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November 30, 1978     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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November 30, 1978

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2 SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON Farmer's ADVOCATE TI-IUI~;DAY, NOVEMBER 30, 1978 The terrible tragedy which occurred last week in the jungle area of Guyana in South America is the shockening result of the power of at least some of the leaders of the Religious cults in this, and other countries. And it also demonstrates once again that the separation of Church and State as guaranteed by the Constitution should have it s limits. Many cult leaders, and also some media preachers, have not only become millionaries, but have built up tremendous persuasive power and obedient leadership by preying upon the poor and the devoted through their ignorance. And yet they pay nothing back to'the Government on their acquired wealth and power. Such is the case of the late Reverend Jim Jones, the de/ anding and financial leader of the Religious cult known as the 'Peoples Temple Shrine which has it s headquarters, and much of it s vast wealth, in the San Francisco (California) area. Jones' rel)gious power, while it did not extend over really great numbers in comparison to some of the other Religious cults in this and other countries, was most potent and influential from the standpoint of wealth. And yet even though Jones and his Cult has met with terrible tragedy by his own doing, once again the American taxpayer is going to have to pay at least the monetary part of the cost. After building up a tremenduous fortune in property, land-holdings and money in Northern California by convincing his followers that he, and his way, was the only way to complete salvation, Jones, feeling he and his Peoples Shrine Temple, were beginning to be harrassed too much in California gathered about a 1,000 or so of his most devoted followers unto him and carted them off to the jungles of Guyana. There he was able to acquire land upon which he built a settlement which he told his followers could not be touched or disturbed by the problems and temptations of the world. And of course he named the development Jonestown after himself. But Jim Jones' religious power of distortion became so fanatical and so great, he not only taught his followers to ignore the Commandment "Thou Shalt Not Kill," he also even bent the true meaning of the Golden Rule which is found in all the world's major religions. The murders that Jones committed on Congressman Leo J. Ryan and his colleagues, and his orders for his followes to take thier own lives, which for the most part they did willing, demon- strated the Peoples Temple members were willing to do unto themselves the same harm they did to others. Once the massacre of more than 1,000 persons, many of them young children, to, small and to, im- mature to think for themselves, was comvleted, the United States Government had no alternative but tO once again send intothe small country of Guyana all the forces necessary to help in this terrible tragedy. The cost was not, and should not have been important. And it was not. But why should the American taxpayer be forced to defray this cost when the Peoples Temple Cult reportedly has millions of dollars in money and personal property, some of which could be levied against for the some $9-million bill, which is repor- tedly the cost of moving the dead bodies out of Guyana back to the United States, providing for a decent burial for those who have no relatives, or whose bodies cannot be fully identified, etc. It seems to us that there should be sore. way the Federal government could recoup this tremendous cost from the holdings of the Peoples Temple Cult. At least we feel an effort should be made to do this, rather than just rip the tax-payer off once again and let it go at that. For too long now religious cults and yes, even sonde organized churches, have taken advantage of the taxpayer and the Federal government to build financial empires through real estate and other in- vestments both in this country and also in foreign countries. Sooner or later the Courts are going to have to rule on this tax exemption status of so-called religious groups. ,! I j I I H I llllll I IIIllll I I 10-YEARSAGO.10 Feature of Blue Ridge Danny Tabler represented Livestock Sales: prime veal, county in beautification of home $38.50; feeder cattle and cows grounds completion at 4-H Club higher. Congress. DIED: Wm. S. "Phil" Bell, at Do~ld L. Dolemancompletes his home in Charles Town; training at l.acldand Air Force GenrgeEdward DieM, 82, retired Base. . pharmacist and marble dealer DIED: Mrs. Florence Long at his home in Charles Town; Allen, 87, of Rippon, W.Va.; Charles P. Snyder, Charles Frederick C. Wilkes, 83, of Town, at Georgetown University Shenandoah, Va he was horn in Hospital; Frank E. Kemp, 89, Hagerstown, Md. Ranson, in Charles Town MARRIED: Miss Evelyn General Hospital; Charles Frances Sine daughter of Mr. Ogden Elliott, formerly of and Mrs. Clarence E, SinetoMr. Middleway, in the Gateway Daniel Lee Jenkins, son of Nursing Home, Hagerstown, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Jenkins, Md.; Mrs. Adelaide C. Petit, 88, Harpers Ferry; Miss Dona in Charles Town General Leonard is bride of Mr. Golliday Hospital; Holmes Wm. Grove, in Hillshoro Rites. formerly of Jefferson County in Sgt. Wayne H. Boyer with the Pittsburgh, Pa. 3rd Air Division that was cited as 30-YF.AR8 AGO-30 outstanding Unit. Christmas cards require six- cent stamps this year. Turkeys for Thanksgiving sold at 29 cents per pound. 20-YEARS A60.20 The laying of the cornerstone for the new $100,000 addition to the Charles Town Methodist Church was held on Sunday, Nov. ~" 23, Miss Pat Will daughter nf Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wilt, of Charles Town, was named "Miss Charles Town 1958." MARRIED: Miss Mary Catherine Ware, daughter of Mrs. John C. Ware and the late Mr. Ware, of Charles Town, to Mr. Howard E. Baker of Pa. The Re#. Ben R. Roller, rector Nelson Episcopal Parish in announced his etirement from the ministry. On Route between Romney and Ridgeley, State Road crews were putting down a new white center line that shines at night and can he seen at some distance This was something new that was being added to the white line that marks the center of the higi way in West Virginia. The home of Herbert Barber and all his possessiom, were .destroyed by fire. The three banks of the county mailed out Christmas Club cheeks totaling $158,000 to be among 1933 individual On October 18, 1973, Arab oil producers, seeking'ta sway. world support in favor of the Arab side in the Yom Kippur war with Israel, slapped an oil embargo on the United States and other nations. That em- bargo lasteduntil March 18, 1974. In 1973, the United States depended on Arab oil producers for 13.6 per cent of total imports, and 4.8 per cent of total supplies. Most of us remember very well that winter of 1973-74. The government stepped in and took control of the supplies of crude oil. Prices began to rise, and have risen ever since, to the point where gasoline now ranges from 60 to 90 cents a gallon, and is headed for the one dollar ,level; and home heating oil is now selling for 54 cents a gallon, and is expected to rise even further. What we did learn from the first Arab embargo? Apparently the general public eventually adopted the attitude that it was only a temporary inconvenience. The production of gasoline and heating oil and other petroleum products mounted. We used more gasoline than ever before; and this year for example, we extended that heavy use right into September, Oc- tober and November because of mild Fall weather. Remember, we said that in 1973 we depended on Arab oil producers for 13.6 per cent of total imports and 4.8 per cent of total supplies? How about the present time? In the first three months of this year, the Arab producers provided 49.6 percent of total U.S. imports and 15.5 per cent of U.S. needs. In short, the U.S. depends on Arab oil much more now that it ever did. What are the chances of another oil embargo? According to Robert Hemphill, deputy assistant secretary at the Department of Energy, it is difficult :o discount an embargo completely as long as Israel remains at loggerheads with its Middle East neigh- bors. What would be the cost of another embargo? The cost would be so vast that it is wise to take any and all precautions possible, Hemphill continued. What are these precautions? Very few, if any, that have been publicized or accepted by the public Whatever happened to all the high-blown ideas and rhetoric which occurred in Washington and across the nation in 19737 Forgotten, we might suggest, in our continuing, overwhelming pursuit of the elusive dollar as in- dustry and business continued to utilize, to the fullest degree, each and every ploy that would result in added sales. Forgotten, it is very evident, in public pursuit of pleasure on the highways and byways of the nation, possibly on the premise that energy in the form of gasoline and oil is available now, and may not be later. But primarily, we. blame government, Congress and'the Administration, for its failure to drive home the seriousness of the situation; its failure, until this year, to pass a comprehensive energy bill; in short, what we believe to be its total failure to be honest with the American people. DIED: Miss Mabel Watson, of wife of Wm. Childs; at Camp Leetown, in Charles Town Wadsworth, Spartansburg, S.C General Hospital; Dr. Abner O. Dr. Ira M. Deft, formerly of Albin, at his home on the Har- Uvilla; at his home in Charles pers Ferry Pike; Mr. Harry Town, Hunter J Miller, near Clinton Kellison, in Charles Town Middleway : Mrs. Laura V. General Hospital; Herbert G. Watson, widow of Thomas Lanham, Boyce, Va filling Watson. station and pool hall operator in 70-YEARS AGO-70 Winchester Memorial Hospital; E.L. Wilson sold the old Mrs. James B. Eichelberger, McKnight factory building near Shepherdstown, iri the Takoma the B&O station in Charles Town Park, Md Hospital; Sandy to Win. Phillips Sons for $2700. Franklin Weathers, Sr of MARRIED:. Miss Cora Reading Pa in Berntownsnip, McGolrick and C. Earl Rob- Pa. inson, both of Charles Town. 40-YEARS AGO-40 DIED: Miss Kate Snyder at the The American Legion Junior home of the brother. Thomas Drum and Bugle Corps of ~ayder, near Middleway; in Charles Town, was awarded Ist Washington, D.C Mrs. Orro prize of $25 at the Apple Harvest Doering, wife of F.T. Doering Festival in Martinsburg. and daughter of Joihn W. Clipp, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew ~ K. Jr of this county; in Mar- Selden of Charles Town, oh- tinsburg, John O. Lambert, a served their 59th wedding an- confederate veteran. niversary at their home here. MARRIED: Miss Mary Louise Huntzberry to Mr. James Neville Barnette-Heskett of Bermuda; Helen A. Gray, of Hanson and Lawrence J. Sirbaugh, of How to Save Heart Victim CPR is one emergency action Martinsburg. plan that could save your life, DIED: C Holmes Tabb, at his says the Health Insurance lnsti- home near Leetown; Edward E. tutc. Billmyer, at his home inEach year 350,00 Americans Shepherdstown; Cecil H. Baker, die from heart attacks before a native of this county, at his reaching the hospital--most home in Knoxville, Tenn.; Mrs. within the first 15 minutes after Fannie Jones, at her home in an attack. Harpers Ferry. . Many of these could be pr - " 50-YF ,ARSA60-,~ vented, according to the Ameri- The state's apple crop is can Heart Association, by a life- estimated at 8,612,000 bushels saving technique known as and the farm price reported-as of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation Oct. 15 was 85 cents a bushel. Returns of the country's avalanche of votes for President cast on Nov. 6 reported Herbert Hoover's vote was 20,812,912 the largest number ever polled by any candidate Alfred E. Smith's total stood at 14,626,803. MARRIED: Miss Rebecca White Trapnell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Tralmell, of Charles Town, to Mr. John Aair Purcell, of Richmond, Va. DIED: At his home near Bardane, FJlis Bell; at his home in Engle, James Frank Moler; at his home in Bolivar, Stockton Sponseller;-at her home in Harpers Ferry, Miss Annie Marmion ~-YEAR8 AGO-60 The Bank of Charles Town's published statement of deposits was $529,596.42; the Far~ers and Merchants, $5 J 5,5 04 the Jefferson Bank and Trust Co $251,791.26. DIED: At her home near Summit Point Mrs. Ann (CPR). CPR combines mouth-to- mouth breathing with chest com- pression in a fixed~pattern" forc- ing oxygenated blood into the heart and through the arteries to the brain. The shorter ihe time lapse between cardiac arrest and CPR, the greater the chance of preventing biological death -- death of brain cells caused by lack of oxygen. The difference between clinical death (when the heart stops beating) and biolngi- ca[ death is generally four to six minutes. CPR, if used in time, can literally bring a victim of cardiac arrest "back to life." CPR is used for cardiac arrest not only in cases of heart attack but also in cases of drowning, overdose of the drug valium, alcohol and the like, electric shock and trauma. Training in CPR is available nationwide through local chap- ters of the American Heart Asso- ciation. Courses can last as few as four hours and free. / i I Tu[ KEY SHOOT lh ,db. ~A ~e A .4k Ak A A .~k~ ,dk~ ~A. A A A A, A A ~ A ~k "VVV VV "qr- 'wv ~Pv Nit" V V V V "~IrNp"NV VV V~WP" " Dear Mr. Rentch, Libbers have been trying to force changes in our language. For example, according to them, one should say "chairperson," not "chairman." There's a free book, (except of course our taxes pay for it) entitled Sex Bias: Education Legislation and Regulations published by the National Ad- visory Council on Women's Educational Programs. One page ix, we find the following gem: "Education division program regulations should be drafted using sex-neutral terminology, including gender neutral )ronouns, in all appropriate instances. Revision of existing regulations should include the elimination of both sex-biased references and generic male ~ronouns " Dets show that there is much more.) The "Review of the News" quoted an ad inserted in a Texas newspaper that should have delighted those wanting sex- biased references eliminated. A rancher needed help and in- serted the following ad: "Cowperson wanted. Ap- plicant must use profanity and share a bunk with four male cowpersons who seldom bathe." Lela Gardner Dear Mr. Rentch, , Itp w many taxpayers feel they can afford to eat dinner at a fine restaurant once a month? Did you know that at a Regional 9 Council meeting recently held in Shepherdstown members voted to have Region 9 Tax money pay for their dinners each month. Why do they make their meetings dinner meetings? Won't this set a precedent? Won't all Bureaucratic organizations now decide to make their meetings dinner meetings, and have tax funds pay the bill? What do these people do at these meetings? Isn't their purpose to plot how more and more bureaucratic committees can be formed and more and more Federal money can be spent and revenue sharing be" expanded? Who are members of this Region 9 council? What is Regional Government? Richard Nixon decided when he was president that the U.S. could be run more efficiently if it were divided into Regions. Each Region would' be composed of many states and financed by Federal grants with Federal Regulations and guide lines that would have to be followed. Thus Regional governments have saddled taxpayers with all sorts of programs that local tax- payers object to but can't control. In my opinion that is what the Tax Revolt is all about. Regional Gov. was established by President Nixon's Executive Order No. 11647 which divided the U.S. into 10 Regions May 21, 1969. W Va. is in Region III composed of Delaware, DIstrict of Columbia, Maryland, Penn Va. and W.Va. Each Region has a capital. The Capitol of Region HI is Philadelphia. Thus a Whole new layer of bureaucracy was formed at great expense to the taxpayer. While still being taxed to sup rt State Government it was greatly weakened by Regional Government because the whole project is financed with Federal money or Revenue sharing. Money is power. Regional Government dearly unconstitutional. Article 4, sec. 4 of the Constitution declares. The United States shall guarantee to every state in this Union a republican from of government. "Which means that the who operate government business;' The people who operate Regional Government are not elected." They are appointed or hired by elected people that were not elected to the office they hold for this purpose. Has any elected official at any level made any effort to explain Regional Government to the people who elect them and pay their bills? How big a staff is employed at our Regional HI Capital in Philadelphia? What is the cost of operating this Capital center? Then the states are divided into Regions operated with Federal Funds. Jefferson Morgan and Berkeley County are in Region 9 and the office is in Martinsburg. Thus Region Goverment does away with state lines and county lines. Members of Region 9 consist of the President of the County Commissions of the three counties. Pins the mayors of each town, Charles Town, RansoB, Shepherdstown, Har- pers Perry, Bolivar, Berkeley Springs, Martinsburg, perhaps Redgesville and Paw Paw. I do not know whether they have mayors or not. Plus the Manager of Region 9 employed by the above people. So you see in Jefferson County the only way the rural people are represented in this organization is by the President of the County Court who lives in Harpers Ferry. Thus five mayJors and one county commissioner has the power over all this federal tax money. The staff of region 9 was six but because d resignations R is down to 4. The manager of Region 9 wants to hire two more. Haven't our Federal Funded Bureaucrats heard that Pres. Carter has promised the American people to reduce the number of federal employees, and federal spending? The excuse for starting more and more federally financed programs is that as long as Congress has appropriated the money someone is going touse it, why not us? "Which is like asking the old question, "Which comes first the chicken or the egg?" As long as local communRies accept the money, isn't Congress going to continue to appropriate it? Some of the programs started and financed through Region 9, Parks and Recreation. Some in rural areas where precious energy has tobe used to get; Pan Tran also wearing out our roads and wasting energy while usually running empty when I see them. Community centers, relaying streets, tearing down old buildings, building other buildings, etc. To confuse you even more W.Va. is divided into yet another region. Region VIII. This is composed of seven counties and the head office is R0mney It is through this region Federal school programs are promoted and financed, also arts and humanities, Health Programs, etc. How many are employed through this office and what is the cost to the taxpayer? There is a National movement to restore the constitution and thus do awaywith Regional Goverment. I urge all who are fed up with this mess to write ".Committee to Restore the Constitution", P.O. Box 986, Ft. Collins, Colorado 80522. Perhaps Region 9 would pay for all interested taxpayers to join them at their dinner meetings so that we could be better informed on their future plans, ESTABLISHED i 844 JEFFERSON PUBLISHING CO INC Donald G. Rontch R. Meade Dorsoy, Published Every Thursday at 210 North George Street Charles Town, W. Va. 25414 Telephone (304) 725- 2046 Subscription Price----S7.50 a Year Entered in the post office at Charles as second class matter Ad Deadline 4 p.m. Monday The Republican breeze blew a hurricane across West Virginiz November 7, and picked up 24 seats in the West Virginia House of Delegates and 8 seats in the Senate. The major party changes were in the court houses where Republicans gained much added strength. Kanawha County, the largest among the fifty-five counties, wen~ completely Republican at the county level. Candidates across the state had small majorities whether democrats or republicans all the way to the top contest between Senator Ran- dolph and former Governor Moore which may end up being the closest ever. The changes in the West Virginia Legislature will place a Republican as one of ever), four members on committees. It will also make difficult the suspension of rules, overriding a veto and other actions requiring more than a majority of members. Usually on con- troversial issues there are enough Democrats join Repuhlicans to prevent rule changes. The final organization d the Legislature will be on December 3 when the Speaker and President (of Senate) are chosen. It appears that there will be a very little contest for these offices. Jefferson County went from a "one-party county" to a three- party county. Of the 5800 plus votes cast only 1873 were straight ballots meaning that 4000 voters "crossed over" or voted independently of the party. The registration of 10,000 Democrats and 3000 Republicans, by these actions, seemed to be of little significance and the independent party prevailed. Tnscawilla Hills and Charles Town Jr. High precinct No. 17 appear to have the least number d~ ballots (approximate~ cent). It to observe the Delegates contest sixth district. toward personalities word "opponent" in public more thxa position and not other. Across the st# to bottom there more effort grading opponents half-truths and context than toward good made some voters were choosing the evils. Over and over veled at the fact Randolph had beer office Was no "dirt" tO "clean, clean." Posts Ex City Of Charles Town City I Robert Cain the city of expenditures 1978 is now scrutiny in the building trom 9 a.~- daily. This report, Department of Bureau of the compliance with Sharing Program. expenditures, Sharing Funds Recession Funds. I No-Win Game There is a new market called The first By Senator Robert Silent on the Sidelines Nearly two-thirds of the nation's eligible voters did not vote in the recent con- gressional elections. The estimated 34-36 percent that did vote is the lowest percentage of participation in a non-presidential elec- discrimination o~ of race and prohibited, quirements were the voting ered to 18. these changes ticipation tion since World War II. Political The decline in American tribute the voting, which began about factors, i: 1960, is a .source of concern chantment tot legislators and scholars, cal process who s~e it as an erosion of Vietnam War our democratic institutions, tergate Othei-s are concerned that low turnouts give small, but highly vocal groups, an exaggerated impact on election results. During the last decade more than 15 million eligi- ble Americans, many of whom were regular voters, stopped voting altogether. In addition, a smaller per- centage of Americans are registering to vote each year. Other democracies have much higher election par- ticipation. It is not uncom- mon for 74 percent of the. voters in Canada or 91 per- cent in West Germany to cast ballots. By contrast, one study shows that voter turnout in the U.S. has fallen below- every other democracy in the world ex- cept Botswana. The decline in voting oc- curs, paradoxically, at a time when it is easier than ever to vote. In the last 15 years, literacy tests and taxes of party lowering of the to include the bile young. also affect among older arrived been their home do not identifY' new not know the dates. One found that voters do not in terms education their outlook voters tend future is of luck, while more likely can plan lives. A on the leadership depends the voting can