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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
October 22, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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October 22, 1959

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---From The Files of The--- SPIRIT OF JEFFFERSON-FARMERS ADVOCATE By:--Mrs.* June (Slusher) Bohrer 10 YEARS AGO --- 1949 At the a~nuai election of officers :ld ~t The Thomas Jefferson He l Guy Davis was elected presi- nt of the Charles Town Kiveanis ub for the ensuing year. Other ricers MsO named were J. Don- i Eackles, vice president; Hugh uperton, treasurer" Joe Christian ~re~ry. Elected ~) the board of rectors for i year was John Mc .ql, 2 years, Merle E. Alger, Vqal- r Dudrow, Dr. William Roth and Jab Burns. Davis w~ll succeed ax Brown w~o had been the [ub's president during t~s year. Kenneth Willin,g~Rm, ~egion ttf: Haler played in every one 49 games during the season closed on Sunday. Garly Hooe, veteran Jefferson baseball star who pi,loted Charles Town American Leg- cklarn(xnd aggregation o it's successful season since it organized here four years ago. a past master at the dia- game and one who knows ~basebali from beginning to watched his 1959 ot~tfi win games from the best opposition be found i~ this area w~iie los only 8 c~ntests. One game end a 3 all tie. DIED:Bern,ard C. Rouzee. son Mrs. Mar~, E. Rouzee and the George A. Rouzee, formerly a~ Urnversity Hospital, Md.; Miss E1Me G. Ken a resident of Washi,nffton, L C.; James Samuel Lancaster, his home north of Kabrl~own, Gee ~rge W West lifelong residen`t of Vhe county; ~ his home near K~b ietown, John Levi Marcus; In VCashington, D. C. Mrs. Kate E. Frazier 1,if along resident of Char- les Town, dat~ghter of the late Warren and Virgioia Locke Eby. Officers for the" Charles Town Chapter of t~e Future Farmers of America for the year 1940 were elected as follows: James Gran- tham, Pres.; l~bert Light, Vice president; Forrest ~offmaster, died at the home of a son, J. Ed- Secy., and Nelson DaHey, Treas- .ward Lane.aster, West Congress urer. St.; Mrs. Louise Belchie died in The Rev. Floyd Lucas, pastor of ,WAnchester, Va.; Boyd C. Grove, the .Methodist Church in Shop- ha'tire of Jefferson County and an herdstown, transferred to the Vir- engineer ~or the B~tltimore & Ohio ginia Conference. He was given Railroad died a`t his residence kn an appointzne~nt at Marshall, Vs, Cun~berland, Md. , Succee4ing him ~t S~epherdstown Lt. Colonel Rober~ Emmi,~t Jes- was the Rev, Jno W. Seay. eph, U. S. Army and Mrs. Joseph 30 YEARS~ -- 1929 of Arlington, Va. announce the engagement of their daughter Bar Miss Edith Smith, of Charles bara Anne ,to Lt. Morton Claire Town accepted a .position on the ~ttmma, III USA~, son of Rear f, acul~ty at the Charles Town Gra- Admiral Mor~on Claire ~Viumma ded School. Miss SmR~'s successor Jr., USN (re~) a,ud Mrs, Mamma' ~t the Chestnut ~ill school was of Berryville, Va. M~ss Georgianna Olasscock of Summit Point. 20 YEARS'A-~ -- 1939 DIED: In a hospitM near Fred- crick, Md. Miss Grace Chambers MYs. Virgirda Miller was the dauthter of ,the late George and Purchaser of the historic Andre~v Susie Chambers of Bol,ivar; i~ ~unter residence in the eastern Martinsburg, J. Wvn. Kearns, nat section o,f Charles Town. The prop ire of Mlddlex~ay; at his home in erty was purchased from Basset,t ~W. Mi~c~ell through Charles L. Arlin~lpton, N. J., Gee. Dane Them :pson, son of the l~vte Rev. Philip Crane, real estate broker. Thompson a)t one time Rector of MARRIED: In Washington, D. C. ~Miss Josephine Pittman, da~- Wickliffe parish; at her ,home ghCer of Dr. and Mrs. J. J. Pit- : near U~illa, Miss Kate Lucas "Hen man of C~arles Town to I~arry W. dricks. ~tonemus, also of Charles Town; ~ Charles H. 2~hompson who has been in Vhe employ of the St. in Winffnester, Vs., Miss Nelliei Lime & Stone Co. for fifteen years Iough, daugl~er of George W. ~ough, south of town to Holmes 'was fataMy injured at t~a~ com- ~i~pe of Charles Town. :pany's quarries. o ~e2~ne Old Opera House was re- County Agent Heath Holden, County Com~ssioner James E. : p ned under t~e management of ~T~bb and son, George and Ma~er Jimm~e Wysong. I DIED: A her home on W. Wash iDrew Conklyn, ~ttended the Na~- ing~on St., RVIrs. L~ura Virginia qonal Dairy E~hi~bition in S. Louis Me. The two boys, George and 'Kirby, wi{e of Jolxt A. Kirby; at Drew won a `free ~rip to ,~he Ex- hilbiOon as a reward for superior 4-~ Club work. MARRIED : -In Brunswick, Md. ~l~ss Lilllan Billmyer o~ C~,Rrles Town to Howard W. Thompson of Brunswick; in H, agerstown, Miss Ada Allison and Ernest ShauM, B & O RaMroad in Charles Town1 from Dr. J. H. Pi,trnan intending to conve~t the building irate a laun dry. MARRIED:At the residence of She offici~tin:g minister the Rev. J. H. Wolff in Charles Tow~, Char ies Longerbeam to Miss Lizzie Jan kins, botlh of the county; in Wash i ngcon by ,the Rev. Mr. Bristow, Charles W. Henkle, formerly of this coun,ty to Miss Mary Pretty of Was~n~ton; at the bride's home at Leetown by t)he Rev. W. ~. Mk~urd,y, Dr. Samuel E. Ho}t- zelmv of Greer, S. C. to Miss Bes- sie /~melia Wi'llis, daughter of Mr. ,and Mrs. James Willis. Wheat was quoted in Charles ITown at $1.20 a busheS; corn at $2.50 a barrelL butter 25 cents a pou~ud; eggs 24 cents a dozen; ~chickens 13 cen~s a pound; pota- toes 75 cents a bushel; apples 50 cen~ a bushel; hums 16 cents to 18 cents a pound, sides and should ors 14 cents a pound. 70 YEARS AGO .-- 1889 MARRIED:~t~ the Bapbist ~par- sonage by ~he Roy. Frank Dixon Edward Nicely to Miss Emma Wa~ son bc~bh of Leetown; by the same WHli~m (P~p) Jaekso~n oT Char los Town, l{~th &merican Leg~on district commander, led .the 10~h annual Tenth District caravan Sunday morning to the host post in Ridgeley wi`th a total of 80 cars ,cor~ta~ning some 250 Legionnaires wnd families. Also making ~he trip as repres- entatives of Jackson-Perks Post were Adjutant Raymond SmiVh, Commander Wilbur (Flicker) Bend, l~ber~ Rinker and Orcutt Evans. Principa~ speaker for the event was Bonn Brown ol Elkins, depart merit comma~nder. Speaking on "Community Ser- vice", he said ~he American Legion I r~tended ,to ~id the men~tal hea}t2] ,prOblem in West Virginia in con- junction with o~her organizations. The advantages of Avnerica~nism over Communism should be taught in the publ,ic school system, he said. Commander Jackson told the group how the ~n~ual caravan was s~arted in 1949 by Wi'Hard Braithwa~te, then the Commander of Post No. 60, Berkeley Springs. He said it was a colorful affair, growing 'l~rger each year, building good vi~li in t~he 10~h district. The 10th district is composed of 3,000 Legionnaires and 16 posts in Berkeley, Jefferson, Morgan, Har~pal~ire, ,Mdneral, Grant, Har- dy and Pe~leton coun~ties. The caravan started at 8:30 at Oharles Town ,travelling by Rein- nay and Fort Ashby con,tinuing to grow and arrived at Ridgeley at 11:30 a. m. 'More t'han a million dollars in damages were reported ,as a result of t~e floods. minister, l~chard lWanuel ,to l~ss "He t~ld of the need to strive ,for more members and esgecially Bernie DrlSh, both of Charles ~praised the Legion's Child Wel- Tow~. DIED:A~ Sandy "Hook, Md. Mrs. ~fare program, remarking that the Margueri~te Ann Roeder, wife of ~egion's goal is "A Square Deal A. H. l~eder; in Mlddleway t~s For Every.C.l~ild." ....... d co~mty, Mrs. Matilda "H. Kerns. ~ c~c~us'n'r?e, S~an;zat~.on Charles Tyson Butcher former- ' n ~ ' "'ve~ei~ ~ ?-~-k-the ly of this county then :prac~icing we are wor~ng narct better ~'o~ l~w in St. Pard ~#-Jnn. visited re- Amen can ~,egzot a . '~ , ' - iaf~ives here ' mumsy service orgartlZa~on.' ~h~'ve~l~f'a~hd,aT]e~s~andiB:~Wa~ `t~rl~igr~n~e~u~defdBnrgkf~e; M0~~ ~ilver Spring, Md. He was a bro-'rN Wardry thor o,f R~ber~ T, Brown for years ,,r~,~^- ^~'~^~ 'T ~.~e "~ ~n~h. n~. er~ Peachy ~ine Franc~s Kolb, C~o~'W L Wils ~ r ed to Feral Gerling Je.~t 'Mix Gene .... w on re,~u n "" -- ~-'- --d and J W F om i a ~nes,s, ~onzo ~ocK,a~ his h e n Charles Town from ........... G-no Hess re ~.~'-- -k.*^.~.a Wlhil~btill~L.UIl. iYII~*.V " r,~,, r ~r~,~.+ .... ~., of ,presen~e~ the Pos~ s American Le- ~his ,county died in l~ashville,, ~'~,o~,".~,~:~ ~'~g~,~) p~.~. ~ Ten =. ....... 1102-~loyd ~0berson Ernest Ro- ~onn u lvtc~'P~'e a mem,~er oi ] ' "" "ur "~l~" -- ": - " --town ~an Chester Piowden John Phfl- ~e 3 y ~ ~ ~ne,a d:(mn '~ , . ' ' . """ * .....~- ~'"-'~- ~" " in ltps and ~obert Cre~,mer, J~. Repre ,~l~,arlrlll~ . lflg(~ A; Pi .,t1.~;hzx~-~a sen~ag me rvs~ ~uxi..~ry o b =,,,~,.,,e, ....... ,~o ,~e,, ~ ,,s ,,v,,,~ were Mesdames~ C'hester Howden, near lvll(l@le~ay. Johrt Sands, Frank Wl,tMams, Is- nay Johnson and W~lliam Allen. SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS ADVOCATE THURSDAY, OCTOBER 22, 1959 5--B LEETOWN BUSY WORKERS I fleers taking over. The v~ce presi- 4-H GLUR HELD MEETING [dent Diane Collis took over the _____ [meeting in ~he al~en~e of the pros The Leetown Bu~y Workers 4-HI~der~t Buddy Ware. Club held ~heir mo~n~hiy meeting I Enrollment cards were turned in ~t ~he school ~hota~e Saturday ~ for the new year. ni~ht Oct. 3 a)t 7:30 new of- Kenna Friits, Reporter 24 hours w thou ret'fihng ! t[$S W0ttgl "4-Fll , . F'wel rick | PRESCRIPTION Tbe 's the secret of how WARM MORNING Coal Heater owners enjoy such solid comfort, with less coal burned. The patented 4-flue firebrick lining--- only on WARM MORNING heaters---burns off gas that ordinarily would be sent up the chimney in- @ Our large prescription stead d beinq turned into heat. It converts fresh volumepermits us to carry coal into glowing, slow-bumin9 cake. You bum lem ample stocks so that even you save money. the most complex pre- Come in and see our complete line todald Many scription is compounded model8 to choose from, heat kern one to six r ms. 1 I I I 1 I I .I i I ~j'- __ EASTERN WEST VIRGINIA'S .j~" $ _ MOST PROGRESSIVE. ] .. ~ ~" $ YOUNGEST, ..~ " $ ..._ I _ .,.,~"-YET FASTEST GROWING $ _ _~r D A Ikl [4" $ .... iFROM THE .... 1,_ NOTICE TO OUR both of Charles Town; in New York, Allen Thurm,a~ Phil,lips, son of S. Lee l~hi'llips of Charles Town to Miss Loret,ta Miller of New York. The Kearneysville Garage was sold by its, t proprietors, James S. By Miss Lillian Myers DaMey, C. W. Spiker and Tram- .------ mel~ Hollis to D. H. Tabler of W. M. S. Elects Officers Shepherd~town for the 'C~ nsiderat - I W~omens ~Iissionary Society of ion of $6,000. I the Baptist Church appoinlted the 40 YEARS----A--GO ~ 1919 ,following officers for 1959-60. pros iden~t, Mrs. Robert Blackford; vice DIED: At his home in Roanoke, Va. Richard Bowler, formerly of ,~his county. MARRIED:In Roanoke, Vs. by ,the Ray. Joseph H. Balthis, Ken neth O'Bryan, formerly o`f Charles Town to Miss Thelma D. Martin of Roanoke, 50 YEARS AGO -- 1909 W. M. Sumpton o Winchester, Va. leased a dairy barn near the PITTS CHARL WASHINGTON THEATRE RANSON, W. VA. Matinee Saturday & Sunday 3:00 P. M. Night 7:00 & 9:00 P. M. Children 25c - Adults 50c Wednesday and Thursday October 21 and 22 CINI[.N4AE~O~:~E COLOR b~t DK I-UX~" Starring CLIFTON WEBB JANE WYMAN Friday and Saturday October 23 and 24 DOUBLE THRILL SHOW! "~ as C1 PLUS-- Sunday - Monday - Tuesday October 25, 26 and 27 FINAL PAYMENTS On Your 1959 Christ- mas Clubs WILL BE DUE November 9th. ALSO DON'T FORGET the 1959.60 Vaca- tion Clubs Are in Full Swing and it is not too late to join one of the various kinds we" have. Fannie Hurst's Famous Story of Today's Tormented Genera- tion ! I Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Member Federal Reserve System Phone 587 Ranson, W. Va. Sunday Shows:--3 & 8 P. M. Wednesday and Thursday October 28 and 29 president, Mrs..Oscar Seal; secre- tary, Mrs. Oscar Seat; assistant secretary, Mrs. Gary Sager; treas- urer, 'Mrs. Abner V~hi,tmer; Stew- ,ardship, Miss Nan~ie l~leming and Miss IAllian Myers; Missions, Mrs. .Lewis Sager; Community Missions RVIrs. "Homer FerreM and Mrs. IleY Waller; ~IAter~ture, Mrs. Oscar ,Seal; Program, Mrs. Abner Whir- mar ,and Mrs. James Padgett; .Prayer League, Mrs. Frank Ben- nor and Mrs. Earl Chapman; Lad ies Aid, Mrs. Grover Thon~pson; G. A., Mrs. Homer Ferrell; Sun- beams, Mrs. II.ley werler. ~Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brown at ,tended the Maso~uic Convention ~n Wheeling, W. Vs. last week Mr. and Mrs. Claude Harries of ttagerstown visited their aunts Mrs. Robert Darr and Miss Mae ,Morris Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Paul ~lgin and Mrs. Wade Elgin of Los Angeles, Calt,f. were recent guests of Mrs. Walter Ronemous. (Mrs. Theodore Kingsbury and :Mrs. "Henry M. Walker of Hag- ue, Va. were weeke,ud guests of ,the .farters cousin Wfiss IAilian Myers. ~Ir. and Mrs. Wilmer Thompson ~and son (Michael of Charles Town spent Sunday with his sister and brother-in-4aw Mr. and Mrs. Char ies Brown. Mr. Wayne Wright has return- ed home xfter having been ,a pat- ',ien~t i~ Kings Daughter Hospital Martinsburg where he underwent .an operaViom His many friends ,are glad ,to know ,he is getting a- ,long nicely. Mr. and Mrs. Rffbert Cross and son Donald and Mrs. Walter Ron emous spe,u~ ~un'd*ay wit)h Mr. and tMrs. Vernon Cross in Washington. Meeting of P. T. A. The regu'lar vneeting of .the Jun (ition P. T. A. was held ~t .the school house on Tuesday, OctOber 13 with 13 members present. ~he devotional program was led 'by Mrs. "Har,~. "Henderson, using as her ,topic 'Loving As Ohrist Lov- ed". During the ,business meetS,rig a report ~as given by Mrs. Bernard Snyder thwt .the deed is being dramn up $or ,four lots on the sou~h side of Vhe school. Tt,As land ~being given by Mr. James W. Gra yes. ~his addi,tional land will en- large t~he school ground to twice its ,presen~ size. We are hoping .t~e s6hool board will complete plans ,`for i,mproveme~t of same in the near future. Mr. Melvin ,Bracker was so un- fortunate as to @11 from a ~ruck w, hile unloading boxes of alaples. He suffered a ba@ly di~locwted and torn ligaments in his left elbow and will be unable to work for sev oral weeks. Evergreen 4-H Club Welcomes New Members The Evergreen 4-H Olub wel- comed seven new members in its ,first meeting o`f the new club year October 5, 1959. The .new members were Johnson Everhart, ~ckuce Braithwalte, Steve Marshall, Oar- olyn Wet.zel, Mary Frances Cream er, Stephen Creamer ,and Betsy Hamilton. Mrs. Myers was pres- ent and discussed the projects and helped .point out lhO~W the members could have done better last year. Ky *Marshall @ave a talk and de- monstra`tlon on W. Va. trees. Ben Marshall ~ave a ,talk ~u Watt ~'~un. Paxton Marshal~ led ,the pro- gz~m w,ith ,the theme on ",How to get along be,~ter wibh ~amily and friends". IAnda Creamer, Kaye Buh~n and IAnda Hllliard a,~sis No Service Omrge .,..,, ted ~n ~,he program. Norma Kaye IHg VChetze~ led Vhe recreation. On Checking Accounts. I WIMCaL strlkesb-" 10ssoIraw The spealOng portion of the pro graxa was opened ~t the Ridgeley pos~ by Charles Frye, Ridgeley ,mayor vcho ~ave the wel,c~ming ad dress. He was introduced by `the ~post commander. Ir~trod~ced by Commander Jack so~% ~toastmaster were- Bonn Brown, El~ins. d e~)ar~nen~t com- .mander; Lincoln Cox, Kirby im- mediate ~)ast Deparbment com- mander and current department public relations chmrman; Tom- ,my Jones, Beckley, department ad ju.tar~t; Courtney Pratt, Moore- Jfield, distriot ehi,ld we}fare chair- ma~; Forre~t Groves, Gassaway, depa~me~t reh~tyi'li,ta~ion commit tee; Eugene Crutch~field, depart- merit service officer; Cass Collier direotor of West Virginia Depart- merit of Veterans Affairs: and &army Martin, Piedmont, district reh.a~li~tion chairman. All spoke brfiefly. promptly--and precisely as directed. You'll appre- ciate our skilled profes- sional service and fair prices. Try us new time! NICH0t5 & STUCK PHARMACISTS Phone 173 Charles Town, W. Va. SEE THE "400"! The Warm. Morninq Model .,cts $$7.50 "400" is a circulator heat- er thai ranks hiqh in ArJu~ ,i ;: , |A$'Y TERMSt MAYTAG SALES AND SERVICE PHONE 370 CHA tLES TOWN, W. VA. 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