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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
November 17, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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November 17, 1966

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[ .-,O~OW jthes.pecialtermo~Jer~ersonC0uldenounce equa'w as strong me and Mrs Brooke Blackford'~'~aj A BUR17 1 ' " ' I THURSD Y, NO EM,966 mml((ee i o iVl,nw uircuit t ourt, l overaber 28, draft card burners and those who X r " " J rv + i ' FROM PAGE --" I saia when contactea at tl~ +o"]d snow disrespect to tile ~ nrmmel~er az~3t~ve secreta + o, the n tin .Azneric~in fla . a [zs Mo,er. ~+ n + State Supreme Court and obtain offices of the County Prosecu g g. " T( I I ',a decision on the issue within Attorney, located in the .C0U~Y As a 'Pitting climax and elo+e [ + ' TO Hear Disc.s.0n Plm Hew Breed ms For Pr, C hlt I t,: .++o, :,+ days bui!d+ng, thathe wo.uld b e^pre~ + t.he pr.ogram the America+ J0b Coq}+- I m tlut Jo nn zee var~/zezr e. Jr. ot sent zne morning oz P~ov. + ana Legion zinng squaa gave the cure + ' Federal Land Control+ Pla- For Dance At k +-- J IT J I I. L IMart+in+urg. who rep+e~nted I r-+ay the State++ P++'I omaz~ firing ,lute to the war+ FROM. " t I ~ + F I' Skinner Mon lay told the Court +entation+++ m cases ,o De present l dead : followed by the sounding out to witness, and participate, I Since the announcement twoI "The. +New Breed", will ! rage lUe$ l,~l III I .ewas.ce+rtam+nerenaaDeen. s then. o taps by the Legton C~lor Guard in the Center's dedicatory pro-weeksagoofthemeeting.o~the themus scforanother .~ /F volta ezeczion and tneretore zne Attorne Hen W Morrowf b~ er " !Jetlerson ~5ounw Historical +oct-[ Ot memoersni~p nonces tot . y ry gl " I gram, sasd West Virgmsans must+ . . j# + write-m votes are vahd and who has continued to car o~n . ely a letter has been recezved Saturday nzght at the + ry,base the future (~f thzs state on . re!tree named+to a~ange and dir unaeciaea matter and +nzs aecis- . Attorn.ey F. Dean P~icno s, at- securing Attorney since nls ap- Dr. M0[e[ I servation Both of these needs are of the Jefferson t~ounty Court, until 11:30.p.m. it A special meeting of the corn- r~ve m. Charles Town m sti!l an should be all.owed. the duties of the offzce of Pro- progress in education and con- from Mr. R. W. Morrow, preszdent County Youth Center ~ ec~ the annuaz pre~nristmas par-ion is also .expectea tO De made torney zor ~+eorge t:rim a mem-pointment, from.his own off!col ' - I being met at the resent but dealing wRh County planninglthisweek b Y ~rs- ~ee.asj~ ode in Charles Town and Ranson, Tuesctay night, tJeorge VzcKe~ !s ber of tlze County Court and the in the City J~uzlding, was aLSO FROM PAGE -- 1 ' continuin efforts Pust be ex Iand protection of historical val- p,~ide,t uf +th~ yuutb will be held Tuesday evenmg, Nov m charge, arrangmg for Sama+s Board of Canvassers, recommend- busy working on matters to come S. Woodford, president of erted zn" these two dzrectmns, the i ues. The letter will be read, and - +,Kast~ s Move lnt 22 in the New Central restaurant arrzval ed that the board perfom ~ts before thespecial~term of Court the Chamber, presided for the Governor declared The Job Cen-~,discussed at the Society s semi- 0 in Charles ~Town, a~ w.hich l~ime This year there will be juagmg statutory dtlt es, that ~f ~anVsaSS. on Nov. ~. and he too said he rn+eeting and introduced the spec- ter is one step t~ard a better annual meeting to be held Sat- final plans for the affair w~ l be on two categories of floats, with ing the ba!lota and he i sue will be present to handle the iit. l gtiests and the speaker education and towards the re i urday, Nov 19 This letter will Lead In D l.k made, it was announced this prizes to be offered for the best certificates to all those,p+eopm on state's cases " enin of doors of educationai be just one of 'several discussed, munswl . - [ ne i " A total of 28 of the 34 new op g , w~ ek by Mrs 0 S Bloom, WJ+D float exhfbRin the best Christ zne t)a ioz wno recewea r n gh, , ++ 2.+ ::+~ ~ +'+~^ g. . . . " ~' u to,~ ,~^ " teachers in the county s school opportuni~es for these young Letters from U. S. Senators The Kastles ladies +~ ers~S S+,as.+~vU+mco.chairmen+UU,++ w,u++ of~'+ur~+the projectV]cP+', maSexh+biting. ~neme theanamostais zOrbeautifultnose. +board~+t+. u~rit, should, tn vu+C+,not actr~+in a+Ujudi-+"+ Oedlcall0,--- I spdtemwhlch waswereprecededPresent atbythea dinnersocial ernormen herestated,as Corpsmen, the Gov- JennmgSand CongressmanRand Iph'HarleyR berto. Byrastag. 1 4-0teamvi+to+ f Charleso+er theT Wn'^ ChOP~ ~ +Mz s+ Bloom said the th3~e f?l~ trees. A total of 150 m cash prszes ctal capacity. FROM PAGE I I hour. " Other speaking briefly on the gers will also be discussed. The] action i~r~the Brunswick ~ the parade agam th s y r wJ will be awarded, the money hay- The Board then proceeded to . --. Societ has not et received any Le eni~ be "Jo to the World Throu h " v" t h r . In h~s remarks Chaplam Duck- Invocatmn for the droner pro- program we~. Robert Chandler, ~ ~Y y ^. aKue Tnursday ev Y g mg been pro sded by he C a les vote by a 3-1 margm, the Presi- . ,~u,z~ nd~n,~ f,m Governor 1 " a~ ". ' ree ett sa~d the occasmn not onl was gr~m was g~ven by th~ Rev Allen dzrector of me t~en~er wno wel- i~, 0 on the Brunswzck Santa s Calvacade of T s+ Town Down++own Retail Mer dent of the Court, Mr~ R. V. Mor- ~u+ +,z ,i+u,~:+-'~";+^ ~, ~+- ,~.~ ,+,;.Y,a~,+ tt~+~1~,trt,'~-tor of Zmn" + Episcopal: ' corned the gathering and briefly Hulett Smith on the matter, move into first place i~ Although no final dec~smn has chants Associatmn. There will row, being absent, due to a recent "1 7, " c " ' been made on the staging area also be cash prizes for all march, illness, to c oznfll~e, the vote can- of men and women, who had paid Cht~rch, Charles Town. revz~wedthn~erhSSt~or~m andPrOg~ecSes. 2 The m3e~neghpl~abree~oSeste f2r ompetztmn, tl~e a rout f marc for the ar in t)anas va ann certif Jonn t~ ~zmner, the supreme oacrzfice in pas( . guests at.the speaker s of t .; J seph n,p. . ry Eleanor Moore led ~d set f3r Monda, hni ht Dp 5" g nun~oer of arade eniries Jr%s rosecutYn attorne wars, but also to recognize the|r~tile WhO were introauce~ ifi add superintenden~ of the Harpers South George street in Charles team to Vich)ry with a "! +a+ ~.-- -'~-~ Y,=g~-;, -;=~;' +'~v:. al"+-<'a, ~'e-" P~oo;vea b, ti~o " P g + Y" thousands of war veterans s11lll if+ion to the teachers, were" Mrs. Ferry National Historical Park; Town and it is open to the gen-i single game and 330 ~ ~ ~u ,~ u~+,% ~ ,+.s~ ~ ~ ? ~ " SKINNE~ SWORN IN livin e " ointed to the warSl Woodford, Mr. and Mrs, Marvin George Hartzog, Jr director of oral public. I score, while M. Bowden ~ Mrs. Bloom ~d m all probability parade committee mcludtng the g. H p " ' i + + vassmg of the ballots late Mondav ai~d raised the uestion as t wh,ident of the Charaber; Mr and Carl Auvil, of the Office of Econ- will follow the speczal presentat-1 116 hlgn stogie gas the parade will once ago, in form four county schools bands Immedmtely. following the can- that have taken place since 1918 Brooks, the former first+ v~ce-pres- the Natmnal. Parks Serf. ce and .The dzscussmn of .these letters lute on the. Kastle te~e on the parkmgo~rea atutt~eRa~soz~ teM?~angditUiPnthte p4ar?deloCOmmamni~ evening, Miss Emily Stanley ad. we l~ave calledq upon all A mer~ Mrs C Matching Smith, the for- gram upportuniw ion by Miss Gladys Hartzell of high.set sco+re. Virginia ~rc~elnatnodn mstreetS thenc2 West viziers are" Mrs Rie~mrd Adams ministered the oath of o~fice to cams to return to the old me; ~o, v+ce-president; Mrs. The Shepherd College Band pro Shepherdstown of a cllscusmon onalso nacl a ,me." +~ set " g : + ' ' " ' " obe Mr Skinner Americanisms and forms of +'` a~I Alien Bartlett, Mr and Mrs Doug vided the music for the program the 1837-1838 Diary of James W.l a 114 high sidle game;.+ to the C~ttzens Fire Hall and Mrs. James Watson, Mrs. R rt P " " " "c i ex er had all1 hi n am+ di~and+ Burch, Mrs. James Gore, Mrs. This morning Attorney Skinner, rmtisms once en3oyed in pastl Lutrdan, the former a coach and whmh was held ]n the newly con Boyden, whmh dep] ts h s "I g g g Just how Santa Claus will or. Gail Propps, Dona4d Clendening. t who was busy working on the years and to promote stroni~i~ member of the'