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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
December 10, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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December 10, 1959

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8 p. m. All me~bers are urged to Buy or S!ll Rent or Hire il attend a~d bring something for the Auxlliary's Needy Family o),D- Ul if d~'ass--le- . . Y_ Christmas Basket. Also members By Clasmfled i!! axe asked to bang a gift to ex- change. Mem,bers are also remind :~ ed that 1959-60 dues are due. ;f WANTED - FOR SALE - FOR RENT - HELP WANTED - LOST - FOUND - SCHOOLS & TRAINING ATTE~NDAY Phone. ............. " SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON r MEnS ADVOCATE THURSDAY, DECEMBER 10, 1959 7---A i THE STATE OF WEST VIa- ..-- i GIVE A GIFT SUBSCRIPTION[ APARTMENT FOR RENT:--I q9 D.g^.t.U..s A& Frank J. Thompson Died GINIA, Jefferson County, to-wit: ~[~ ~A|[~ [to the Spirit-Advocate. 52 wee~slOver Store in I-hll~own. E. E. I /=J ralICHI~ [~U]~ /4[| Tn I x~ A~cr,~l,~ I'~IH~ At R~ held in the Clerk's wH ~#MI=i. i of enjoyment throughout the year. I HENICLE. { ' j .........s .... , ..... office of ~he Circuit Court of Jeff-Discontinuing Housekeeping and Moving Away, I will sell ~ We send Christmas Cards. De~. 33-2t -'pd. [ ~n#t~ ~$ U,~^ F nk - --'------- .... erson County December 1959. kLE:~Used Sofa $30 0O [Oct. 22-tf. " ................................... I RIIVll IIU3I i|VII|r "- the Following Articles, located on West Washington Street, PERRY Phone 985 F I FOR RENT:--4 Room House! ra o. rnompson mea r'rmay George Stephens, plaintiff ' OR SALE:--Large MercanUmio~ North West ,?~treet. Phone~ The Knott Rest Home located morning at his home in Los An- VS " Charles Town, W. Va., at the Henesey Apartment. on '-lt.-v~.~,~ 's'Buildingr R with 3 .... Apartments, 2/919-M.1 .... , on West Cc,n~r~. .... street,' 'now has geles. California. He was born i,n DolEe D. S~ephens, de4"endant SATURDAY, DEC MBERr ..... ~o e ooms, ana J,arge ~mrageIl)e~. ~-t!. J a total of 23 patients and Mrs Ct~arles Town May 30, 1887, the Object of suit: To obtain ~u ab- 12, 1959 SlALE!--5 'Foot Folding Room, in Bolivar. MOORE IN-| ~ IKen,na Knott Alger new owner son of the late Jasper Dollie The solute divorce. ,y, li~e new 327 E,a~t SUI~ANCE & REALTY CO, INC / v~ ~r~x:~-~ ~oom ~ous~ i and ~r~t~r ~f ~rh~ h ..... ~a mp~n. F~neral services were heldIt appearing on affidavit filed in BEGINNING AT 1O:00 O'CLOCK A. M. ~t. Phon~ ~ [ Phone 283 }:run,rally located VIRGINIA E [+~.,'= .=.~'7_""C "~ :':~ ........... ~ Wednesday morning December 9 this suit,, that the Defendant Dol- " - ~----" - ~^''- 'BENNER A .... " ",~m~ wee~ sue ana me porsonne, HOUSEHOLD GOODS, ETC, [,~.-pd. I aug. z,~-r,L / Nov 12 ~"~" ]of the home axe most gra~eful for in California. Surviving are his, lis D. Stephens is a non resident ~,.. .............. -- --- I ..... O'" RE"UE~'T -^ ! "~'" I the wonderful Thanks~vlng wife Mrs. Lelia F. Tho~..pson ancl of the State of West Virginia she " 3-Piece Maple Bedroom Suite with Springs and Mattress; "a'~:---~irl's 26-inch En-/ r~'~r~ ~ ~4 ~ :---~o-,pagc | ~,..~ .~~ L'-- which was ma .......... ~ ~- two brothers, Dr. J. R. Thompson .is hereby required to appear with, ,rele .......... excellent e~'~dit.i~. ............ ,/Planting Guide .... catalog in co~or '~recentl-| v~a~ ~.~x:---Apar~men~r^d ..... ,^~ .....w2,~..just guests" oy" mem,bersU~ pvsSmmof themrBa-Vne of Kansas City and William H. in One Month after the date of Bedroom Chair, 7-Piece Maple Dinette Set, 3-Piece Over- ,l-R, |offered by virgima's larges~ grow- |~ ~ ~,~,~=~, -~- --,~-=z ti ......... P Thompson of Philadelphia, Pa. the first publication of this order, stuffed Living Room Suite; Buffett, Coffee T~ble, Maple ~Hardware ~y B~ s~ t;nurcn me willing Workers -It ]ers of fruit trees nut trees Perry ~" ' ...... 4 ..... ' " ...... Phone 48 F 023 ' -~ t;mo and Girl Scout Troop Two sisters, Mrs. Fra,~ces Dennis and do what is necessary to pro- Desk, 2 Maple Book Ca~e~ Some Books, Wrought Ixon ._ - /plants, gr~pe vines, also exten-| "" " i No 38 ~LE:---Beef 2 Quargers[sive assortment landscape plant/ Dec 10-1t.-~t. I i~Irs'-- ..... of Philadelphia and Mrs. Margartect her interest !a this matter. It " "" ' ' ......... ~ ~ . ~lger saia ~ne guests willF. Cross of Charles Town. is ordered that a copy of this or-Television and Telephone Stand; 2 Electric Floor Lamps. ~Iiddlewav-r~)r Sale.oI~EDWA14D/ma~erial./wAY~,~)~.(~aiespeople ~ TT ~.~ ~.~. rw_~ wan~ea" l/ OFFICE SPAC~'~ Fr~..., ~'~,,~: ~ ~[have a li~h~,~ ~,, .~,,,,~,,,~r'~"~~'~ ~,~,.q"oo ,,,~" der be forthwith published once a Some Dresser Lights, French Provincial Sofa, Upholstered .............................. er ,ion Auxili ~- week for three consecutive weeks in Red, good as new; 17-inch General Electric Television "It.-pd. !/Dent. ~ .................. W-18 w,,~esh~,-,~m~ /[ :anMETREfesslnal Building282 or 178Cal1 OP l groups|the HomeplanmUdto l;hatsing carolsa numberduringOf ~. ~.-- ,~ ~*'# ~.~" .^ in The Spirit of Jefferson-Farm- Set, like new; Frigidaire Electric Stove, 30-inch with 4 holes L gram. , , . ,. r e~ rnurs ay, uec, Iu er's Advocate, a newspaper print- _ E:--,Christmas Clubs ]D~c 3 9~ ,~n | May 3- tf t the holiday season, and large oven; General Electric Frigidaire Refrigerator, A-I . ~ --~ ~. --- ed in the town of Charles Town ANK OF' CHARLES' .... "" 1 [ The hst of guests at the Rest shape; Electric Roaster, large size; Some China and Glass- :Just across from the / ~~ | FOR RENT:--~Fumls.hed_Cabins. !,Home axe as follows as announced heregular monthly meeting ofm the County of Jefferson. )urt Hon.~) |53500 to $5.000 Also Bo~'s 20 |a~ ~ne ~loomery, ~-rmies ~as~ o~ this weekby Mrs Al er American Legion Auxiliaryi . W.M. JONES ware; Cooking Utensils, Pots and Pans; 36-inch Gas Stove, Thru ~)~c~'31st |incl~ Columbl~a Bicycle wi~h~train- [C.haxies Town, at S_henand_o~.h Miss Sophia Bates, ~e~a~eysville be held at the home of Mrs. I ' Clerk of the Circuit Court Wooden Bed, Very Old; Iron Bed with Springs; Straight ........ ---- /in~ wheels in a ~. o~o,~ o.a an tm~ver ~vmge. L).[~K~N~ CA-I W Va n t 1 olyn Marshall on Jefferson Av]Henry W. Morro~v ...... P. Q. ALE " ~ ' "'- ...... ~' ~" ....... BTN a ....... ' ...... e Thursday, De~ember 10th at 'Dec. 10-3T- Back and Rocking Chairs; Pictures and Picture Frames; 1-' :--8-Piece Walnut|MILS. DONALD SCI-III~, Middle-[... n~_ _:1[1~ ~AIL~ PARK. iM~ss M~rla Beard, Charles Town Bird Cage, and Lots of Other Articles not mentioned. rang Roam Suite; 7|way, W. Vs. on Route 51. Phone|rn~,One a~-P'yOlV.. IMrs.Mac Brlscoe, I:~'~D, Charles --~~ on Storm and Screen|Charles To~n 58-F-013 [ ~" ~'~'~" ] Town TF-~MS:---CASH on Day of Sale. FOR SALE and Door. Phone Har- | Dec 10-1~ " [~ Mrs. Mary V. Bush, Charles Town ~_3312. | .......... IN. ..... .---~v~e~ .~.~ Mr. Hugh Byer 126 E Burke ~t This Furniture is in O. K. condition and good enough -2t F O~ azram oz worK. ~vve M'r : "' ] OR SALE: -- Large Frame |t~m ....."^^-' ........ "~ ..... a tlnsburg, W. Va. i for anybody's home. IAo ~..._. ........ |~otme at Engle Switch. Priced |rm.r~= m~.... ~. .... ~a~. t~a a Coe, S. George Street. ! ~E' .............. | or Quick Sale. Call RANSON h. ...... . ...........~, ..... Charles Town ! NORMA D. JONES o x~.~L),m2vnuam-/r).a..=~s~r,., ............ / ............ w,,~v =v.~ ov,,,MrJohnGilbe~+~h.., ...... ' Modern Brick H0me ~=u -'-(,ea~o~aole. J~EON i'%r%lurl~a:~,TV i,~',~t,,t,, o-o, x~,zt~.[utJ.unu, vnKltlz4~,. Mr ~f.h (~,,p#hurdt /tt~ D,,~ I .~ele_Phone 59-F-032.| Aug. 20-tf. | Dec. 10, 17 and 31.-~. el,gh St. Martinsburg ] H, CLAY THARPE, Auctioneer. -~.~.-Pa. l~~ I Miss Virginia Ges~er, S: Mildred I C.W. MOORE, Clerk. ~~J FOR SgLE'---Hagerstown Su- St Charles Dec. 3 and 10- 2t. ~:--We nave "iwo |,r~me Bulldlng Blocks. ROBERT I W A N T E D ,~. Kal~herlne ,Graham, 606%o~ ~r 17,..95-Busnel New rM SMITH, North Lawrence St | ,' St. Apt 8, Wlnchester Va. ] East Liberty Street ~p e~s wmcn we are go-|Charles Town. [ WILL CARE FOR SICK or El- Miss Margaret Heller 519i)s' W I :' m ~i~e nrs~ person|~ong a~ a ~ceal Bar- ~March 28-bf. ,derlyPeopleinmyhome.495 Phone r 'King St. l~Iavtinsbur'g WASHINGT?N OU., Closing Out Sale ~ ............ | F.~ ................. | -IV, M. Walter Htnton, Maxtinsburg /~a.Phone, . 691, Charles|SA?~e--ATl~r~l~y. ~dfll~DMIl~)e~'|~. , :-~r'Jo~ o~ orouna, Mrs.Mrs'Rsa Mason, Chaxles TOWnEdith McCormick, 426 St I Full Basement,.Oil Hot Water__ Heat. . I Kearneysvflle, W. Va., R. ~. D.,J210' by 2~2', that ~ays well and Georue St CharlesTnwn I i~o Mddleway. Phone Charles|is o~ a well ~raveled highway. ~s. Mary Miller, Charles Town i ~. ,To~vn 8,~-011. |Box 137, Kearneysville, W. Vs. Miss Sallle Powcll Shenherdstowni 1st. Floor---Livlngroom, Dlnlngroom, Intending to Discontinue Farming, due to ill health, I Dec l0 d ...... Kitchen, 2 Porches, Hall. . ~D OAT ~t | | " .-P Mrs Lilly Relnhart Kearne svllle will sell the Following Personal Property, located 2~ miles ,-,t~ ~ ~~ , Y I~E~. ~ ~ -- I TAKE A TIP FROM OLD, HELP WANTED'--Want to Mrss" llll~oll!e l~lssler,.Chavles Tow,n Southwest of Rlppon, W. Va~, 4 miles Northwest of Berry- - . Mary ~incenalve~r ~v~arvlns- Residence, 2 SANTA:---Everybody is giving the [make $20 or more 1~ a day for ' __ I 2nd. Floor---3 Bedrooms, Bath, Sleep L ~lie, Va., on Franklintown and Lewisville Road, in Jet- ~rally located Spirit - Advocate for Christmas i part or full .time route work? ................... PurR[ ferson County, W, Vs., (Follow Signs), on I~untr~.l._.._,.... ..-...U .~-..~.~a ~]Gifts this season. Phone 222 anh Man or Woman. write,, ~n~W~P....-~.- ~n~. ~.r~e ~m, ~'narles TOwn I lng Porch. . ........ order yours right now. Mc~g~ CO P r~ T~v ~'7~ ~nss wnaer_Wnson, Summit Point I _ Vo|onml lzome, ~a Oct 22-tf Baltlmo.~ ~,'~ ............ lvlrs, dane wnlte, Martlnsburg SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1959 Farm, 7 Room House, FOR SALE:---Some Real Nice Dec. 3-2t.-pd. CARD OF THANKS'. Hardwood Floors, Fireplace, Storm BEGINNING AT 12:00 O~CLOCK NOON. ~td, near town. TOp Soil. Phone 744. LLOYD'S WANTEd" - ...... . ---- I Windows and Doors. ..... - ............. 10 HEAD OF CATTLE 10 o LU BL-~G & HEATING, Char We f Land, 6-miles from ~I " happy a~ Christmas Join The ' wish to express our sincere l les. "z'owl~. BANK OF C~LE,~ TOWN tb~ks and ~pPreclation to [riends lLarge Well Planted. Lot, 104'x 187' Two Guernsey Cows, full flow of milk; Black Cow, full ~. auiy to-it. Chrls~rn^- Club To'~a-" ' and neighbors for their ex,presslons I ~ungalow, recently "-----~----=":--- Nov' 19~s Thru' Do-u ~,~ y" of yznpathys and floral offerings , White" Board' Fenced, One ,Car Garage. ,ow of milk; Ayrshire Cow, full flow of milk; 4 Hereford of land. FOR SALE.'-Two-Story Mo~er~ .... ~. , i Heifers, 2 Angus Heifers. 1957, excellent con- Wrame Honse, conveniently located and all ~ho assisted ii any way l ,m South Mildred Street. Con tact RAN,~N REAL ESTATF x, P0R RENT r WRA CE COMPANY, Dec. ~-ff. Furnished Modern FOR SALE:---Two Story 8 Room Room 1957 Trailer. House. New oil furnace, electric hot water heater, garage, storage SEE--- ,, house, and tool shed. Located on V~ acre comer lot in Summit R LIN:AWE V]h ffnt l~easonabl~ri~RL ~rO@RE INSURANCE & REALTY CO INC.. Phone 283. July 2-tf. SA-'-LE :---Jefferson Averfl]e Residence located on Landscaped Lot 180x209 feet, consisting of 3 bedroom,s. IAv~ng Room, Dining Area, Kitchen wi~h Automatic Dish Washer & Garbage Disposal/Tiled Bath. Abundant Closet Space, R. HEIDRICH George Street Town, W. Va. Full ~asement with Interior and t~mr~.L~U,i/~ Exter~br Entrance, Flagstone Ter- race. Oil Heat with 80-.Oallo~ S A L E Electric Hot Water Heater. In- spection of Premises by appoint- A N S 0 N ment only, Phone 16 or 592-W LOT 50 x 150 ~. DEAN N-rCHOI~q, Attorney-ln- Fact for John E. and Ella C f Hamilton. e--erson Avenue Augus~ 20 - tf. ,, MASON, 3d. 'I AN NICHOLS , FOR RENT Building FOR rENT:--Furnlshed Bed- Its Town, W. Va. rooms. Telephone Ohaxles Town 232 -J. Dec. 10-2t.-pd. with Bath. 4th. Aven,ue, Ransom S A L E Posies|on Dec. 15. Call 2S-F-012. Dec. 10-1t.-pd. "' FOR RENT:--.Furnlshed Apart- 0 NEW HOMES me~t, by week or mon, th. 5 rooms and 'bath. Apply I-EENEtY'S Can be Financed JEWEI./RY ~TORE, 'Phone 933-J or 378. has a $1,000 D c. 10-1t. l]y Appointment Ouly CONTACT Real Estate Co. w. VA. PIt0NE :__ | W. LEONARD PROPP$ Contractor. Builder TELEPHONE 386-W Charles Town, W. VS. USED CARS and TRUCKS W. Va. 309 1951 Ford 2-Door Hard Top 1950 Chevrolet 4.Door Sedan --TRUCKS-- 1955 Dodge 1/2 Ton Pickup 1952 Ford 1/2 Ton Pickup ~I~o:% Custom Royal 4- !*~: eda~/ (Torqueflite, er Steering. Radio ~. = 88' DeLuxe 4- --- oelan (Hydronutfic, ~iio and Heater) !~I~e~,UI'y 4-Door Sedan q~t~ re:O-Mat|c, Radio nester) MOTOR SALE'S WANTED:--FMrs, Deer Skins, Beef Hides, Ginser~g. Bring after 4:30 P. M. or Saturdays. MARTIN SNYDER, Marti nsburg = ~hep- herdstown Road. Nov. 26-4t. MOTHERS: --- Help your hus- band pay for XMAS in advance ,J~[tis year. Y0~ carL, average $2.05 ~er ~r. ~ ~a~#n~ community work. We will tral~ you if you have 15 hours weekly available; DIal Regent 3-7980 or write I~kNA~E~, 15 Cypress St., Hag- erstow~, MaTyland. If rural route give directions. Dec. 10-1t, LOST AND FOUND during the illness a~d deai~h of our mother, especially Rev. Ran- dall Pa,rsons. Rev. Richard T. ~choH, and t)hose who sa~ng, nurses ~t Gateway Convalescent l t=Iome, pall.bearers and Melvin T. Strider Funeral Home. I Daughter and S0vl, I M~S. CLARENCE B. ~ITTS [ LUTI~ER T. GRIFTTI'~ Dec. 10~lt,-pd. ~-, NOTICE! I Am in Business with A PUMPER To Clean Cess. Septic Tanks and Sani. Toilets. ROBERT JENKINS FOUND-A Way t~ M".~,~ ~r~t. PHONE 227-W ma~ 1~60 Happy---Join the BANK R NSON, W. VA. OF CHARLE~ TO3brN Chrlst~t~s Dec. 3- 5t.- pd. Club Now. I Nov. 19 Thru Dec. 31st. " I_ - I LOST:---If you don't Join the]~ .............. BANK F_.S TOWNll "I'UI I I HOU'I" !1 Chrisumas Club Now you lose an ll I I opportunity to have the money ]~ ~ ...... ~} you need for Christmas in 1960.1~ J~vux.V ill Nov. 19'Th Dec. s st. , Friday Night PUBLTC AUCTION BROAD BREASTED' -- I1 TURKEYS |1 JEFFERSON C O UNTY || FOR SALE! |/ BOARD OF EDUCATION [1 1 [ WILL SELL AT PUBLIC/| R. F. WELLER 1] AUCTION THE FOLLOW- |l[ HILLSBORO VA Ill ING: ' 1 DODGE ii Phone NO. 8-5221 !1 - ' PICKUP, 1948.'[1 oct.-- -9 tfl ....... 1] 1 - CHEVROLET FORDOR | ........ . ] SEDAN - 1950. " ' SATURDAY, DECI MBER 12, 1959, IN FRONT OF COURT HOUSE Charles Town, West Virginia. TERMS:--CASH on Day of Sale. The Beard Reserves the Right to reject any or all bids. T. A. LOWERY, Superintendent Jefferson Coun,ty Schools. Dec. 10-1t. NOTICE! For Plumbing and Heating and Spouting Contact PROPST PLUMBING AND HF.JLTING Phone 108~- JOHNNY PROPST April 2 - tf. I I IF, FEA6ANS' JEWELRY AND WATCH REPAIR 114 East Washington St. Charles Town, W. VS. ALL WORK GUARANTEED ..... , i. , V/u~, NO HUNTING, NO TRESPASS- ING SIC~NS For' Sale at the office of the Spirit of Jefferson-Adveeate on North George Strfet, Charles Town. B~v ~our needs tou~,. OGt. 2 - tf.-----nc with a HOMELITE Turn your w(:~dlot Into s cesh Crop wtth e Homeflte Chsifl Sere. Four models to choose from. And remember. Homolite lives you more power oecked Into lets wM~nt . . . makes woodMR cu[ting fester, eesier, more profitable. Ask for fre@ demonstretlon todeyl ;123.00 Bar and Chain ALLEH BIJRKHART Office Phone: AM 3-3891 328 North Queen St. Martinsburg, W, Va. Res. Phone: AM 7-6865 625 Winchester., Avenue Martinshurg, W, Vtu 5% Financing Available to Purchaser. CONTACT- INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE CHARLES TowN, - . W. VA. OFFICE 216 HOME 1055 B. No gift says more... Especially at Christ* mas, a gift of a beautiful World Bible is a most appropriate and enduring remembrance. A. FOR FAMILY-- Ma$~nif. icentty bound and illustrated reference Bibles. Concordance Bibles and large print Bibles. B. FOR YOUNG FOLKS--Beautifully illuetrated editions in a variety of bind- Inge including zipper.closed volumes. ts,se to $5.~ Rainbow Mb~ with full-color pictorial cover, many illustrations. ~" $2.S0 With zip~r ~.~ CAPERTON BROMI~S Charles Town, W. Va, ONE OF CHARLI S TOWN'S FII [: 'T ES Located on 'South George Street. Completely Renovated. Shown By Appointment Only. For details and information ---Contact The... RANSON, Phone ' m m m Charles Town We 309 19 HEAD OF HOGS 19 Three Spotted Poland China Sows, Spotted Poland China Boar. Spotted Pola~nd China Gilt, 14 Shoats, will weigh from 50 to 60 pounds each. TWO HORSES One Bay Mare, leader; One Bay Strap Mare. CHINERY Faxma~l C Tractor with Cultivators, Plow, Mower a,rtd Disc Harrow; Van Brunt Disc Drill, McCormick-Deering Mower. Lever Harrow, Springtooth Ha~ow, Low Iron Wheel W~tgon, Hay Tedder, Dump Rake, Hay Loa~lcr. Riding Cul- tivator. Double Shovel Plow, 5-Shovel Plow, 2 Barshare Plows, Corn Planter. FEED 600 Bales of Mixed Hay, 100 Bales of Straw, 80 Btmbels of Barley, 65 Baxrels of Corn. MISCELLANEOUS: Harness, Forks, Shovels, Mattocks. Digging Irons, 9- Bushels of Poto~toes, SOME HOUSEHOLD GOODS, and Articles too numerous to mention. TERMS:---CASH. Nothing to be removed until settled for. M. G. LEE W. IX ORNDORFF, Auctioneer. R. E. MORELAND, Clerk. December 3, and I0 - 2t. ---CAN ALWAYS BE FOUND AT--- in Charles Town, W. Va. ,,,,,, . . J L . ' L_ (Fully Equipped) DEMONSTRATOR. ,Very Low Mileage and a Good Buy. Fully Equipped Fully Equipped HARD - TOP--Fully Equipped Phone 488 Charles Town, W. Vs. Street Charles Town. W. Vs. Until 8:30 O'Clock On Saturday Nights