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October 29, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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October 29, 1959

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OF JEFFERSON ADVOC.kTE SECTION B--SPORTS PAGE THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29, 1959 I VIEWS BY MAX BROWN I DIE BARRETT, our good friend out t WVU and who does a bang-up job of handling the athletic Sty releases, says it is his understanding that this j The hard running of their full- i.and on "fourth-and-inches" Burns lack Charles Jackso~n and an a-lsneaked for a first down at the .ert defense proved to be the per-IMHS 22. A pass to Spinks car- feet formula for unbeaten Charles fried to the ~MHS two-y,ard line Fown High Panthers to score t~heir i where Jackson then barreled over nest decisive victory in 23 years '~Doyle's placement was wide. )ver the Martinsburg High Bull-i With Lapse reeling off six and FOR PANTHER ATHLETIC TEAMS lCharles Town At Frostburg Tigers Play at Moorefield Jefferson County footbaB fans are going to have slim pickings l,'l gridiron action this Friday and Saturday unless they choose to travel, as the only game on tap ei ther day in the county is the big 's Mountaineer - Penn State ffootball game will logs Friday night in Cobourn sta'~;three yard gains and the Panthers Homecoming battle which the ed by Harrisonburg, Va. WS A-TV, Channel 3, ,gum as t'hey yelled up a 20-0 de- I being assessed 15 yards for tack- Page Jackson High Spartans will tision despite the fog and rain ling the face 'mask, ,Martinburg i wage on ri~eir home field with the g at 1:30 P. M... ,vhich kept many Martinsburg drove for a first down at the CT !big and powerful Cardoza High el * :~ :'.: :'.: :'.: * :'ans away from ~he game 144 late in the half. But af~ter Rod i even of Washington, D. C. Fri- D SPEAKING ABOUT the WVU - Penn State The largest delegation to go'Mason had .picked upten yards in ,day afternoon. . .. ,. rum Charles Town to this a,unual /two tries DeQrange was racked ~ Charles Town Hign's t~anmers, brings to our mind that Hichie Lucas, an account- 'Pant'her-Bulldog battle in years ! hard on a slant over his left side ':t'he Harpers Perry High Tigers a jot at Penn State, is lagged by his coach Rip Englelid not let the rain nor the fog i fumbled and Glaize recovered at land the Shepherd College Rams finest all-around quarterback in the nation," ;tay t'heir trek to Martinsburg to the CT 26. 'will ~all be on the road this week 'the Illini game, Engle remarked, "He's even better ee their Panthers explode Vheir Charles Town struck again mid 'end The Shepherdstown High nest devastating ground .abtack way of the third period moving 48 :,Cazctmal~ played their l/hal game ! thought." . . )f the season in rolling up their yard, s iu five plays. ~of the season Wednesday after- ;ixth consecutive victory Doyle ignited the march by i noon a-ainst the Bocz~sboro l-Iigh :,: :I: :~ :',-. :,,: :I: With the weather looking as "sneaking" upthe middle for 15 gridmen. , LOOKING FOR THEIR ,seventh straight win of houch it might play havoc with yards. After losing five yards for Harpers 1Terry fans will follow ~h'eir potent aerial game Panther being offsides, Glaize picked up their team to Moorefield Friday al eason, Charles Town High s Panthers will be called ?oaches Dick Harmison a,nd Run- [two yards to the MHS 31. Jack- ter'noon ~here the Tigers will be to display their football talents in a section where lie Phillips switched t,heir plan of json, with the aid of a great block tan-ling with the once-beaten eather is cold and the snows arrive early in Stack from t~he air to the ground by Gla~ze t~hen streaked the re- )M,oorefield Yellowjackets, and the ~nd called on Jackson to lead t:he ma.inlng distance on a quick slant ............................ t Tigers are going to be in for a r.g,.Maryland, where they II tanglewith the'Beall lay And 165 pound junior ram-over his own rightt side And ~nown aoove are rive el tne six pretty Cnar,es ~own ~emor Hsgn Scoop, cneer waaers wno can rough afternoon i,n this:one rinsers Friday night at 8:00 P.M. In fact, they ned" his way through the Martins Doyle added the extra point to always be seen on hand at all of the Purple Panther athletic games, cheering the teams on to victory. In the action FI'iday at 1"30 on already had snow, and a fair amount of it, too, in mrg line and raced for all three close out the scoring. Those in the picture, left to right, are!:--Evelyn Lloyd, Kay Lorenz. Glandel Mangrum., $_oyce .$en~tthe Page Jackson field, the lar- Iaryland town this fall. )f Charles Town's scores. And in- A fumble recovery by Tim Bar- kins anQ :violly Glassford. Absent when me p,ctu~e was taken was_~n_ee ~tues_ ( n o$o~:v )l'm~ ~lnn t gest crowd to turn out ::[datoPa[; ~:: , -',: , , -ontrast .to the eight fumbles I tuck gave the Bulldogs the ball,-- ............................. , .... I Jackson game is expe RRENTLY RATED FIFTH in the State AA High ~hich Martinsburg made i,n ball lat t'he CT 30 late in %he period I| ' p ~ ~= lid ~A A I|Ee l later Manuel blocked a punt by [on hand. 'candling the Panther backs had l but after Mason a.nd DeGrange ]~r~r ~=~rr~ K~m~ l~ ~=~ _~]=ll win [t'he'Eagles and tackle Benny Jones I As a special highlight of the llqSil IW,/J /155,/I IIVIII ~iP /V m..,~,~]p V~'' V II liJ o- e w|l a he h ame the Homecoming Que n l football competition, one notch above Keyser s very l'ttle trouble taking the' bafflhad earned for first down t t ~ ,I ~ $ I scooped up the loose ball at t e [. ' ! 'n Tornados who are sixth this week, the Panthers :in. handoffs from quarterback CT 16 soph quarterback Tommy A i ,ll ~ |l | all i iHedge'sville eigi~t-yard line to dash Ibe crowned during the halftime m barry Burns and moving for yard Lewis' pitchout went astray and ||tlAV ~gi~d*ul|l~t. |,,~||~ll l~-~g~@ A~I/linto tt~e end zone for the TD. " te "mission. pick, up several _ooints if they lick Beall Friday ~ge. I B1H Chichiricchi recovered for the [~/ II U g 1llU al|vffa] L~UUa Mniu ,R] The Feri|,a,ns drove 62 yards in[ Page Jackso,u Prmc~pal E. M. , the Marylanders are a (',lass AAA school... The Panthers did not by ally Panthers at the CT 20. ]eigh~t plays wit,h the second-half I Dandridge said this weeR t'hat the * ...... ~I" -:- near, s, ~however leave their pass- Charles Town was knocking on ........ ~'-'~-'~ ~_~.., . -4-1kickc)ff to score again. Richard customary Homecoming parade JTTLE BACK-GROUND on the Panther-Beall games ng game in Charles Town, but ~ touchdown door thanks to penal- [ __l-laHDac~ rcaymon9 tlanoway, r .3b" ~as. passm.g . .~0a. [Bussard making his debit at full- I Will be omitted this year. 'nstead ~ll~d exn it iust often on ~+~o~ ~,o~,,~.~ ~h~' ~,~1~ for rou~h- I lbU pouna speeaP~er triggereo ~:ne 1134 Net yas. games a . I _ _ _ } )'ugh to keep-th-e" ,~art]nst)@g" l.ine i~n~~ t~e'~p"~sser'an~t~'pass interf~er- ]~arpers Perry HiCh Tigers to theirI 6 Phsses ll I Continued On Page 3-t~ Turn To 2-B Is that in 1957 the Panthers lost a real heart-breaker ;pose, firing 15 passes and corn: en~e at .the MHS el~l~t yard line I finest victory of the season F~Oay [ 1 Complete 6 ~ -------------~--------------~ --~ ; the lights in Frostburg 14-13 Then, last vear at oleting four [whe~ the game ended afternoon on theu~ home held t 3 6 Fumbles 2 II _ . . .... ~n Field the same two teams [)attled to a (i-6 tie. The Panthers 'la ed a ~sess- ...:. - . , ' Iwhen they scored an easy 32-0 vic[ 3 Own recovered 1 [0['0tl(~.~/]~ ~[~/~(~ l][~ /~[~[~a P Y P ar~ln linen ~t.~.3tJ u~luu'~',vauu uu'~ u'~ lerms has one more game to go andcalls for Beall =am- "me ' g " Itory over stall winless Hedges-I 10pp recovered 3 n wile H~h Eagles 20 Yds penaltms o m (Lharles Town next November. But that ~rolli g the ball about 60 per cent Pos Charles Town Martlnsburg .. -. . _ [ "" " . , ~f the time nnd thu~s rfQlin~ ~,n Ilt.w "~||ov Bartock~ OallOway a(~t only scores one[ Hedgesville which twice Iumo~le(1 0~ toe tinal game between the two schools because 294-y-a-rds"as ag.'a-insk'-'131"fo~:'~Iar~- ~,T ~3r'~y" Stuckey touCh~c-~ ona 55 yard pass play [away the ball on cru. cial plays now CHS athletic heads are casting about for more .... ~.,~ o_..o~ e, .... ;,,.h~,., I from i'o my lv~anuei ou~ ne also I vchile gambling for snor~ yaro- virginia opposition for their 1960 grid card... "Fum'b les, plus t heir inability to I"C"" e'tre .... t'ne'r i caught, two other passes, gained 54 l age for a fourth down, threatened complete a single pass in six tries RG Beahm Wiillamson lyaras m seven carries a: scrim- [ on t'hree occasions A 36 yarn pass ~- ~ -~-----:- --- -- --- * * .~ :4: * stopped the one real threa.t whicl~ RT Elsmon ' Kilmer [.mlage. ann, playea an all-around ]from Chuck Runkles to Kenny AI ARLES TOWN HIGH'S unbeaten Purple Panthers Maetinsbur~ hs had in ~ I wt" ~.,i.k~ Shields l~ine amensive game. t bright moved the pigskin to me ~"ames'-.~nilwit'~l-~he-bi-~ a'n"d h~ar'~ I~R ~.,~'r'~Lewis I Af, ter being held scoreless in the ]HF 29 late in the first half bu,t t.he d that way last Friday night a,s they plastered the ........... rs he :nsburg Bulldogs 20 to 0 in a fashion which Was to mow f'*.~-~oo q',-wn ~, ...... I .....,.o Lane l first period, the T~ge tore t }drive stalled A 30 yard kickoff re- .~~]]lJJ_l_~il~i ~' ! - ~n~ fine ball from end to ent~ th~l~ ~-hinson DeGrangeIHedgeswlle hne to p~eces for turn by Runkle gave the Eagles ~ ~a~~~~ ~N ~-- ~ _ . . hvincing that we could hardly believe what sa~ Bu~lldo~s couldn't mow n~' th~ IP'~R" ~'~n Gutekunst I three touchdowns and one extra anot;her shot at the HF 33 in t'he ~ ~~~ --.1 "-, --- .... '~" gh fog which settled over the playing field. ~" .... - ............... :- . poin,t And alt'hough they didn't i third period but the T~gers held on . groUcnl~s,~e~ne:'~ ,~ ....... t.'~, .... ~^. [ Score oy perioas: {need t'hem they added single TD's [downs And a pail" of sweeps coy- ~~ r before in the many years of covering the Charles the'~h~'~es'~,~wn~ ~:~'~'~'~=~'~: ~ [Charle~ Town 7 6 7 0--20 tin the third and final periods. I ering "15 and 30 yards by Fred '" Martinsburg football games have we seen a more . .as...................... 1~ 20 c~rri~s nf ~,~,~ ~oU IMartlnsburg 0 0 0 0 --- 0 ] The Perry Tigers d~dn" 't seem/Wise fea,tured a march to t;he HP [~~'~ ~ "]-|$O,, [ ..vl- harge and confident football team take 1he field .......... ........ in ,,r~uo ~ ....... ~ ..... ~,ho ~on .... ~{ I ,I. .... h~,~wn,~' Charles To~vn- Ito be in a fog a~t all abottt winn g [ 15 late in the game but a fumble [~-~.o =~,~|=~.~ **~=.~, the Purple Pannthers were last Friday night.., h"~*'rJ"~"o~vf.'i'~:d'~'t*.~ .~i~"t~h"a~ir t _laoztr~n~*'3"('fi've Va~r-d rian two yard [ t~he ball game, even thoug'h there [ recovery by Carlton Longerbeam IVY! l| all l~l~ |~,#~ * = were terrific.., ma~i~ "'~)icking~'~ up"~5~9~-yar~is-~i'n/r"un"'31"~yard run)" Extra points: was a heavyblaaket, of fog hangs / k'illed the Eagles last Chance of L ~,I)IES NIGHT EVERY THURSD AY ~- US~: ..,,: :. ;,,: , . , eight'triPSwell for the'" shortJhn t~meDyle' healS.'as w ran [ Charles Town-T. DoYle: 2actments) . (place-i%%u~(~ ~Oyem~.nle22ya~s~ ~aned~i~mro:~ ] seoring~.. . . ~ The v'errian..:''eve 56 yards for. " WIN A FREE. , MINK, STOLE "i ...... 9 . ^..~ ..-~- ~ .... 1 ,. .... - ,. . ] s;fter ~ cteluge of ram. Tire T~e~ ] t,l~eir first TD wi%h a Manuel to Furs by ~ond s Smart ~ bash ons TO TELL you that the Bulldogs were a help- tea, ~ang uO~ ,~ ~,~m ....... "~ .... , *~ , .... ' "harl s Town car,,es"~ ~ ~. . __ t ~tcks, rolled for a to~ba~ of 300 ~alloway pass ewting up 23 yards. Martinsburg and C e tnd sadly Outclassed Triple A high school football ........... ,a ....,..] P'0wh n S h00[ , yards over Vhe muddy and soggy I Galloway also reeled off an LADIES ADMITTED FREE ~elt'ner ,te~.z ~a.,.* ,,,~,.~ ~,,= m' * .. " '~ ' r~ r k omm " ' i-against the Panthers last Friday flight, is putting ....... ~ ,~,~,~ ~,~ .... ~,,~a r~] . . turf wit~ qtta e bacT Y yard run for a first down a.t the _ , ~ |l ldly..'., The Orange and Black gridders who made oau me nro. .... ............. ', .................. ,._.~2~ow..ot ~ . aJ al J ~anael mixing up the a,ttack by Hedgesville 12 and bhree plaYS la- I I II rues about it to their supporters that they had been s con ey ove " or to'uI fllgnlan0 ~?g, igk~ingdinp~:t~w passes wath the ~erzEddlredy:.ln~-:eInt off tackle for ~ I ~ ~ was - i " " Y' [fig to this game with the Panthers, and had every- chdown on seven plays. It a . . ..... .I nine-yard sweep by Bill: Olaiz:e t 'Last week the 5'th:and 6th grade . Game Stahst, cs Manuel s pas~ to ota~lorway, o,~ q II ft! ! / /r in readiness to step hp on the victo)'y wagon, were and a pass play from Burns to tl~ys ,~f . the'.~hatan School : Hedgesville Harpers Ferry ~hich the fleet'fback .eludedIJ . ~ JL no match for the Harmigon-PhilIips husl ies, . Dickie Dailey put ~he ball o:u the [kiete~ted ~'hd Hiff~l.ana ~crtool ! 7 Fi~tDowns 12 several E.agie aetenoers to corn- I II * * * , . ~ ,. . 5 yard line and set the Sta, ge for I,b0ys ~t' ..... Warrertton. Thugs was the 140 Yds. rushing . 163 plete a 59-yard, scoring play ugp- ~ | ==11 Charlie Jackson to score two plays I bo~s first g~rne and '.a'l.l played 42 Yds. lost rushing 7 ed the margm to 12-0 and Manu~l t - n [D WHILE THE BULLDOGS were able to-cross the as Net yds rushing 156k~cked the exrta pomt Momens [] I |l lines of both North Hagerstown and Allegany High mmberland, two CVAL football powers this Fall at arn Field, they folded like a punctured balloon when me to hitting pay dirt against thePanthers last iy night... Given a dry field---and daylight at m Field, the 1959 Panthers, we believe ould be TD s out in front of the Bulldogs this sea.on... FANS AND supporters of tlm Panthers. num- Charles Town be sure it's an Phone 399 1] you lose, yofi'll pay a big Compliment at a little price. And ~/ you win, you'f~e won the best hat buy in America. 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PHONE 42 around the 1,000 mark, braved the fog, rain and roads to make the trip last Friday night, and filled the stands on the East side field, while gridiron, Bulldogs backers Were almost nill They were scarce indeed, and it is possible ! ,ad an inkling of what was to come couldn t bear to ...... ' nd they WaLJ,.;LL' their avorltes abso at, the rb such ^,, . hands of a Charles Town Hi h rut earn... ., g School )me and any way, they stayed " ns ened to Ed Dockeney on the Turn To Page 2 B " Turn 'l'o-Pstge 2-B ' ---AND... Sizes 14 thru 20 UL ,SELECTION AT W. VA. NEXT TO POSTOFFICE PHONE 353 CHARLES TOWN, STYLES AT II I I I I I I I n I I|lll I I I 11 II =i