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Charles Town, West Virginia
October 15, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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October 15, 1959

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PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY AFTERNOON IN CHARLF.:8 TOWN, W. VA BY THE JEFFERSON PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC. ALL SUBRCRIVFiONE DELIVERED IN THE STATE ARE SUBJECT 3"O Z~ CONIUMmrRE aALE01 TAX. BUBECRIPTION ~I:~.BO PER YEAR IN ADVANCE. l, Thursday, October 15, 1959 "YOUR NEWSPAPEPr-FREEDOM'S TEXTBOOK" # way of life. The weekly newspaper has become the billboard of prac- tically every program that develops in the community. Its force is put behind every campaign for the betterment of education, health, support of democratic government and betterment of the moral standards of the country. Its readers are individuals and not just a group representing "X" num r of people. I I III III l l -- I I 0rth enti, BI Hoa~lr W. Momw Thoughts on National it up ~to the time of 'his untimely death in 1900 wt the o~ge of forty. Newspaper Week My f'aVher was ,but twelve years of The occupation or 'pro~ession a age when my grandfather died man decides upon often depends !and since neither he nor h~s bro- on the oddest sort of things. I ',t~ers or sister ,were old enough Jto ~nink i~t ,was in 19:34, when I was 'take over, the ~wper was sold. But ~t the extremely "mature" age of because of l~s early indoetrina,tion !fourteen ~l~a~ I sealed my mind ,my f~ther passed on to ,me a deep on ,becoming a ~awyer. In 1934, m~d a~biding love for journalism This year's National Newspaper Week has adopted the w,h~le a junior in high soho~i, I .and a ,healt~hy respe~ ~for ~the enJtered a sta*te w~de l~gh school cleanliness of printers ink. theme, "Your Newspaper---Freedom's Textbook." This ;deba~e con~st. I had no trouble year's theme is a real strong statement--but how many peo- w nning She c~,ampionship The role that lwte ,Harry Shy of the Eastern ,l~n,ha,ndle and ~he der pl~ayed in ,my love for journal- pleand areimportgOingoftOthisSit slogan?dwn and meditate on the full meaning gh corn, pete ~n ,the fin- iSmhoodiS recol.lec lons.amng my .fondestin tahel Ald'mid als a~t Morgantown. "l~a I was 1920's, when I 'was bu;t six years~ Down through the past one hundred years a vast change the v.k ampion :locally qaas never of age, my mother's f,ather, Vhe has taken place in the field of news papering. Today S been questioned: I was the onty ~la%e E. T. Licklider, lived in ~hep- newspaper is a stong, forceful publication that is run on ,con~testan~. In ~he state ~finals in ~herd~town in the house adjoindng the premise that it should be fair and impartial in its news Mor~ar~town th,a~t year, :as well as ,Mr. Suyder. A~ that ~me my ~fa- !a year l~a~ter whe,n I ,was again ~her was employed by Potomac columns, whereas in the days gone by the newspapers were crowned loom cl~ampion ,for the Ligh~ and Power Company at a weak and run for individual political gain. As a result, the same reason, it was a different flace called Dam No. 4 w _ic, h was confidence in today's weekly newspaper it at an all time ory. ,But course of a of a mile north of a little village vms my c~p~ve audiences promp~ high, as evidenced by the increase in total circulation though ed mo~e ~ kindness and'~ant off val led "scr bble'. the number of newspapers has decreased. How has this sometbln~Ybet,~er to ~,av ,~han bv Th~s was more than a quarter of been accomplished? Because the weekly newspaper has be- any real~convietion-or\concern!: 'a cer~tury be~fore the g~me of the come a respected force in each community---a force for the p li ely ~p~lauded every .perform- same name became popular. Back nrn~,~ess imnrovoman nf ~h~ onmm]mffv ance !Dy :~elli..-lg ~me x snould be a in Chose days Mr. Sn:yder had - ~,- ---- r ........................... ~. wained a measure of journ~stic ~,awyer. The damnable thing ~about The most fundamental and down-to-earth newspaper of flattery is that the person receiv- f~me by :means of a humerous our day is the weekly newspaper of the local community, ing i.t is virtually helpless ~ residt column ,ca~lled "Scrab.bie News". We call it the "grassroots" newspaper and rightly so, because l,t, while ~he ~erson offering .it ~Since ,we ~l.ived in the area it was I l rarely ~ms ~0he sllg:l~test notion of n~tural, therefore, for ~Ir. Snyder it bea-s the c osest relahonsh p between the reader and the what 'he is tiking about or how hen we viisted grand'fabher, to newspaper itself. Even our daily newspapers do not have seriously ,it m,~g~t ~ i,tuken. ~ I cal'l me over ~o i~is porvh and get the close touch that only the weekly publication brings to any even%, and 'princi paliy a f rst hand repor on the latest its readers. It is the only publication where the reader ec use o.f hisi I :beo me a Jaw- "doins" In Scr bble, ,as seen :from can meet the ditor yer. IJooKing aeK, ,me choice the eyes Of a six year old child. n "- c "te ": ........... ............. .... seems an odd o~ne. There ,had been I And at]ter I ~had brough~ him u,p O :ne on ms I ~ne newspaper, j no ,lawyers in our family that I ,to date on the activities of She It is the last frontier of personal journalism. Where else knew of excepting an uncle by 1Andy Ways and ~he/Age Willards can one find the personal expression of the people them- 'mar..riage,.tt~h_e ~ate N. Cam I would receive my ,pay: an ice l i ooeu ana I can recar~ ~n'~ even ] cream cone that was ~ig ,as I was se ves but n the columns of these weekly chromclers cf ' .............. ~ :lJ!~tie. " 9 . . In my ~eensnewsp,~,~, w,J,~r~ .t:z~u coramumty happenings. The smaller commumtles form the an earl,y ~fasc~n~ation ,for ,me. The I Thro,~gh ,the years I *lmve never backbone of American democracy and freedom, and it is tascin~ion came 'as a resu~ of lost my love ~or news'l~per stork ever thus because the weekly newspaper is the watch dog ~two people: any ~athe.r, a,nd the and for ,the people in it. And I la%e 'H. L. ~Snyder who for years ~i,i,1 al,.~ys cherish ,the friends It and leader of those finer things that make up our American e ted the h pherds wn Regis- l 'as brought me: The Browns, The ter. Pdss'lers, The Web,tots, "Phe fikny- My dad's ?a~ther, the l~te R. W. ders and ~he hosts of others that .Morrow had ~founded the Farmer's give tha,t ~dded meaning and Advocate vl~eh is n~v a znerged pleasure %o ~h~t m~ght otherwise p~rt of Vhis p~r and bad edited be a du~l .grind. iii FHIS WEEK'S NEWS IN folded the week by week history of each community; its heartaches, its sorrows, its joys and its accomplishments. When any individual,- group or organization wants to ac- By Mrs. Stuart Crim ijiicomplish a program in the community, the first step is always to bring the newspaper into the program Thus the ll! newspaper unfolds into the semi-public institution that car- w. s. c. s. Meeting ]r ries the torch for all good causes. ' I The Women's Society of Christ- i One facet that is many times overlooked in today s hurry Service ofthe Mebtmdi~ hur tilt and bustle is the selling and marketing jobs that newspapers 'cA met on Wednesday evening ef ||!1 Our econommh n.... rest week at the home of Mrs. Mar ~~twS?p~~}~~~:i~n kT,,a,~+~ ~_~~~'~"" shall Jenkins wi,th nine of the mor~bers in ~tendance. The meet ~ing was opened witch Dev~ions and the lesson, a Litany of the is more thoroughly read and digested than any other pub-- Lord's Prayer, led by Mrs. Orville De/~ave~n. A business meeting fol lication because the subscribers to the weekly newspaper ,lowed the program during which are a part of the everyday happenings of that community~ tplans were completed for Vhe an- They have faith in their weekly newspaper because the hual sU'pl r wl i -h w ll be held in know it is the only publicatiom that ares the least bit the besemen of the ohuroh on Pri about their particular parVof da~ evemng, November 6th. The ,f~Ho~vlng menu w~ll be served mt Today's truggle between the philosophy of Communism, $1.25 per for adu~l,ts and $.75 with its domination of the state over the individual, and or children: Roast turkey and Democracy, with its right of the individual, is a never ending dressing, gravy, ma,s~ned potatoes, saur kva~t, lime beans, cranberry battle. It is a battle that can be won only with a citizenry sauce, assorted relishes, hot rolls, cake a:~d coffee. For a boun~,fful and deHoious su~l~per, kevp this d~te in mind. Following adjourn- memt the group, enjoyed a pleasant sooial hour during WbAdh det,icious refreshmemts were served by the ~stess, Entertain At Cards that is fully informed. Who carries on this battle in the front lines? The newspapers with their constant struggle to provide the readers with every detail of the news. And right on the "grassroots" level the weekly newspaper should- ers the burden that makes it "Your Newspaper--Freedom's Textbook." Brownie Troop No. 12 Tours Cold Storage Plant in Rans0n "Members of Brownie Girl Scout Troop No. 12 of Charles Town met ~Ionday, Oct. 12 and took a tour of the IR~nson Ice and Cold Stor I! " ~ge. Mr R~chard I~art, company official, yeas on hand to show the yOURgstars and ~,~eir ,leaders Shrough the plant. The group with Mrs. John V~ck ers and Mrs. Howard Whibmore Mr. and Mrs. Rober~ Ligh~ en- ~Uonl IMvesto~k Industry 50 to %er%ained a ~roup of friends xt a 60 m~Hion dollars a year. Until the five hundred party held wt their recertt introduction of some of the ~ome a.n Friday evening. A very new cherokee,Is, there was no really ~leasant evening was enjoyed and s~tisfao~ory control measure for a~ the close of play d~licious re- c~tle grubs. ~res.hmemts were servedby the hos ~f cable grubs are a problem in ~tess. Those presen~t were Mr. and your herd, secure a copy of this ~Vlrs. JOhn IAghtt and daugh,ters `bUlletin and f~llow the recommen- IJud~th Ann, Susan and Barbara id'a~ons. Yo~ should get 90% con- I Jean of ~ilver Spring, Md., Miss i trol. I Wi~l:l~ Mac Kackley of RrandRl'ls- ~hi.le we are c~n the subjeet of ,tow,n, Md., Mr. and Mrs. John e~ttle, don'~ forge~ .the Ieeder cwt I~.ackley and Mr. Edgar Kackley ,tie and calf sale ~t Charles Town [of Berry~lile, Va., Mr. and Mrs. Oc~ber 16th a~ 1:30 p. m. The !V~allace $nyder and d,aug~ters, sale vvil'l be ,held a~ the Blue Ridge "~al:lis Ann and Mary Sue and Livestock Dale Yards. "Mr. mud Mrs. Howard Larsen and rf y~ are ir~terested in buying son Gary o~Su~mt Point. ,this is one more oppo~tunl,ty {or ',lVfl~ Frances Coleman had as you. It Is repo~ted ~hat 1100 head her dinner guests c~u Sunday her I of feeder ca~ves and cattle wfl,1 be cousin, Mr. Roger Kelley of Char offered for sale. les Town and Miss Hester Row- i Box Elder Bug [~and of Winchester, Ca. "Mr. and Mrs. Julian Glasscock i ~his is a bug that makes a nuis ~spen,t l~ast week v~,siting with t~he ante out of l,tsel~f this time of the l Year by ~nsistlng on en#~ering the ~ormer's sister and brother-in-law and sister Mr. and Mrs. Clagett home. TheY v~ll not da~nRge aoy- WVarfield Jr. in Daytonsvl,lle, Md. thir~ bt~t ~re just a nuisance. ~a Ler~isburg, W. Va. where their They can be con%rollecl by spray- daug,'h%er M~ss Betty Lee ~lass- ling or d,usting ~vi,t,h Mala~ton and cock is a studen~ at Greenbrier !Ohlorodane. If you have been bo- Jumor College and in Salem, Va. ~thered by this ~ost, try one of ~where they were guests at the .these m~teriais, home of Doctor and Mrs. E. D. Vaughn. |n~pi W.M.S. Meeting , ~LL, ~ The Women's Massionury Soe- ....... iety of the BapUst C~ur0h~met on UY .a~.rm Mary uruee l~'u~ Wednesday evenin,g of last week -- ~)t the home of Mrs. Owen Swisher iMr. and Mrs. Clifford Starliper~'and Mrs. Lloyd ~w.isher wish four and dau~h~e:r Nancy en,ter~ined]teen members aaa guests in a~- Sunday nigh',t in the honor of Ci~ff|endance. Devotions were led by Sbarliper, son of Mr. a,nd Mrs.|'Mrs. Elwood Cheshire after which Gene Starliper and Mr. Ri:cl%ard|a very interesVing lesson dealing Sw~rtz who were both celebrating|with t~he Church's mismonury wor~ birthdays Guests were Mr and in Hong Kong was presented bY Mrs. G~ld S. Kern of Imv0oci ~ ~vlrs. R C. Colston. Many interest and Mrs. Gene starti,per 'Mrs: I~ng f~ts regardS,rig the history of Jim~ny Docke, Mr. Bobby Swar,tz, l~he missions in Hong Kong was h~iss I@ay Lenitz and Mr. and Mrs. Ibrou.g]h~ out begin.n~ng wl.~h bhe Larry Young of Waynesboro, Pa. ].f~rst missionaNes to serve m vn~ Ref~enlts of ice cream, birth- ]~,rea. There a young man and h~s d~y cake, nu%~, w~In%s a~nd punch It)ride f.rorn;, Virginia sat:led from were served lBosr.on in vne z~u's ana saizeo a The Lee~own Farm W~men's[~istance of nineteen thousand r,,,.,: ~,.....,....~_ ,~;..~...~'~...~.... [miles before even~uaIIy reaching ~h. h-to* ,* ~. .~ ~,~,~ ~..,~ I progman a bumness l~ee~ing w~s ner In Charl~ Town ~held dumng ~hieh commz~tee re- _ , "- .-- " I po~ts were heard and the mee~ng @:r~n~.le fien.ry, s~uden.~ t_yir-s adjourned. Dmqng t~he social g~rlla MeC~loa,t utYllege In ttaon-lhour w~i,ch ftYBowed delicious re- mop.d, Va. spe~nt la~ week end a~[,f.regb_mer~ts were served by t/he h~me wiith l~s l~ren~s Mr. and J~tesses M~s. Lester Henry. J ,Mrs ~oanas Shull and her dau Rmnma~ge Sale Oct. 17 , Ivh ter'Mrs. R~t)h Viands of Wick Don't forget tlhe Rumr~mge Sale ] Hffe, ~ra. were v~siors on ~urday at t'hc Le6town school house Satur| evem~g Xt the home of the for- d~y, O~tober i7 from 10 a. m. un-|mer's d a, u~hter-ln-law Mrs. Tho- tl.l 9 p. m. sponsored by the church |mas ~ull Jr. and her family. Vis women of St.l~trtholo~new's~)pis-l~ting w~th Mrs. Shull were her cop~l Church. If you have any ar|,paren~ts !Mr. and ,Mrs. George ~tioles you wish to donaRe eat Mrs. lCh, pman, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond ~ly Br~tina and wrrangeme,nt~ will/Chagman and daughter KaY, by, be nmde to have them cotlegted. I r. and Mrs. Eaward L ~huli, Phone 47-F-032 Miss Po~y-Oain and Mr. Ch:rles ~hull, a~l of Berryville, Ca. ,Miss S12rley Jenkins ~f W~gh- lng~n, D. C. ~as a visitor over .the weekend at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Au'brey Jen kdns. Ak~o visiting at the Jenkins home on Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Howard Shewbridge and Mr. and Mrs. Jake Frye and son Ken- ,ny all of CAstles Town Farm Club Meeting The Summit Point Fa~n WOm- en's Club met on Thursday even- ing t the home ~of Mrs. Melvin ~. wi~t~h fourteen of the mem, bets In m~tendance. The meeting ~asi opened w~th Devotions the ,~fneme of w~Ach was "Content- merit", prese~nted by Mrs. James ~. Snyder. The lesson, "The Care of the Feet" was led by Mrs. "~al- 1,ace Snyder who told of many in- teresting and little known fax~ts assoc~o)ted wt~h this subject in- cluding the first types of footwear and pt'e~ided over Vhe discussion ,periocl Which followed. At it's convlusion the rc~l,1 was calqed, t~e n~nu~es o~ the last mee~ng were read and a~)proved and a report v~as made by the ,treasurer. "An elect~on of officers was held wi~h the following selec- ted to serve for the nex~ tnvo years Presider~t, Mrs. Robert L. IAg~t; Vice-,pre~iden,~, M~ss Shirley Me- coug1~try; Secretary, Mrs. James H. Snyder; Treasurer, Mrs. Robert ,H. H~ardesty and Reporter, Mrs. Stuart Crim. Several i~ems af bus ~ness were discussed and plans were made for the lunch saand which the group will have at the Lloyd sale on Oek~ber 31st. The meeting was concluded w~th a ~timely a,nd informative quiz on arees presented by the club pres- iden~t and 'a very enjoyable soc&a~l hour followed during w~h de.lic- ~ous and bountiful re freshmen,ts were served by the hostess. By Mrs. Charles Adams Mr. Jay Cepelka, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cepeika, Jefferson Aven- ue. C~ades Town miracul~)usly es vwped death when a empty wagon ,broke from a tractmr throwing Jay off and the w~gc~n rnnning over him. He was rushed to the Char- ~les Town Hosgitml by his uncle Mr. ~arl~nd Heflebower Jr Hence h~s injuries a broken arm which will ~be ~bot~t 10 days before they wii,l set, ft be sure he has no inrerna,l injuries. ,Mrs. Charles Adams, two child- ren and Mrs. Homer SarnseH, son .Bi.lly of PsJl~ing Waters were Sun day vi$1,tors wWn their mother "Mrs. John ,M~gaha. While stil)l ,there 3 oousins from nearby M~ry: land dropped in vthieh our mother i had not seen for 33 years. .Mr. ~harless and Woodrowi Adams, Mr. ~te~ard Jenktns, his brother-in-law "~toney" charter- ed a 4 passenger plane from the ~artinsburg airport Sunday fly- ing to ~arrisonbu~g, Va. Mr. Orv~l~le D~Haven was con- fl.ned to hi~ home Monday due to sickness. ~Mr. Roy Campbell of Wadesvi~le and Mr. Ju~lian I.~rrick of Alrb~n, Va. were v~si~tors Sund~y at the home of Mr. M. L. Admms. ~Mrs. Gertie Carver and Mr. .Eagle of Brunswick were callers Sunday wi~h her brother-in-law and siSter Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Cha9 ~n~an. BAKE SALE OCT. 23 The Women's Auxi~iary of St. John's Epi:scopal Church will have ~a bake sa)le Pr~day morning, Oct, 23 a~ Vhe Old Penney BuiMing bc g~nning at 9:00 o',ciock. PlenW of good country food inel,uding fresh .dressed chickens, home made cakes, pies, bread a~d potato sal- axl. Your patror~age w~H be apprec i,~ted. ,Mrs. Pa~l D. Chaprrmn is so,lie- i,ting tor donation day at Charles Town hos,pi~ WhiCh is OCt. 21. Anyone 'having any donations please call her a~d she will be glad ~0 pick i U,p. By Miss Dorothy Lake Motor To Luray "Mr. and Mrs. Huch Wiley and S~R Roger motored to Luray, Va. on Ss~tUrdiay morning ,to bring their daughter Joyce home to spend the weekend with them. Roger spent the day and returned ,home Saturday evening accompan ted by Mr. Charles &leshire of Luray. Li,btle Rickey Web,b, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Webb has been l on the sick list with measles. ,Mr. and Mrs. James Lille a,nd I I J LOOK! ONLY ~md Mrs. Oene Mason, us assistan:t leaders, had their picture taken elso. "Dhe ne~t meting, of the Troop ~,ll be held Wednesday, Oct. 21 St ~as reported. Walker4oufhard Nuptials Occur in Raleigh (N. C.} Church Announcement was made this week of themarriage of A~iss Judy Jean Souifrmrd, of Raleigh, N. C. @~aughter of Mr. and :Mrs. ~homas ~ou~hard, Shenandoeh Junction to Sergeant Warren "Dick" Walk- er, Wq'Uch occurred Tuesday, Sept- ember 28 in a quiet ceremony in ~t. Marks Lutheran Church in ~lei.~h, N. C. The groom is a son of ,Mr. WiN ~i~m Walker and ~he l~te Mrs. El ~z~beth W~]ker of Sevenbh Avenue Rdtnson. The couple w~l~ reside ~t Port Jackson, S. C. where the gloom is stationed. , .. IH IHI ,,I I, Your County ent's Column y J. E. Saville New Bulletin-Catle Grub Control This new ~bulle~,in, '.C~le Ort~b Control" is avaii~le in the Co~n ry E~te~sion Office. I~ is put out ~by the W. Va. Agrlculture Experi- ment Station. It gives results of work done in W. Va. and other ~tttes and con~ns corttrol re ~mend@tions. C~tle gmib im*e~ted ca t, t;le fre, quer~tly fail~u to eat properly and ~#ei~ht gains are affecteA. Damagc ~au~ by thebe pest~ to mea'l ~and ~de~ at n~fe~ted ~l~ co~t t~he Model FA 60 WITH TRADE BRAND NEW EASY TERMS F . NEVER BE ORE OFFER'D! " -SI'EE[ WASHER with all these big featuresl 2 speeds, one for rogolars, other for dellcato$, Built-in filter for lint-free washes. $-eemp wash-rinse selOctor control. Water level control for partial loads. Surgilator* agitator gets clothes cloane~.. - Monoy-saving Suds-M|ser available (opflenal). Washes fqll IO-Ib. load of clothes' ~rmk. COME INi DON'T MISS THIS BIG SALE! II Phone 17 llil Ill llI l i sons Jay and Vince were Sunday1 SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS ADVOCAJTI d, nner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wil | THURSDAY,rummageOCTOBER 1.,5'~' _~__ WI'] .liam I-I~ of Baker$on, W. Va. ]4--A Mr. and Mrs. John ~rl~, Mrs. | Pi~manof Russell andva.daughterand Karand | RUMMAGE SALE OCT. 23-24 having please..=.~ca~ en Win