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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
November 9, 1978     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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November 9, 1978

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SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON Farmer's ADVOCATE 1.:3 THURSDAY NOVEMBER 9, 1978 i~ on tho rida,~ m~a n +i l.rl, hv [ Virginia to attend the service I wranned and noted on the out- I information, please call Jess at + " ": "" ~ "~::~i.'~:'.'~/~ [ last Friday. [ sideff it is intended for men or [ 725-5239 or Harry at 725-9685 or !l i who loves thesideview mirror on [ JflL-- &l~-- |l~a~$~| women. Unwrappea presenteq| this -ro-ram I Jean's stationwagon [UUt |dLlUll ~allWl'are also encouraged Gifts anal ~ut on point mr p g I,as ,h, 'p~, Win-,r . -| chock donations made out to| is December 8. At the beginning I l termeyer's hou;e a;;lso i;en I aunrhadi ration "Santa Claus" can be/ o! the follow rag .w ~k JeSeSv::a~ ~ ~lF sold.Pat says the yard work was ]~IUM~P ~ mev=,=vu[ sent to or delivered to airs. jess[ Harry amng w~t. ~ I ~ just too. much for her. Pats ~1,Operation "Santa Claus was|Hunter, 214 E. Congress. St [ volunteer w?:::[he Pol::tio~ I ! future plans are not yet final, but,officially launched last week in| Charles Town, or to l'larryI personauy ael . ~l ~ [looks as though she will remain [ Shepherdstown at a luncheon in[ Blackford at the Mental Health[ to Wes!on and holfTeasPrec~mntS -1 ~ [ lithe area, if not in Blue Ridge verend Jose-h "elin~ of a nearb [ the First United Methodist I office at 126 East 3rd Street,] party for me Jet y 1 :~ [Acres itself, u~neoor~gn~,~e, ,ha wh~u~Pol [ remoa:o, ~n,~ who will rema'i~ I Church. Sponsoring this lun-[ Raison, WV. For additionalI patients. , ~! ~ I Chatted a b,t w,th Jtm Kelly Charleston diocese of West l as resident priest; the Rev.I cheon were M:.H?denMr~.n~llt~n [ /'---- A---- I wno was shining up nis new car -,i a d di er ',f Jet vaugnn, jane I ~ V~rgmLa, last Fr d y e catedi Fath Milford C. Bell o "1 ~'at[ [ ~TU~K &ALACK ! ~ :~" I pretty. ~to mat every ten yearn 'the newly-renovated All-Sours,terson County, retired from theI uommttm.e on agm~. a~ u,:l / -- = | or 10o,000 miles or so, he ann art time 46 lovely nano-maue tap ~ ~ Chapel at hmtonc Prmst Fmld to l diocese of F Wayne4outhI ~[ J] Pha rmacv, inc. I ! [ :um: cg3~ ca~r~:WlaeY ann:e~UY "freedom.",Bend; John H. McDonnell of the ] ~es,b:;~e:re s;;::::~da'~ I ~ "" | I,f ~ Y Speaking to some one hundred/diocese of Wheeling-Charleston; I. ty Har,~ [ ~ ~ | l ~ ~ . i or not in mis case, i net[eve me af ~ "' " F theE Leo L"don the I airs ,jess Hunter ann mr. ,j [ ~--~.~ ~,~~ ~ ~ : ,~o, ". persons gamerea tar me - me ~tev a y," . ~; j ] old car ~s still in the family; with es| " " "'- Lambert Stack and[ Blackford, co-chatrmen for thml V~fL I ~ i ~ . ~ ternoon event, msnop no~g ~ trey ramer '1 . . l Vi~ ~Itm~Is~l~ I ~+~ / ms son, pernaps. told the audience that Adam| the 'Rev Father Cyril Draina.[ annual event: is s-^~ifically [ .~/~W~l|i~||~il :', . :~' =, ~,::: / Volunteers from the ume / i Dri-stField AII-I THiS operauon ~ '1 I "Ulg~l~ll|lllll|'r~2 ll~F"~ 1~ Ji ~ ~' +'~ l .~ . . L,lvmgston, WhO oonHI. U In um mmi-,r,"l to forl i "qenmnmlVl,l ~ ~ [ ~tloge Mt. Fire Unit rode arouna I A ,^ ~ r~*h.I;.| '- '~':~"~ and the newly- I mmea at prowum~ ~ ~--- . '1 I ~, ill '~ ~ :i [ the area last Sunday warning all at,-: t~,~ct m ~?,u~), ~= ":, "''J~ /~m~. ~,m~ ,~, ~^^ will be o"en ] Jefferson County residents wl~oI I ~ ~ ~(~ + ) and undr ld-- : ChurCh toun~ me tree, ore ne/ acquwea remu~u,=~ e . ~ " " Weston State I " l s ymatmeresnou be " n't/*- -1" who wish to en'age in]are patients at :1 I f~ -'---~ N,~*~' ~ ~,no open f,res. It is so dry" onour '[ .o was seezmg,m a way ne mu,n~.v.rt a, m~itation and solitude: ] Hospltal.S ' Some suggested, g !tlift I ~k~. ,~,%.q+~ ~, ~ 11 I mountain that is is scary. Hope I "V;?JfSXY' c [i J,ar reational or picnic[ items ~at are very.popular w~m I I f!kk I ~ I['-- IL '1 n ~ ] that everyone everywhere will ] ~,j,*~s~.~, ~,ff~------ uidl :,~-:[~"-t)ut rather a religious] the patle.nts are; gioves soc.~s, ],~K,Q"z~j~'~t~/ | / rouune / Iler r,be more careful than ever, |dleway in the late 1700's, wa'sl retreat, open to all ed-[ hose, eo!0 gl, "^-'s ~th soan~.l i ~%k."~ C~ ~~j.~l~ t ~:~i,/ PLEASE. Faithfully . . .I nicled ] --minations / cream, gamva, toy r "'1 I ~ X~ > t~j ~/ ~1[1[~ ~[- ~' /i ~ . / i plaguea oy me otmn cnro ~, t~ ts blouses la ing (la October 1 hildren in l " ~. ] "Wizard Clip" stories, hatmtings[ Many former residents of the] robes, Vlr . cra:oPs I 3' I Whitmora'. third orada t,la.~ at Pnao / ~ cagey [thatconsmtedofdecapltat]onsoflarea traveledsome, d. ~ ,olorin~ books Gfftsshould ~1 J h~ "~/~1~ ~ "-~). ~.~i~'~~ ~.~-~ [ Y, 3, the c istancel earns, stauonary, ~ b~ /,~= ---Z .-'",- ~"--" 7"-".~ :'" -~" l /livestock, house tremors, and] ~'"'~ [,~j,f~r~ --.~(l':' ,!~|~ '~| id n, omr enoo were treateo to a / ~,mdaa On [mysterious voices; plus the[ ~ |i,4k"~ ~r~J~,~V'l~tfl~ ~'~ I ra Weenparty, complete with a surprise visit ] ~'Y"~ =V ]sound of invisible scissors][ .~'~t~--.~bl~. ~'~. [[ [ '-f'f-~-~f~ZS ~.~'~ I fortune teller Madame Zelda (Debbie ] Ill r! JLLL l~! lLJ ] clipping crescent-shaped holes][ IIU~kAUlt .W, [ ] I I ra er above. Children had their fortunes told / mr mrmmny [in everything the Livingstons [ [ Wl$ wmnm my v-- V V A ! [ [ [ ] )o ceived a magic penny. Madame Zelda was owned. 's d for the costume arade Wmners d Health and Beauty P Drive, Ranson, was pleasantly[ own dreams and voices he hear] l ]yOU the way to ]1 [ ] n hart . Lori Fadeley, of Orchard Livingston was guided by h~ t oy(1, prettiest; Christa Coy le, most I surprised Saturday, Oct. 28,1 to seek help from the Catholicl J ~ J I I I / .'- "- ,- n H nd / "ll al; RoxieCreager, most creative ; Susanne I when she was the guest of honor| church. Catholic priests],AD~ - I,~t a. i ] l /11~T ~V muwme~,~,| ~ I, cutest; and Richard Ware, ugliest ata birth%yparty her/ respondedto the plight of.the[ J Store l"'l F--'l 4"" I / We o er our customers o complete 1 /hiioren were served cupcakes, uice and / parents, r, aaie aria tsrenaa/aevout uumeran ann exorclsea l,l 1. b " ' |M ler at MacDonald slthe spirits from the house ~ ^,=racy J ],line of non-allergenic cosmetics | nome roomers, uonna t yte ann ]Restaurant in Charles Town Said Bishop Hodges, "In G.odI J I~ -.~ ] l 4, ,^m nure natural inaredi- | all played some games. / Those present for the party[ we find freedom and nobody, inl I / "' r " l ." were: Brian Fadeley, JamesI. the end, can take, from us whatI ~I,I I $1 JOllff$| [,~,="'~" .- -$^" Iv''~^nr "r'""'''e~Ar|~l rnr ~t~-et'01"!l / ~ I Wiled the cheese factory ml Fadeley, Matthew Moler, SherriIt ally counts. /I o wnv I I I 1 tuthom. I I/ . l I Hagerstown and one by" one]Cain, JoyceMoler, BrianMoler, I AssistingBlshopHodgesinthe|l --in--' ~ ~ "~ Church [ I / STUCK &AL~tK rnarmacy, inf. t Nicel Debbie Cain,Tony Henry, Karen I services were MonKs[gnat John I I '"" I I I Il - U .'@ giy.'ilBill].idwell, or iaAnnaPiferand |L. O'Reilly, who has overseen I I I =l |1 l DIAL 725-2621-- Charles Town l " and Trudy Russell were out for a l the parents of thehonored the restoration of AlL-SouLs " Daft 8"30a m to l0p.m. l ng weekend and Trudy had guests'fb Chapel and the renovation anl31[ [~1 ~"~[ / e ~ ) atom / - pl s, and meat forl " - ] ~'i'ends'. Since I am a l I ~ ] ned out Trudy didn't needl I ( ( I I I | th Y and later Cy ynd" cheese for herself at all, just Ir 4 ee | ~t~dY dandsd::;ru:CYanndd!/,~de~::f~:r;:::efl fra:th:~ ~k[Route',0. ll- l II I v,- in the" city area. She I I JD . - A Imlia l l ~~ .ap'ple/s/, t~' take ] " Thn, . : !/i:il" ill . ill Duo to Circumstances Beyond our Control me - II | q;T/tTC I: i I I Following itoms are Not Available at Peoples No. 100 -" " In / ,mwqmlG gl/4Ll I gerTect Tor sawing togs * II / 51 ~r .:- tos, ettle the Estate of Wave E Lewis(Mrs Tom RIGHTS RESERVED TO LIMIT QUANTITIES: Makes base for nicnic table ill tlnF, CENTEI, | ewm) we will sell the following nersonal nronertv ~ II ,xlz. m =- -,i :: ~tEastSthAvenueextended, State'Route17~-bac~ko] l Holds 50 gallon drum ;. II 237W. Washinaton St. | a~ ~narles TOWn * - " ~" W.Va. on: Garden Gate Potting Sod 69' W."Vo. S,fl4 | AUUKOAY, NOV[MBE . lit . . ,e-inniu ,97S Nesths Hot Cocoa M,x 99' It PHON,: ,2S-, J U g At %30 A.M. ;;'. i , i[ -- English Leather Gift Set $4.79 B.V.D. Wool Soxl $1.33 Permathene Capsules $4.49 9, Peoples Soda i 5 All of the Abovo Prices are Retail . We Regret any Inconvenience Thns .table; side board; parlor suite; chairs; rockers; recliners; occasional chairs; roc~ers; metal chairs; Morris chair; folding ~ icker chair; old smoking stands, desk; drop leaf :~ d tables; coffee tables; corner tables; what-not ;,~rvers; poster bed; rant[ties; chests of drawers; :~ metal and wooden, single and double beds; spool =~ chests; bookcase; sewing cabinet; Overstuffed :~ chairs; davenports; docks; lamps, floor and ~tirrors; rugs; pictures and picture frames; eloctric " ::~conditioners; radios; stereo; dinette set; portable :(~her; electric ovens; electric stoves; gas stoves; I beiieve a man's greatest possession is his dignity and that no calling bestows this more abundantly than farming. I believe hard work and honest sweat are the building blocks of a person's character. I believe that farming, despite its hardships and disappointments, is the most honest and honorable way a man can spend his days on this earth. / ,believe farming nurtures the close family ties that make life rich in ways money can't buy. I believe my children are learning values that will last a lifetime and can be learned in no other way. I believe farming provides education for life and that no other occupation teaches so much about birth, growth and maturity in such a variety of ways. machine; refrigerators; kitchen cabinets, wood and cabinets, wood and metal; utility cabinets; lawn furniture; hand and garden tools; supplies; gas space heaters; a very large assort- utensils and applianees; linens; a very large ornaments and souvenirs; dishes, dishes; glass ware; books and magazines; wall and a miscellaneous assortment you won't believe Cash Bank of Charles Town, Administrator Estate of Wave E. Lewis Paul E. Miller ,Clark Furr reserved. for accidents on property. Nov. 9-2t If: 11 May Cause our Customers. Sincerely, HILLDALE SHOPPING CENTER Charles Tawn,W.Va. I believe many of the best things in life are indeed free: the splendor of a sunrise, the rapture of wide open spaces, the exhilarating sight of your land greening each spring. I believe true happiness comes from watch- ing your crops ripen in the field, your children grow tall in the sun, your whole family feel the pride that springs from their shared ex- perience. I believe that by my toil I am giving more to the world than I am taring from it, an honor that does not come to all men. I believe my life will be measured ulti- mately by what I have done for my fellow- man, and by this standard I fear no judgment. I believe when a man grows old and sums up his days, he should be able to stand'tall and feel pride in the life he's lived. I believe in farming because it makes all this possible. PEOPE$ SUPPLY FARM MACHINERY Chades Town, W.