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November 26, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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November 26, 1959

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,Class 4 property. The increase of rbe there for your Secret Pal will inatlon to SiN Stenographer and 00; medium butcher hogs 13.00 to Fred McCau]ey, George Vickers, SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS ADVOCATE $6,004,368 was levied on ~)roperty ,be revealed. Typist ~positions in various Feder- 13.50; heavy butcher hogs 12.00 to Jr., Gordon Webster Jr. and John othep than Class 1 or 2 situated Recreation for the afternoon al agencies in Ohio, Indiana, Ken 15.00; butcher sows 8.00 to 12.00; ny Vickers. They spent a delight THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1959 5--B within municipalities, was a game "A Kind of Pie" con- tacky and W. Va. heavy feeders and light butcher ful thi'ee day visi~t going to Radio Statewide Assessed valuations dueled ,by Mrs. Gardner. The de- Beginning salaries are from $67 hogs 12.00 to 13.50: shoats per City, Music H aiJ, R. C. A. Build- For Quick Resu[~ U~ Our C~ifled Coiu~ for 1959 recorded a total net de- licious dinner was enjoyed by all. to $72 a week for Stenographers, hundred 15.00 down; pigs per ing, United Nationals, Statue of Lib crease of $49,104,194 as compared ~Mr. and Mrs. James Chapman and from $62 to 67 a week ~or head 9.00 down; heavy boars 6.50 erty, Grants Tomb, The Curbed- ' .... with the 1958 taxable year. This and son of Middleway and Miss Typists. These positions provide to 7.50; stags none; sows and 'pigs ral Church of St. John The Divine was the result of a net personal Betty Kelican of Millville were for periodic salary increases for norm; stock boars 8.00 to 12.00. China Town, Harlem and also ~ll property valuation decrease of dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and satisfactory employees, as well as Miscellaneous sales start 11:00 the 34 ladies were guests of "The $237,25,085 and a public utility de Mrs. John Pennington and family, good opportunities ~for advance- A. M.-Livestock Sales 1:30 P. M. Price Is Right" a T. V. show and crease of $6.331,500 coupled with Mrs. B. H. Riddleberger and mont. ~Distating Machine Trans- each Monday. shopped at Ma'cy's. Mesdames] a real estate increase of $194,4~2, Mrs. Mary 'Bruce Purr were shop crib)or positions paying $67 a week WiII have forty head large here Webster, Fleming, Farmer, Me, DONALD C. CARMAN 391. ping in Martinsburg Tuesday. will also be ,filled from the Typist ford stuck cows Monday Nov. 30. Cauley and Miller were dinner The applicable levy rate is cal- Mrs. Riddleberger had the mis-for register resulting from this exam- guests of Mr. Harry Gi.lman at his Shepherdstown Men be:autifu,1 restaurant in Brooklyn TAX COMMISSIONER culated upon the property own- tune to cut her hand quite ~bad ination, wS o~n Thursday night. Mr. Gl,lman is of money and bank er's assessed valuatiovl to deter- Tuesday morning. Interested .persons should see ~frozn taxation resulted in mine the amount of taxes levied. Mrs. Charles Willis visited Thur Announcement No. 215 and Sup- wel,1 known at Shenandoah Downs de tax-dollar loss of over sday wi,th Mrs. Clarence Long in plemental Announcement No. 6- Club Sets December 9 dollars the first year Martinsburg. 7,1 (1959)for ~ull particulars. Cop High was in effect. Mrs. B. H. Riddleberger and lest of these announcements, or computations by Mrs. Mary Bruce Purr spent Thur information as to where they can For Christmas P~r~y sday visiting with Mrs. Reinhart be obtained, may be secured from , Junior Class Will and Levies Divis- By Mrs. Mary Bruce Furr Johnson and daughter Jacque in any Post Office or from the Sixth a decline of $278,431, 1 intangible personal Farm Women Meet Front ,Royal. Mr. and Mrs. John- U. S. Civil Service Region, 903 U. Dr. Wi;l;liam M. Speg, chairman son and family are moving into a :S. Post .Office and Courthouse, Cin of the Men's Plumb Christmas ban- Present Phy Dec 4 assessed valuations dir- The Leetown Farm Women's larger house they bought recently, icinnati 2, Ohio. quet .committee announced this . to this source. loss was $2,024,- Club met at the home of Mrs. C. Mrs. Mary Bruce Purr spent annual affair ,will be held on 'Wed E. Harm Wednesday to reorganize Thursday night in Charles TownI III Illi nesday evening, December 9, at The Junior Class of Harpers at this year's aver- work for the coming year with el- with Mr. and Mrs. ,Clark Furr and 6:30 p. m. in War Memorial Build Ferry High School will present of levy. An increased levy even members and three guests ,family. ing in Shepherdstown. "Stranger in the ,Night", a three [y ten cents per present. We were glad to have Sunday evening Mr. and Mrs. For this occasion, he has oh- act mystery-comedy play, in the dollars for 1959 plus in- Mrs. ~erd 'Everhart join our club. John Penningtonhad a phone call rained as speaker the Reverend high school auditorium Friday, reduced the ~aet Two all day meetings will be held from their nephew airman ~irst I Francis ,E. Reinberger, 'professor Oecem,ber 4 at 8 p. m. The play. property tax loss in January and February. class ,Steve "Bradley who is slat- The quotations of The Blue Rid of PracticalThe~logy at the X,u~h-by Paul McCoy, is produced by.,.-.,..x~a'" --,=UT^ Wish however. The club voted to pay $17.'50 on ioned in Texas. He is getting a- ge Livestock ,Sales at Charles erazt Theological Seminary ~n special permission o~f the Art Cra,ft amendment the nursing fund .for this year and long fine and said to tell his Tower Monday, Nov. 23, 1959. Gettysburg, Pc. ,Play Co. ,money and bank depos $10.00 to Camp Frame ~or the im friends in ~.~etown he said hello. Receipts of hogs, cows and can Women of Uvi~lla L,~theran Char Price of admission will be 60 was approved in provement ,fund. Mr. and Mrs. Nelson "Bush of yes heavy with a good demand or eh wi~l~l serve the meal. Musical en cents for adults and 25 cents for , ~ .,,~n~o~,ahle 'general election and be- Lessons, leaders, hostesses and Mechaniestown were callers Sun- all cows, hogs and choice calves, tertainment will ,be furnished by students. for the 1959 tax the following committees were day night with Mr. and Mrs. John Feature of sale was prime veal the "Brass Choir of Shepherd Col- named. Committee objectives were :Pennington. The following students are in o,f the 'personal prop presented by the following chair- Roy. and :Mrs. Charles Williams $3'5.00. lege under the direction of ,:Dr. the cast: Judy Anvil, Sandy Roc Ohoice 'butcher steers none; good Wi,l~liam Alexander. kenbaugh, John Littleton, Blake all other classes of men, Citizenship and 4-H, Mrs. spent Just week visiting in Deer- butcher steers 23.00 to 24.00; ,plain Al~l members of the ~len'S Club Harison, Vickie Jacks(m, bonnie registered a pronounced ,David "Bell; health and nutrition, field, Va. to medium steers 18.00 to 22.00; are being urged to get their tic- Hetzel, Nancy Clevenger, George amount of taxes icy- Mrs. W. L. Barron; homes and Mrs. Victor "Blue and Mrs. Pax choice ~buteher heifers none; good kets for themselves and Vheir tfAdwiler, Bonnie Painter, Harri- resulted in a net increase better living, Mrs. Mary Bruce Marshall and children were shop- %archer heifers 20.00 to 22.00; guests as soon as possible. Tic- son Lanham, Anne Newcomer, ~' 1959 levy of $13,139,- Purr; International Relations, ping in ~agerstown, Md. Satur- plain to medium ,bulls 16:00 to 19. kets will be on sale at Kave's Maw Lou Mahoney and Leo ' the 1958 sum. Mrs. Ily Bratina; Lets Preserve day. 19.00; good ,b~lls 20.00 to 20.80; Store and at Fuss and behaver's. Shreck. 2 Property, consisting of ,West Virginia's Beauty, Mrs. The women of the community plai nto medium bulls 16.00 to 19.- homes and farms, Floyd P. Owens Sr.; music and who have been working at Mussel- Mrs. Margaret Jamison, junior commercial cows 15.00 to 16.- Some Betsy Ross C]ub sponsor, is directing the play. an ~ncrease of $2,79:6,761 recreation, Mrs. J. Prank Gard- man this fall have finished their 500~ utility cows 13.50 to 15.00; can levled over 1958. nor. Mrs. B. H. Rlddleberger in- work. ners and ~utters 13.50 down; cows an property located out- riled the club to her house for Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Winkler by the head up to 165.00; stocker Membe Made .,~Vr;- To other than dinner Decem,ber 9 with the (if I-Iagerstow~, Md. were dinner and 'feeder steers 18.00 to 24.50; r~. increased $5,696,939. Christmas party in the a,fternoon, guests ~unday with Mr. and Mrs. stock ~heifers a~d .bulls by the as Class 3 property. This is just a week earl ler than C..H. Walker and then callers in head up to 149.00; y net gain was in the reg, lar day ont forget to the ovehing Mr and Mrs to ,rime calves to N Wtth Farm Women I Taylor Wlnkler. 35.00; good bu~her calves 25.00 to " I Man (~ ' F 0 R Y 0 U R The Womens Missonary Union 30.00; medLum butcher calves 18.- Seven members of the Bet:~y ' had a study course Sunday after- 00 to 24.00; thin calves 17.00 down ~oss ~ome .Demonstration Club noon at the "Baptist Ch, arch. Miss heavy calves 16.00 to 27.00; accompanied the Jefferson County ~ ~Y~ Camilla Wiltshire, Mrs. Charles ~a~mbs good 19.00 to 21.00; Parrn Women's Clu'bs on their bus ~-- -~ ~'t~~] Owens and Mrs. C. ,H. Walker Lambs meal. 1,8.00 down; lamlbs trip to New York recently. A to- were the teachers. The Womens Society of Christ- plain 12.00 down; butcher ewes ta~ o~ 34 women made the trip. CALL CHARLES TOWN 899 OR .Jan Service cleared $70:50 on the 3.00 to 5.00; stock ewes per head Those going from ~he Betsy Ross none; Club were: Mesdames Calvin Flem VISIT OUR PLANT AT MILLVILLE, W. VA. food served at the Sale last week. ~md butcher hogs 13.50 to 14.- ir~g, Guy MHler, Phyllis Farmer, ! Civil Service to Give Exan inations For Typists, Millville Plant No. 899 Charles Town Stenographer Openings Martinsburg Plant AM 7-8955 The U. ~. Civil Service Commie 1 sion today announced a new exam i~ , ,,.i ],: . . fill/// , JOIN ONE OF THE CONVENIENT TO THE S A V'l IN G S C L U B S LISTED HER : FOR THOSE FRIENDS OR RELATIVES i LIVING FAR OFF (OR CLOSE BY) .... ~, YOU 1,~ DEe~M~.ER.--.0 ! You'll en oy your Best Christmas Ever next year if .: ,,, ... AND WE WRAP AND__ MAIL you join our 1960 Christmas Club. Now!..Decide 25C50c eaCheach week week $$ 25.0012"50 we will send a gift card to the recipient announcing the gift, and how much u'll need for really glorious gifting . . . t We will start the subscription whenever you wish. Y? $1.00 each week =. -$ ).00 | u'- A ,Qift Subscription meat s that any friend or relative you may name and hohday celebrating and year-end expenses, S 2.00 each week - - $ 100.00 jj Will receive news from homet every week, you won't even have to pay the postage. Can you think of a better present? i [ $ 3.00 each week - $ 150.00 S lg. TOZ)A you'll be delighted at how it mounts up! [ $10.00 each week - - $ 500.00 | {,CLIP AND MAIL Titl jINK too! Then put little bit aside each week... | $5.00each week.-$250.00| m mmmmm ,. .mmmmm m 1 $20.00 each week.-$1,000.00 1 Enclo d ,please find check or money order for $ ............ for one year's s~bscription to the Spirit of Jefferson- Advocate " to ,be sent as a Christmas '~ilt to ~l~! ~ Name ..................................... ............ , ........ .~ Address .......................................................... ?1 i City. State. '~ ;~" ........... o..oo ......... oo oo,o.~oooo oooo~o*oo,ooo~ ~ You may start the subscription ................................... ~" My Name is ..................................................... (RIGHT IN THE CENTER OF FOIl YOUR BANKING CONVENIENCE) City ............................~tate ........................... Member F. D. I. C. and Federal Resezwe System mmn mmmnmmmmm . THE SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON- ADVOCATE is $3.50 a Year Plus PHONE 10 CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. 7 cent, tax in West Virginia. : lgl