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Charles Town, West Virginia
October 15, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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October 15, 1959

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Harry Barker who has been scouted by several major and or league baseball scouts, has sig ned a con.tract wi~h t~he A~hletics ;; :and will repor~ ~to ~vIou,l,trie, Ga. around April 1St .to ,begin train- ~ng; ~Melv~n "Wim,py" Zombro for mer Charles Town H~g~ Sohool ~basebal.l s~ar and member of ,the C%arles Town American Legion baseball club for 1949 who last Week signed a contract with ~he lwte Mrs. Whit~ting, ton of Charles Town. 20 YEARS AGO --- 1939 ,M~ss Ru~ Amelia Poston of 'Sumi,t Poin~t was ~narried in W~n- chester, Va. ,to Mr. Edward Keith ~~onnington, Jr. of Newark, N. J. James W. ~il~ton of Charles Town brought the Corm of ,Mrs. Floyd E. Sw~mley c~n,~ainin'g 76 acres, '1Dealed on ~the Summi,t I Mostly Young Cows due to calve Jan- uary- March. A Few BI LLS and 4O T. B. and Bangs Tested. The Best Chance to Buy Those Angus Cows this fall. Point road we~ of Charles Town Ior $8bOO. J. W. Cain purch, ased the Duf- fields elevator propersy '~rom ~t4~e ~aKer Feea ana ~raan CO" New anmtmn ~o the oersonnel at one Lee~own ~'lsh Hatchery in- cluaed Mrs. Ned ,Hall, B,arle~t I-I. ,ziazen and ~loyd (.L ]SryanL DI~D:.~t~ has place oi employ- menS,~ w~n t,ne ]~. ~ O. I~nroad Co. m ~runswac~, Md. He~J0er~ E. ~enjamm of Harpers Ferry; a:t (her home in Camcnue, Ireland, M,~ss "M'a~Hda HOld, ins, aun,t o,I John an, d M~ss Minnie I=topkins tormer residenes o,f Charles Town; ~ t~e home of her son in Engle, ,Mrs. Jenhae ,Mi,~ohefl, li,Ielong rest- cte~zt of ~rte co un'ty. Trm Rev. Frani~ A. Tyler and Vhe leer. W. H. ~es, former pas- Cots of 'the local ,Method,ist Ghur- ca re~ired lrom ,the nunistry. 30 YEARS~ -- 1929 The Board of Directors of the Charles Town and Summit Point Braiding and Loan AssocAabion a~t a recer~t meeting ordered that a New Series of the As socia,tion be s~arted during ~the coming winter. The ~ollowing l~s~ o~ ;business me~ will conduct the assoeia~t~on: Eddy B. Reed, Presider~t; Dr. J. J. Pitt- man, Vice president; Clay$on L. H~ines, Secy.-Treas.; and the fo~- lowing direotors; Hon. Frank B. Robinson, B. H. l~idd,l~berger, H. P. Whi~tmore, C. E. Mi'ley, Jas. A. Smith, C. P. Weller and W. F. Alexander. DIED:-At his hoene in ~Harpem Ferry, Charles ~I. Hack'ley; ~t his ~home i.'1 Charles Town, Lain`beet ~lVason, re,tired business man; ~ his home near Boyce, Va. Frank- ~l~in P~erce Cols~n, DO, iSlanding ~i,t izen o~ Clarke Couney; a~t her home near Bakerton, Mrs. Geor- gia Trundle, wi,fe of Gem T. Trun rile, Sr.; '~t his home in Hagers- town, Vernon .N .,Simons. son o.f ehe l~te Dr. J. V. and Mrs. Har- riet~ N~ll ~immons of Charles Town. Charles Wageler of ~M~Hvil'le, was killed ~hen he .grasped a charged :wire a,t ~t~he ~aflrd,ard IAme & ~tone Co. where he was employed ~or over 20 years. H. W. S. Whi~e, president of S~hepherd Col'lege was elected Dis- ~tric~t Governor of the 'Wes~ Virgin la Kiwanis Club. 50 YEARS AGO -- 1909 R. F. Wl~e who had operated a photogv~p~ bus~ness in Charles Town for 18 mon~ths, sold ou~ ~o ~. H. Pe'armon of Culoeper Coun- 'ty, Va. Low w,~ter i~ the Shenandoah River reduced e]evtrie p~wer de- veloped wt Vhe power house near ~Mil.lvil,le enough to cripple indus- ~tries ~n Charles Town and W~n- Chester. MARRIED:- In Youngsown, ,Ohio, by ~the Roy. Charles Hilman ~Frank D. Hambly of Toronto. Can uda ~to Miss N~n,a Woodward, for- merly of Sum~mi~t Peanut, ~his coun ~y; in Ohr~st C~hurch, A~exsmdrlu, Va. ,by t~e Rev. Arthur S. Lloyd, Roy. Edmund Pend,leton I)andrid ge a n a~tive of ~his county ,to M~ss ~M~ary Ro'bertson Lloyd, eldest dau ~hter of the officl~ting minister ~t ,t~e bride's home ~n ~hurles 'L. and Mrs. ,M, ary E. Htmter. Seoref is Henry A. Bu~ton. a Ob:'arles : Town jeweler WraS shot wi%h tra,p revoWer he had set for burglars. d-Flue firebrick "400" is a circulator n er that ranks hiqn in populafityl ' "4-Flue Firebrick" There's the secret of how WARM MORNING Coal Heater owners enjOy such solid comfort, with les coal burned. The patented 4-flue ,firebrick lininq--- h e, -b n.s gas y on ,~ ~-- sent uu me chimney m- that ordinarily wom heat'It converts fresh stead f bern turnea zn~ o " g - - ,-umina coke. You bum less coal into glowing, smw' co l, you save money, complete line todoy! Many Come in and see our heat from one to six rooms, models to choose from, SEE THE ,'400"! T_ho Warm Morning Models, aa,Pl"c's $ heat- At jus EASY TERMS1 PAY LAT|R! Vehea,t "~as quo~d i,n ]~l~timore ~t $1.25 a bus~e'l. The Bushbey farm of 403 acres one mile north of Midd'leway .and ~wned by D. F. S'hoemaker was s01:d to G. Mi,l~ton Lamon of Ber- keley Coun~ty wt $20 an a_._. ere. Foam rubber articles should be aired ~reque~ly In a breeze out of direc sunlight. This will help keep the rub`ber oderless. It's time to get your pm.perty ,nsurance m shape, tool Fall and winter are coming along, and you should have complete protection against the added hazards they bring. We'll be glad to give you all the insurance help and advice you need. Give us a call this week. , .... NO SERVICE Represenffngih@ P MAYTAG SALES " ' Hartford Fire HO ' CHARLES tOWN, W. VA. NE 370 . ., ~ . Insurance CompanY o,,,,,e Headquarters I oz Group (Make Our Store Vour int'er Seasons.) .. the Coming Fall* .... I :Newspapers Best Medium Reaching Working Women .More than twenty-two million working women, including 12,- 000,000 housewives-a majority of whom are in upper income families, represent to advertis- ers la huge new buying force that can best be reached thro- ugh the newspapers, states the Bureau of Advertising ANPA. The Bureau points out that the number of employed housewives was 33% greater in 1957 than in 1951. Besides working house- wives, the female labor force al- so includes approximately 5,- 000,OO0 women who are widow- ed, divorced or separated and more than 5,000,000 single worn on. In evaluating media that reached this market, the Bureau notes that surveys indicate working women, alternating be- tween office work and house- work, have little time for night- time television. And daytime TV naturally, misses the best major ity of the female labor force. Home Of Jams Ballenget Family flit By Floods In Stillwater, 0kla. Al,though ,to mos people in his seet4on of the country lithe ~f]oods and disaster ~hich ,~t ~t~'l:lwater, Okl'Who~na on Friday, Oct. 2, hit close ~o ,home as Mr. ,and ~Irs. Raymon Ballenger of Bunker H~ill had a son, daug~er-in-,l'a~w ~and grandchildren caugt~t vig~h~ in the middle of ~he dis a~er. Bu, b ~fortun- ~tely i'll of ~ffhese came hrough the flood swfe and well bu their ~rwHer .home was d~maged by the high waters. A~cording ~ newspaper clip- pangs vchac~h ,Mr. and ~Mrs. Balle~- ger received from their son, James more ,t~imn a foot, of ,water was rushing ,t~hrough the Bailenger tr, ailer a,t ,the heig,h't, of-, the flood. And ~mong ~he many :flood plc- ~ures carried in a ewe-page spread of the Stil,lwa,ter News Press are ~t;W,O whiL0h were ~taken at ,t)he Bal- longer ,trailer home loci,ted in Ed- gewater :Manor Trailer Park. One o,f ~t~he tplc%ures ~hows ~Vir. BaHenger schu~Vting off f0he gas a,t his home which ,was ~looded wi~h nearly a foot of water as the re- sul,~ of the deluge of 7.4 inches of rain vehiCh ~ell on Stallwwter wi,th- in a 24,hour period. The other Oioture shows Mr. BaHenger lifi~ng a baby buggy and ~hair ,to a s~fer he~Jgh$ in the :g~r~ age ,~t his home as a ,foot of water gushed 'through ~he garage. ;More than a Lmillion dollars in damages,,,were reported :as a result of .the floods. Pet. Stewart Wharton, Jr. l Completes Marine Course Ca r~p LeJeune, N. C. (YTITNC) Scheduled ~o grad,~a,te October 20 ,from the six-week Atttomotive Pre ver~tive M.aintenance Course at Can~p Lejeune, N. C. is M, arane P~t. S~ewart B. Wharton, Jr. son of Mr. :and .Mrs. S. B. Wharton of Cook ,Street, l~anson, W. Va. Before enlisting in ~'arO], 1959, he graduated from Charles Town Hdg.h School. The course is setup ~to ~ain en- l,isted men ,as rpreven~ive mainten- ance meOh, anics ~for !Marine Corps Motor Transport equi,pmenL Former Oa`ban ~ir Force head admitted by U. S. Argenine fina~ciM circles feat heW crisis. I SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON F aMZaS ADVOCATE THURSDAY, OCIOBER 15, 1959 5---I] I The new Raxnbler Au~tomobi]es ~or '60 are now o,u display a Am- brose l~a~r~bler in R~nson and the oroprie~rs e~tend to everyone a ,mos~ cordial invSts~ti,on~ to visi~t their s~how rooms and see the new ~am`blers for 1969. Am`brose l~umb Ller heads said today ,that i,t is their feel~ing th'a~ the 1960 RLambler re- ,presents, for the buying~ public, ,l~he Iinest domestic ear of .i,ts type bmng produced today. "It is our :belief th@t for 1960 ~he Rumbler dollar will represen~t a bigger dol- lar to the customer," they added. See the new Rarn~bler for '60 ~t 2~m~brase ia l~anson tod~y. Jerry nor Roll At0klahoma State Jerry Wilson, son of Mr. and ,Mrs. ~V~arshall W~]son Sr., of Lee- own, now a studen~ at Okl~a- ,homa ,S~ate University, ~tillwaeer, Okl~a. ,is a,mong ~the list o,f honor students of the c~l'lege of veter- inary medicknes and arts and sci- ences of ehe sehool, i,t was learned here last week. Aecording to the last relea,sed by Glenn C. Holm, dean of ,the college o~ veterinary medioine, young Wilson was one of about 55 students majoring in ~th~t ~field ~,o ,make the honor roll. W~Ison, former Star athlete at C~tarles Town Hlgh School, a,tteetd ed Potomac S~te College, Keyser `before going to ,the Oklahoma school. Seam Roebuck repores sharp gains in sables. If You Want Results Use Spirit-Advocate Classifieds! "i!iiF:; ::: :: i~iii? C~i/:ii:" ================================= :!}~ iii}!iiiil, ii ( " : ::!~:!:i:~:: ....... :~?~{{!i!~i!i}!!i~i~iiiii~i!i!i:~:ii:i"~"~:"~::i :~!?~i:" ::::: ::::: :~ii~!;:;:::.:_ ~:i:(::~:' .... . .................. ' : % ;i !/:~:i!. ~:.. ~iii:ii~: !fiiiiiiiii!!iiii{i!/iiiiiiifi}iii[iiiiiii}iiii}ili!i::::~::.~!!!ff!@i!i~:%:~ii~ ~f:i~i~r~ ...... ~ii:ii~!:~ ..... ......... ~; :',~il :~ ~i:~i!~ : "::i:i~: From a purr to a roar, smooth listening is yours at all times with Sonotone's latest hearing-seeing duet -- a slim-irim eyeglass hearing aid. 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