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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
November 5, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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November 5, 1959

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,, ' (~n|A., WA.~n',, ~l..k Guests were present, from Pen- [ SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS AD' m,..,,mmmmm,.,mm.m.,,,...mmmu.mmm..,. JCIIIVl WVIIIOII 3 li~lUU nsylvania, Charles Town and sur ,: t T~:~IT~r~ av ~TnX;~'~V[~'~ 5 ~II mi ~mLiiim IImmnmIa~L~m~mI rounding area and the bride was (,--.:x aaLJa,.~].~a, ~,~,Jya~z,a~:~l~ '. O]~ ~Ul~..J~.~ l~m.'~lK1-11rh'][= WAn~,~|n. D,~J,|#[~,b I presen:ted wit'h many lovely gifts. I~ -- ~ -" ~i --~- vn--,~ .i..~. --iwm.-- .~.~--- IIUIIUIIIIq IIC:31U~III ~Mrs. Ebersole will join her hus- I~,~,~,+ .....~. ~ .... .~ ~#,,~ ~xr.],... t ~ mu nuuamamumom.m0m.ommu0mmomm0mmmmn~ am, m0n . mmmo. m0om.o.a.oumom -- band tPhis weekend in Mor-antown I ~'~'~ --~'"' ~v**. ~,,~ .,.... ~. =,~=, ~, ' ~ G Nelson Mrs T Perry Li'p,pi,tt - hnn.,|nn ~.,~&|~,~ W^^b where he is a student at West Vir I Lon- Island N" Y" l~iss JulianaI i ~ ~S .|q &l Mr. and Mrs. Brown L. Rissler!gan and Kenny Kisner. David IJUIIlI~ LUULOIIUII WWR ginia University. ITay or T. T: Perry"2nd." I I ~I~)II~I I ~I~2 accompanied by their son Robert !Pine was the guest of Harold Kis- i DO ~ [ In memory of Mr. Samuel L, I I | lt@ ,f ' spent the past week-end wi~h ner at the meeting :: ~::::::~:: ::::: ! ::: mom~l/or i Phillip~ Jr from M ss Louisa ! ~ ~" -" ~O~ . ~ " . ~i~?:~: ~: ~ : :i:;~::::::~ ~ ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: MOIIIblIIU~blJ ..... ~ FI ' their son and family Mr. and Lt. Governor Charles F. Prmtz : :, I Hall Wm. Bake['Hall Mr. and ~ ' " " I .xx -: . .... :- I ' . ' . Mrs Abner A Rlssler, in Levlt- announced Chat on Nov 22 a.t 2~ ~:: :~=+ .... :=:: ~ ...... . I Mrs Richard B Put and MISS l ~. town Pa !p. m. the Fifth Divis,on will hold Hold AOiev ment I~.u, J Ambler . Only three b,rth~o. :ur: Divi i , ::::::::::::::::::::: ~. ~ the t~narles town t_ieI 'z~ Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Dorsey and a s oral Conferencemeeting ::::::ili::i:= i / ~ ......... ] In memory of Mr. T. Perry Lp / .... . " ..... ; ,-, 2 children of Brunswick Md at Capon Lodge . ;! ::::i::i ~l . t~ |pitt from Mr~ T Perry Lippitt p~ai o u~2ng ~n.e pc.riGa OI~^ " . . " ' ' : ~=!:!:-!:~:~:~=:~= ~:~:! um-*m~,~N a~,,*,~ ' In ~'~'~or- "f MI J~s-'el Bar I z~ aria ~ovemoer ~ ano bw~ ()N THE CIRCLE IN RANSON spe.t the wee en with Mr. i _ . rmi,mm mcc..u , .' ...... - _ . o-- :I .... o.o'o Mrs C N Dorsey n^l^...,$^. 1'~ kdAA&.,... ~:: I ron zorn Mzs. ~o't)e~t B ue ano ' . . _ - , _ ...... I$~ilg~(]i~} |~ [~I|]| ~:.i!i:.:/:;i:::. : Mr.~ Daisy Fri'tts ~ son, James t~ew,n, wa~ Mr and Mrs Howard Shreck ~ ~ Ten representatives and County I ." .... ~ .. .... October 29 to 'Mr and Mrs Opep Til Midnight Monday Thru Sat " ' ..... ::*:*: " " . m memory o, mr ~nomas . and Mr. Wmdle Shreck, Bohvar p um I# mm , I a ~::-i!iii:: officers attended ,the ac'hlevement /Woodrow Kirk horn Mr and Mrs Ird Elmo .MaRCy, Leesburg, ' were in Hagerstown Md last Pri-~ va. ~0~nIT~l 11~ :i:.::: : plannkng meeting Oct 23 for the /.. - - " ' Friday Oct 30 a dau.ghtef Home of Low, Low Everyday y . " " " '*r" .......... ~::~,~: ::~::: ...... ..................... ~*:::::: Y ' itaarry ~angoon~___ ~ La e' Re, "wa. 'b_r.. , da attending the funeral of then ...... ~:. :~ ......................... ~;~:::::, Jefferson Count Farm and Home " esa v r s n n to Mr aunt, Mrs. Carrie Nicodemus whou#,. r , , #, ii~[ii makers council meeting scheduled |.,, , l tMrs Robert Carr, Charles 2 and Night Prices died in the Hagerstow,n Hospitall wn|T~_ ~flIn~|ir ~nr|n~ ~!ii::ii to be held a`t Grandv~ew School .IH~n|T~[ ~H~ili~rv [ Tuesday Nov. 3 a daU~ v r' ~ ~. ;~ . Harpers Ferry Noven:ber 9th The r' J Natacha Ann wa~ born tO. .......MEATS__.... ,, .------.,....." ,,,. ,, ..n o. . ............ __ 'o.o.w.,.. ' : Mr. and Mrs. Lewis W. Chant I :Mrs John Martin and Mrs Ad ~ meeting was held m the home of I~@ ~l|fl~l[f ~I~t~|~t2 ,and Mrs. Alonzo Green of C ~e- ~w -.s* r~r,,r,,oa h,~m~ from ],~,-, ;Z- ........ :: _" ~.~ii~!::~ : Mr and Mrs James- E Taylor IllU3 I~U3111~33 i.I~:~Illlq /les Town ....... ~ .......... ' .... ~ ~e., ~,narms ~own a~eno- ~#i~.~N~+ ::~:~i~i~/i~ii~::~:2~~:~ ~:~i':: , " ., , ~ " , ' -- ' . " a vacation in Florida. They .stop- I ed the 10th annual meeting of the ~2~ Harpers Per~y w~:th .Mt,s. "Ihomas ] ............................ ~ Surgical patients adm~tt~ .... .' , .. ~ ~:~!~g~ ........... M Stewart residan xne regular zzzuz~bmy uu.'~nv~s . " . 1~ ped m Stafford, Va. to wmt theft !Woman s Aumhary ot the West " P g" ]meetin~ of tho Jefferson County /~he hospk~al were. John v;.5, son and daughter-in-law Mr. andVirginia Hospital Association as ::!:: Completing a fourteen year I~'~.. ,G ^ .. ,7~Z ::;2~ ~.~.~ .0~ Ibrunswmg, MO.; ,Master u~ , . -. , ::::::::::::::::::::: : :: :i::i ~ . _r~'O~tJlbiTI. l X'~L$,A/11 ~1 1 y WCl~ llrlU l ~I ,'~ 1, , " I. ' V M~s. John Pmterheld. representatwe of 'the Auxiliary of tezm of offic.e, Mrs. S,tewavt. will ] ..... t. o~,~,~ ~, .... h. ~,~h ~,.: lSlaughtez a.nd hide April ., Mr and Mrs Donald Perry and Charles Town General Hospital install her successor Mrs Robert/ ................. ~ ....... ~,... |hs both of Ha~pers Fe Y ' daughter of Grand Rapzds M~chx-iheld at the Greenbner Hotel in Dzummo~nds of Charles Town durl Mrs Harve- Lehman chairman ler..t E," Gmdon and Mrs. Vi~, Pq~KAV'~ |q"V]. |'I~A'~" have bee,n visiting Mr. and i White Sulphur Springs, W. Va. lng me program. As president el-,of the ro~ect~ ave 'most ,,ratif, |Whittington, ~anson; .... Mrs. L. Randol, ph Huyett at Sun- Workshop sessions on Gift Shop ect Mrs. Drummonds was Chair- ,,~ ~,,v ~,~,, ~.~ ........ ( ~.,,~,~ I Maeda, Burlington, N. J.; C H 01C E S T [ E R B E E F nyside near Wheatland. Mr. Perry and Snack Bar managemen.t were ~~ man of the International Relat- Donation'Day ~w~icl~'~h~e~ta't~e(~ Keith D. Lynch, Ranson, is a brother of Mrs Huyett being held as well as discussion I MRS O ~ ~Tn~ lions wommittee for the County for *he re,-o,t ~os ~ot ,,e( com~,le*e lance l,. waus v, noxvine '~v~, i l .Mr. and Mrs. Neville Hindman tsesslns, deahng with aspects of I ............. l sevelal years. I since donations are still coming Iter M'Robmsn andM~s ,[ HONE BffIER AT ANY PRICE! Iland son David of Richmond Va.i_v_.mnc~rservlees)nthehospital. l~.~"Y ~e..nlr .womans cmo oil.. ~, ]intoit " [~"',~~e],*,~'~I"=:,~2~',;'.'~'~'~;~,e~ were weekend visitors with Mr [ mram ~iDley, secrcary Council on l wnaries town in o oservance oz i/on f~Ji af~a'~ /~eh~-~a I ". , , . I ,v,~u,~c~, iJ~,~,,vo ccu,,,,v~,- ; and Mrs M H Hindman "! Planni,ng, Financing and Prepay- American Education Week Nov. 8-I~j't" a,lu~x~ x-~aH~av~(: I The luncneonclgth donated by IMrs. Minnie Bell Virts, Mr:~ ... -" ' 2. . :. .. i ment of the American Hosnltal As 113, t~his week issued the following I 1[-1[~.~i ,-~t- l[~,.]r.~ I Mrs. Jessie ~ortmas~er went ~o I ter J. Wal,ters, Mrs Janet v. visiting on. bu,noay wire Mrs. [ ~uusa~ux~"~*'"" ~-.mcago"~" ..... ,.7" presen~e~" - - I release of, eommendatinn_ and.._ .._-,,rn I IlUItUIq~:~[ I~ ]/[~l[:~ I Mrs .... C Manning bmith and the [ ter, Mazv_ Alice Hitt, Mr, Paxton Whitmore were herson- .., ~na.." ..... n-," ~l'; ..... I~,, e,,, *h~ ..... ~,~.., ~,o r~ ~ I ~ door prizewent to Mrs. Addle rv H Hunter Mr Howard S. CENTER CUT m-law and daughter Mr. and i2,':~u~'.~.~.~,,~'.'.. ~= ~,_v, ~.~a ~os-I~:~ ~'~'h,~'~,~'~'~'~=,,,zvz~',~.~.o"~,,,"~l Jane Moore Ambrose daughter Green ers and Mrs Hilda C Juddi " ri ~Jlt,~tl l'~Lt2Lllli:t/'y .wl~liiDer IllTell- ...,vv..., -... ...~. .~..,,. -,.u,-,~,~ ~,,~, ' " . .... Mrs Da~yl Shaw of SHyer Sp ng Mrs John Martin and Mrs Ad Charles Town Mr WllbUl CHUCK ROAST '- ~- A~c ;"?'~ .ling Her Hospital Story to Herwork in the field of ed~ca,tion, lor Mr. and Mrs. John Ambrose, ] .. v ..- ; ". ~u. I Community" I The theme for American Educat-Ihas been selected as a eommittee tme ~ree,n ~presenteo me ~ux]~- ~Bond, Miss Jewell HardY,, Miss Patsy Grant and Patricia ..... " |ion Week is "Praise and Appraise Imember of Duke's Stude,nt Union liary at the u:reenbrier rio~el. Both I Charles H. Garrett, Harpers "~U[~~l~"kl~ ROASTI~ne ..=, IL. 69C Burns spent t'he weekend with It---I- a ~ IYour Schools." tProgram it has been announced I ladms reported they were ~m,press IMrs. Margaret E..Fiddler, 1~_ Mary Francis Arehart, Farmville. cag,e avenue.r@e. In honoring Mrs Bloom the!by Wm. J. Griffith, Director oftedh~ith~h~meet~ga2d wf2:ardeb Mrs. Blanche I3.!n_B2 ca. . ..... [ Woman's Club sub~ts the f,-qow : Stuaent Union Activities. ~espon- I "s' ~=~ ~" -~ ~ #. " 1 wick:, MO.; Mrs. ~,oma v. ~-,~ RIB STEAKS = =, Ib,woAgC Mrs. Winerd Bowers visited her [i~k~n P T ~ ~r~ll, ling word profile showing her"act-'sible to the Board are the corn-I]e commen/ts concerning the p:~ess l er, Rippo,n. _, son-in-law and daughter Mr. and " ' ~ fly|cries in the field of education mitteemembers, w,ho strive to supt '~ ~. ~ ' I Out patients were: ~ ~t Mrs Donald Frye in Charles ~/,*11 k4,...~ " T .... J-_. and in church civi- ~..n ....... ~ plement cultural and educational | meeun~. . . I Jones ~noxville" ~icnara ~, Mrs O S Bloom memo p as ROUND STEAK - lb. 79c Town Sunday aSternoon W||| [~| |U~O~V itywoz'k" hfe of the student body by pres- ] . - Hagerstown'LaverneLuc , Dinner -tests Sunda-'wit'h Mr { ..... 7 . .. ' .......... ~ .. . enting distinguished personalities [ c'hairman was not pz'esenr at the I pers Ferry, 'Mary Joy, Baltl~ and Mrs ~aul 'Mills Sr of Hall"1- nenex~regumr oz ~ne l..~ n~ve(o~ oene:~son wou,.n~y to the University community /monthly meeting ou~2ane is wor~- nThomas Maeda Burlington, j~,~|,~|D|"|~] STEAK |~|~. 79C " "" -"' ~'' "'" ""- ~:agm ~ve.-r'a~e oaczson v','a will,mrs, u. ~. e4argare, ~oom has :bria~in~ in renounced snoakers|ing on membership. ~ne pmns m|CatherineMarcus Roundl'II! ~own were Mr. ano Mrs. '~. 1-1. be held on Tuesday , November I been a successful School Teacher f..~ aH nar~s of the worl~d and | call both active and asscia'te/Jovce Ca~:r Pamela K Sr Hindman. On Su,nday afternoon i 10 at 8 p. m. at the Page-Jackson ~ for the past 25 years teaching in ~'~nnin~' "~,~n~,~ tr,,o~ ~m~, | members a,nd ask them to attend ~i~,. r)i~io '~r T4n.~r Bake FRANKS " . . .................................. , ................... DIDI _ C Mr. and Mzs. t~aul Mills m, w. ~eo / High School. In addition to t, he Ibot~h Jefferson and Loudoun Court .~ n-~. ......... ~.....~. ........... I these importan`t meetings She ~ o~.,...,..~,.~ ~..~. .... Millville" D~I~ IU 59C their p ents2o ...... !regu!ar business meeting there I t~e_s. A.tpresen.tshe ~s.teachmg at wide social activities to provide/and her Committee consisting of Isle Russell, Richard Gordc,n, Mr anti ,Mrs Marvin _~lmes Will oe a pane~ oiscussion con~uc-$ me rlllrbuoro ~cilool In L~OUOOU, n ~t.l~d~n~:~ wif]~ ~tirm~l~Lin;r nnd ~rt| Mrs ki~orge ~cnneioer Mrs Gnar I w tv rdv dm .I. " ~ a ..... ............. ..................... ,. .... ..alters. Cir,, Jewell Ha _, PflDVUIII Ik Charles Town spent Thursday ev- t ted by some students of the high/County, positron she has held ~m~tiona~ o~n~li~ne~s which mm / les R~ininger Mrs. C. E. Harm nets Ferrv .Toe Early Jr ._....._.,.,,..,,-. FRANK nless..,- 47c enmg w,th Mr and Mrs Dav,d school. Ifor the pa.t 17 years. Not only has n, .... , th.,., .... ,..~ ,.~ ,...,o.IMrs Fred Propps plans to call on l .... .o...,.~. ha1--=r~ ] Penwell and family of Halltown. t The .................. m'inci~al~ nnd to~,-h~r~ .f | she bee active i,n the Field o{ Ed. ---v---.rn~m prospective, members. If you. are] C artzs, " L ~regory, Martin~ I both ,~,,,~,~ .... m ~. ..... ~-,. .... ~ucation but has been a leader m | not called and in.terested m your If~hnr~o~ t~. Thnrn,n~nn CitY" LEAN, TENDER ESSKAYS I both Church, Club and Civic work ,,., . .----7-W--"--,. | ospi.tal won't you tome to the IG'm" m 'l DflDV PUflDI~J Ik H|cmc V| amc||La|| tions cc:.acerning the progress, of Iin the Commu.nity, rendering outZ 0,rl ~C0Ur .r00p I 0 ! meeting. The meetings are t'he [ .................... CENT[R .v.. ,u 79c the students This service "hasIs~anlng serwce Ior rte pas~ zo /fourth Tuesday of each month at l.. #. n= ul_|l " " " ~d,~|^, W~o~. ~II~ thegn and wii:l be available at a1 [years. n[0uea F4i n,,v ot |t'he Hospital. Won't each one ~ rates ~lven r0r wei, HORH CHEESE . = m,l~~7~C ,--u,~,u.,vn vv~,,~, van, ]meetings. Parents are urged to| She is married to Mr. Otho =" | $ " u ~u$ |reach .one and please come to the I ; .... take advan:tage of this service/~loom, a prosperous business man || .... iP n _*___D_ D _*__l_ I meeting. ~/1/ d~ f |onics Are Siren i whidh will keep parents up to date I of Oharles Town, and is the raG- home OT Lmaa LlflK / ~ I I.,Ir, lll comerence :SSKAY'S CHOICE__ . lh I~ l on t'heir children's progress Ither of two sons. Harry Bloom a ............ IMr.-Mrs. Le,Mer Staley |O I V AL CHOPS . . . ': . . , ~ 'tea,her in the :H.~ry Lee High ~aem.ers .~ ~,r, bcou~ r l"r oop 1 " ' . ' ~pII~ ~I~Irh' ~I T II~ I~I Mare Theme of American Educ U/ .... I J- P-.J-- t~l..L [School, Baltimore. Md. and Otho of Char!es 'Iown,.en, oyed aFan/Celebrate 50th Wedding [e0~fgr~c2 'e~ll ~wnh~deui, "-" , :- y t~drUen L|UO I ' g Y ". e attending _ . " .._. ' _ [Anniversary on Nov. 1,th. ]basement of the County Bu: at|on week 1959 Dal~y topms I I~ ~|U~ Swan le Jr at horn day ouung ~ecen~y a~ the ~arm pAMBU -- ..--.. v-- ---- Sunday, Nov. 8-The Child: What ~j . ... ....... [the Hillsboro School. ' n,ome o I .on,e.oz tnekr me.m.oers-[ ~-----_ I Thursday, November 12 1959 RGFR 3 Ibs. $159 Meet, Wnh Mr, Mrs. Bto(>m is a member of St, ~,,n.~a b}nK: rne r~COU[sS ie~l"l!oye~al M~r and Mrs Lester Sta]ey well il to2p ,m ' Monday, Nov. 9-The Parents: 1 ........... ****'"*]Thomas Lfftheran Church, a teach c oo~-ot~ a~ i~oon;~ne g l,,:~.~,,,,~| known residents of Shepherdstown I Jefferson County Health How Can They Work Por Better The Wayside Garden Club metier in the Sunday School and presi ,.~ ~.~u .,c. u.u~,~, ~vu~.~ ,u,~|invite their friends and relatives (FRESH GROUND BEEF) Sehools? Oct, ober ,at the home of Mrs. ldent of the ,nited ,urtheran Chur e, a, grou . --., , .... /to t,heir 50 h wedding annive, sary I " S Ch, r hes and tj : ig lyIU ruesdayNv1-Tl e reacher:RlchardAdamsandafterab`ief`chwmen,ap'.eside` `cy' hich.. `nea ' :`'n neg . ,"`nTues` ayNvembe'.1 zthatthe`llstedareerdmembe ` (Lesser Quan tie S] ht Higher) What Is a Teacher? I business meeting during which[S:he has held for the past three p,ea along ~.~e county roa~ ~,arn-.[War Memorial Building i.n Shep-[109557,741 persons in 1958. d a ea lng name, netgarneringseea~ i P[C N]C f IL, 35C we nesday Nov. 1-The People tpl ns were made to a~tend the l Y rs. She is an ardent Club Wom ....... ^..~ ..... " ' herdstewn The hours will be from l amoun~ed to 63 per cent, Next Door::~Who Are ~hey? Madonna Show at Harpers Ferry an havi,ng been President of the '~'~ .au.u ,t)3~..- , . 7 until 10 p m tpopula~ion Thursday, Nov. 12-The School- on November 20, the club was en own Semor Woman ~ __ ~._. ~ . . Charles T " , At mflkzng t~r,~e ~ne gnus were, ................ (Smoked -- Small -. Lean) board Member: What Are His Res tertai.ned by Mrs. Harold BarrlClub for the past five years. Her snownmzougn. ~!~e m,~zz.n,pario!'. blh les9 who a servi h ~rs ~alyle IJlnK cxplalneo eacn ponsi 't .'. i g ve a most helpful talk on I* ce as been outstanding to ' _ ' _' . .....~" ~. -11 .............. I zens: HOw Can The Schools Serve ~ln'o.,or ~h,~ nP~otio,~ ~,~r fh,~ Isponsible for their Club Home. ' ' = I llLjI]CD~I~ il ,l llLnLvIIl:tJl l:DItlltd' Friday Nov. 13-The Adult Citi-"Arranging for Beginners" this organization having been re- mePnaSeglrls'I wa~cnedme .mllKl.n~,nrougnPrOceSSa v, .as~ 'l' O W ~ l~ H (.~ " ~ Them~ ~ (The Hilhary House) on George ao E T _* . . . I month was en,tltled '.West Vir- [ _~ . i! ,~ ~Je~ ~reed they had ~n~n' '[H RESTA[ RANT IN HARPER S FERRY GRADE A : - ~aturoay, Nov. 14-The Vo~er: ginia" and was made by MI~ Vivl~ree~ ann gaining the Club so .... .-~"~. "-o . ~. _*,* ..... How Does He Make His Decisions an Bush and ,iVIrs Thurman Wi it Ithey may have the rating of an a mos~ enjoyme Jay. ~acn :|my- INVITES YOU TO DINE BY THE OPEN FIRE J:RE~H SI~ i[ i S - 3 doz. $1.00 on Education? a'cre " IH nor Club of West Virginia She ing worzea .o~ one requlreme{.L " has ~,~.,,~a ~ xr~,,o ~oo~.~.~,. ~e one ,one ou~-aoor cooK, rammer P . ~ ~"1 lllll ~ , R~bbons for the general arran- [Eastern District Women's Clubs and homemaking badge. ROAST BEEF DINNER SUNDAY NIGHT BUI gement One A19ne featur, n a' he ~r h ESSKAY'S trnest u. :~ller Will5e . . " , " i.. g for the past'two years and was re- T g" ls W o enjoyed the out- , , single bloom and :foliage were a- [ centlv ~l~o,t~rl ~,-, ~..,~e~,-I.n,~ ,~f *~o~ ing were Ellen Barr, Lana Barron, Every Wednesday and From 6 P. M.Until Clo ~Li A ! ~b r ................... ............. ' . wa ded to Mrs Robert Stone bluee IAnda Coyle Ellen Punk Nancy = , rn District at the Conventmn in . ' ' Saturday Evening $3 00 $2 50 Per Person 1- ; 3 s. $1 00 In Charoe 0f K,wam Mrs Joseph Staley, red; Mrs. Wll Petersburg W V- ,Howell, Din,he Miller, Cheryl ,lVI,ll - . --" " -- ~ ....... lard Martin and Mrs Francis ' She is deenl" in' ..... *^'~ ..... el" Lind Painter Jeannie Roth I~ ...... II'L .... J.. ! ql r [. ~, ye!low and Mrs. Elmer cer Welfare Work and has served Nora :Bell S~uman, Peggyl V~ck- Appropriate Dmhes for Pmvate Parhes A Speemlty. wageiey write. " ers and Linda Link rrogrdm /nur, Udy 0.1 ......... as Chmrman of the Cancer Drive ] t i u~sneefnrShess t.nen serve oenc- for Charles Tow,n and Ranson for _ -2_-- ~-._ ~ .................... I I liI~I o re men~s ano plans weze o - open l)alxy 1Ol lileaKias[ I( Y L]P~U~dAII1), Ernest O. Slier, cashier of the .... the past five years. This work 'has Traon lh aid ie0.ts " " " ' .... Blakeley Bank & Trust Company been most gratifying to the C,oun- .v ~ ~ v v ~ ,4 ~ . . ~.. ,, , ,,,,,, in Ranson, will be in charge of t, uncll ano |)Inner -Jetepnone ,~40L ty. Many ill persons have received the program for the regular Thurs aid h'om the funds raised from Present rro~ram For day night dinner meeting of the Charles Town Kiwanis Club. Mr. Siler will hal, e as his guest speak- U. S. Inspected---U. S. Grade "A" er, James Mangrum of the S`ta,n dard Pest Control who will speak #, .. p . . [ E N S , ] about .... the damaging effects of ter LOlleOe= .~amr~av mites and other pests which take .......... J* t " their toll of resident properties Parents' Day a.t S~epherd Col- every year. Secretary Joe Chris- [lege will be held Saturday, Nov. 7 (Whole or Cut Up tian calls attention to members of !to ibetter acquaint fathers and a meeting of the Board of Dir-imothers wit'h the educational of- Illll I ectors immediately following the ferings of the institution and to regular meeting Kiwanians are help build the morale of the foot- now busy selling tickets $or their ball tea~m. 2 for 29c annual pa,ncake supper which will be held Thursday, November 19 at the Moose Lodge Dining l:boom. Tick~ts for adults are $1.00 and 50 cents for children The chlb has received an invitation from the Keyser Club to attend their an- nual charter night on November 11 at 6:15 p. m. The Flfth Dfvis- ion of Kiwanis orga,nizational meeting under the direction of Lt. Gov. Francis Printz will be held Sunday, November 22 at Cacap~n Park, beginning at 2 p. m. and will conclude with a dinner. The ladies are also i,nvited to be present, Mr. Printz said. ICEBERG Cities Service Official CALIF. PASCAL I ii Talks To Kiwanis About ) ) Petroleum Industry U. S. NO. 1 I I The main event in ,the day's act iv|ties will be the foobball game between the Shepherd Rams and the Bridgewater Eagles a.t 2 p. m. on the new athletic field. An after-game social hour well be held in, the lounge of the Heal l~h and Physicial Education Build- |,rig. Members of the faculty have been encouraged to be on hand at Vhis time to meet and talk with parents. Lunch will 'be served the visit- .|rig paren`ts from 12 noon ,to 1 p. m. and dinner from 5:30 to 6:30 p. m. i,n the college c~feteria. All students ha~e been asked to extend a pers(~nal invitation to their parents to participate in the day's activities. They have been asked to serve as host and hos- tess to their parertts and to ,take the responsibil,i ty of showing ~hem around the campus, accord ing t,o Mrs. Vera Culllson, assoc late dean of students. SPEND LESS AND GET MORE KiwanisMerrrberSClub.f enjoyedthe CharleSa talkTWnonNamed President Betsy the varz,ous uses of petroleum by PREMIUM SALTINE, --NABISCO lb. box 25e Thomas Bowes of Philadelphia, ROSS Demonstration Club HORMEL SPAM 2 12-oz. eaRs 89c Pa., a repre nt tive of Cities Set .... AN " IAJZIANNE (OFFEE C IS I'ER 2-1bs. $1.:/4 vice a~ their regular weekly di,nner ,, , ,, meeting at The Thomas Jefferson The reguiar meeting of ~he :30 (O! FEE ..... l-lb. bag 5.% Hotel last Thursday evening. Betsy Ross Home Demonst.ra.tion SHENANDOAH APPLE SAUCE 4 for 49e Mr, BOTTS said the first oil Club was held at,the home of Mrs. CHASE & SANBORN well was drilled In Pennsylvania Thomas Kezzl with 17 mem;bers O') ' ' O ~ , by Col. Drake in 1859. The wellpresen't. INSIAN I C Size 10-oz. $1.oo was 691~ feet deep. Since that The new slate of officers for the DOMINO SUGAR - - - 5-1bs. 39c time wells have drilled to a year was announced .s follows: (With Groceries Order of $5.00 or More) d~pth of more than 25.000 feet the Mrs. Linden Bush, president; Mrs. speaker said. Guy WIHler, vice-president: Mrs. GOLD RIBBON MARGARINE 2-1bs. ~.0c Most ef the oil is ,trans.ported Hugh Vla. secretary; Mrs. Calvin MONARCH, EVAP. MILK, 6 tall cans 79c from the wells to the refineries by treasurer and Mrs. Ed- MONARCH pipe lines; but recently huge tank ward Morgan reporter. ) T ! |NEAPPLE JUICE---46-oz. 3 cans $I,00 ers are hauling a lot of oil over ~Mrs. IAnden Bush 'had charge of the water rourtes, Mr. Bo.wes ~ta`t the devotionals and the group a- B. (. DOG FOOD - 12 cans $1.00 ed. ( agreed to attend the Achievement SOFTEE TOILET I ISSUE 16 rolls $1.00 The speaker said that the pet- Day banquet to be held Oct. 27 at roleum ~,ndustry s])ends a~bout $3,- the Harpers Ferry Methodist Chur ' I I II I I I 000,000 a year in research work. ch. The group will also go ~o the OPEN 8:00 12:00 "~UV;a ~O'h~" As a resul't of this work, crude Oil Baker V. A. Cen~er on Nov. 11. is the base of hundreds of prod- The meeting was concluded with U ncts used in every day lift. also ~ White Elephan~ Sale. Monday Thru Sat rday today petroleum furnishes a large Delicious refreshments were ser n,ar~ of the energy used in our ved by Mrs. Kern az~d Mrs. Ten- (Quantity Rlght~ Reserved I court, try.. ney. "l~his being the Cer~tennial An- Always Plenty of FREE PARKING! nlversary of the Petrcfleum Indus- ATTEND CHURCH SUND&Y try, Thurman Whitacre ha~ as 'l~:s guests a~ the dinner Ed Mor- CLASSIFIED BEST RESULTS the Cancer Drive. She started a Cancer Lending Closet, with the Stafford Walt0n Chapter help ~f 'her Club ~Iembers, .which is located at the Club Home and Members of Girl Scout Troop 16 many ill patients have been loan- Charles Town prese;ated a pro- ed articles from this Lending Clos gram for Stafford Cha,pter Izaak et. She works wi'th all other Drives iWalton League a,t th~ Hilleary l,rt the County and is a~vays will- it toast recently. tn~ to do so. She served as Pres-I Opening with the flag cere- |dent of Charles Town Hospital f mony, leading in the salute to the Auxiliary for three years and was :{lag and singing of America, the the first President of the Auxiliary Scouts then demonstrated thro- at the New Hospital. During her i ugh skits what they have learned terms of office she organized the in .working ot'f second class rank Charles Drew Auxiliary which is such as: usi,ng triangular band- very aotive. {ages, how to dress for outdoor act Mrs. ~loom has helped stage a |cities, correct way t,o build camp- number of parades for Charles fires, singing ca~mp .fire songs, Town. !etc. They also displayed seeds, She Is on the Board of the Men 'berries and nuts they had gather tal Health Society of Jefferson ed on a recent hike. County and on the Advisory Board ,D~ring the business meeting of Ohild Haven. the Stafford Chapter agreed to While teachk]g in Loudoun pay for indoor targets for .the new Cour~ty she has served as formed Junior rifle team and urer of Loudoun County Educ~t- to put on drives, for new members ion Association and a,~ present she in Novem'ber. There was one ,new is Chairman of the Teacher Tel-tmember present at the meeting: fare Committee for the Associa~t-I The next meeting will be held ion. She takes an active part in|,in the trophy room at Dr. Mor- the P. T. A. at her school and man iris' home Mrs..Morris show- ages the Cafeteria. ling pictures and describing t~he Mrs. Bloom has been chairman big game hunting trips she a,nd for ,the past two years of the Plan. her husband have been on. ,_'ling Program for the Community Cer~ter Educa,tional Project which works with .the gifted ~hiidren of Loudoun County, ~be is very tan ented In dramatics being a char- ter member of the Alpha Psi O- mega National Draxnatics Frater- nity of Shepherd College from which she is a graduate. More Gifts Received By Memorial Fund Of Hospital Auxiliary Mrs. D. K. Koonce, treasurer of ,the Memor, ial Fund of t.he Jeffer- Miscellaneous Shower ~son Couzrty Hospital Auxiliary an ,Mrs. Donald E. Fiery, South 'nounced this week t'he following re Chur0h street, Charles Town en-~cent gif`ts to the Memorial Fund. terra|ned `Mrs. Guy P. Ebersole, Jr. I K'~ memory of Mrs. William recently married, at ,a misceHan-[Lloyd frc~m Miss Elizabeth Taylor. eous shower Sunday, October 25. In memol5 of Mrs. Charles E. Th, lrty-five guests were received Baylor fr.:~m Mrs. T. W. Stonesif- by the hostess, ~he h~noree .and 'er, Dt. Francina Stonesifer, Mrs. mothers of She 'bride .and J. R: Russell. Mrs. George L. HaiR ,Miss Kay Cameron, cousin of es,,~Mrs. Macy Ix)u Steptoe, Miss the bride, registered ~he guests Lucy J. Ambler, T. T. Perry 2nd., and Mrs. Thomas Kephart, s,ister Mrs. Helen D. Glenn, Mr. and Mrs. of the bride, Mrs. Alvey Ebersole IT. P. C. Perry. Mrs. May G. Bris and lV~'Iss Helen,a Alvarez received cot, Miss Phoebe E. Getzendanner, and displayed ,the gifts. ~Thomas S. Jordan and Mr. and The serving ,t~l~le was 'covered Mrs. Wal`ter G. Nelson. wi,th ~m'ecru late cloth and cen-~ I~n memory (>f Mi~ Margare~ tered wl~h a ,~hree-t,iered wedding,Johnson from Dr. and Mrs. Harry oake, surrounded by an arrange-jLangdon. merits of ivy and- white ehrysa,n`t'heI In memory of Mr. Walter Ar~ ,mares and flanked on each side net~t from M~dern Woodmen of w~'~h vchite ,tapers. Mrs..Jack Cam iAmerica Ins. Co. eron and Mrs. Clayton Robinson. I In memor, of Mrs. J hn R ~unt~ of ,the honoree, presided Sudler fror_i M,'. and Mrs. '~'ai~:: .er over .the serving of the cake an4 G. Nelson, Mrs. ,May G. Briscoe | :punch and were assisted by Mrs. Miss Phoebe E. Ge,tzendanner Gent Jol nson ,and Vfisses Judy Thomas S. Jordan, Mrs. Robert Snyder t~ge Shoffmaker and tin Browse, Mi's. Blackwell Davis. da Milton. I~n memory of Mr. ,Montague HOLIDAY by i As Seen in Seventeen Slim peau de sole sheath with a shirred, crushed merbund, bateau neckline and three-quarter sleeveS' Sizes 3-15 ................................. $ *t CHARLES TOWN, W. VA.