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November 26, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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November 26, 1959

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m m n m mm m m m mm m m m m m m m mm mm m m m mm m m m mm mm mm m m W know winter is on its way so take .of abode from Brunswick, Md. to ; Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Piper, Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Viands formers grandmother Mrs. Augus Bible Material: Acts 9:1-9. SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS AD\:?CATE I I Devotional Reading: Romans . - I real good care of your self hope. Samples Manor, Md. on Wednes- ] and Mrs. Garland Piper, Mr. and Jr. and son of Charles Town spent ta Cave and Mr. Murphy. 5.6 11, 6---B THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 1.959 to be back next week for a few 'day and Thursday. Mrs Charles Garrett I Love to the weekend with Mr. Tony D'An-Mr and Mrs Hugh Wilev and ~'-~' minutes chat So lon everybody Mr J E Lanham of Purcellv]lle think of *h~se-cod ~l~ ....... ~.~_gelo and Mr and Mrs M~chael ............ . ...... - . ' ~ . . . [ ~ u ~ u e uay~ wuea ' " son ~oger ~v~lss ooyce yVlley ~tilU ]VVater Pipes Freeze IVa was a busmess visitor at the blends were friendsnd i h D'Angelo ' "IHE WEATHER AND OTHER ..... " u a neg- . Mr. CAn)its Aleshire visited Mr. Mr. Paul Will of C~arles Town >ome o! Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Pearlburs wero n~i~hhm'~' whpn vm~ Mr. and Mrs. Mervm Ryman .,,~ Iv{re lm c' ~.Vil;~v nf ]v[llrrp|1 did some plumbing wo[.k Sat,)rday Tuesdaymorni~g-ove of Charles could take youl~" kn~it'tln'"anci sew[ a:nd family of Shenandoah June:~I'ill ............................. ] Lesson for November 29, 1959 CH[ I UI ItIU. lOt lwr. anu Mrs. l~eslle rlytonen ~ars.~nne u iin,,an,~ ~h,o~,,,H ....... ,~ .... ,~ tAon VlSlCeo Mr. ana Mrs. ~:owaro " as due to the cold spell and lreez rawn was a ws)tor recently t l cross the meadow t,o the nei~,hbors Ryman on Saturday evening. t ing weather some of the waterlher son and family Mr. and Mrs. I ....... ~" " Mr and Mr3 Ralnh Shirley ,of JEFFERSON FARM WOMEN " "" " s - ann spe,name any.ThOSe were ' . "' ~ ~ Ip~pes at thmr ra,nch home at the [O. ca~ Grove. [theha .... da"s ,w.~., ~..,...~ ~..~,. Wadesvllle, Va. were recent Sun- TO MEET TUESDAY 1:30 (~UTSIDE of what we are t~ ...... By Mrs. Georgia Pearl Blue Ridge froze and bursted Mr. and Mrs. Charles Garrett at[ ~'.~.~ -J-: '--*-"?~ ..... ~" ...... day guects of the latters -arents ______ , \)about JesuSthein the foUrimporta~GOSp ' I . . so ma,~ .,any precious annwon "." " ~ ' while the Heytonen folks were at tended services at Mlllvllle Meth- [n~rf,,~ m .... ri-~ * ....... h.~ .~ Mr. ann Mrs. Earl Wiltshire. Members of the Jefferson Parmwhat event is most Speaking About Weather tiful day more like early autumn their home in Palls Church, Va. odist Church Sunday evening. ]work~arm~n~"m~ ;ome'(~ ..,7s't'=o}t:n Miss Joyce Wiley and Mr. Char- Woman's Club will meet Tuesday, of all those described inthe Nel Mr. and Mrs. EugeneWilt and _Mr. andMrs. GarlandPwer and Ipause for momYents andJc'an --ic :les Aleshire of Luray, Va. spent Dec. 1 at 1:30 at the home of Mrs. Testament? Most intelligent Chrt: Well, well here 1 come agai,n to late in evening, clouds were get- Isn ~,ee ann oaughter cluny ~ou I~wr. ann ~rs..~eorge ration [tare in my mind those ha ..... d~a, ~ the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blackford, Bardane, it was tians would probably agree on o~ were dinner guests Sunday with family were wsl~ors recenuy w~mI " ~'~'ze' Hueh Wilev and son Rozer En- announced this week. Members speak on the weather, another ting some signse of rain and sure /the formers parents Mr. and Mrs. I the formers daughter and family[ ,~_ I route home Su.nday they~stopped are asked to remember the gift particular event. If it had not ha~ pened, nearly half the New TeSl Humphley Wilt and family Mr and Mrs Howard Wilt week has 'visited us again with enough we had a nice sho/ver. We " " . I - -. . " [ ~|||]~|||~ ]at Kabletown for a visit with the exchanges, aleut books could not have bee changeable weather on Monday are in need of a good soaking rain Mr a,nd Mrs William Wilt were I Apple Butter Time . ~. . [ |V||LL]~|LLL. 1 morning, cold bleak air cloudy some springs in our cou,nty are i.,s,', ....... nti- with their dauI A,n Ole rime ~ppie ~utter coil{ ......... ! written. If ithad and at noon a shower, later in ev- istill very low. Saturday morning ghter and family M1 and Mrs [|n took place ]n our-httle village y 91 l#orotny LaKe m .................... | not happened, ~!~ ening~a strong westerly wind. Tues when we awoke the rain was pat- Prankio An-,a- ~f Burke Va "' ISaturday at the home of Mr. and ~ [ D~. V~NA l~l~t~m~N, uptometrls~ m over a quarter of day dense fog, cold air, i tering agaijst the wmdow pane I ." ;"; " ...," " .. [Mrs. Garland Piper seemed as I Deferred From Last Week m EYES EXAMINED -- GLASSES FITTED m the pages of the We nave na~ some IOIKS on the clouds had an appearance of snow and showers of on up until noon sic~ ~i~r. the paso. weeK. rney II got the new and a taste ,of that Iof Winchester Va and Mrs Mer- | "~" "OPEN' "--~'~" EVENINGS" "'" "-- ........... B-, An'~ointment" ........... Onl" ""~ | New Testament ~~ cold penetrating air and a cold and su,nshine rest of the day. Sev . . " " ~._ )though ole times were here ~,hen Mr. and Mrs. Pittman RussellI ~",.rs" o'~ ~.n, ,~,o~,d ~,,,~d,~ ~,, ~,,,o~, I would be blank. night. Wednesday morning very eral hikers enjoyed hiking from were Mr..Herman Garret t,. Litt!e I delicious spicy apple butter. Those I le Wiltshire a,nd children of Har- I Pho,~A ~,~ ~1~ ~ 'harDs St ~'a'Charles T-,.,n~* ~ ~o I If it had not hap- cold frozen thick ice 23 scarcely Harpers Perry on the trail up to I~uanewilt ano .M!'S. wrgmlal~vin~ ~ p~rt in this festivity[pers Perry spent Monday with I ........... . ........ ,'" | pened, Christian- ~~ WlI~; glad tO IepOl~Lney ale leel any sunshine heavy clouds in late Keyes Lean to and spent the I .... ]were Mr and Mrs Paul Garrett IMrs. L. E. Wlltshire. ity might well ~!i oveni, g cold snow, air We ra- night Sunday morning A be , ti much better - " - - = ......... have died by ther expected to see snow flakes i ful sunrise. A wonderlul day and I Mr John Love of Charles Town I ~~'/J'~'~'~"~'-~'~'~'~'~g~'~'~'~'-~"~~~~~~~ I was a visitor Sunday with his sis- [ ~ strangulation, . ~allll~g but as it happened there t route 9 as usua~ a very busy day. " ' were none Thursday morning A great day for a trip and the {ter and husband Mr. a,nd Mrs. G. [~ ~ Nor there were. Dr. Fore~ some warmer and sunshine just a- Blue ~idge is still a lovely picture { C. Pearl and Mrs. Bessie Alexan- [ ~ ~, many who wanted to strangle : bout all day and glad to welcome Monday morning bright sunshine der at their home. , [t~ ~::.. ~ in its cradle and except for o~ ,the sunshine and warmer m the ! cold air feels as though there may Mr. and Mrs. Cla )de Rickles { 9 lt~,., / man they might have succeeded. eveni,ng. Friday morning a beau- I be snow coming our way. We and daughter Norton Jean of Char | .~ ~:!"~ ..~: [les Town were dinner guests Sun ['t~ ~!i :ii \ ~?~i:::~, ....... Why, Saint Paul happened, tol~ I day with the latters parents Mr ] ~ -~ :::L :!!; , ~~ii)~)i:i!~i: :,.. - sure! He himself never would ~a~ I and Mrs Humphrey Wilt and dau / ~ IW~: ~:\ ' ~~ii:i::i :::!:!i! -. ~ it "happened" and we do not mea~ I ghters Antion,nette and Arb ltUS I ~i~ ~!; ~'- ~-i ; ~'~-: that it was a happen-so, a chal~ FREE! FREE! FREE! [ Mr and Mrs. Charles Wilt and|0 ~:i::! "~, ,__ ",~ occurrence. He believed to hisdY! {little'son Duane were guests Sun [.~ ~!~;:::!!:'i 2:~:. ~~iiki~:: ; , ~r Nt ~ " ing day that God planned it, a~ day with the latters parents Mr. | t~ ~i~i:.~ i :: ' ~ we may well believe he was rtgia' {and Mrs Ralph Marshall of Lov-| ~ ~il ;i~ i~i~:ii .~ ~" , N- l ettsville, Va. ! Q ~'~~ iii~:. : ~ /~'NQ~ Confrontod With Christ TflAHKSG ~~ ] Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Wilt and [~ ~ ~!i::i:~,~i::'~ ~t~'~\. ~ Saints do not become ~in~O~r | daughter Cindy Low and son Lee | 0 ~~: t ~,xk \ \~.,/, night. But they have to start some. IVING / were din'her guests Sunday with | t~ ~~ ...... " .... :~1 ::: :!i~i[):i: ]2 : ........ i\ k \~'/lk ' ]the latters father Mr. Gilbert/t~ l~i ::~ .... i~k~ ~\ ~ // where, somehow. The amaZiZi~ \thing about Paul is that he did { Deener of Sample Manor, Md. | 0 ~~:iii~ ?~: k ~,~ \ \ " /,N, ~ absolute about-face, after a ce~ | Thanksgiving | t~ ll~[l~~~ :@,: | ~ \ ~ \ ~ ~. \ ---AND--- t Another year will soon be to a | t~~[r~~ :j:: ( ~ ~ \ \ .k,,,~ tain day near the city of DamaSC0 ) CHRISTMAS []am[ close of another Thanksgiving. I t~thingSUreabouteVeryoneThanksgivingCan say some-and I t~ "~ " I~:" ~~'~:~ :~:i~~:~~i!i: !: \~\ "'J~, \\ ~" ~. [ stillWrd'in Syria. He. was, to put it in Oaep lainerCnverted'English,ThatturnedmeanS'aroU~'~, ~ ] why they are tha,nkful. I, speaking Q "~~~i:i: \ k /~ faced backward from the way !~ !TURKEY , for myself can say, we have so8 - ~~t::i! 4'~. // person was going, started in ~"7 [very many things to be thankful [S ~~ii ~\" )~y/, ~' opposite direction. ]for and really don't take the time 9 ~~~ ~k\ /z [~ It is quite a mistake to thi~ ] out to give thanks for all the won ~ ~i'~ "-%,-~ -~-- Y ] derful things we shuld be thank- [ t~~ asthat unless YU are cnverted J~t~tSaint Paul was converted, Y0~i | ful. I am so very thankful for my ) ~ ~~ " .... haven't been converted at all. 'I~a ,! { life and the wonderful privileges I t~~~%. "Y~I~ WILL BE GIVEN AWA BY EACH )have where I should give thanks l~ ll~ll~~:,~l is as silly ~.s saying that if .yf, t~! | some time some thing happens Q "~~l my wife, you aren't really marri~ I)EALER IN I for we neglect so m~oY things and I~ haven't married a girl exactly 11~i where we are handicapped then [ ~ '~:i~ As Saint Paul was a unique char" [ !g~ ~r~liee;oagii~iO!il e~lc ~olell )!i: i!i I ! acter any way YU lk at him' Bi~ C!T!ES SERVICE THIS AREA conversion would be unique toO' Further, his situation was de" we have plenty of everything, so lQ ~~~i~-~ ctdedly a strange one. He wa~ $ this Thanksgiving day let us give [ t~ ~~~ ~~. gagedPrfessinalin' e~'I4e on November 24 and December 22forethankSandif notWe neVeronly onhaveThunksgiv-dne be-|Q]" was a man who belonged to oa~ ing day but everyday a,~d night [t~ ~~l~~~i ~ of the 'strictest religious 'sects o [ and morning and I know our lives [ ~ : that or any other era, and yet .e~: [ will be much happier as we go a- ] ~ gaged in trying to smash up peoP~ BE SURE TO STOP IN AND REGISTER long each day. [~ ~ who were actually better than ~" Proud of Class ~ ] ~" "~ m ~ I ~ was. He was a n~an who was P AT YO[TR CITIES SERVICE DEALER. Mrs. Georgia Pearl who is teach|t~ ~ , / m ! 1 I ! ~ 1 1[ er of Juniors ranging in age from )~ I / / , l m mm k Im l, 1 sionately devoted to serving G ~', spending his time making life r/ ~" M 9 to 12 at Chestsnut Hill was very ] ~ ---- . .. t.. at. -J m J i I m / CO PLIMENTS OF proud of her class of the work Q f r-r-[ ~,~ [ ~ m m -- m m I ez'able (when hecouldnotactU$ Y. they did Sunday. It was mission- ~ # m m m m m kill them) for persons who wad ~r ~,v~umHr~UllU!TV OIL~V ~" [cry Sunday and also in keeping [~ ~ , " ~ m -1 "~ m m m stood God betterthan he did. : ., INC ,o, Thanksgiving. Before begin-[, ~' ~ A. man like that, you Wol.a " I ning the study of the lesson the t{ I I 11 i, i ' # "~----" ~ think, is not likely to have a "c P: [ children sang Jesus Loves the lit- [ ~ , ventional" or average religious ~; [tle Childre~n and each one read a [~ ' THE CHURCH FOR ALL . . . perience.Budding Saint ps I [ poem about Thanksgiving Mrs [ ~, ~ ^.. ~ r~ ~ T ~ ~ c" ~ ~ ~ r- hree S ..................... Pearl has a class of twenty t what similar conversions; but J~ ~ Ion roll Thez'e were thirteen pres [~ The Chu,d, i~ the greatest factor ..... th For since his time may have had ~oz Closing Out Same {entSu'ndayand the poems were[~' the buildhagofcharacterandgooddti.... hip. Doe usuallyhastheJohnDoet:f~ as follows Carol Lancaster ";rhant~ [ ~ TMs great land of ours has been blessed With the riches of It is a storhouse o[ ~pl,'itual values. \Vhhout a of conversion. . tf[fl for Freedom; Beveriy .Peer. Lib l~ the earth and with the freedoms, the rights, to enjoy them. But st,ongChu,d,.neid erdemocracynorcivilization [ erty; Judy Piper, Thankful for [ t~ does the mere ownership of these goods guarantee our happiness? ~, 2u~,i,. Th~ ~ fo~t ,o,~a ~~,o.~ why Oonfronted With Christ :i [ our Food, Evon Pipe:'; Thankful 1~ All ,,4* ,,o h ....... -n~,,i~,,aet a ,l{~,a~nn]ntn~onf nf 6nallv nn~oa~ every person should attend services regularly and For all that, while much tn ~! /for America; Linda Piper, ThanK- "~ .~,, v, ,~ ,,,,.~ ~--t- ............ ,~-,q ................. :'""~ ~" ...... " ' ~'" ' ~'e ,', - , circumstances of Paul's conver~ ,., Dise~ntinulngH~usekeepingIwiuseuatPubucsale`~fulf~rEverythi'~g~LindaPainter~'~in7~s~memueh-desiredartie~e.After~veeksands~metln~esyears~f~'~'1''`;k~u'":'Lya7:`y/2r'/'sSATU~DADECEMBER 5, 1959[ [Thankful fol" My Parents and t~'l ]ootdng forward to it, we find that the actual ownership brings lit- o,,n.' sa~e: ..tZ) I'or" ms cmlaren. , s ~aKe... ,~) ~ror ~~ii the Following Articles, located about one mile North of |Home" Linda Longerbea,m, Thankt~ +l..~],~,~o..a the sake o! his commumty ana nanon. ~.'~) for State Road No. 340, on the Old Furnace Road going toward ' ~,~ e ........ ]ful for my Sunday School Class, ~ ...................... ? ........ the sake of the Church itself, which needs his Bakerton, W. Va., on [Diane Jackson, Thankful for my t~tl . .~0Uld tne iaulc lie with. the glIC ttselI. 1NO,. apparently. 1~. lS morat' ana" material" '' support." r-Jann' [o" go to" home" Nancy Ann Grove Thank- ~ w thln ourselves Our own attitudes, our own relatmn hlps, our own , ......... , ful for the church; Ellen Grove, t~ understandin have certainly much more to do w th our final satls- I Thankful for my parents and bro- faction "" ly in it. First of all it was , ~: BEGINNING AT 10:00 O'CLOCK A. M. thers and sisters Johnnie Wilt u "~ " ~ay" U00K ....... ~napter verses fronting Christ. It was a kind Dale Manuel; Thankful for every ~ cuds ~h~ch have been put at our disposal. The best place to be t,,~ - 24 ~-z0 may not be so spectacular in ot GODS,O ETC. Thanks.'. for. Thanksgiving. . . Day'. g How,. then are we to derive, the . greatest blessings from the. SundaYMonday (;enesi,. ms 8 20-22 miracle in Paul s case' The mir~ ~i HOUSEHOLD thing Tommy Wilt Thankful foz gin is in the Church. Here, m a personal search for God and our Tuesday Matthew 19 1.6-22 cases but Christ ls always ~ ~i my playmates, we enjoyea everyt3 ........ ~.. ,~:.a:..~ ^~, ~- ........... tiieve a s"iritual harmony Wednesday Matthew ~ ~"~ at the beginning of every r~ 9-Piece Veneer Dining Room Suite; 5-Piece Living Room moment of this one hour of k3 o~'~.z tllltl~r~t.~tnulll~ u~. lzii, vv~ a,,~j ~. . ,, H ' Thursday ~la,:k 4~ 2'~'19 Christian life. It may be a Co~ ~ Suite'(Old); 3-Piece Modern Living Room Suite, Two 3- Thankfulness ~ Wfllcn Wlll DleS$ our lives ann ~nose Ol our iellow men. Friday ~'sa~ms - Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Hytonen of ~ Saturday Psalms ~1 14-~5 clan scholar reading a Bible ~i~ Piece Oak Bedroom Suites with Springs and M~ttresses; IFalls Church, Va. spent the week k3 the first time; it may be an ar ~ 2-Piece Bed Room Suite with Springs; 4-Piece Bleached I end at their Ranch Home at the ~ attracted by a picture of the L :4 Oak Bedroom Suite with Springs and Mattress; Feather Blue Ridge Mountains. They are t~ Supper; it may be a French~ Tick, Singer Sewing Machine, 2 9 x 12 Axminister Rugs, (very much upset over the loss of ~ ~---,~,~,z~s~ ~o;,,.,Ad~ So,~'~, S,*,b,,, V, hUStle, seeing Christ in his v~ :d 2 6 x9 Axminister Rugs, 10 Axminister Scatter Rugs, Over-t their dog whose name was Preck ~ ...................... character; or a middle-aged ~ Its. He was fifteen years old and ~ remembering one day how ~: stuffed Platform Rocker and Occasional Straight Back and i a very close companion of the Hey [~ mother used to pray. Sor Rocking Chairs, WALN~UT FRONT CORNER CUPBOARD, tonens. He had bee,n sick for some .~ other, all conversion .is ;i bIARBLE TOP WALNUT BUFFET, Large Mirror, Old Pictures ~ time and constant care and also ' k this meeting between an i and Picture Frames, 2 Coffee Tables, Maple Top Boo Case, '~at the hospital. Several times but End Tables, Wall Whatnot, Magazine Rack, Smoking Stand, the time came when they must n and Christ. : part from him. They were very The First Two Quntion$ Oak Stands, 6 Wooden Flower Stands, 2 Wooden Benches, i much grieved over Preckles death. 4 Floor Lamps. Set of Buffet Lamps, Table Lamps and Bow- i Mr. Charles Talton of Hamil- doir Lamp, Oil Lamp, Bath Room Scales, 6-Foot Cold Spot ton, Va. was a visitor Tuesday and !Wednesday with his two children Refrigerator, 2 Electric Heaters, New Electric Grill and who are at the~ home of their Waffle Iron, New Deep Freeze, Electric Mixer with Fruit grandparents Mr. and Mrs. How- Juicer; Steam /Iron, 2 Electric Irons, Kenmore Washing I ard Wilt. ' Machine, Kitchen Cabinet, Kitchen Tables and 8 Chairs; ! Mr Calvin Lancaster of Murrell Metal Kitchen Cabinet and Utility Table; Hot Blast Coal Hill is ,.now employed with Mr Stove, 3 Large Tables, Stool. Lot of Books, Porch Swing, 2 Porch Chairs, Lot of Dolls and Toys; Fire Screen and Fire Irons; Lot of Canned Fruit and Preserves; Iron Stone Wash Bowl and Pitcher; Toilet Set, Pots and Pans; Iron Skillet, Coffee Pots. Roasters, Cannister Set, Fostoria Crystal, China and Glassware, Some Very Old: 2 Complete Sets of Dinner Ware;I Pyrex Baking Dishes. Pie Plates. 2 Sets of Silverware, Cooking Utensils, Pots and Pans; 3 Piece Lug- gage Set, Bed Linens. Table Linens, Blankets, Feather Pil- iowa, Feather Sofa pillows, Curtain Rods, Curtain Stretch- ern, Quilting Frames, h'oning Board, Old Record Player. Sausage. Grinder, Lard Press and Stuffer, CherrySeedec, 5-Ft. Step Ladder, Iron Dinner Pots and Tea Kettle; Garden Tools, Some Other Tools, Lawn Mower. Old Crocks and Jugs; C~rn Sheller, and Lots of Articles not mentioned. ~0t9 FORD 4-DOOR CAR--A-1. Shape. TERMS:---CASII On Day of Sale. Luncheon Rights Re,~rved. MRS. NANNIE V. WISE NED MORRO~V, Auctioneer. MOORE and FURR, Clerks. Nov. 19, 26 & Dec. 3 -3t. Howard Wilt, contractor. Calvin's work is at Shenandate doing haul- ing and carpenter assistant. Mrs. Lavern Talton who is em- ployed at Berryville, Va. was off from work a few days to virus in- fection. She is back at her post of duty again Glad to see Miss Jewel Hardy out and around again Jewel was a very sick patient in Charles Town General Hospital for two weeks trust you will soon be O. K. again Jewel. Meets Constant Reader j When I was in Charles Town a few days ago I was delighted to meet with a constant reader of Chestnut Hill items. She says she enjoys the write up very much and also the recipes. i Mr. Gilbert Deener of Bruns- wick, 'Md. and Mrs. Elva Fowble i of Knoxville, Md. were supper guests Monday evening with the formers daughter and family Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Wilt. Mr .and Mrs. James Burns of Washington, D. C. spent the week e-d at the Sweet Spring Ranch Home. Mrs. Calvin Lancaster of Mur- rell Hill and Mrs. Eugene ~Wllt assisted their father Mr. Gilbert Deemer in moving to another place This Advertisement Sponsored By The Business Firms Below In Support Of The Churches Of The Community: SMITH & STRIDER FUNERAL HOME Charles Town, W. CHARLES TOWN ESSO SERVICE STATION Phone 5007 Charles Town, W. Vet. H. W. WAGELEY, INC. SUPERTANE GAS SERVICE Phone 24I Charles Town, W. Va JEFFERSON HARDWARE CO., Inc. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS Phone 45' Charles Town, W. Phone J. EMORY KABLE ESSO DISTRIBUTOR 578-W Charles Town, W. V~ It. S. CLOPPER, JR. Insurance, Real Estate and Bonds 120 E. Washington St. Phone 216 Charles Town, W. Va. THE MELVIN T. STRIDER CO. COLONIAL~ FUNERAL HOME Charles Town 162 - 35 SUDLEY FL,'NERAL HOME Shepherdstown 2683 RANSON REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE CO. " RANSON, W. V&. PHONE $09 WHITMORE LUMBER CO., INC. BUILDING SUPPLIES Phone 650 Charles Town, W. Va. COMMUNITY OIL CO, INC. CITIES SERVICE Chaxles Town, W. V&. Martinsburg, W. Va~ -- Leesburg, V~ VALLEY BOARD CORP. HALLTOWN. WEST VII~GINIA RODGERS SINCLAIR i SINCLAIR & GOODYEAR PROUUCT$ West Waahlngton St. Phone 5036 Charles ,Town, W. Va. POWHATAN BRASS & IRON WORKS RANSON, WEST V~RGINIA VICKERS & ASHCRAFT GULF DEALERS ~21 West Washington Street Phone 5006 Charles Town, W. Vao MAGAHA APPLIANCE CENTER WESTINGHOUSE HOME APPLIANCES Ranspn, W. Va. Phone 424 ? .CIRCLE SERVICE STATION SINCLAIR PRODUCTS R~mson, W. Va, Phone 789-W W. & R. SALES, INC. CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. BOX 591 PHONE 113 PITTS CHARLES WASHINGTON THEATRE--Ranson "ALWAYS A GOOD SHOW" Years later Paul tom the of his conversion, to some who at the moment were killing him. He added to th~ story told in Acts manuscripts). He tions, v~ot one, which he that grbat and awesome hour Damascus. The first "Who art Thou, Lord?" second one: "What will you : me to do?" (See Acts 22.) those two questions hung future life. Note three thin he put his questions now to. highest Authority; he wa.ntea know all about Jesus; and his life at the disposal of This is the essence of (Based on outlines eopy~ the Division of Christian N'atlonal Conneil of the Christ in the U. S. A. Commnnity ]Press I~rvi~.) NEXT WEEK. / LESSON-RELIGION THE MODERN