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Charles Town, West Virginia
October 22, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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October 22, 1959

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" ........ Death of Mr. ~Maauel i opento relatives and friends and lene Ever~a~, Ruby, Unda, San- ~ A ~ )t~e At ~rH||is SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON ZA~ERS ADVOCATE AND PERSONAL ACTIVITIES IN . . . Mr. James Mason M~nuel, 59 to those in need. i dr~, Gary had R~mda~l.l S~ubs, ~. #t. n. lq - i= ~i ,#t,u,J THURSDAY, OCTOBER 22, 1959 ' 7--B of Blair, Jefferson courtly cued in Recertt visitors at t~he home of Nancy Davis, Judy Cogle, Janice Mr. and Mrs. Jack Slaughlter and C~ffle, Rebecca Piper. Doris Co~- 14 ll I. U|ddt.. u d ord h rd I NO,aNT NO h~" %e "P~h ' a tl~ ~| |,J C~arles Town General Hospita.] rl LLOYD'S PLUMBIXG HEATING i: _ CRETE NEEDS '1 K, Vf PPKK ANII i [|| ]~ ~ ~ on los% S~turd~ay, October 17 after ~Mr. Pau=l Bar~les were Mr. and le, Lind:a, Oarol, Teddy, Lyle, Ray IlUll In I-I|uul~u$ LSa/& i~ J~|Ul | WUl~ | ~;L r' II an illness of seven yeasts but he Mrs. Med,ford Sl,au~hter and dau- Cook, Delma Cog~e, Gary and Ji,m conaiSts of 4 bulls, 8 h,e~fers and I [NG SIGNS For Sale at the office l~td only been a hos,l~tal paOen~ ffhter l~eba of lY~a~binsbu,rg Mr. imy Cogle. t~eh-e~hmenSs of can- The Berkeley County Chapter of 24 c~ws. The total sale offering[of the Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate Mrs. G. E. Webb Telephone 2492 four d,ays. Born in Zeffersoncoun and Mrs. C~ifford P~utherford a,nd dies, cake, potato chips and keel Vhe Sons of ,the American nevolut win be 113 lots. Sale catalogs are [on North George Street, Charl~ ~y ne was a son of Mrs. t~arrie f~amily of Inwood and Mr. and l.a d were served. Wanda received ion met at S'cully Hall Dining a~ailab]e direr, from Quellen M. [Town. Buy your needs today. ~ ~ ~ iV~arl,at~t Ma,nuel and ~he la,te W,il- Mrs. P~obert Slaughter of Charles [mlany ,~ce and useful gifts. Room in iMiddlew.ay last Friday ev Ke~,th, ~%pen,cer, W. Va." Oct. 2 - tf.---nc "p~wn l ~,.o ~,, ~ ~_~,,,~ ~rr ~ ~tr.~ i ening, October 16, for their reg ....... ~)rs wtth hem .......... la~m Ashby hSanue.l. He bad retir ...... ,,,,, ....... ~ ......... ............. ~ ~. ~ e e oz w~rs. ~. smart towns. ~very~'ning was car- ed from th~ Jones and I~uuhlin Recen% visi%ors wt the home of [,Floyd Grove and children, Mrs. utar monthly.meeting. . . ~uarow were her neice Mrs. I ned OUr| on schedule and the huge ,~-te~l -COml~,ny Plant at l~l~ml.le ~Mr. and Mrs. J,ack Loudan were I,Mar.y Longerbe~m and children i..~'ll.~mg ,one droner, servea py L~li'am E~ans of Pi,ttsburg, Pa.|.crawd present for all activ~ties where he was ~ ca~pen, ter for Mrs. l~hyl,lis Tabler of Mar~ins-]~vere wisi,tors with Mr. and Mrs. ,Mrs. ~omse ~mr~n ramey wno sons and t~he~r families Nh'. | ~ere loud in their praase of each In, an .... e'ars A member of Mi,l'lv~ile bu~g, Mrs. Bertha Har~ng, Mr. ] Joe Will% in Mannings on Tuesday ~ne n~lL .the noszess. I i l Mrs. C~arles David Dudro,w |~md every evertt. ~,~,~t. ~-~',~,-~ ~ ~ ~-it.i,~ Strot!her Hoffma~ter and Mr. and ]eventng Mr Wil~ has bec~n on the, .~ra(ney: ~om.. mfi group oz l dau~htezs o~Mer~dttwm, N. J'l In Vhe fashi.on show on Frid,ay, iin union affairs and was a for- Mrs. Melvin Gift ~nd doughtier of ]si,ck l~st He is a brother of Mrs. I'.~ne ,msm~:y .m :~.cuay nan: one oz i ~lr. ~no mrs. w~l~er ~uarow | Mrs. Fred Davenport wdfe ef Parl~ imer presider~t of Local 201 A. F. Buker~n. [Anwie Grove me omes~ ~uiimngs m Jenerson ,Deaconess Anna L nansen of[ ,-- --~':" ~'-'f" ~f Shar-s'bu'--[Cotmty. Keen interest was also yU~Ug,r~ers oI nammono~l~ff~, |~anger Fred Da~venpo~t won first IL. S urv~v~ors are his wife, Mrs. S~ippensburg ~ iS spending an] mrs. m@o~l ~ ~ _ _ 'v?" .~'~' J e~h~bited in the legend of Wizard .2.." ~ney sa~w mos~ o'[ me 2en-|prize wearing a 100 year old tar-:Stella V. L~Rue Manuel at home; mdehnl~te v.rsl~ wt the home of Mr [ " - .......... ICliop .and Mrs. Bradley related ] ~ [ I 2" I I ~m~ml~ ~ [~.~a:~w,mc~n Yeas nem~rom ~nur] ~e~a dre~ wit~ a bonnet as old or!six children Franklin of Hous- ' .... ' ' livm spen~ the weet:eno wl,m net ..~u~u~n~un~uy'~m'~e a ~ew|poss:ibly older. S~he was accempan ton Texas" James of H,agers,tow,n, and M'rs. l:~(~be~t B Menefee She[.son a~n~z~anmy mr" an Mrs' wa~ |'the rigin f the story. I i~1 I ~ 3I ~~"~~~ .... ;~l~s w_ere m ~,wn over |led by four of her five children, [Md: Calvin of Chestnut Hill; Ed- is the dau,~hter of fine l~te Dr B [race ~_ .... nd bro I ~PoHowing the bus.iness vnee~ing ] mR i ~ ~E&sy Terms,_ Low _Dawn Pa.ym~ak ~, tai, enu: 'l~ne c~owa a:~enoing~ne |Marie 5, Wayne and Jean 4 and 'i.~h, Ma~are~ and Morris at home B Ranson and Mrs R.a,~s,m n,a~- J ~_rs. mauae ~:vemar~ a : . " |Mr. G. D. Williams, chaim-nan of benton, on Samraay and ~un [Judy 2 aH dressed as in days of six grandchildren; one sister, Mrs. ~;~is of w .... r w~,:~; ....... Ether Mr. Arrie P~per were ~unoaY |the progm,m committee for the ] ILl ~ i Trade-In. Come in Today! _ _ " ~I were very large. ...... | y~re. Second prize to Mrs. Donu,ld iLe~a Barren of @h~trles Town and ""~e~ea~'t'~ds~It~rs'~tai.he home of Idinner.guests with t~eir .~[~,,~ne~" I evemng' introduced ~he prin~l,p~l ~ nJ~n~ ~. l~a, ~vvle [.~m:ith the former Virgima ~hew- one bro~er, W.ill~,a~m Manuel of Mrs. Edna Kern in Harpers Ferryi'ana wne. Mr: ann_Mrs. ~ar'!~n~ Ispeaker for:the evening, Henry W. ] ~ fXARt5 10WH GAS f0.. Inc j,~ on. zma~y ~'onK ~n oz. ~:un | oridge of H,arpers Ferry. Third Bolivar. The body rested at the were Mr F C Green a-ed resi ir~per an~ mr. ann ~ars. x,a~z [Morrow of Charles Town. Morrow [ | PHONE 226 CHARLES TOWN, W. Y& den~t of O0t.a~a K,ansas the brrth[ " - --alton andIspeke to the g o ~p o hil ~cl~, ~ao. were al~ernoo_n w~mrs [prize we,hi to Betty Anne Sing~hass l~ckles FMner~l Home un,til Tues " , .... . in ~hegtnuit Hill. , r u~ n the dan er '~2 home oz Mr. ann lvlxs. ~. K. I In the beard judging con, test three! d,ay When it was removed to the place of John Brown Who so~nt I :Mr. and Mrs. ueorge , ' IO~ prese, n~ day Tory p osop y. , : onf:rmay: .... ]members of the Sh~arpsburg Rif,les i'Methodist Church a~ M,iTlville f'rom Pri:d~ay unt~,l Tuesday a~t'-~e ]children, Mr. and Mrs. Garland ~He 9oin~ed ou,t %'hat the Tory of I I ~r. ann mrs. c. K. t~ar~en spen,~lwon prize,s and George Cox of ivthere the funeral was held ~t 2:30 Kern's Home. Mrs. Maur~ce of JPl~per of Ohestnu,t Hill were call- [The American Revolution was (~p- , weekend in Soude~ton, Pa. at [Kearrneysville won honorable men o'clock witch the Rev. Joe D. Ser- PSgaburg, Pa., Miss G~ace Wen~- [ers on Friday. evemn,$ Mr. and Iposed to ,change and th~vt Lthere home of their son-in-law and [~tion genii olTi~i~iag assisted by Rev. zeT1 of V~a~ng~on D C Mr Har ]Mrs. Ce~i4 Evernar~ ann ~rs. mau Iwere many moaern any Tories .. :~h~ter Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J M~ss June Lee Webb spent Men C. W. Lloyd. .. old Dietz and Mr ~ 'E "l~ye'ry ~f [de Everhart. twho wanted to live m the past. O ml~+o.n_and li,t~tleoson.. . |day 'in ~aeh~n~t-n ~) ~ ' I Ir~terment was made at Murre~l York. laa., Mrs. ~arol'd ~asore and I Mr. and Mrs. Paul Staubs of [ U2Y-~w!'u'mwns["~'l~v'aran~/ ~ ...... `` .- . ``. ..Hil Je ers nC unty.Hehadreson fFrederick Md.Mr.a d Neersv lleVa.were isiborst e[# " "'"'" Tank I -o ,,~r une tour days of me wen I ~.. ~,pen~ ~uno~ay wi~vn his i,a- ~h~]*~ ~t]m~sr~r~ w~r~ ~,,I Spiker of W]a~h~n~ton, D. C. Mrs. [faznily Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Sta- i ~niaa and width ideal weat,her pre ||her Mr. M. B. stamngs, j';~s~'~n "W~-m-"Ja~k'son'Sr Jesse or ace W~'lkans of Baltimore. Md. lubs. I r e a- , r__ ~|___ ~ the was a very / Dinner guests at the home of owel,1. uss rd. and Mr. , ed' Werni 'and Mrs no ers of' be, r0r i Dra,nf, e],s .. Stone an, Dirt I ~me one. Kxeurs~on~, ousses,/m,r, and Mrs. (3 E Webb on Sun Nicev~arner and ~alei~h Moore. of M~orefield, W. ~a. where he ser |~runswiek M,~t. were Sunday / ,t4o~ vcagons and an modes o~ |aay were Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Honorary Pal.lbearers were Geo- yes & o. i? et Agent. ,, Iguests the formers paren,ts t Spencer-Quellen M. Ke~th, secre ~vm were in evidence bnnging |Waters and son Oharies of Pleas- ,'rge Mi:~ton Nobe~t Turner and ~no~ner one oz mose one aonar I~Ir. and Mrs. Captain Rod,gets. t~ry-treasurer of the Wes~ Virgin- ~hordes,o~le ~ t~e H,is-[ant Valley, Md. and Mr. arid Mrs. l~wl,~ Jones. st~pperfi l~h~O ~e held wt t/he Eben-| ~VIr. and Mrs. Oa~ta~n Rodgers/ila Hereford Breeders' Asso~wt2on, PHONE 744 CHARLES TO VA.I ~ ~wns" The crwct w'as omy l~'lmrles Glover of Gailthersburg, Weekend and Sunday viaitors a~t eeze Me ~ d'st C~urch in nearby ]and daughter Norma,Mrs' Earl ] armOunced here today tha!t the As [ W .... ~oon Thur.sday but many more |~V~d. ~nd Harry A~lger of l=ba~son, ~he he,me of Mrs. Emrnu E~ans houdoun Coun,ty, Va. on Sa%urday |Rodgers were Sunday callers with lsoc~wUon's annual Fa,li Show and v~e on ~'naay ann on Saturday [W. Va. i were her uranddu,.t{~hter Miss Fran evenfing, O~tober 31 beginning at ItMr and Mrs Ployd C~,apman and [SaJe w~ll be held Nov. 2 at the I I [,,~owRs were f,iHed and every[ David Staubs who has em!ploy- Ices Reeser, a ccom~)an~ed by a 4 o'clock. The menu w~l.1 consi~t|~mily in Mann~ings. Ist te 4-H Ca,mp at J~ackson's Mill. I II ~, 2 ~:,:~: .... -:-.... ~-~nm par~mg, space was m |me,n~t in Bethesda, Md. spe~t the friend Miss Age~ha Pi,t~aid of N. of h, wm, potato sal,ad, home baked [ Mr and Mrs Oaxroll Co,~le and [ Seventeen con.signors wil.1 offer | 'beans, peas, hot rol.~s, pie ~nd c~,f ]fazmly of M~n~ngs were Sunday ] 22 bulls and 55 females in the Sale ; a~a on ~unaay there were/weekend wi,th his uncle and aun y Mr and Mrs. Ted Sager and F 0 R Y 0 U R .ffic Sams in evidence and plen-[Mr, and Mrs John Sn~ider ~r and Mrs. LaM, ar ~ger and fee. |~i~nne-r guests wi,th Mrs. Mary Cog/Kei~h s~id. Ln adid~lon, the entire of them. 1V~any resident~ have | Mr Phil DeLauder of ~Va~hing I son Mark of Moorefield, Mrs. Ber i Proceeds w~l go toward paying ile and Mr. and Mrs. W~alter Cogle [.herd of Carl B. Woodford, Weston, ;d Vheyi. never .... expeoted to see|ton, D C spent Sunday in t tar_ - ~h_aJ_ordon of Baltimore, Md., Mr. for the w~ter system which has [and taxmiiv [~ READY = MIX {:ON a~ready been in,sVaAled and is in[ Lyle Cook spent Friday night1 - -au as many people m our "pets Ferry. andtinsburg.Mrs. Mrs.HenrYHor~ceRiCkerLloydf MaX-and use on ~he Chur~ premises. [and S~turday w~)h his cousin J'imi ~ i CALL CHARLES TOWN 899 OR [ REPORT OF CONDITWt _.... ~ WIr. and Mrs. Eric S~piker and two and~VIrS'Mrs.A' FloydA' Minr~dhjohns~nandand ehi~deh~Idren | ny Co~le in Mannings. [ i I [ VISIT OUR PLANT AT MILLVILLE, W. VA. I v.. sons of Washington, D. C., Mr. | ;Mrs. l~ar~aret Piper and daug~ | I ~ I I ! B^mu r.Am= ~nd Mrs. W~axd Ur~ger of Youngs- ren of l~a~insburg spent S~tur-lters, Mrs Joan Dinlterm,an and l| ~-- -- _ ii, THO BER COMPAHY ill ~'ss~lt VI ~ii#'U|LI~} |~J~ ~ Ohio Mrs Nellie Doucher- day wiithh t~e formers Parents Mr. |d, aug~nfter weer dinner guests witch | | | ~ ~ | I " ' ' " andMrs. Lloyd Jones. [,Mrs. F anceslR.odgersonThurs-[|| m IV1]y ,i RH LUM Charl ........... ty of Knoxv~l,le, Md., Mrs, Lfl~lian ~r. and Mrs. Ol ifton Buts at-|day. . ..... | ~" --own, zn ~ne ~a~e oI west Virginia a~ the clos~ of ~d~ra.rds of Oh, arles T~wn and *ended ~he funera~l .ofa couLs~n Mr. | Mrs. Celia W~iite ana emmren, I I ~ v v -- I I I .~.m. e~., ~o. ~,, c.~,. Tow. I slness on October 6; 1959. ' Mrs. Jessie Murphy of H, arpers A S S E T S Ferry. Mrs. E~ans is in the m~ddle Harley Homer 51 years o,f age in [ were Sund~ty guests with Mr. and [ I I ._..-- ., ~m~ | ] Martinsburg Plant AM 7-8955 / sh balances ~vith other ban ........... 80's and i~ loved by aT1 w~o knew Baltimore, Md. on laser Sa~%urday.]Mrs. Melvdn Longerbeam and d~u| ~ ~ ~'~T~[~i'-~tll 14 | ~-~, mcmmng reserve her and her cosy home is a],ways He was ~ son of the l a~e Edwin[gh~er in Chestnu.t Ht,ll. [ ~ II~I ,N)I I ~]_~JIJ I )alances arid cash items in process of collection $1 122,400.25 ~ ~orner, nla,ttve of MafMnsburg and[ ~Mrs. Shirley ~ha~pman and child[ I ~L~I ~.~.~ P'"- | I IIIIII I [ dted Dt~tes Government obligations, direc, JF~F~R N& BHANCF CO! [uaranteed ................. and ................. , E~a Kear~p Horner, n'a~ve ~f 13ol [ ren of M~nnings spen~ Tuesday | | | d~:t~%%s of States and l~litieal subdivisions::::::::: z'~:~:~ ~ ........... "~he~tlv~r' I-Ie.asta~k.d~edH~sSUdde:nayplans hadfrmb_eena]W~*h her mO~her Mrs. ~rances F~od/ i ||,gets and family. | B I I -'--,~ '=, S0S L0A , a amcoun~s ~mClUning $451.55 overdrafts)2718,967.43 ~ ,it f, ~ ~m,aae vo spend several days in ~| Mr. and Mrs. Aldridge Staubs| m | .~ ~.~.~. i. , . .premises owned $29,000.00, Iurniture and " " " 48,880 00 I ~ 1 dour wqt~ relatives and a~enfl the|of C~arles Town and Mr. Lesie| | "-- | fixtures $19880.00.. ................................ Jc~n Brown Cen.tenn~al. Mrs.lKell~son were guests on Tuesday] I _ | . . . :i: (Bank prer~ises owned are subject to no liens not Lloyd Jones Sr. is also a cou~.n|w~h Mrs. Frances Rodgers and| mm | ~ .~ -r~-v~T | who has served Jefferson Counttans FaRhfully ,, a~sumed by bank) of the deceased .... |l%mily | mm | lfllJ | | | | Over the Past Twenty-Three Years. ,, her assets..., ......................................137.57 IMrs. Ric~hard H~'ll and son Lewis] ~Mr_'and Mrs..V~al~er Cogle and| | ~_ IJ~.~.~k,w .I. |! D. of Dal~Ms, Texas span!t, sever~xl[(~nildren were Su,nd~y visStors with| I I "~ -- - ~ El TOTAL AS~E'I~ .... ............................. ~ t :~]~~~, ~ en~.r, anulvlrs, l~e~is~9.~len|undfam,,lyln~hestnu,~Hill. |= ----J EXTRA QUICK SERVICE L I A B I L I T I E S days l%st weak wiVh Mrs.. l-lil,ls p~.r|IMr, and Mrs. H~ry. Longerbeam| I | M t~| mand deposits of individuals, partnerships and 3 161 991 50 01s. [ !Mr .'and Mrs. Nelson Grove and[ ~ corporations .................... i ................... $ , , . Among ~he dign~,taries of the B.|~b2ildren of Ohestnut Hill we~| me 'Deposits of Individuals, oartnerships, and2 487,847 05 & O. Ra~Iro~d who ~ttended the|Sunday visitors of Mr. and Mrs.] ~ ~ FOR Emergencies, Consolidate Old Bills, Car c0rporati0as ....................................... J(~hn Brown Cen~enni~.l t he|Juhior Grove and fmvtily Mr. and] - - Repairs, Winter Clothes, Winter Fuel. ~wdn towns were Mr. and MrS. W.|~Mrs. OHie ~awk were ea!lers also.[ positsPSits off StatesUnitedandStates~'~it'ic~jGvernment'sutxlivi'sions(including: ..... C, ~aker, he the v~e president ~f.[: Mr. and Mrs. J~hn ~,teha~r[ ~ | ~,h"M'|h [D LOANS----$25.00 to $3oo.oo postal savings) ........ , . 103,175.16 ope~$ff~t0n~,,Mr, and. Mrs. J. W.|a,nd son KeI,t~ of H~r,perS Ferry] L. L. IVlL~$1~MLV~ $~.~ 475,1'36.28 l~ipps, he,~ the vice presiden,t of|were guests w~h ~he la~ters par-|i~.-~.~t~ her deposits (certified and officers' checks" "et'c'i:::: 6,269.7Y, ~ruffi~; Mr. Jo~,n Sch~midlt head of[en, ts Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ever-| A|I~'~|.][ TOTAL DEPOSrPs ................... $6',234,419.76 1000000 l or Extra ast Service," Phonel irst. 2hen on her liabilities. ........................................ Pubtic Rel,at~ons a,nd Mr. W.L.|~hart. , | nv.,,v-- Cosgrove .from the Dispatchers Of/ ~Mr. and Mrs. Howard:Everhart,| Approval Come Right IN--Your Money Will Be rpluspitalT~ : I~A~I~T~..F~ .: '.................. A qP A~": ............ C C: O ...... U ~ ~~" '~' '*"~~: ..... :, J....$~ ....." 1{)0~000.00. ~ "i ~. ~,~.! ~ ~{"~o u'~'l~-o ne ~ourj: ~ ,"~ -..~t[.na A' .ccid_.ent~ .. _P~.ilfi2ea. ~:~[j~ceba. Th'~PsnJ~hl~inKSsre yB~l~imre'Da~ld ofT~rftlason ,~ndM~a.l~nsburgMd'Mr. anaMiss' wereMr~:'Re IMrs.,wilthhadrren wereartdMarYMr, sons u rgi~"' ~L~~ '~t~ ~'SandLrigerbaZnin Mrs.Bol~ wtr/~:: Jo~ Vd~bAte-|and child[|| ~ INSURANCEREAL ESTATEAND Ready ~. -- THE --- divided pro}it's'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.','.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'/.'.'.'.'" " .... .,. 2030,7~00.00 ~ ~all us avou~ ~m~ ~uu.,. ~ reeen~t v~si,~ors ~ the home of MrS.~dl~ Kern. Bad, barn:Mrs" BettYcook Bufordalttended aand stork[MassE Mason Buildinff_ & .F NANCE serve (and retirement account for preferred'~apit~li : 100'0;;';; l-I ~ ,~app~R JR ----------- ~hower for Mrs. Dorothy Thomp-| Phone , I~R RSON ! 0A CO TOT2%~T, C--- ' " ~x. o. ~.~.~v.. a.. , ~., s..-~ m~ i~t= son in Pleas'aa~vi'lle, Md. on Sun-| La BSk t a l Po T:L v: uCeCOU.N, s ::2v 3] LV fi b| d,y ,f ternoon.RFAD ATTEND CI-IUl CH S UNDAYTIIE SP -ADVOCATE |i Charles Twn' W" Va'n Phone 480 Charles :town, W. Va. Mrs. Ethel Buzzard TME TRAVE ERa, i411tfm l By | "Courteou,s and Efficient Service" 0 '' I lil'i o,o F e Agency MEMORANDA pledged on assigned to secure liabilities and for other purposes. ................................ $627,330.00 ~Ve Melvin T. Strider, President, and James W. Strider, the above~amed bank do solemnly :swear that the abow is true, and that it fully and ,correctly represents th~ state of the several matters herein contained and set forth, ~the .best of our knowledge and belief. MELVIN T. STRI'DEt=t, Presiden~ JAMES W. STRIDER, Cashier Correct---Attest: MARY M. 'PORTEI~FI, ELD, FORI~EST A. BR, OWN, J. ~DONA~/D ~ACKLES,.. Directors. ~tate of West Virginia, County of Jefferson, ss.: worn to and subscribed before me'this 13th day of October, 1959, hereby certify that I am not an officer or director of this bank. EDITH S. ~STANLEY, Notary Pubiie. My commission expires ~eptember 10, 1965. 120 E. Washington Street Charles Town, W. Va. Telephone 216 Ill[fill Sunday being Laymens Day in ~he Methodist Chu,roh the speaker were Mr. Thomas Hardy of Mur- rell Hil and Mr. Huml~rey Wilt of Chestnu~t Hi.IL A good a~tend- an~e was presen~t for the services. Mr. and Mrs. l%~bert Spi,taer of ~M,timore, Md. spe.n~ from ~ricluy evema~ un~ti~ Monday w!~th the 1,~ ~te~s mother Mrs. Ii)thei ~uz~axa ~and ~axnily. . , Mrs. Mamte l%ussetl of Ches~nu~ Hill was a Mond:ay ~isitor wi, th ff~Irs. M, aude Ever~m~t. Mrs. Pat1 Stuui~s and daug.h~er Agnes of Neersville, Va. were Fri- d,ay evening cal~lers wi't)h Mr. and ~Irs. Vernon Sbau~s and family. ~Vlr. ~nd Mrs. ~a'r~Id S~taubs and son who have been living a~ the home of the laf0ters m~t'her Mrs. Ethel Buzzard moved to the house of Mr. Vet, non Smuts near the on Monday. Thomas Dongerbeam and I, rvin N~ick and Mr. Elzy I~ngerbea~ of Ohestnt~t HAll were POCAHONTAS COUNTY ":~ii!~~~. Sunday evemn,g pollers W~,th Mr. ~+.,~ ~~#~ ,and Mrs. Junior Grove and f~am~ly Combines Scenic Beauty | ~~~/ ~.::~i~!i~.g~i ~:~i. ~ A bil~t~d~Y par~y was given lit and Astronomy ~~/ A~Z: .-~ %le Tim,my Co~le (kn his 1st ~th- day by his paren~ts Mr. and Mrs. ~ai~~~ ~ ~.~ d~ay evening. Sev ~vl of his nieces "-~< ~~_, ~LA ~.,a!~..~.,.'}'~.~.~.~ .. ., ~~ ~i~!~~ and nephews were presen,t. W.and~t "~~.~W EvevhR~, l~ay, Lyle, IAndu, Caro~ and Teddy Cook, Delmar, Do~d ,and Susan Co,~le. .pers Ferry visited width his gl~13d- m. a.|n,, parents on Sund~y Mr. ~,nd Mrs. Hovoard Ever~art. Mrs, Celia W~i%e and children w e. p0.ynmers vi ors Mr. =d Mrs. Melv,:r~ Longe~beam and daugh- ter in C~eVmut Hilt. ~Mr. and,Mrs. H~ard Everhar and Arlene' ~pl2s, Mrs. M~ry L~ngerbeann ~d eh~,ldren were Sunday visi,tors with Mr. and Mrs. John White~air and son in Har- .pers Ferry. Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Piper and children were c~,lers recently wi~0h Mr. and Mrs. Wu~er DaVis axed ,fa,mily in Ohes~nu~ ITi'l~l. [Mr. EaN Rod,gets of Brunswick, vtas a Sun, d,~y visitor wl~h his Mr. arid Mrs. Oapt~in Rod ~ers. : D~ferred From Last Week ,Mrs. Frances l~dgers and dau. gh%er No,:and Mrs. Celia Whit~ ,and son's Do, laid Wayne and Rog er Lee were guests on Tuesday w~th Mrs. Shirley Chapman and chJMren in Mann~ngs. ; Di',~tle D~n@ld Wayne V~hiite was ~bi~tten on fhe ~ace by a dog on Tuesctay evening. He Was re'ken ,to the office of Dr. WiH~am~ w~ch ~hree stitches were put in his lip .and the left, tie fellow bad f(mr needle~. He is t, hc son uf Mr. and M~. Don Wl~i~te. Wand~, Everha~t celebruf~ed her fou,:~er~0h ~irthd,ay on ~unday ~v~th ~ pa~ty gliven by her pare,his ~vIr. and Mrs. Edgar Eveiq~al~t. 8ev envl ol her pl~tYm.~t~ were into ;~el~p her. They we, re Pa,~M, Dar- Pocahontas County, once the favorite hunting ground of Indians and still a mecca for hunters, fishermen and sight- seers, has one of the world's newest, most accurate and largest facilities for scientifio observation -- the 10-million-dollar National Astronomy Observatory. Named for the famous Indian princess, Pocahontas County remains the scenic: land of rugged mountains and broad val- leys'that enticed Indians and pioneers alike by its resplendent beauty, It lays claim to two state parks, two state forests and more of th~ great Monongahela National Forest than any other co:hnty. ~e G~eenbrier River, which alternately rushes and winds for more itimn 100 miles through the county, exerts a dominant influence. Marlinton is the county seat and agri- culture, lumbering and tanning the chief industries. Hillsboro is, the birthplace of the famed Novelist Pearl Buck. Iun" Poeahontas County and throughout West Virginia, the S. Brewers Foundation works constantly to assure the sale of beer and ale under pleasant, orderly condi- tions. Believing tlmt strict law enforcement serves the best interests of the people, the Foundation stresses close co-operation with the Armed Forces, law cnforce. ment and governing officials in its continuing "self- regulation,, program. need helpl S~metime you may be in one of those tight situations where you need a helping hand. It may be after a fire, accident or other misfortune.. If the occasion ever arises. give us a call. 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