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Charles Town, West Virginia
September 29, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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September 29, 1966

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Subscribe To The Spirlt.Advocate REPORT OF CONDITION OF of Charles Town in the state of West Va. at the clo of bus- iness on Sept. 20, 1966. ASSETS Dollars-Cts. Cash, balances with other banks, and cash items in process of collection .......... 982,539.19 United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed ...... L .... , ................ 3,428,165.00 Obligations of States and pohtieal subdivisions 548,123.00 Federal funds sold .......................... 200,000.00 Other loans and discotmts ................... 4,890,734.32 Bank premises, furniture and fixtures, and other a. sets representing bank premises 21,538.95 Real estate owned other than bank premises 233,625.55 Others sets ............... >, ............. 530.42 TOTAL ASSETS .......................... 10,305,256.43 LIABILITIES Demand deposits of indtVfdu~/s, partnerships, and corporations ............. 4,346,843.39 Time and savings deposits of individuals, De p nershiT)s, and co porations ......... .... 4,237.806.54 its of United States Government 72.737.52 Deposits of Stales and political subdivisions 374.811.29 ' ;C Certified and officers checks- et ............. 68,656.07 TOTAL DEPOSITS ............. $9.100.854.81 (a) Total demand devesits ...... $4.g6 .04 .27 (b) Total time & savin deuosits $4.237.806.54 Other liabilities (includimr SNone mortgages and other liens on bank premises and other real estate ..........................25,000.00 TOTAL LIABILITIES ...................... 9.125,854.81 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS (c) Common stock--total par value .......... No. shares authorized 30,0 .000 No. shares outstanding 30,000 Surplus ................................... Undivided profits .......................... Reserve for contingencies and other capital reserves .......................... 300,000.00 600,000.00 .'229,401.62 50,000.00 TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS .............. 1,179,401.62 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPTIAL ACCOUNTS .................. 10,305,256.43 MEMORANDA Average of total deposits for the 15 calendar days ending with call date ................ 9,331,180.56 Average of total loans for the 15 calendar days ending with call date ................ 4,870,651.79 Loans as shown in item 7 of "Assets" are after deduction of valuation reserves of 26,225.72 We, James W. Strider, President, and Donald S. Srqith, Executive Vice-President and Cashier, of the above-named bank do solemnly swear that this report of condition is true and correct, to the best of our knowledge and belief. JAMES W. STRIDER ..... ......... President DONALD S. SMITH Exec. Vice-Pres. & Cashier Correct--Attest: VIRGINIA F. BURNS DONALD EACKLES ROBERT R. SMITH Directors State of West Virginia, County of Jefferson, ss: Sworn to and subscribed before this 27th day of September, 1966, and I hereby.certify that I am not an officer or director of this bank. My commission expires August 31, 1975. EDITH A. S. STANLEY, Notary Public :::::::::::::::::::::::::: t We Do The Following Three Things: 1.-We Do Actually What You Tell Us To Do In Your Will. 2.-We Do What The Laws Of The State, In Which You Live, Require Us To Do With Respect To The Rights Of The People Not Mentiemed In Your Will 3.-We Do W at The Federal And State Tax Laws Require Us To Do. For More I)etalls And A Broader Outtine On ilow We tect Your Family -- Stop In And DIs Jss Your Financial Matters WITH OUR TRUST REPAI MENT A FULL SERVICE BANK MEMBER FEDERAL MEMBER FDIC RESERVE SYSTEM RANSON, W. VA, " i .:V! :':: ........ LEADING THE DODGE LINE for 1967 are the distinguished Monaco, above, avail. !fhe prompt re~onse nf several persons in the neighborhood. At about 11 o'clock a fire was no- riced in the building known as the Baker elevator which is owned by Mr. C. T. tIardesty, Jr., and the alarm was sounded. However, by the time the fire fighting equip- ment reached the scene, the fire had already been brought under conlrol. The fire was just start- ing when it was detected and ar- son is su~ected in the case. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Heare and son, Rusty, attended the York Fair which was held recently in York, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Odville DeHaven and children, Ronme and Gall, visited on Sunday with the lat- ier's br~ther-in4aw and ~ster, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Boyd and fan~ly at their home near Rip- pOD. Home Demonstration Club to Meet The Summit Poir~t Home Dem- onstration Club will meet at 7:45 o'clock on Thursday evening, Oc- tober 6, at the home of Mrs. Don- ald Rhodes on First Avenue in Charles Town. Attention is called to the change of date, the meet- ing being scheduled one week earlier due to the Jefferson County Fair.The evening's les- son will be entitled "Creative Art" and each member is asked to bring with her an example of creutivity of any type to exhibit at this time. M.Y.F. to Organize The Methodist Church has an- nounced plans for the formation able in six separate models, and the popular Polara, largest in its price dau. Polara is of a Methodist Youth Fellowship, offered in nine models, including the Polara 500 2-door hardtop, below, the first meeting to be held at the church at 7:30 o'clock on Sun- home of her aunt. Mrs. W. O. Ma- day evening, Oct. 2. All young SOCIAL, PERSONAL ACTIVITIES IN coughtry, Sr., and her cousins people in the community who are Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hardesty and eleven or older and are i~erest- Mm. Margaret Kilmer near Mid- ed in becoming a member of the group acre invited to a~end this d,leway, meeting. Richard Childs, who is a stu- _. By Mrs, Stuart Crim -- Phone 725-7777 dent ~t Potomac State College in kd--..t-- tIWhi~e Brave Men Key.r, spent the past weekend my,e, ~l~~ visiting at the home of his par- WhiOh a was made hy the p ient for several days last week ents Mr and Mrs John ycock Die," Will Be Shown I0 treasurer. Several items of bust- at the Winchester Mem~)ria~ Hos- and family. nesa were discussed and the club pital, having been admi~ed there Miss Chery But~)rff of Summit Kiw i Tight 6 15 vo~ted to donate five dollars to- on Wednesday for observaior~ Point spent Sunday visiting Miss an ans on : Ward the upkeep of the Commu- and ~rea~nent. Sue Snyder at "West Shenstone." nity Centen A progress report Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Furr and The movie, "While Brave Men was made on the sale of Christ- sons, Greg and Rick, of Charles Serious Fire Averted Die," will be shown to members mas cards (a supply of these very Town, were visitors on Saturday What might have proved a very of the Charles Town Kiwanis attractive cards which sell for afternoon at the home of the for- disastrous fire was averted Satur- Olub as the program for their one dollar a box is still available mer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.J. day night by early detection and dinner meeting this evening (Thu and the patronage of the commu- Furr. nRy is greatly appreciated) and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Fellers Mrs. Marian Myers explained the returned home on Sunday from a new projects which are available motor tour through e~stern Mas- to the clubs this coming year. sachusetts, made in company This being the first meeting of the former's brother and sis- the new club year ,a new slae of let-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Richard o~fieers was elected. These are: Fellers of Oak Ridge, N. J. Upon presiderS, Cheryl Starkey; vice- leaving Oak Hill the group mo- preside~, Beth S~arkey; vice- tored to Hyannis, Mass., and there The Bu~y Bees 4-H Club met at boarded ~e "Siascouset" for a t"ne school on Wednesday evening cruise to NarAucket Island. Upon of last week with eighteen old their rectum they drove to Hyan- members and five new members nisport to see the Kennedy homes in attendance. These latter were and from there to Provincetown Oheryl and Bruce Bu0torff, Kathy on Cape Cod ~here they visited Walker, Grant Meg~rgee and Ellis the Pilgrim monument and mu- Costello. The meeting was~ op- seum. Their ne~ stop was Pty- ened by singing "West Virginia mouth, Mass., where they visited Boys and Girls," followed by the Plymouth Rock, the first Pilgrim 4-H Fledge sand the Pledge to the houses, the Mayflower II, the l%ag. Followirtg this Kathy De- Statue of MassasoR, John Alden Haven read the First Psalm, a House and many other places of short inspirational and concluded interest relatirtg to the early set- the Devotions with a prayer and tlers in the original colonial. by leading the Lord's Prayer. Mr. and Mrs. Warren I~rue of The roll call and the minutes Rippon were visitors on Sunday of the last meeting followed after afterrtoon at the ho~ne of Mr. and president, Beth Snyder; secretary, Mrs. Robert Light sand their chil- ~athy DeHaven; treasurer, Rusty dren, Bobby and Linda. WE !SUGGEST THE Heare; repOrter, John Crane; De- Episcopal Churchwomen to Meet SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS ADVOCATE THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 1966 r.~lay) at 6:15 in the Rib Room at the Turf Diner Wiiliam (Pap) Jaclcson has arranged for the movie which help to pinpoint the Communist influence in the disgraceful, un- patriotic anti Viet Nam war dem- onstrations. All members are urged to see this film. --- AT--- Berryville, Virginia FEATURING TIlE NEW: COME IN TODAY TO--- i BER RYVILLE, VA. FOLLOWING: vottonai leader, Theresa Jenkins; The Episcopal Churchwomen of song leaders, Gall DeHaven and the Church of the Holy Spirit will 1. Be sure to have your OIL FURNACE or HEATER and CHIMNEY CI~ANED Donnie Swisher; recreation lead- meet at 8 o'clock on Tuesday eve- and CHECKED before cold weather. ers, Babby Light and Hoppy Ker- ntng, OctOber 14, a the home of choral and parliamerttartan, Nick Mrs. Axtthony I-hnkey. All mem- Kerheval. The meeting was con- bers are urged to be present. 2. Insta FIRE EXTINGUISHf RS in your home, or at least one near your heating eluded with a project talk on Mr. and Mrs. C. J. I1ink, Mrs. unit. Consu'lt your F1R~ DEPARTMENT for proper type. child cede by Judy Walker and D.E. Huxley and Mrs. A. Brand- pleasar~t recreation hour was en- wold, all of Des Moines, IoWa, ar- 3. Do not let RUBl ISH accumulate in your home, it makes a good place for a BAD j~yed during which delicious re- ri~ed here last week to visit Mr. fre~hments were served by Sue and Mrs. Alexander Dunlop at FIRE to start. Snyder and Rusty Heare. '"I~he Spruces." Little Miss Julie Creamer, Little Scotty and Terry Shull, 4. NEVER dean with GA'SOLINE daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Children of Mr. and Mrs. ~harles Creamer of "Locust Grove" was a Shull, of Berryville, Vs., sper~t 5. Have DEFECTIVE Wl~RING and ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES repaired only the past weekend visiting at the home of their grandmother, Mrs. by a qualified el'ectrican. N Thomas Shull and her family. 0 Club To 6. NEVER place a 'PENNY behind a FUSE. The fifteen cents you saved MAY Hold Auction Sale COST YOU YOUR HOME. | The South Jefferson Ruritan Club will an auction sale, be- 7. ITUS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO PRE-PLAN A FAMILY FIRE ESCAPE. ~inning ~t 1 o'clock on Saturday airmrnoon, October 1, on the Light (Especially from bedrooms at night.) property in SummR Poir~t. ~&any wo h hlle have been do- IT'S TOO LATE WHEN FIRE STRIKES! n a~ed for this sale including live- stock, a pony, farm machinery, PLAN NOW -- HAVE TWO EXITS FROM EACH ROOM. fumi,ture, motor oil, TV sets, an BE SURE YOUR FAMILY KNOWS HOW TO USE THEM. automatic washing machine, chirm, glassware and numerous8. IF YOU HAVE TO REPORT A FIRE. Chance8 are your home is other household Rems. A lunch FROM ANY LOCATION increasing in value. And stand will be in operation, so a- IN JEFFERSON COUNTY, DIAL 725-212.1 chances are you haven't in, come early and look over the ' b - GIVE YOUR NAME, AND ADDRESS OF FIRE. creased your insurance re- merchandise before the star~ of cently. If so, a substantial ~e sale. The money realized (Speak and plainly.) amount of your insurance from this ~le will be used to fur- WAIT to protection probably has evap- ther the club's p jec in the C - answer amy ue _ons. orated, Could you rebuildcal soh~ols and R is hoped that there will be a good turnout. YOU CAN ASSIST US GREATLY 'BY OBSERVING TI E ABOVE your home today for the Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Johnson amount of insurance you and their son, "Ibm/ny, of Middle- SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENTS. THE LIFE AND carry on it? Shouldn't ~'ou way were visitors on Sunday af- ~all us today~ ternoon at the home of the for- PROPERTY THEY SAVE MAY BE YOU'I~S. mer's and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Grove. The Reverend and Mrs. William Brook, Mrs. Phll4p Creamer and Mrs. Alexander Dunlop attended ~e fall Convocation of the Bpis- SHEPHERDSTOWN VOLUNTEER FIRE CO. FRIENDSHIP FIRE COMPANY copale Ohurc~v~omen in the East- ern Diocese v hich was held re- SHEPHERDSTOWN, W. VA. HARPERS FERRY - BOLIVAR, W. VA. costly at the Peterkin Conference Center near Romney. W.S.C.S. to Meet CITIZENS FIRE COMPANY INDEPENDENT FIRE COMPANY PHONE 725-2211 The Women's Society of Chris- Service of the Methodist CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. Church meet on Wednesday evenivig, October 5, at the home IN CASE OF FIRE, MBULANCE, EMERGENCY --- DIAL 725-2121 of Mrs. Ralph Dunn. ..... _ .... _ .. --Miss Shirley Macoughtry was a Idinner gueest on Sunday at the Kt Mefl