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November 11, 1982     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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November 11, 1982

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SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON Farmer's ADVOCATE 19 THURSDAY, NOVEMBER II, 1982 pnnrtmml pl ORDER OF PUBLlCATION NOTICE OF SALE OF West Virginia 25414, ~m an- G|V| TH| UM|'~D WAY NOTICE OF Jefferson County, West IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF VALUABLE REAL E~ATE swer or other def~Ise to the TRUSTEE'S SALE Virginia, to which plat complaint fried in this action The undersigned Trustee, in reference is made for a description of said property by bert & 81mmu F. I It. JEFFERSON COUNTY, . By virtue ef the authority on or before the 6th day of the execution of a certain Deed metes and bounds. IFosGkm 13k12 WEST VIRGINIA vestedin tbe by a rdmnT.& IR. 8TATEOFWEdTVIRGINIA deed of trust made by l eslie December, 1982, otherwise l have in my har, dsforfmal of Trust dated August l, t978, AND BEING h~e same pro- 7W~kHo~ ~ BYW.H.&WmTE, JP~, T. James and F ,loise James to judgment by default wLtl be settlement the accounts of from Ricky Lee James and rd mlIT. &Mm'tlm l It. DEI~'TY COMMI& C.KAndersm Trastee, dated taken agsainst the Defendants Shirley D. Corbin, Ad- JoyceM. James, husbandand perry conveyed to Ricky Lee ilW e [flL47 81ONER OF FORFEITED May12, 1972, and recorded in atanythnethereaRer.Acopy ministratrix, c.t.a d.b.n of wife, recorded in the Office of James and Joyc M Jamqs ]gol~ J. & I~ M 1 It. AND DELINQUENT LANI~ the Office of the Clerk of the o( this complaint may be d~e~ of Jol~ L. Corbin,missionthe ClerkofOfjeffersonthe CountYcounty,COm- j.fromHerring,JUdy Herrinhusbandandar, dROnaldwife, rO"~bc, pt.l, OF JEFFERSON COUNTY, CountyCmmaimunofJeffer- obtained from the un- JamesB. Crawlordlll WestV-u'ginia, in Deed Bovk 443 by Deed dated Aug~t l'1978' and recorded m the Office of 91.7'/WEST VIRGINIA, son County, West Virginia, in dersigned Clerk at her office. B. Jr. &mm, m Plaintiff, Deed Book 491, Page 474, Entered by the Clerk of Fiduciary Commissioner of at page709,defaulthavingbeen .- J^ . L. .~ .k,~ ; ~ Clerk 0! D'~ ~oumy t;om- umm:mu~paymtu~uLu.;m- ,~; ;,~,^So ;,4 ' t~,inDeed tStdk A.l llL vs. default having been madein sam uourt, ttus 1st clay of Jefferson county, W.Va. *h,rein secured : MTJ THOMASROBI .y;C.F. tbe provisiom of the deed of Nove ,lg 2. - Nov.ll-2t-pd ;ired by Book 443 at page 707. ! DIMIMIL WALL;R.KYLEWALL, trust and being required by Roan W. Lynch o ---,- - l= otewiU wili sell at Den~IClary $o to (tO, I.~ 1,4,h~,t ~^ ,~,~=Am=rlt$ &~A. IlL EXECUTOR OF THE LAST the ~ to do so, the Clerk of Coi~ ti t the fron ~ NO. M ~ 177.4110WILL AND TESTAMENT OF undersigned, as suha~tuteBy Hazel G. ~ts~er, Deputy NOTICE OF pt~uc auc on, a t ~oor . of *~ ~=r ,~,~, e,~mtv Cour and nghts of way of record and mk& ylR. tNG.WALL, ; Trustee, will sell at public Nov. 4-2t TRUSTEE'S SALE OF " a thoase in Charles Town, West -: - IN Hmlil 141J CltARLESA.STRIDER, JR,auction at tbe front door of the VALUABLE REAL ESTATE 3rdda reasonanle inspection me m J. 1 It. EXECUTOR OF THE LAST Court House of Jefferson By virtue of the authority vu'gmm, onl, noay, y of December, 1982, at t0:0o pr r y aWTm S snjec: 7~]~]~I~ WILL OF EDITH WALL County, West Virginia, at vested in me by a Deed of Trust t rtain taxes, Charles Town, West Virginia,NOTI bearing date the 4th day of o c ocx a.m au ma ce -rcelof land known as No charges wmcn are now clue or wmfl~G. Jr. 18A. STRIDER, DECEASED; on Friday, Decembor 3,1~2, L~ ~ID~. CERTIFICA~ April, 1981, executed by ~ f the which hereafter may become |Cre~Rd ~t~*~art ~ DOROTI~BUStl;CARL at 10 oclock a.m the l~oticeisnerebygw~u'mt ChristopherAntonNaumanto ~ tmty-stx~ o . vi due, including payment of 1982 iW~ O. ,Jr. I R. FREDERICK WALL; . following described real the undersigned has. lost t~er~ the undersigned, Peter L. Mecx~enoerg netzms auom - [IMOd~G &~C W'~[,L]B~WAAE;YVONNE estate: tificate lS~ for 696 shares, ana Chakmakian, Trustee, to sion, in Shepherdstown~i~d~e~LL~ae~hon M~P LM~lt-'-" " WE~JOHNSON;CALEB All that ~rtala lmreel ~ ~cate 150~for340sbares secure the payment of that cer- District Jeffers n. Couaty aay O~ sale ' ~~'- . BUR~;CORABUR~;WALJ, real estate lying ill Charles of Peoples Bank of Chan~ tain promissory note therein WestVtrgmm, as the same ap " lat" " -- d ROBERT R. SKINNER l~.~ BURN& wn ~ ~M B. ~m~ ~Ton Dktr~t, Jefferseu Town, and will request sam described, recorded in the Of- pears amy p tea ana recor - ^ Trustee P~e~ ~ M ~ a m ~ ~ " P" t Book 1 at e 35 ~uost~tutea --"~" "" IN HIS OWN RIGWr AND A8Omnty, West Virginia, and corporation to issue new cer- fice of the Clerk of the County eain ta pag ~ ~ l~l.~ EXECUTOROFTIIELAffr mere Im~ . rly described tificates within ten days. CommismonofJeffersonCoun- among the Land Records of Nov.ll4t ~'~',o~ ~," WILL OF GERTRUDE B. usfollows: STEPHEN A SCHILLty, West Virginia, inDeedBook - = um4pm 74, sc'm I) ; Belngzgofl sNo. lT ud Nov.ZI- t 483 at page z20 ; PUBL! 2 ~am~. & ~ SL~ ~]~ A. ~CH]~," DONNA 18, Se ~ IS-J, as the same k now being due and payable, ~s~uted ea a plat of the and default having been made t c.o wmiam l m FORTUNE; ALL OTHER PI~RSONSllAVINGANIN- subdlvklon there, made for in the payment thereof, the FromlnterstateSlSonthofMartinslmrg, W. Va Take Exit JelmR. Pm' ID.(I L) I~EREgrI~I~EREAL 81mammdal,ira: a c~'-NOTICEOF undersigned, having been re- No.S(lnwood, W.Va.)Route51Eastapp~ximately3V~mlles I~'ill~D~y ~1 i~TA'I~WlllCiliSTIlE Imratimt, by W.R. Amm, ~ICSLIEN q~r~ to do se by the holder of toShuttsCashGreeery(formerlyHaines)Turnright-.2o(a E. 1 it SUBJECT MAI"rEROF THIS dated Jely I~Z, ~ recorded said note, will offer mr sale, at No.|Meekl~ba~l]~ I~11 ACTION, WIlOSENAME8 ia the Offlee e~ tim Clerk el the TO: JOHN A. LACK public auction, to the highest mlletoule - OR - FremCnarlesTown, W Va TakeRonte ~ J, ~'~ of LIl~ ]~ql~ L~ TI~ ~OWN TO PLA[N" Ce~ty Ommmbston ~ Jeffer. RocMa~ ~ bidderatthefrontdoorofthe 51West. GoapproxlmatdySmll. toSimKs Cash Grocery . e-o ~ E. Lie AND WHO ARE MADE tam Omnty, West Virgimia, in ~ 4~ Court House in ~;narles Town, Turn le~t - .2 of a mile to sale. Me]dl U DE~NDANT~ BY THE PiatBeokl, Pagell3 Msep~W.tVirginia Jefferson County, West SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1982 L. & ~ y. I It GENERAL DESCRIPTION TERMS OF SALE: ~e-third Notice "ts hereby givel to Virginia, on the 3rd day of HO-II~EkI~IB" 14&~ UNKNOWN DEFENDANTS, cash on date of sale, balance you, JOHN A. LACK, in Be- December, 1982, at 10:00 At9*,00 A,M. ~ E. I R. -- - De~emlants. in two equal installments, ~ with the laws of theo'clock AM ED.T the ~1o.~~ 117J~ CIVIL ACTION NO. ~ evidenced by notes of the put- State of West Virginia, that following described property: APPROXIMATELY 20 - 25 TRACTORS -- Including Cubs, dmsor, bearing even date the undersigned, Global All ilm following described Fords, John Deere, Internationals, Fergusens and many .I, Mervya T. & ~ M. The object ~ the above an- with date of sale, payable on Satellite Communications, p~y~ Imow~ as Lot.J.~. of other makes. ALSO -- We will be offering a good selec- tmrd A. & Date J. titled actien i$ toobtain un Of ~k~,SIm~ ~ derof tbeCircuit Conrt of Jef. or be~ore one and two years. --~ In" ~, l~llrmis f'.~me'~finn i~ttmgmmoeEstates, wmmzm.thereon a tionof plows, cultivators, wagons, new and used rotary .date respactive!y, doing business as Global Pr .veme: ere= to nd, ap cutters, 6 and 7 ft. blades, post hole diggers, discs, ~l~ll~Ig.&l~daC. llL tersont~tmty, West Virginia, besrmgmt~restfromdateata Visio" daknsalientoseolre pur~emm n ~elong-woodsow, rokes, bo|ers, groinelevotors, corn pickers, ~ directing the sale for the rate of I~ per annum, " tug. situate, lying and being on and many other form related articles. h wmiam & benefit of the School Fund of secured by a deed of trust on .payment at t~e s~ ~ ~i~O the east side of the Shonandonh We will also be offering o good selection of new and ~.~ 1 A. E[et,~r ~ all lands included in this ac- the property sold, andmousana zour ~ zmy- River ia Kabletowa District, used t,o~#ls, some household articles and some antiques. N[O.~l~rlglq~im~~ .~ ~ ux:mdeseripUonmeaenforareasmmbleamotmtupon(W ~2.Sb) upon your mteres~ Virginia, more particularly TEIUM$.CASH. Nothing to be removed untll settled for. m pamel included in this action, all Imildings thereon, with the in your residence and ira. described as [o.ow : EDGAR A. BOHRER, SALE MGR. Wmlev ,* R. ,-,-~v~-m the name of the former owner ~ to the mn'chuor of provements commonly known "Beglnnlng at a No. 5 capped 304-229- 154 v,- in whose name it was returned paying" van cash on date -- sale as the Rockland Farms and rebar on the northwestern edge em~ '-- ' ~.~3 delinquent and sold to the or increasing the cash descrlbedasaparcelofland ofa4e4oetwtvateacee~rond, AUCTIONEER:EDGARA.BOHRER ~e.eTerraA'lX'It. State or fm-feRed to the State paymeat as be may desire, consisting of more or less abo~toLotJ-l, th~mteN. CLERKS:BOHRERANDBOHRER m. ~ for ~ on the land The deed from the trtuKee fi~y-seven and sev~dentha 36" 38 E. 213.~ feet to a No. 5 NOFI: Tbll a ~nm~mt role, Let us turn Four unu~ form ~me~trae~orlet&et'il~Rth~e~et'l]'~ " other Dofendants as nmy bebe lm' and the names of m~ch will be subject to all ~ (47 7-10) acres in Rockland, cappedrebar, coraerteLetJ-3, artkles, bouseboldartldmandantiqu~lntocashforyou. If : ." m. mayber le byt Fay mm interested therein are as reservations, resWi tions, Shepherdstown District,thel cewtthLotJ-3S. Sl'lgE youareconslderlnllhavlnllaneuctlon, plea~contactus. We easements and other matters Jefferson County, West $18.67 feet to a No. 5 capped would be pI,aNd to s~wve your needs. b~ o~tbetlRalmaomto~ folllows: as set forth in the deed to Virginia, and upon the rebut, thence S ~" II' W: ~ ~ dm t~ qp to Uze date o~ a. 4.43 acres (ea~u]ated) on Leslie T. James and E]oLse ,qlo~,~ buJ/dinEs structures 212.~S feet to a ~o. cappea ORDER OF SALE: Small Item=. Tool household articles, etc. - m. the south side of Route 9 in James from Sha~e, ~ "i~n~r~; thereon; rebar.cornertoLeCJ,-l,*ence w.tbe~emdprom~ym,a.m. EQUIPMEST.F=rmeqelpm.m I~l~'m@lm~U~|R~cMyofOetob~ l|ll~. Jefferson Co~ty, West Inc a corporatlo~ datedthe ~l~e.'~k~lSnd~Wllit~ wlthLotJ-IN.51"19 W.6~.2~ umltr~tor~wtglmofferedpromptlyml:00p.m. ' m'iffof,]l o DonlfldP Gi dlv Virgiz ; forfeited to the Statefor ram-entry on the land recoroeoleth day Ofin JulY,the 1971,aforesaidand wC mmunicati nSrk f dish; for. =tt e3.P. ta fr beT=e,Nolr.s omlltu fotAcaolmsc P s s " books in the name of Thomas,o per ormea ana Cks'ks O~e in Deed Book "er " less; together with a non- xov.u-rr LUNCNIUOHI"SRfMRV|O P ey for the years zsS4 332, Page 82, the first deed of supp.ea m me exclusive right of way or ease- I J I I I I 'UBLIC NOTICE 'MARYLAND ' and Eloise James to Kenneth ,=, ~: ~o~ :,m~a eess to and from sam land and .ciL~w~.12inB]ock148in trust mnde by Leslie T. James oms~t~a~a~ n, ~ ?~, ~t~a~ mentovera4e4eoCrondforae- ty samoa, w. Trua . dated the .sam the p ,c road (W.V, [~UtYNOTIC~ ~ therein are as County, West Virginia, con- 20th day of April, I~I, and parcez ot .tuna ana zm- Rte.No.919)butsubje ttollke ,mylmmhf tfmal follows: .tain ing" .0e6 cres. assaidLot recorded in the aforesaid provementsme on, easements ,vo, o, HOLSTEIN AUCTION the accounts of a. Lots e and 7 in Block W, m dm da d on a plat of the Clerk's office in Deed Book Signed this day ofowners of other on plat te, Em~cWmr of the Town of Harpe~ Ferry, jef. ~ of the Charles Town 4~,Pagee40andlge2andlg~ October, 19GL atmttingonsatdprtvaterond MELVIN KO, zoz as .re of to and the dmryC~ amcrmeaonaphtofHarpers ~y- - - ma~ux~u~y, ~iov.~-~ C~ poratioadotng land as shown on the plat at- V Ferry in the Office of tbe Ck .k which plat was formerly Imd e asGlobelViston tached to and made a part of 1 ~"'~:'"'~" of the Cmmty Comm~m of recorded in said off~e in Deed ;~W Rein'To, Agent the deed ffom Bryan D Rabert- .-- said Cmmty; ferfeited to the Book X at page 1; sold to the By . ~ for ~ oa tim land SUite for the de]i~ 1~3~IN THE CIRCUIT COURT STATE OF ILLINOIS son, et ua to Chrktopher A~ OF JEFFERSON COUNTY, COlYNTY OF MACON ton Naaman, dated April.4, IXI~MIS in th~ IMlme of S W taxesofC. F.W~ll;theIMu11es W'ESTVIRGINIA g~mr~th W ~h-~ bein~ I~I, and recorded In the ~ for the years "I~12 of such other D~endanl~ as = ~"-~=' "'. '-~,~.~. on':~' aforesaid Clerk's /)[flee lu I my hands for ~ ~ ltl~; the names of. may be interested therein are ~iT]fWU~a'IUWN, mat ~y awUllt m~:~t tt,~, Deedl~ d ~ I #,w t the accounts of bemchizotberD~endantsasmay R. KFleWall, Executor of tha ~ " Plaintiff" deposes and ssya that he is tbe ~ -~ ~-.v.f ~ ~. YPe" Link, as Ex- areLura Last Will of Susan G. Wall, " vs agent of Global Satellite -" . ~te,erence ,s nereny THURSDAY, 11:00 AM. estate of Francm B. lalghtnerandtbeunknown Deceued;CharlesA. Strider, SUSAN SMITH, Con municattons, Inc an tt, decease anddeviseesoflzu.aS. ar Executor of tbe Last Will ADANIELS Illinois Corporation, doing NOVEMBER PIHseNotef ge RU~ELLB.ROPER ixtsmessasttloml v lmon, . plat attached to and made 18, 1982 of rim T. W. STEPTOE ,deem d. of Edith Wall Strider, ' that --- "- m me a oresam ~ary~km~q" u~l l~SmxlginBlockWin Deck; Dorothy Bush; mdB~J ROPER. be lure read the loregomg Hrt of the deed from B anD TsonCmmy, W.Va. as of Harpe Ferry, CarlPrederickWall;Charlm ddd rpmmmsimermed Notre of Mechanics Lien, Rober'ama, etux.andrecord- fmd|emddee mattoroftMsao and that the statements edtnthea oresaidO.erksOf- OFWoodsboroonRt.55~.tnFrederickCou~ty. d lots sre dmcribed en Susan Weller -- LOCATION: At my Maryland Farm, located mile Northwest -- P t;forfeitedtotbeStete Ware; YvonneWelkr Jobn- wbmem,mm re mnmined therein are true to nee nDeed S3at ge . pa 150- COWS&HEIFERS--I50 IRCUIT m de by a gm ral belief. TERMS OF SALE ~SON~x~ur o~weustortbeyemmlg14to ~inhi~own#~m~das ~ el mgum~m De- KeuethW.Renfro Five Hundred Dollars PUREBREDS, FIRST, SECOND AND THIRD CALF ~,r"~'rm,'~"'."~ . Executor of tbe Last Will of f~ Subscribed and swm'n to ($S00.00) on day of sale, 50 COWS; SOME REAL FANCY WITH GOOO RECOROS V~rMJ~LJM ~. |]~m~y~p~e~ GertrudeBSddlLIN~mm~. Ddexlants, before me this 2~h day of balance to bepaid within~0 ANDPEDIGREU: 'WI~ ~ ~ the D~ named 8teph~ A.'Sc~'ancl---~nnaCIVILAC'~ONNO.8~? 430October, 19~ days. ,w~q~F~ a~e whose munes me F~tme. OI~OIP'PUBLICATION G~goryR. BarnesPETER L. CHAKMAKIAN, Mt REAL TOP FIRST CALF HEIFERS, SOME MILKING maybep uot LANI~OF real estate and who are above whose names are e~Rled ~ is to o~ an Nov. ~2t- r~ovAx-st I~ ~ HEAVY-MILKING GRADE COWS THAT WILL IONCOUNI~. made ~ by Um tmtmm~tol>l~ntiHmaclwbo Orck~M~Ctrc~o~ ~V SUIT THE MOST PARTICULAR BUYER, ~INIA ~ ~ of have or claim an interest in Jefferson County, West I ~ I III Pkinfiff, un m wnDe emlan,said real estate and who are Vlrglnia,directingthe SPECIALMF.NTION ". of totbeWovtsimm, made Defendants by the PlaLn.ttf.f cor! r, ation to PUBLIC AUCTION We p|cked SO head olcows and heifers in Moine, someof ~EWET'~;&W. mu~qxerllA, Arttele4~See. general d~ of ~ a certain structure which ore Purebreds and the balance ore Grades. This Z; LURAB. Uen 12, of the West ~ unknownI)efendants sit,rote at 311 S. West Street, 're ~ the Estate of ~ late ~ 8mllwend l willis one of the fanciest groups of cattle that we have ever R; 11~ UNKNOWN ~ as i ~ ~ Pursuant to the ~ ~ of Charles Town, Jef-~ the foUewi~ located ~ ~ ~ of lnwee4, W. Va. on had for sale. These heifers and cows are good, big and iD~OF ~u~e~oftbe ofampl~rllA,~4,s~c. ~rson~,we~v~ Fam~Le$Ll~mF, a~effofRm~tellm~eRo~teSlatfuwee& fancy with lots of quality. Most of them are fresh or very DE- vu'8]ma Rules o( Civil Uon " " close to freshening. There will also be ten very fancy = o, ,- " w.= SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1982 cows from one herd. New Hampshire, Pennsylvonia and Morylond not men. "r~dUBJIDL~ in~.m'e, or.m~Jbet~m'e~ed m~m~znparU~wb0m-eor house thereon situate in Round oak table w/daw feet; Duncan Phyfe drop leaf tionedinthisad. m maybeintemtedinWdrea| Count)', West Virginia, leather bottom chairs; cone bottom arm chair; wicker See FN~t fire ~ /I~, ~lav~d~' !1,/952 et I hO@ s.m. ~AREIJ~. ~u~.~ F~ SKINNER, estate save upon W.H.S. Charles Town, Jeffersontable; oak extension table; 4-split bottom chairs; 4-oak s vrnwAm) wt m the pmnaa, EDEFE is P.O. Box whose address is CRy frmtlngspWox/n tely feet chair; choirs; platform rocker: rec)iner! oak dresser; 2- ontbeemtMdeo WestStreetaresNrs; 3pc. bedroom suite; 2-vonttys Chifforobe; F~ LUNCH FOR ALL DAIRY FARMERSl L VmZ Wet T Wet md mdmdl~baeka distancewood bed; metal bed; twin beds; 2-safes; occasional FREE TRANSPORTATION MELVIN KOLB, Sale Manager ZHI4, an Answer or other V 2 14, an Answ or d t. chairs; stands: end tobies; elec. sewing mochine; m totheComphtntflled other ddmme to the Corn- radio: TV; wooden dinette set; tobies; gloss door FOR LANC. CO. AMISH ROBERTMuLLENDORE, ~ ~ act~ ~ p]~intfik~dinthlaactlon, in. cal|~.210~or HENRYKETTERING, ,'rlONNO.I~.~. rwte~l ~ or ap- ~ appl~ for per- ~ ~ ~ ~ .~ Coldspot refrigerator: S~ors refrigerator: deep freeze: $69-MI00 for a ride to Sale. Pedigrees ~'tof~alXWe~l. ~ |or ~ to mim~ll to redeem saJd U, a ~ ~'~t~'~t~W""if" Sears 30" elec. stove;oirconditioner;2-fons;hallfroe; mmmmmo m oy ~he mistoolgainanor, mid tracts lu, as provided by law, on Or *"'---'s Hall -----'- di ;BlueWillow;de ess gless;indv, salts;weshPAFAILM:DenpJsKolb, Manager (717) 9.2106 or of Jel. thePt by law, on or before bdc O,e day of Nove . bowl & pitcher; William silv or.; cooking .mty, We tVirgink,day of Nov,bet, IMp; mo the utensils; bed linens: mirrors; pictures; 2-cmom cons; mac for .oa m,de ua be ae0mm a c ck,: ,omp,: . ec. *omps. ,too, ,**c. Am ome, Miner, one e, ( 0q m-n20 in at'- . a mO'ttm, tt .esJ1 r. Ume, and tim & 2 benches;metal lawn chairs; swing on stand; GRAND be&e~yof~C~0~k~m Acopyefthe~csm P~lnttfPscoMs. jockey porch light; garden tools; hand tools; S HP Rotor PRIZE RE'{ IST I ED mc p mofes dl. ol d ed from Ulegm beot tined .om Um trader- R by all Tiller, chain driven, window gloss. A V ot of articles too ', ) j BUYER .d btt m:t n, " C katberoffiee. " igmtCl katlmr fite. affidavit filed in numerous to menfion. tlmfm m.mmer mm bytteCl kofmkl l a-edbyUmCl kofmid that some of the above TERMSCASll-N tebemowdaalll* 1 Ifor PUREBRED it retm c mebb Se daydOctober, C ofO ber, are nonresident, wn = . HEIFER "'r .M sfbe sold to ~i ram. ~ 4 dW ~ mm.p ~ ~weoe .s,~ ~v~,~it CALF ~'. ~ ~ ~ to ~e~ ~Wo L~adl ; R41Ma W. Lyac~ ht ~ thBt the De(~Jlll~M 1~-1~14 ~z, omlnistrotor )~ ; m {he hnd CLKREOFSAIDCOuwr ,ERK OF SAID COURT do sa e upm James B. ol o lqlattrJl NOV. tI.IT 3!) t*ll l mm ofma G qmty Crawbrd HI, who,e zktnm umo, u rely bo oa. m4, oa. s4, kP.O.Box711,amrlesTow~ II IIII II I I III III