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September 29, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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September 29, 1966

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"' Fu~back Kendall Whitaker ran ing end ~f hard-to-come-by World ers suffered another decisive de- . .......... fe~ th~tr g~nd in ~n ~s~ac d'~ yarns IO4lowmg a s/lo~ ~nep- Series tickets for the games ~-- ~'r~l~'~]~lF~It~,~'--;h'~: ";~:" ~ ~r--+I''hl~ herd Durst and Winfield added Memorial Stadium in Baltimore." -.R0wflnn ....l.anue ~rl.~'~'~ r~,'~'n ,n,,-~"" :,,: ;" ..... h~ fourth sra~ghplacemen to Oharles Funk, general manager ~ey~'te~e~)y"ad~0 HamrePden nmke it 28.0tin t'ne third qu.arter, lof ,he plan, announced today. Azf.ter the second week of act. the victors gridiron SaturdayTwo LSS corn_ pa pl "elan: fis roan that beginning Monday night, ion in the WXVA Housewives . ~mm'ners to Lee set up an eig~ opening flight of Charles Town Bowling League which took place night. The Virzinians ~,o~*i"- -"~ yard sweep by Rome as the Tigers Race Course's 66-nigl~ autumn at Pikeside bowl Sept. 20, Team ._ _; p. :?, ...... , ,~ --~m struck again in the final period, meeting, eight pairs of tickets for No. 5, captained by Barbara Cape, alt'Vh~e~=~tm ~theairl~en~,ng~game Winfield closed out a perfect day one of the three series gaines has taken the lead over Team No. ;;e ...... , -,,u ............ with his f~fth placeaner~ sCheduled for t~]~t'ffnore, will be 9 with a 7-1 record as against 5~ f ld day against the RigglemanI The Rams managed only seven given away via a drawing, to 2 poin,ts by Team No. 9 head coached Rams, scoring tw4ce in first downs and 48 net yards rush Fans will be asked to fill out a ed by Jean Jenkins. one ~.lrst perma, ann once in eacn ~ ing of the next three quarters. ]"'" cot~pon in the program and de- Te~m No. 3 headed by Mrs. Ed posit them in convenier~tly Iocat- Heckman has a 5-3 mark to hold The Hanw)den Sydney a.ttack tlm~m~m==mmm~m n~ms~nq, m-R~H ed rece~ticles. Drawing for the third posRion and five teams are paste,boards will be held after tied for fourth place with a 4-4 whoWas lednot bYonlytail'baekchalkedPhilup twoRme'of, YKI:i I T I"UHL"Kb race with the se nd mark the i~ive touchdowns for the Vir-~ By Barbara Hooper ever~t on Monday night. Each In the Sept. 20 action Jean ginians, bttt he a]~ gained 157 ] .... ~inner will receive a pair of tick Jenkins rolled the high individual t:h nU th ets for one of the classics. cY iSn scrimmage, 65 of it g touchdown run on the Looks like ladies golf season is Drawings wi~,l be held each single game score, a 214, while June Willingham had a 195 to first scrianmage play of the game. drawing to a close, in this month night during the first week of the finish second and Evelyn Grant Then a/~er the Virginians had of September. Phat doesn't mean meeting. Games in Baktinmre are finished third with a 175 high kicked off to Shepherd the Rams you, can't play -- this you can do set for S~turday, Sunday and score. Jean Jenkins also rolled ....... as long as your stamina holds ~onday, October 8, 9 and 10. ~he high individual set score with ..... ot~t. I know some people who Funk ~so added that ticke~s games of 170, 214 and 139 for a played golf last New Years' Day, for the BaRimore Colts profession 523 total, while June Willingham and had fairly good rounds. Of al football games will be given had games of 157, 195 and 169 for course they wre home in time for away to Gharles Town pa~xons a 521 set score. all the Bowl games! l~ter in the season. Nancy Roth holas the league's At any rate, this is good,bye h4gh individual average a 171, from your LGA golf eolummst until ne~t year. All you non-golf- ers think about joining us next year for a season of good cheer and a possible winning of a tro- phy (I tell myself this every year). Don't be timid because you feel inexpermneed, we'q break ~,ou in ...... ! And here's to Max Brown - who has pU up wRh me all summer and been real nice about it, Max, we all thank ygu for supporting. the gals of Sleepy Hollow, ann you are henceforth iavRed to be an Honorary Member of the Ladies Golf Association. Join us any Ladle's Day about 9 a. m. we'd love to have you! Use The Classifieds Team No. 4 Takes Lead In Ladles' Trio Loop while Jean Jenkins is second for the two weeks of activity with 165 and Evelyn Grant is third witch a 161. The No. 5 team rolled !the high team game score, 647 Team No. 4, has taken a two- and also thehigh team set score, point lead in action in the Ladies' 1869. Trio BowJing League after the In the league's opening round second week of action at Pikeside Bowl with a7-1 score. The league teams bowl each Wednesday morn ing and with the completion of action Sept. 21, four teams were tied for second-place with a 5-3 mark. These teams were No. 1, No. 2, No. 6 and No. 7. ~igh averages for the league to date are: C. Gano, 160; Millie Anderson, 159; and D. Cline and Elaine Myers, a 157. The high individual game of the day was rolled by Carolyn REPORT OF CONDITION OF of Rarmon, West Virginia, at the close of business September 20, 1966, a state banking institution organized and operating under the banking laves of this State and a member of the Federal Reserve System. Published in accordance with a call made by the State Banking Authorities and by the Federal Reserve Bank of this District. Want to more for your seed ,money and' harvest bigger yields from cleaner fields? Then reme.mber that the higher the germination and the h her the purity, the better the seed buy. :For example: You might pay for 100 pounds of cheap seed with 85 % ger. ruination 95% ty, but you'd really meeiw only 80 1 un& of pure live soed. What a differ- ence with SOUTHERN STATES Top-Quality SEEDS that grow thicker, cleaner smads at lowest cost acre. Call us now. $oulkera States Charles Town Co-op North Mildred Street Charles Town, W. Va. DIAL 7, -2212 ASSETS Dollars-Cts. Cash, balances with other banks, and cash items in process of collection .............. 623,146.27 United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed .................... 1,596,277.32 Obligations of States and political subdivisions 28,103.59 Other securities (including $12,300.00 corporate stocks ......................... 12,300.90 Federal funds sold ..................... ..... 200,000.90 Other loans and discounts ................... 2,423,255.79 Bank premises, furniture and fixtures, and other assets representing bank premises 81,454.08 Other assets .............................. 15,539.90 TOTAL ASSETS ........................... 4,980,076.95 LIABILITIES Demand deposits of individuals, partnershi and corporations ......................... 1,729,744.26 Time and savings deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations ............. 2,036,829.!2 Deposits of United States Govermnent ........ 87,895.41 Deposits of States and political subdivisions .... 362,917.79 Deposits of commercial banks ................ 35,755.83 Certified and officers' checks, etc ............. 36,509.02 TOTAL DEPOSITS (items 13 to 19) $4,289,651.43 (a) Total demand deposits ...... $2,249,665.58 (b) Total time & savings deposits $2,039,985.85 Other liabilities (including $None nmrtgages and other liens on bank premises and other real estate .........................148,321.64 TOTAL LIABILITIES ...................... 4,437,973.07 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS (c) Common stock---total par value .......... 200,000.00 No. shares authorized 8,000 No. shares outs mding 8,000 Surplus ...................................210,000.00 Undivided profi ..........................132,103.88 TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS , ............. 542,103.88 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPIAL ACCOUNTS .................... 4,980,076.95 MEMORANDA Average of total deposits for the 15 calendar days ending with call date ................. 4,481,198.00 Averag of total loans for: the 15 calendar days ending with call dnte ................. 2,895,032.00 Loan as shown in "Assets" are after deduction of valuation reserves of ........... 39,357.35 I, George M. Mullen, President and Jack R. Huyet , Cash- ier, of the above-named bank do hereby declare that this re- port of condition is true to the best of my knowledge and be- lief. GEORGE M. MULLEN President JACK R, HUYETT Cashier We, the undersigned directors, attest the con-ectnes of thi.s report of condition and declare that it has been exaanined by us and to the best of our knowledge and belief is true and correct. W. P. WARDEN R, S. STEELEY Directors J. BLACKwELL DAVIS State of W. Va., County of Jefferson ss: Sworn to aad subscribed before me this 27th day of Sep- tempt, 1966. JO, N M. MAGAHA, Notaxy Public of action on Sept. 13, Teams No. 2, 4 5, 7 and 9 all scored 3-1 vic- tories. ' In this action Nancy Roth and Reba Cameron ro~led the high in- dividual game score, both having a 191, while Doris Blackford had a 178 and Duane Reiter, a 176. SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS ADVOCATE THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 1966 7. This should be a real good de- Shepherd 13 W. Va. State fensive battle since both teams We think this will be one of have shown consistently this sea few games the Paams will be son to have fine defenses and to win this season. Nancy Roth also had the high individual set score, with games of 191, 182 and 183 for a 556 power. James Wood is 2-1 and Charles Town 2-2 on the season. ondScre'highReba individualCamern hadset thescore,Sec Berkeley Springs 20 Shepherds- town 7. The Indians have weak- w~th games of 191, 171, and 129 .~,-'r..--.....-,.-.,-rT-r.,.-~.-', nesses, but the Cardinals have for a 497. ~/l~i~J-/~'l'l'Jl-lllN~i more of them. And besides the Team No. 9 rolled the high d'-IITT.')P qr~]~ uT[~'~'~,n,~ Indians are still unbeaten in four team game score, 628 and Team "'~ ..... " ........ games and they have rolled up No 12 had the high team set score, 1762. .... ~y .... 108 points to only 26 for the opposition. I Don Rentch Harpers Ferry 25 West Virginia SCHEDULE I Deaf0 The Tigers will tear the Harpers Ferry, Martinsburg, R~mney boys to shreads in get- mnnn~=, llBmmn ma =. Petersburg and Handley, all did ting back on,to the xicory column IHI WU=H[=I MII just wrmt we didn't expect them a.ffter last week's defeat. lllih.# IT l=hll 5111/' to do in their last Friday and Sat Martinsburg 21, South Hagers- urday week-end grid b~ttles, but town 7. - The Bulldogs won't ex- FRIDAY the 14 other predictions which we perience enough bad breaks this Charles T-,~,,, *t ~*,~,~ w,~a made with respect to what would Friday to lose this one. _ ~^ " ......... "" bappen in the sectional and areaClarke County 13 Lowdown Cow _. "~:no p: m. ..... gridiron proved to be right so the ~nepnerusmw~ az ~er~eiey ~pr- seasonal batting average of 37 nty 6 - Two good teams, but Clar- ke County has more offensive lngs, 8 p.m. hits in 52 tries still gives us a power than their neighbors. South Hagerstown at Martlnsburg nity .711 average as we move Allegany 21 Keyser 13. The 8:30 p.m. into the fif~ week of action.Campers are bigger and better Keyser at Allegany, 8 p.m. And just how will the funny this season, and they are also un- Beall at Hampshire County, 8 p.m. shaped ball bounce this week? beaten in three games. Bruce at Mountaineer As always' we look first to the H'ampshire County 20 Beall 6. Moorefleld at Franklin, 2 p.m. crystal ball and finding none, we The Trojans are better than that Petersburg at Ridgeley, 2 p.m. then scan the records on each 2-2 record they show and this Clarke County at Loudoun Cou- team's past perform~mces and nty, 8 p.m. sometimes we even toss a coin Lowdown Valley at Orange, Va. just to give us a reason for saying SATURDAY, Oct. 1 who will do wlmt. Harpers Ferry at W. Va. Deaf, 2 And now taking first things p.m. first we turn to the big Charles Hedgesvllle at Musselman, 8 p. m. Town and James Wood battle to Handley at George Mason, 2 p.m. be waged in Winchester Friday Boonsboro at Hancock, 2 p.m. night ~t 7:30. WVU at Va. Tech, 1:30 p. m. neither has, except on brief occas Hedgesville 35 ions, shown too much offensive The Eagles will win in a week-end they will prove R. Bruce 25 Mountaineers 0 - The boys from Westernport upset Hampshire County High last week for a big win and they will make it 4-0 Friday night. Moorefield 20 Franklin 13 -- George Ho~t's Moorefield boys haven't been scoring much until Gharles Town 13 James Wood last week. Boonsboro 20 ~ancock 6 - Warriors will bag the :'a~t~ in this one. Handley 21 George Mason t The Judges are better this: and the Masonites much w~ titan last year. WVU 21 Virginia Tech 20 .' wil~l be one of the toughest most hard-knocking games ot current season. World C SunI Meditation .and the admini~ ion of the Holy Communion, be held at the 8:30 and 11 a services at St. Thomas Luth~ Churoh in Ran,son, Sunday I part of the World Wide Co~ nion observance, it was anne ed Tuesday by the Rev. Rid E. Neat, pastor. Nursery held ing worship for pre-sohool ren. Sunday Churoh Scho 9:45 a. m. for adults, young and women, and children; E. Brand, Superintendent. High Luther League meets church at 6:30 p. m.; Senior Luther League meets at m. at the parish house with El~iscop~l Young Church Couacil meets at the sonage on Tuesday at 7:30 Ghoir rehearsal on 7:30 p. m. Catechism classes at the parsonage on Saturd~ 9:00, 10:00, and 11:00 a. m. @ 220 N. SAMUEL STREET CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. y~ :!