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November 12, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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November 12, 1959

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.... , , - , , _.~ , , Mrs. George French at their home ~for the lunchroom at the Ri~ppon SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS in 1~int of Rocks Md, Mr. Henry t~chool will be held at the Jeffer- .4 A THITI~rtAv NftV odl' dl-' :'( t i " ent 0n s,pe~t the day in Martinsburg,son Hardware on Saturday, Nov.-~--" ..---y Wi ........... 'zons .... training with the NaUon l Guard 121, beglrming at 9:00 a. m. Any- , mpirati0n Da fl Cifi ev THE JEZVERSOn PUS',S.,nG COSPAnV, INC. W. M.... ..... Methodist hur h on nday two IRue or irs Cecil Crouch " "^ U^U u.,.m^ IH0ld H0hday" ALL 8DBSCRII~rlONS DZLIVISRD IN THI STAT ARI(SUBJEG"r TO Z% CONSUMI[R8 " [ity towards being the least quali brass col;lection plates were pres] Mr. Paul Chapman daughter DC llClU IVlllll[lll~ I ~ Mr. Butler Does It Again I - ented to the church by Mrs. Tho [ Nancy were Friday evening supper The Citizens Fire EAL.~rg TAX. SUBBCRIPTION $3.50 P'rR YIr~R IN AD AN I[. fled man t,, ~,~ ~qon~ r'hair- mas Shall Mrs. P~uth Viands and Iguests with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pkn.~k 1 l have a Ho day Ba~ It uld see ...... I ............ . wo m ~na~ Mr. Fau I m,~ Mrs. Edward Kelley, given in me l Adams and two children. ~II~I~II IlV, I ~ll land S~turday Deo Butler, the Chairrr~n of the Demo "" { ~IPIRIT EISTAIBUJSHED iS44 -- ADVOCATE EfrABI.|SHED |Sa~ ........... ~ The function of a committee [mory of William Osbourne Shall] Mr and Mrs ~r L Adazns ~ ~12 in the stor'e roo~ era~lc i~aI~lonal ~olna-TllI~,~e, nets a ' . . i ' COMBINED MARCH I, |$48 remarkable knack f~c .uuttin~ h4s[chairman ~s to umfy the party, ' ' id ............ " whose death m a motoring ace "]tertai~aed wit~ a di-ner ~,,nd~,, Prof. Douglas Ch:a~ndler, Wesley ]cupied ,by the J. C. ............................. ot - - ste e a ......... "~ .... foot in his mouth Last summerln ~ divide ;,t. He shoula ~e a p ent occurred last F bru ry. ]M~ ann ~rs Roh-~- ~k~ ~t Theological ~emmary, Washing- ]'Charles Town. MAX ImOWN. Im~m ] Mr. Bu._tler_ _nrovok__~l _u win~-~ ...... dlng |@bore inter-party, strife, seeking [ V~sltors on Stmday at the ho e ]~h.rl~ "P,~w. M'r .n~ Mrs .The ton and Dr. Paul F. Warner. Dis-[ All t~r~s of ~cll.b] OFF~C~ ~oa'r~ GEOR~ ~r~E~r --- vm.l~omz zaa ]of an argument when he "suggest-[at all times, to harmonize and un-I of Mr, and. Mrs. Joseph .staxkeY|o"~'an "I:Ie~sse~'~ ]VI'rs-'~r'thv" . _.. . Sr-"--u-~-=~,~ ~-~ txict Superin~nt of the ~Iag-lowered-": -~'--"paxuculanY: -'-- ~" ed'" t ~o mildly t at t e I r~y me alsslae~ tacvlons ne may ] and thew family were Mr. d I and son ,.r .... ....._~._~..-. erstown District of the Baltimore [ _ , ..... _~ Co ~ut t.t ______.) _h__ _h_ r 1 n h: but ' h --~,-~ ~,, ,--~,-,~--,s, , eersons wlsnl,ng SERVING JEFFER$OM COUNTY FOR |~4 YIARIS AND REJ~D BY MORI[ Joh~on-Rayburn leadership in [.be fo gve of. many t. i ngs, 2 l Mrs. Harry Dorney and t elrlxtr .~.~ .~.. ~ ,~. ......,,..~ Conference of the ,Met~hodlst Churl ...... grandson Leonard Barkt~oclk, all | Mrs Charles Adams and children ch will speak at .the Day of ~nsplr I ...... tHAN ao ooo PEOPkE EVI[RY WZWJK " Congress left much to be desired I ne can never De compie~jy .~%7 ...................... ~" ......... ~u~mns may ao so m , of Baltimore Md. . / ~rs Paul ChaPman Mrs' Oar" ation ,at MAllvllie Methodist Chur / ~neo same. nt~moer ~, " ~'r~,,r~ were -um~,,~ e r~o~ far ] given Ior pr0vomng a Iamily I g ' ............ ........ i ' ~ '~" , - . OI Iire v'~remen w, ler' 1 w h " n within the party itself And yet ~r ~ R KS Town BUt S SC~ p hich the e alrma " ' h week ...................... ,~,u- call a~ your hOme IwNTERD Ai S~COND CJ.A~IB MA AT TH~ PO~'OFffIC~ IN CHA L . . ............. I Mr Butler has virtuall,, insisted' Mr. and Mrs. Augus~Is Shirley]~ana H~,~,r Jr ~rs xu^^~ dl on Nov. 15. The program vnlll .. ." _ _ of Peansburg Va. spent t e Ir .... A~.~.~ -..~ X,;o~ ~,.~_^ begin at 3:00 a,'~d last until 8:301 ........ ~. cA, u D~ VHIg nor Mn C . ~$79. ',been ,misquoted. Ultimately, the|n doing .this .very thing, Three~-~, ............... -,o~o-,s ~,~, ~.~ ,..,,~.~.o w. /Heflebower returned home e~.q P" "'" . /canned goods ,fruit ~whole thin~z died dawn altha~,h I I;lmes ne nas all ou~ invi~eu ~ne sins mr ano lvlrs ~mllp wrea~mr , " .......... : _. .... ........ /Satarday evening ~rom their Members of the Shenaadoa~n / f-ul -to A WEEKLY NEWSPAPEJq RESPRn:BI[NTAT|Vrd$, |NO. the Butler critics conditioned ] Southern wl~,g of the Party to ano ms orozn, ermr. rtooer~ ~mr-] wonderful trip to New York with Junotlon Chaxge will serve din~er].~i~'~)na~,io~ns~wi,lI t ............. ~ey a~ "L~eus~ t~rove". | ~ "0 [ ...... ,~w vo~, cmcac~o . AtLANtA - n~rRO|r . t.os AnmEa(s their forgiveness on the l mulied I take a walk. It may well be that . the County Farm ClubWomans ~t 6. 0 p.m. ' c iv ~ L|.ttle Scotty St~gz~er nine mort| ~ . . musly re e ed. promise (~f the chairnaan that he ] his latest invitation will not go Educational tour, and all were~ The theme of the meeting wrll[ , ' unheeded ~. ~.~ ~. v~ .v~. ~.u ~o. ,~.~#- ha t . , ' .......... [ ........ Thursdav November 12 1959 wouldn t be caught with his ton- ~ *.~,- ~e ...... w ..... ~ - nat | ppy hat Mrs: Woodrow Adams ~be The Individuals Responszbllrty m a do so ,b , hou .............. / a on~esvanv on "x'ae Price ~s To Hls Charch. The leaders of/,~,,.,~h,~, ~,~a h,me s, , gue down again. . [ Mr. Butler, it would seem, is un .... ~ ...... ~ .........~ " was c " , Y Y p i This week it would appear that ]willing to recognize a thing that ~;en.~ |n me ~naries -xown ~ener- R ....... t~ ................ ~ ~ .... ~**~ ~.~.~... ~, .... ~...~.~a| lght,on the Tuesday show this meeting axe hopeful that this I~ ..... ..,~n # [kdl~D~_|kl~_ ~MII~IhIT~(' Mr. Butler has again led with his ]Mr. Rayburn spoke of when he ,.~e're~o~'n~'L~'.:Sn~_~a~ "~ff"e~in':| ~ ,wi:l,1 develop a greater ~eehng of J~'~.'_": ..... _ .~ i~JVl[.n~]l[~] ~[~l~l[,~ chi~. On Monday of this week it Iwas in Charles Town last summer ~vnth "~e~n~om~ ~tt,'~ is ~]~e Tam. I..|hm :fellowship a~nd common concern ~aemaers oz vne was disclosed that Mr. Butler has IOn his Visit ~here Mr. Rayburn :~ao~." ~ a#. .,,~ x#~a. ~+ ,.,~ |~I|Ui I1~ /vwn ~IUlIIVl i axnoxtg fne rural Methodist Chur- ]Company would like ' ' ""i'hin "h t e t fats have put the fifty state Democratic or-Istated that the Democratic Party s ............................... /HI w~ e pas K 0 p mn n D moc" gahization on notice that thelis the only national party in the C~ds:f:~a~rn~A~ine~hul1 was an [~ hUb fo Present ch~2p::tffre~S~dCm~ers from/~Per~udnitaYndtth%ha~' indicated they will seek their party's nomination for the seats and accomodatlons allocated |land, meaning that it is a corn-~ ....... ~.. ....... ~o..-.~.. ~t the] ~" Summit Poi,nt Harper's Ferry Bol ]Company for the overnorshin in the May 1960 Primary Election for West to the respective states ,at the ,for IPlete or a confederation of all uw .... ~-~ su~ u. ~,,u~ ,~ , ' ' home of Miss Patsy Zom,bro nearlTw~ }#[lle|Pg| ~m~l~ ~var. Shenandoah Junction Shep Istore room ~or thrs ax v,. " " " " ' " ........ "" ---- ner-- the coming National Convention [kinds of Democrats, from North ~e Or~UO" t~Pek /=.e r:e,n,.u~ x,e.~bv~,~ herdstown and Pipertown' have ]other charitable bent vHglnla arly las week w w sarron, orney m, fr s ~'" "~'~ " ....... " _ ' - next summer will be meted out In [and Sou,th, om East and We t. Sunr~r m~es~ on Sunday even-] -------- been invited to share this day of [the premises. formally filed notice of his candidacy. A few days later accordance with the financial sup [Suc~ess of that confederation in in~ a't~'~he~hom,~ of Mr and Mrs [ The Drazn~tics Climb of CVnarles inspiration. " / Hutett C. Smith, who is presently chairman of the State port. given the Natio~aa.1 Comralt- Iwinning elections is dep.e,ndent ~ w:~" ..... ~-~ ,~,~4. ~... ~. ~ ]Town Jtknior (High ~chool Will l~re ~ [ rSenwte group 10ucl~ i ('~,~;~e ........... A h;~ ;~*.;...f ;llnm ITnI~ss we tee ;t>y the Stare organizations. Iupon a spirr~ oI compromise oe- ~n~l'~t~;~er~l~ir ~'~n'~l Mrs"f~)~a': |sent a :full evening's entertain- CLASSIFIED BEST RESULTS "palgls. .......... e Unquestionably, financing a Itween the differing faetmns. T e " " au ~men~ .................. m ~secem,ue.. resin, x-~s~n~ ...... ~~ i are m~smKen or mls-lnxormea we flare ~o suggesL yen N~ttonal Convention is not an [party itself can no more adopt .therepaid PamelaWhittingtnof Halatownand theirandd Mr~h I~aa- ............, .a one. a~.~ musl.calIlllll~ll~lmlmm~ i t at this early stage, that ultimately the race for the noml- easy task, and St is incumbent lultra-liberal views of the north ~,~ Mrs R~r~ T.~skev and child .comeay, ann "~o. ~o: ~ Milhon : nation between the two candidates will narrow down to a upon the state organizations to Ion civil rights than it can adopt,.~,, ...................... Roma .,,a ~,~,,, ,.f *he Or~- irlmes ~o." a musical "me|mr- ~ q,~'on neigh~r~h~cl~: ...... I drammer," are the two product- It | | | Dr l' _ ," race between these two men. We are aware of the fact [ h kt u th t eBUtotWu seaedm I et =) n truV yVeVv e'r Se i i . that others may, and probably will, announce; but from all a. more tactful way of reminding lissue it must be a party of partial Mr. and Mrs. W~lton Hott spe~t iins. ' ff~[~][ ]J~ ~q~)'~ll~r I~l the information we have been able to gather these two the state organizations of their |compromise. When a national Tuesday ia Hampshire County, W. I The nlnV2t graders (who preferI=~WIm 4J ~tl~lWq~l II1|~1 men anr~ar to be the most formidable candidates And oblizations could be found than to ]chairman, or even a local chair- VR. going there to attend the fun- to 'be called Freshmen) will pres- " | " - "~-- " .......... " tl iadul:ge in the threat of "back Iman fails to recogniz~ this fact eral of the former's great uncle ent "Pistol Pavkk'V Sal." Cast in l~'~q~ W~I-II~C'.'P~ ~T~l~.~.rP since one oz nem, in our oplnlon, smnos a De~er lan se~ts at ~he conv'mtion' ~ndlas ~in~ the reality it is he can Mr" Vamer Hott which was held ~he Western show ave Barbara ........................... - even chance in this Democratic State of being the next Chief hotel rooms for the d~le- ]no longer be a Democratic chair that afternoon in Kirby, W. Va. Henesy as Sol, Charles Moler as PHONE 143-J CHARLES 'I~)WN Executive of the State we urge the Democrats of the gates. Nor can sight be lost of the ]man, but instead must and should Visitors on Sunday at the home Rocky La~vson, 8usin 'Sinn and Count- who will be called u on to vote to study their ~act that by implication Mr. But ] step down to the lesser role of fac of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Grove Patsy Oraza% as Mrs. Nettle Norris .... ..... ~'....1 ~;~ ~h;~ ..... h;,~. ~t, .... ~z..~;...~ z;l"/~ o~... ler is saying ,that the well-heeled I ti(~al Chairman This is not to were their son and daughter-in- and her daughter, John Lo~very as law, Mr. and Mrs. David Grove Ca[ King, Frankie as Bud, I J | ~ ql~ .~. .... :h~:~, ~,~. ~.,~,).~.~,, ,~,~.~, .v~,.~, .~ ....uw states may secure preferex~tial Isay that Party members should and their sc,n Gregory of Charles the bus driver, David Rathbone, [l | '| ping, s ............ treatment when the Convention ] not be free to express their feel- :i,e( ; i !,[! Calling attention at this moment to the candidacy of convenes. , ........ [mgs twah..etoherethe be lut atl sbetr ~nese ~wo men is not an attemp on our part to wrH:e why Mr. Butler persists in his tac |duty of a chairman to find a corn off all possible future entries As we have said, there maY tless handling of things that |mon meeting ground for all Demo l and nrobablv will be other "entries But the moment'shuld and could be handled with Jcrats, whether they be farmers, "~" "" ~' c ...... " "'" -"~ n have the greatest of ~elicacy. By his|laborers, businessmen, or what p we see all o~ner anmoa~es Gray zn relauon ney ca unyielding stand on civil rights, Ihave you. Unfortunately, Mr. But nesht Shull, Mrs. ~'omas Shul,l The 'eighth graders are res~n- ~ on these two. Time may prove us wrong; at the moment, by his criticism of the Congress] ler seems to think the only Demo ~ however, this is the way we see it lonal leaders~lip, and now by his]crat is the one who subscribes to and Mrs. Ruth Viands of Charles s|ble for .the second show, "No! i ------- " tactless threat of future unpleas-|,his views. This heresy might be Town, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lee No! A Million Times No!" The Boxwell Mi" and Mrs Charles cast includes Jerry ,Hostler as ~, ant consequences to non-paylng ] permissible I~ ~Republican circles. ' " " ' - nUIZ ~DII5 ~te orgatdzations, Butler has ]There is no r~om for it In the De Shull a,ud Mr. and Mrs. Edward Amos (Poppy) Quackenbush, his i~ ing at the Shu~l home on Sunday West; her .hero, Noble Hart, will S~WIFTS PREMIUM demonstrated a remarkable abtl-/mocratic Party. , ~/huH of Berryville, Va. Also visit- daughter Nellie, played by A~nnJe afternoon were Mrs. Woodrow be taken by John Merchant, Bob Notwithstanding the great amount of publicity, we find ' .... it difficult to get too upset about the so-called TV quiz THIS WEEK'S NEWS IN scandals. We feel about as sorry for Mr. Charles Van Doren as it is possible to feel for a man who got $129,000 and doesn't have to give it back or go to jail.. And since the general public seemed to attach such great importance to the fact that Mr. Van Doren could memorize what any By Mrs. Stuart Crim Phone 47.F-032 third grader could find out by consulting any standard en- cyclopedia we can t say we feel sorry for the public. When wscs Meeting ., her aunt Miss Bell Snyder at fools attach importance to foolish things they run The wome n's society of Christ- "West Shenstone". the risk of being made even bigger fools, and as far as ian service of the Methodist Ch ar .Miss Nora Cheshire was among we are concerned that is precisely what happened. The ch met on Wednesday evening of the contestants at the statewide quiz shows did not make fools out of the public. They last week with eleven of the mem 4-H Wool Costume competition, hers in attendance. The Devotion sponsored by the West Virginia only served tO take a latent characteristic and make it al lesson "Thanksgivirtg: Present, Wood Gr~wer~ which was held at somewhat more patent. Past and Future" was presented Jackson's Mill the last week in One word more, and then we will leave the subject. If by Mrs. Light and du.rl~agt~e bus October. For her stylish woolen - ............... t ~ [mess meevmg wmcn ,I011owea sheath dress, Miss Cheshire was the public lnslsl:s on being so lnolKnanl: abou~ 1;hiS sor oi plans were com~aleted for the tar- awarded a l~lue r~bbon. deceit, Why can it not be equally indignant over other forms keys pper whichffas he d so sac Mr. and Mrs. Howard Fellers, . ? ........ ,~,,,~ ,,,, ..,,~,~ ..... ~,,~. -~ Miss Sallie Poston and Mr. Ski,y- of dece t that are far more costly. Where pubhc m-uleasant. ~c~.l hour fallawo~ d,r ........................................ - net Poston spent Sunday after- C[IgTiatlon when people, sometlmes rlgi~ in our very mlflSL ing which delicious relreshments noon visiting with their brother- practice deceit in business or professional matters ? Where were served by the hostess. is public indignation when some of our public servants fail in the performance of their trusts not so much througi sins of commission but through sins of omission? Where is public indignation over our lagging defense posture, over t]and.where..Lt..y~.n Tol !s s t~t- .... r " v nile delin , onea Wlm me umtea x av our inadequate .school facflztms, over ou e - .................. .... ' *' *~ 0 in1 lox~es a~'rlV~l here on we(rues quency problems, over our mgnway aeam problems,, ver I day of week to visit with her a host of problems that really mean something? Unfor-! arents Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. tunately, over many of these problems there is nothing Blake at '..White House Farm':_ " w re c ~en~ amner guests a~ me more than a shght case of apathy, And e, for one, fus'l om ,,f ~," o-,~ X -s Ea-' ~"~'~" to be stampeded into supercharged indignation over trivial quiz programs until we see some evidence that there is ters. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Weiant some sober thinking over a few other matters that strike a,nd son Mikie of BaR4more, Md. land Mr. and Mrs. William Pifer us as being worthy of national concern. |and son Billy of Middleway. --~ R'=~ ~ OU; ~-- Visitorrs on Sunday afternoon For Column. at the home of MiJSS Kate Biller were M~.E.L. Biller and her son and daughter-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Terry Bi~ler all of Baltimore, Md. In order to Settle the Esta~ of the late M~rgaxet It. John- son, I will sell at Pulic Sale the Following Personal Property, located in Kabletown. Jefferson County, W. Va., on Moved To Charles Town ~f~r. and Mrs. Howard L. Wure Jr. a~d their sons Les and Jimmy w~o l~ave made their home in the village for the past several years moved on Wednesday of last week into bhe home they have ren~ed on West Washington Street In Ctlarles Town. Sgt. and Mrs. Ray Langerbeam and ~heir daughter Vicki and tl~e form~r's father Mr. Clifton Lo~- SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1959 spent the ing wi~h the latter's son-in-la~ and da~hCer MT. and Mrs. Ora- BEGINNING AT 10:30 O'CLOCK A.M. den Vann and their fatally at 0 their home in Harrisonb ~rg, Va. HOUSEHOLD G ODS, ETC. w.M. s M ting "~e Women's Missionary Soc- One Very Old Walnut Comer Cupboard; Breakfast Set, i~ty of lthe Bapti~ Church met (xn Wednesday evening of last week M~ytag Washer, 1 Small Kenmore Range, practically new; at the home o~ Mrs. R. C. Colston Frigidaire Refrigerator, Electire Range, Library Table, Round The meeting was opened with De- Dining Room Table, Buffet, Folding Metal Table, 2 Mantle ~otlons ~onducted by Mrs, CBfton LongeFoeam after whi~ the les- Clocks, O|l Burner, Room Heater, Love Seat, SeVeral Stands~n 'O Worghlp The King" de~- and End Tables; 2 Coffee Tables, Floor and Table Lamps, in'g with the church's work in Kor ~tudi0 Couch, Several Arm Chairs, Rockers, Straight Chairs, ea was presen~ed by Mrs. Wood- Portable Radio, Pedal Sewing Machine, Electrolux Vacuum row Drish. A business meeting fol Cleaner, Electrie Heaters, Brass Kettle, Old Bar Bench, Ward- lowed a~.nd a, social'hour was en- which delicaous refresh~ments were robe, Clothes Ra~ks, Maple Bed, Springs and Mattress; M~ple joyed at its conclusion during Bed Stand, M~ple Chest of Drawers Maple Dresser, Old ~ai- served by the hostess to the elev nut Chest of Drawers, single Metal Bed, Marble Top Wash en members who were present. I Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Cooper Stand, 2 Very Old Wash Stands, 4 Toilet Sets, Old Lea~her [of Winston-~lem, N. C: have an- Trunk, Old Electric Range, Picture Frames, Cooper Rotary ]nounced the birth of a son in the Mower, Rugs, A Lot of Bed Linens, A Large Collection of ~ptist Memorial.Hos~tal in that Dishes and Glassware. including A Lot of Ironstone China ciyt on VCed~esday. November 11. Mrs. Cooper is .the .former Miss and Several Pieces of Majolika Ware, Ironstone Soup Tureen, Virginia Anne Maddox, granddau A Lot of Pots, Pans and Cooking Utensils; Several Benehes, aenter of Mrs. Harry C. Frazier of Garden Tools, Record Stand axial Other Articles that axe "Monte View" where she has too numerous to mention. ,been a frequent visitor. Mr. and Mrs. P~bert Light and children, B~bby and IAnda and AUTOMOBILE :--1949 F. Sed. Plymouth, in good Mr. a~d M~. Howard Larsen and condition, son Gary spent Sunday afternoon [v~sit~ng with the fonv, er's brother TERb~S:--CASH. ]and sister-in-law Mr. and Mrs. ]John I~ght and their family at KABLE D. JOHNSON, Itheir home in Silver Spring, Md. I Mrs. Robert Macoughtry, her ADMINISTRATOR. ~ daughter, IVtiss Sh~rlcy. Ma~ough- PAUL IYLILLER, Auctiancer. try and her. Mrs. LRiohard,.Mgdison of Middlleway N. CLARK FURR. Clerk. spent Monday afternoon of last Lunch Rights Reserved. I Week motoring over the Skyline ~November 12 and 19- 2k I Drive. Mrs. Le~lae ~ells of (:~har~les ToWn. ~pent. Su~d~y vl~i,bing ,wi.~h Adams and children of Rippon, Brailsford will play the villain, Mrs. Freda Hinton and daughter Stafford Blacl~man. Gwendolyn of Cleaxbrook, Va. and Mr. and ,Fineefa~hers will be played by Mrs. Wilton Huff of Winchester, 1Rosella Kerns; Emmeline and Iffy Va'rM !Cann are Edith Pridemore and .and Mrs. Leroy Cheshire Wayne Whitmore. Kay ~totler is and daughters Misses Nora a~ad east as Birdie ~ and the four iting with the former's brother cotmtry :girls will be Carla Alex- and sister-in-law Mr. and Mrs. lander, ,Ann ~McCorrnick, Kaxla Clarence Cheshire and their ram- IKay Corbi,.~ and Beverly W~arton. :Stage Mazragers are Carol Mer- i]Yva, at their home in Augusta, W. Ichant and David CPapper) ~d~ Visitors on Sunday at the home wards. The plays will be under ~he of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Furr were direction of M,r. ,Don Williamson, ~fr. and Mrs. Herbert Gibbs a~d History & English teacher. ~ .,,.. daughters Dorothy, Doris and El- ATTE~NDAY II 1 len a,ud Mrs. Gil~b's mother Mrs. Mabel Hall of Richmond, Va, , ................................................... By Mrs. Charles Adams Mr. and Mrs. John Kackley ar.d four children, Peg, Millie, Char- in-law and sister Mr. and Mrs. lotte and Jay of 'Berryville, Vir- Keith Monnington and her dough ginia were the supper guests on ters at their home i~ Front Royal Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Char al, Va. les Adams' two children Chuckle Mrs. Wilton Henry and her and Martha. small son Dwayne spent Sunday A Bake Sale to raise funds to visiting with her parents Mr. and purchase towels, pans and.dishes Charles Town Phone 399 ,~ ~~.~ Mothers depend on Ho~d Koroseol Foofweor lo keep their youngster's feel dry, worm, and r~mfortobh in even worst weother. It has strengfh and dura5ility, yet is light and com- |odoSle. Eosy for children to puf on and foke off, by them- selves. Unlined -- for cosy,, quick cleoning inside and old. Why not hove the fitted to&y? i I I I ! I I 1 I -J EASTERN WEST VIRGINIA'S f $_.. [ OST PROGRESSIVE, ] ~_ . ,..~ ~ S -~-~,2.~ ~ - =$ __--- ~___.~_~_~_~ YET FASTEST GR0WI_riO -~"" B A N K---" 1949 i I I I --. , I I ! i --" We Will Pay Out This Month Over $126,000.00 in Christmas Club Checks To Over 900 People. Deposit Why Not Be Among Weekly 50. This Group and Have 25c : : $ the Happiest and Mer. 50c . $ 2 $ 1.00 - $ riest Christmas Ever $ 2.00 - - $ .( Next Year. It's Easy $ 3.00 - - $ to Have A Great Christ- $ 5.00 - - $ mas When You Have $10.00 - . $ i{ A Christmas Club. " $20.00 - . $1,0{ SAHTA'S :PACK '0 GIFTS COMES PAID-IH.ADVANCE EVERY CHRIsTHAS CLUB HEHBER. JOIH TODAY! THE RAINMATE $2 L PHONE Member Federal Deposit"Insurance Corporation Member Federal Reserve System 587 RANSON, CHRISTMAS, CLUB PLANS TO YOUR :PURSE AND