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Charles Town, West Virginia
October 8, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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October 8, 1959

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;! :! wer or ,ther~ tning,- ~ 1 fror~ mal~e~ 7 ::ii 10 YEARS AGO -- 1949 Joseph Melody, Distri,ot Roads Engineer from Keyser, W. Va. d~r coted the M. J. Grove Lime Co. contractors for the ne~v Shenan- doah Bridge to remove the bar- riers this morn,ing, opening the .new bridge to through traffic. 'Di.nner was he,ld at the Thomas Jefferson Hotel in honor of F. E. Brenneman veho l~ad completed 25 years of service width the C. L. ~obinson Ice and Cold Storage Corp. in WinChester, Va.. and Ran son, W. Va. Supt. T. A. Lowery of the Jeff. Co. School system presenLted James Moler, principal of the ,Wrigi% Denny Graded S0hool a plaque hc~noring Vhe 1site Mr. Wrigl~t Denny, former head ~f the loewl graded school and for many years associated with Charles Town sVhools. ~herman League now in his 2nd year as athletic coach ~t Shenan- dough, Va. High School watched his 1949 football eleven hang up ,ei'otory number one of ~he season last week wilth a 7-0 score over Louisa Coun~ty H~gh School. Leag- ue is a graduate of Charles To~vn High SChool where he s~arred i,u ~oOtball, basketb~,M and baseball. Asl~by ColMns, ~he red,coded YOungster vCho played a lo~ of tac- kle for "Zip" Lorenz's Purple Pan ~hers last fall is playing end on ~the Western Maryland freshm,an eleven and making a good showy- [. L McDONALD, JR., AGENCY ~ng according to reports reacJhing, 40 YEARS AGO -- 1919 George J o~hns'Con and Elmer this corner. Ke,nny Reneh's Shepherd~town [P0odriek, two Jefferson Couney sol High six man grid team suffered (hers on the A. E. F. were detain a 47-7 set~b,ack Wt the h~ands of C,oac~h Chester RockwerH's Berry- I ~Jlile, Va. gridders. DIED: -IMrs. Agnes l%oberta Briggs a~t"'~Ohe home of her d augh- ter Mrs. George l~binson, Ranson, l!Imily K. Pulse, wi,fe of Jam !es E. Pulse, Jr. a~t the Charles iTown General- HosNtal; Garland ]Iden Lake Jr. at the home of his I Paren~s in the Couvthey residence in Ranson; Miss Cora Potterfield ~,n the Charles Town Genera,1 Hos- pineal; J. W~lliam Kastle, pvom~- ~ nen~t businessman, Reoubll~an lleader and former postmaster of ~Mwrtinsburg., W. V.a. died in Kings Daughters Hospit'al; Edgar Donald Hir~ton Jr., in,font son of Ed~ar Dona~ld H'inlton St. a,.ud Berry Hen ry Hinton of Ranson. MARRIED:-Helen Irene Mills, daughter of Grover Milts of Bak- erton to Mr. Charles Amos of C~arksbuvg, W. Va. a,t the parson age of the Me~tho(hst Church in ~henandoalh &motAon. 20 YEARS AGO --- 1939 Robert C. PAssier observed his 4{)th anmversary as a MARRIED:-A,t Manassas, Va., ~Mrs. Bertha B. Tipton of Bolivar to Mr. Norman Edward Stanton Laurel, Md.; in t~a,l~timore, Md. ,i~iss BoOtie Clarke to Mr. George lilby of C~,arles Town. DIED:-In We~ton, W. Va. Ja- cob Melvin Bane, former well- k~nown Cornier (~f Jefferson Coun tYA.Rera~bions were begun on Vhe Jefferson M~I:I, w'bAch had n:ot been in opera~t~on for tour years for .~he m.anufa~cturing of flour by the Peoples Supply, presen~ owners of the proper~y. he following represento;bives of She ~oung Demo. of Jefferson County ai~tended the Sta~te C~n- venison in Bluefield; Mildred Wai- sh, Fay Johnson, Amy Alger, Car- rie Lee Strider, R. E. L. Strider, ~iVIerle Alger, K~rby Price and Mr. land Mrs. Theodore Tillett. 30 YEARS AGO --- 1929 Charles C. Miller a res~denlt of (~arles Town for more Vh~an ~)wen ~y years, the grea~ter pare of ths~t Sine the pro~prietor of a garage moved w~th his family to I~h~la- del~ph~a, Pc. to ~ake employment ~ilVh Baldwin Lo,comotive Works. DIED:-In the Charles Town ~ospi~al, Filmore D. Dawis; at the home of a daug,htter in Bs~llsto,u, Va. Thorrms L,~ ~Ie~, n~tive of~ 't~_ls INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE Mason Building Phone 735 - Charles Town, W. Va. Reprttentlng THE TRAVELERS, | 24 hours i hout Aeczet is 4-Flue fJ &zick lining in \ cou,nlty; J~cob W. Rush, retired ~rmer a~d one of the oldest resi- dents of Shepherdstown, was kill- ed by an au~tom(yl~ile; Henry Ry- ington Maddex (hed i,n S~he,l~erds- town. JacOb Poston, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Post,on of Summit Pain~t yeas kns~ar~bly k~iled in an auom~bile avcider~t on the Knox- viiHe Brunswick Road. F. E. Peters of H,arrisonburg, Va. leased the souq~h room in the St. Margaret's building N. George St. to operate a jewelry s~ore and repair s~hop. @ There's the secret of how WARM MORNING Coal Heater owners enjoy such solid comfort, with less coal burned. The patented 4-flue firebrick lifting-- only on WARM MORNING heaters--burns off gas that ordinarily would be sent up the chimney in- stead of being turned into heat. It converts fresh coal into glowing, slow.burning coke. You burn less Foal, you save money. Come in and see our complete line today! ManF models to choose from, heat from one to six rooms. EASY TERMS! PAY LATERI SEE THE "400"! The Warm Morning Model Precis START "400" is a circulator heat- JUS er that ranks high in ...... .,'$1A|~| ? popularity! L50 ed in hospi~tal,s in Brest, France when other soldiers sailed for h(~me. DIED:-~t her home in Charles Town, Mrs. Mary J. Hedges widow of W. L. Hedges; near Shepherds- town, Josel~ V. Vanmeter, an ex- Confederate veteran; In Washing- ton, James M. Engle, an em,ployee An the U. S. Treasury for many i years. He was a ~na~ive of the court ty. MARRIED:-In Phila., Pc. by the Rev. R. S. Vancleve, Charles Craigh~ll Lucas of Kearneysville ~o Miss Aria fred(he '?~on of that cA ty 50 YEARS AGO -- 1909 Harvey C. Vehilt~tingon bough, t ,a house and ten a, cres of o~Chard from Jos. V. Bell at B~rd,ane, pay- ing $5,000 for !~. DIED:-In the Union Protestant In,firn~ary in Bal~more, Mrs. Fan n,ie Da,uiel Carey, daughter of the 'l~te Wm. S. and Catherine G. Dan iel, formerly of th~s couney, a~ her home north of Half,town, Mrs. Bettie Tabler Buckles, wife of W. Nev~t:on Buckles. Miss No,tie B. Pea.r1 of Harpers Ferry and V~il,l~iam Baker Slink- man of Bai~ti,more were married ~n l~aNAnsbuvg by the Roy. C. S. ~turr~p. Joseph Byers boug~ ~t pu, bl~c i (if! MAYTAG SALE AND SERVICE PHONE 370 CHARLES TOWN,,W. VA. (Make Our Store Your Stove Headquarters For ..the Coming Fall and Winter Seasons.} sale the farm of Wm. H. Byers con I ,taimng 200 acres on t'he Kearneys I vi]]e Nke, t~hree mi'les south of Shepherdsow,n a~ $49.05 per acre. MARRIED: At the bride's home near Moler's Cross Roads, Miss &V~,ary L4,ll~,an Knot>t, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. S. T. Knot to Dr. Clifford C. Johnson of Parson, W. Va. by the Rev. H. I. Stephens. of Shepherdstown. 60 YEARS AGO -- 1899 The Hotel Pow.ha*tan near Char ~les Town was sold a!t Trustee's ,Sale for $7,600 to the Charles Town Sc'hool a~d Hotel Covnpany. MARRIED : -At t)he home o,f the bride , near Charles Town, A1- beret New~t~u Moore to Miss Mary B. Bevtes, by the Rev. A. C. Hop- kins; at the Manse of the Eastern Presbyterian Church, Washington by the Rev. T. Chalmers Easton, Clarence W. Grimm of Wa~hing- ton to Miss Mary L. Hilbert of Cl~,arles Town. 70 YEARS AGO -- 1889 The corner stone for a new Ep- iscopal Chapel was laid at Duf- fields. , ~Martha WMSh, a merchan~ ~t sonage Cam~p Hill, by t~he Rev. C. O. Isaac, Thomas E. Rodrick and ~VIrs. An0uie J. Manuel, Ix~th of Harpers Ferry; In W,a~h,inSton, D. C. Homer D. Guerry o,f M~con, &a. and Miss Bessie H. Smi,th, daug:hter of the lwte Dr. L. M. t~mi:t~h of CImHes Town. DIED:-Near Ed~nburg, I1Mnois, ffIrs. Mary Byers, wife of Jacob Chalmers Byers formerly of Shep herdstown. AUXILIARY TO MEET Dr. Ch,~rles Drew H ospi~tal Aux- fl,iary w~,ll meet Monday nigh~, O6tober 12 wt 8:00 p. m, 0/t ehe home of Mrs. Mar~h,a Gai,Howay. This is a very im,portanlt mee$ing ,and the presider~t wou~d l~ke for everyone to be present. U. N. survey finds d,eciine in ~armers. Dodge Oart At S Dodge today in~troduced two al~l new 14nes of roomy, com~farta~le cars wi~t~ outstanding roadaqo~l- i~y and ease of h,a~dl~i:ng-~he Ma~ odor and t'he Polava. And the new 1960 Dodge Dart, the first com- pletely new full line of automo- biles to en,ter the low-priced fieki s~nce 1928, are now on daspl'ay wt Spiker Motor sales Showrooms on U. S. Rotate 340, East of Charles Town. "These low-me(hum priced cars will be offered in 11 sedan, hard- top, station wagon and c(mvet~i- ble model.s featuring a com~b,inat- i ton of t~he most im,portan,t engin- eering and styling changes tha~t Dodge has ever n~ade in a single model year," M. C. PaAterson, Dod ge general maa~ager stud. "The new 'Un~body' cons~ruc- ,tion of the 1960 Dodge Ma~ta'dor and P~lara is the gre,a~est s~ep for ~ard in automobile body bu~'l(hng since Dodge in,roduced ~ll steel bodies. "The body and the frame are in,tegrwted into a single unified structure by th~is new me~thod of const.ruetio,n. The 'Un~body' gives Dodge more room on the inside- in,eluding more leg room, more head room and higq]er seats-great er structural ~treng~h, and pro- wides an '~sland' (~f comfor~ and quiet for ~he driver and passen- gers", Pa~tterson ex,~la,ined. The smaller Dodge Dart, de- signed to f~,t the family pocket- book as well as the fam41y garage will be offered ia 20 sedan, gcat- ~ion wagon, hardtop and conver- ~ble models. "These economy cars are de- signed to com~pete in pri~e and size, series for series, w~t~h the au tomob~le industry's low-priced big ~hree", sa~d M. C. Pa~t4erson, Dod ge genera~l manager. "The Dodge Dart m~akes it the "big Iour' now." The i960 models will be awaila,ble in three series-~he lowest priced Seneca, Vhe P~oneer a~d the top- series L~oenix. The roomy Dod,ge Dar~ w,hich is styled in elassJ'c lines, features i~ts own d~stin~tive in,tenor and ex, tenor. Wayside Garden Club Meets With Mrs. Bush The Wayside Garden Chub met September 22 at the home of Mrs. Viva~n Bt~sh wi,th three new mem- bers, Mrs. Page Jenkins, Mrs. Paul Fleagie and Mrs. Glen Widmyer ~bei~ug welcomed and oresen~6cl with corsages. All club mer~bers were given a copy of the yearbook comoMed" by Mrs. Frances Pnn*tz and Mrs. Richard Funk. The club received the yeHo~v rib ton for an in~tereseAng entry in the flower show aLt the Couney Fair ,and one for an entry at the Hat- ,pets Ferry show. Mrs. Thurman Whitaere gave a talk o~u chysan~hemums and advis ed pin(~hing back the crown or buds ur~til la~e July a,nd recom- ,mended sul,phur dust for tnse~ts. ~he general arrangement; "The Li~btle Things in IA,fe" was a min- ~,a~tuve. The blue ribbon w~nner .was Mrs. Rober~ Stone the red- ~Mrs. Joseph Sta,u.ley, b'he yel~lo~v *Mrs. W~l'ard M~r~n and Che wlg,te iMrs. Thurman Whitacre. The meotl~ng adjo-arned and ~the hostess served del~cious refresh- ments. The nex~t meeting will be held at ,the home of Mrs. Richard Adams. ATTEND CHURCH SUNDAY Read The SPIRIT-ADVOCATE SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS ADVOCATE THURSDAY, OCTOBER 8, 1959 5--B On the Farm, located 4-miles West of Frederick, Mary- land, on Route 40-A. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 15, 1959 BEGINNING AT 12:30 O'CLOCK P. M. Complete Dispersial of .till Milk Cows and Bred Heifers. 30 HOLSTEINS -- 27 REGISTERED 3 GRADES TB Accredited --- Bangs Certified -- Calfhood Vaccinated Tested within 30 days. Eligible for any state. Health papers furnished with all animals. Entire Herd has been vaccinated for Lepto. Plenty of Fall milk: Ten Head will be fresh or due near sale time. A number of others Iresh early or due later this Fall. Popular Breeding--Twelve Head are sired by sires in Md,- W. Va. bull stud, including 1 by Greenwood Sir Della, 4 by Creson Grand Master. 3 by Rolling Knoll Master Posch Fobes, 1 by Hickoryvale B B Lad, 1 by Springbank Sovereign States- man. I by R. K. Master Cross, 1 by Ekan. Three by Curtiss Candy sires, including 1 each by CC Master Sparkler, CC Copper Curtiss, CC Captain Curtiss. Also seven very nice cows by Locvale Printer Qualifier, son oi highly proven Mc- Donough Geld Printer. One granddaughter of Skokie Great Ovation, and two by Naval Academy sires. All are bred artificially to top sires. Good Type and Top Production:--These Cows and Heifers all have plenty of size and show a world of dairy character. Although no production testing has been done, these cattle are capable of top production records. Cows have milked up to 80 lbs a day, and milk weights will bc available on sale day. ALSO SELLING :--Buckets, 2 Units of Surge Milkers, Brushes and Other Dairy Equipment. Look the Herd over any time before sale. TERM.S:---CASH. Lunch Available. CLAGGETT B. WILES, Owner EMMERT R. BOWLUS & !). NULL; Auctioneers. A. DOTY REMSBURG, Pedigree and Announcements. October 8 - lt. A complete new line of economy cars in the low-price field This is the Dodge Dart--the all-new, low-priced car ,with the features you've been waiting for. A brand-new Economy Slant "6" Engine that saves up to on gas. All-welded Unibody construc- tion to eliminate squeaks, rattles and rust. Roomier, family-sized interiors that make driving l ure pleasure. And a solid look and feel that make it hard to believe Dart is a low-priced car. Dart comes in 20 exciting models--3 great series, Seneca, Pioneer, Phoenix. See America's First Fine Economy Car-- the Dodge Dart--at your Dodge Dealer's now! @ Greatest Dodge Ever.., Big, Solid, Built to Command This '60 Dodge was built to prove you don't have to be extravagant to gravel in style. Underneath its bold, crisp styling you'll find an extra bonus in stretch-out room and comfort--the added strength and silence of exclusive all-welded Unibody construction--the unequalled responsiveness of a new D-500 Ram Induction V-8 Engine.* Yet for all these exclusive advantages, this magnificent '60 Dodge is most moderately priced. Available in 11 exciting models--two great series, Matador and Polara. See them today! Optional at extra co~t DODGE DIVISION CHRYSLER CORPORATION i! ( r p g I II I 1 I I