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October 22, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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October 22, 1959

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-- , , ,,, ,,H ,, , _~ , , Mrs. G. W. Myers, 4-H Club Agen~ ATTEND CHtraCH SVNDAY SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS showLng movies of parliamentary i ' I )0rth enti0n The SP--IIt- -ADVOCAT . 4--A THURSDAY, OCTOBER PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY AFTERNOON IN CHARLES TOWN, W. VA ~ ~ ( . n~med by bhe presiden~t and the old and new project circulates were handed out. BY THE: JEFFERSON PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC.I BY Heaz7 W. Morrow It was decided bhat the Novem- TOP PBIZF IN FALL FESTIVAl PARADE IN BERRYVlI.LE, ALl. KIUBSCRIPTIONI DELIVERED IN THE STATI ARK SUlilJE~f TO 2% CONSUMIIRI/Of Labels and Progress lead to higher prices, resulting i,_~ ber meeting will be held at the SAL[S TAX. SUBSCRIPTION SaeO PER YKAR IN ADVANCE "- | Radica'l as it might seem to demands for hi~her wages which ho,me of Lee Viands. ! ................... __ , in turn resul,ted in a higher cost The meeting was adjourned and SPIRIT F...STABLISHED 1844 -- ADVOCATE ~ABLISHED 18S5 ~O~l~.~z~)l~t ;S~v~og~n{ femC~l~t ~)ofulsi~ygl'eAo~dth~us/egr~n:hres~il~" refreshments were served by bhe OMmNED MARCH ! 194e Inot be a good tJhing for the peo ...... 's~" P ., :.. hostess. ' mg in mgner wages resm~mg in St~k ple of the Urn,ted States to have a hi~er rices resul~i'n in hi her MAX BRe~W",. ~"-,VO, , collective a~0tack of amnesia-corn- ~ne P ~ ' t I g * g - FOX e OFFICE NORTH GEORGE ll~REILe'r !" ' _ ......... llete loss of memory-and a~ the .wag s; anu so on, seemmgly ao -- TEI...I~PHONE zzz ,same time be denied for a solid 1,nnm,cum. .... eek access aii news Normally. one might think that H0m On J0hn Brown; SERVING JEFFERSON COUNTY FOR ~4 Y[ARS AND READ B~ MORE ions. Fantastic and impossible as~n Admlnistration confron,ted ~HAN 20.OO0 PEOPLE ~'VERV WEEK. ~his suggestion is it is offered with such a d,ilemna would eager- .........- --- here., for the se of ad,oc ly eon.olude tha while "economic. Script Being Written ENTKRED AS eICOND CLASS MAI"rER AT THE POSTOFFICIK IN CHARLES TOWN, ~0ti,ng su~h a thing, but for the freedom" had a nice sounding w. vA.. UNOK~ v.z Ac-r o~ MARCH 3, sate. purpose of pointing up tha~ bhe ring to it and seemed to be a won generalized and ill-axi,v~sed slo- derful 0hing to balk about, a~t t'he Wes~t Virginia's Governor CecAl WEEKLY NEV/PAPER RKPRKKNTATIVES, INC. ~ans of yesterday coupled wi~h the, same time it was capable of pro- H. Underwood in speaking at bhe ~H]'ingness to let ot,hers, no,tubly duciag disastrous in t:he:Centennial Observance of the NEW YORK CHICAGO ATLANTA DETROIT tO ANGELES ~merr~bers of bhe press and com-form of industrial unrest and in- John Brown Ra~d Sa:turday in Her tmen,txtors, do our thinking for us flation, bobh of vchiCh were and pets Ferry, announced bhat a four MEMBER OF THE !greatly curtal,Is our freedo~ of are undesirable. But being hide- million dollar movie "JOhn NATIONAl. |DITORIAI, 'a~tion in coping with the prob- bound to The wisdom of the doc- Brow,~'s Body" will be 'produced ,less of today. In a world where ~trine of a "free economy" the Ad soon and t?nere's a possibility that virtually everFbhkng has become ministration could not forsake it some of .the scenes wi,ll be shot at rei'~tive Americans show a declin- since to do so would be to break I~aroers Ferry. ~n,g abili~ty to think relatively. We fa,i~th wibh its promise. Governor Underwood said he 'have become a na~tdon enslaved by Irt is at this poin~t tha,t the need had been informed by officials of Twentieth Century Fox Studios to $1oose words and loose phrases,for ,national amnesia becomes film a movie on the famous poem Thursday, October 22, 1959 I"Freedm".. is a good word', "sou- most apparent. For the present Ad of Stephen Vincent Benet. C~ov- aahsm" ]s a bad word; a "control- ministration cannot forget that led economy" is a bad phrase; a HARI)I:R I:I:RRV t'I:MTFMMIA! i"free economy" is a good l~rase. III~IIHI n-IR~]~ Ih.llli ~L'II/L'Ilitlfl5 ~ rr n e cu e ~ steel strike serves - ~ ------ I as an excellen~t example of how ~lis loose use of words and lan The good people of Harpers Ferry, responsible for the " ' - gauge oan ge~ us into trouble. Centennial Observance there last week, deserve a rousmg Mr Eisen hower took office L and thumping vote of thanks and, without reservation, we in 1953 he was loudly applauded en o em re re when he announced that wage make a motion that it be giv t th . a confident ' and price controls hampered the . that such a motion, were there a forum on which it ould __" . '. '_ 11 gro~n oz a iree economy ana be forma y tendered, would carry by unammous consent, trot he was bherefore in favor of No single incident in the 158 year old history of Jeffer- '~removtng any such controls. Thus son County has ever surpassed it from an attendance stand- the President. was converting an elec~on promise m~o an Adm~ms point. Up until last week the 1951 Jefferson County Sesqui- tration Hc ' ' - Centennial held the record in both attendance and color. B: + *APSe mnistration and There may be those who will debate which oi the two events seerr n l'y, The peop le---had- a,ll was the more colorful, but since attraction by the public is but lost of bhe fact that in itself evidence of color our friends in Harpers Ferry will this doctrine of ".economic free Z have a convincing argument on their side. And what makes p llaeSP e nS ngemr S% UCne e the feat all the more notable is the fact that the whole plishmen of another loosely phras thing grew almost exclusively out of the planning, work ed goa,1 caHed.~'r.educt~n of the and effort of a relatively small group of Harpers Ferry i mg4"2,**2oo alno people. To be sure, history and geography gave them a " orlc war 1I for twen~ty years i:t bitterly oppos- ernor Underwood also shafted he h xd wired Buddy Adler, product- ed every fovm of "con~trol" on the ion chief for the film studio, in- ground it was sociaHstAc, and re, any of the more devou,t Repub- TiLing ~him ,to send production un- licans would sooner die than ad- its to West Virginia and also sug- gesting thalt the world premiere sic t,ha bhe evils of a com,pletely ~hould be in Harpers Ferry upon ~freeof a econOmYcontroHedOutweig~eco,nomy.the evils t)he film's co'rePletion. If Amerivans could learn to An advan~ce scoat of t;he Holly- ~)hink of things as bhey really are wood studios, Hal Mar,s;haH, was in Harpers Ferry during the four- instead of resorting to lame, ab- flay cen, tennia,1 observance compil street phrases thwt are contusing ing a detailed repol~t on events and misleading many of our prob lems wou~ld be resolved. To pin the t, here. label of "socialisbie" on a given Adler informed the West Vir- program, to assert trh~t a given gi.n,ia C~overnor ~ha, immediately program cuv~aHs and restricts upon corn,pie*Lion of ,the film's "freedom" a~d advoca~tes "con- script, plans will be made for eith- ~trol,s", is to condem bhe program er locwtion shooting at Harpers as being "un-American" w~it~hou:t Ferry or for film,ing on bhe WeSt ever giving such a program a chan Coast. ce for fair judgement in terms of Adler has produced such screen Whet)her it is good or bad. I.f Am- hi,ts as "From Here to Eternity", erica is going to move a~head in and "South Pacific." bhe future as it has in the past it Joe N~anskwiescz is writing must free i tsel from the stigma ~cript. He won Academy Awards Of labels bh,wt sound good enoug~h, for his screen~plays of "A Leititer good setting, but they i ook the history and the setting economy and the then current but are, when weiKhed by a far to Three Wives" aad "AH About and made the most of . Korean War economy, it was rid- more rel,iwble set of scales, wor- Eve." Members of the Color Guard and Firing Squad of the Charles Town Veterans of Post No. 3522 were selected as being the best marching unit in the Fall Festival in BerryviHe, Va., recently The VFW unit competed with 49 other organizations in the unit division and came off with the $50 first prize. The local unit was organized in 1951 then has participated in numerous parades and military funerals The squad is c( n~ Past Post Commander William Whittiggton. The next formation for the unit will be for eran's Day parade to be staged i~ Brunswick, Md., Nov embe____rr 8th.____L~ m ;Some of the most ou~t~oand4n.g ~ i~ m i artusical ta, len in the eoma~mity,, DIEMTV /~r ~rt~h C ITED1 ,lld ~i'll be fea~tured. Those singing on .'[LLIII/ ~l t~JUV L IILlll illllVl !the program wil,l ineiude: Mrs. I AIICM grid VflllM = 'AMh fl/It Joh,,-x Po~ter Burns, Mrs. Jane Sny ll~ll~lllJ :IVll /VUI~It,II HIll/ V'I,,I/ tier, Miss Duma Lee ShuH and the Kratz Brothers. 221e,ir accompan- ists will be Mrs. ~lonzo Peters and Mr. Bobby W2mrton. The Charles Town Senior High School wil;1 be represented with a ffort at Harners Ferry hs.~ civ~n ~11 ~f ,u ~ fsnctlhl,~ iculous to hold out the promise ,thy of serious cons idera:t~on. U,nfor drill by their N~ajorettes and two --"- ": ;...:-~ -~ ""T" e,-, .......... f" :"~.'~'~" of a free economy a.d a~ the same tuna~te]y, America thanking h,as be Kiwanians Hear About num~ played by t~eir orchestra lesson In wna~ ~nls newspaper nas long suggesCe~ mlgfl~ ~ime hold o~ the promise of a come so sloppy and lazy tha~t we "The Sta~lig~,ts". be our major untapped resource and industry: The tourist reduction in the cost of diving. Re judge l~hings by labels and not by Service Newspapers. anedley of p~triotic music Several business. Americans love history and scenery, and West moral of con,~rols was bound_to meri~t. ,Mrs. Alonzo Peters will play a Virginia, particularly this area, is blessed with both.- --- . obher fine numbers, including a Harpers Ferry has shown us we can use these assets ford I-IAPP~NIINI~.~ IW And Magazines wi'l,lquarte'bte and other types of musicalSo be heard. TO BE 'STA'GED,, our economic advancement and for the cultural advance-I ....................... Children from the Walrave,n sent of others. It's up to us to put the lesson to work! J H Kiwanis'MemberSClubf mee~ingthe CharleSfor Townt4aeir eral~SChlnu.mbers, of DanceTinyWill li~tlePresen'tM~ssesSeV MONDAY AND TUESDAY, OCTOBER 26 N[W PRBDENTS II By Mrs. Clarence Smallwood Phone 20-F-024. regular weekly dinner program Julia Doff, Bwtricia Mangrum will T ~]ff J 1 TT" 11 ~'~ ] 1 & Thursday eve~ning a~t the Thomas d'ance a cu~te nursery rhyme; Miss in ivlarHnsDtlrg lllg'n ; CIIOOI At Jefferson Hotel, heard an interest es Debb~e and Mickie Morris will __ ir~g talk on the functions and op dance a ba;p ,routine, "Goody CURTAIN TIME 8:15 P. M. Within the past two weeks both West Virginia University, ~Church News e~ally to ,bake time out to hun, t. He er~tions of magazines and news- Goody"; Miss S~san Mag~ha, a at Morgantown, and The University of Virginia, at Chal"- ,Mr. Herbert ibbs.of Smnmit !r ur' ed Sund Y ,uMe S" lrar anCme" p pers published for the men of modern jazz, "Golly-Golly Wal,a- TICKETS AVAILABLE IN CHARLES .... , a ........ ~"~ ........... the nation's armed forces given by 'boo" and Miss Nancy Lu~tz a hard AT SWIMLEY'S FURNITURE STORE. u r t new resl e Th s Point was gues~ speaker ~una y lottesvllle, have lna gu aed p d ats. e event , I ..... ,^^~.~ ..*. .... ~ v.~ r~ On Monday and Tuesday Mr Hu-William McDonald publicity dir- ,~oe ro~xtine to "TWinkle Toes" nlg,~z,~ ~ ~v ,o~ ~,,,,,,,. -.. --~ - " 'nkle each occurmg w~th]n a few days of the other, are of more [-leasing and i~.eres;~ng manner i whes and Mzss I~orc~bhy He tutor for Shena,ndoa'h Downs, as The musical will be open to the Admission f-,- aa,,te~ than passmg mterest here. There are hteral]y hundreds in l~he speaker held the congregat- i ~J~s;st~nt teacher wttended S. & A. a fewture of the ch|b's observance public wiChout admissions, bu,t an th sub ect of meeting m Mavtansb~rg of National Newspaper Week. offering wH,l be taken up at inter- Chila., . an this area who have attended one or the other of these uni- lion's ,af0ten~on (~ e ' J I .. " in ", '~ ~-~, i'h ~M, ax Brown, general managerm~ssmn;' " 2ae proceeds to be used ~ ..... .~. ~w ~t~.Hvo. ....... s" ~lman aaercer spen,~ ~'nuay w b vers}tms, and fortunately for both the ~chool and 1;he md~-] T~ae^P[a]~hets . ~ ~ ,.^,~.... I,her s~aool friend Ro~anne Clipp. ,of the Spirit of Jefferson-Advoca,te 'to help finance bhe el,u'bs many kllh'lPILIthllhP ,I i~kltY ~1 Ii1~ .LII~ 1~1 J-YJ-. JL* j1 * I0 IJ~IJ$*~J[J*IJL~ ~i~ ' , . , v]dual the school ties have not been severed by gradua-IH l'lowe'en Social in t~he Church Carolyn Cloud of The Rocks ws~- who arranged bhe program also wo~thvchile projects. I,t is hoped MAhii Uh I.IUR3 t, LUD ..... ' . ted several days w,ith her's~hoo'l- tlon oI termination of student status. In addition, ]f the [brasemen~t on Friday mght. Octo- , ........... introduced Mr. McDonald, a for- t~a~t a large audience will be in ....... , . ,. past is any indication of what the future will be, many of/ber 30Vh. An invi~tation is extead- m,~e but v:l!le,.q ~usn oi 2~.von ~a'le mer newsl~perman who has in: aXtendance. BBI our children of today will be attending one or the other'ed to reg']l~ar merr~bers and pr(~s" On S~turday af,ternoon at 4:30editorialthe past been associated wit)h t;hestaffs of several of the ..... DEL of these institutions in the years ahead; therefore, interest IoP ' it v jm, g a rStbme fse e nhg p eS Mt~sT?n~nann;~Mei?:rf~indeda[he Armed Forces publications. in the ftrture of eacl transcends the leve| of pure curiosity. Ined. " trine Young, au hter ,of ,Mz'. and In his remarks McDonald slat- U X E In the immediate past each school has had the benefitI On Thursday n~ght November Mrs. Arohie Srni,tha, Ransom The ed that any service ma,.n while in of excellent leadership, At Morgantown, Dr. Irvin Stewartl Tu tohee ai ln ealheHl inVl heaS tchuBrec ~.~alWu~C:r ewnd~dibYthR:VEpSi~y ~he Armed Forces is in'terested in I i1 I~ ~T i four thin,gs pay, promotion, re,tire =1 I Jl~ was truly outstanding. A measure of lus true greatness can I~asement beginni,.ng at 5'30 spon- OhurCh witch Mr. James Baker of men t with pay and fringe benefits be gleaned from his voluntary act of stepping down from I sored by the Chur0h community. ~i'rmont, W. Va. and Mrs. Agnes such as hospitaliza~tion and med~- i i i the presidency in order that a younger man might be all, ~Mr. and Mrs. C. D. (Bill) Mer- Smi~t)h Lisies of Sarasota, Florida ca1 benefits. And he said any sag the helm for the entire period of the University's longl er nd eUrd h ers M rrY as g paren . ........ azine or newspaver published for , .......... ~ ................................. the benefit of the men i:~ the na,t- ELECTRIC RANGE range program. Fortunately for the Un]vermty he will mas Mercer a~tended a birbhdav w.f,h hi~ f~:m~]v ~:t. "RPt.h~nv lx~rrn ion's Armed Forces fe~0t~res facts .... ~ ~ ................ - ....' .... ------- and figures on t'hese things. He remain as a faculty member. This incident demonstrates ~nner ~honoring Mrs. Mercer~s Mr. W~ll~iam HH1, U. S. Merchan,t said the service papers publish his complete unselfishness and lack of vanity, lanother, Mrs. Wm. Hough at her lV~arine reported for duty a~t Mar- fae~s pevtinen~ to all bills pa~sed The University of Virginia, too, has had a distinguished'hme i,a Buker~on. Those present cus Point, Mass. on Tuesday. by the Uni,ted States congress .~ ,for the occasion were Mr. and ,Mr. Joshua Cli~p entered the whiOa in any way effect the ser- leader at the helm these past few years, a man who has Mrs. Wlll,ia~ Hough, Mrs. James Memorial Hospibal, Winchester ~i,ce man. He said these news- papers and magazines ana,lyze such legislation a,~d tell in stories in these newspapers just what the men in the Armed Forces can ex- from them in bhe way of ben tilts. ,McDonald said the Army, Navy and Air Force RegLster is one of !~he newest magazi,nes p~blished~ for ,the benefit of ~the Armed For- ~ces. He ~urther stated ~tha~t ,fine combined .circulation of aH service magazines runs albout 600,000. Kiwa,.nian Willqam Padfield of Glen Burnie, Md. was a guest of Kiwanian Ed Heckman at this meeting. Sandr amed Prestdent Potomac Pioneers 4-11 Club The meeting of the Potomac Pio neers 4~H Club of Shepherdstown was held at the home of Carolyn SURFACE SUPERSPEED Surface Cooking "1 acted with dignity and aplomb during a difficult time. IAlla, sons J ay and Vince, Mr. and Colgate Darden, Jr., has served the University of Virginia Mrs. Cornelius Mercer. four dau- g~n~ers, Mrs. Thomas Mercer, Mr. and the cause of education well. i~nd Mi~s. Curl Shenk and h~s mo- The new presidents Dr. Elvis Stahr, Jr., at Morgan- ther Mrs. Shenk, Mrs. Margaret town, and Dr. Edgar F. Shannon at Charlottesville I Hou~h. assume their new duties when higher education is at el_ Mr. El,mer D~l:Iow ~f Dry Bridge T acher shorta,,e class ro-, re'arm unaer vne pnyslcmns care ........ :---~y'---.*--~. -;% , , e, , " "7 ..... "?.~'~.~' I due to an infection of bhe ]o~er money shortage all comolne en(mnger every pnase eau-[ria at arm. Their youngest daugh- cation. But West Virginians and Virginians can gain a er. Betty Dillow was a tonsilec- measure of solace in the knowledge that each University p tLerrt F .day !n Char.: has an able man to cope with the problems now wi h and the problems of the future. Surnday isitors Wi.Vh Mrs. Fen- ............ I',ton Brown were her son-in-lam land daugl~ter Mr. and Ms. Clar- I#lll_~Jh I~ lllL'l ~ I~1~1~ ~IR P [ence l~iller, daughters Pearl a,nd Ilirll ~ Inrl rill/IM ~ itMartha, slant son, David Allen, w~umvw ~ uumm , -,,B~mm ~m, ~ i,seven weeks old. Ti~is is his '~rst ' I visi,t wi~vh his grandmother. [ IMrs. CHic Zombro was a Sun- THE BIBLE AND YOU loped. T,t burned for forty tense ~ay ~ternoon visit, or a~ the home ~t is p(x~le 1~at Ntktl~a I~hrus hoa~rs and then Edison stepped up of her brot~aer Mr. Henry Clipp hchev has hoard of Horace Greei ~e voEa~e uracil the bulb com- and f~mily, o ey. We hope ,tha~ Mr. Khrusl~hev pleted l~s career in a blaze of Going by bus to Buc~,annon, va. is ~01so a~,are of a bit of Mr. Greel ~lory. }ast ~turday Mrs. Elmer Roderick ey'~ Philosophy: "It ls impos~ilaleI Edis~.~'s inven~tion of a practical visited wi~'h her s(m-tn-taw and o ment~ally or soci~ly enslave a'.~aeandescea~ electric hght was da~g%ter Rev. and Mrs. H. H. ~ible-reading people The prin- the opening wedge for the develop ~rnibh. She returned on Monday Va. on Wednesday of last week for x-rays and tests rem~a2n~ng bhere until Saturday. He was ac- compan,ied by his~ son, Mr. Basil C~i~pp ~f Alexandria, Va. aad by ~Mrs. JoShua Clipp. B,aail spen,t Tue sday and Wednesday ~t bhe home of his brot~her-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Bush, Avon Dale Farm. ~aM1 spent part of his visit hun~ting. ~undiay ~tern~on visitors wi,t,h Mrs. Joseph Mercer were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cl~pp, their daugh- ~ter Mrs. Sam a,:xd bhe lat- ters son John J. of Ranson. Recent visitors at Avon Dale. the home of Mr. and Mrs H. O. Bus'h, were Mr and Mrs. Fred Nelson of Winchester, Va. who al so vlMted Width their grandson Pot gie Nelson. PoiChard Rowland reports that ~his aunt Mrs. Wm. Smith, locally know,.n as ",Miss I_~ttie" who re- sides in this vicimty for a number of years is cri~tically ill at her home in Charles Town. Mrs. Bill Costello is s~taying with her. Rev. S. F. B~tcher called on Mr. ciples of the Bible are the ground t men~ of today's grea~ electric POW ac~om~panying Mrs. Svni~h and Edgar Roderick a patien~t in N. and Sandra Osbourn on Priday, ~ork of hmlmn freedom." er industry. ,three sons Harrison, Dale and Ky D. Baker Vet. Hospital1 on Sun- Oct. 16. The nineteen%h ,annual obser- A,t~ter the succesMul e:~perimen~t le who will rerr~in ,for a visit Rev. day a~ternoon. The newly elected officers are" wrme of N~ti(xn~l Bi,I/le Week wll~ i ~......~. ..... ~ Smith is on ~he teaching staff inSonny Bush carried off honorsPresiden,t-,Sandra Osbourn" vice" ............. 9 ~cl son was asked ~wu,~ ~,~ ~,,~ ~ttehunnoa for this term. Su,nday afternoon at the Eastern president N~ary Lee Lemen: secre- tDe Irom Oc~YDer 'l~J l~O ~D, J.~D. mh~ +,h.~= f... +~ w~t- ,~u h~ Cost of the ne~v Izffht. He was quo- Word has been received from Palrhandle Saddle Club rodeo tary Carolyn Osbourn; Treasurer ,,~ mh~. o.~ v.. ,, ' ted as saying: After ,the electric [Mrs. Charles W. Newco~nb tha~ w~nere he won two blue r~bbons on Elizabeth Martz; reporter, Suellen "I~~ E~"Hum"~hr~ev"'Jr chairman llg~l~t goes into general use, none l~aer husband S~t. Charles New- bhe pick-up ride contest where he Headlee; Game leaders, ,Susan ..~ ~o L~.ord '~.~n -~es Rub bttt the ext~vagan, t will burn tel-ieomb v~ho has been s,ta~tioned in broke the record in speed and the Stanley and Douglas Currier; Warner Robins Airforce Base has calf fade contest H~s show ho~ ~er Con~peny is the n'~tion~l chair I " ' ' ' ..... ~ ' ' '-Song leaders, Darlene Lemen, Peg nlan for r~his year's Bible Week ob *Well w~at k~ad of prophet was I been transferred to California for se Tom was injured in one leg by gy Currier and Bonnie Butler. set.canoe, In l~is st~temer~t on the ~x~lson~? F~dison's radio training. In February he 'being a~btacked by a male hog. A The club has as their leaders Bet= ' , oNganal custom ~il.1 be stationed i,.n Cheyenne, Wy loca~l veterinarian was called in ty Albin and Page Wright Mrs Week, Mr. H~mPhrey said, "There ers l~ld abo~t 25 cents a kilo-'om~ng where Mrs. Newcomb and a,nd reports t:he horse Will be in Thomas Bu'tler, Mrs. William Lem ~s no be0ter guide, no better set .vcatt~hour for kheir service-in-958 the answer for ,as in4ividueL% as ~aome had gone down to 2.53 cents society and as a world 8ema, cho just t~bottt one-tenSe ol the price dng for the ,ru,th." ~ the start of ~he induStry. As pre ! , . Na$iorml Bible Week is sponsor- ~l~ted by Edison, "none but the ed by the Laymen's NWtiorml Corn e~tra~a~artt" are burning tallow mi,ttee, Inc. of New York, an in- ~a~a