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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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November 11, 1982     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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November 11, 1982

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SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON Farmer's ADVOCATE THURSDAY, NOVEMBER ii, 1982 " 9 Mrs. Marian Wilson Shannondale Club Shepherdst0wn Day Care Open House Shepherdstown Women's Club Plans Christmas Show The Shepherdstown Freeland, Mrs. Sturgis, and The regular meeting d the Aproposalwasmadetbata Woman's Club met on October Mr. Lang. Fifteen of the 75 Shannondale Garden Club was "rock with character" be 22, when Mrs. Marian WLlson, posters will be selected for held on October 18 with 26 placed in front of the sign by RRN presented a talk tiffed judging by the Woman's Club members and two guests, Mr. the dam with ground cover elaxing and Sell Committee, and a cash award and Mrs. Charles Fred.rick, around it to make it a natural present. w.Reg Jion Training." Mrs. will be given. Material for the attractive site. A design was Itson, a native d Canada, 75 posters was given by the An announcement was requested. lives in Shepb ,own and is Shepherdstown Specialty made by Kitty Bolyard that The third annual OtrisUnas r an to Dr. Randolph Printing and Binding. homemade chocolate candy, will be held Monday ! J onr. on, a psychiatrist in The Club sponsored the Red all assortments, will be made Dec. 20 at 10:30 a.m. at the i filth Wedding Anniversary ~ Bloodmobile on October bY Loretta Walsh for delivery Clubhouse. Members are ~,m Mrs. Wilson stated that 90 6 at epherd College. 177 by Onristmas. Orders have ged to submit specimens. I I Mrs. J. Emory Kable celebrated their percent of all disease is stress pints were donated for which been taken for Cashews and The Litterbug cleanup on l l ng, armiversary Friday, October 10,at related. Biofeedback, testing the dub received a citation Pecans. October 15 was very suc- [ l ,on the Keyes Ferry Road. They were machines and trainingfrom the Red Cross Since land around the Iron cessful this year with some [ | sessions have been in use organization. Mrs. Russell Furnace has been sold to the non-members participating. A [ | ctober 7, 1932, in Frederick, Md. Of since the 1960's. Anxiety at- White and Mrs. Erwin Feiger State Park, there is a greater second pickup is to be I | tv .o daughters, Mrs. Nancy Grucza,tacks and allergies result in were chairwomen. Twenty chance that the Iron Furnace scheduled for springtime. | k, vermont, and Mrs. Jean Scott of migraine headaches and other women worked 100 hours and may be sold. A suggestion was made to [ | town, were born. There are five gran- ,m ents. Out of 80 percent of were assisted by ten student hold a dinner Garden Club j | Jack Grucza, San Diego, California; me cures for migrainenurses, meeting at night, prderably [ | arm Amy Gruc,Burlington; Jimmy headaches, 40 percent are On October Mrs EvergreenCHaub m March, to allow young J| ,' Scott, Shepherdstown. Mrs. Kable is complete and 40 percent White and Anne Johnston co- people to attend was made.= The rs ch.ed, of Plans Parade Float The program in March be The Shepherdstown Day ,or 3-5 year olds. use tsto [s now made possible with bio- which served dinner to 37 w "]Raised Bed Gardening.' Care Center will bold its gth an- emphasizelistening, thinking, ~e informal parm. Many friends and Iback and self-hypnosis, members of the Men's Club. Se enteen members of the Mrs. Bess Maloy, a club nual Open House Sunday, talking and understanding attended. Mr. Kable was the former when stress related attacks On November 12, Mrs. Kearneysville Evergreen 4-H merr~er~ gave a most in- November 14, from 2:00 until speech and verbal relation- the Kable Oil Company of Charles ~, it is possible to regain Diana Suttenfield-Abshire, Club met for their November teresting talk on propagation 4:00 p.m. ships. Displays of these 1~ normality in three seconds, noted artist, ~ vresent a meeting in the social hall of the of African Violets from a The emphasis this year is the along ~th the childrens art Amde~. attacks cause basal program titled "Art in Grace United Church of Christ. single leaf. The main things in v, Titten curriculum developed work will be featured during consl~ction ot one or more Transition." President, Randall Anderson order to grow violets are : soft, in a joint effort of the Board of the OpenHouse, Clipp Homemakers types of muscles -- the Refreshments were served presided, water, fertilizer and sunlight. Directors and staff. Elements smooth, striate or heart by the hostesses -- Mrs. Song leaders, Annette Led- The most important is of the curriculum which ~ll be There will be a continuous :Cooki muscles. Relaxing prednces I~cien Maddox, Mrs. Erwin ford and Ray VanH'~t led the sunlight. Plants should be in featured are art, music, slide show showing a typical ng With Herbs" ~ dil~q!on.and reUd. The Feiger, Mrs. Floyd Miller, group in opening son~. The " ow drama nutrition, movement day at the Center Board and The next meetin~ will be and social, emotiohal, physmal staff members will be on hand Cli.pp ExLeasion Miss Dailey served the ladies ~rn~S ~1 m Improvement is Mrs. C. B. Ch~ and was very p,r~d to receive an east wind . . . " a "Blue Ribbon' for their club ~ ~--~.~----t~ at--- 10"30 am ~-~ and cognitive development, to greet the public, conduct st;m~w~asheldon refreshments tming some of ber - g to breathe correctly. Vincent P~no. atthel~2JofefrsonCotmty4-H -"-'----~'the Clubhouse'" " Mr' Willis-"" -" Tbepnmeteachingtoo' ' I usedm" tours, and serve refreshments~ ome types of high blood about" the classrooms is the Peabody The Shepherdstown Day rd " .afternoon new herb recipes, presmEe can be treated this DAUGHTER BORN Achievement Program held at r~oweu wm m~ ~ mvmg .me ~ome.of The meeting was called to Jefferson High School with rune ~*~ Y, PZsnts " Language Development Kit. Care Center is a United Way ,~le~v~ and Miss order by the president, Mrs. ~y~nd.l~/~Yn~t~r~.~ TO CHARLES HINES' members present. Two ~ These daily lessons, designed Agency. uey with nineLarry Pdng. The ,g~. welcom, fr--- ;~- per let Announcement has been members also received special ~~1~1t ~ cm'o.lC pain can oe . ~ ~ent edMrs. ChaHes'Ann"Tilley a " . made o~ tbe birth last Tuesday, awards, Randall Anderson for .e ,* ~~ ,!~e~u'le (levotiom into membership. ~rtee ~hi~eved, explained Mrs. November 2, of a daughter, his project of goats and Danny ~ij~.pi ~'; ""e, t If ~r- '-,~i~x~t=~ :meme,"E,~ objectives were covered and -." " ApriI Elizabeth to Charles and Schiffman, a former member ~**"t'~ t t. T 4 ,~- " ".~w'~ nan,s to God.'discussed, xne~IstAnmudconvenU~nLindaC ,m:~Hin- nf~aWest received the Kodak award for ~ ~. " **, e, .e ~ I " [ ere from Ephe- The club was very proud to the Eastern District of West Liberty SWeet, Charles Town. photography. I ** : " =r 5, the Upper receive a blue ribbon for the ~Irginia Fe.~rated Woman's ~ne-y~ lady weighed eight 'me club reported on a suc- - : *. " : #" ' " | I ; "I* ; ~ ;~ear, With for having t he"Outstanding recently. President of the incheslong. Sbehasasister, roast. T programwast.r.- j; '" "', "~ ! " i l ~, oy ttemn t~mb Committee," in the Comz- ~, c~g of nine Va]erie and two brothers, ed over to Nadine Ledford who ty, which was the ';~ Rela federated clubs, is Mrs. KevinandDarren. was chosen chairman of the I t'w ::. :e. i I lit" ~@ele*@":< ! wi tior, s Committee. They were Robert W. Hockensrrdth of the Christmas Parade Committee. [ c ; '~ t,@ ,e "- ~. .'" "*~ l I P". "'=.e o.*,O,i % ,; . .O" " " q m tleros. 'was doubly proud of this commJttee Shepherdstown Woman's Sbe reported on the making of I/: '- r p - I g ~en .bYsaare~ withMrS'the since they also captured the ti.fie of having the outstanding repr~mledC'mb" The ClUbby Dr.Was Helenals '- The'OFJUNIOR CLASS SALEcHRISTMAS. . PAPER Paradethe float to be in the ChristmaSin Charles Town Satur- ~* ;:. @@~"e"-" *'Is ~' 4e ~@V ,@~t'@~ l'~"em l ~ti ~ scrapbook in the county. The C]oyd, President ,ha ~ IumorclassofJofferson day, November 2O beginning at l :". - ,: ~ / ' '- "",! ~ psa.bout d.ub gave Mrs. Naomi Barrow rmmber o, other ~ml~'l~s -. High ~] will seil Christmas this year is ' An Old Fashionedl0:00 a'm ~ theme chosen I .'@'''" "" "e ~ ". "-;'O" Under the local chair-week of November l5 This'--" @'~*'|'~ ] "~ n t.o~he~ her work &me ~m this pro~;ct as Starke~manship of Mrs. ~o.~ =,~, ]Robert .~ ~x:zwmramemoreytormeaw: .v.v- Chxistmas-ToysonParade."Following adjournment, ! f . O'- "~ I ~ow after chairman. "' " "--"~-"~ ~'~ ~ nual ~ ~areagsin Ar, nouncem~ts were made uueu ka'mmng ana t)rlvmg r,~,-~ JUm ~'~'m rpr m'vaper - ; ~.~ ~ ~ game leader, Richard Viands i " .# ' - I ! C~ ~ led the group in "Simon Says." I: # .e "% ~enP ~ertl~--the ~o~:llows: holiday workshop u'o, has oeen emere~ O~,different desi-r~ " - g ana eacn For refreshments, the group t ; ; o" ~ ~'~'~t . ; ! agvery .p~daria-~ " are C4mncilNov~23rd at,:'.~rll'at9:30'C untY ~nl's~wnthe 75 studentS~ntary,Of the seUsb-.$2ifyea,dliketoper. ~r~ticipate,~tactanymember corn and had I i / / .#" ragrance. Mrs.on December Ist, at the home mmoo s ~ graae with the of the junior class or call Bet- The next meeting will be the e'tbe ladies several of M"" ~ Dunn Sr This c perati n f Mr" Hitt' sY Walker at 725"8491 r annuaI Christmas Party with a I ~ '"," ~ / Y ~ '~~~ "" I aL~ose.veralmixes will be the Christmas i~a~.t7" Principa] and teachers Mrs. 725-3143 gift exchange on December 2, "'" y %,t mPOn~ndt~oo~k The president ~U bern charge 7:00 p.m. at the church. " ~ v e~ interesting of the devotions and program I ~sU~. close of the ~ members are reminded to 4.H Qimbm Ran Thanksgiving Meal "'" " "Smoke Out" Set ':" : mn Homema kers Make . For November 18 ', " t#" For Club'; will again celebrate the Great Prelects m c.o m~, meeting of Mrs. Paul Miller, Sr a fifty- ~ a~m~, ~ sm kers around the nati n try I" fffl.ce with ten A crafflesson was given by s~ by the American ' ~I~ESENTS 12& 13 8:00 : I "v~ues[sanoex- Be{lie Tomlin assisted by her Cancer Society. -- - - NOV. 12&13 8:00pm ! eac r m mts of pl mt were director, wiJl chair the event;,----- NOV 19 &20 8:00pm I colmtyrvdcethis made in bright colored yarn nationally, "J.R)', Larry TA,~,~ -L'L] TS $6&$5 ] iden" - - with tive stitches to trim ~d -~ Anne .Ham- at (~ristmas time. The Friend- Flagman of Dallas will be Lhe me ~ to ship gift was presented to ~ chairperson. TICKE i /FITH YOU [wo readings There will be a holiday At 6 p.m. on Sunday, November 14, at the Other West Virginians, m- COMEDY IN THREE ACTS l ~s~n~andtl~,Way'' w or~op at the Community White Church in the Middleway community, thesecretaryCluding A.Of state,JameSwiliManchin'support [~ MOSS I-IAT~T & GEORGE gAUF L N "'mank Cemero.Novembern.Attbe MiddlewayClimbers4-HClubwil]hostitsarmual thedf ,withManchinjoming Y erow, extemio, office on November family covered dish dinner, as set by the plan- in giving up his smoking for e Lords Prayer. 23 there will be a council projects and meeting at 1:30 p.m. ~ committee pictured above: Jondra Wilson, that one day. discussed and The Joflerso. CI, meet right, president; left to right, David Dailey, vice- ym r.A with Bonnie Owen on prevalent; Scott Fritts, health chairman; and 7. Jay Wilson, treasurer. Decemlm- to Carols. Each take to the next THE ' or a pa- FOR YOUR DANCING PLEASURE a member of the CHAILES TOWN FRIDAY NIGHT - 10 P.M. Until 2 A.M. OLD OPERA HOUSE { THANKSGIVING FOOD FESTIVAL ' "WILD TURKEY" Sl07S Smorgasbord L 4cad mse du d/et i FOR MeMBII me MOOS ONLY Monday. 5:30 to 6:30p.m. ~S'~ ~,-- The 1621 Pioneer gathered fruits of the field, fish, fowl and game t~mL~ll~ for a great Thanksgiving Feast. - Your 19112 Pioneer is doing the Teen and Aduh ~ner, Clmm same for you with this Gourmet Display - o real Food Festival I 725.441~O, 274 1215 m FREE DURASHIELD m TURKEY with OYSTER STUFFING- SHRIMP in PINEAPPLE DRESSING- mwe are now offering our First AnniversaryB 1~0 VENISON marinated in PORT WINE- SUCKLING PiG- SALMON in Special: FREE soil rebardent, Durashield, m~ ASPIC- PHEASANT under GLASS- CHICKEN HAWAIIAN- applied to every carpet and upholstery jobm SHRIMP TREE. LOBSTER POLYNESIAN Paint & Art th~- gh November 20, 1982. with Fresh Fruit. Cheeses-Homemade Bread m RESERVATIOH$ g|lIG ACCEPTED HOW Dum~hleld~ inhibits re-soiling of furnish-1 Framing ings between cleonings. Economical, effective. [] THURSDAY SPECIAL - VETERANS DAY All you l can eat 9 5 while they last ! CARPET -- UPHOLSTERY CLEANERS m "',-- T. m We are located just off U.S. Route 340, East of Charles Town Charles Town - 725.4655 Next to the Blue Ridge Outfitters 725-4655 t