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October 29, 1998     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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October 29, 1998

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SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON Farmer's ADVOCATE - Thursday, October 29,1998 23 Karen Scott Faith Cone 696 Tuscawilla Hills 725-0158 725-5488 - Hello all at the end of a per- changed - we will have new Kitch- Neighbors! Chris is now relying on friends fectly beautiful fall day. The sun ens here in BRAcres. Carrie the big day?to help him around the halls at was shining and the weather. Kitchen Gray and spouse Jim are not wait to wear school. He tells me that they are warm. The fall colors, while returning to BRAcres. We all miss They have been chuckling at his misfortune while timid, are still beautiful. Len Betts and Joe ~d:itchen (Carrie's bit but I have notmaintaining a safe distance! Erickson asked me if I had really grandparents via Wayne and of them becoming smiles looked at our mountain. Think his Cyndy) who have moved to Mar- l did pick out a Let's all wish Chris well, and feelings were hurt that I did not tinsburg. -~. Before he could keep his morn in our thoughts! If think the colors exceptional. Well This year instead of a Hallow- try it on in she got through these two acci- he probably gets more pleasure een party at the club, parents are surprised dents without losing it, she is one out of looking at life out of rose- sponsoring a Trick or Treat ng it didn't scaretough morn! colored glasses so more power to evening from 6:30 until 8 p.m. The lanterns still do!) Hey, Chris, get better soon, and him if he can. I guess that people parents will be furnishing trans- ones going to BE CAREFUL! smiles who live much further south than portation during this period. Hope you and No Plane we do would find this year's colors People who wish trick or treaters time trick or Last week the boys were at wonderful - I'm just spoiled by to stop will turn on their porch out with a skel- their friend's house. They built other falls which were more beau- light. For information on this and a "whatever LEGO creations, and played with tiful, event contact Connie Citro or Cris throw on me" all of Timothy's toys. Right before I lucked out on the fires here on Gallo. Because of the narrow un- to see you out they were to come home, Andy re- the mountain - the big ones were lighted roads, it has been years membered Timothy's morn had aon days when I was at home. Un- since Trick or Treat has occurred days pretty? cool paper airplane book. He derstand that many people had to at BRAcres. Those of you who are being outside asked Wanda if he could make a go around Robin Hood's barn to driving during this hour and a day, is there? We paper airplane with it, but she get home during the middle of the half on Saturday night, please be every chance we could not find the book. He was week. However, as I came home very careful. even made our an- very disappointed but tried hard from church on Sunday, I could see Speaking of the school children. out of Steve's oldto keep a stiff upper lip. Wanda smoke near the river where the I can't help but notice the pleni- Timmy kept felt bad but by not finding the fire had started up yet again. It is tude of cars taking the kids to and Icarecrow no scarebook, she sparked both Andy and so dry that it is difficult to make from the bus stop. Now I realize the clothes with David's creativity, sure the conflagration is under that walking to school these days us two days to getLater that day, they decided to complete control. Every time the is no longer possible - too much to make their own perfect paper air- firemen think it is finished, up traffic on the roads and the of making plane! They spent over an hour pops the devil again. And always schools too far apart - not like the We finally got it perfecting several. They even got in a place that is difficult to reach, small neighborhood elementary it with a pump- up the next day and finished what Blue Ridge schools of my youth. But I do won- )he of Steve's oldthey couldn't do the night before. Acres Community Club der why in this day and age when pretty neat They got along wonderfully and The annual meeting to electchildren watch so much TV, get so bale of straw had so much fun. Even Timmy got board directors and establish a little exercise, and are inclined to we grew. to test fly several models{ budget was held Sunday after- be overweight, why parents don't even been busy I thanked Wanda later for notnoon at the club house. Reelected at least let them walk to and from house. We now finding that book. If she had, to the board were Alan Cobb, Brad the bus stop right here in the de- webs, spiders Andy's thirst would have beenEaton, and Clay Horton. Elected velopment. (Just to assure you thehouse. Steve quenched, and he never would to fill vacancies were Melanie that I too do not practice what I Watch where we have built the perfect plane! I Eisenhart, Lloyd Fink, and John preach, I drive to my swim exer- don't walk into a need to remember this the next Kincaid. Our best wishes go with cise class at Shepherd College glad when this time they ask for something can them all. three times a week. I make sure r walking into aI extend it to something more? There was much discussion on that I get there early so that I can iddle of the night'Net Fun the idea of combining the Civic As- park in front of the building. And his binky and Want to save money at the gro- sociation (BRACA) with the club I, like others in the class, fuss up a n g i s n o t fu n ! cery store? Use web bucks! (BRACC). The possibility of this storm if I can't find a parking Go to and union is being investigated by di- place and have to park in back and print out a value page. If you use rectors of both boards. Whether or walk around the building to get to was wonderful! the items listed, the coupon ma- not this is feasible will require class. I claim I have a problem ~u at the Alumni chine beside the register will print much study and planning. Corn- with the stairs but they probably a great time catch- out "web bucks" to be used on your mittees are working on getting would be good for me and lost friends and next visit! Last week I saved over something solid to present to resi- strengthen that game left leg. But $6! dents, by the time class is over, I'm lucky the weekend Steve found this website and is Well, I have to stop now and do to make it back to my car.) a sour note 'causetrying to find others. Most are for some cat watching. Heidi and Back to the club. The fall craft with strep stores that are not close to us. Dan Nelson said I could have one show will be held at the club house of the parade. Both of us have had fun surfin', of their very affectionate little cats on November 7. Check with Mar- md figuring the The boys have received and sent - named Tucker. So I brought her cia Gosnell if you plan to rent a sick the next cards and letters via e-mail! Steve home and am trying to see what I table. Am sure that some of the home with Steve loves exploring the world of wood- can work out with Shadow. She tables will have a good assortment all by my- working, and I like going to the might not be so lonesome if she of items also. Put it on your calen- was hard. They parents' chat rooms. I chatted had another cat around. We'll see. dar. this weekend for with someone in Australia last Right how I have to arbitrate. Kudos to Sue Buranich who has looked forward to week! Update on Cats winterized the planter at the en- Where do you like to visit onIt is now Monday morning and trance. It looks sleepy and settled parade and the 'Net? E-mail me at karstethere is an armed truce between down for a long winter's nap, but under my and let me know! the cats. Shadow hisses and won't nice. It has certainly been beauti- ~eak and walked Birthdays let me get near her, but hasn't at- ful all year long. I introduced Please wish Danny Breeden tacked the kitten which I have to When Russ and I moved to gawked at all and Melissa Fuechsel a happy call Sweet Stuff. I have never BRAcres Betts and Joe were here our truck fi- birthday today! seen a more affectionate cat. shortly followed by Wayne and (don't ask), Gall Dalgarn and Raye Ellen Shadow is very affectionate with Cyndy and young Joe. Now all are decorated it. Blackford celebrate on Halloween! me alone and only since she has gone. But Carrie and Jim will holding "Fu- Jud Romine's birthday is on become an adult. That Sweetmove into Betts and Joe's old Us "old Guys" November 1. Stuff just wants to be held by any- cabin which they built with such ,e the truck and Russell Lloyd's big day is No- one. She can't really meow yet, lovihg care. It is next door to the vember 3, and Debbie Ruble ceI- only a little squeak. She is one of home where Carrie was born and Was great fun. Ev-ebrates November 4. those striped cats that I always raised and across the street from to enjoy it. Happy birthday one and all! thing are ugly, but no one can re- her great aunt Miggs Dotson. ay David was ex- Anniversaries sist this one - unless it be Shadow. Welcome to the Grays. A ndy got to go toSpecial neighbors Joe and Sure hope that they get used to Oddballs r himself. Betty Poole celebrated their 52nd each other and become friends. Bette Gault and I went to the sell sweatshirts, wedding anniversary on Novem-I'm going to open the bedroom movies to see BELOVED. What a when ber 3. Please wish them a happy door and let the two get together, picture. I'll start from the begin- He could now day! Shadow was so mad yesterdayning of the evening. Snacks were and sit in the Upcoming Days that she scratched me. Hey the first thing that caught my eye. Next week is National Chemis-Shadow had already opened the More expensive than the Senior a game! Beating try Week. Spark an interest in door and the two cats have decided Citizens admission were the soft aakes a season your budding scientist by showing to ignore each other. Wonder how drinks, candy and popcorn. Bette Everyone sat on him fun science experiments, long that will last. As long as it wanted to get some candy, but through out Check out a book from your local takes me to finish a column, luckily couldn't get anyone to wait finally breathed library today, maybe they will be friends by the on her so we saved money and the second. The November 4 is National time I do. calories. and Children's Goal Setting Day. Help Queen Coryn Inside the theater was loud after the clock your child set a goal and show him The Brady Bunch - John, Rita, noise proclaiming the coming at- Was an awesome how to accomplish it. It can be and Farrell -journeyed to Mor- tractions. I couldn't make any ; to see sis Liz per- something small like remember- gantown for the football game sense out of them and I had to show one last ing to make his bed or bigger like over the weekend. Said it was a cover my ears. The bright side of game. I did get saving money for that special Lego fine game despite the loss to Mi- this was that it gave me an oppor- .It is jnst kit. ami. Beautiful day, lots of secu- tunity to get used to that giant- she is a senior! Vote! rity. Daughter Coryn who was size screen and the many closeups Saturday, Don't forget to vote on Novem- Homecoming Queen last year,of these outsides folks. Seems like all alumni. We ber 3. Every vote makes a differ- crowned the new queen at the everyone had zits. Never could to our mu- ence so let your voice be heardl ballgame. Coryn is in the process figure out why they made the yearbooks, and See you at the polls, of deciding whether to go for her leading man who in real life is so friends. New All For Now Masters degree after she com- handsome, so ugly in the picture. made as connec- Well, neighbors, it has been a pletes her present training pro- The picture was long, but the ("Hey, you busy week, and news was slim. I gram in Michigan. She plans to photography was absolutely stun- my brotherl") have loads of alumni stories to return to this part of the county, ning. The acting of all was rang- not wait to tell share but you will just have to call There's a gal who has it all put to- nificent and not to be missed. The the day. They me for those! smiles gether; a resident to be proud of. only real problem I had was the :ing about next Have a good week, and enjoy Return of the Kitchens length of the show and the many the first of November! Take care! Only the name has been flashbacks which made it difficult Would have been been able to at- and game. He er, though, and was et. He s looking for- night's game - one. Let's just ealthy! Barbara Hooper has not had 615 S. Seminary St. side. He dislo- 725-7742 at football prac- ago and was put length leg cast. Halloween Open House Sponsored by the Jefferson around Jefferson Come to the Haunted House! County Extension Homemakers ~Ympathy. The Charles Town Won~en's Council, the program is for every- Club will host an open house for one who is interested in crafts ~w he is hobbling all Ghosts and Goblins out for and/or cooking. only the leg cast Trick or Treating on Saturday, Oc- The day begins at 9 a.m. Judy as well! Seems tober 31. Stop by their Haunted Matlick will demonstrate holiday with a ceramic House from 6 to 8 p.m 423 South foods and share safety tips in their He severed an George street, and receive a treat, preparation. Then the Extension nder went a threeYeow I saw a BIG black cat!clubs will have craft kits for sale repair nerve dam- Don't Forget and instructions on makingthem. 12 stitches on Craft Day is on November 4 atLunch is a covered dish, bring outside of his hand. the Bardane Community to share. The afternoon pro- gram will be given by Mary Frances Hockman - Apple decorat- ing for the holidays. November AARP Meeting The local Association for Re- tired Persons will have its monthly meeting on Thursday, November 12 at 11 a.m. in the Fel- lowship Hall of Asbury United Methodist Church. There's plenty of parking space; anyone is wel- come. A light lunch will be served, including dessert. Jane Bowers, Executive direc- tor of Jefferson County Commu- nity Ministries, will be the speaker of the day. Farmer's Market Coming Friday, November 6 from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and Saturday, Novem- ber 7 from 9 a.m. to I p.m. - that's when the annual longtime Farmer's Market takes place at Zion Episcopal Church Parish Laura Galvin P.O. Box 868 535-1401 Yes, That Was Cannon Fire! Harpers Ferry National His- torical Park and the Baltimore Light Artillery made it seem as if the town was under siege on Sat- urday and Sunday with cannon demonstrations on Bolivar Heights. My father, driving on 340, thought his car had actually been hit by the Harpers Ferry traffic light. Our house rattled slightly and I kept believing with each firing that I left our basement door un- hinged, which whenslammed shut sounds like a small explo- sion. Nervous visitors, already spooked by the Ghost Tour and preparing for the Haunted Trail, looked cautiously around asking, "Was that a gun?" What was shaking us all up was a 6 lb. bronze cannon dating to 1841 and an 1862 2 inch ordi- nance rifle fired individually, then in unison by members of the Balti- more Light Artillery under the command of Ross Kimmel. The brave and curious who ven- tured to Bolivar Heights for a closer look were greeted by Ranger Rodney Orndorff, who us- ing the landscape explained the historical significance of the Heights. "Harpers Ferry was the most technologically advanced city for awhile. It was a factory town an ugly but important town. It would live by making guns and die by making guns." Orndorff gave an overview of the events from the Brown P~aid to Stonewall Jackson's capturing of for me to determine who did what when. But it got me to thinking a lot and I hope to find the book in the library and get the story straight in my mind. Funny Ican enjoy a book if I liked the movie, but if I read the book first, the movie is always a letdown. But I can recommend BELOVED to you and maybe it won't be another five plus years before I go to another movie. Nature Notes Sunday morning as I looked out my kitchen window I saw my first male deer. He was alone and it took me several looks to decide that he did have horns, the they were small. He nibbled a bit on a bush by the Nellie Stevens holly and stared at me through the win- dow. I have seen does in the back yard offand on over the years, but this was the first buck and defi- nitely on the road around the circle. He finally retraced his steps and went clown the gully. What a way to start my day. My brother John Bell has al- ways loved tart apples so I ordered him some gourmet apples for his birthday present. Unfortunately the UPS delivery was delayed for more than a week and the apples rotted. The orchard was more than helpful and replaced the or- der which was delivered the fol- lowing day by the US Postal Ser- vice. Couldn't ask for better ser- vice from the orchard. I'm going to stop by tomorrow and order more apples for my niece in apprecia- tion of the great service. The apples might be a great idea for Christmas presents if they are still around. The kettle of soup that took me almost all week to make in incre- ments did turn out OK. Vegetable - that's about the only kind I know how to make. But then I have to make such a huge amount that I get tired of it all. Have frozen some. I don't know that purple cars come under nature notes, but I saw one the other day. "Twas a beautiful antique car painted a bright royal purple. A magnificent paint job; not a scratch on that car. Someone loves that vehicle. Now that's what I call fun. Well, best I call it a day and get this printed and taken to Ye Ole Spirit. Until next time I am FAITHFULLY 12,500 US troops on Bolivar Heights. To give visitors, a taste of the battle on September 13 and 14 of 1862 the Baltimore Light Artillery were happy to fire the ordinance rifle and the 6 lber. Most impressive about the demonstration was the use of 4 horses to pull the 6 lb. bronze can- non. "During an actual battle drill could be followed and the cannon fired once every two minutes," ex- plained Kimmel. The members of the Light Artil- lery went through their drill in slow motion, so that the loading procedure could be better under- stood. It was amazing and a bit alarming to learn that the 6 lber with a range of 1500 yards could easily hit any of the houses on Cavalier Heights. The ordinance rifle with a range of 1800 yards, designed 20 years after the 6 lber, had the pre- cision to hit the front door of a house. Are you sure there's no ammu- nition in those guns? "The Baltimore Light Artillery is one of the oldest reenactment groups. All members are histori- ans. They do demonstrations twice a year for us and also for Antietam," said an assuring Ranger John King. "10 ounces of gunpowder ver- sus the normal 24 ounces is used in the 6 Iber," said Kimmel. No cannon balls are used and this weekend there weren't any sightings -just spooked nerves - and it's not even Halloween yet! Halloween Festivities Start Early at KOA and Friendship The local community and visit- ing campers began celebrating Halloween early at the KOA Funfest on Saturday. Pumpkin carving, a seed spit- ting contest and a hay ride were among the activities. The highlight for the weekend was the Haunted Trail sponsored by Friendship Fire Company. Firefighters who had been bat- tling the mountain fire off of Chestnut Rd. for the past three days regrouped and reenergized to scare frightened patrons on the Haunted Trail at the KOA camp- ground. The Trail was a great success - ask Cavalier Heights residents who heard firsthand the terrified screams of participantsl "We hope to have this as an an- nual event," said KOA Activities Director Diana Gunia who orga- nized Funfest and was the liaison between Friendship and the KOA who donated the use of their facil- ity for the Haunted Trail. Dinner Theater The Harpers Ferry Junior High will sponsor an All-U-Can-Eat Spaghetti Dinner on Friday, De- cember 11, from 4 - 7 p.m. A One Act Christmas Play will be presented at 4 and 6 p.m. Tickets are $5 per adult, $3 per child, and under 6 are free. Tickets may be purchased from any Veteran, any drama student, or call Dixie Wiltshire at 725-7881 or Paul Ranalli at 725-2343. Bolivar United Methodist Halloween Party The Bolivar United Methodist will host their annual Halloween Party and Spook House on Friday, October 30 at 7 p.m. The party and costume contest are open to ages 0-99 years oldl Refreshments and games will be part of the festivities. ~Ik~iek or Treating" The towns of Bolivar and Harp- ers Ferry will have "Trick or Treating" for youngsters on Satur- day, October 31 from 6-8 p.m. Turkey Dinner Thursday, November 5, the United Methodist Women of the Bolivar United Methodist Church will sponsor a turkey dinner in the church social room, beginning at 4:30 p.m. The menu will he roast Continued On Page 32 Hall, 221 E. Washington Street. There will be lots to buy - from clothing for everyone to jewelry, crafts, antiques, baked goods, candy, sausage, homemade sauerkraut and pate, books, a Flea Market, plants, white el- ephant table - to lunch and an auc- tion on Saturday at 11 a.m. Come one and all - there's defi- nitely a lot to see and buy. A New Home For The Boys and Girls Club of Jefferson County. I was privy to a tour of the new location for the club and was very impressed, The Board of Directors has taken the old Dixie-Narco paint shop on North Lawrence Street - a shell of a building - and is essentially con- structing another building inside of it. There is work being done to complete a computer classroom, a room for ping pong, pool and other activities, a kitchen, snack area and two large bathrooms. The new club home should be open for business in early November. This work was made possible by grants and donations, and the help of many of the area's busi- nessmen and construction con, tractors. Maureen Theriault, president of the Board of Directors of the Boys and Girls Club, Tim Grove, director, his able assistant Charlie Brown, and all the many volunteers - as well as the boys and girls themselves - are looking forward to the grand opening of this new meeting place, There, Nellie Lawson will work with the kids on crafts and Pricilla Young will give cooking demon- strations, along with other volun- teer/talent offerings. Continued On Page 34