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November 26, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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November 26, 1959

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, ,, , ..... i ,,,,,,%herlVfrs.~.T.M~Donaid, |L]_ larshlp~Vean:nCfons~v:tic~nbWOwraks SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON fARMERS The pe Mr. and Mrs. Donald Eackles [M~- ] ........... .... 4--B THURSDAY, NOVEMBER LOCAL AND PERSONAL" ACTIVITIES IN . . . Ihave retm'ned home after a .Iour- | " ]~vxr. waae ~. ,~aumoon, prozes~lo}}- ----------------- ----. teen day trlp to Mexico City. [ ~| | [al landscape gardener zrom lvdu- HJ RPE IS FERRY AHD BOL t ~, ] They flow there and toured Mex|l[H'h Iwood, Va. Mr. Muldoon had done Masonic Hall held by the Eastern Inot come were Mrs. T: ' ico City by auto for ten days ] %,|lrd|,l l the landscaping at Carter Hall in Star with 125 guests and members l ers Sr., Mrs. Jack J~ ' They visited Fort Worth, Texas I [Clarke County, ,Berryville. This attending. Visitors from Berry-[Nancy Harrison, Mrs. and were visitors in the home of | ......................... ~ .....~,r~ Sterlin~ Tenne- ]lecture was on "~:vergreens m ville. Winchester, Brunswick, Fred ]pell and Mrs. Jennetta By Mrs. G. E. Webb Telephone 2492 I ................ , ~-~ tremor w~m~ ~ ~mu ~, ..... ~m ...... ~ s,] ,L~n,~sca.,,~ Desi-n"-followed b,, .. ,- ~,. .... ,. .... ~,~,,~,,t’~ ..... i Mr. aug mrs. J. w. xaroo, ~e la~ I . ~ i i r Mrs Gu ~ u ~,~ ~ a CliCK, ~,~,~,ouL,,~, ~..,~*.~ .... u... • . . meeting Tuesday, Nov. 17 at the Mrs. Charles Re n nge , • Y i n an wer eriod One " ' I World War 2 with Mr Eack- I ........ '- " ..... Jof the most del gl t ul t g,ve, Mart nsburg were well represented J Hflhary House was a very busy Ebersole g i f alk~ n Sgt.Charles F. [~1ter servang m the Air Squad dur- • . Mrs Ralei h Shaffer quest on a d s p Berkeley Spnngs Hedgeswlle and • o ........ " . ._ ~ensnttsias~ic aria wel'l a~enoeo r anu N~rs. ~eonaru wnl~more vol-I~.~h^_lub ~ I George Marlott of Harpers Fer chanciag off ten turkeys and |ms. The ~ar~os VlSlDecl aI~ me I ....,~. ..... *'~- '- *~-^ ~'1" b lunteer~d their services I~V ~ = '- • I ~ ,,-= ~,, =w,s -,,=,- ,- ~,,~ ,~- ~ • • r hi 1 c "ud in was Eackles home a few years ago. P H ms hairman Afte t s e ture j g g • ry brought down a~8 point buck [,books are now being sold. Watch [ ...~ ~- ~. r~,~ .... ,o~.....~,, ]room taken. Mrs. rank u t(m,’ ]made of Horticulture Exhibits for !Mrs. Daniel Leon Armstrong [ ]n Fort St01~ Tr~ Deer on the second day after the l this column next week for more I . " .......... ?u.,,[ ??.y ~,,, "tY" I The meeting was called to order l of the Community Achievement, I ............... i ......... r ........ I ....... ,~,_ I -~ season opened, it is repo~ted to l Plre Company news. l aaY moraing zor l-~$tsourg, ~'a. |h. ~ oh,we ~,..’~a~.t ~’ r~ .~ ]~re~ent~d a r, la~ue in memory of l**Zvo uay w,Vu . vvu.~ u~ ruu~u tlonorea at ~tOrK ~flower I .......... .,.~ have been the first one registered|Trip To New York ]where she will spend a week with I~,~~ ~'~,~. ~'~:.'~'~:.~"~',~ ~'~ I~~ ~-f~ ~-~asoa -ro~idents lOS zollows: .... I ~ i 'or ,b~ory, va. ’.~r~zl~,* in I.~udo,~n County. _ . ._ ] A group of ~lfteen from the [Mr. and Mrs. William Evans, her I o~:,~.."Y:" ~,~".~" ~,~'~L_~^~':'~_~,"..~" "~,:~" [;~Ls ~.rv~'e~, ~.~-l~l~ourne ...... [ T)ried flowers-~ va.rie~ies: ~ue, ! A Stork Shower was given in [Sgt Charles P Brown, son., ...... , ~=,u~ ,v~ ~. ,~,=~m~ ~vv,v,, ~v- ~ ,,~ • = , ' • 'Mrs oeor~e R neiurien-~ea , .-. ...... rle~ • z,ne ~'OTx~nae Area ~:xplorers ~n [~livar Methodist Church left on I neme aria nusDana. I..^,,^..^, ~.~, .... ,~-~ *~- ....... I Mrs M L P Johnson chair I . . s • _: . ., honor of Mrs Darnel Leon Arm- i~eorgze ~.. ~rown, wna .. camoment was held on ~turaay h~aturday morning at 5:30 o'clock] 'Mrs. H. R. Lloyd of Arlington, J~:~o:~:~/~' ~,=~,,~;~= s~'"Vlman Xf th- t~ubl'ic Welfare re--~rt|Mrs" ~ames M. Mason, In, ~ei- istrong Saturclay night by Mrs. IT. Va., recently participa~ and Sunday on the farm ~f C. S. [ on a tri~ to New York C2tv They [ Va. spent Sunday at the home of I'"_.'. --".=:'"'~'"".~ :.'~'~" _ .. [ ed ":CZ,,t ~the baskets for ~t~e J low, Mrs. ~'ranK Buckles, Honor- i Charles W. Popkins and Mrs. [ the 870th Trans,portatio~ Jones Jr. near Shepherdstowa a- I made th'e trip to Baltimore~t)y au"t I Mr and Mrs Lewis Reek I me way's zweans t=omm]~ I .... Z.~Y~ .............. .. ,~,,,~,~ I a~ble Mention, Mrs. Phillip t:ream- l TZ ..... C' Armct r~.= I party in a field training ~ --' -. ::-- • - "- -- ~tee re~,rted the ,Mink ~tole Pro ~==us ,=---~ ~,,,= v, ~,= ,~u ~ ~. ~ ..... ~ ................ ~ ....... long the Potomac river. Six from [om~hilo~ a.n~ tc~k busses there Mrs. ~;lay IYI~orfflICK OI t;nar-. ~ ~ . " Chrlstmas Projects. ~'" [ Those present were Mr. and a~ ~'or~ ~ory, va. Bolivar attended Advisors Bob .................. = ..... les Town was a visitor at the G ject was a success and the Club Dri i " " • • • " ..... , .]for New York. Those making the[ ......... ' .. "],~,,a~ .... =~,,~ .............Mrs. Lacey Bailey and Mrs. l.. e d folage-3 varmUes. Red: IMrs. George Milton Mr. a~d Mrs.| The training included.. :~orn and Kenny ~awner ana I trio were Rev and Mrs Alfred I'~:. weoo some on ~unaay az~er- I"_.... ~y ,--~- ........ ,, ?-?a v.: I Charles Reinin,~er ren,~rted on ~ mrs. ~eorge ~. Heiuricn. ~ ~c~..~...~ ~...... ~1 Cx:~ ~dnn Arm [ uroblems ,marches and o~ noon ~- ~,,-* -,, ,*., ,~ ,. ~---~a~ - ..... " ' ' . ~our explorers-Donald Davidson, |Collins Mrs Jermie Snlder Mrs. ' ,, ~'em ........ n~w ........ na ............................................. " ,- ' Blake Harrison John*IAttleton and ' • • oL2 ~ ~.~ "~,..~,~ [ " |to h^l~ - R"mma~e ~ .... f*~r I the~r v~mts to Schools m the Char [ Electron oz new eanmoa~es ~oi- :strong, Mrs. Patty Sowers, Mr. [~beach supply operatmns. ' . [Nora Robzn ........................ I Mr. and Mrs. Clayto~ Robinson [Chris~masas another one ..... [les Town area with aa Apple For [!ow.ed, two new memoers elec~eu Roy Jones, Mr. Charles Hough, I Sergeant Brown entere Ernie Webb. About twenty hve ]Mrs. Gladys Dunn, Mrs. Nellie [are spending a few days in Pen- | Two ca~es were sold durin- the The Teacher and a letter of up- ]~o vne cram. Mrs. Daniel M. Armstrong, Mrs IAramy m 1952. - .. ~oys cad eight Adwsors were.pres IReek Mrs. Marie Odes and dauo [nsylvanla visiting the latters par- | .... 1-- "~- *h^ o~,f ..... s ^ lpreciation for their service to the I ~ IClaude Marcum Mr and Mrs I ~He is a 195,1 graduate oI ent for the two days and the lOCal |~hf~r ~rolv~ Mr~ Viva, thin q'r~UMr Mrs R 1 ,~w~ ,~ ~t,~ ~ ~ o~, -n~ r~u- . , • • [cuts . and . . C. Del. [~ram ~f C,r~ Mrs Chnrl~s Mar [youth of our community. They] ~ I ~ ~ fl it] :Charles Popkins and family, Mr. [Town High School. ,boys report a nice weekend with [~:~--~,~--~.~'~'-~'r~"~'a'r'v ~1~'~ ............. . • .... a ................................ I ,Mrs. U. M. Carland of N. C. was I cus and Mrs. Donald Noland were ] were gwen a cordial welcome by I ~ I | [ ~ I~ and Mrs. Harry C. Armstrong and [ _.,~ instructive and uselul lmorm t- Hollis L n ' • | and Misses aVer e Harn-[the former Ethel Clevenger Ott |the winners A free will offering/aH teachers. " [ B ....... family, Mrs. Thomas Lee Dillow [ ATTEND CHURCH Su~. ion being given them by thmr Ad- [ son cad Sandra Littleton They [ and with her former husband the | was a:l.~ t~'on far ~.Aw~.~ in -bser ] Mrs. James Snyder the spea~:er | y Mrs. ~naries Aeams and family, Mr. William Trout, | ~ .., visors. • " 4 a lspent quite some time at United flute Grover Oft, they were engag- [vaace of "Count Your Blessings was.. mos.t.l.nterestlng and l _ _ -------. . Miss Peggy Popkms, Mr. Wayne ~ USE CLASSIFIED On Friday evemng, ~ec. n lNatlOns and were sight seeing as led in the mercantile busiaess in lWeek" im her ~m on "what Shoula, ~e [ 'Mr. and Nirs. Charms Whi~more Popkins and Mr. Leroy Paiater. l -------- --~I election of officers. . will be held by [long as their limit would _permit. IBolivar .for several years. I .- "_ ......... ITaught In The florae". She oealt [two sons ~rent and DeWayne of Those sending gifts that could ' CLASSIFIED BEST R~ The (3lUO YOl~(1 LO enter me us the Friendship Fire Co.. They are|They arrived home after midnight ]War~rs F~v Hi=h Alumni ] ...... " Iwith ones ideas attitudes chores i Front Royal were dinner guests Ion Saturday night. I=ZZ.=_, ::::',,__Z I~r r~r "le~acner co.n~ again Icooperation and love for the ISnnday with'Mr, and Mrs. Wood- • ,~*mu=* ~-- ,~=,,~ mxs year. zney nomma~ea mrs. " 's r ' m~ ~== ~ ~*~==~ [ The P. O. of A. Camp No. 12[ ............ lowen ...... [Home. She also brought into thi [ ow Adams, two children Frank- %MI/H ][~ ~/KIl|l'~ I held a business and social meeting I The graauatmg cross oz lWa zs I wonmyn WhO was ~.'as~ern I t.hem~ "Life is w~at ~ur labor ~ lin and Debbie The Whitmore~ .................. -- • ,.~ ,.,, a w=,~P ~,, ,.~..s,,~,. |on Thursday afternoon at the ing ht~en°rn~ln°a~ Sa:rUreda['FeN;r~" I~loSmt~,tttwin~lertZast~ nYeoa~naTeha Ima~es it"-don't judge a ~erson by fare happy ~or a girl this time in LLOYD'~ PLVMKIH5 AHD gl:a/INt [ home of Mrs. G. E. Webb with the I ~ ~ s ! . ~ I the job he does- any kind of hon- I April. They once resided at the FUNERAL HOME usual officers and members ~pres-|High School Banquet and Dance|teacher for. this year were: nars. lest work is ~ood work Work is IWhites Aoartm~,~t.~ her~ in Rin- ~to be held at the school with the IEmory Kable Mrs S H Stone |devout and se~rvice is di'vi-e I .......... | eat. Refreshments were served " • ' , .... - • port. Banquet beginning at 6 30 p. m Mrs. Charles Marcus, Miss Cat'her "" rlin .... |and a social hour enjoyed afterland the dance starting at 9 p. m. [me Chflds, Mrs. Joseph Cam, M~ss T~,n~v ~r~ w ~ ~.i~m,, ~'rs [~, ~-~,,,t- ~ .... ~o~ ,., .... ~ Plumbing Heating Septic Ta s .... Hostesses were.. Mrs. Ste g Both Mrs. Charles Adams small = - nk a 304 West Washin-ton St Ithe transaction of business. IAdmission for new members will ILucille Printz and Mrs Leo~ard ~l~obe'r't'Do'":-le "~Irs N-or'man' C-or" I~:; V"~"~'* .'W'Y. ..... . ":'": ...... " [ 'Mr. and Mrs. Kearfeit Dailey of • s , • - wi~n mac colas ~ne pas~ a aays. [be $3.50 and for all members[Whitmore. Each person selected bin Mrs Charles Reinin~er Mrs[ ..... ,, ............. ~, ~,, ,~ T~ * ~.* ~ C~_ ..... -1 r~'.._a. ......... INew Brunswick, i. J. spent sever .... , .... • *-= ~-=~ ~=,,,v-~ -,,, ~ ~,~- -= lrt ]$3.00. This includes both the ban [from the different Churches of,Ed=ar Orlffith Miss Louise Wal-I ...................... f.~stin~ 1)ralnilelas mne anu usuries zown, w. va. [ al days last week in this area. The I que.t and .dance.. ....... I the Town. [raven and Mrs'. F. L. Busho~g. i com]~g.~'~Yi'r.* ~n~C%a;man,~ stu~- ~latters mother Mrs. O. A. Webb PHONE" Ireturned home with them for an [_ rn.e puol~c ~s lnvz~ea_~oa~ena [ The club also hopes to have one 1 Club members were reminded dent at W. Va. University will ar- _. ~'-- [indefinite visit. [m.e aance $1.ou stag; ~z.oo cou- |if not more entries in the Vogue iby Mrs. Kable not to forget the rive home Tuesday for the Thank D~ ~ 'HARLES TOWN W. ₯ Day 370 Night I Mr. and Mrs. Prank H. McDon-|pie. ........... [Sewing Contest. . !Girl Scout Drive staxting this sgiving holiday. Do~ hopes to get xuv~,~ .=~ ,~ ~ _ a ~ [ ald of Kensington, Md. spent Vet- ] .'~.'nere wn~ De .~ umon ~'na~zs- I Mrs. J. J. Mangrum was namea, week since the ~lub sponsors the in some "flying time" at the Mar- [gzvmg ~erwc~ a~ L;~mp Hnl ~.e-[campaign chairman to sell the i Girl Scouts. tiasburg airport while here. II I I crass Day with the formers mo-~thodist Church on Tnanicsgivmg l West Virginia Magazine. This is City Beautiful was stressed ,by Mr and Mrs. ~obert Slaughter Day at 1:30 o'clock a. m. All Pro [one of the State Project's to sell!Mrs. O. S. Bloom-Make Your two children Bobby and Doris of .. testant Churches.will jo.m ~.ogeth-[the first "West Virginia" a maga iHomes Beautiful for Christmas. Jefferson Ave. were dinner guests ~• • ~l~ m ~I~ 1 er m~ms a nnuai ~erv~ce ]ncmo:lzine ~bout West Virginia, prlce[Oecorate with a Spirit of Pride 'Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Homer ~ml~•~ []1[’ ~| , " '[~ ~'~ ~ U ~ ~ mg me pastors ana memoers OZl$1.10. for our town. 'Samssell, two children Billy and • ill ilU ' • NUll .'l lll | ~ ~ | F q ea~.h C.:hurch. Tile l~blic,is urgent| The Veterans Committee asked ! The el,~b decided to remember Eileen of Marlowe. Both ladies --•--,•••-- ~W--, ----- --,1 ly lnv;~ea m a~’en~.:.'rne o_~ermg [ for workers to help with the gift it he Rainbow Girls Organization. are sisters .to Mrs Charles Adams. ~ Wlil De given l,o ~ml~ren'r l-laves ~ ra n ro ect at th t ran's ' ......... ~_ .. '~w ppi g p j e Ve e :A token of a~preciaUon for the Entertain Card Club "x'ne ~a~es~ aog wcum zn ~onvar ve wa "Tu ..... he ~ do f the [ Hospital. Mrs. Stone, Mrs. G. Eiso I many occasions when they ha I Mr~ and Mrs. Woodrow Adams s ,.~Dy t l .pc g_o. |mon Mrs. A. B. Cash Mrs. Jffhn [helped the club. [entertained the card club at their Having, Sold My House and moving away I Will ~. ~.. ,~ar~en iamlly on JaCKson I .................................. ~~home Friday eveni;ng with a coun " • ' ' DON T DEPEND ON YOUR CLUB PLAN THIS ~treet in Bolivar. While his body| -- I ........vered dish su'~"er and At Public Sale the Following Articles, locatedon 1~ has not been found as several r o Va Just Across from CHRISTMAS. We Will Train You to Earn $38.70 ot~ers have it is thought that he fnmm,n|cm Fro|am, ,d Tn fharla’ Tnwn enjoying card playing later in the Mild ed Street, Rams n, W .... -"~ him "~a~h in t~e sam~ wa" %#vsssae~|n~as~ hA~H|~ ,W ~M ~n~S%~ ~V~S~ evening. Franklin and Debbie Road Shed, on ,spent the night with ,their gr - He was at his home and 0 K on • and Mrs M L Adams ' Weekly in 16., Hours. Enjoyable Neighborhood Sunday, two weeks ago ~'ut'~us Ir Wnm nRv h nh rdHlcfnrv Prnf ,parents Mr. ,. ,. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 28, ~t ~ ~ " ~ ~ ~I~ B " ~ UO VW VSSS~aU m~g ~U|~in ~l~m IIl~iVi] /UViO Mrs. Aaams DaDy sa~ wire mar - , ____.. Work. Daytime or Evening Hours. ~ %~, ~, o,,,~. : ,'. -- " __ tha and Chuck u~til Charles and BEGINNING AT 1:00 O CLOCK P. NL SH/~*" Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rowland are Nrer~bers of the Charles Town ~**,~ -- . -- I~t~,Y~.~Aq~n~ ....... h ~TrIDTt%ITL-~ ~h~ITD'NTTrI~TTDI~. the proud grandparents of a b~byJr. Women's Club had the privfl- MIIIW00Q Lan0sca~ I The villa=e of Rirw.~n was great /qk£~ I Jt~c~tgJtN X" UJt~J., Jt tA DIAL REGENT o.~o.~-~a or Write girl Leslie Anne weighing 7 lb. 9 ege of hearing Professor James r" |.Iv ~hf~:.~°~:[~ld .~flrdClrr~n~d in the Very Old Wrought Iron Console Table with Real: - b n N v 20 --i ........................... oz. aria ors o o . qn ~ rigs H.afer. associate professor of his= ~, , , - ~ l earl- evenin- Saturda,, when Mr ................ ~.,~a ~ ....~.~,~i,~ j' s a lvlarDle aop ana ~vtatcnlng 2vltrror, ~,,, ~ a Hospital in :Martins- tory at Shepherd College speak ~rener L~mres/0 led Allen prominent merchant Table Duncan Ph-'fe Sofa ,U-holste;ed in"Ta-Zt;;;- r~ ourg. "~.,ne morner ano ~aoy are aoout "communism" lv~onoay ~ ........ ~om. ~ ~ ,-lace ~f .... " gettizlg along fine. Staff Sgt. Earl night Nov. 16. He was introduced ~i , s ~ , ~ z ~,~',~'~'~T~w~'~r~t.~r~ra fr~'Re~rrvvill"e well Chair with Matching Ottoman; Occasional Chair, ,~ MAHAGER, 15 Cyp s Street, f r m ............................. Rob!and ,is or00 ar f 0 home to by Mrs. oger Perry. nenanooan t aroen LlUD i was called and pronounced him Walnut Bed Room Suite. see ms n~ue aaugn~er any ~me " .. ~. . __ __ _ _ . Profes~r Haler explained the ,, dead less than l0 minutes. Ed and soon ne is m me u ~ ~ervzce Hagerstown, - - - - - Md. _ .. .. _ _ .... _ ._ Communist belief and went back 'Members of the Shenandoah his wife Rachel were married a- ~/[.~I~D'~T lh-nITD~TIrlPITDI~-~. aria ~s ~taaar ~uperwsor aria ~s into th- early history of the Corn ~,-a~, ~),h mot a~ ~he home of bout 4 weeks a~o He was bearer ±TIU1.]l~lt&N ]2 CJI~&~IIUI~I~. ---" d' -- i Thi i ..... ............ ~ .... s~a’~one m ~pa n s s cue sec ) Edwin Wilt s El rl Table - " "ld-r " "'-i fi n m~nists. He said the American Mrs. Frank Buckles Wednesday, at the funeral of Mr. " ' Dinette Table with 3 Chair; 2 cct "c IF RURAL ROUTE GIVE DIRECTIONS. °n p e.m th~°f~rs~°:2~Sa %%/°~i~ people are too materia!istic mind Nov. 11, with Mrs. Jules Lang]et,,Saturday morning..He will ;be New Style Vacuum Kenmore Electric Sweeper, like a~ bi~'h ed and urged memoers ~o oe more assisting as co-hostess ~ greatly missea Ior a long ume mr ................... Nov. 26-1t. ~ " ....-- __ ----. concerned about America's Cut- Miss .Pego~ Alderson" club presihe was always doing kind things ~aec~rm waine iron,. ~ect.rle iron, .~mc~nc ~.ange ~ for ever one Our s ath zs holes, like new 40 m wzde, Cooking Utensils, MOUNTAIN TOP 4-H CLUB ure. dent, appointed Mz-s~ Manmng y . ymp y , - • • " HELD MEETING NOV. 24t'h Hls final words, "If DemocracySmith as chairman of the J~n- with his wife ~achel and his re- Pans, China and Glassware, Books, Dress Form, Size ~ FORG[T ~r ~t5 o 5~a ... the most woaled, ~e mo~ ~dnnt tingle feeture b I modern ronDe lodny Thermostatically controlled burner controls the tempera- ture automatically, eliminates scorching, burning and spill-overs. : The regular monthly meeting of CHARLES TOWN the Mountain Top 4-H Club was held Tuesday, November 24 at 7:- GAS CO., INC. 3o at the home of Mrs. Michael Rice, the leader. OHA_~I.£)T'I~ ,POPE Reporter PITTS CHARLES WASHINGTON ~$t Dbl 'tow T,mpwotw* P only: $10.0o Monthly ~TI| SMALl. DOWN PAYMINdlr MATCHLE:SS T, elPPAil o., ...o, A honey ef a range starring feature after fu- ture in just 30" • • • automatic Set 'n Forget burner, giant 24" oven. Sizzle 'N $im~m" homers, smokeless broiling to mm~e but a feW. ITRAIN-IN aLLOWANC| fwy~ur e~d ranl~ ,..,,...~ S20 . .,~ ~,.,.e. S30 .,__,-.,,~ S40 114 NORTH CHARLES ST. PHONE 226 CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. COMPLETE ESSOTANE GAS SERVICE THEATRE RANSON W, VA. Matinee Saturday & Sunday 3:00 P. M. Night 7:00 & 9:00 P." M. Children 25c - Adults 50c Wednesday, Thursday Friday and Saturday November 25, 26,.27 and 28 KCA_ S" Sunday - Monday - Tuesday November 29- 30 - Dec. 1 orES ~A~ ItA~t ~tO Sunday Shows:--3 & 8 P. M. Wednesday and" Thursday December 2 and 3 --. DOUBLE FEATURE --- dies, Christianity dies." He then answered questions raised by mere bers of the audience. 'Mrs. William Hund standing beside a table centered witha lar i ge cake with one tall candle be- i side it, continued the "Count You.r Blessings" theme and spoke of the "C/~E" program. A box was placed on the table and each member a~ter dropping her donat ion Into the "CA~E" box, lit a small candle and placed it on the cake. Mrs. Edgar Smoot ~hen conduc ted a business meeting. Devotions were led by Mrs. Harry Barker, who read a "Thought for the Day." The group then .prayed The Lords Prayer. Mrs. James Gore reported the 1or Garden Club project and the latives at this time. Hand Embrodery, L~rge 'and Small Table Cloths, folloaving members to a fund-rais De of Mr: Ed. Wilt. ~ Drapes, Portable Battery Radio, Some Bed Clothing, lug com~nittee: Mrs. Louise Out-.. ~znce w eone.soay .~ppon has row Barney Mrs Samuel Walker'°ee~ anec~ea w~n gr~e.z ano sor- Screen, Wooden Churn, 2 Dig Irons, Shovels, Rake~ ~r~ w p' ~ l:~rrv Mr~ Paul row over the sudden death of Mr. Cal~n an'd °lVIr~," William Trussell F_,d Wilt brother to Mr. H. O. Wilt This Furniture is Clean and is in A-1 shape. . .~ ." .... " !prominent merchant Mr. Ed Wilt Articles that are not mentioned. ~rs Nlannlng ~mitA1 was also' • " ~,~,~ ,~,~ .... = ....~,~,.~o,~ :will Lbe mzssed by the folks in the TERMS:--CASH on Day of Sa|e. • :" .... Y." "T'Y '2"Y~"'''. ........... : community as he never missed a Ior ~De ClUb. Mrs '~'lanagan oi ^- -'~i*i-" a+ +*" °" ..... ~ ,o.. ........... t~l~ ........... ......... j ..... i~'.~'~ f.h. MRS. B. Bo District Radio program project ................. ~.... "'~..".:., ~'~- . '.. Ruth Rldgeway f.v,. x~..~.,,~ Mrs. Lee~s K. Riely was appom~ who had been keeuin~ house for ed Chalvm'an of Advertising for Mr Wilt will be "greatly missed CLAY THARPE, Auctioneer. the Spring House and Garden here as she was very active in C.W. MOORE, Clerk. ! Tour. A most interesting letter farm club work. Noverr~ber 19 and 25- 2t. was read to the club which Miss Mrs. Charles Adams attended Alderson had received from a for-~riendship aight Thursday in the mer mer~ber, Mrs. Donald K. Mc Intyre. Dr. and Mrs. McIntyre are ~ow residing in Vietnam and their e~’l~riences so far have been most pleasant. Announcement was made of~ a fruit cakes heXl been shipped and mem~bers of the Ways and Means COmmittee would distribute them lecture on Christmas Table arran as soon as they arrived, gements to be given by Mrs. Leeds The Club voted to attend the iK' Riely ~t the Citizens Fire Hall Presbyterian Church, as a group, on Saturday, Dee. 2 at 2 p. m. Re- the last Sunday in November. port was given of the District Meeting which was held on Mon- Mrs. Forrest Simmons, chair- day, November 9th at the She,- man of Community Affairs Corn- andoah Hotel in Martin~burg, in- mittee, announced that Mr. Gene eluding a discussion of the ~chol- Spud, would be the speaker for the Youth Fitness program in Jan ~~ uary. She akso said her commit- tee hoped to work out some type of award for the honor students ~, ~ at the high school and hoped to find out more from the Lions Club ~bout the project "Eyes for the Blind". She then urged members to bring their items next month for the Christmas basket. Mrs. 8moot expressed apprec- ~/*"dh'~---~l~ ~ lotion to Mrs. Ray Jamison and the other members of the educat ion committee for their work dur- ing NationM Education Week. Mrs. Jamison and her committee sent personal letters to all teazh= ers in Jefferson County ex1~ress- ing appreciation for their service throughout the year. Mrs. Smoot then read letters from Mr. C. W. Shipley and Mr. T. A. Lowery, thanking fine club for its thought fulness during National Educat- ,ion Week. Mrs. John Bartlett, chairman of State projects, axmounc~d that St. Mary's Training School hoped to build a swimming pool this ILLEGAL HgNTING Whether you're miles away from home or out of the house for only a few minutes, your person- al property is never com- pletely safe from loss or damage by thieves. A Broad Form Personal Theft policy will protect you against all types of theft loss, both at home and away. H. S. CLOPPER, JR Insurance, Real Estate and Bonds Formerly W. Berry Grove Agency year and the Industrial School for Boys a~ Pruntytown had a pro- Ject called '~Operation Tennis Shoes.' ~he had a list of t~h.ree boys who needed shoes and the Club voted to send three pair im= mediately. Mrs. Patsy Grant made a report on the Children's Haven. She told CONGRESSMAN STAGGERS I '1 'Congressman Staggers plans to visit each PoS! Office in Jefferson County to obtain the views o* citizens on public questions and to 'assist in matters involving the Federal Government. (He has no jurisdiction over such local matters as roads and schools.) He will welcome your 'advice and criti" cism, or will be glad to just meet and shake hands with you. of the many needs there. The club tl~en voted to make curtains for 120 E. Washington Street the living-recreation room at the Haven. Charles Town, W. Va. Mrs. Norman Kisner was named .; elephone 216 chairman of the Vog,ae Sewing \ Contest to be held in January. Mrs. Roger Perry read a letter err 9:OO A. from Mrs. Leeds Rtely, urging member of the lub to attend a 10:00 A. M.--Bakerton table setting show and tea at the Citizens Fire Hall, Wednesday, 10:40 A. M.--Halltown 11:10 A. M.--Millville 11:40 A. M.--Charles Town December 2 at 2 p. m. proceeds to go to the Childrerm Haven. It was announced that Peggy Turner and Helene Alvarez's team led the selling of tickets on the bedroom suite to be given away December 19. Refreshments were served by the hostess committee. ........................ ATTEND CHURCH SL~DAY 1:30 P. M.--Ra.son 2:05 P. M.--Rippon 2:35 P: M.--Summit Point 3:15 P. M.--Shen. Junctio 3:45 P. M.--Keaxneysville 4:15 P. M.- -ShepherdstoW