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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
October 1, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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October 1, 1959

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0 * * * -k * , -k * * * * _ Two s cno s s Today most~dy ild cool but I ~ t r t 16 - PAGES - 16 .nine sunshine tiffs afternoon, high Ill /I II \1 II ......... 0" 75. Partly cloudy tonight, lowest 50 .. Ill l[ II Read By More "man zo,. u degrees. Friday some cloudiness and ~ ~ ~/ ~, '-~ Ir People Every Week coo,. t ) ) "Serving The Charles Town.- Ranson alld Jefferson County Community Since 1844 _ -- , ,--------------- T ' ~ - t ~(1 , COMPLETE LOCAL NEWS COVERAGE PRICI 10 CENTS X OL. 95, NO..10 ~EST VIRGINIA'S OLDEST NEWSPAPER CHARLES TOWN, JEFFERSON COUNrY, w. VA. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1, 1.),). ..... ve 1.53 Inches Of Rain Spoiled Record Har.ers Fern Get tinc IPetit Jurors Will S.BrookeBlackford Named Executi % _ .', _ I Convene Tues. To Secretary0fChamber.0fCommerce; "IT .......... _" ._ Keudy For J hn | mI HearDamage Suit IelansForOpeningHeadquartersDdayed hurricane co- Centennial 01ws Petit jurors for the current term ~ " _7" (bnl the Circuit Court 0if Je ersonl S. BrookeBlackford, wellknownl ...... ......... **~,~. I. IC...n v .TAr 11110 a ollunltl IVllt_Flbllt lilt L,_AILJeILL.iI_I 0 9 u I noose in G'narles l own nell iues- i C , !, - e ! ,~i: ~!i:::::~ -----_. ............ /day morning, October 6 a1; 9:30 led as the first full-time executixe ] :ii ::;::: [ ~ 1 ] 1 ~ ~ "WliTT 1 Harpers Ferry and Bo,livar. 1;wol .... /Standard 'rime when t,ne case of lsecretary of Lhe Jefferson CoumyI [LL~ i_ __ i_ 1 ..... .,-~. t~ ~ .r-x Iklk/ 1"1,'1 Of the mO~t f!am ous and ~hisrt or 1 e I A ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~q~ I Jolh~#~ N. Andrews vs Virgiinla ~4~il,e I Chalm~er oI ~o~mmerce ~ 1~L). was an ~ ~ I ~ I 1~ I ~ ~1~ ~ ~ If If I ~ ~J~d~ ~J mR ! ~ ~E E I ~ B p!ace_s m Jefferson County and in[ 1433U111 3 /G31UlalC:land Marine Insurance Cg,mpany, lnounced Wednesday OYid~n ~.1 , ! k..)li T " " ..... au o~ America, are getting 1;heirl ..... let al, is scheduled to oe .tided. /lvlarsnal~ t~'namoel pres a ._. / : ~!~::i:::.:::Ji:.i:iiiii:iiii:i:ii:i:::i::i : ,::i:: ] ~ ~ ~/ madri Gras dresses ready for don l II ~ta~ ~r~".'~,A ~l Andrews susta,ined property[ Mr. mars~narl saio in .rna.v:2ng I : [ ~ .......................... ning for a big week of celebra1;ing IL~|~|| ~li | damage a.t ,his f'ai'm sou~hwes.t of the announcement tha.~ "mr. ii:~ ........... :~ ~ . . and fiesta when the CentennialJ *|ge U [Charles Town and claims that .theJBlackford has had years .of bus-/ ii~. / While .tropical storm Oracle ca," I time was reg,syere'd 'to be mo.v.~ng [ e C nm:,~,, U~tR~A Observance of ".the John- Brown_ e_ loss., is covered by insurance .... The iness experience wn~c,n, mcmoes ~;;:~:::~:~i~;!i ..... . Pied dearth and destruc:tion in nez" a.~ at)out az m,rms per hour. vow,CUe I ............... I.,, |, Ir ||II||L I1~1n|ll|l~U Raid at Harpers Perry gets under [ Rl~Jnt|~t ~hnrch [defendants claim the loss was not/sening and promotional work and/ ::ii::~~~ t in many par1;s of .the SoWh-lover a large tree near the nora [ wa ' ~ ==u ~ ,v=~M~|g we feel the Chamber of Commerce ii::~ .... ~ ::: :i~.* ea.~tern seaboard bhis section fair off .Mr and 'Mrs. *l,'reoerlcK l~yrer -.. Oc[ ?~:' 12 and ex1;ends thzou.h[ r' [m~ffredmore jury 1;rials remain e,n is fortunate in securing the servi,-/ led much be~t,ter' with very li,t,t'le Ion Pirst Ave:nee. W~h.en_1;he tree/ h,..t..Governor Of Wi.t~h only wbouL ten days re-[ ]itllae docket fo,llo,wing the Andrews lces of Mr. Blackford. for this pos~,.[ ~:~':~>C | damage 'from ,tlhe e:~tremely strong |wenit down i ptmect 'the power| ===~ maaning before one off the most / / case. On Octooer 13 t.he case of [ The appoin'~m,en~ t)ec,ame eqec~[ :. ~:ii~: " / wi,nds ,and the dry parched farm-/lines with i.t. _ .... / p.m I~t . . I1 coior.fu'l, historical and educa1;ional [ ~: / Allen Burk.hart vs Mower Lumber [ ire today at w'nicn ~ime i~ wasnop[ i~!~~i~ | land being given a real long-need | Officials of the r,otomac ~ignt I I~$lql ||ll~fl~l~l li, iw: nl celebrations ever s, taged m Jeff-| lCoim,pany is set .to be tried;, and l~ thai; en WuCheamberOu id On el led drenching. As a ma,bter of fact land Power Company also r~io~rrted| ~1~1111 I~lJIII 'q~l .ILll~UllnlJ erse,:l County .gets underway / |0n October' 14 1;he case of Virgin- I erce ' q ' ~ 1 ns| : / t'he rainfall of Wednesday and/this morning .that ,a sect." n of| ............. man. ." . i r ers| ia Gesner vs ,Myrtle PorteM.ield ready for opening and operat'o ]ii:::.i~~ : | Wednesday ni~h,t which ea,melstate Route 9 South of Charles/ ~,~ ..... ~'erryy sreecSltdgnn1;s rend nttwe wHar~ing/ ~~:/and Mary Porterfield Lie set to be [in the lobby of the Thomas Jeffer-| :~ |with Hurricane Gracie spoiled a|Town, was without power for a-/ : ~:i:i:i:~i:~ 1 ...... ~ ~o.a ,a ..... ~o~ .... d co : :~~~ / heard " I son Ho1;el. Be1; due to u,~ft)rseen/ [ record for Jefferson County. Un- | bou, t a hour a~t one time Thu!'sday/ ,~-'~i~n~*"~" -~".-~ ~'~,'~,~"~' :~~J~:;~ | Court will remain in session ldifficuLtles 1;he C. of C. he.adquar-/ | til Wednesday's 1.53 inches off rai,n | mgbt as the l esult of tree llm, t)s| :~~~ ~',:~".~'~.':'m' ~,'~-'~'~'~t'i~"w,hi(~la| ~~~~ [,through October 19. [ters will not be in opera1;ion for| | fell Jefferson county was well on] knocking down power hnes. ] : ~ave'l~een:"an'~'s~':are'~)eSing-,ar_[ ] There were no jury Zrials ,this [at least another week or ten.days;[ | the' way ,to recording ,the dryest| Officials ,of the General Tele-| :: : ranued for the some 25 000 peo-| ~2~ /week althoug~h ,the court handed | Blackford, v~no was selec.te~/ . _ .......... | Septem'ber in all the years ,wea~n-[ phone Corn.puny also reportedl ~- to"our into I dow,n opinions on legal issues in-lfrom a number oI appl.!can~s by[ S. BROOKE BLAU~rU~o. ,er records have been ke,p't in thelsome minor service difficulties .a~| ~iiiiii!ili!~ pie who are expected Pc(ion volved in a nu,m,ber of pending/t,he Board of Directors a~ a me~-[ident in charge of sales for cneilcounty |the result of lines bein- blown!l :~:~:~:: Harpers Ferry for the oc . : . . ' .... ' ' ~ ' i::!i:,iiii:~*%.i~ | cases lng last week is a native of Jen- Independent Twine and Yarn Co Char'lee Towns weather obser- d n but the repolted that fm ~:~' ', , : ~ w f ' ' ' , ' ' , . ow . Y ,~.~', _. Wi,th e.laeh pass,_n_g d~y?eomenat , On ,t,he chancery side of the doe erson Coun,ty. He was born.a~,Ind. of l~hiladelpbA.a, Pc. and th ver Laurence Lloyd said t!hls m.or 1;he most part service was no1; in i:: ures and new eve~+~...~ .~1 ~ ~ ~ ke!t ,a. decree of divorce was enter- ~ Shenandoah Junc1;ion,a,t1;enoeo[ Caut:horne Paper Com,pany o'll ning the coun1;y had received t)niYl.terruoted for too long of a period. [ }~:: InI~0 ~ne over a~ ~c**~v~. a~ r~*~, lies ~ -- 'tur,~ ~,,a ~oc-~' one nl'omises ed ;1;uesday granting a divorce to I grade school there and Cha ' ' |Richmc,~d, Va. More recently heI 1/20th of an inch of rain dmang/This morning t;he linemen werel 7 an,, ~.,~..:,_ . :wen m-r- "/ ~i!~.]i~ ~ I Carolyn Martin in her suit affainstlTown High Scnooi. ~e spem one/ has been employed at the CharlesI the e.n*ire ,first 29 days of Sep,tem/ out winding up .the ,few m`inor I mLF.Peo%g "ZW on o.h" I Charles F. Martin. [ year at the U. S. Mili~Vary aca-/ Town l~ace Course and S henan-I bey. And ,things were so dry ,many| clean-up details left I;o be takenI . - ~ ~2~"'i~ 2 I ~ I demy at West Poin1;. . .| doa:h Downs. | in Vhe rural areas have been for-| care of it was stated. / .~~ ,t'~h~ m'~,n~ ~a'*n.d'v~tr,ied e~}~i{~i"t*~*~n~| ~~: [ ~^t,~t, T~,e~e T~ I F'or seven.years ne worKeo ou~| Mr. Blackford is married to thel ced ,to .haul water.. ....... | Al.thou~h t~here was a't o,ne ,ti.nae [ ~~~~ "'.'~ "'"-"- "~"- ~ . , y ......... " :;~~~ ' JIV/CI /IU31~3 /U of Kansas t~l,~y, ran. as a raccury " " ' of Char Not until Wednesday mg'nc ~aau ' - h ur winds raging displays of ant~q ~e ar1;,~cles have/~[~ [ I ......... e~t.i,,, f.~ whitloek Cord I former M,iss Eliza Welrlck ' "~ ................ 142 mrle per , o . '~1 ~ lv i~ . . . , .~v.~s .... ~ ........... , - t oenerson uoun~Ly ,zeel any zeal zc- . , ~lready s~a~ted c~ea,tlng much/~ I , 4- . ~ , I .,~ t~,~mn~v ~nwrin~ the middle I lee Town. He ~s a member of heI .................~. ,...~.~.~ .0~ |:i~hroug,h Jefferson Coun1;y, foz theI ~~. "~ spectator `interest For instance| ~l M~PT Mwurfl/W Ill' /=V~,"'~'~'~-'t'~-}';,7 west He alsol Sons of the Confedera1;e Veterans i susans o.z.'~ne n~g,n .w~n..~u'~ ~,~.,, ~.~1 most part the wind averaged 30I ~~";~ I ' ~ ..... v ...... J "'- ~ ........... -- '' " " " hurch of coral:re.riled ,~ne ~,wvm ~t.u =v=,, " s er hour ,as the storm ,the two antique hearses of the/ I I ..... ~a years develoning the[ and the Zion Epssco,pal C [ ...... ,.. , .... i,~,~ d~,zr~e inl to 35 mile. p 1[ ..- : ,Civil W,ar period o,wned by and d`is| REV. CHARLES WILLIAMS [ .. P / ~P:u~heasTtern territory as~x~ice-presI Charles Town. " [ ~,~.:=):~n~.~'c~ ~1;,l~er';~l'aces~n~ Vir-[ moved thro,xffh. | played on the lawn of Mr. Jesse[ The Rev. Charles E. WaLi,mms,[ ~rDer~ ]=errv | i~,~, ur,. Yir~,inia and Marv-I The only property damage that[ Dailey, funeral director 'of HAP-| former pastor of ,he Cu.lvary Bap- / -----r ...... a I .... , ..... m , tx #t~ /~'~,~" ............ | had been reported- this morning] pePs Perry have cre~ted muchl.t,is, t Mission in Hanover Pa bus/ ~-~ ~.~-..~ ,,~ Trus,t .... f ~..r~. I |--=,A~ | ~,m J[~|,,~tm~ T~'~t~g ~=~ V~ | I11' } ~""~."" - -*i~- ~f Charles Townl was the breaking of ,the gLass inl ,,interest among visitors to the[ assumed t,he pastora1;e of the Lee|~i~.:/-'~ ~n'~et ~trU~z ~;~ ] LO[C k11 ,!-IOIii/U|a !kllU/ ;I]11 ], ~ne,,i~"li~t~ts for ~ shoz'~ ] one of the large glass dool.~ ~t t'heI area. Lines of traffic s1;ol~pmg ,to|town charge of the Baptis,t Chur-/ ...... o ~.. ~ .... -s w ..... .~,,. I ~ -- _ I .... ~,..~ .... ~,, ni-ht when a/en1;rance ,to the club house of[ C. 17. PRINTZ examine these1,nusual horse t ch w~h ch include churches at Sum h at onel Shenandoah Downs Race tza, ck F Prtntz p~x}rmnent ' ' ' ' * ' ' * - ' : " : ' day morrflng October 3 at 10"00 'hear ~ guest of vdnd v~hic ' - .... C~mrles . drawn veh*icles'haveincluded cars mit Point Lee,town and Shen,an- ' , ar Par y , I n~ educa*or and for - - ..... r , ' . " /a m vOaeratto__ ns With Anmvers _Y _t~J I ,Jefferson~ Cou ty '~ . from Canada, ,Mazne and Cahfor- Ido'a'h Junctmn. He su.cceens theI ~,,~,,~ ,~ +h~ mee~in,~ is +o con I r"-- I __ ~ am" . tm ll || I a num~ber of years a:~ active mere- nia. |Rev, Dewey Undel'woo'd, who w'a | sider an(i" act"on furt,her steles to I ..................... J ~k.,.,l.,, TA,a,n D~nen,~ V' I A //~ H ln " ' I oer off the Challes Town Klwanls One is a vc:'y" cream .,~] Ir contly transferred to a| z.[ez'~e Storey Col.te~e w~1;h Alder-I ;Melvin Ste,tler, pl, a~t manager |'lv'~h~ ula~..ur2~g p l~n~ zzz m'_~e.o?v-| LIIttllt; / INII=IIOIIOV IJ/,/ M IV i ivl~ I Olub was this week named as ored child's ihearse wit,h much [ in V,irglnia. : /~:~..~.~t~.a,~ r~,~leT~ in Philli.r~ni l announced today .tha,t 1; week I1;c~nber lV~.anct pm.n~ ~:_v_~ ] =- ........ I Lieut ,Oovernor of the l~lfth Dis- i h~and carving. ,Mr. Dailey states I ~.Mr. Will`lame, a na,tive of Rogers|.~r'~.U~,i,~-~,i~'~ "- ...... ]marks t~he end of the flrs~ year iera.hio~ns on oe,~er I oa a. nrn2"m.:a] I~ I k~l__-JLe..~. ~IP ~*,m ~k~~|l ~' 7A~ [trict "~ Kiwunis International at : t:hat, one of 'his earliest.., recollect- ville in Eas1; Tennessee has beenla .............. Last January the Board voted of Successful opera,tions of ,the produot~Onn emSCn'eaute',lo ed ~twa'~nthe uut~."a'~~t ] rlrST ~ee|| u| |~{[| J[~v||~j ]b~| |=w~ the ..... anau'al conveneton of the West lnsisthatof aecompanyinghis[intheministrysince1932. Fo'.'/, .... .,h,~.d u,,it.h.m.r~.r butll~anson nlantof the Lore'Lyn[30wome 'P Y :' .,t~. ~ IVlrginia District of Kiwanis held fa, tlher, also an undertaker to 1;he I bout five and one-,haLf years he| m~Vm~rit."v"~tru~'~'es~" o~n~"se-to the | Manuf~act ~'ring Company And to | Wi1;~hin a fey. wee.~s vne proaucj "--'----'--- "--'--'--'-- . ..... '- lin -Clarksbm~: Sunday ~hrong~h (3 and O Ca~al t ' | di evan elistic work in nearto/ ......... -- - "-'-- | - casion em| 1;ion personne~ naa t)een m crea~eu nt Hospitallty~Mrs ~ionaro~'unKi ' s v ..... o meet a canal d g ..... ' th apt- ro rl obsexve the oc , - ire meetLn of :the prese , ' Tuesday Prmtz was named .e - .... merger fried smt 1;o stope p pe y . .... , , lian,t. "Phe f t ,. g . . . . - - . bo~t. ,bcarmg t'h,s, hearse from | V~a.~hington. , D. C He ,hel'ped ,.,,,...~ --,,~m*" .... o-." ..... ' ~,'1,a.,. ,~..dln.o--~ ~ and I nlovees~. _ of the ,plan.t and thelr famlto, about 65. .... and. today the p ..... . ..... ~,~, .._-~-r _f~ t~he_~ Ckarles Town ~Mrs Harold Chambhn. M,s. Paul feral months, ago to flll this post Washington ,to H~ar'pers Ferry. As | or~amze a churc'h m L~sbon, Md.|,. ~^..~ .~ ~[ th~ m~r n~n h~|.ilies will be ~uests o.f the manage|is employing aDou.t iz~ people, R~n~,~n p T A will be held Mm~- Corso, Mrs. Challes Conracl, Mrs: | to fill ot~t the unexpired term of the custom of the clay large His first ministry, was in E. st,Ten finally"., completed untd' t he lit g, t- ment aA; an a,nmversary, party to mostly wome .. , . day evemng: Oeteber 5 at Wmffh1; Paul Nleagle and Mrs. eolge m Verle Snyder of Berkeley Spmngs e~y undertakers used thmr e ~tp nessee and then he serve~ ~I sev ardane ommun tler stud m s eamng len '. " q' : . ' r~ ion is ended, be Staged .at the B C Mr. St ~P : ' Denny School auditorium at 7:45 . " . v,~no resigned. ment unll .11; was considered obsol en years a.t Deelf.leld, Va. la1;e he ~ itv Cen,ter S~turday night, for ,the company, tha~t the :pastn m C F Prln, tz pres~den*t an- Teen-Age Can,teen-'M~. Leo K~s .b~aking up the fift~h d~s~riet are e~e, and then .rt was "sold to t,he|wen,t to Oak View near Hanover.,| ~,,A,~.~o.,d,~,~ IPir~man Tn | "~,~,, ~,~cl the oartv will get]ye~, h,as been a most successI.u.l nnu'nef~-c]" try'day ' ner Mrs George Mullen, Mrs Cai|the Martinsburg Keyser, Charles a..ntry . |Pc. where he remmned for a out/ .... |,..~,~ ........ ~u~t 8 o m and there|one for the pla,n,t as evidence t)Ypre~g c)hairman A C Ner- vin Shoemaker and Mrs Olen,n|T0wn Berkeley Springs and .... . ,.,~,,,.,~ _~ ..... . . . ...... ram . , .... .T. ne second hearse ~s a tradition| four yea~s. . ....... | Give Away Turkeys &gain |" .. _ . ~ : ........... ~ .~.n/ the big increase m productmn ann hood wiN be the leader for the pro Spe~ht. | Petersburg clubs. ' ,* :_ 'interest eel,table for ya.ds/ ~ /sudh projecl~s they s,tage each yea~" ..' ~ . ...... ...!~.~. ~..=~..~ ~.~ /during t~he year. " gram' will .be t~he f~llowing past -- - ~ | ion" a past Comm,ander of J,ack, i - -- _ /Sneeial Meetin /it was an,nounced this .week by Year s hnon~~ no~e ~)~'e .... '~-| Stebt,ler said Vhe company also presidents of the organization; l~,oger Perry, wel,l-known .Oh~r-|~n-Per.ks Po~tAmerican Legion; , ~=~ ~zutl~t25 'DUlII!~ 'pr4or ~o erie ~iv/ -- "-" / Presiden1; ~hai~les e' ~einln,ger."~: V ~ L ~ t .... ,---~ f,r an ~x~anded C,~nr~e Mullen Josel~h P Chris~- lee Town attorney will teach vne/past t~'nel oe dare oI ~ne au h war da,te will be marked f,ori,f~ ~F ~ ]-~|~.~.f~'~ t Reinin_~er sa,id solici,ta.tion Orf encL _ |,nOW z~a~,'~,~=.=.-.-~,,~;~--ome~,~--~-r .1 ,hn 'L Van Metre andi/~on for the B-cinders Class off/Eight, distract chmrma~n of the :: ~en'~ennial Week An ex~ens~ve re/~" ,.,x ,,~. ~,, .... v,~, / ,~o c~i~'tmas turkev project will The Lop 'Lyn C.o,mpany p~ ~J,J.~J~r~*].~ ,~a.~... ^~,~o.~ :~,,, --^:. JO^.,._. ,~ T-T.attser, ;~ C~hn,-I~. ma,wn M~hodtst Churl Legion's ora,torieal con,test and re search project authentica~ting| .---~-~ ] ~tart in the early part of Novem- ~d %.he dr .s manufaeturmg | ........... , .... " ,Mr l~rintz said t'hat during the eh Sunday morning, it was an-| corder for the munlcipali1;y of i~a:r;es hasbeen carried on by.LMrs.| _ Presiden~A1Ler} Mar..s,ha,ll. of the] bey ormerly ] nown as the R an me near ,u.y.~. " soc;~ai -ho:~r a reeeptic,n will be nounced today by Dean Bush, pres| Charles Town. . .. ~,uW~l~=a'rn~v~rs ~ameYAl~rea o.i .riarpers ~.:erry| ~enerson ~'oun.~y ,dnamt)ere O:a~ | ..... - -- held for the new teachers, ident. The class will convene a1;| MaKing cne trip' to vn.e.eonveh-. , h r . conins of t~Ol~var wommerce, n,as caheo a sp c,.. $ Officers for t'he Charles Town- 9.45 a. m. and Mr. Perry wiLL be- Lio,~. in addition to t-rm,tz were . W e e actual d'ates could be ver-/meet'Ing for T'hursday ,nag~h~t, Oct.[ ~t .... n iJ-- . "."~ P NINIAN~ ~ inmh~ f~~ ]:? ....... P T A for 1959-60areas ~..,,o,.v,i,~,, o~,,,,, ,n v,~ifnr~ ar~[Ml', and Mrs. William Hund. the *if4ed, rt,hese will be used. The words/o.ber 1:st a,t 8 p. m. at the Thomas |/~ilrT I'!1 , Nil L tUilIIUII I] ,~UU|l~a / ~ ~ 7r~'~,:,7~: "l~r~.~ - 'C F Prin~z vice- ~ ..... "."";~ "'"'*~.. "f" "." ........ "':/former president of the Charles :"Pre-Civil War wi'll be used w~here|Jeffersc~.n HoteL. Se.vera~l mat1;ersl~V~|| I1~ u4 '" "" " r ......... ~ 'Nerhood" 'secre- assured oI a cormai wemome a,nO|Town Club; Fred Byrer, Thurman :~ i Che actual Ca,tee could not be de1;er/of importance are scheduled for -- -~~ m.. | || I | .~,.~'"~a'~-~ "l'~n-~:isner' treasurer members of .the class are urged .to| Whttacre, Edgar Heekman and } mined. ,, "wften1;ion. .... & lU:il P^il|e mnnerae Bi f|~ NaPe unl I 1t :vV[.l'liam-TPerks. lVlembers o.f bring a.lon.g a guest with 1;~aem. t J, ames Moler. V~IllUI/I~I Uu ~,i~ .=,,.I, - v , .v r .... LUUll ill t, uuun Iff the executive board are: Mrs. Ha ~4AA ~u~A I ~ ~ {[~..e.L ~ old C1~amblin, Miss ~Martha Ko- . IIIII.A/K. In 11 .111111 . Ui| U| chenderfer, Mrs. C. Manning ~. ~v.v--v. mmu ~ nnvrvvw w,,,,. Smith and ,Mr. James W. Strider (whose term expires in 1960) Mrs. Exceeds First The minister of the Charles Town Presbyterian Church. Carl- yle A. McDonald, urges all mem- ber's to be present at the World- Wide Communion Day Service on Sunda:v. October 4. to give thanks to God for a most successful fin aneial eampaign conducted dur- ing the past seven days. The f:,n,an,c.ial cam~paign to raise funds for the Develol)men,t Pro- gram of Oh.arles Town Presbyter- fan Church has been a "most won derful success" according 1;o the Canvass Com~m41;,tee. The congreg- :~,+~on had sttn~rl~a,ted t~h,a,t ont.raOt for work be let only when $75.000 wOuLd be in sil~h%. Thus far $100,- 378.80 h,a,s been raised. Those par- ~ieipa~ting in t~he c~.,n~a~ssing WOUrld w~tOh the tc~t,a~l:s on the blackboard ~and excl,~im "Un~bel,ie~b,le." And. .throughou,t t,he congre~a1;~ion there .,!.s a sp,iri,t of jub,~l,a,Non and en- vnusiasm thwt a ~hurch seldom ex periences. :: The minister st,a1;ed th.~t there ~, h, as been real sacrif~ice involved in ratsin~ t'ha~ much m,^,ney. He s~ta- ~ed fur.tiber 'ha% "t~his Campaign has been success~fut bec,~use of those who pledged small amoun,ts and bhose who pledge large a- mou.n,ts because of others w,ho Pl,an to con,tribute and because of sym, p~thy and prayers and best w~shes on the p,ar,t of others. ' The o~tmpaign has not closed It Will continue an op~,n c,um,paign until the church corn,pieCes i,ts .... ~-of vchiah t~e est4m,a~ed c,os1; 60,000.00. In addi1;ion to t,hose l_~ nave pled-,ed or sta.ed their ~enKon to pledge, muny .ot'.her ~em,bers l~ave ex, reseed ~helr m 'ten,tic .... P t , - . ,1 m o~n,tribuCte to this pro- J~Ot. Airally former members ,l~nd descenaen~ts of former mere er have , , aa toc~n~'a~ted the church office glwing memorial gi.f~ts for some of She furvdshings of the new and remodeled bu.ild{ngs. The Develo,pmen,t Pro~I,am has .us its imme.dia~te objective a new building addiction wh:ic~h will face Li~berty Street and remodeling off ,t~he existing buildings except bhe sanctuary. When comple,ted, t~he Whole will blend be,au1;ifuHy with ,~he historic sa,nctu*ary. Numbers of people have asked Wen the work would beg~n. I,t was st~a1;ed th,at in all prob~tbil,i1;y ~he work would begin as soon af- ter t~e first of the year as weaCher would perm~t. The finance com- mibtee, i was conTlden,t tha~ plaids for fln~anln~g t~he '~ . " Project c~u.ld be comple,~ed in the not too 'dl's,ban,t feature. The $35.000 necessary cas~h to stevt the bu~ldi,ng has been re- ceived or assured. The finance commi,t~tee has made provision for the members of The Presby1;eriun Church to be g~n weekly concri:bu~ions on Sun- day, Oct~ober 4. S~me however will con.tribute mon1;hly, qu,arterly or yearly. The m,in~'~ter s,t~ted that this has been a campaign which we i ourselves have conduc~ted ra,t~her than having ~,n o:,,tside fu.nd-r~t,i.s ing agency and thai; emphasis has been ~l,aced on "giving from the ,heart". He s1;a,ted further, "we all feel pleased a1; the resuRs off th`is eam,pa~ign and now we are assured tha,t we will not b,~ve to carry a l~arge long-term debt.A goo,d~ly num~ber of qoeople have loked at this as one cl~ance ~,n a }ife time to do something big for Crod and the Church. This mug nificent response also shows thane ,~he congreg.~t,ion is desiVous ,to see a g~