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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
December 3, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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December 3, 1959

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, , ,, _L , , SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON ADVOCATE _ 4--A THURSDAY, DECEMBER 3, 1959 a , I C , I ~ j i I and Mrs Bobby Crim at their Thanksgiving day Mr. Lee Brown .OBL,BHEOEV.R*T.ORSDA*..ERNOON,NCHARL"TOW"WVA L [ ' -- -- -- .....' .......... a home in ~nson. mr. ~agar ~la-I ann granaaaugn~er ~naron ~u~se BY THE JEFFERSON PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC ...... B/ ]~em'F W Morrow , dler of Rest was also a visitor at Iof Charles Town ate with Mr. and " the Crim home. [Mrs. Paul l~ng of Middleway. --'--'~-----'~~ . Master Joseph White of Mar-I Stmday Mr. and Mrs. Stanley _ ALL SU.SC., ,ON. DEL,V*R D T T.E S_TATE ARE To E% CON.U.f.E The Taft Letter Per Taft was, toall intents and tinsburg spent Thanksgiving week [ Dunn and f~mily visited Mr. and IALK8 TAX.BUB$CRIPTION $~.l~U PER YEAR IN ADVANCE. I "h " f th "'hi~ purposes,an unreconstructed is- end with hisgrandmotherMrs. I Mrs. H. J. IAskey. n ~ e an~e room o e u ~eu ohnson ................ :o.ti--,~ ~.~ o w.~r~d .... h~ ~hat J. B, White. I Tuesday Mrs. Carrall J , SPIRIT E~rABI.IBHED IB44 -- ADVOCATE EffrABL.IBHED 1885 ~aI~S ~enace m.wusmn .g~n, jus~ v],.~..,~ ...... : -- ~'~" "-le The W S C S. of the Middle-]Mrs. Thurman Shirley and Mrs. COMBINED MARCH I' 19415 On Vne_zloor oz .~ne ~eona~e i~eiL pmJosopny was no longer reread . way Met'hoclist" Church held its IS. W. Zombro spent the day in nan:g ~ne por~ral~ ol zlve xormer Taft is to be admired for the ten- regular meeting at the church on I Hagerstown. Md. Christmas shop- MAX BROWN, ~:Tom um~ea ~La~es ~eea.avors w~?m acity and the honest sincerity he I Wednesday ~ight. Mrs. Frazier I ping. OFFICE NORTH GEORGE ~rRE~'r --- TEL.F.PHONE ZZ, m~nYes~egmaern~ ::e/~ngsit~e ~he displayed in holding to his convlc I]Watsn had charge of the devot-| P0ca Dot FarmsBull ON THE. ..RCLE IN ' i elm tion, but this does not detract ional program. .................................. A ..... R~D BY NOR, worlds .greatest de l b. tide body. :,rom the proposition that the over I Mr and Mrs Charles (Toad) ...................................... one ~mn- in --articular is corn ..... y I Open Til Midnight Monday Thru tHAN 20 OOO PEOPLE EVERY WEEK ,-~.*~ ~, ~ ,~ ~' ..... ~ o omr~ iwhelming majority of Americans l Whire and children Deboria and I ~,, ~ ..... ;.~ ...... f ~o T~,~,,~ ~thought his co . tion t ;Daniel of Denver, Colorado armv-I |e K'lnn ~ ~a~a~n~e _ _ ~,, ?,,~ v ............... 2 "~.'"YY" i wrong To be s,~re Eise~hower's I o~ ^,, ~o,, e~ , ,~, ~ ...... t ' '~ ""~ ~' "~'~'"~ Home of Low, Low, Low ] verve ENTERED All SECOND CLABIII MATTER AT THE POSTOFFICE IN CblARLEI TOWN, Sta~es none ever reacneo ~ne ." ~* ' ...... ,-- -'.. ----'-0 .... ~--- "-- .... ", -- w. va.. uu.,, TUE A~ ov MA,C, a. ,e79. goal ;the five men who have been i ma..s~.~ve popui~mty con~nou~e~ co lion with his l~rents Mr. and Mrs. I .. -- .... .. . and Night Prices r , ;. -- , WEEKLY NEWSPAPER REPRI~ENTAT|VF.J~. INC. ~~2.s-~g~oh,n~drl~He n~eC~Y: ~wl~:~:fh:~hs~l:~aie~n,~,~~r::~7~w~~,' HM~eSa~hi~rs. Thom~ Brown' A; tfl' Ca'0 3T0CK 3fl0W ~ ~ ' LOS ANG LES Robert LaFollette and Robert A are the pro~id parents of a son NEW YORK CHICAGO - ~TLANTA - DETROIT - ~ ........ ' ...... 'Which was in turn a~ded and a- I ..................... at I ~ Coxwain. 23. a handsome TaI ~ne |aLter being ~ne~ ia~e , L~awQ wayne UO~-~ On rT~u~ty ' ....... .betted by Taft's ,n~sistence on es- I .......... 1 2 year old Hereford bull was chos grea~ ~ena~or zrom umo WhO as usl nv' "" vne unarms "~own t~enera~ ~os- MEMBER OF THE ~ recently as seven years ago, was mPtjo~gy ~of C~mieCt~~asth2idgr~ao~ [ pital" " ........ S ] ~rnee~haa~I~h:f~thea~ihi'tel ~ced ,making his most determined bid l Mr. ann ~ars. rtarry e,. ~-nua NATIONAl, EDITORIAL ...... ...... share. Unhke the late Arthur Van Io,~,~ n .... ~,~. ~o~, Lynn sr~nt|StoCkEXp0s]tion Monday in Chic A C T h~s party s nominatzon on the i T ~t Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. J. . .~f---.! [ S~j I~ I~ [ ~"~'~J~J~) } zlrs~ ~,~o~m ~mcagom ,~. an~ ,Itiamsm to internatonalism, a Ir'~,,~o ^r ~'~'~ll" Va I Enthusiastic bystanders applau- - - - ~11~Y hved to see that year his party s ~,~soi,.~., +~ ....sidenc., ~olf be I Sunday Mrs. Lula Towner, M . I ~.^.,^. ,~^--- ~ .......... ---- --- ~ ....-....,~,.,,~o ~..,~,~,~ ~ .w,o~,..,,...,o,. vv o ,,,,a ,,,,-'~ v.,-- ,~a .,,~ " ] T,~.,~** r,,-,II~.,. ,,-,,~ ~sr,. Will'., |E,.~l&~ltl~,~ Jk~ffW&l~ ". V/::b., U'W/J,~J- ~LJI t ........ '~"~",~' **o'-'g:s~"~o~o~:~'~'~:..'~ cause he never quite recognized I,~,'o~..~ f.'~:.'~" ~='~3.~t.'~.~. s~."en~ I the champion stepped {orward to .. ............ ,,~ the demands fine airplane axi I~,~lo,,~,~hlur~, "P,,,~lr~aven |accept the sweepstakes rl~bon. CHOICE STEER lEE Thursday, December 3, 1959 "~^n ....... r "^f ........... ,It e t:omie bomb. _ on A_. ]Mr and Mrs. William Oradorff | Mrs. Mower said she and her NONE BEffERa|lT ANY PRll .^~,_~,~..~_-~[ i can I oreign l~nCy..l-lenry uL~y,~lwere also guest at Mrs Toni De-|late husband, a l~berman, ac- ,..,~^.... ,,.~ M, .... ~z~on:l~; ~b~ween ~e Convent;o~ I wn~)t ~n~.~ss aSePn~a~ a~n~on~)w'~in IHaven's on Sat.arday and on Sun | quired the 6:000 a cz'es of bluegrass v "" " ~ '" ' day aug Iarrn lana ne nameur'oca 4ruKIANi I:1:N/ in 195'2 and his death he wrote for I reputed to have said that he I " . ...... ] Dot Farms in the early '40's They ~1~osterity his own analysis of the I would rather be ri-ht than be l $unaay ~v~r. ann ~ars. ~atnan I ....... : . . I . b rs ~egan Dtnl~,g a pureDre~l hera ................. reasons for his defeat. As Senator I premdent. Perhaps, to a certain de IAleshire and M. ~..Bowe | that now hum.burs 400 head CENTER CUT ,~ t~ex~ nurs ay, t)ecember iu, ~ne aezzerson oun y Taft put it, the wealthy backers | ~ree the same can be said of Taft I were guests a~ Mr. ann :v~rs. ~oy ! . . '.. Democratic Association will meet at the Court House in who might have otherwise been l~e thought he was right and he ILambert's" Saturday night Mar-|.with The name stemSwnere~rOm..roca-vne ~arm is ~.]lllfK ROAST - - - _lb. ~,. ~ ............ ",? a~: loaned their support-and their lnomination History will have totMr. and Mrs. Roy Lambert. | located _and Mrs. Mower's nick- DllllUh Ik lnlS eJec~lon ~tKeS on aaaed mpor ance in view oi ~ne iac~ money-to (Yeneral Eisenhower;Idecide whefiner or not he wast Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goodelll name, "L)o~".. tha~ the coming year ]s an election year, and the fortunes and the majority of the newspap-[right although there are but a Iand children spent Thanksgiwng | The champion bull :was bought llll,Ul~l~m~ ROAST - - - IU. ~*theDem~crat~cPartyinJe*fers~nC~untyf~rt~*eers~pposedhisn~minati~nand~fewn~wwh~-th~nkhewas.fore~ecti~a~not further on ' he might been re"' brthex'in'law I day with "Mr" G''dell's sister and | as 'a "-mnth ld calf from c~hWYzvlr" ann .,~ars Jos-i ozmng ~ere*oru ranch. ~*ne c am K : : : ibIlL .... ; .......... ;I,~ .... ~; .....~ .......~ I^.~.;.. **.^ The Taft story Is, l~ many S!RL01N STEA . - "i'ms is all very ~rue "auG ~ena- spe~s a san one. rtaa ms views ~v,, ~,-~,~ ...... ,~-,~ .... __., M .... , ' Assoc]at;on chooses. For that reason we urge all actively ~,~ -r.,et ~ ~h.r~ t~ ~ f.~.~.~. I an A~r~e.n f~rei~n r~He.v h~on I and Mrs. Robert Goodeil and en by Poca Dot Farms at the In- interested Democrats to attend the meeting next week and ela oratin ' n-'different and'children spent a few days wit te at oaa..,,'Mn STEAK ,Bin ..... ~ " . ' Mrs Goodell's parents Mr and The Mowers also had three first take part m choosing the leadership of the Assocmt on for the reasons for the decline of hisl in all prohab~hty would have been ]. .... .......... the comin year star. But certainly some one lelected to the highest office in thers. J=.M. numsmger aorgan-pmce nnnoerS nrs[nel a- t e . R STEA o ~ ' and the abl ~own w va ~lass a a i ~ p ~ , The ss .... should point out that there was 1 . He had lity for the ' " " i A eclat|on has not been formed to compete ........ ..... ]Iob an,~ the tmderstandin--f it I Thanksgivin~ day Mr and Mrs Ten-Head class. RI KS - - - - lb. . ......................... '~'~'" ~ " " ~ ~ " ' " " r' Attending the nation's ,biggest the County Executive Committee. It has been formed to fectly valid at the time for the l and there ~s little doubt but that I Calvln Pierce of Inwood, Mr. Eal ......... work with it in seeing to it that a maximum effort is moneyed interests and the press/he wo, ld have been a great presi-[Smith of Summit oint, Mr. Char ves ocK snow rom , oca RIBS " " " .IL| , ] 1 Town ~'arms was ~-ruman ~,awrence, realized in romoting the nhilosonhy of the Democratic looking with questio~ on Senator | dent had he been able to see for- I les Whitt'ngton of Char es o Part" in Jefferson Count- Such "an assi ment uire Taft's ambition. In writing his lelgn policy in a different light, land Mr. Charlie Utt and Mr. Stun zarm manager. IJN Y Y. ~ " I ~s mem~andumf~rp~steritySena~|Butinsteadhel~touttoaweak~IeyZ~mbr~fPa~sChurch~Va.' ....... ~ UP BACON - - 3-1bs. I ]e tdership of the highest caliber, and we are confident tile t Or Taft makes no mention, to my/man never fitted for the job, by I were dinner guests at Mr. and L..,~a~o ~.a~ .u ~ ' A~sociation can find such leadership within its ranks, i knowledge, ~f the fact that Oen-| te,mpera,ment, background, or|Mrs. S. W. Zombro. ,tHAVE CHRISTMAS PARTY F R E S H There are some six n~,~o~ ;~ +h~ e,,,,.+.-. +h,, : eral Eisenhower is on record as] tr~ning, whose principal virtues I Mrs. Thurman Shirley spen~ I -- _. . 7, ,. / .... L~, ....... ,.~ .... ,,,:.~o.,. ~,,~ ,~F~o : ~.?. 'having said that one of the prin-| were a grin, popularity a~d a con ] Sunday in Baltimore, Md., Mr. I Members of the Gleaners L;lass ~aSKoI~neAssoelatlon, worKlngwl~n~newon~Tn~r.eels[o cipalreazonshe, Eise~hower, en. / cept of foreign affairs shared bY l and Mrs. Thuvman Shirley and of the Charles Tow,n Methodis: )UNTRY SA*USAGE " " Ib, and the best chance of securing capable leadership, in on" was to keep a person adhering to/dents are often made and Other I Barrow and children Susie and ,party at the home of Mrs. Francis U MflDU lb. :' make them active Democrats. Good leadership can do this; tered the race for fine nomination| millions. But of such stuff presl-I sons ate su, pper with Mrs. Naomi Church will have thezr unr~stmas ..'~ ......... ' .. :iTaft's philosophy from~ettingit/men cast aside I JunioronThanksgiviag Day. 'White South George street, Tues ,,~,~., CHEESE - - oplnlon, 1s Ior a l]OS~ oI persons ~o a~enfl ~ne meeung nex I " " | Sharon l~]lr, e~ of c.harles Town { day nisrht Dec 8 at 7'30 it~ was ........................ l me week and demonstrate that they m'e willing to work ]fl .......... |spent Saturday night and Sunday announced this week. At m- ThanKsg~wng nonaays with Mr r re ur ed to attend and some one will take the responsibility of leading and di-I land Mrs -r ver .... .. "n |wlth Sandra Ring of Middleway. a g ... 0RKHILL FRANKS-Skinless lb, ...... . ~ I IVlli/I/L.L1/I/I~/ I.. ~ '~_ '~" "~'" '~ "1 Sandra Ring of "Middleway ~bring along a gues~. 'i~nere w]JJ recking ~ne eiiol% ......... ~v~rsWayne ~awson and family ifts not to ex ' ~ ..... ] . ...... | spent Thursday night with Shar- ~ be an exchange of g' - :~. I t-avsy om ro l were alsa]nner guests n~'nanKSlon P~Ise of Charles Tow..n freed50 cents. Also members are tJ BURG[R - - - @IL- t I -- I giving. / Mrs. Wanda Ring and daugh- I asked to bring along an extra gif~ :~ [ Mrs. Edward Laramore, rs.I Mrs. Beatrice Fiddler. Mrs. lters of Middleway spent Friday l for your guest. (FRESH GROUND BEEF) ......... . .... . __. . I Glenn Braithwaite and daughters [ James Ruble and Mrs J B White / with her mother Mrs Lee Brown [ " | i of Wyoming Delaware ~pent the J spent Thanksgiving cl'ay" ~vith Mr I of Charles Town " ! ATTEND CHURCH SUNDAY If You Want Results Use Sprat Advocate Classifieds ............ ........ - ...... _- ......... .... (Lesser Quantities Slightly Higt I i ml ~IWl (Smoked-- Small -- Lean) m m was never more relevant. Patty A. Mitchell WaShington 30, D. C. Mr. Max ,Brown, Editor Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate Charles Town, W. Va. ~H~ppy to advise community fac ilities administratio~, housing and home finance agency has approv- ed $645,000 loan to Shepherd Col lege for construction of dormitory for 150 women students and caf- eteria to accomodate 1'50. Harley O. ~taggers Meml~er of Congress Charles Town, W. Va. November 24, 1959 To The Editor Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate Charles Town, W. Va. ~eax Sir: That the City Council should be plannig to hold another election on the Boundary Extension issue *should be a matter of real con- cern to us as citizens of Charles Tow,.n. How long is money to be expended in the holding of repeat ed elections, on the surveying of land, and on costs dependent ,~pon court procedures? Would it not have been the wiser course of act ion to have accepted the result of the first election and the declsion of the court regardi~ag the second election as warning that the eour se being pursued was not for the true betterment of Charles Town? There should be no need to re- peat some of the things which would result if the race track ~hould be annexed to the town. *Mr. Morrow pointed out in his column in the June 25th issue of this paper ~ regard to the second attempted annexation that in s,~ch an event the two race tracks "could and probably would, in ~ei,f defense, exert no small amount of influence in the future choice of city officials and management of city affairs." As responsible citizens we need also to think through the moral implications of aligning the town with a race track, We need to be arour~ from our apathy and to see that s~ a union can only have disastrous results. The ad- monition of "C2~rlstians, awake" Charles Town, ~W. Va. Dec. I, 1959 The Editor Splrit of Jefferson-Advocate Charles Tow~, W. Va. Dear Sir: A Plea For The Democratic Way If there is to be another elec- tion on the Boundary Extension question, why cannot the issue be presented in a truly democratic way? In order ~or this to be done why is there not a public meeting being planned for the purpose of explai~ng the exact areas to be included? How can voteFs be ex- peeted to vote intelligently on a boundary line marked out from stone to nail and from nail to stake? Also in order to follow the democratic procedure when a pub lie meeting is held opportunity must be given to present both sides of a questior~, etot Just one. May we be spared from another election w2~.ich is ~ mockery to the true democratic process. Patty A. Mid'hell WEST WASHINGTON STREET PHONE 143-J CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. U II 11 W size cans, MEN'S SPORT C0~TS ! A Good Looking Selection of All Wool Sport Jackets that Are Sure to Please. Men's Sizes 36 to 44 Chest. $ .98 MEN'S DRESS TROUSERS Hard Finish Fabrics or Warm Flannels in a Fine Selection. Continental Styles Too. .98 to $ ,.98 BOY'S TROUSERS A Grand Ar y of Styles and Fabrics in Boy S :Sizes 4 to. 18. 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