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October 2, 1969     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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October 2, 1969

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" I = ! ] Putting" YOUR world in focus That's the Primary Objective and Ability of YOUR LOCAL NEWSPAPER Published with YOU in Mind ) t SIXTEEN PAGES Ja W. St'd H d At D" ' [NewOsChae w Kwanis [Th way [Court- ' ' Jictlon" Light" IThts tA eek Only S T B k Of Ch I T I, N I, [ o, o J/, . 1 LATEST In LOCAL, AREA WEDDINc sOcIETY I CLASSIFIED ADS ' AMUSEMENTS 1844 The Newspaper Charles Town, Ranson And West V'u'glnla Grew Up With 1969 VOL. 105 'NO. 40 Business-News Dept.- Dial 725-2046 or 2047 CHARLES TOWN, (Jefferson County), W. VA. ' THURSDAY, OCTOBER 2, 1969 ' West Virginia's Oidest Newspaper "' PRICE - 10 CENTS rl er.onore inner . . fficer rl s To n i ree Higher " ^ .^,A . Club Installed At Dm, r-Dance Amdents Hetmes ran un tears ut Leaoersn, . Y P, $'t,300 Damages Ill i.i iil " "; Two persons sustained minor . i" "" '!!~ " "~J"~ 'ii:.!ii~:!! ":i~ injuries in one of three highway ervIce o an ar es own I aeeidemswhiehoeeurredinJeff Y ii; > " erson . oun,y outing the per oo "r Ill A . --- <. ; . i of Friaa afternoon ann lvionaa James W, (J mmy) Strider, :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :.: at 6 p.m. ' :. . . Y . Y esident of the Bank of Charles ] : I Started AsMessenger I r II I/wfl ivlor bH, K l wn and one of Charles Town I I Mr. Strider joined the Bank of, I / -:" ' ' - : I ] mvmveo m me acczaents, and I m m m [] [] m aZ!d Jefferson ,County's most ] [ Charles Town on Sept. 30, 1929 as ],I I tota property damage was placed I - . -- Prominent civic and community] :: !! : ::!:;:::::: l a messenger and has served the i / I . 1 : - " : : : :: .;. :" ' :' - " W e - 2" EtIVIty llJ[ LIIC UIIUUIL Ul l[ readers, rounded out 40 years of " : ::~ : :~:~<~.:: .: orgamzatmn well m every caput- :~:~ .: -~ ~ = h personal mjury accident s ~rvice with the bank Tuesday, !)::;:::::: ~<-:~ ~ ./:i~ :!:.::-:.: !ty in the bank advanc!ng toTel- ,~ ':'~ occurred about 2~5 p m. Friday M[~. J0yce A. Mann 7~ Jeffl~fssonasg~nty wath voenr~e eoePntm,t hOe A .d;o ;ma; oythesOCC er: h encJSveS .nie. ar ns ren ~ . si tjunesS New Librarian At ig~y b~irng Pi~t~edt)Oothee Ja~ oers ot me oaru ot fllrec- " ' :. :: rresiaent, a posit on ne nas n so , tors arranged a special tribute to] ': [since 1962. [ Warren Miekey, loca,1 educator, was in.stalled president of the[inproperty damage - I'A "ple,a'di nggu,flntyt agrandmLu,ry;2 aim in the form of a surprise an- :: :;:::ii!i:: ! Many changes and advance- Kiwanis Club of Charles To n last Wht rsday night at a dinner- unarms Town State ro.Hcesain ll ll ll } /U~II I~IUIIOIJ " es "nV-rec u s n " " ar . ha g s a d q e tz g tha h s mversary dinner party held at merits have been made smce Mr dance held at the Moose Club Fifty members and guests were pre- c s were bemg driven oy. aonn. . . TuesdaHillt pY Housem g ht . in Harpers Ferry 11 ' ' Stridersen ger whenJ inedthethebankStaffwas aSiocatedmes- Keller,Sent fOrMar msburg,the inst ll' ti nheutenantCer o:nieS,governorWhiChof werethe FffchC nduC dwest bYvirgmmBOyd burgW" CushaW,and Emoline f Route. McKown,l" MartinS-also. "' ,caSeTuesdayY trbeh?rudr 'ntdmorning when" thecharlesJan- Verbal bouquets in the form of : in quarters presently occupied by . of Route 3, Martmsburg. Emohne . te . Kiwanis D vLsmn. Pmtured here, from left ,to right, are Ed Clem, McKown and Kimberl McKown I Marcus was arraigned on three legrams and personally dehv- . he Amerman Legmn and its total Y :,outgomg president, Mickey, Keller, ,Mack Wflkerson ,v ce premde t a assenger in the car were sli ht . mxsdemeanor charges of mstall- ered were showed upon the hon- ssets were $690,000. Jzm, as ' ' P ' g in s " " " is and Joe Chrrshan, secretary-treasurer Perfect attendance awards ly injured and taken to a Mar- g a.seweage sy tern w thout a guest followmg a smorgasbord he zs affectmnately known by h >.:" ermit or the a royal ot dintler, which was opened with mndreds of friends and admir- were made to Bob Smi,th, Mickey and Wilkerson, for one year; Ros- tinsburg Hospital by the Shep- epart'ment of HeaP th, he 'leaded invocation b Donald Eackles ,rs was romoted to Assistant COd Payne; fore" years; Bill Ben on, five Years; F S Woodford seven nerostown rire t=ompany amou- : Y,:,P . . ". " nut uilty,oked that director of the bank and groupI ] ashier in 1936 and in 1938 the/years; C rl Benton, xuneyears; LeoWldnlyer, 12 years; Joe Christian/ . / +, ,i n+, a lance Sill 1 1 t the t'OllCe salfl me t;usnwa maca " -"'-" " ging led by F. S. Woodford, an [ ta~v~ or-- l bank moved its facil't'es ^o,21 years; Max Brown and Caleb Burns, 22 yea'rs, and James Moler,| I}I.o term of Cou'rt" in January rzicer of the bank. I 0 I orner of Washington anu eorge/25 years / ".:" "? " :,-,s r" t . J . t ml da es f an a But the real hxghlxght" " of the [ Strider f r a number years [ Streets . " ume me acc} ent anu me " s t "--" a ht r " In additmn to the presentahon, Jim returned from two years of[ [Kown car was neaded Norm. In-[ e;. was the presentatmnto Mr. he was also presented a book con- "c it the/ " I vestigation of the accident is con-) " "lne case ot tne tate ot wesz Strider of a beautiful desk clock World War II .serv h . |+;--,-- I Virginia versus David Williams m eri,dr" taining messages written by all Iarines under me u r avy in ,: . , James W Stride --40] the current employees and direc-J i lflA as ,romoted [ r nv mt sa,li llll / The most costly of the accidents [ who was to have been toed today OI IalTnlul servlce--- anK oz y .o=o w v w = ;, on a cnafge ox armed roooe at Charl an I tots of the bank and telegrams of l "o Cashier of the Bank of Charles I / occurred Monday about 6:15 p. m. I rms - I congratulations were received I rbwn in 1947 At that time the I 41 11 II = I,[ on Secondary Route 36 about 1.8 [ }he uper ne ates yorporation 12and"'e 6zaCehours t aremeUmtedC 'c,Statest,e and read from W Va Governor .otal assets of the bank' were miles from the intersection of oeeemner, was also postpon. Arch A Moore Jr'U S Senators " - r, i t;nanes town l'OllCe - Route 36 and US Route 340 ! ! . . . en azion ot me CroCK was Jennmgs Randolph and Ro e d ,shzp as Cashzer. Executive m The "u trial nas oeen set o ,n)ade by Miss Louise Feltner, who C; Byrd, Congre m i Har!eYtOe Vice.President and President the ulmmo no Da alman [a:969F dwbk nnsg Monday] r ctober 6, a crimi a served as secretary to Mr ,s . ot =narms aown has grown ill I " ' '- - - matter held over from a. ervious " American Bankers AssOciation t e extent that assets exceeu- arpe s Fe y, ea g ' tl [convention in session in Hono-[od ourteen million dollan dur-I |'Berryville, went < out of cn [ " ' - .h o th o trol MRS $OYCE A MANN term of Court and it revolves a ' [lu '2awI ll l'ian Porterfield of [ i ng September 1969: UmberI Perry Ott, a member of the ment Coml any. (In leaving the[ T gnw Yt'aterlV lm: [ i2 iJ yc e, A;2an n, s t .ehnew Do"dsonS mos capame gumauce, txx aua l a Char es Town Pohce Department Armed ForCes he 3omed the Mc. e his front W th completmn of thts case . Charles Town, the only person of Charles Town-has" grow to f . . . . the brake on on of Town Lzbrary. She formerly held , }stil!: hvmg who was employed atInearly four hmes as large as| a, rtment, nlv i it n -r "-sh-- [wheels loc edand cau,I the positron of Ltbranan II Lee- r t" r f fort . . or the past 12 years and the Donald Engineering Company m ' se hxm to . the only one left on the docket - . - - . . . s L et e ant f rtz and ck, d, . - fo his te m o Court . he :'~;,'~o -') "" ~ t Vvln JIIU D~ ' ~* lose control OI trte ear. Damage ala whau hoa umed the poSztion of . z . Lurer at the School of Library . . . - . the past year. s the new C a tzme and then 12 years ago t . wkins wa petit jurors to hear is the e wl long bankmg career, was pre ent an is e second lar est . . . amounted o $3,000. Ha S . tM and briefly reminisced a bou:lbankCaShierin Easternd thWest Virginia.g ' o f the depa rtm ,h avmg ken C Tl lcharg with r kless driving I "~ ~ e of tile ex erienees of the| 1Mr ~- ,a ro*n ~,l~lo Vn,- over me top ~put aaonuny /~ rvc- lown X'OllCe ul~parlAlle/lt, lle 18/ A two.ear collision also occurr-I "CW ~"~." ~''. ~ Y" ~ ~n w~o ~,~, o~ .~,oet~ ~it, i . " " The dinner program which was ed inethe most modera of bank:' " " i v t View Trailer Court wh'c "nvo - . ! " ' . " for the first time. Designed n "ded over by Shirley M Hunt I. = a that, Ott be named to fill the 16, and Richard Dale, 10. The/ ed cars bein driven North on[Lzbrarmn at U S. Library of ( on- andoah Downs), also Merle E. r,r s1 J,lng iaCllIl[les l.illbl Cl.lllIllll tL ] t n he re William R. Harner, Assistant st officer and at't, n, ed [ :." eaptiancy vacancy created with family resides on *Jefferson Ave-| the hi hwav Charles S Trayer gress, Wasn'ng o,D. C. S - Alger, Stephen Sarrapede and ua Jaier of the Bank of Charles I when me ua}m.s,). wu the retirement of Ralph Whit- nut, /, Martins'bm: and one bein ,lceived her M, S. L. S. degree Robert G. Leavitt, The suit claims 'TOWn ,the new symbol encompas- [ present modern ounomg more who had served for 20 years With the promotion of Ott, the| driven South on the highway by from Catholic University, Wash- that Cook was falsely arrested and the basic design of the front ,^. I, I TURN TO PAGE 8--A as a member or head of the de- Council also appointed Kennethl lo es P Morison 704 Jefferson,mgton, D. C. She and h r fam ly imprisoned f011owmg an mc dent of the bank along with the bank's I a partment. And the Council un. Mills, as a patrolman, thus bring[ "Charles rown- collided,reside at Braddock Heights, Md. at Shenandoah Downs Race track name and address. The four pillia- I [ - . animously accepted the reeom ing the 4epartment's personnel| to the t oars' was nlac:,Story Time a series of child- on November 4, 1967, when he " [ W C . , .rs on a solid foundation support- t Chades lown tions [sp: ]m - A OCa)e mendation, back up to the seven man detach- ed at $500 Trayer told Charles [ ren s stones, folk tales and poems cashed mutuel tickets which he lag the triangle structure symbol-[ Ott, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed- ment. Patrolman Mills, who badI Town State" Police he swerved to will be offered at the Old Charles said were winning tickets in the the strength, fidelity and 1 e J tt. @.1. A& U mJ ward Ott of Harpers Ferry, attend been serving as a member of the| iss another car which turned Town Library from October 8, to amount of $570 mtegrity" of a banking institution Near N)0u! nospITB| Ull J(ll /41 fl lll] ed Harpers Ferry High School Ranson Police department for thel the hi-hwa,in front of hiln December 31. It will be held on " rebUt:has been a "Comunity Corn-] . and then he spent two years in past several years, resigned his[without giving a signal. Trayer Wednesday from 2:00 to 2:30 p= PI I A.m I .mA. Since 1871. [ r; Inn n ,iv More 3ummn tom) the U S. A.rmy with 17 months post with that munscxpamy an ) I was charged with failure to have m. Boys and girls ages a. ann I 1]1111 ' /UWII [lll llll ll 'me new symbol will appear on ='"" of that periou in Tance with joined the Charms Town epart-I his car under control, are invited. There is no cnarge. checks and in bank adver . *; - ^ Comnlying with numerous re- the 74th Engineer Heavy Equip- ment Wednesday " MMd l't u ,A, D ,t,i, iain z,e re tuaz tte ' th IV IIVIM I0 /43 |011 i"" -g The. contmued, use . f this Charles Town Lions Club featur- quests from. residents, in at ] mm I II 1 I P vtentificatmn will make zt syn- e th leaders of the Charlesarea, thm week copras of The ll ll 1 im 1 1 |Ul~ll~ IIJl lgll I lgtlll ll ll L41 IP .o , unymous with the bank of Charles d e " Cam " Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate news V i Town Town General Hospital Pmgn Htt nIT$11 Hit rl ,lilt n lu II I llUGl 1U1 rre emon week 7" Fund. Mr. William tlaney and paper wm de on 2 llV ffl lqbql l l lll Ikl li l liVll l I ' Mr Jim Davis, President of the Point at Henrys tirocery tore. 1 [mm n . ll ll 1 weelt marg me atm == '- Chamber of Commerce, and chair With the addition of this news- =m a l ahall 4b 1Jt h l M4qt t l l lll ltlli ani i,sersary of Fire Prevention stand outlet, The Spat Advocate Week Observance m th s country, Nerum neamng man of the Advanced Gifts Com- " . "- li 1111L llhT/1 41,k I nnt,l nlllll !lL ltUUC IL Ull I IIIIGU . " . . - mitee were guests, and both told now Lectures the largest ot new .ll.'ll;l i llM El Ill lll .llll .lglll [ v and once again the two Charles " e" work toward raising the stand outlets of any weekly news 'qr "mvvT[]v w [] iiii ~V Vl~ll [ I ' Town fire companies will mark ' of th tr . . . D|V. n 'illion needed and also of paper in West Vir lnm, number = m . - = - - . Ulg hll| l l| t t l ld4[ l & the oceasmn by stressing fire pre oe m " an " " " h the need for a new and bigger mg over tlurty (30) news-st. d I ll li[ [141 lg41 l TJ ll J i i11 HI] IIWG 1 ventlon and by also attempting IW It n|t l oriw hosnital for the c0untv The sol. sales in this and the immeamte Ilillll I ll=llll 1 llllll]Wlll I "" to raise funds to help finance r' ieitati0ndrive of the e'neralnub- area handling near 3,000 news- Ibfflll W llll ll1 l 1 l%fflll ll llt I the operations of their depart. lic will get underway on Oct. 2.;k ~nrd tmhiSling -- . ] Funeral services were ,held his car- Nelson Butts, Jr. iJrlOf m ? ra]sm ro ect w" zch The Lions would like to thank aa th news a egr The Charles Town General on the Master Memorial Plaque Monday morning at 11 o clock Rout e 1, Bu nker Hill ^Sl the two Cha te oPwrn ooth the gentlemen xor mezr m- v v . - nital's$1-millionfund-raisin in the new hosnital lobbv and trom the :acmes runerai riome l icKaru, mso. - it olnt ann " "- " unker Hill ann Foul mcxara oames carry out as a 3oat ven formation and interesting presen- Residents of Summ" P " camuai m the largest ever organiz would mea a substantial sum to in Harpers Ferry for Robert War- B " ; : t . - tation. Needless to say the Char- that section may reserve tne red in this area swings into its the hospital drive ren Robertson, 20, of Bolivar, who 44, of Gerarostown. ture wm ne me r annual tag nay was pronounced dead on arrivalI According to Martinsburg State which they will conduct in the at a Martinsburg Hospital, about Police the Robertson car was 200 block of West Washingtop VERNON HERUM L. Herum, plant man. 3-M Company in Mid. is .National Firms Chair. the Charles Town General fund-raising campaign. joined 3-M 21 years assistant In 1961 he Middleway as lithoplate supervisor in the print plant. In 1965 he to production super and in 1966 became addition to the leadership the hospital campaign, is also now serving chairman of the 1970 Fund of Berkeley stated, "We intend this campaign policy has its worldwide Its Town Lions Club has endors, copies of The Spirit-Adoveate at ed the building of the new hos. Henry's Grocery where they will pital facility and will do their now be available every Thursday share to make this a reality, evening. Funeral services were held Wednesday morning at 11 o'clock from the Brown Funeral Home in Martinsburg, for Norman Mas- on Myers, 24, a resident of Win- chester Avenue in Martinsburg, and a former resident of Charles Town, who died early Monday morning of injuries sustained in a one car highway accident which occurred early Sunday morning on Secondary Route 19-1 near Vanville in Berkeley County. The Rev. William Ramkey, pastor of the' Charles Town Presbyterian Church of which the deceased was a member, officiated, and burial was made in Rosedale Cemetery in Martinsburg. State Police in Berkeley Cou- nty said the car being driven by Myers slammed into a tree at about 2:40 Sunday morning when it fail l to negotiate a curve. He was rushed to a Martinsburg Hos pital by the South Berkeley Fire Company ambulance, but Monday he became Berkeley County's 19th highway traffic fatality. A native of Charles Town, he was born April 1, 1945, a son of Mrs. Anna J. Moler Everhart of Charles Town and the late Nor- man M. Myers. He had moved to Martinsburg about a year ago to accept employment at,the Gen eral Motors plant. Surviving in addition to his mother are his widow, Mrs. Freda Baumgardner, a daughter, Meli- ssa Myers, at the home; a tep- father Ralph Everhart of Charles Town; a brother, Fred D. Myers of Vanville; and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Myers of Blair and Mrs. Grace Moler and Richard Moler of Charles Town. general drive tonight at the Sen- ior High School. 300 men and women are expected to attend the kick-off meeting at 8:00 p. m. in the auditorium. At noon today drive officials reported a total of $195,764 in dash and pledges had been re- ceived. Pledge cards for almost every family, business and industry in Jefferson County and nearby sec tions of Maryland and Virginia have been prepared for selection by the volunteers. Mrs. O. S. Bloom and Mrs. Robert Leavitt are co-chairwomen of the general campaign phase and headed the successful recru- iting drive for volunteers Literature describing the hos- pitars present desperate need and future plans, is being mailed today to every prospective donor. Those receiving campaign mater- ial are asked to read it carefully and if they have any questions to dicuss them with the volunteer when he calls. Donors will be asked to don- sider giving memorials within the new hospital and to spread the payments of their gifts over a three-year period. It is emphasiz- ed that if any people give even a small amount each month over three years the campaign.will be a success and construction of the new facility assured Merely the cost of a cup. of coffee per day for three years would entitle a donor to have his name appear Thomas Jenkins Dies In Hospital After Lengthy Illness Thomas Perry Jenkins, 67, pro- minent resident of Ranson, died Wednesday in Charles Town Gen- eral Hospital after an illness of about three years. He was born in Claarles Town June 30, 1902, a son of the late Robert and BeSsie McGoluck Jen. kins, Jr for years he was a plus. ter contractor and in more recent years he had been an active mem her of the Ranson Helpers Club. Surviving are his widow, Mrs. Katie Clipp Jenkins at the home in Ranson; a sister, Mrs. Margaret Smith of Sterling, Va.; and four brothers - Robert Jenkins, Jr of Ranson, Marshall Jenkins of Cha- rles Town; Leon of Ranson; and Wallace of Waldrof, Md. Funeral services will be held Saturday at 2 p. m. from the Melvin T. Strider Colonial Fune- ral Home in Ranson, by the Rev. Richard E Neal, pastor of St. Thomas Lutheran Church in Ran- son. Burial will be made in Edge Hill Cemetery in Charles Town. Bearers will be Kenneth Sager, Lawrence Ring, John Dalgarn, Clark Elliott, George Robinson, Henry Jones, Clyde Robinson, Paul Ring and Dimple Robinson. 9:20 Friday night," as the result of injuries received in a two-car highway crash which occurred on State Route 45, just East of the Martinsburg City limits. He was Berkeley County's 18th highway fatality of the year. the two cars was placed at $2,100 i " ' Five other persdns including pohce said Lewis B. Lancaster, 18, also of which the deceased was a mem- ber, officiated at the services and burial was made in Fairview Cem. etery in Bolivar. The deceased was born in Bol- ivar, June 30, 1949, a son of Mack Warren and Lida Miller Robert- son. He a student Surviving in addition to his parents, are one sister, Miss June Louise Robert- son, at the home and a brother Bryan H. Robertson of King's Point, New York. Lancaster, is still reported in a critical condition in the Mar- tinsburg hospital suffering from head, face and mouth injuries as well as a leg fracture Also injured in the accident and still patients in Martinsburg hospitals in addition to Lancaster are: Tramell E. Alexander, 22, of 505 South Raleigh street, Martins burg, driver of the other car in- volved; and three passengers m pick-up paper on Saturday morn- ing Oct 11, 1969. Anyone having paper to be picked.up please call Mrs. Polly Glesner 535.6589, Lewis Meadows 535-6626, or Terry Pen- well 725-7496. If you do not have a phone just set your paper out in front of your home. Paper will be picked-up between 9 and 11. Rainy heavy at times, high near 70 today. Rain ending tonight late followed by partly cloudy and warmer Friday. Low tonight near 60 High Friday around 75. Saturday outlook partly cloudy and warmer. Winds East to South East 10 to 20 miles per hour, be. doming South to South.West on Friday. street, in downtown Charles Town This year the tag day wiI1 be held Saturday, October 4 from 9 a. m, until 9 p. m. Then the following Saturday the firemen Will once again as in the past excite the interest of the kiddies in the fire depart. ments and their operating equip- ment by providing free rides for them, after which they wiIl be pre ented souveniers gifts by the firemen. More details concerning the free rides on the fire trucks for the children with respect to sch. edule of rides, and prizes will be announced later, it' was stated. Young Demomfs Of County To 0r0mdze At Tuesday Meeting The Jefferson County Young Democratic Association will hold a Membership and Organizational Meeting on Tuesday night, Oct. 7, at 7:30. in the Jefferson County Court House A membership drive is now un. derway and anyone between the ages of 14 and 40 years of age in. terested in joining is requested and urged to be present at the meeting, as several matters of im- portance will be diacus ed.