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Charles Town, West Virginia
November 12, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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November 12, 1959

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WEATHER FORECAST, and cool. highest near 50 Some cloudiness and cold to- , lowest 35. Friday cloud)' wit!] ional rain, continued cool. ..:..:.:..:.o:. "Serving The Charles Town- Ranson and Jefferson County Community Since 1844" TWO SECTIONS Read By More Than 20,0011 People Every Week .......**.** ...* ......... . ........ ,,4*'*.'M t @ t o 4 ** # Q O t , 4 t Q @ 4 t #s Q # ,05, NO. 46 WEST VIRG1NLa,'S OLI)EST NEWSPAPER CHARLES TOWN, JEFFERSON COUNTY, W. VA. TIHTRSDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1959 COMPLETE LOCAL NEWS COVERAGE PRICE 10 CENT ,t .... d , [Co t Ba nl, s W'] Iv IJI '" V l ,. New State Trooper Welcome es - . 1 . , ' { [te r Cet tur g Op tnonsTown Detachment By Re' r 376 l )0 0 M 9n d "y v, , " " .......... a I ai D " "" In fh " tmas ]b Cheeks ' Frd is Is Ret't t tg )2fefl e ma o21 yern Three In.ured In , :::: tans ancl others who, work or do ord $133 00'in cheeks to be mail- ;: .. o.o ... ., .,, , Ktlhmett ,.rou,.. ,- ond , This record sum 0unLy: oloest institutions I lh I ll VAA 1NrAI'I/C I " ; I _ --. lerson County, will soc.n be in thelwas in contrast to $125,000 of last )unty infirmary .... out ofl I [ lllllg~ kU1 Ill[~RJ [ :,~ ; :] [biggest Christmas gift the c,.aunty I year or about an $8,000 i,ncrease. ,0 , ..... ,. I Here For Charge I has evez" had, as next week me The second largest Chrlstm,as ~l'a~l final day whic~l' thel i :!i I In ['hadae T^um county's foul" banks will be mail- Cluo paymenCs came irom the ..a cenu}[y old welfare [ ~:' I "t V'UHV, a nv.. [ . I l..,^J ling out heir ,9 9 CM, tmas Club l alakeley Tr st Com- Lari~auie insriruLion will bet m~~i.:7 , ] 1lilt '~~~; .... I I II ~||ll~U ~UU~lUlchecks and .the $376,000 to be paid [pany which also showed the larg- for the present nine in-Im [., "l~hree persons .were in!ured in I ;:i j .... " " . I vm J I out this year sets an all-time rec-[est increase of any one of the mree LraiilC acciaen~s wnlcn oc ,s a- " :~5~: I cuffed in Charl;s ~own it w~as[ :; ~ .... ~ " I Albert John ICitlimett, of Pat-lord for the county. And this sud-l four banks. The $22.000 increase ,. oout a mont~h ago that[ /lit ~!:.: ~ I ....... ' ~...~l : :: ~~ ~;~ I terson N. J. one of the trio of Jden flood of additional money,this year sent Blakeley's Christ- zerson C repor~eo tins week oy ~a~pn own z is s~re to be a mas Club a ment~ fzom the ty Court after[ ~ I .... _ ::;i::~ ~ " I men w'ho staged an armed "obbery/into the county . .' ' I : p,y s lg the r (Buzzy, wmtmore acung ~mex Dunawa;S'~n'att~n f-y rL I "~ ~B I ~fhiP~)li~ehrfaiCh~'~yS i:%WnvWch!!e] " ~::: ~: /.~lathe n?l~teW~allPYPBraB~dr!realo~~ed tto t;h;''cu~y sreel I $1i0:~22r.f~s~h:enat~22er$126p0~0 P~ n tendent of the home. I ~ ~~ ],:... p . t~-] ~~i,?. , [poration, on Sept. 13. 1954, was ]Christmas buying. I ticipa~ting memoers went from 7uv me aecision to follow theI ..... ...... 2 1| [b,ou t back to Jefferson CountyI h count "s four]to aoout 900 bank onicia,s shim of omer . Whitmore said M~'~. I~aiah ' - Thiee of t e _Y~. The Peo ]e Bank of charles md disc' counties in the H~pple of Columbm' Pa suffered' Tuesday to face charges of armed banks wil,1 pay their Christmas p s , :" ~,.,, ontinue the home. o~ ~,~..,~,.o, i,~i ...... ~'n is n z'obbery in Jefferson County. clubs on Monday, Nov. 16, with Town also enjoyed, a..~izeable!n- 7.^~?~ ~.years Mrs. Frittsl ~ ~~ IT'22:~'Y2T",2' "-"~';'~"~:'~er 'P'a.'.l ,m, .......................... / Corporal I. P. Richardson of thelthe other bank using Monday]crease in ~o~,n unnsLmas. ~)~ I~t~ly ancI efficiently man- , ~ ~,,~,zcu~. m ,~ ~a,s.%o~ ,a., Tne unarles. Town ueracnment oI the ~TesT. virginia blare l-OllCe Challe~" s Town State Police. and Nov 23 as pay day. memoers~ ano savings, WiLFI till ne County Infirmar. Now] ~ ~/ ]hospital., as the result m a ,three'~a~tned it's second new trooper in the past four months last weel a[ constable Lewis tBuzzy) Carrolll .~," ................. [members sharing in record ne is retl Y car colilson at the mLersecuon o[ Troo er , ho had been stationed at Beckley ~nus zor me elgnm cons~t;u~ "ring the "County[ ~ ~~ I ..... :.'. . s ~, o[ [when p C. G, Holmarn, w " " .[went to Trenton N. J. Monday[ ........... 2 ..... ~/$92,000 which the bank will be ss~.or~ers felt this to be the l ~ ~~ i v vest wasLning~on arena ~naries'~ for the past six years was transferred here to replace Trooper A./and took Killimett into custody]!ve year wnrlstmas ~u~_ ~avj~g:~.| mailing out Monday. This will ~ne time o streets in t;names ~own aurl [ Wade a sent'to the sburg detachment In th a ve], h,~,~ h,~ u,~ ,a]~~rl frr~ thainave cnmDeo In oeHersun ~vun~y/~. oh~,,, ~ canon ' me t turn "the re- , ~... who w s Pet r . e bo ~ ~ .- .............................. m_.'~ase ow,.z dlity of carin~ f,,,. ,~ .. [ ~ ~~ Ill a. m. Sunday. I :;~:,r,, Trooner Holman 'l'qt~ a native of Wheelin~ is shown being| ~','~: ",~',:~-,;'~*-,~ Do,~,7"~,,fi~,,, ~'i, |and this year the $36,589 increase|~st ...... ' ,d homeless. ;o [ MRS. DAISY O. FRITTS I W itmore sai _.< Davy be- I wT;gomed to'he detachment by Corporal I. P. Richardson, officer-in-[ ~met~l~a~dz completed serving five [ was by^far ,~*helhlarge~2n .ma~y]"~ 5ver' at the Jefferson Security Dn COunt lug orlven Dy wal~;er L warper. ! L--. . y~:~ib 4~.11~ II t~ZLl3 Ot~tu~ %~ ,, . . . Y Department ofl Charles Town will gain one of/ ..... *. 'lcharge. Trooper Holman is married and the father of three small,a,nd one-half years for a robberYl_.2 ~,,..~. o..[, ..... ~, .... ',:~":~|Bank in Shel~herdstown, 150 per- AssasCanee wnaries lowfl ran mrougn a Slg n f II **z~ ~tuu aav*tte~ ........... . as other count-l JeffersonCounty's best-known[ . . . , -[children He plans to bring his wife a d amily to Charles Tow l ln whichhe was implicated inl * _ _ ',.*" " _ .,_ *T ._;T / sons will s'hare in the $25 000 to ~e long since ' . . nal light an(~ s~rucK a car ~eing " " " " an be loc a guioe inoicauons are ma~ oert ~ " ~ Nov 23 b that done. land most beloved c~t~zens as a l ............. [as soon as hvmg ~ccommodattons c ated. I Trenton. / ..... ~4 .... +.~ ..... i, r,,,- an | be paid out on . Y ONE OF FEW LEFT ] resident Priday Nov 19 as Mrs. ~ onven ~y xsman rnppm o~ ,..:.Ol- I ~~-" I On being brought here to face [ ~,?u,, ~.v .... '~:"~_.~'_~ _~::~ "'~_'..'2:-/bank Both the amount and the D i , '' utopia ~a Toe impac~ oz ~ne oLner Dig anti pz-o~p~zuu.~ ~zzr~,~- ' matter of f~o~ .~- I a sy Dmaway Fr~tts, who left|.. , _ ........ ] ...... -- - l the Halltown armed ro~bery char| | number of savers are on a par, - ~=,zerson wavy coo agalns~ me ~ipple COl mas has for a lo''" ' " Charles Tow,n some 50 years ago ' , ' ge, Kill[mutt was arraigned be- . or possibly a little above last year :Only two or ~gete'meub~fn[as a young bride, is coming back ]knnCked2e # e:car mt :act:lJefferson County s [amen 5old I,o o Justice of t.he Peace Merle I The. 3,217 hOtdl~}~SheofthaChZiZa~i[ bank officials said. . Virginia still m~,~,.,..2 | to her old home co w,n Lo ~aKe [ ~.- . ~z ' ~. ~ ' ~ ~": I ......... I Alger Tuesday an(l after oono was / mas t~m~s is aiso_^g , [ While some of this Chris~tmas ~ty Inf,irmarv "~'~/'~'~'~ [ life easy after a most colorfu,1 [ unarms i~own, w,mcn was s~op, peo t i~..A~ ~'1 kd[tl[A~ lib Iff~M~ O~^~mm~. ] set at $10,000 he was placed in the | year.wz~n ,aoou~ 7u_more_persons I Club money will undoubtedly be iosed shortlv'}~:~.~o~.~"land active period of being a wife,/~a~ me_m~ersecuon o~ w asmng-l~jV~| ,~.[It~||l:lU|l Ill lalUl [/UUUt, I~, [Jefferson County jail to a:wait act] to snare m me Dig wnns~mas ]re.deposited in one of the cou,ntys -- Con ano t.:narles sl:reeLs me ear -- " payoII ~istance ,,{o-~kL-~ ........ :lmother advisor counsellor and/ .... " I lion of the Jefferson County grand/ . . . . I banks most of it isexpected to be h the pas~aVg~'~t +was~se~'llast, but not least, supervisor of[Pemg or!yen vy~arper]~ .... l~ ..... Lt cJ kd.*ll!.-- I.&-- /*--...&.. l jury in Jaauary: / . Three of t,he tour cou nty~an~s l used I~y the recipients to pay bills o -, ~,tc rcu r lugNorm on unarms sczee~ ano ,, snoweu sizeable gains in unrls~ f ~ocial Secuvi+.. "^ ....... L.-Ithe Jefferson County Infirma Y.I . , ' _ . l l,rnn IM'flllllni P2IIIIUll IIIIU LOUIIIV I Killlmett and John Lel~y MurJ . . s :|and shop for Christmas gi ts. -- a ,.,, uz,v on wasnmgton stree~ when rne ~ ] ~ fferson/ one remamea aoout the same { ho ful that those md hous~,~: -:.T"2~ _ | come so widley-known in Jeffer-[' .. " . _ , , , "---- . -~ Paul Eugene Hostler of Je , ' merchants are pe ~" ~s --- ...~ u, me ageo I son count" informed the Jeffer I con[stun occurre(~ zotai carnage [ q-h,~ 1959 Census of A~rieulture " walked into the Halltown THREE SNOW GAINS he Christma~ checks was gra(~u ' .~, ' - _,,~ o ] County. receiving t s s . , allyturned/ ks ao to the three cars amounted to r wa m ff rson Court Remodehn Pro ram lant on the after hometown me, Y the various ........ ,son County Court some wee g .. = .... I now unde y ' Je e - g g Paper Board p " A little more than one Vhird of will remember "- ~partment of Pub~cn~es,o~ I she was going to retire from t'he l a~.ou~ Sz.~.~u. warper was cnarge~ ~ ty will bring up to date farm star- I I noon of Sept. 13. 1954, demanded| total sum paid out in Christmas | chants and do their Christmas 1 l 1 ~ ~Y and she went wit t wlcn running a re(] ngn~mber 16 att] caheG In a room aaJolnmg v,e uzu] ~v~ - " West Virginin ........ I job of supervisor of the coun y I .... " . listics last collected in 1954 when I ~-~ ~a|$ ~,~n~.~ I and got the company's payroll| savines will come from the Bank / buying in Charles Town l~anson With hi,he inm'ate~ i,~ ,~.~ J home a,nd take life easy from now[~ Anomer acciaen~ occurre~ a-| the farm census revealed the fol-[ I.luI~C:3 J~|I',~I1L~ ]which was being made up. The| of C~harie~ TOwn where about] and Jefferson County. ' ...... how ~ou~ a p m bun(my a~ me same 16 999 30 Infirmary her~ t,-- "'" . Ion. She aoreed to stay on, -|.. ." . .... [ lowing facts: I | payroll amounted to $ ............ - lssioners realized s em U, Ylever, until pla, ns COtlld be com-]ln.ersec~i, on a~(1 it InVolve(1 caz~Sl The value of products sold in~ ~||t*~ ~ | ~AI~ [ The trio the~ fled and it was~ .......................... hi~ be needed to reloc"ate~]pleted for finding a replacement]~emg coven ~)y rooer~ ~. weo~| 1954 by farm operators was $7,-I dilly dlVl'g LU|~I |not until several days later that|~.~.~]L ~AMM~E It/:11 I.w~m toe gll~ ~o ~e ~.~euur~:~,~ ~ ~'" oI vlnelana r~ j ann ~irace concession ~o ve ~z~ ,4,cu er homes So a'~ ~zza~ .... ~2 I for her. But instead o'f replacing l .... | 120 506 [ [any of them were apprehended [~||UII| [J IIIIV Will' | ...... ""2 ..... 'inite closing date wasUsmete]her the Court decided to close out [Mar:y Masters of ,Charles Town./ Yhe value of all crops sold was [ The new!y rem~eled and great]Murphy and Killimett were ar-/ ~'" # /oy tne..teacn~s.anu../~ comm~e~ ~ounty Commissionm. ~'[the home and Nov. 19 is the cloy-] we~o suHere~ rn~ur~es ~ ms / $4 432,357 and included $833,712|1y enmrgea ~hco uu~ rnce Store|rested in Newark, N. J. but Host-|U_|J ..... I ~_LA_|/o~ mousers. ~_~ ~.~ ,,_~ ...... ir, contact the ~e'~.~'~'ling deadline, |righ~ emow ana t:)acK ana was|for field crops $2345 for vegetab-|at the corner of West Wasning-|ler was not apprehended until a-|[l[]|~ ~]~lg|l~| .~[v[H]R||acceptea ~or Lne ~n ponu. ' Department of ~'pu~)l~ic] Miss Daisy has rented an apart~hspitalized' Damage to the ~wo| les $3,584,368 for fruits and nuts[to.n a,ndNorth Charles Streets in/ bout a week or ten days later in| ..... n ........ ~,.wvv.! - , ~e~ and ask that s~e,,s be[ment on West Washington Street|cars amoun~ea to a~ou~ saU,|and $11,932 for horticultural spec|cnarms TOWn was co mpmtea ear-|California. .|~ n m|lla ih, * ~ediately to place" th~lw~nere shesays she ca,n be close/Whitmore sam.. , ~ . ./Ialities. " |!y this wee~ and inc~u.~es a nun-/ Murphy and Killimett we, /I.31fln v H '1.~ "'"' and [our elderly women]to t)he hleart of the haonenin-s| No cnarges nave oeen p]acea| The value of all livestock and|her o! new ~eamres. ~uso now nas| tried and sentenced to the New| v~m snlum '~vw m v _~ _ . ~r homes as -uiek~- ~lr'of Charles T~,.n ~.,~ [t'~ ~|in ~he acciaen~ as investigation|livestock nroducts sold was $2 ~58 ~/bwice ~ne hour space to mspmY|Jersey State Peni~tentiary on a ~: . ~ ....... |people once again ............ |has ~ot .been completed, W~-it-|056 and ~included $1,408,368 for |it's hundreds of new items and |robbery charge which occurred in|wPl;2: Dhan~eybe~ng%Pcl~ood ant ~S~ ~t0 P~e week tocal DPA ~f.ficiais/ NO ~-a~v ~,~e~ more s~a~eo. |dairy products $90448 for poultry/outstanding oargains ~na~ may oe|New Jersey. Hostler was orought o~,o,~ q,~,,,~, e,, ~,,,,~ ~,.i they hope to have places| a~ ........ ~'f.~'--_ ..... Whi~more said a total of 30 per|and poul.try products and $1.186,- | found in every department of the|back to Charles To~wn, tried In ~',~'~',a~{ ~o] ~-~'~,~=~"~,, ~;" Charles Town State T~aper ! of them by the Nov 19|hoo ~- ...... sy says she sons were arrested by Ohame,:/245 for Uvestock and hvestock pro/spacmus store. A snac~ oar zs also/jefferson County Court and sen- ,~v night ?qnv ~ tt ~,~ ~,~ ]Tommy Ward z eportea Monaay ! uate. Some of the in~tes -~:, ~'~ messea with a happy Town Police during the week end| ducts | featured in the new store and the |tenced to the West Virginia State ==,',..~'~"~.,'~'"~,',~,$~' ~.'$ ~2..,':::,~ ] t'hat a 1953 GMC pickup truck, moved to the new and t~,~ ,-~ ,,.. ' e from childhood ing Novem~ber 7. | The value of forest products|proprietors ca.ll to the attention of|Penitentiary at Moundsville. ~',^:~..~ ~.~..~.o ,r~. .... ,.,~,] belonging to Wilbur F. Prochaska, Rest Home for the Aged m~st~h~ea.~,~.,years nave been the Two accidents also occ.urred dur|sold f, rom the county's farms was[the public, their full page adver:| "~"~'~t 7"~'~'~* ...... "~ ........ ]Vienna. Va. and being . drive, n by ecently constructed at Bol ......... ~a~-warmmg, Pmasant and ing the week, one involving a pea/~3 093 /tisement in section ~. page 5-~ o~ ! kd n / ~o _| v~J,~,,~ ~" ..... ~ I Randolph Elwood BrooKs, nerry- iY the Pent[costal Homes ~iurl~ymg" Aria yet it has been e~,trian---Mrs. Mamie Little. 210[~ ' " -- [this issue of the Spirit of Jeffer-| Mamn~n|irn u,|r| There will be many games Oily[lie, Va., went out of control a- thers will be placed in nl'i~ ~.~. z~g these years that she has W Liberty street, Charles Town.[ t'!l__ ~L.... I'*.,,.&.,,, |son-Advocate which carrys a host/ " .u....m~,~m~ v.. skill and act,s oz entertainmentlbout 3:30 Sunday mo,~4ng on U. 0mes. '~ mao~ prooa~)ly.,as much, if ~ot Whitmore said a car ~being| ~||~[ ~U~ ~,~|~ /of bargain items, especially priced/ | m ~ll which are expected ~o prove a-Is' Route 340, West of Charles e responsmm s 210 of the new and musing and enjoyable to pat Tow rashed into a utilit Infirmary which was first tha--'~: " _ ' ty to, shoulder driven by John H. McG!nne~% | /for the opening ' | i|nl||r~ |n w~i~ . .. ,~ : .... -[ n and c y [ more than a hundred ca,,~^a~,any ume!n her life be- W. Avis street in Churms TOWn.| I~ M~w I ~,,~M^n in ]enlarged store. | ~lIJMl~ |ll ~| l~ runs OI all ages. Tnere.w~ll..~lso] pole. ~.,c playing morner tl at ~he corner mm ~ oe ~ iooa counter wmcn Will oe :ago in Jeffers(~n County and nurs , counsel[or struck Mrs. Lit e .m ~gW LUtl, alIUII I , ~ Trooper Ward said ~t~e truck !z_st located on the large~-, .... e to as many as 40 eld-of Washington and Cha..rles Sts. [ ] ~mmmmnm~u ~l ~n |n~ A~, q~l~l~A~aWl~ serv ng cakes, pies. candy, soup. left the highway on the left side ff the late "Will" . ~ ~-,~ aumemss people at one time when she walked in tront oz tne * IbUIIIIIIIdllll vmm ~v.~ mmm~,, Mt ,JIl li/ll lU l ll coo~,es, rows, .eggs, san~wrcnes,/ crashed into the oole t:hen ca- ear Le lamoL. W~l- ,s no easy ~ask Lh suffered abrasions ano ICharles Smith BIda. / ' - apple cider enic~en ,o~'o~-,,o~t- ,~ th= r,~,ht ~id~ of . etown And 1 " car.'S e . . " . .... ......... c .......... ~ ..... tcial d .... "- ~- ~" thoug'h It was on Mar~- ......... , ..... qons of t~he legs arms and l " / ~u~H ~_-..*..-- C .... /~ Carohne Mason Martins~urg, The above items are being do-It*h~ h~h,,,~,, where it came to a~c zuz- me opening ,-,, o~ ~v~l ~na~~,~,.m~ , .' . ~ ...... ,,..---~ . ~t was then known as the Mrs. Fritts was apPointed by theface and was treated at the ~fT] Siler's Shoe Center has now| W[|| ~|~ ,)~U[~ ~| suffered a_laceration of the left noted by parentsand friends and]rest against an embankment. s. Poor h ........ oe,Hers3n Count- ,~ .... , ..... '- ~-~ of Dr Clyde F Deal, wes~lmoved into it's new home in the/ mg jus~ a~ove me an~m zn an anyone wisnmg ~o oonate some-/ . ~ ~ ..... "~ ~ ~ ull a~m.snuse erintend-,~ ..~ ~-,-~ .... ~ ~up- ~"~-+v ~tr~ot f~r" whom s'he|f,,,~,,oo ~mitl~ ~,-i~,~n~ loca*~,,~| ~ ram__ I/ ......t~_,,-- automobile ~ccident about 2.7 thing for this phase of the cam-/ Althoua'h there was no personal ~ ..utm some O! the old- ~,~ ~ me cou,nw's in-~,~,~-~ ........ "~ '~"~-'~ .... "" ~ ~" . ' 'h herdst(~ n on ' ' s i ar --- . hrmar ..... . rner Lawre~nceand ranmer ~ ~[ ~{~ , miles West of S ep w zval zs asked to end the contr- in ur to Brooks damage to the ound Jef%rson Count Y. She agreed t~ t,~k~ u, works, on the co of Y . . J Y , ~e it .......... 'Y the big task * ................... olvedn"~aShin'ton streetsin Chavles~ State Route 45 about 9 p. m. Tues buUon to the school e~ther Thurs tr~,~t~ ~mnunt~d to about $300 ~.~ Wa~ a~ least 100 years ..... ,ur a per~lo~ oI one Toe omer acclaen~ .my,,., I - ~ * m ...... . ...^~ ,~a,.la ~1~o ,-l~v avon,.n,; d~v ,w F'ri~av ' ................ " ~? Possibly lc,nger Later year. a~the end of the year the cars being driven by George S. ITo_wn. _............ |-~emnun~een~,~,~o~;,,';T-"~o2~'*" -~h~a~e's-~"own State Troonor (3 --" ~;he'iis[~';~.~nd will once a~ain Brooks was charged with reckless ~'Ierson County Court se .~uun~.y couz'~ asked her to stay Marlow ~te 1 Charles Town;I _~'rom M.onaay mr ougn wea-lmornmg~.y u .... '-~, ~',,2"'~,~'~'~':. ~ ~] ..... id n 1.q.58 l~n'~ntiac h,~ ~nr~th~r hi~rr'hli~ht nf t~ha af~ni~ dr[vine Trnoner Ward said ne 257-acre Cov~ f~,,, ~ on. S,ne said she had enlnv,~,~ ~,~ ~...~ ~',,,~, ~ Clark Arlington,| nesday the Snoe cen~er was imuni~y oil compm~ .... ~; .... t"~" "7" .~- .......... :-. - -:-. --::. = ................ ............... * ..... ..... ' ...... ~ ....... ~n the Charles'~ow~;'_~'~.'U much having had the opp~rt~unitv ~a'~ita~so'occ'urred at the corner [closed so that the merchandise les Town that. t'hey w.m receive s~a~on wagon being coven wes~ ~------, ----- )'oad. And for mor~"-t.~ ~o make life easier and kinder for of "~l~arles and Washington Sts. J could be moved to the new lo-~the score of ~ne cnaries..towrn- on-,~u~e ~a oy oonn_r~o~..c~-~ ~j~- kJ _1_ __L_ _. ~ ~ ...... .... ILl_. T_ ~rs now th~s hos ~-^~'"'" nomeless and aging persons w'ho ~,~a ~ama~e to the two cars a- [ cation and the store, made l'eady Keyser footban game a~ me ena er, ~. wmcnes~er ~ve[~_ue, ~_: M~r~lr~r ||T |2~n~r ~ ][]L~bNln|~ |111 to hundro~- ^o'~;" .~ccn a ,had been hrnl~ht f~,~+~- . "-'* ": - . ~_ ~ ~.~, I~,,, ,o ~,~,,~.,, ~ht~ morning of each mlarter ano ~ne score Will tinsourg, wen~ ou~ ol cont~rol ~tnu I'sV~Mv Vl V~ll~ ill n~mm~l~ my ,men---]~,~ ,~ bum men home -wl:,~-~=':,~ ~.~ffne counw moun~ea ~o avou~ ,zau. ['"~'~=~-~'~2~"y co-owaer" and be ousted on +,)heir office windom- over an embankment. _ . ~ . ~ . . A. -- w-.. ,,z meir l h,.*.J. ~,,~:~ ~mu zm o~ner ~ .............. r, . ~ - ' " n sat Miller ast Chmles Street or ~t willT~ooper Holma d their lives turned t,~ *~- place to go that sheagreed to~C~vnn Frame Membership , loperotor of the business with Mrs. on North !' ............ ~o o o,:o ,. r arh At Pr hvt | I hllrll :'Y whe +~.~.. " ~"~ carry , ,,H~-~., +~a i,~h ,'-~---r -- I ~ila~- t, hi rning the new oe avaiia,bieDy calling llO any t,mu zl~.~ ~ ,,~--,,., ,~ ...... ,"- '~'~'~'- ll%Ul~ll tt-~ tl~tdP[/l~l~l VllMl~|l ~wantednelsew~^seemiagly ~;. on...~f. ...... ;, .... _. ... Meetin~ Monday at 7::)0 I s orero m-~vn/Svi~:s~ more space time during the afternoon. The of him and, looked_in ,toe rear ,,~ _ ,,~ze. ,_2,,,_~. rrz~s, a aaugn~er ol ~ne "~ # .... ~ - - ...... ,~*~,,, ~o,~o ,,,m h~ nlaved in Kevser on ~,iew mirror ~o see wna~ i~ was. ~e ---------- me Court approach,~ ~e -~aleig, h and Fannie Kennedy The annual membership meet-[ anu_a.mpmy area ,u~ ~2,~,~ ~,,""~mber 20Uh starting lost control of the car and it got Dr. Earnest Trice Thompson. nero ot wh uunawa w t a wmer select;ion oz mc~ ~ - at to do ab~,~',~ Y as born in Charlotts inu of the Camp Frame Associa -[ ..... " *~2"??gA -:'-,~('-~nd mmunlty Oil off of the berm of the road Dam moderator of the General Assem- mty Home t . -~'~ ville Va 'In 1914 sh , ' 1 . " ~I 1 ' ount ise. ~ L : O1~ ~ ......... CO .i -- ' " " ~ ' , he thinkin ^ - , e was manned mn will be held m ~.he C Y ^ .... otter n ht c~n the age to the car amounted to about bly of the Presbyterian Chu,rch m was g tuW * Th~ Shv~ C~,.ter had been lo- will have a rep g * . . . . .to sell the farm an,~ ~ ager Fritts of Jefferson coun Agents office in Martmsburg on| ...................... ~,, nh~,~n~ the score back just $2,000. the United States will wmt trip "t. But onl,, : "h her husband Monday night, Nove ' | .................... --~-'^'-'::~a~ they are made on Miller was Charged with failure Presbyterian Ohurch in Ch~irles th - co a far lnt,~s Jeiierson rnea~re ~zuzzz ~ quz~y : ~ e Court leased the ,~- - m in the Middleway sect- 7:30 p. m. A good sized attend-/ ,~.'. .... , **., ...... t~ ' t~h- f~tball field to keep his car under control. Town on Sunday, November 15. ~v~r and ,uz, ot the count , ~o ~,,,~,, ~,~o ~ -~ . Mrs. Raymond y where she wasance is requested. ' ~" " ' The members of this church feel Buyer has been farm- a,nd handling the for the past sev- a wife a,~d mother of five chHd- e n, When her husband died while he Children were still young she ound t~he road a rough one to ;ravel. But with the able assist- ance of Jasper Barron, she man- aged to continue operating the Continued On Page $-A said this week he has raise some dairy cattle. On Page 8-A Scouts Will County Girl Scout.,. their annual fund-rats. Thursday, Nov. 19 will March to be stage( as an ol~ening pusl the greater part of the ff Charles Tewn an( oe making house-to. from 7 until 9 p residents of homes wish- make contributions ar~ keep Porch lights bur?p evening so Solicitors wi Call there. the Girl Scowl )ut this week ho~ Scouting can be and county, state rl Scouting helps leadership and and serve togethe~ active use- "~amping skills and learnt,rig to york together. ANNUAL SHOOTING MATCH [ZAAK WALTON GROUNDS SATURDAY. NOVEMBER 21st. 2:00 P. M. TURKEYS AND HAMS TRAP and STILL TARGET Benefit: HARPERS FERRY--BOLIVAR LIONS CLUB Nov. 5 - 3t.--VP ATTENTION--FREE GAS THE RANSON ATLANTIC SER- VICE STATION (on the Ranson Circle) WILL GIVE &WAY 10 Gallons of Gasoline to the luek~ 'vinner each week. Drawings on ~aturdays at 2:00 P. M. WADE BENNETT R. M. SMITH, Distributor. May 22-tf.--FF Two Q Town-Harpers Ferry } One of the highlights of the dance which the Jefferson County Junior Chamber of Commerce Stages each year following the Charle~ Town - Harpers Ferry football game is the presentation of a host of awards to the two teams and players on both teaxtts, plus the reign- ing of two queens and their courts at the big home-conting dance. This year the dance was held in the Ha~pers Ferry High School gymnasium. The two queens who were selected to reign over both the football game mad the dance were Jean Kable for Charles Town and Surly Robinson for Harpers Ferry. The Queens along with members of their courts and their escorts are shown a,s follows:- Front row, left to right:--N~cy Geltz, Dena Stiles, Kay Lorenz, Joan Grifflth, Elizabeth Say|lie, Donna Tiernan and Charles Town Queen, Jean Kable. Harpers Ferry Queen, Judy Robinson, Ka~ St~ubs, Sally Dillow, Maxy Lou Mahoney, Ssndra Rockenb&ugh. Joan Cameron, and Polly Merchant. The coaches, the two outstaz~ding players in the game and the escorts axe, back row, left to right:-- Donald Myers, Chaxles Langdon, Donald Ott, Richard Cain, Jimmy Coulte~ and Danny Eismon.~ Outstanding Player for Harpers Ferry, Raymond Galloway, Dick Dailey, Harpers Ferry coach Ronald Rice, Charles Town coaeh, Richard Harm|son, Tommy Manuel, Chuck Kisner. Outstanding player for Charles To~n, Larry Burns, Gerald Weaver, Richard McCauley. John Newcomer. Wayne Jam|son, Joe Mahoney, and Ernie Webb. (Photo By Tim Sinn) officials also ~ointed Girl Scouting offers to every include sew- Photography, arts door program and honored in view of this antic[- paled visit by such a man of spirit ual strength and leaders'hip. He will preach at the ll:00'a, m. Worship Service. Dr. Thompson. who holds the hi~hest office and honor that the Presbyterian Church can ~ffez', is recognized as one of the most a~ble leaders and tearers in tha denomination. He was born in Texarkana, Texas, the son of an illustrious Presbyterian minister, who also served the church as moderator. He was educated at Hampden-Sydney College, Colum- bia Universlty, Union Theological Seminary in Richmond. After re- ceiving degrees from these insti- tutions he also studied at varying times at Biblical Seminary in New York and the University of Edin- burgh, Scotland He has in later years received the honorary de- grees of Doctor of Divinity from H~mpde~-Sydney and the D.litt. from Washington and Lee Uni- versity. Following his service in World War I, where he served, first as an enlisted man In the Medica' Corps and later as a Chaplain, Dr. Thon~pson was~ called to the pastorate of the Manhattan Hts. Presbyterian Church of E1 Pa~. Texas. He was not there lce~g be- fore h~s scholarship and leader- ship were recognized and he was broutrht to the faculty of Union Theological Seminary in Rich- mond. This was in 1923. He has been teaching in t, hat institution since then. I.n addition to h~s teaching and preaching the moderator has ser- ved the church as book editor of Interpretation and editor and co- editor of the Presbyterian Outlook DR. THOMPSON in which his Weekly Sunday Sc~hool lessons have been a con- stant stream of blessings to so ma,~y. In the midst of his busy years Dr, Thompson has written several outstanding books. These include "Presbyterian Missions in the Southern United States". "Changing Emphasis in American Preaching", "Sermon on the Mount". and "The Gospel of Mark and its Meaning for Today." NOTICE:--Tony's Diner BE CLOSED November 2{~ti~--- Thanksgiving Day. By Proprietor. TONY CI~ICCI-IIRICHI. Nov. 12-1t.-pd.--Y~P 'BUDDY FRAZIER FURNACE AND HEATROLA CLEANING PHONE 545.R Oct. 29-tf.--FP q