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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
October 1, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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October 1, 1959

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~,: ......... - " I /for el,tuner. On Monday h~,r Lran3 man Jr., MT.;. Charlc.; AOam.~, PIRIT OF JEFFER:qON r aMras ADVOCATE It , " [ Imo,ther Mrs. McDonald baked her Mrs. Warren baRue and Mrs. Her Q T~ ,vuTro~r~Av t~t~,vnl~D 1 1or,0 | I I ' I t a lovely b,irthday cake at her home man Spear. o---,, ~,,,~,,,,x,~., v,~.,_,o~,~ ., """" ~ Fog I I I I I By Mrs. Julia Whipp Viands in Rippon. Lit, tie Sue received a Mr. and Mrs. Rozer Harris and ........ f cloudy, I | | | I ---- lovely red wagon, dnn~htm- hia fntho," Ray nf Ra- Miss mary Magana ann neicel IMr. and Mrs. James rtumble o f dy wit | I I | -- I Mr. William Slinkman was in ] Mr. and MTS. J. L. Chapman ~3hi~ne'sion;e'h Sa't'ur'claveve;ina to Chariot, to Kackey celebrated t~heir IWhi,tewen, Tenn. were visitors at !; Friday IHagerstown on Prldav_ to ,see a- 1were visitors Fl~iday evening with 1111 ill it;heir grandsn Mr''and Mrs" R0y ~eehis/andoaren,~shir and/Virs bir.t)hday together Saturday even-10he .home of Mr. and,Mrs. Johrl possibl :J L dhapman on t'heh- way ,io ing wit.h cake and ice cream. Nei- IHae er on Sunday and Mo;aday. 70s. ( Iill "'" I 'Mr. and Mrs. 5o~n Milton and lHarris Jr. and ,family on Byrds sbencl the weekend wit.h his bro- ghbor Mrs. Carrie Crawford bak-| -- . and rr II i i ]three children of Millville, Mr, and ]orchard near ,town. t'her and family Mr and Mrs Roy ed a beautiful and delicious cake. ATTEND CIIURCtl SUNDAY ~..;.%..;..: !tll [,Mrs. Glessner and two ch,ildren] Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Adams Harris Jr. near Charles Town. -----~'---- .... l] | | ]of Martinsburg, Mr. ~Marshall /children Debbie and Fra;aklin, Mr. Mr. and 'Mrs. Paul Chapman. " I I!11 IGray Sr. of Berryville and Mr. land ,Mrs. M. L. Adams were over daughter Nancy were Sunday ev- ~A~ V/~lll} OlCU [IhU/ Ill I |Marshall Gray Jr of Winchester l nigh,t guesCs Saturday with Mrs. eni,ng supper gues,ts wit,h Mr. and L I UUII UIIJll PIUW-- llll /7 Iwere Sunday guests of Mr. and t.Myrtle DeHaven at Bethesda on Mrs. Charles Adams and children ..................... .... /i IMrs. Melvin Tu.mblin and family, tSunday they visited Mr. and Mrs. Martha and Chuckle. DV Dfig%I/llkl/~ " . /1 l Mr. and Mrs. Albert V,iands Jr. /Hillery Dell.avon and Mr. and . ~" ~lla n~l ~ ii I Mrs. Billy Via:ads and l~ttle Donna [Mrs. Joe Reedy and five childrenJo'hn'sOn PridaYParisheVeningHall .thea't theRipponSt. ............... D 1 DUUI3kIN III U U /j" I Hovermale and Mrs. Hall Thorn-l in silver Sprin~' Farm Club held a family night 1 f T I:: I: D I:: I: I: IJ W /j" son of nea" Murrell Hill weer call 'Mr and Mrs Alvin Bush son party beginning with a cover dish i.~ I L L l! I L L [~ 1~ ~ ]~ i~ L_L.o_J aL .... /i lers on Monday with friends in iStevie were Sa{urday nigh't visi. uenlnQ Tne pen /i IWinchester. Va. I,tors wiLh Mr. and Mrs. Charles supper and enjoy;ing a deEghtful - -- /4r Mrs. Evelyn Ilardy and Mrs Adams and ,two c'hildren, evening play,ing bingo. The grand ,~ A T;~T:~ i ~'~r A "~rr~ A r~T:, f~T~ nnTITC~ / /* / /~r [Helen Shirley of the general tele: [ Rev Samuel Butcher was IMon= prize .of a decorated cake was won ~ 1 2]k][~kl'.~ /qkI) I/ /-~kl'~ 1 ~k~r]P.J U~r I l-ll~ by Mr. Warren LaRue who won T ~r /'U%Or~ T'~T A "kr nentnu /~' IPhone Co. were Monday dinnerlday evening caller on .the'Wood- thehiffhest numberof games, i J[~%) ~..~U,.DI l~l~/'~lN--- ~)r I guests with the m,tters mo.ther row Adams family. Mrs. Glen IMagaha and child- II 4 p/ Mrs. Julia Via,nds. I Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Chapman and ren Rickey and Darlene spent Sat Ir~ IF/fl~ Ifli ii IF I~' ~,~ ii ii I~ I~ | %1 tlAII~vuI umlnmlUll forrlleolsrrlourlonoryour ........... lw Mr William Frye of Brunswick IL, Mr and ;Mrs. Robert Leake spent, urday with her parents ~Mr. and I ,p r U I" L I: 3 U I" r L Ir ' " ~ ~ as a caller on Monday with his ISundav in Martinsburg with ,Mrs Mrs. C,harl,ie Heflin in Leesburg. II -- v -- in ~ ~ v a . . mother Mrs Robert Pzye ~ ' si~ Mr a rs" - Chapman s cou. n . L nd M.. ,' Aosiale,hould boyourlaw- I Mrs.; Mabel Airs of Weverton. /j. L. Hess. ,Mr. Hesse celebratedHer parents purchased a new trail' PHONE 17 CH,RLF.~ TOWN. W. VA. . ~'l/ .... [Md. spent Sunday afternoon with 'his 65th birthday Sunday, Sept. 27 er and aH their children gave ....................... ' ....... ,. ~f*~/ yet--nave him craw y0ur [Mr. and Mrs. Bert Viands. He received lovely gif:ts and cards them a ",house warming". 77 I ~'~I'/ ........... / Mr. and Mrs Ronald Wiles and }and .all wished him many more //1/ Will. Legal Knowleage IS daughter Sherri of Loudoun Her- ,happy birthdays also ceiebra.t, ing . . /Khts Va were Sunday v~sitors of her 71 bii:,hday Sept. 28 was Mrs. . /// essenhal o th0" t proper t'he iatte'rs parents Mr. a,nd' Mrs. 'J. L..~mhapman who received, love-. ~,,t~--'e'~'*~m~-~m**'**~@," *'''~~ "~ Albert Viands Jr and family near lY gifts and cardsfrmner frienas' N I ES TOWN, i "/~b" ,reparation of onv legal the Blocrmery. and all wi.~hed her many more hapii~ IIi Tlll Tlr'~'ll CHARL.,,, OiL ]< #]f~r " " ' Our deepest sympathy goes out py,'MrS'eChapmanwants| V~:~~~IW Ill,,:,. i, document-especiallyone to the sisters and brothers of the /ml~na'n:nedVei:Y~m" But0her two I STARTS SATURDAY 1 //I . on whkh s0 very math c deegCl tdYa d OC!OBER" " lIRS.e "1' ! _~/~F' - - - be ---'ss ........ ~" ' t:" ' I Orville DeHaven and children Ron I ~ 0r importance depends, she'w'a;eem;~omdme ~,lco wne,'e I nie and Gall Friday evening. ! ~ i ~ "" " 1 [':7:1 ~# ~~i~ ge~hn~leYa:e~l~f:iCuS~:y~a[!.:~oii~" "'s" "-Y": .... . Happy.torepor.gallcommittee!!i:7~ty:~g~a~te~r~7:~t!iTt!i! ~D0n t Wait! Penney 11;iii d liar ,OMpI|T, TRUST $iRVlCll, $|1 US ~no~arbyMra'll~rgifa.i:~dsSheh~a; court .house. Those at'tendlng were ""...... irthday Ba" "r ains W0n" t!i ;' ~he ~c'e~'t t~he store here ~n ..... IMrs. Paul Chapman, Mrs. Calvin P' our 11,[~ - t B r ., tie town lsn t SO well. We all wish ...... " .................. f '-- .. , . I Nmodemus Mrs. J.L. urns J .. h..... .a * Mrs. ~allaHU 1-].~ 11~ L)U W ~1, 11 l'b I: eht s~eT~ rHCn?rY" and Mis Woodrow Adams Mrs. Harvey Leh I In the Circuit Court .. ,., . of o"or o. ou.ty, |'< '" " ,Mrs. Nelson Bush helped with I **r ~- ~r-'--n':--: JUST READ ABOUT THE I the supper Wednesday evening of] vYes[ ylrNlllla i t~he fire company Ladies Auxiliary ~ " I BARGAINS TO BE ] i for the members of the Presbyter NOTICE OF PROCEEDINGS ] FOUND AT PENNEY'S ' inn Church. 'TO TRANSFER PROPERTY (~~i~ I] IN CHARLES' TO'VN! i Messrs Harold Atwell and bro f ........... TOR IN : ther Eugene A'twell of Be:thesda FROM ADNII.NI311~A ....... ~Md. and Mr. Sylvester Frye" of I THE STATE OF WEST VIRGIN- "%1[ '.. J~ [~[~ ~ I WOMEN'S Z II lill [ ~lm a'~ll ilium lll~ illll Be~hesda spent the weekend with IA TO INFANTS IN THE STATE ~'~ ~~ ~ I SOFT RAYON PANTIES i" II 1 Ill I i =In i l Ill Ill II II I ehe latters parents Mr. and Mrs. i n~" PENNSYLVANIA " 'i ll I III II Iil I'I! Ill Ill it" /I Robert Prye and t'he three young,v-- " "''m l'la 00 1 .,..., too 1 II llr I,nu...... -, onSatilrdayn,i~ht " * tor of ~he estate of Amelia S. Mill I 5for $1 U /I .Mr..and Mrs. Milton Popkins of el', petitioner. [ ~,[,,A~Y~ ~ '~- .~" I Acetate tricot, elast'c leg br'efs. ~l II~ l U/ UIINI ikklw n ~abletown and their two grand- I vs: ~ D ~ Iw~~rted clrs" daughters Joyce and Bonnie who [ Harlen H Snyder legal guar- ~ .d~ [ SEAM|LESS SHEER NYLONS A~l~h~l~t "~l'll~N,l'lfll I~'~d~ ~'N~illl~t" T-~gllil~li spent the weekend with t'hem were I dian of Daniel N. Snyder, an in- s~,~o s. ........ ~ ~,,.llt,~ *itx, li~ Saturday callers wfth their S'0n-~n I fang twader the age of twenty-one I 69e Pair ......... e,~ ..... law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. yeaTs Barks County Trust Com- ~ 1~~..~.~ I sizes 8 to 11 A uommunlty uorner ~tone ~lnce 1511 Obie JOhnston. The girls remain=ipany, legal guardian of Donald H; elV~vela~elv~ee~_en.. -. I~nyde,', a minor under 'the age o, ~ [~~i] I First quality. Single loop sheer zs ,.edna r'ntts of en,t one eros Darnel N Shy - MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION ... : ~. '" ~ " ~ . - ] tw y- Y '" ; " " : ~ ["~'~{.~~ I reinforced Toe and Heel. Pash- u'na.iues town were ~'a~umaylder an in,font under b he age o z ~~ 1~~ liinable Colors. niffh, t callers with their sons Nel- twenty-one years and Donald H. sony MelOn t Snyder an infant under t,he age I BABY' -P,ECE SLEEPERS ,, ,z~zr. and !Vh-s. Edgar Frye, Mr. [of tweny-one years, respondents. a,na ivlrs. ~ul~let~te Chambl~n of TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: ~ll~~ l"l i I ONLY $1.00 and Mrs Abner Henry and I otice is hereby given pursuant to I Sizes 1 ,o, [ ":_~_" son Garry of l~anson spent Sun- I Phe nrovisions of Chapter 44 Ar.tic ~ " " " o " day a.fternoon the.~r brother [ le 1]:ol the Code of West Virginia 6/#~d~"--'~ '~ ~ ~ | Baby's soft knit pastel cotton. - ,v~ho opera~es the Avon woo .and roster Mr. ~nd Mrs. Rabevtlas amended ,t)l~a Paul E. Miller, v] ~J~rT. t k ~~.!1 I Non skid .plastic soles. NEWS HAPPENINGS IN /Dairy Farm reports his corn-yield Frye. i Jr Administrator of the Esta,te of t ...... -- to "re 'Mr and Mrs George Jones and Amelia S Miller deceased late a iis very iavoraoie accoru,mg v Mr and MIs X'~ " - -- " . I , _ .' . . ~ ~ ] .J ~ ~'~fj [ FLANNELETTE m.. --- -- mm ~ tam ~n / ....... f-rmers " ". t~mr*lano nen,ry a.~- residen, t of Jefferson county wes~ lJ~~/ /J ~ ~/I / COTTON NIGHTGOWNS i A ~ 1 Im | |l W I~ lva~iing ,c~ncuuons. ~ome a tended the funeral Saturday after/Vi'rginia will make" application to |~LL|V 'i " tare seeding the whea,t ground, noon of t~he late M~ss Margaretlthe Honorable Decatur H. Rod- ~/#' ) .~'JS~lf I / $1.77 '~1o.. tm-,~ol ...... ~--.11 .... ~i ll}k.~.,o~ ~ no, / Taylor Russell, son of Mr. and Henry which was held a,t the Stri gers Judge of the Circui Court . ~l~ lllI'l~ tAilll~lll~l~ OlillilMwuIuIbi' lilUil~ ~u'*" "v~ I .......... der ~*~lneral Parlor ' " -L"-r-o- ~ount'" Wes.t Virgin- " - i lvirs .age ~uss~,l ,s empioyea m Mr nd "" ' .... o, ,, ,. - _ . I ~E~# I /Trimmed Yokes, Full Cut Print- ' |bhe "Berryvil'le Basket Company.'. . ~. J'(ynns~on l is a,t the court house a.t (Jnarles i /~.#/ ~_~'[~l.~l~l F led Patterns. ,Mother Hubbard i " " r "were callers on ~uno,ay eve,n,mg i Town Jefferson County West Vir- ~ .World Wide Com~nunion will be.more, Md. spen.t Sunday at Valley ImMae~CnUS B~osn n~eVe.inaatl~:Vea?~ witch t~he la.t~ters paz'en%s Mr. and }ginia'on Friday October 16, 1959 ~ I IStyle. Size 34 to _46. ~erved Sunday morning, Oct. iView Paz~n tahe home of ~. J' .ff~g __ ~'p '~_g _ ~.&" IMrs. Mil, ton Pogk~ns wt. K~b.le-lat 10 o'clock ~, M or as soon ' _ _ . _ r- t -- " i " I BOY'S CREW NECK ~t 11 o'clock b l~v S F But- Terr's brother a:nd ~ister-tn-l,aw/~aY oz ~,ne ~uu ~K4n ~reeK. vne town ' .... |! Y .... Y ~ " ": +.e their ' ~hereaf, ter as the same may be ~her P. C tMr. and Mrs. B. Prank I@ll and lwater.*u .is utilized ....... to operat Mrs. Nelson Bush was a caller ]heard for netry of an order author ~3 ~1~ ~lkq 7 L ~ ] SWEAT SHIRTS ~'t~,~ ~ncourse of friends !,mot~er Mrs Edna Hill ~co. lja storage meaueo nere m uae on Sunday with her parents Mr]i in Paul E Miller Jr Admin- ........ ' mo - z g . , ., i ONLY ned t~he ,mnity and relatives of I- P.~tsy .Cl:lpp .r.eceived multiple {y~'s~gel ~n vpe n%ar:u~urel3~m an~t and Mrs_Willing,ham and daugh- I is,trator to transfer from the Sta.te . -- ,,C ,i~h.~.~n tI~A ,.,.~ x~i~. i,i.Vthe, r .... last" VirlnialIXiises ~mie riaang a mtori~lKe I'%~' ~"resr~ets . ..... :'" .... '%"-" .~. ter near ~ara.ane ~rftts I ofS V,r nia to Harlen H SnY.o~.