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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
October 29, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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October 29, 1959

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~, s ,,~ ,. ~ , ,, ,,, __~ , ,,L ball. I will Lake place. SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON VaRM~RS - I Mr. and Mrs. Albert Maxwell of I Master M~ehael Simons of Ran- ~ ~mr ~Ar~ [CampHill ,Pc. visited briefly with|son spent .Friday eve~-Ling with 4---A THURSDAY, OCTOBER j # | ~ /rl 1 J| __{o f~fl j o IMiss Lilli,~n Myers Wednesday [hi~ grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. ------'------- ----- ] ' II[ | |] hr~r1"[l ft~ ] ii i 4"t]ilT|d~'n ~Mr Maxwell was ma,uager of The I William Hock, while hi~s paren,ts P]b | | h ~ L| ,At The Triennial Con PUBL,SHED EVERY THURSDAY AFTERNOON IN CHAm.E$ TOWN, W. VA. q~, | ' ,, a ~ ~,~./~]]. ~l[ ~ v ~1~l|~|iuw|| /Perfection Garment Co. here some]a,ttended ~he Charles TownqMar- ~ | | r' ~ ~ lin Edinburg, Scotland," "~ ~ ~vears a~o. ttinsburg ~football game in Mar-By Mrs. Charles Adams ~World, i,nterestmg sli, BY THE JEFFERSON PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC. BT He~7 W. Mo~ow " ~ Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Andes of[tinsburg. IAssociate Count~ Wom~ ~~ " ? " " i r nt) la Bealton Va and Mrs Ada Cash ---------'-- , rakes Be Avoided long as (.and this is moo ta , ALL SUB.R rr,o . O Lv. o ,. vo z% coN.u .a.Can St " Ih~, " ,~ h, ~ exnloited As has|of Roanoke Va spent Monday/ DAVr'DTt M ____ Jshown to the ladies Mr. and Mrs. John Kackley of ] country women live in oi ..... h s " st ~_r is n~ ,~.~ln~ ~- . IBALKII TAX. SUB$CRII~rlON ta.eD PER YEAR IN ADVANCe. AS t~h~s aS wrrbten ]t a Ju [been ~ot-a this is an undemtand-|with Mr. and ~Mrs. Ed Hammond] IlfltJ[A~[-I~iU~ Berryville spent Sa,turday in Sil-[,~ Mr. a.nd ~Mrs. Harold. .... ne of the ........................ " bee~u announcea. 'cute. o q h I,~,~.le ~,v'--si~'--n~u and, on ,the .surface/and :Mass. Camilla Wilts'hire. t . . ver Springs with Mr. and Mrs. I ~onnec~lcu~ s~o.ppc~ ~, SPIRIT EBTABLISHED 1$44 -- ADVOCATE E~TABLISHED lea~ twelve major steel mdust~ es asl-t l-usa m~n~.~m~nt need not a-| CaptCm and Mrs. Charles Ham| My MISS Margaret Houser John Light and three d aughters,/granparenvs ~..~r' a..u , .... i he ~'~ ............... COMBINED MARCH ! 1048 effected an agreemen,t w th t I,~lo~,ise for it |mond and children of Camp Kfl-| --------- helping them move into a larger]Uns:pman on u~nursoay. ' children, :Peg and C,harlo~te | Virginia a,nd stopped lr istayed overnight with their gra:~d|ericksburg ~o visit Mr. ]mother Mrs. John Magaha in|J. K. Janney ~ormer res i Ranson, ~Iillie, with Mrs. Newton| this coun, ty and not find|! Magaha and family and Jay with | at home Mart, ha spent '~ b ' caned ~ow'b deb~tin the | profits .mean lower w ges,. -I [ her ~ister' Miss ~Iattie Nicho. Mrs; Charles Adams and children.] with her uncle and aunt! ENT~RKO AI SwCONO CLASS MATTfR AT TH~ POSTOFF|C~ IN CHARL~.I TOWN, .T,O e g. _ ' )Y' -= -g ha I is la~bor has never shown any in- Mr. Francis Sloat of Baltimore, | and ,brother l~bert Nichols has Dinner .guests wiVh Mr. and 'Mrs. | Mrs. John Kackiey in ]~ W. VA., UNO,, OH, ACT o, Ma,c. ,, ,O7,. " ~SUewr~oZnWfn t~i? rne~b:~t~e ~ut [clination to accept. And yet this IMd. recently viisted has parents|returned home. ]J. L. Chapman on Sunday were] Pat, Ji,m a,nd Pauline ~ Ys~h!rte:fi,~b~al~nO~mtlg2 iI Mrs. Lulu Castle, her sister Mrs.|bower celebrated their ~) me. stahy~ngSthg~hssoton: :~n:d bYtr~kel;US~Sfa~ei~ ~ Mr and Mrs. W. B. Slos~t l anMr'da~gbtM/So?d~2:dey~,go~an Belford of ~Iagers,town, Md. a,nd ,this month. Incidently J NEW YORK - CHICAGO - ATLANTA - DETROIT LOS ANGELEJBJha~ cost 'aS in the hope that "~erelm g .e ,t' .p [,',.. _ ~ I MAI I Tt~WM |were Sunday guests of he][ mot'her Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leake o flhis aunt, Pauline celebrat~ ........ ]may not be a recurrence of this [ men~res~s 22:, I ]mLL~t# ~[ |~ | Mrs. Lucretia Moler and heruncle Charles Town. | togeVher on Oct. 27. Conf Farm Women Honored ].ions friends and ho,pe MEMBER OF THK |sorry episode (~ue or two years hen I ...... ni~v.a ~h ...... t~ ~ ~.h~tl Rv Miu~ rlm.aelhw ]Ra~$~.~ |Furse Moler. The Rapport Farm Women re-|many more.. ....... ~ ..... ice Unfortunately there will be an/U":'.._~::~'L%~-_' _L'2:^L.\~..":%.L~=~: I u., ........... a ....... | Howard Kirby '.and children of NA O NA | allumng tendenc~ as the s~rike ~it.. serves as a cctal"st for labor [ .................. |Halltown were 'Sunday guests of ceived the highest points .for the / ,Mrs. ~ariana ~Lezieou . y ~ mr. anti ~wrs. ~:ins w~mams o~ , year announced by Mrs. Marian [and Mrs. :Marian Myer endsto brea~the ~.slghof rellef[ |Mr and Mrs Carl Fiel~son and unrest by provoking strikes. IMillville, ,Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Will- " " `Myers at the annual achievement [Friday and .Saturday kn I Day banquet held at the Camp |at,tending the 4-H teache Hill Mebhodist Church on Tues-|ing school, l~t and Jim day evening. Twelve or thirteen J guests of .Mr. and .~rs._ mem)bers ,from our Club attended |Adams ann '~wo cnilaren, The most delicious dinner was/ . . ~" ] served. Mrs. Earl Hayes of Mar-]U.S. Churches ann ] and s~mLply be content wH)h the ~,~, ~'h, ",,~ .......... ~= ~,, ....... family a~d obher guests were Mrs. |~ ~act t~hat the strike is behind us ~ .LL~"'.~.? ..... C "~Y_ ""'=S'_'~','iT~ :'~ rams, Jr., o~ (~naries Town were Harry "Martin and Mrs ~lanche . . . ',t~u~ S~nKes .a~ ~ne ex,norm~an~ Saturday evening visitors at ~he wr+h~. " w~thou,t undertaking_the d!ffic.ul,t :price of curtailing or prohibiting home of Mr. and Mrs Wallace "'l'.'f". ........ ana unpleasant ~asK 9i ~azlng ~,.i~ac nrn~n~r~f.v ~':h~t. is ~n- oat and ~family " Mr. mrs. ~:agar MII,tS aria Thursday, October 29, 1959 :those steps wh~oh may avord ~uc .......................... + .... ' " in "h future In "his ~.~ t~ --~.,~.t. oo.+~n~' .~u~"c*~ u~'~u ~ .... ~ ,:~.o'~ .... - .......................... " ' daughters and MrS.r-- Ann,a Mary .... a ca',am~y '~ e . ~ , ,, ,, . ,Mr. and Mrs. Edwin ClevengerlT4~t.z~! motored to Washington ...,,, ,,~.| .~.,.Pi~, id.ifficu'lt field there is need for ~a ~-.,--,,------..- ---~---------:'::'s::m~'nz'~':~'~'ithT~';~''f~g~ an a Daughter ~naron an(] Mr record ..... ~,~ ";. . and visa,ted Mrs. W. S. Geary and tin,burg Presider~t of the Farm listed a | ~J~l statesmanship and leadership of .... 1 ~ ~ ~ l ~ ~oua were aln,ner guests on .... s ns in ~. _ .,.._ " .... famrly on Sunday. Win-hen of W Va. accompamed 109,557,741 per o , HA r IUU JU fl '" hi-hest caliber work of a "free" economy where ~unoay wlvn ,~ar ana mrs ~ay --- er cen~ i~ne g ..._ . " ..... there can be no unreasonable lim- _ ..' ? . ".=_ . ' ... " Miss Alma Lee Knott of WIar- l~y-her friend "Mrs. Homer Sam- amoun,ted to 63 p mona r'arKs in ~narms a/own ~----------------- une woulo mink tnaB once vne . , The Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce has em-lAmeriean economy had gone thro istaanti:~Smna fy::~n' tb:t alt1 thevisitors" ' at the nome" of Mr. "ano" andti'n~burgsaturdayWas guestthe ofFridaYher parentsnight sell was gue~ speaker. "A Look popu,lation. barked upon a renewed organizational drive for member- uCh such a major_cris~ asthecrls courage labor from striking every Mrs. Maurice Pope and .daughters Mr. and Mrs. Charles Knott and :~ ship in an effort to present a solid business front on pro- s0 ved yVe t~XPeerieo~l~ ~l~e~m~cl~ time the. "business index" goes up. on Wednesday were John Stagger family. , ~ ' jects for community betterment, and we are happy for the thought and ,attention directed to- It had been Choug~ht ,that the so and Jerry Dillow o.f Mt. Mission. The W. S. C. S. of ,the Moth- ~ i opportunity to pass along a word of comment on it. At wards inoculating our economy caHt~race~Caw!~C~O~ c~aui~ ~agl:ibr Mr. and ,Mrs. Pope and childre,n odist Church held i,ts regu,lar ~ ~ of Bolivar 'were visitors on Satur- monthly and business meetings ~ ~ ! I the local level a chamber of commerce can provide an ex- wiitgh:~nreevS~t ~ea,,~a~sne ftrho~ creases automatically as the cost day with .his parents and sisters, at t'he home of Mrs. Mildred Cap- ~ "1~ $ ~'~ ,', tremely beneficial service to the whole community. It can strik],ng us again In this column of living went up, would serve to ofMr'charlesand MrS.TownM.was2-I. aHindmandinner onrittiTuesdayand , very ~ "-"~~~ ~ ,: be instrumental in providing curbs for unfair business prac- last week.the suggestion was made dimins,h .,the .incentive to strike: guest on Sunday of his son-in-law good attendance. After the meet- ~~- ~_~ ii rices without stifling friendly competition; it can use its t)hat,the.str!kemight nothave oc- ~u~s o~tl;~eeWns~C~sfl:fu~X'~leme~'5 and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Paul ing refreshments were served. ~~ !i J i ii~ .- ..... a ;+~ -~mmo- meet|n= -lace to regulate bus| curreo a~ an nan ~nere oeen corn . " tMills a,nd sons. In the ~fternoon Mr. a,ud ~VI~s. Rowland Austin IF / | / .......................... ~ P ~ " ,nulsorv controls on the economyplanet|on for the failure is that Mr. ~indman, Mrs. Mi]ls, .Mr. of Ch'a~bersburgl 'Pc. and Mr. "- lib ~ ~ BB I i~n hess hours. It can promote harmonious relations between to curb the increase in ~,he cost of the "cost of liwng slogan has and Mrs. Paul ~Mills, Jr. motored and ~Mrs. Gilbert Storey of Hag- ~ ~ i D never bee,.'~ as much a reason for i|; labor and management. It can help to offer a measure o,: l ving. As the strike progressed to- . .. ' - ' to Hamilton, Va. where they vis- erst~own, Md. were the Sunday vis ~ ~ '~~, protection against unworthy money-making schemes by .wards a cranial _stage ,~here were rS~e~,~eS::onanf:/Cs~Sel~2,i~h~ge ~hne" ~ted Mr. andMrs. R.C. Hindmah. itors of their mother Mrs. Ada ~--,m, i .... a eo e some new~ ~em, p~s maue, prmcx- . Mrs. Earl Peacher and Mrs. El-Moler on Sunday. 1 hm]tmg d.oor-to-door canvass].ng. It can encour ge p. pl pally by the spokesman of indus-s~s,tence on the part of.labor , wood Bowers shopped in Winches- The Childrens Societv of W S to do thew shopping where it does the most good: right .try ,to persuade the public that it has a propor~mate interest m ter. Va. on Wednesday. Those whoC.'S. held their meetings Sun~ ~ a ~'l .... IA i ~i at home. It can maintain ethics in the business community ",fea,ther-bedding" (and not cos,t management's profit, the next shopped in Winchester on Satur- day evening at the Church, with ~ iNOW UII I ~1 a,~d discourage those practices which may ~ot be ~orbidde,~ li ~ f ?i v!n g~ ~w ?s :~h e Pr~fC~ePaleTs~~ ~t~P r~ Stu~,tde:ns [~: :~s~bl ~ ~n~ day afternoon were ~Mr. a,~d Mrs. [Mrs. Mildred C a pr~ otti in charge, r William Hock, Mrs. Frank Sam- Mr. and Mrs. William Snyder ~m ~ ~_ r " by any particular law, but which are, nevertheless, of ques- 'was i"m-re'ssed~b~, t~l~e"Paten,t~y ab- ed. It :may well be ~nat manage- ons and son, Michael, ~Virs. David motored to ,Moler's Cross Roads ~dO m o e e ~ e e tionable propriety, i surd idea tha,t 500 000 .men ,would merit is ,J,nder nei,~her a ,legal or Penwell and Mrs Joseph Ranalli. on Sunday and was|ted Mr and "- ' A chamber of commerce in a community is but another ' strike to insure undeserving em- moral~beng~t~c:n~ffon~r[oP~Z~s' ] Mr. :Paul Trussel of Chambers-Mrs. Jake Carter. Mrs. Carter mm D * m~ ___ illustration of the wisdom of the old adage that "we pull ,Pl~i~eb~l~eer~S~s always a great ~vlnnei,ther ~an management long burg, Pc. spent ,the weekend with was a pa,tie~n,t recently in there e a, na WeD a ~ m %he most and the best when we pull together. For that danger in generalizzing .at ,the endure such costly strikes .as the his brother, Mr. Albert Trussel. King's Daughters Hospi,tal and is ~ reason we hope the business houses of the community i same time ,two general 'proposit-one we have just .seen. How manyI Mrs. William Cage and son of now getting along very rncely. ...... ......... k "" " ;~ .... " ii-n- -'m~st invariabl'" raise ~heir strikers would have remained on ~Brunswick, Md. visited Mr. and ~Mr. and Mrs. Fred Tab ler of ~ I rt =r [~ ~ ~ ~ n r- ~ f] 07 Wm ~ve sincere consloerauon ~o ~ne lOCal memDersmp o y s . . ............. Mrs. Alec Costello, Sunday a~ter- MaPtinsburg were the Sunday vis- VV | ~ | i~ ~ ~ ~ [- ~ ~- ~O ~, . g ,,, ,., ~ -, ..... .~ ~ heaas ~nen any attempt is made :me p~cze~ lines r| one s~riKers had no~.n. ~Mr. and Mrs. Costello spent itors of Mr. and Mrs. Harold ,, ,- ~- ~.~ ~,~ ~, t-, r- ~ T r~ A "r i ~rlve. 1lie res~rlcuons and OOllgauons it; imposes on l~S | to survey the cause of labor-man- had a pect~uiary interest in the i the evening .with Alec's parents Harding and son an~l Mrs. Annie ~ r= I= r ~ ~,~ [~ ~., ~ I~ i I~/'~i I- embers are, in our opinion, minimal in comparison with lagement ~riction. These proposi,t- outcome of the strike .for manage Mr. and iMrs. Edward Costello, in Loudon. the rewards to each member and to the whole community, are So basically simple that Mr. and 'Mrs. Robert Watso ........ If you are elegible for membership in the chamber of [,to eyen . teA hemfecms" most motored Harpers Ferry on Sun- | T [-4 .Commerce and have not yet joined pink up the t n and most abs'urd over-simplification, and daugh,ter, ~VIr. and Mrs. Har- ~ r ~ ~= ~ I I I~ I~ / 12 ~ ~ I= KI "r _. ' '" " )hoe' .m,,~.,,,u~ ~.u ~u ~=s .... .~. ,~,- day and vi,si,ted t~heir son-in-law -- V VII.Ill IT IV |~. ~v i--IV I , ll a chamber of commerce member now and let tell The first proposition is tha~t all old Robinson and sons. ,Mr. Rob- D~=r'r ourrLr/v|[:-i'~/ : you why you, too, should be a part of this movement. We prime strikes are motivated by a inson had the misfortune of 'fall- are confident any person who now belongs can tell anyone desire o secure" something 'bet- ing from an eleotic light pole on (Pelleted with Stilbestrol) ter" for the strikers, regardless of Su,uday. interested of the merit of the program. ,Vhe form ,the desired benefit may t .... ~ ~" " take. The se'bond proposi~tion is ] ~ ' ,that all opposition to - |: : ! " i mm strikes stems from the proposi:tion ,that :the sta,tus quo is good enough I4~rpers Ferry Area ~Found~tion Ha~pers Ferry, W. Va. October 26, 1959 iMr. Max Brown, Edi,tor The Spiri,t of Jefferson-Advocate Charles Town, W. Va. Dear Max: We should like to use :this .means ~o express publ,icly the appreciat- ion of our community and ,Vhe Hat ~ers Ferry Centennial Association ,to the ma~-ty many persons ,and or- ganizations who helped make the l~nd th~vt to change ,the status quo is to delegate o ,la)bor a privilege of H,a~ ~ ~l~ 8ohool. ~nd ~ benefit ~1~a/~ ought to ce- the Harpers Ferry Band, The m~in .the exclusive property of Band Boosters and ,the Harpers management, H~nce, managemen,t Ferry ,B01i~ar .Lions Club and also argues wi,th understandable logic ,that ~he profits which ,accrue to managemen,t are not and should not be of any .concern to labor so J