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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
October 8, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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October 8, 1959

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....... * SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON tARMaCS ADVOCATE ton, Va. accom~ pa~ed Mr. Denver [ Mr and Mrs. ~eorge 1~3~'al:lWOOQ | l I_ " " 7--B-- ~'~-~ Semet of [Mal%i'nsburg who, is one , and four children of Stephen .... City. New m THURSDAY, OCTOBER 8, 1959 1959 NEWS HAPPENINGS IN Iof the local lnseminators and a Va., spent Sunday with his sas- ~ ]grol~p of dairy farmers of She ters, Mrs. Henry Cil~pp and faznily.] AL L ,m [ - . - --- "" :! iV A~ | ~ W ~J [county ,to w~heeling t~ a~0tend a, Sunday visLtors a,t Avon Hil~, ] $,~| J~ ~||, You Want Results Use Sptrit.hdv0cate Classtfie s! ._ |l M L ~ T| |~ [meeting of ~he Ar, ti.f'ici~al Breeders vne .rmme o,f ,Mr. and, urai ~ | [ ~H. By Mrs Clarence Smallwood Phone 20-F-024 IrA C ntgnonT eYdalyf. Wedoesday i~auj%%w~il~yn~MT~.a~,i~Anl~g~lcoTh~ ~v~gfoI?et~l~c of J:~e~n sfl;One ~et~hes~ w~,~ c,a~dr~Qduieck_[._ - - I "" . pa?r%cat]ar2hg~ ;hu:r'/::~lewWhoivChl~on, Va., Mrs. Jhn Kanode Of/e~w ~treelt in 'Ch~ar,leS rroiwn ex- eryo,~e's.imagi,~a~on imn~diat~y/l = n. v a.. I Rummage Sale Oct 16 17 junction wi~h the Church ~ehool a locust tree on Rose Hill Yrarm IWi~ehester, accompanied by her/tend t.o everyone a mo~t cordial ana we oe~an ~o expmre vhe P;;0/! / 1~ Ill / lI# M II E - ~lss~ "'i'~a s ...... r ~ ~-~lrl~w;en ~ *~.... i,.~ .... ~;,o w,~,o~: [mother Mrs Oil!be~t Cadwalder oflinvit~a!taon to visit their Show-room sibility of adv~neAng it to..t e [ J It~ a t~t# LJ|~' ~kl~htmr~ k|e~l~{[~ n Thursday and Fmday, Ooto- , ., ., Bo:ce VR. 'Mrs. tanley Hardesty has week and see the new 1960 ,., .. her 1~ ~-.,,~ ~ +~.~ w~,,~ ..... w,~m Party ,to be held. Friday mg~t Rodera:ck dwellmg fell on a coal o,,n ,~.~,,~ .... ~*,r ~f ~,~. har /~...a ~,,~ ..... ~ ~al decision involving mi,llions of KEAUI MIA LURL~rmE ~r][~ en ..... October 30th m 'the Church ~base- house which was flattened. No lars _ .s Socmty of Chnstmn Service ,,~,,~ : ~ ~, h ..... t.,~ ,~.~, ,f. ~ was reuorted with]les Town . . ./ The 1960 Ford represents a sty- dl~'m.;... +,. .......... ~,~ CALL CHARLES TOWN 899 OR Will con'Guc5 a rummage sam in ........ ~. .... ~ ....... ~=.... ,....'a~. :._her dama..e ;., ~ Elmer Lee Roder~ck, smcten~ a~ c I r ,ina,l,l' 'cre~ted for ". ............. ......... ~ pc ....... ,~hehome of Mrs. lYlcCauley, Char and pr,zes will ,be aw,arded. Vhe e~ception of tree hrabs bemg [UniversiW of WeSt Virginia, Mor-ll'nn.g,. ~heme o ~rg.~u~,~ forward be-nOUt that a complete new car also [1 VISIT OUR PLANT AT MILLVILLE, W. CA. i ~es TOwn. Remember the date and Mr. Alvin C. Bush operator of broken.. .... [ganbown sgent ,the past weekend] cause ~f ~he spon:~neous en,thus- ~woul:d enable ~,nem ~o 9es~gn aoai~ In ........... ,~ sure to call. the Avon Wood Dairy'Farm owned . i~nese ~wo mona nun~i~g envnus-[wl;t~h his n'to~her Mrs. Elmer Rod-]i~sm of com!pany management [! qual~yle,~uz~s~n~o~neve: [~ TU~DM I I ]~D f'flk4DAMV | The :local tMY~ members in con 'by Gen. J. N. Andrews of Arling- ~asvs,..~e:rson ,w.m,~e ana ~uaaY[erick' Other visi~tors here on ~a:t-lwhen the,, first s,~w the ear in ad mole, co,mp,~]~ ...... ps ........ s'--~[| |||LWli|~ LU|V|ULm| ~1,~nv||~|~| _ _ -- ~owen a~e combining one weeK"Sl~,rdav ni~h were Mr. and Mrs./ __ :..L~,...~ ' t~he go-,~nea~. /m -- m -. ~ ~a,'~-,~'.p,.~, vaea%ion wl*th squirrell huning. I Da:-~iel ~x~de~ick ,and children An-[ wance svuu ..... ... "One of the most immigrant [ ~ Millville Plant No. 899 Charles Town | .... Reports ~from most hun~ers are ,dis|~el~ ~nd Drew of Wesbminister [ J.O. Wright. Ford Motor ~;om- features of the ne,w r~oro." Mr./n .......... ,. , | n~l~ II co~r.a~ing as this game seems very ]~icl. ~nd Mrs ~x)derick's parentslpany ~ice president and ~ord Div- Wrig,h.t sa,id, "is that it has been ] Martinsburg Plant Am ~-~aa | |~ ! scarce: Groundhogs h~ever still]Mr" and Mrs." Clarence IMerriman[ision general manager, s~id ti~e 'cam.fact-engineered'. sub [n ......... , , ill = --- - prewaki. I,~f i~r~m.~wick Md On Sunday Mr / 1960 Pard was reoesigneo ir0m st, an,tAa~l,ly more nap room. snoulo- [ ,, ,, ,", ' ' ' ,,, ~ ffVr, and 'Mrs. Le~s Oarrol~ Jr. [n.nd Mrs Danny Roderick and son]bumper to bumper because we er room, leg room and bead room ] and .three sans accompanied bY]~r~:~l~r and-ffvIrs Metv,in Rod-]war, ted ,to increase passenger~n the 1960 Ford than there wasT M_vs. Carroll's parenCs Mr. and|,~,~,.t.',~f K-n~in.gon" .IVId Mr andlspace and c~mfort and improve in the 1959 model-which ranked ] WHha~ Grove of near Berry l~s:l~be~'~one and ~rls 1yee[#he roa,dwlaili~ty and hmndling ease far above its competitors in these[ IIANJP'A~lm "~ nn n ~lle, ,the l'~tter's son-ln-l~.w ~nd]and Rose Ann of Ch.arles mownnand performance." vi'ta~l eom,fovt areas. .. .- / HII:KIIff Hill iLBI ] (~au~h~er ,Mr ,and Mrs Eddae ~X)WEdlwere visitors.] He said, "After the car orig~n-. "~l~th ~,ne new .~~Y (:les:lgn, ,'vne [ VtVtt/. mutton, ,tttm= == .~, ler and ,d~aughter Mr ,and Mrs. r'harles Newman son of Mrs/all .... lanned for 1960 was well un- new frame, redesigned susPe,nsmn ] ..... ,,. =A~m--'~ m die Fowler ~lso of Berrywile mo- ,Bessie Newman and the late JOe[der wav ~he advanced styling of- and rmproved power ira an, the | nm u ., an tared ~o Vienna. Va. on Sunday Newman has eta,listed in the U. S.]fi,ce showed us some designs for 1960 Ford rides be~er, nandles[ uua~ll1110~ Ul ,U Um,-UUl,ka a"' h recently wlaere ~hey ~njoyed a pic Armed ~ervice and ,is a% m'esent[ Pnrd Moteor Comoany cars even ,bet~ter and performs bebter than/ n ic ,dinner w~t:h Mrs.. Carroll s un- s-t~-~ioned-~t-~or, t Jackson: S. C.| f'ar-t;her-ad~anced ~h'ah our plan- any Pard in history," Mr. Wright] FRIDAY. OCTOBER 16th, 1959 me ana aur~ awr ann mrs ~arney , ' MR from , saio " He was graduated m ~ y [ned 1960 model. ] .... ,~n,~,~ ~*~-,r~ ,x~r~ zwausser Page Jackson Higl~ S~hool Charles[ urr~tttA), ~w~x~ On Thursday ~Srs. Homer Kees, n ' " He was a ] ..................... ~, t),.~.~. Tow . --,ut the weekend with hxs par- Farms m Chester N.Y. 11.30 A M SHARP (E. D. S. T.) Mrs. Fenton ~rown , ~ar at rofessor at W. Va. Umversrty ents ~Mr and Mrs Ed Dunb P d and two children and IVIrs N~,n- .,.,,,,,,.~,,~,,~ ,~f the bir~h of a[ '. ' ' ~..n ~ .... ~,~ ~,,,~,~] J,~ffor.~n ~nnn Sale will be at the Farm 5 miles Ea~st of Hampsteafl, M . nie .Kees a]t .of Gerl~a_rdstown g"~a~n'~l'(~a-u)h'~ter~o ~Paul J. Under-]vhe Ha_'tcne.rY'_ .............. t~y"stu~den'ts.~ .................... and 6 miles West of Hereford off Rt: 137 between Rts. 25 MrsSpen$ Clarence'~ne morningsm, allwoodW~,~n *Mr. aria mood a mem'ber of the U. S. Ck)o~] wasMr'a ~nar.ieScaner in~'lUevneIvdl,age'~arwns~urgsutur- 'Mrs' Oscar. McChiskey_ of. Part.. and 88 on Ridge Road. Follow Auction .~rrows. ~" ._ . Guard and Mrs. Underwood for- . Charlotte, Florida, Mrs. Vargzma c)o nrat-~wor~vT)L-~q[-~ T3~'IT~Tl~T~ ~_~ :our ex)mmum~y .was represe.n~- merly ~VIiss Annie Brown. flay. ._. . C Lyddane of Washington. D.C. ~,.~ RJ2~Oli~.lr_~l~r.~l) IIUl~ota=~x~o v,~ leo on Tnurs~ay .u:~ cne ~'recter~cK The Kabletown ,Church ~Memor- Mrs. Mary Bruce ~'urr spenl; sev and aH ,the Ta,bb children celebra- l~/~ ~g-~aro ~[~ lq~h ~nt~ ~l~r]noelalP ~'air oy ~enry t;ripp, '.~rs. ~:,s~e ial Fund ~as received gifts in me eral days last week ~n Charms ted Mr. J. E. Tabb's 86~th ~birthday ~k~ ~.Jv, ~ = vv ~ ~,~, .~ .... ~ .... ~-~-- Gray, Jimmy Gray, Melvin White, Town wi,th Mr. and Nfrs. Lyle Purr Sunday witch a ,turkey dinner at 3 Service Bulls) a,nd Burwell W~1"e. On Saturday and son Ki,m. Mr. and Mrs. George Tabbs home. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cgpp, Patsy Roxanna, Darlene and Danny Mr..and Mrs. Richard Barr0n ,Mr. and Mrs. Jlames (3. T wbb (~lipp, ,Sandra Johnson, ~larence and family visited Sunday with moved into their ,new ~home on Sat Mrs. 'Barrons mobher Mrs. Viola urday 'and Mr. and Mrs. Lyle C. "YOUR REXALL DRUG STORE" --IN-- Charles Town, W. Va. Smallwood and Richard l~wland were aStend'mnts. Mr. and Mrs. Gilber~ Mercer of Fallston, ~VId. were overnight vis- ],tars S~turday wlth his mother Mrs. Thomas H. Mercer ,and the latters son and daugh.ter-in-ta~v Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Mercer and family. Mrs. Paul Rowland, children, Carolyn, Terry and Con,n~e Sue ac com, Punied by her paren~ts Mr. and Mrs. George W. Fri.tS spent Sun day af~ternoon width .their daugh- ter-in-law ~VIrs. ~ouise Fri%ts and children of near Charles Town. , Mr. aad Mrs. Clarence Small- mary of the ~l~te Miss Margaret Johnson from Mr. and Mrs. ~en- 'ry Clipp and $~mi~ly, Mr. and Mrs. Howard N. Clende