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October 2, 1969     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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October 2, 1969

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I SPIRIT OF JEF FERSON FARMER'S ADVOCATE B---2 " ",-w', THURSDAy, OCTOBER 2, 1969 " Y ~ ore to put the Raiders right back pass .This time it was Taylor [I t [ in the ball game. The pass try for ran for the extra two points the extra point by the Raiders completed the scoring in the failed, me. After a scoreless third peroid Tou h Defensivel in which the Panthers completely g Y I II i dominated play, McIver climaxed The Panther defense, with t a 47-yard Charles Town drive by Reid, Lancaster and Fletcher rolling out and down the field for ding the charge turned in a g] the llyards and the third Panther game, holding the Raiders to . Activities for the 1969 season, seAted to Herbert Furrf-manager are: Coffin, who was re-elected TD. Fletcher this time ran for the two first downs and a total of" of the Jefferson County Softball of Julian's for as runner-up both president; Mrs. Ralph Creamer, extra point to put Charles Town ly 13 yards net gained on the League came to a most appropri- in regular season aand post-sea- secretary; and Don Magaha, in ~ront by a 22-6 score, ound and in the air. Reid had ! ate climax and end Sunday eve- son play; and to Jimmy Johnson, treasurer. Then with 5:42 remaining inunassissted and five asSi~ ning when league officials, um- manager of the Delmonico team The seasonal averages of many the final peroid the Panthers once tackles, Fletcher had four. U~ M ~ pires, managers and players from which showed the best team of the league's top batters were again hit nay dirt with a 17-~ard sistect and five assists ann 1 I )~ ~,all six of the league teams frater- sportsmanship during the season, reported by Woodford. '~. " nized and feasted at a banquet in I Trophies were also presented to Craig Kastle, who directed the pass play "from McIver to Lanca- caster had four and two. ' the dining room of the Charles I Buzz Wagner, pitcher for Kastle s, arrangements for the dinner and ster climaxing a 62-yard drive Fletcher was the workhorse Town Moose Club. I who was named as the leagues program also spoke briefly, ex- which began after Hughes had the Panthers with 19 carries for.$ After a brief social session the most outstanding player Jack pressing his appreciation for the intercepted a 'Loudoun County total of 116 yards. ' . women of the Moose served the Coulter and Gary Kaitzel, were support of the leagaue and its o, We are not the largest bank in Believing in people as we do means group a bountiful country ham honored with trophies for being fine success. And he and Presi " ~:;::~ ::::'::~ ~:~::.".~ " : "~:~::~ town hut. many hu~qiness men have our accounts stick with us. They and roast turkey dinner and then the league s leading hitters, both dent Coffin spoke of the possi- !:::,ii!~: ~ii::i::i~i:i~i!i~!~':?::/:~ N!!i!ii:,:V:i Jo-.-'~ --- - ~ ,~ . t -1 '~or :" the spotlight was turned on finishing up with .500 marks. A bility of a girl's softball leagueI ~" ':~' I~:~ :~ ~ :~ ' ~;~:~ grown successIUl necause OI our non ~ nave to shop arotmu a League President Tommy Coffin, trophy was aIso presented, to Es- being formed in the county pro- ~:.:~. ~;'/:~,~:~: ,: ~:i~ ~:~::::::'~ ~:~:~:~i:::~"~, help. Probably it's the dose per. better deal. Banking is made easier who presided as toastmaster for,telWilt, manager Of Wilts team viding enough interest is exhibit- [ F~i~ii~:! :i ::i:,i~ :::~::!~~ ~ t~ ;: ?~:~;~ :::' '~:::!~ :: :~:::::~:~:~ son-to-Person relationship in our and more pleasant. Shouldn't you the pro.gram.and playe~, m ana-tasthe "manager of the. year." . ed in such. '"~ ":~:~= ::~ ~ ~:~ ~:?~ ~",i i~!~, :~ :~i~ :~ i i~i~i!ii~:~!~, .~ :~ h --.o~.- -.~ ~) v~n~ ~ ~ ~ gers an(1 all mesa wan nelpea to I l~xpresslons ot appreclauon ann z ~:~:;:~:~: :~ :~:~:~:~,~:~::,~ .cm~ a ~m~om~,~. -,- ', make the leagUe's perati ns the praise als were extended bY been 1 doing a p,=~ty ~uuu juu u~ ~~~~--i~i! ~iii~i~i~ past Summer the re st successml l"~resluent c tfin t the league runnin~ the ball but was sli~htl" [ ~~~ I L~TEX F~T ever. . umpires -- Frank Simons, Kenny off ~n bi.~ n~.~o~ ~ ~a i~ ~,~ Before introducing Max Brown, l Anders, Larry Willingham and t-i~. )bira-"p~n"~-~'~'~,::~:,'~ ~ ,-- general manager of the Spirit of 'Scotty Johnson for their outstand- the one wl~icl~'rea~l~'broke "t'l~e ] "~ ~~ ~|~T ' t~~~ ~ Jeffers n'Adv cate' wh presided ing c ntributi ns t the league s ~ame wid~ 'm n ~na 'm) ~h'~ P"~ for the awards presentations,' success and to Ronald Woodford )~-o--r; i'n-f~,~h","~"~o~=*~"~ ~'~:"I[ ~F ~"~.]' Jl~ -EasytojpplywRhm41*rorb~ . . - j - " [ F ~ ~ ~'] * Dr;plesstype, drteain20mtnutes President Coffin spoke of the and Mrs. Kenneth Anders for]~,in splendid cooperation he and the handling the job of keeping the -The Panthe " . [[ t~ rox~ #/~J~ @ - ~/l ~y~'~/e," WashaHefor thelifeofthefiniJhClean upwifltSoap andwater |~|~r~| |~~ : - - -- --- "-" other league officers had received scores for the league games; and early minutesrSfli~t v~?t~lentth~ during the past season from the Ernest Houser, Jr and Raymond I '~~~~g,L ~lr[l~L~~ -'-- -V --" -'. and all,others associated Hufnagel, for the fine contribu- r ~n~n ;~e~hean~ai~iellrisa~is: ~ludt ~ 1 99 I ' ) - /-- " - ' with t~ e Jeague s operations. And, tions they made in putting the [ instead f s ' " ~zm ~o~ ~sv ~a~ o HCKlng to me ground, he e~pressed appreciation for I Jefferson Memorial Park diamond ~! . ' - - their effort.s in promoting the ~in readiness for league play; and I ~verh~l~ee~:~ :enr veWrst~ib:lol. 4~ SUPER WH ' league [to Don Rentch of the Spirit of " I Brown presented trophies to)JeffersonAdvocate, for the excel- iPnen~nrt Ucna .wn territory on a ot occasions, ne was 3ust ' w~ ~)v/@ jL~l.l-~ilt~b~'[" t'2t ll~ UDI Vl~K'l'l~'lt52kl'J~5 Ol~' U/~t'O~ll~ John Demory, manager of the lent coverage of the league [off t - I m*,"ST','5 mm - Kastle team fpr winning both the i games and activities, i casioneim~K ~xc~p~ on one oc'I voucAsS w 6 ------- -- pe oa With 4~o INTI~'I" I~AID'OIN DAYLNt~ AUUUU~NT~ regular season.champi0nship and [ The newly elected leeague offi- l onl- .~a a~ n r~] ~;.; I ON [Vg~Y OAtLOM " ' .th~ post : season tournament cars to serve ~or the ensuing .':.7".': ~:"~o"%.~'"~ ".'si See our display of over lOOO custom colo- rs I I I . crown. A trophy w~* also. pre-t, year were. also recognized. They. ~e~h~er W~ieamivettUegn~s, wPt~eaaY] ~::::~::" .~:;:~iii~!~.~.~.~.%:-~:~!:,/:!~. i!~:~i~;~~!i!~!:i:~::::i::~i::~~!!. '::::::::::~:::~:~i!::!::~::!ii:/:iii:!~ii!~i:!~::/::::!::~::~: : :*::::::~::I~/:::~:~!W;:%*:"=:::~:::: ~ ~!!~.:~i.~!!i!~!~i~;i~/~?:/:~.!i~i~.~.~.`~:~i~i~i~!~!~i~i!~i~i~!~i:~!:~i~`i!~!~!~~: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::: : [35-yard toss to put the PanthersI ~ i~!i~ i~ gt B qP f il E ~J~ ~ 0 ~ I P ~t~ ~ i derway, the rest of the Panther M~ !/ I I I / I in front 6-0. Fletcher then upped i:.;~::~" "~i~:i:,i;:i:/:~:;i::'/.~:;iii~i::~i?; i~ ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::~i!~i r ILl ~ I . ~ ~ r W .~k ~1[ "Ir" ~ ~.~ [squad is in fairly good condition ~~4[~#~ M~ ,iiI i AIIIINIIn Ithe count to 8-0 by running the ~i~~ ::!~): *~:"~/:~%z:'~i -- 1, 11 Mars all illiams - tr " ]physics y. h W I=GllUI I I|11 lUl L-VI,IUVMII ex a point try. ~;~ i~ ~! ::~ ' ffttUM rA.ti~ I I has a ~ruised foot, but he is ex. i,I With a Htt~ m-~',~ ))~- ~,~ m~. ~:::~:;:~ ~:::::~:~ :.~ ~with baseball .legated to third Thls ,s the finding of [pected to be ready to go Fr, dayla. .~ " n iJ .---- g~n ~ lutes of the second quarter rema-] ,::,~:~',::i~~/.-~---*-- .~iiii::i, readership survey conducted by the Associated Press ]n!ght. A d L tman saia even [| t ]lr i lining, the Panthers took posses-[ Sports Committee. The sport that made the greatest o lanotget[ M,] |~M~|~M~ ~|~t~ ~ ~ [sion of the ball on their own 30- tO WOrK OUt wltn the team znls ~se in recent years is professional basketball, now rank- [ ~ ~ ~a da"s a'o [ " ' ]yard line and mov.ed for the,r sec-[ !~i!iii~li~i~ii~i! - - end touchdown ~eid picked up fourth -,the final 12 minutes of play. [because of a knee operation:] ~,:~.~::~:~.i~;~i:.~;~:::!i~:::~:i:~;~::~ m,t a~n,to )h,~ ~nnr~aio he- 15 yards to the Charles Town 45 i iiiii ii!i!i::ii::ili!i~ii!:~iii~(~ " g ~ - ~*: " : la t t e ~t ch then pinked up another went on to van bY a 35-12 score. ' n line -Ta~hk was an <:~:-:~:-~: fens~ve p y throughou h f rs ~,J~.~l I ~ . J ~ ha" the 'Panthers held a 14-0 15 to the Loudoun County 40, Me-I ~"9";9'~ ~TI~X ~49 Cha TOW ~ woodwork and walls tin miial} ] But . two years . ago . on the I outs(~hding defensive and often- I !~v ; - ~ -~'. ~Iver -assed to Reid on the 33 and I I-COAT 7 fiAU.0N/ cATIM ~6A~0N ~.^,~, ~ . - i t:narJes TOwn rdgn griairon tne ]sive tackle last season and as soon I :-= - - -: -: eoge m me score anua wine mar. I.~ *" / ~mn,~nm~ I Limited l W~l Ill / U ,t , letcner carried to the 23 With ~ Iwasrm*~ mmmm ti ~.l~ / --I ~,~.o,l~ ~u~ ra~ *"~he mr and ]Panthers battled the Colonels[as, e of he gets in top shape will be a] > gindownsin tothe ustStatistiCSone forWiththe B~ddersll firstI Fletcner ann l~em ahernatmg~" at" ] ~|11 |~ ~|lrl~ /~~11- ~.u,t $&3 ~hen Farris. took to t J . ] right do~ to the final re'nut [ real addition to the Panther for- ~ J . " I " " h~ Jed Waugh for 15 yaras an~ [ piny before losing . I w~rd wail " " I - and 161 yards rushing ann passing / carrying the ball the Panthers m- ~ -,Repels dirt and stains " ~. ' Repels dirt aria stains ~ " ~'" Sat)n smooth lOW lustre vtmsn lot,woodwork and walls t.~n a . . I e w, I And a Fr'day the pe ['~ " l0 ed to the two yard line from . set, smooth low I,U, ~ni,h ,~';'' t n a pass deflected by A1 en Both Charl s To and James lso ~ Har rs to 28 for the host team v t~ ~nt rote tqe arms oz mcn- I Wood were hit hard by last I Ferry High Tigers, who ~have yet / The victory was the third in [where McIver hit Lancaster with 20-minute dry--soap and water clean-up / : 20~'tmch?~t cdlor~rst~:: ~r cle=n up ard Michael for another first I June s graduation, with James I to make thei'r hence debut and ] ~~~~ in four outings for the Panthers./a pass and the second Panther T- Matching colors to L~tex Flat " aown at the Cardinal ~A)-yard [ Wood losing some 20 quality play. lalso have yet to win a ball game,~~~ For three periods the Panther [ D. Danny Doleman tried the ex- IllIIllt/ItI. LumuER Cll stripe. Then with only 34 s :lers and the Panthers of Charles]in three ti/ne~ out, but do show. ~~.:.~j~~ defense provided the Charles ltra pointvia place kick, but it was un'unDi: Ill.R: ends ot play rathe Dall game loft,]Town some eight, S~ regulars ~a tie with' ~ussel~an~ High, will| ~~ Town fans the most to cheer a-Inn good and it was 14-0 for the "arr~s me KeesecKer for ,~ne back ~ last years startinglbe traveling to Hancock :(Md.)+ ~,~.~ ~,v~U~ boutand gave the Raiders andlPanthers as the half ended. ~or.gametneWinningextra polntsSc re:tackeaAndona .~t~wo -~ form, the nU-lve [ for a Bi-State Conference tmttle =,~r~,~,~r~ ~-,s,~,~,-~=~--H1 h s fine de-i their large crowd of fans, the I With 7:59 of the third quarter Charles Town, W. . I : : ~ " cleus ~r't~ ~01onels offens" ] The Tigers have.l~a~ye~I ~ine de-| Cl~arles,Tg)v~, "g " ' most worries. " toplay Ron Eamich, Loudoun Co- r~ ~ * s ~ 4 d . '~ more points ann. cuncn.~ .me wc- and defensive attack. Big Allan,fensive ball this ~e~ b'~fthey' lense ~thr6ttldd ~he Loudoun Cou- But on the first play of the fi- unty center picked up a PantherDIAL 72o-2004 ~ IW. MILDRED STREET t for ~erKe~ey bprlngs ~Y ' Rogers, a 187-pound, 6-1 senior [ have not been able to generate nty High Raiders all the way in hal period little McIver, who had fumble and raced 50-yards to sc- Score by quarters: fullback, leads the attack, and ] any offensive punch, having Leesburg, Va Friday night, but B. Springs 6 0 0 8--14 Bobby Fulton, a 215.pound, 6-5 I scored only one tQu~hdown in it was not until the final peroid Shepherdstown 0 6 0 0 6 senior tackle leads the defense. [ three games. This may be the that the Panther offense got the - " Leading the defense for[game in-which they breakout of message to roll, and did for 16 ~~ ~|La~ms Charles Town will be Kim, Reid, [ the offensive doldrums and score points to break open what had ~m~ u ~,~; a slim 6-ft, 165 "monster' line-I some points and if they can they been a close battle scorewise, = . backer, ~d Lawson McIver, [could stop the Panthers. ' land go on to pick up a 30-6 vic- ~z~ r~ ~--~ George Fletcher and Bill Hughes I It ry' " While Charles Townteamsof are expected to lead the Panther [ W~ MAKES PEOPLE ] With fullback George Fletcher the past used to continuously attack. I ~ [and reserve scatback Guy Taylor hold the edge over the Colonels The Panthers have demonstrat-[ ,~x *~n~* ,~x . ~lleading a strong ground attack, when the gridiron rivalry first be. ed against every team they have ~ Puzzled by human ~enavmr. and Lawson MeIver and Jeff Lan- gan between the two schools, in plaYed this season, they are tough Get an insight to motivations, ae- caster teaming up on the aeria~- more recent years the Virginians on the opposition's ground game sires, and reactions f .pe ple Is, Coach Doug Lutman's Panthers ha~e been rolling up the vic- and since the Colonels have been through the informanve ~eamre would hwe had the victory wrap- tories, relyin~ heavily on their running Mirror ot ~our ~aino. ~:asy ~o ~ed UD by halftime had the Pan- game to do their scoring this sea- understand and applicable t thor offe,n~ shown the power ~t son, this couM be the year of the daily situations. Read Mirror o~ had in it s past two outings. But Panthers and not the Colonels. your Mind regularly in THE BAL- i the erraactic brand of ball which down and gave the Colonels some Coach Lutman said with the ex- TiMORE NEWS AMERICAN they served up in the first three On sale at your local newsdealer, peroids, plus one costly fumble real worries until midway of the caption of Danny Doleman, who .-- third period when the Virginians was injured at Keyser even be- chdown kept the score close until broke the game wide open and fore tthe opening game got un-, GO TO CHURCH REGULARLY [which resulted in a Raider tou- AT CHARLES TOWN, W. V A/ TUBELESS, WIDE WALL, AV kIABLE IN: Buy Ist M At LOW PgI E 2rid TIRE AT PRICE (Pins Fed. Ex. Tax) SIZES: C.78-14 (695-14) E.78-14 (735-14} G-78-14 (825.14) COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE 1. COMPLETE CITGO LUBRICATION 2. WASHING & POLISHING 3. TUNE-UPS 4. PICK-UP DELIVERY 5. ROAD SERVICE GOODYEAR TIRES COMPLETE WINTERIZING SERVICE OPEN 6 A. M.-- 12:00 MIDNIGHT SUNDAY 8 A. M. [ 9 P. M. III ~i ii mira TIRES BATTERIES ACCESSORIES AT PHONE 72o.9969 N. MILDRED ST. RANSON, W. VA. JEFFERSON COUNTY MX)TORS T25.7031 CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. BENNY DOI EY, Mgr.