookies and browalies will all be for sale. Melvin F.ritts. USE THE CLASSIFIEDS SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMER'S ADVOCATE THURSDAY, DECEMBER 14, 1967 A---4 These High Quality ---AT--- GIFT BOXED ompletely newl SCOFIELD BIBLE King James Version WORLD BIBLE King James & Revised Standard Version Fort the first time in half a cen- tury -- a new edition of ~he Bible eferreA by the evangelicalworld. Fully re-edited and reset, THE NEW ~COFIELD REFERENCE BmLI~ (King James Version) incorporates all the well-known S ofield features and introduces thousands of addi- tional cross references, expanded ~Ttnotes, new summaries and xtual aids, and other improved lps. Ask to see the complete selection pf styles, Bitch with Concordance gnd neW" maps. $7.25 to $27.50 Gift for all ages. Among all gifts, this will remFin an enduring reminder of the Christmas spirit. The Bible is an appropriate gift for all ages, and one that reflects your thoughtfulness and care. 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