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November 5, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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November 5, 1959

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_=, ,, SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON rARmztts - _ , 4--A THURSDAY, Ij 0rth enti0n --_. ,oBuBHEO ,HoR+oA`t ,E+ooN ,N ,OW,. W. Deputy VA ,Dtrect0r l L:+" BY THE JEFFERSON PUBLISHING COMPANY. INC. BI' ~ W. Morrow ' 'lr. D. ,. PI...,.. Y ..... Ito.~Ir ~-~he!r ~e(~Soen~ AL- su..:.,..,o.. D.U+*.+O ,. ,.* re,A,+ *.* Su.+t r ,o m% CO..U.... IS Cap,tahsm Doomed ? w]l]a V Yrxreaas n oOul: lu]aPaept IU ,O1 III l.lllllll::i IUWII [u te nld" /eYen rh ntag SALTS TAX EueicRl~rlou 13.SO PEI~ `lEAN IN ADVANCE. A ll.ttle over a hundred years hen +,~3' ,,,h~ E~,~,~h.oh:,, is sa~ I Announcement was made this lli,fe would be m:iseEg ago Kaq Marxmad~ the d~re pre- i~g 'w]l"i~h~"p'~)en--w~l~'~h"av'e'come I week by Ray ,I,. Sencindiver, de-I,the products of petrole iPiRIT EETABLlaHEO 1844 -- AOVOCAT[ E~rrABLmHEO tSBS dic~on ~n~t ultimately .ann met- ,to pass. But'commencing with the iPu.tY director of the West VirginiaI J~, COMBINED MARCH | |t48 ~W'I~lY~..'C~l~l~ill~.m anWgt~a(~lalPe i~s Twentieth Cen'tury capitalism be- Department of Veterans Affairs in I Repo,r~er fury u. ue [. ' . . - gan to take on a new shane sol ]Martins, burg, that he will be .in l " ge Live wire MAX BROWN, EJDI'flDR exnor~ble :Loeof hls~orYoa2ool ec~ much of a new shape in facTt t+hat Charles Town at the American Le I, n~ U|I UIIIIIL,~ WU tA:ll*Ak ~WE; ..~ J~J OU~I ~31~1A1 . , . ' o~Fm[ NORTH GEORG[ rrREwr -- Tm.r~HOHZ mzz ....~ ...... ; .... +.~ +~ ...... ~a one now wonders if it mtgh+ not gmn Home Nov. 13, 27 +or the put [ l11SS l-a~rlc]a Gar THAN 20,OOO PEOPLE EVER`T WEEK. .later the Chief exvonen+ of COmm- O . ' + .. I I~h........ ~'l++ | " * # +rn++nl~n Mr Khr~]+mhchevTeEter- The long and +he sno~ o't 1+ ls I + ++ .... + .... " ....... I _+ + h " v Iut ~ Miss Patric~a Ga ENTERID AI SECOND Ct~.EE MA~'ER kT "rill POETO~ICl IN GHARLIJ TOWN. a"te-d his conv.l~Ctm'n~n the sound- t at by a democratic and e o _ ] ] ........... ] + ." . " .+.r~ W. w. u,+E, VIlE A'r o, MntCH a. taT,. ness of this philosophy, while vis- ~on~y ~ourSe.mua~ lsdtistangnl ished I Mrs. wlseman Buys HIlL /oi _~r. an~t mrs w iti,ng the UnV~ed States Thus "t " t e con~ un" tic a-I Cotta-e in ~.... t731 N 29th St Alle] . 3r + ' " " " . " ' ~y aden] Town ws~ted on Sunday evenlngTWn tie , .L g nepnerostownit"= | , wr~.v ,=~=~= ==~==~=~-~-,v=~ ,,,,e~ can be ~een that in more than a volut~onary oou,rse, modern d y] ] /senior a't Mary wasl~ ...... " ................................. ! century Marxism stall adheres to rC~plit~,lism has purged ltsself of -- -+ . NEW `TURK - CHICAGO - AT[MkHTA o oL~rROIT - LOB ANGELEI *he sazne rigid phiaosophy which the admitted evils of which Marx ] reYdreS: BB_ W iseman, a..~ormer/~gl~ oftthn~ UnlrVg?:ntYa ~ " ' on aens oi ~ne ~earneyswJm nel- ' - makes ~t pertinent to ]nqulre as to spoke, and for which Marx c - ~ ......... l ....~,~ ~o,+,^..~, =+,,me ' MEMBER OF THE whether or not there is any sound- demned i,t. so Chwt ,now within its ~n:oornoo9 a,n~t wno now resmesm / ~..~'~ ~,~.~ +~:~t~ .................. ~ ness in the Marxian and Khrush- own framework, it offers bhe very[ I~anson, has purenasea ~me o~-[,V,,_ % ~= ~[~. ::;; alsl NATIONAl E OIIOKI_AL ~ chef view things which the communists con rge ~ru ~;o~age in ~nepneros~own / ~ov 2": ~!~. w#- ~ ,r~ A C T Writing in ,the New York Times tend can only ,be a~sx~ompl~hred by l ~ocated on Chu'roh Street ,Mrs I ga~e ~o ~ne ~uoen~ v~ ..... Magazine last Sunday, November revolution. The sweat sh~p and ] ERCIL W CALVERT left o-'rat0r of a 45 acre dal-" farm in]Wiseman pMns to move here a~ter/ation +Association in 1~ ~ 1, Mr Adolph A Berle, jr., of Col_ child iabor, evils of Nin~een~h I Preston ~unty, has ~n ~a~aVed West Vlrglnla,s ~lon con. ,the first of ~he year. [ Nov. 1.3-14. + I ~ ~ t~m~bia Un+ivemity, points ou.t the Century capitalism, were abolished ] servatlon farmer for 1959 and the winner of the State Soil Con- ] !~,,.,1~ ~.. | Mr nad Mrs Eugen ibasic and fund@mental fallacy of ,oy mr~v t~iant trusts m ~gstr.aint I ----o-^- ~,~,,*~+ ~l'h Mr ~Elvert is Elmer Nuce- l~umton ~-.,~-~.,~ ~=,o,,=, og=an~ ,_ ." .... , .... '; ..... r d + " eo .~.....,,.. v~...,~... ., . -, , ; . ~nnle Wll% ~ii(l tlZtU,~+ Thursday, November 5, 1959 [*he communist position. Accord- of t a~e were deaa,t wrth by Th " I county, one of the SBpcrvlsors of the Manenffahcla Soil Con. To Blue Ridge 4-H ClubInebte and A~bu%us ~w ling +o Mr pe~ ~:ee d~hing~ ?:re ~.~v:e~)~l~u Wn~ag:te~ndorh~r] servatlon District. The contest is sponsored to encourage more : -- |~isitors in Mar~in;t)uri , ......... inave nappene ~ . .' . _ . I West Virlinia fi+mers to conserve all natural resources on their On October 28 .M* Harold Kis / eoun,t upon and Khrushchev in oro~ee~ion of "worKers old age oen - I w f t and wUdll ' " PFMniMr, YnllR PHRI~TMA~ ~AVlMr,~ I ..... .. _ . .... -7_ l farms by adopting a loBEd sol, seer, .rim,It .u- ner of me Cornmtm,ty Oil Co. Inc I Preside= denies tml~ +~kl I~I~LS + V mVVm m ~ + I r S W +n 'V~" i nrs uLLer renan~ze on ;Marxism ag- are now aecep~o as neces- [ servatlon ,to,am. wmm f.h~ ,,.~m,. .,~o t, op f,,, +,,+ ~=,~: ,+, m~,~,,+,, ~ ~noresthese three things in making sary. In short, modern day capE-[ ....... * .............................. ~ .... *' ............. ~ ..... has prediction of the shapeof talism has given the modern day] un ,~ovemDer t~ nunflreos oi oelierson t~ounuans Will bhings to come member of society such as attraet~ " " " n Sunday afternoon with her son- were enroute to Washington D.C. receive from the respective four banks m the County fMr. Berle points out .th~ ~he Lve p~re~n~andfuture .~.hiat_he, ca" l in-law and dauthter ,Mr. and Mrs.! to a,ttend the annual co~'~vention ~ 1 "~ 11" _~ their annual Christmas Savings checks. Between i~ovem- (Marxian predi+otlon might have ~ ~_ ~ ~e~'uvc u'l~" ~ ~x ]Howard ,Shewbridge Jr. the latter ]of Postmasters. Mrs. Wilson re- Li ~l~t~ ~ ~==~ ~ ~'~ TJ'] hot 1G and Doeomh~r 25 tho reat bulk of this money will come ~rue bu't for three things: =,~ ~,m,=~ ~ . ]of 'whom has been con~'alesclng at mained to visit wirth her aunt and ......................... " " " 1 ...... of her parents in law cousins until Sunday evening ~J~l~ = l(ll The American Corporatmn The There are still a great many Am the home i be spent, and its expenditure will represent a s zeabe- . L--r "+nion anti The ericans who decry the social and] - - I ............... ._. ~merman ~o u ; ..... [Mrs Howard ~hewbridge ST. i,~ iwhen she rejoined ~the gro,xp in ~. 1- ..... , - p y e . . g . g . proportion OI all ~nris~mas snopplng expenm~ures in ~nls ~mer~an Govern, men~ For as Mr welfare legislation of the past Har ers Ferr sinc her release Washin ton Also visiti,~ at '"Mon i+ area. Hawng demonstrated their wisdom in adoptmg a Berle poinf~s ou:t, these three quarter_ .................................. of a cen.tttry and who are tlast week from the Charles V~ew' 'on Sunday.......... were Xffrm W e things have so changed +the prouu to procmim ~neir ,an+i i~e~v eneral HoB .... ~.+,.om .P ( hrisfm Savin+s in the first hlace e hun " " " - . + I G lmtal, l Wilson s cousm Mr. Andrew Wile-. _ ...... " ................. -'-'-m in shape of c~prtahsm that the Mar Deal pmlosop~y, at the same t~meI Mr and Mrs John Glassford I Corkle and Mr James Vorden- ~ -~--]F ~ne n.rls mas savers wm snow equa.y .goou "xi,an indiotmen~ of caoitalism no e~presslng a hope SOT a return to I and their f~mily of Williamsport [ baum of Alexandria Va. whom ~ 1 _ _ _ !:~ expendmg their sawngs, where ever practxcable, a~ no~ne, longer holds true the "good old days" And that the l ........ ~.~....~.. .+o,~,..~ -~ ]she wccomoanied u~n their re ~ / "'~~ ~~ S eakm of the advanta+e of shonmnv at home ts an old The 'Marxian analysis and vts- so c~lled New Deal has 6aade m ['h ............ +fur'- h-m- -" =,,,a .... ++~+ II / m~'~E~'~'~'-~IYJFJ :" p g o x-r o . ' ,. ' . " . b {2 llUlIlt2 (~1 bne iormers parents ,, ~ ~ ..,. ~-..~-a .-~..~. theme with us, but it bears repeating. There was a time Ln~f ..c~pilta~l~sm +w s+ pr.~!c~ed .t~kes ann be+d2rSpUtteda+BUtothaer [Mr. and 'Mrs. S. C. Glassford. I Mr_ and Mrs. John Wel~y and II ~ / ~~gn F~J ~-,.t.z~. o-vvv.-s "~'.'-~a ~_.v ..... ,,..,. .... .~o ~........~,.o, u,,,~ i*tali~n Che rich would f,e rl.~her as itembodies ~he new era oil - Iw~r~ vdif+o~ t~n ,Mnndny ~+. ~hp~ ~ ~L~~ ~'~ ........ . The annual Achmvement ......... Day ............... " -+ ++'~ ~ --~ " -" ::::! ,p, rospechve purchaser could frequently fad thmgs ]n the and the poor wou,ld get poorer un- soc~Mreform The New Deal re- [ I home of the latter's sister and bro ~ ~ I "=~ ~ ~ -~ ' city that local merchants did not handle. But thanks tel the divergency between the two presen~ts the philosophy of the ]banquet of the Jefferson Coun,ty [,ther-in-law Mr and Mrs Robert + ~'~--------------"=~ ,~ ~w,~A,~,-n m~r~h~ndi~ino few items in this day ,would be so great that ~;he desire New Capitalism Even with its mis I Farm Wome,u's Clubs which was lL Light and their children ~obbyi . ................ ~ Ior reform would be so great a- takes rt ~s to be prefer ed over t [held on Tuesda- evenln~ o,f la~'and IAnda. I ~ ~ ~ ~'~a-lr ~ "~ and age ~na~ one canno~ ima r~gn~ an ms or net own m(mg the masses that the system sort of unbridled cwpit~lism of the]week at the Ca~o Hill NIethodis[ Services For Former Resident [ .~1 ~IB Am n~ L home town, usualy at the same price the same article de-lwould be swept aside And had Nineteen~h Cen,tury which, if al-I~hurch in ~r~r' ~ ......... ~1 Funeral services were held at ~ ~=~W ~ -~ "~ ]~ ~ mands somewhere elge, and always at the less expense c~pi:t~!lsm contmued, the !owed ~ go.on u~checked, wouldltended by six members of the lo-]St. Lukes Episcopal Church m: k~~ 11 ]~ I ~=~ J~ of travel. I Twenme~h Century a.~ng,mes~me inave mo~ J~zeLy- maa_e ~rue ,_pro- [cal club who enjoyed a delicious I Atlanta, Geor a on S~turday af- i ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ,d~ ~ JL.,~IIPm ~.., ,u^_^ -..,-u ....^,1 ......... c^...u^....;..~..+ ~ .... ',pa'v~ern n; IOHOWeG in me ~lgn~- pne~s ou~ oi ~warx anu &~.,llfU~Wii-[turkey dinner and :the interestin~ [ternoon ,ior ~Mrs. Jane ~usnong i ii DU~ .e~e..~ S--, a..--et ~v,~u. ~,,t ~-um,--,~ a~ ...,=. eenth and Niaeteen, th Cenlturv they ) ......... ~ ,w~,~ ..... ~.~.+A ,,++,o+), ....... ,~ .,,~ " " mess - p g WnlCn IOllowea Tne i + - ro ram .......... ....................... Our commun!ty prosperity, geared to local,,, bus .... Ispeaker ,for this ,program ' which [ Friday morning ~t her home ~n IIPIIIPI~I~IP~I~I a%Al|~|m, tl , ~A~A~a~ prosperity, uur local mercnants, ana not the mg Cl~y I I n I / I~ /e ~ 4~ I/ [,was opened with Devotions pres- I Atlanta. : II~iPlP~M~I.I IM /I IIIM/ MI I/I IM~i, merchants, provide employment for our local people Our lllaller Town almarlaril rrenlCl LOI0. lented by :Mrs. James H. Snyder] ,Mrs. Ki,tchen who was sityone ,I I II IL,)I 'II VUlIII I'I I II I'. .... w--~--,....== ~= *IF v was Mrs Ear H " f years oI age was a n aslve ot ~ua. I .... ,, ou, . t19 / l ayes pres,dentoI local merchants p ov]de the support of our hospl a, L | - -' [mi ........ h" f'h EAST LIBERTY STREET h s lr I~ r'oln~ ana ~ne ~aug ~er O r, e Omt , luar, ekSo?n:u lor f . to vvetV' ginia ~'arm Women's ..... 3 3&X vo++; ui.+3h '2' et Wnnter and F0r( casts We TC?:~alWI~ethnad ~t!~edsstohe ~o~inDsrn ~ns~eln~n~hY/:sidSe~ll:e CHARLES TOWN .... + chants give to these projects is tinked to their ability to[ ____________ [iation Countrywomen of the Wor-]thevillage during ,her early child- support them, which is, in turn, lined to your shopping| The 1960 edi+tic nof the,Hagers- A manacsayswith n yei htdays| '..w-. !ch-w ^heLd astsumm-er).n n e anh ea n n d ........ . -' habits. Dollars spent in Jefferson County generally stay |town Town and Coun,try.A!man Ilis ed fmr..+ . + ,.. ' w I their daughter pent several years 1956 Ford 'Customllne Tudor $11J in Jefferson County and work for and benefit Jefferson|pred!cus~co!d*anawe~wm~erana I__Lune3 w~nelr0'~ffrec~~ ~t~r[vehile tourlng~hrough Europe and with heru,ncle the la~ Mr. Wil- Radio, Heater, 30,000 Actual Miles . . pen~y ot .ram nex~ summer, anu wo.i'Iil O~l L Y~ ' " ~ " " h lla~q. C ~ooinson a~ "~ox~on" " Countmns,.. just as dollars spent elsewhere] eogenezallYle in .... othe,'Ie" [ . Now. in ~ts 163rd ,,ear of ~,b~ - ]other days~ showery and unsettled. . ]thesummBrlt~i ~" in , it o Isles:~ c uoThSewno frOmattenoeo [the[ ~ ~ ..... +''~ 'oa'n~h" ~o. .......... ~' ~"'~',~ 11 4[~(]OO ~[l~1~l~g~l'"" --!.4- Ll~Olg~ ~A-I~L~II~-- .. . ~ main elsewhere and work for and benef t p p - [ho~taon, 0he 47 page a~mana h~s July and August have rain fore-/Ohe ban-uet wero ~,~ ~'irle,, Attorney !Mills Kztchen of Allan, ~ ............... ommunltles /changed but little since ~.t was or+ least on a~ leastt 20 days w rich only[~o .... ~ ..... ~ ~r~om~ ~^~ ta Georgia her daughter Mrs ao o, nearer, .~ew White llres. We hope our local sboppe, rs will bear these ample truths ] ' ga YtoPUb.! hed.t .nrcu es v e Isl edsh t rgU tff ation of then Hardeysty tOe trg i m uelrt Snag ohnJ n . n nSota dmtt frW h_ 1955 Ford Customllne Tudor - 1 :~ in mind as ~ne t~nrls~mas, bnoppl~wff eason O??ack "a quarter of a m~lUon copies. Iwea~her for each day t,he Alma,uac [Crina James H Snyder and the torney'St'ua~ Bushong crf Hagers- Radio, Heater .... + . . ......................... ~. ~an ey ,. * j ~t spent at home usually finds a ay ~o co y ~ Its ,predic~Aons ~ndicate ~hat Jan I has a ~able with w~'c a ateu ]~o++~,'~., .~. ~X.~ ~a ~ ~ ,l town Md. and James Buoh,,n~., ,, ~ ,.."e ......... m the form of one md~rect benefit or anotheI, A dollar [tmry will .h~ve.ei~ht.daysof ram[can do ~he~r own. forecasemg bY|of 'Hardy Ky Danvrlle, Va. 1 55 Flymouth Tudor - spent somewhere else doesn't. It's as simple as that. S ou ya n i n OI ~Aae mon|oo~,~g;n~orl~OS~oa3nO~v~n: ~oO~ln[ Mr. WS"l)iam GTacey of Charles ofV ir.tors2nMSrsUn .Yja.t - rerhoemree Radio, Heater. ', .... ~ I In February 14 days of rain or ]try' notes '+and ,farm, anti ga | '.+ the latter's brother and sister in 1954 Ch A = 'IPhll4~l~Ig~ili, l ~liJ/El=lg [snow are predicted and Jn March I notes give su,ch capsule informat-'at :then~me of his mother Mrs. law Mr nad Mrs Albert Ren'ner n ].~.,,, ~,%v ~t'a.~v~x, = r[/u ,A/l /fl wrrh /lZ days. The remmnder o] March lion ,and advice as: "There is little I~a~e t~racey. . an(l' their children Joan Nancy namo, nearer. . [is ~ee,u fair *and frosty wrth high [d+anger ef ~pply~ng too much lime farm tLmD lviee~ng ..... and P~alph Of BerryviHe ;qa ' " 1 U~A rl~,~..~l rP,,-i,--=, ! American re-awakening to the fact that one of America s ) .... ......................................... IL. Blake. This 'will be a very im- ren.ce Grove " " ' " greatest natmnal needs is being sorely neglected at the l .......... , '.forP~tantthe coml,ugmeeting' yearnS thewllt, programbe plan Honoredm li"f~n" mrmaay. "19 ...... D ' ...... . 1 expense of all of us. But we are not so ophmmhc. Reahsm THIS WEEK S NEWS IN ned at this time and all m m~ Cop mentmg their aster-in- 53 odge Coronet 4 Door , e ~ersI w r '" tells us that +there will be much written and said in the "_ .............. ]are urged to be preesn.t. ta ar n 'nel Par m w gnl er Radio, Heater, Overdrive, Well W next week about education, but precious little will be done l ~ II U U I T O Irl I M T 'Mr. and Mrs Conme Rennet of Robert "~ - y' : " - . rs. 1 4~k~,6~I ~ ] TT ] m , " . ~ay en~er~amect a~ a Iam l~aO DUlCK nara I~ - - , ......... ' ....... into action I d lVl iVl n t / V n / I Wmchester, Va. were wsxtors on ................. P L0 cOnV(2I'L Lllt~ WUIU~ | ISunda- evenin~ at *h^ h^--^ -" ly umner nelo on ~unaay a~ ,~nelr oo,4;. ~-~.~o+... : ) [ y ~ b t~ IJllle ~zhome in Fr ~ ' a~,~u,v, a~,~a~,~.. An reformed people ;s the very cornerstone of our de- _. as..~o. .... ,~_-_. Dr...--^ ~ ~ nq9 Iffne formers sister and'brother . o,~.t Royal, Va. Those mocracy, and when we tamper with 0ur educational needs ur,. otuar u,, lin-law Mr and Mrs W J- rr 1953 Pontiac DeLuxe 2-Door - we practice a false economy and tamper with the veryl '' I A ilr__and ;Mrs. Stuart W. Crim their daughter Sharon Mrs J A Radio. Heater. Hvdramatic , , ana ivirs, harry t~. ~'razier of ~ ' ..... 7. " foundation of our society itself. Halloween in the Viliage land Mrs. Samuel ,Butcher and !"Mo,ute View" visited on ,~undavDe off, Mrs. Carralee ~,mallwood |O~9 ]O~,~.~] ,~f..~],~,.. ~ I~,~.... We do not wish to reopen, or continue, the arguments ,Besides the customary visits oftchildre'u Cindy and Timothy and evening wit;h Mr- Ro~er-Kel'le,~ ana +Mr. and Mrs. Junior Deck x~t,~ __~.xJ~t& ~k.~t4t~U~lllllll~ ~J~'lJl31.11 = " " " ,, ,, ~Mr and Mrs W J Furr ,Mr and ~ - anu sons of Winenes~er Va. Radio, Heater. on the merits or dements of federal md to educahon. ~the trick or treat set, Hallow- . _._. _ ,.. _ at his home near C~arles Town ~uffice it to sav that education is bein asked today to e'en was celebrated in the vi:llage ~rs. ~-atpl~, l.~unn ann ~.r. an.a Turkey Supper u#.,um. ~ m 10~9 ]~n~'i~ ~ ]~N(I]P . "~"-~---- r~_ __~:_,t. '~,a~..... ~r~H .w ~ ~i~f~n+h ~nf)]Pv with .a series of parties ~or the lvlrs, i~Ooer~ t;nnsman oi ,me ne~- i Don'.t forget the turkey supper William/~nman n~an -~'"" .... " " perlorm a Jwen~Je~u w,~ ..... a a .......................... ~ ,,o,,n-sters On Thursday e.venin~" gl~oornooa wno were supper which will ,be held bv t+h~ W .~ "" ""'"' ""'""'" ''--" Radio. Heater. Hvdramatie budget, and it simply cannot meet the demands being made party aitended by aboLJt thi t guests .there on Thursday evening C S of t'be-~Ieth'o-dist Churc'la" on ....... ' .... " . ~,~ ,( m , " of it It sems to us that we should spend far less time i,five .children was held at t'he Bap l+ 'Mrs. Gladys Faul kner and .Mrs. eFriday evening November 6 be- Bed ra hanf#tr lt#0Z 'onevl*olet ZlO ruu0r - ~hm~t wh~r~ the funds are comin from and a I tist ,Church. Because of the inab- J~mes ~es~ wno naa been vlsmng !ginning at 5:3()' o'clock. The sup- " ......... r'-- Radio Heater --e,---,~, ......... . .. o .... ~+~++" ~f "~n" of the studen~ tofor the past ,two weeks with the "-~r ""hi-h '"iP ~" ...... "~ '~'~- ' " " " ~'[e ' ~.*fo,y ".1 .ta~o. ~' . J~* W ~ W ,t kJE; O~VE;kl J.~l|,tlJ.~ ; httle more time on whether we are going ~o o~ 'attend evening ft~uctions the an- formers son-~,n-law and daughter st,de will consist of roast turke,, In 1Ck~,l ]l~n.P~ (~H,~fnmhrta A ][-~t'~t-~, j.'obthat has to be done., Schools are over-clowded ," class natal school party was held on Fri Mr.their..andsonMrS.GaryHowardleft lastLarSeweek to ld ,dressin~. .-ravv,, mashed v~,~-.~-~"^+"+~" g Radio,'" Heater room s ace in many areas is simply unavailable; teachers day ~fternoon. And on Friday ev- _._ _~ ..... ..... i saur kraut lime beans, cranberry Th~ r~,~h, ~,~ ........... ..... found And when an attemut is made to do ening a party to which all. the r.etur.a TO thai,1. I sause, ass rted relishes, hot rolls of 1951 Pontiac 4-Door--P di- & 1 1 W J:lllnOIS '~,,~ " ....... .~" " "- children in the oommun'ty ere '- . cake and coffee. All you want to She herdstown-'ch'a~"~ ....... . ...... .~ ~, somethmg about the there a!ways a group w thln every invited was held in Sunday I Visitors over t.he weekend at the eat for $1.25 per :plate for adults l PCross was hap'te5 Amen can 1950 Mere,,r Tudor a-,h- community" whlch promptly rises ano snouts," teacnel' School rooms of the Methodist home of Mr ..... and Mrs Herbert and $ 75 for Children, so .elan to +Mem-ri-'o ~ ~u~Jcl]ngt" ._ eui.u m_.~ne~ne,pneras.War ~ j , ,~,~, -- lobb.y", and then floes merrily on its way ~hurch. &bout sevee~ty five ,child- ,Gibbs, and their famirlYrWereMrs 'Mathe, come out and enjoy a deliciou~., town with: ten ...... memoers presen,~ .t',]~ulUffJ) x~a~a~]O~';'~ ~'a.~x,/I ][~* ~,,a~]~l~ua~ xr.+:..m ..... ,xr~....:. .... be +ustanother ren and aduFcs .were present and la~ers moVher and slste. "h- " ......... : ~ " ~ " al~:gl r~.ll'Llat~,~ IUZ '~;,U~+'~IaLLIII~h IJt~.N[ PKJI;t:LJ. K,ICl ~-(~,IA) VJkK~.~, .g~t~rK)t;U %.~'k$$ O, LI~A c r ' , week. But it could and should be a time foI every AmeN- awarded the youngsters spent an the labter'se tmo children Anne e to s were elected. Chairman,1956 Ford 'Customhne Tudor William Lehman; vice-,chairman, can to come to his senses ahd take stock of our educa= enjoyable evening playing games, and BObby of Richmond, Va. Charles Derr; secretary, Mrs. John Radio, Heater, 6 Cylinder, 30,000 tional deficiencies and at the same time resolve to do something about it. Unfortunately, few will! ! ! SOME GREAT IDEAS-SANTA Not only for the very young, but for all who are young-at-heart (at Christmas time this includes just about everybody) Santa has brought to Charles Town and Ranson a wide, wonderful world of gift ideas. I{e has spread them all out in gala array in your local stores Come, see for yourself! You'll marvel at the excellent variety . . . get gifting inspiration everywhere you look . . . find it easy to choose the just-right present for everyone on your At the close of play, delicious re- ~freshments in ~the Hallowe'e~ mo- tif were served Episcopal Churchwomen Meet The ]!)piscopal Women of the Church of the Holy .Spirit met on Monday ex~ening at "The Spruces" the home of Mrs. Alexander Dun- ,lop, with ten members answering to roll call. The meeting was open ed wi~h Oevotions led by Miss ~ate rBiller after w~ch the roll ~as called, the minutes o.f ~he last meeting read and approved and a report was made by the treasurer 'Several items of :business .were dis cussed after which [Mrs. Philip Creamer introduced the speaker list this Christmas. Best time to do your shopping, or for the evening WIrs Robert P. at least a part of it, is right now--and in your home towns ~Leonard of Hater's "Ferry. Mrs. '+ of Charles Town and Ranson. Local *merchants deserve--i_Leonard.isthe president .of the " + rest p scopa nurcnwomen m me : and should llave, your support Shop at home th s Ch - ............ .... ' " _. _ . ,-.~eru t~onVOCa~lon OI Pine LJlO- mas and save time, money, and a lot of extra added m-,eese of W. Va. and spoke to the convenience group (xu various aspeets of "+he " " , ..... organization and work of the Anderson cited ~he volume of work accomplished in the first ~two years by ~ team of research his- torians under his supervision. ,churCh. At the conclusion of her ,talk the meeting was adjourned and a,,pleasan~ social hour was enjoyed during which delicious re :freshments were served ,by the hos tess, assisted by her da]jghSer ~Miss ~Margaret Dunlop. Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Stanley who had been viM.ti~g with ,their son-in-l~w a~d daughter Mr. and +Mrs. James H. Eny0er and ~heir children .Beth and Nicky ,for ~,he past ~eek left on ,Friday TO return to their home in Hardy, Kentuc- ky. Other visitors at the Snyder home during the past two weeks have been Mr. S~nyder's sister and ~brother-in-l~w, the Rev. and .Mrs. Richmond, Va., [Mrs. James Gran tl~m ol Mldd,leway, the Reverer~d Park Service Historian Cited For Performance -. A cash award of $250 for super- ior ,performance of hi~ duties has been made ,to Charles W. Snell, Historian ,at Harpers Ferry Nat- ional Monument, it was announ- ced ,today tby Daniel J. Tobin, Re- gional Direc~r of the National Park Service at Philadelphia, The' award ,was presented to Mr. Snell ,at t~e Historians' Luncheon held as a feature (~f +the John ,Brown Raid Cen,tcnnial O~servance a~ Harpers Ferry ~eceneAy. In recommeriding Mr. Snell +for ~he award under ,the Federal Em- ployees' Lncen~tive Awards Pro- ~ra~, Superintendeut l"z'a~l~ l-I. Dolly Madison 4.H The hobos of Charles T.ewn were ~t their best when {,he Dolly Mad= ison 4-I-I Club held their monthly meeting and a halloween party. It was held at :the Charles Town 'Presbyterian Church on October 27, !959 at 7:00 ~p. m. I~cluded in the +fun was bolabing for a,pples, a game in which vnost of members dunked their he~ls in the water a little too :far. ~Mi4dred ~Brown, David Pine, Becky Ne~hood and Mildred Daiiey won the "Best Ho- bo" contest. After the meetmg was adjourned, rei re~lmmnt~ were ~ez'- Mr. and Mrs. John Welty and son Johnny of Waynesboro,Pc.. ,,vere visitors on Monday after- ,noon at ~he home of the loiters sister and brother-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Robert .Light a~nd their child Ten ~bby and Li,~da. ',Mr. and Mrs. Philip Creamer anff their small daughter Julia ~Shirley of "Locust Grove" return ed ~ne on Monday ~fternoon ,from Wynnewood, Pc. where they had spent the weekend visiting with the 'l,atter's cousins .Mr. and Mrs. Leon Otis and their family. Elmer Billet o'f ~he U,nited :States Army who is stationed at Port !Meade. Md. his wife and their son Stephen were supper: ,guests on Thursday evening at the home of Miss .Kate BElier. ] Announce Birth of Daughter I Mr. and Mrs Gilbert Beydlerl have announced ~he ~birth of a daugl~ter in ~he Winchester Mem: orial Hospital oh ,Friday morn- October 30. The new arrival 'who is the second ,child in the i ,family .having an older brother l Tony weighed nearly nine pounds at birth and has been given the ,name of "!Mitzi Gay". .Mr. and [Mrs. Alexander Dun- lop had as their guests on Mon= day a,~d Tuesday of last week Mr. and Mrs. ~obert Orwin of Ver- ona. N. J. Also .visiting 'at "The ~pruces" 'for several days last week was Mrs. Dunlop's cousin Miss ,Margaret Blumenstiel of Tampa, Florida. .Mr. and Mrs. Page li4nton vlsi- ted on Sunday with ~,he latters sister Mrs. Frank Owens at hcr home in Bardane. ~Mr. Howard Larsen retur,ued home this week from a two weeks ~business trip through :the south- e/astern states. 'Mrs. Aubrey Jenkins visited on a~d Mrs. ,Harry C. Frazler ,at "Monte View" were Mr. and Mrs. George S. Wilson of ~VIc~Minnville, Tenn. and :Mr. and [Mrs. Ralph Murphy of Seviersville, Tenn. who Link; ereasure~-, Ernest S~tutzman. Directors 'elected for a .term of two yeaxs-Mrs. O. C. ~tine, Miss Dorol~hy Barr, .the Rev. John Gris singer, Irwin l~ieger, Ernes~ Stu.t- zma,.-1, William Ha~nmond, Dr. Oli ver S. Ikenberry, 'Keener Eutsler. ATTEND CHURCH SUNDAY WEST WASHINGTON STREET PHONE 143-J CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. Sausage S Miles. Clean As A Pin. 1953 Buick Hard Top Radio, Heater, Runs Good. 1953 Chevrolet 210 2-Door Radio, Heater, Powerglide. Clean and Dependable. 1953 Pontiac DeLuxe 4-Door Radio, Heater, Hydramatjc. 1952 Pontiac DeLuxe 4-Door Radio, Heater, Hydramati , New Paint and Seat Covers. Runs Good. m i957 Ford F- 100 Pickup, 1,955 Ford F- 100 Pickup Heater, V-8, Custom Cab, 30,000 1955 Ford F- 600---172" WB Heater, V-8, 8.25 x20 Tires. 1950 Chevrolet 2-Ton, Rnns 2 Speed Axle, 8.25 x 20 Tires. Good With Racks. EASY TERMS. LOW DOWN All Cars Have Been Thoroughly Our Modern Used Car Department, 202 EAST LIBERTY +STREET PHONE 212 CHARLES TowN, i i~