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December 1, 1988     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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December 1, 1988

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1 4 SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON Farmers ADVOCATE - THURSDAY, DECEMBER I, 1988 ] T USCA WILLA HILLS Nancy Roth Dial 725-5448 Had quite a conversation with AI Hooper. Asked him a lot of questions I had been wondering about. My first question was "What in the world is all the digging along Route 51 for?" Al's answer, "We are doing the other end of the by-pass." That was the kind of answer I expected from Big AI. It turns out that all the digging is for laying more sewer system to ac- comodate all the extensive building go- ing on here in Tuscawilla Hills. All this takes monumental planning and headaches in order to comply with the Planning Commission. It is quite a wrench for AI when he has to destroy some of the lovely trees that are in the path of the diggers. The sewer system is quite extensive and requires a large amount of maintenance. One of the biggest pro- blems with keeping the sewer running is disposable diapers. AI wonders if people realize that disposable means "throw in the garbage can - not down the drain." A1 and six other businessmen started Tuscawilla Hills back in 1972 and have just done nothing but add to the beauty of a plot of land in Jeffer- son County. I have commented before on all of the building going on out here but 'folks you ain't seen nothin' yet!' Sometime in the not too distant future A1 will extend Packett Drive and go all the way down behind the Ridge Road soccer field to the townhouses. Adding 28 more duplex houses and as many or more townhouses. There will be an intersection off Ridge Road at the big bend thus eliminating that dangerous curve. Also at the curve there will be two street lights added. There will be another entrance to Tuscawilla Hills on Route 51 just op- i i Harpers Ferry FHA at Meet The Future. Homemakers of America at Harpers Ferry Junior High traveled to Jackson's Mill November 11 and 12 for the fall Leadership Conference. Members of the group participated in five events and placed in four of them, including Jennifer Parker in il- lustrated talk; Leslie Welch in creed; Lisa Vance, April Welch, Jennifer Twyman and Kim Treadway for junior poster, all receiving third place ribbons, and the members won a se- cond place for the presentation of their exhibit. There were numerous speakers throughout the two-day event, along with a "Spies Like Us" dance and a talent show. posite the St. Georges Chapel ruins. AI won't be building many more single houses. He said he has all he can do to keep up with the demand for the duplexes and townhouses. He noted that people like duplexes but seem to he wanting them a bit larger. Most of the building is done by sub- contractors. At times it becomes dif- ficult to get the workers - especially during hunting season or the holiday season. There will be more curbing done along the Ridge Road soccer field. Al pointed out that in a sub-division, according to the Planning commis- sion, there must be a certain amount of open green area. I think that this is one of the things that adds to the beau- ty of Tuscawilla Hills. It would be appreciated if people would dump the leaves and discarded brush, not trash, in the wooded areas, out of sight, not along the road where people have already cleaned up their Hardware I yards. AI said that with very few ex- ceptions residents try very hard to keep their property nice looking. I asked Al why my electricity is so often interrupted. He replied with a grin that electricity is not one of his utilities and that I should direct my question to Potomac Edison. The newest street name in Tuscawilla Hills is Fenway Drive, named after Al's beloved baseball team (Red Sex) who didn't quite make it into the World Series. I for one think Tuscawilla Hills is a beautiful place to live and I think A1 Hooper can be proud of the beautifica- tion of this plot of ground in Jefferson County. NEW MAINTENANCE MAN eden Linger, who has been a resi- dent of Tuscawilla Hills for just over one year, will be seeing to the upkeep around Tuscawilla Hills. eden was responsible for the in- stallation of the Neighborhood Watch signs around Tuscawilla, one of which has already been ripped off and stolen. Along .with his wife, Irene, the Lingers lit Berkeley Court. Living with the Ling is the master of the house, Winston. a']trt poodle and part Irish terrier, called a schnoodle. Speaking of 'master of the house,' I just found out this week that my dog, Bogie, has diabetes. I have to give him an insulin shot every day. Did you ever hear of a dog having diabetes? I had not. EXCHANGE STUDENT Harry and Jeannie Lake have taken on another exchange student, Dario Giner, age 17, and a senior at Jeffer- son High School. Dario has two brothers at the univer- sity in Spain, and one sister. His mother is a school teacher. He enjoyed playing soccer for Jefferson High. In June, Dario will graduate. CHRISTMAS BAZAAR St. Bartholomew Episcopal Church NO SERVICE CHARGES NO PER CHECK CHARGES NO MINIMUM BALANCE in Leetown will conduct a Christmas bazaar December 10, starting at 9 a.m. It will be held at the American Legion in Charles Town. Come and bring your wallet to pur- chase baked goods, handicraft items and there wilt be a white elephant table. St. Bartholomew your patronage. We had a very ing Day. We Va., for at the home of Jeff IF YOU HAVE HAD HEALTH INSURANCE PREMIUMS GO UP TOO MUCH -- TOO IF YOU WILL ANOTHER CHOICE FOR YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE Unless your checking account is absolutely free... you should check with Jefferson Security Bank. SHEPHERDSTOWN 876-2501 MEMBER FDIC // BLAOK& Cordless   j Ratchet Kit  Drives and removes -r_ nuts, bolts, fasteners. _ J) 1188 1/4-in. drive. 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