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December 3, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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December 3, 1959

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\ FARMERS _ . ~ 42 in milk and 16 dry with the av- , ~[Adam Brothers herd of 50 cows, I SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON ADVOCAT uy or Sell Rent or Hire !!! erage of 850 milk azad 31 fat. I THURSDAY, DECEMBER 3, 1959 --A -~R~ lassified . 3. The top herd in butterfat pro. -- ]~ffir~l,~oo;4r.A~ :~[duction again belongs to H. K, ~t~j %Jz~u.x~ .~*[Moler herd of 20 cows, 18 in milk ' :i: and 3 dry their average was 770 'J ~i~ milk and 46 pounds of butterfat, i WANTED-FOR SALE FOR RENT HELP WANTED T/'~1~ ~'I/-~TT~,TI'~ ~/r~ft/~T,~ JP,, rlPDAr~TT,%Tf1 yI The association average was ~!~[730 pounds of milk and 28 pounds Phone 222 *l fat. G. Paigo Wright Jr. of Shop- .. :~. ~ :-:We~-:.. ,;**;-~ ~:-:-:-:-.~:-~ J herdstown entered his herd this SALE Imont'h on the owner sample pro- FOR SALE:--1959 Volkswagon, FOR SALE:-Two-Story Modern I gram. 2-Door Sedan, good shape. Day- Frame House, conveniently located ] The following I~IIA herds had time Phone 988 and Night Phone on South Mildred Street. Con- ]cows producing 50 pounds of but- 457. aact RANSON REAL ESTATE & , I terfat or more for the month. Dec. 3-1t.-pd. INSURANCE COMPANY. I Frank Arnett 6; Robert Butler, FOR SALE:----~ofa, Converts to Dec. ~-tf. 7; George Hough, 3; C. J. Cavalier --- -- [4; Adams Bro., 14; Robert French Bed, excellen~t condition, with slip FOR SALE:--Jefferson Avenue 1; Tharpe Bros 7" Roger Bane cover. $25.00. Call 927 for ~p- Residence located o~ Landscaped The Jefferson County Hospital appreciation for being sent as del 4" Van Metre Farm' 6" Bovd But' Lot 180x200 feet, consisting el Auxiliary met In regular session egates and gave interesting con- ler, ' ' " - pointment. Dec. 3-1t.-pd. 3 bedrooms, IA~lng Room, Dirking Tuesday. Nov. 24 at the hospital vention reports concerning work- Area, Kitchen wil~h Automatic Dish with Mrs. J~hn Martin, presi-sl~ops, they attended, exchange of FOR SALE:---Christmas C.lubs Washer & Garbage Disposal, Tiled dent, c~nductlng the meeting, ideas and the entertainment. (It at the BANK OF CHARLES Bath. Abundant Closet Space, Mrs. Charles G. Caffrey, Alex- was announced that three more TOWN, (Just across from the Full Basement with Interior and andria, Va. whose husband is a Women's Auxiliaries in West Vir County Court House.) Exterior Entrance, Flagstone "ler- patient In the Charles Town Hos- ginla have affliated with the W. Nov. 19 Thru Dec. 31st. race. Oil Heat with 80-Gallota pltal was a guest at the meeting. Va. ,Hospital AssociaUon: St. Cu. Ft. "Cold Freeer. Call 866, PM. e 24-inch Girl's good condition. Price II 257-R after 5:00 EARLY: --- For Old ;emeat and Fruit DAVID CHILLS, Phone 8-F-032. Electric Hot Water Heater. In- In acknowledging introduction GIVE A GIFT SUBSCRIPTION spection of Premises by appoint- Mrs. Caffrey e~pressed appreciat- -- _ to the Spirit-advocate. 52 weeks ment only, Phone 16 or 592-W~.] ion for the excellent care Col. Caf 191. ~ Rambler ~ ~eenJeOn~lm~tritthmOUsg~OaU2he year. F. DEAN NICHOI.~, Attorney In- frey is receiving in t~ae hospital. Sedan purchased ne~ Oct 22 ~" Will accep~ 1954 to uc~. ~.z-~r. Fact for John E. and Ella C. ~he said she was araazed and de- Hamilton. lighted a~ the outstanding work ,P Truck In trade. FOR SALE:---New Eloctric Sew- August 20otf. auxiliary members are doing in lt.-~d ing Maohine. Never been used: FOR RENT ,comfortPrvidingthroughoutthe many ._ "--' Call 624-W. Nov. 26-2~.-pd. Mrs. Caffrey is a member of the hospital Board of the Alexandria, l )R SALE! ~ APARTMENT FOR RENT:-- Hospital, a 175-bed hospital with a membership of 55 notice mere- Building with 3 Apartments, 2 Over Store in HMI~:nWL E. E. *rn Modern w~,~, ~a~,Store Rooms, and Large Storage sb~rs~ red. OGre, in Bolivar. MOORE IN- Dec. 33:2t,-pd. Mrs. John Martin and Mrs. Bed ~, ........ SURANCE & REALTY CO INC. ford Green, who attended the ten -~'rauenee, z~ Acres o, Phone 283 "' F'-~Ri~NT:---5~- th annual convention of the Wom excellent road, near Aug 20"tf lOVely home If for spa- ~ merit on West Washington Street. en's Auxiliary to the W. Va. Hos- H. G. LAKENAN. ~ pl.tal Assoclatickn held at the g" FOR SALE:--I~ Ford Cus- No~. 12-tf. Greenbrler, W~te Sulphur Spring red Brick Houses in tomli~e V-8; 1957 Ford Falrlane erry. These homes are V-8, both ears h~ve straight -'~R---RE~, I W.~Va. October 29-30 expressed rays. shift, radio, heater, white walls, all conveniences. Call 624-W or -~ yo~u^~on~~ne n, 3 Bath Residence, and very low mileage. Call 848-R BIP~KYI~'S ~ER SHOP. BANK OF C~ARLES TOWb, Apn~rtm~,t.~ H~,~,~for appointment. Dec. 3-1t.-~d. Christmas Club Now you lose an ................. opportumity to have the money Nov. 26-2t.-pd. ~ you need for Christmas in 1960. F A R M S on Nort h West F treet. Phone Join Today. New Number 17, 95-Bushel New 919-M. Nov. 19 Thru Dec. 31st. Stock Farm, New 6- Idea Spreaders which we are go- Dec. 3-if. idence, Large Tenant ing to sell to the first person r1 Barn. A clean farm, who comes along at a Real Bar- Pentec0stial time operation, good gain. JE~'WE~SGN FARM EQUIP- centrally located. VIRGINIA E. Y, 3~ miles from town. ~ CO., Phone 691, Charles BENNER, Agent. L~vely Home on Ma- Town, W. V~. Nov. 12-tf. From Page One :d, 7-miles from town, Nov. 26-3t. ~ ~ all regulations an-----dspecifications ~tg or Farm Land. FREE ON REQUEST~--56-page Professional Building. Call DR of the State Fire Marshal's office ,L O T ~ Planting Guide catalog in color, VanMETRE, 282. or 173. and the Board of Fire Underwrt- -- -- ~ offered by Virginia's largest grow- May 3 - tf. tees, Mr. Hughes said. e "Lots near Fifth ersof fruit.trees, nuttrees, berry WANTED ~e present building of con- . . plants, grape vines, also extort- crete block, concrete and steel i t e s in Jefferson sive assortment landscape plant construction, is 76 feet by 32. The Jefferson .~venue. m~,terial. Salespeople Wanted. front :part of the building is two- Few Lots left in West WAYNF~BORO N U R S E R lt~ WANTED:---Single Bed itx good story, ~hile the building slopes Addition. Exclusive Dept. W-18, W~tynesboro, Vir- condition. Phone 905-M. gradually into the hillside on -. ginia. Dec. 3-1t.-pd. :which it is built in such a manner that the top ,floor is only several Dec. 3-2t.-pd. WANTED: -- 2 Wheel Trailer. steps from the ground in the 0 M M E R C I A L FOR SALE: -- Large Frame Phone 969-W. i back. Station Site on North l~ouse at Engle Switch. Priced Dec. 3-1t.-pd. for Qu~ek Sale Call RANSON Just inside bhe front entrance at Fairfax Boulevard. REAL ESTATE& INSURANC~ WANTED:--Baby Sitting or on the first floor are two large on Premises. r,OM.PAN-Y House Work. Phone 346-J. rooms, one serving as a reception Cabins, 4 Acre Lot, Aug. 20-if. Dec. 3-1t.-pd. ~ room and the oeher living quar- Motel, Service Sta- -----.--------- tees .for the Rev. and Mrs. Hugh- e~ Park. FOR SALE:---Hagerstown Su- WANTED:---Will ~by Sitin es. Next on the ,first floor is a .FOR RENT preme Building Blocks. ROBERTmy home. C~ARIS~A , large double bathroom, then a M. SMITH. North Lawrence St Trl-State Mobile Home. large laundry, a boiler room and Furnished Cabin. Charles Town. Dec. 3-1t.-pd~ the heating plant. March 28-if. HE'-LP~ED:---Young Man On the second floor is :located two large wards and two other Trailer (modern). ~--Baled Hay For for Parts Manager. /~pply AM- rooms 11 feet by 20 which are SEE~ , Sale---Timothy and Clover Mixed. BROKE MACHINE SHOP. LEt wEXVER Also /l~alfa.~,i lq}, ~lt.|d~/~DISON, ,;iDec. 3-1t. ,' . now being used as bedrooms, but ~hich when ~he wing~ are added Kearneysvflle, W. Va., R: F.D., WILL CARE FOR SICK or El- will be an office and nursing quar E R. HEIDRICH to Mlddleway. Phone Charles derly People in my home. Phone tees. There is also two 'hal,f-baths George Street Town 8-F-011. on either side of a wide hallway Town, W. Ca. Oct. 15-bf. 495-W. Dec. 3-2t. extending from the front to the ~-lt..pd" TAKE A TIP FROM OLD back of the building. Then in the SANTA:--Everybody is giving the WANTED :-House, 4orbRooms. back part of the second floor Spirit - Advocate for Christmas Must be in ~. Write ,full de- there is a large and spacious din Gifts this season. Phone 222 anh scription to MP~S. R. O. HEN- ing room, 19 x 24 ~eet with a seat order yours right now. SON, Shenandoah Junction, W. Ing capacity for at least 50 peG- Oct. 22-if. Va. pie. Also to the left of the dining Dec. ~33-It. room is a 10 by 24 foot kitehe0n LOTS FOR SALE:--,Some Real Nice ~ll modernly equipped. R S A L E Top soil. Phone 744, I.J.~Y'D'S HELP WANTED:-- Want tc In addition to the large front PLUMBING & HEATING, Char- make $20 or more in a day for ~ntrance there are two ~back en- R ANSON los Town. part or full time route work? traaces, both just a few steps July 16-tf. Man or Woman. Write FUPvST- from ground level. McN~S~ CO., P. O. Box 371 In the rear of the home has LOT 50 x 150 GRADED APPLES FOR SALE B~tltimore, Md. been constructed a large fish pond Avenue at 50c to 75c a bushel, 1@% dis- Dec..3-2t.-pd. and the Rev. Mr. TI~aghes said count on 50 bushels or more. Turn other parts of the vacant area will M. MASON, 3d. first stone gate North of Charles WANTED:--If you want to be be converted into ,picnicking Town on Flowing Springs Road happy at Christmas, Join The grounds, etc. 'I AN NICHOLS and ask ~for ANGUS McDONAIX) BANK OF C~ TOWN This is .the first such 'building Building :before 5:00 P. M. No Sales be- Christmas Club Today. program in the East which the tween 4:00 P. M. Frida~v and 5:00 Nov. 19 Thru Dec. 31st. Rev. Mr. Hughes has undertaken Town, W. Ca. P.M. Saturday. Dee. 3-1t. WANTED:---Furs, Deer Skins ~nd the Home is the first of it's Beef Hides, Ginser~g. Bring after kind to be constructed in l~he East -rn Oistrtct Conference of the Pen Ig li -'F'~~Two S,tory 8 Room 4:30 P. M. or Saturdays. MARTIN ~icos~lal C~rc~ ~- ~=; i l Ho'~e. New oil furnace, electric ~, Martinsburg - ~hep- Mr. 'Hughes came to Jefferson hot water heater, garage, storage herdstown Road. cotmt~ from Paintsville, Ky., R S A L E house, and tool shed. Located on Nov. 26-4t. ~ where he had ~ceen ,filling a pulpit: acre comer lot in Summlt ~ Office for three years~ Prior to that he Polnt. Reasonably Priced. MOOR~: INSURANCE & REALTY CO.. Help for a Depart~nent Store filled Pulpits lo Detroit mad Miss: NEW HOMES INC, Phone 283. Typing, Filing and Bool~keeping July 2-tf. Experience necessary. Maxst-have When Mr. and Mrs. Huffhes Can be Financed seed references. Write P. O. c~me to the county, they re-: has a $1,000 Box 231.z_.~, c/o Jefferson Publi~- sided in the basement of the Bol lug Co., Inc., Charles Town, W. ivar church until they were able t Ca. 'to have the congregation raise ~'ay Appointment Ouly t W LEONARD PROPPS Nov. 26-2t. enoUghage, money to ,build a parson- . ' Mr. Hughes said that although CONTACT I t0ST AND FOUND ~he conference of the Church will make an annual contrl,butlon to t~e ~home most of ~he `ftmds for Real Estate l Contractor - Builder FOUND-A Way to Make Christ- maintaining and operating it will ! mas 1960 Happy---Join the BANK have 'to come ~rom fees received Co. for inmates being cared .for at the rance oF CHARLES TOWN Chr~tanas home and from contributions 'N, W. VA. TELEPHONE 386-W Club Now. Nov. 19 Thru Dec. 31st. from individuals, grotrps and other charitable sources. -ff i ...... PIt0NE:... Charles Town, W. Ca. Describe. C. M. ~J., P. D. BOX N 0 T I C E ! TOWn, W. Va. 309 : 7 i c. 3-1t. ......... I Am in Business with ) le USED CARS and TRUCKS "88" DeLuxe 4- (Hydro-Matic, and Heater) ~dr~e V-8 Coronet 4- Sedan (Powerflite, a~lio and Heater ~l~_l'euxY 4-Door Sedan a~-erc-o -Matte, Radio ~ ~eater 1950 Chevrolet 4-Door Sedan 1951 Pontiac 4-Door Sedan 1951 Ford V-8 Vietori~ 2- Door --TRUCKS-- 1955 Dodge 1/2 Ton Pickup !SPIKER MOTOR SALES Street Charles Town, W. Until 8:30 O'Clock On Saturday Nights Va. NOTICE:--I Wil:i Not be re- sponsible for any bills or debs contracted .'by anyone other thata ~rtyself. ROBERT /~ ~. Dec. 3-1t.-pd. NOTICEI" For Plumbing and Heating '~and Spouting Contact PROPST PLUMBING AND HEATING Phone 1082 $OHNNY PROPST April 2 - tf. II II IIII I Ill II FEAGANS' JEWELRY AND WATCH REPAIR 114 East Washington St. Charles Town, W. Va. ALL WORK GUARANTEED A PUMPER To Clean Cess- pools, Septic Tanks and Sani- tary Toilets ROBERT JENKINS PHONE 227.W RANSON, W. VA. ~. 3 - St.- pd. I TURKEY SHOOT Every. Friday Nnght ALSO BROAD BREASTED TURKEYS FOR SALE! R. F. WELLER HILLSBOR0, VA. Phone No. 8-5221 Oct. 29'tf. j Discontinuing Housekeeping and Moving Away, I will sell the Following Articles, located on West Washington Street, Charles Town, W. Va., at the Henesey Apartment. on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1959 5; Ford Farm 6; Howard Dem BEGINNING AT 10:00 O'CLOCK A. M. O17 1: H. K. Moler, 10; W.O. HOUSEHOLD GOODS, ETC. Lloyd 7; R. W. McCormick 2; W. E. Walker 21. 3-Ptece Maple Bedroom Suite with Springs and Mattress; The top individual cows in milk Bedroom Chair, 7-Piece Maple Dinette Set, 3-Piece Over- ,production were: W. E. Walker's No. 16 with 71.0 per day 2200 m stuffed Living Room Suite; Buffett, Coffee Ta~hle, Maple 3.8% 84f; Boyd Butler No. 3 with Desk, 2 Maple Book Cases, Some Books, Wrought Iron Marys Hospital Auxiliary, Clarks-705 her da- 2190 m 3 2% 70 f" burg; Grant Memorial, Petersburg W' O.~r.~,~ ~'~,,~ a'~ ,~ Television and Telephone Stand; 2 Electric Floor Lamps, and Davis Memorial Elkins da: ill-0~n"38"v~v"80 f" ...........Some Dresser IAghts, French Provincial Sofa, Upholstered , ~, . . Mrs. Martin said she was proud The ton individual cows in but tn Red, good as new; 17-inch General Electric Television to announce that the auxi,liary t~rf~t r~-~dn~t.inn w,r,' ~ ~" Set, like new; Frigidaire Electric Stove, 30-inch with 4 holes press book receivedhonorable ~ral~er~o-~'wi-l~'~'l~- "'-'~" - . ~ .u per aay and large oven; General Electric Frigidaire Refrigerator, A-I men~o~. 2200 m 3.8% 8~f.; W. O. Lloyd shape; Electric Roaster, large size; Some China and Glass- Mr. William Perkins, Hospital No. 123 with 67.8 per day 2110 m Administrator, reported that 38%. ~ 80 f:. H. K. Moler Cecile ware; Cooking Utensils, Pots and Pans; 36-inch Gas Stove, plans for .hospital accreditation with 41.4 per day 1290 m 6.0.% 77 Wooden Bed, Very Old; Iron Bed with Springs; Straight are progressing in setting ap cer- f; Robert Butler No. 18 with 57.6Back and Rocking Chairs; Pictures and Picture Frames; tain qualified records and require- per day 1780 m 4.3% 77 f. Bird Cage, and Lots of Other Articles not mentioned. me.nts. He .also .prefient.ed .several Robert and Marjorie MeGarry suture neens of ~n'nospi~ai. Supervisors TERMS:---CASH on Day of Sale. Mr. Perkins expressed b_is in- terest in usi,ng hospital volunteers. . ...... This Furniture Is in O. K. eondi%lon and good enough I~Ie explained certain services that U~ ~JlA~a Ikll~l~l~ll for aalybody's home. ~ould be of benefit at the prese,nt IIVlalr~ IVIUI~ iIIUII~ time to patients. , NORMA D. JONES He points out that incorporat- wtth ing an extensive vohmteer pro-[ a ~ CLAY THARPE, Auctioneer. gram takes time, however, the l C.W. MOORE, Clerk. need for volunteers to assist in oc ~U~M~ii~ Dec. 3 and 10 - 2t. cupational therapy a,nd book cart~ llVmWmmmmlmmm~ service would be a step toward fur ~i ther service within the hospital. [ ~:' t;nam Mrs. Bed~ford Green reported[ /j,~'~ that serving for Decem'ber will be I /f]]';~l I[~- . done by ladies of the Lutheran, (.:~,~,,!~ ~aW Closing Out Sale Church with Mrs. F. T. Fiery as l~,.1 __ ',, r~,.: will sell the Following Personal Property, located 2~ miles We wish to thank ~friends and 1 ~/~ relatives, Dr. Richard T. Scholl, I>,//f'...~/~.~f"=~ Southwest of Rippon, W. V~., 4 miles Northwest of Berry- Strider's Colonial Funeral Home, " " "~" vllle, Va., on Franklintown and Lewisville Road, in Jef- Pallbearers beautiful floral tri- Turn'ourwoodlotintoa raeh ferson County, W. We., (Follow Signs), ou butes and 'for their sympathy in cro-Jitha H,,m-lt,-e'h,qn e"w the pa,~ing 4yf otw mother, Mrs. Four n~odel$"t;;oos; fr"~n: 'SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1959 Walter Barb. And remember, Homellta I~BAND ~nd ~HIL~REN. gives you more pOwer packed BEGINNING AT 12:00 O'CLOCK NOON. Dec. 3-1t.-pd. 1,091 Cows Tested On October DHIA Report For the month of October there were 1091 cows tested on DHIA and 2331 cows on owner 'Sample programs, a total of 26 herds. The top herd in milk production was W. E. Walker's herd of 50 cows, 45 in milk 5 dry with the average of 1190 pounds of milk and 42 pounds of fat. Second was the C. J. Cavalier herd of',~30 cows~ 28 in milk 2 dry: Vheir average was 880 milk and 33 fat. Third place belongs to the into lass waight . . . makas woodlot cutting faster, easier, more profitable. Ask for a free demonstration todey! $123.00 Bar and Chain ALLEN S. BU:RKHART Office Phone: AM 3-3891 328 North Queen St. Martinsburg, W. Va. Res. Phone: AM 7-6865 625 Winchester, Avenue Martinsburg, W. Va. No gift says more... I0 HEAD OF CATTLE I0' Two Guernsey Cow~ full flow of milk; Black Cow, full flow of milk; Ayrshire Cow, full flow of milk; 4 Hereford Heifers, 2 Angus Heifers. :~ 19 HEAD OF HOGS 19 Three Spotted Poland China Sows. Spotted Poland China Boar, Spotted Poland China Gilt, 14 Shoats, will weigh front 50 to 60 pounds e~ch. TWO HORSES One Bay M~re, leader; One Bay Strap Mare. FARM MACHINERY Farmall C ~Tr~" with Cultivators, Plow. Mower ,and Disc, H~rrow; Van Brunt Disc Drill, McCormick-Leering Mower, Lever Harrow, Springtooth Ha~row, Low Iron Wheel Wagon, Hay Tedder, Dump Rake, H~y Loader, Riding Cul: tivator, Double Shoed Plow, 5-Shovel Plow, 2 Barsh~re Plows, Corn Planter. Especially at Christ* mas, a gift of a beautiful World Bible is a most appropriate and enduring remembrance. Authorized King James Version FEED 600 Bales of Mixed Hay, 10O Bales of Straw, 80 Bmd~ls of Barley, 65 Barrels of Corn. MISCELLANEOUS : Harness, Forks, Shovels, Mattocks, Digging Irons, 9- Bushels of Poto~toes, SOME HOUSEHOLD GOODS, and Articles too numerous to mention. TF-~MS:--CASH. Nothing to be removed until settled for. M. G. LEE W. D. ORNDORFF, Auctioneer. R. 5. M:ORELAND, Clerk. December 3 and 10- 2t. A. FOR FAMILY-- Magnif- icently bound and illustrated reference Bibles, Concordance Bibles and large print Bibles. SG.O0 to $10.00 ~, FOR YOUNG FOLKS--Beautifully illustrated editions in variety of bind- ings including zipper-closed volumes. $2.50 to $$.~ FOR CHILDREN--The Ra4nbow Bible with full-color pictorial cover, many illustrations. $2,~0 With zipper f~.~a CAPERTON BROTHERS Charles Town, W. Va. ALE! ONE OF CHARLES TOWN'S Located on South George Street. Completely Renovated. Shown By Appointment Only. For details and information ---Contact The--. RANSON, . - - W. Va. Phone Charles Town 309 ---CAN ALWAYS BE FOUND AT--- in Charles Town, W. Va. (Fully Equipped) DEMONSTRATOR. Very Low Mileage and a Good Buy. Fully Equipped Fully Equipped HARD - TOP--Fully Equipped , , f Phone 488 Charles Town, W. Va. e r