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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
September 29, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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September 29, 1966

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+ 1 1 4" HORTICULTURE DEPARTMENT S E W I N G (Fair _" "__ ...... JERRY HOCKMAN, Superintendent Mrs. EDWARD MORGAN, Superintendent . ,___ i. un. LIVESTOCK DEPARTMENT HAY & GRAIN + H A N D I C R A F T FLORICULTURE DEPARTMENT DAIRY PAGE WRIGHT, Superintendent HOWARD DEMORY, Superintendent ....................... rAVOTr f VT " ,urs. wat JAzu UAt t l , uperin enoenr v v -xx x JvJ BEEF T L MAGAHA, Superintendent ........ - .................. " " " B A K 1 N G nrs. UmVIA UtCtSL , una]rman SWINE-SHEEP - W W. GRANTHAM, Supt. , E D U C A T I O N A L Mr. & Mrs. GEORGE COLE, Supt. D-I-S-P-L-A-Y -- 2nd FLOOR CLUB HOUSE ' 'PAW'MENT Mrs. RALPH RENAUD, Superintendent ENTRIES RECEIVED -- Wednesday 7:00 - 9:00 P. M. xuuzrt biv .t C A N N I N G Thursday 8:30 - 11:00 A. M. Wm. COYLE, ED. STEWART, J. E. SAVILLE Mrs. J. J. WYSONG, Superintendent YOUTH -- (FFA-FHA-4-H) A R T ENTRIES ACCEPTED AT BARN P O UL T R Y V I V.4, A I ezzanm M-rs'- MARIONMMYE'RS'eunder t randsS'Uperint ende'nttand Mrs. JOHN SKINNER, Superintendent WEDNESDAY NOON TO 8 00 P M : " ELMER VICKERS, Superintendent ....... D-I-S-P-L-A-Y -- 2nd FLOOR CLUB HOUSE ......... / ........ VEGETABLES ' ' ! ONE ADMISSION-- Mrs. JAMES BLUE, Superintendent FAIR HOURS---- I SHARP CHEESE BOOTH I F-R-E-E P A R K I N G ENTRIES ACCEPTED FIRST FLOOR CLUB HOUSE NOON TO 11:00 P.M. 1st FLOOR -- CLUB HOUSE | ......... WEDNESDAY NOON TO 8:00 P.M. --J IMPOgI'ANT - U, ONLY ONE REGIS'I ATION NUMBER tRTMENT TPdES - {Except Flon' re Department} TOP ENTERTAINMENT EACH EVENING --'STARTING 7:30 P.M. -- HORSE & PONY SHOW SATURDAY-- STARTING 11:00 A. M. ........... " I1[ I I II I I II II I If I lit IIIll I II I I IllIt [ I I I --- I Ill II I I It I - ..... /-- ..... Mrs. Ethel Buzzard and son w thMr, andMrs. Floyd Chapman Floyd Lee Simorts celebrated had worked for a number of of the representativn they haveI SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS ADVO(AT ~u ~J--~ ~m,~ts-- ] Arnold. and family. ~ his ninth birthday Tuesday the years as a track foreman tor ,the had each week on this splendid tT..................... """ NLVql [,llliyP I Mr. and Mrm Ra, Cogle and Mr. and Mrs, Larry Buzzard 27 h. BaRhnore & Ohio Raflraad uri-project. [ .u try.A x, ~ ~ v ,h Idaughter LuctUe and daugl~ter and daughter were aSturday eve- A 3C Gary Henry stationed at til he moz a medic l.retirem.en, . , During the evening the Club~ ' ' ..... Mrs, ~tht~l Bugzal~! , Mrs. Larry Buzzard and ~her dau- nlng guests width Mr. and Mrs. Langley A. F. B. Va. spent a weeR ne was.amem~er ~ .me ~ro~ner-yearbooks were distributed and :~ ~. : -_: -_ghter Mrs. Larry Buzzard and her MarShall Grove and children in er~d recenly with his mother and nooa ~. _~auroao. ~;mpmy _e~.. I the membership was very pleased I ~ A Ill1 , I daughter O1Tristine were Sunday Loudoun County Heights Va. [ stepfa,~her, Mr. 'and Mrs. Ernest _..~urvw~ng. are m,s w~aow..i velma with the book and wished to IIqlm - II 1 Birthday Fatty' , [a~tern~n visitors Weth Mr. and . ~ . I Hough Boundry St. o~t. rla~mg, ..~oveu~me, ms extend appreciation and thanks[ ll llW 1 g;ll Ig, llll I , Steve ~n eelebra~:ed Ms' Mrs. T~mmy Stewart and sons at ~~::-- -" - 2- ~ . Mr Ernest Hough Boundry St. morner, Mrs; ~aue l-lara!ng, ~ees- to Program chairman, Perry. [ ~' eiever~th blt~hday on Sunday with ~iies rmber cour~ in t~anson. _ was a tient in cit hos ital in ou~g, va:; tour sons--m,y ~mn- Before ad'ournment announce- , pa Y P a . l pay g~ y P _. - ....... RAN~flN [MartmsbUrg recen(ly, w, sh him ,~..~, .... ~..., ,~ _o.~.,, mae that the October a r~ "en b his arena; Mr' Mr and Mrs Ernest Seal of . , ~ . ra of Bruns~.~ek,.M.d., Lee merit was d ....... t~ tti or Ma ere amrna and =r.= ,~v, .~.,~.~ ,,*w,, ~,.,,......~..~ ' ' ' . " " .... _ and Mrs. r:myd Chapman..erresn a !m e, . w .. . Y [ a speedy recovery ; program meeting of the Club ] -menes of sodas, candies, cookie Suna y guesr wire the latter's} . " . Corps at. Ca p Pendleton, CaLf.i would be held " the Jefferson Ik .-- _ and ~hr s were sere to mother, Mrs Leona Staubs and Mrs. Floyd Simon [ Note: -When any one malls ana Arthur b and~james M at ........... m ' .... I ~ .-- Hal~is ~t~ubs, Glenn~Ever Tommy Staubs. I ~___:_-_ _ =_: :.-:. ' ~e:s~w~, ~o ~:~rMrC~srTsI~n~en~. ~e~home; two s.isters-Mr& G~dys ~v~.YT,~eV]tco&en~l~ 6n ,,Ul~:l~t~I ~ :~.~t,~,,,.~,,~Hf,,:kt~.~4k,..~,.~,~.p..a .~t~ hart, Leon Penwetl, Joy Jaekson, q Mr~ and Mrs David Stattbs and ..... " " " "# .... ~" ................... " " ,, ..... ~:, ......... I Mms Becky Pestum of MMdlo- ons P. O. Box 533 Charles To.wn erine J. White. Leesbur , Va." mn Problems m the Potomac ......... . ~." , . . . way was a zuest of M~ss Sharon W Va or other wiseI will be a ~ h~h,r~. ~.,,,,n, ~' tsas Pla, and the speak- A TItOUgtT TO HF.MBER Doan~d ~e, Arlene Everha~t ...... M~ Hazel D ........ M ........ g ' ~tiver in n" ~ l~orrrra R~lgers, ~'aul ~tms, ~an Chanes t'aanter ano cmlaren ot ~,,~o "~h,,,~a,o,, n;~h~ lsfo o~tin.c~ i~ .......... er wiP be Mr earl J~hneon E ~ *i.~ .... . ~ ~,,~ ~,,ut~,,z -,su,. z..~ ,, ...... ~, --'" ttaraln l~eesDur ; aria1~o er " "~ "*"'" ", --" ~ , , , dra Staubs; Butehm and Lor, -Mannmgs were vas,tors w~th Mrs ' g, g g - . , ~'TA~.;,p~.~.},~..~,~%~~'i~,%i).~)~;,~.g . " " " " Mr Fred nders has been a " ecuhve Dxrector. All Women s ~ .. e lea Charlen Don- Mr and Mrs. Lewis Jenkns . La Harding of Harpers Ferry. Pa r, Char , e, Hazel Staubs and family over the . . . . . . ' " " e orgamzatmns of the County have no pa~Jo ~m Brene~ Sharon ,.~ot.~ land family vrsRed relatsves m pa ie m the Kings ])aught re ....... ............ ' .................... Ho ital o he will soon be [ een as ea to join I .... CHARLES J. W. S aITH O an ~ d M Winchester, V~. Friday, sp . H pe ARTHUR L. GRIM S san l e- m , Mr an rs. Mrs. Charles Cogle of Mannings . . Bil,l,,, Mr. and Mrs. Rob ....... .~ ., ,~,.~.~ .... v.. ~,..,,...c""a~v .......... morninpo MISS Saron. Pulse spent. Satur- well and home agmn. Arthur Lee Grim., 49., of Char-I ...... 1 er~ Chaon~an Mrs Norn~ Rod- wit~- his sister and famil., Mr day w ~ Mms Sandra Ring, they Mrs Lee Brown has been on lea Town, died Saturday in the ~d~n~| M~}]nfl [ A little boy was asked to spell the word . straight. He sp~ gels and c~fldren, Troche, Debbm and Mrs Edgar Everhart and shopped m Martm~urg. the sick hat, w~sh hzm a speedy Washmgton County Hospital, Ha- ~ l eorrectly. The teacher then asked him to explain what it and Micke~. Steve received many farnilv " I M~. Char]ca F. Re~ri~ger visit- recovery, i gerstown, Md. . f P_. ~_~__j I"~tt.__l I Without hesitation, the lad said, "When you take a" shot w~ nice gifts., S~ay guests with Mr. and ed Ra.bert Sin~ons du~ing his r~ Mr. and Mrs. James Darlington i He w~^ i~.rn in Vi~in~, N.o- ('or ~[[rL~] ~Hoo| [ Ginger Ale or Soda." The story may appear cute, at first th~ Mr Mr cem .trip um ornm ana sam ann sons were unaay guests of vernier tmo, son m me zate Bu }eta e it a se nd t ou and~+rs. David S~atrbs, s Mrs. C. H. Rodgers and famfly.,,B~bb~ ,, was well and lm ..... ' ........ Esau and Susie Lecke-. Grim ! .... t t, glv o h ght. Hazel I)an er, of Mannings m tor were: Mr. and Mrs. Earl Rodgers { __ ....... ,i,y Mr. ano mrs. ae wn nyaer, i ' ' Fmnbtv s In RAmmsu I .................. ed to W~l~!n.g~on on Sunday and and children of Brunswick, Md., .~n~n.Ks ~o lvtr. ~emmger mr oe- Cooke Street. I Surviving are four brqthers and ~=emnv~]~ mmm mm#nmuu~jI Aumormes ~,now anconmmm Is a dtsease. ~pnmons differ on "- visited the cemeterythere of rear. Rorta,ld Rodgers of Bolivar. rag. ~rt~resr~ m.,nm welfare. [ ! ..... I sisters -- Avis Grim, Charles _ _ , ........ it is, Some say an alcoholic is one who drinks a fifth of spirits their love~l ones. Mrs. Barbara Staubs and dau- Attenaea ~unerat I Town; Mrs. Rosie Roderick and a, ll retl~a ^.~nooz.em~ Others say any one who drinks between 8 and 9 ounces a ( Mrs. Ethel BuZzard, Mrs. Juan- ghter Robin were Sunday Visitors I Mrs. Bertha Sdmons attended | ~ ~ Wil~n Grim, both ~ Kearneys- ~ ~,~'~,,~'~" ~,'-~"~ '~~ alcoholic. Along with wondering about "what,', wouldn't it ita Buzza~i: ~nd daughter were wi~h Mr and Mrs Harry Staubs the funeral of Arthur Lee Grim /vtlte and Clarence t~rim, JJerry-~ 77~". ....... Y .... ""~- ..... ? ~- o,mall,, lm,-~rtant ~,~ ,h~..t..~,..., ,.A ,,.~.. ,, ,,~,,,.,~,, ~,,a ,,~ c~llers on Saturday w~th Mrs. and family in Bakerton. fin Bei'ryvtlle, Va. Tuesday after [A~|~ll|IBgl~~ [ville, Va. ]a ten.a one o t a.ser regmnal tl~e di~easebe~ns~" ................. " .............. Nancy Boyd and son in Ranson. I Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chapman noon who died in the Washington |~l~l~||Ul~ll~i~ | [ Services were conducted Tues- me eungsxo ve neta ~onuay, ~ o- .... ' ' " K e n r d ~, ~rom iv a m tmtxl i p m m , , Mr. and-Mt~. Gle~tm Boyd ~l~d Of l~iddleway, Mr. and Mrs. Billy CourRT,' ,a~ r~tOW , Md. Satu - |' ~ 1[~~ | I ay a~ 2 p. m. at the John H. End- . .... ..:- _ ... Isn t it likely the lad s definition of straight gives us a clue# son Bri~ ~ R~son spe~tt the Chapman and children of ~Lees- I daY- I~ wartt to extend sympathy | ~ ~ ~" I l era Funeral Home by the l~resoy~ermn unuron in ~om- it likely the disease can start at an , ~,~. *h.-r..~,h .... ~ weekend ~ theil, grand.her- ~g, V~ were Sunday ,guests to ~e Grim family. .... : Clark Elklott. Burial was ia ney. . ce t: tll r..'. - -~, "-'"-- .......... ..... "~.~m~m=m4m~ J ................... | .................... p . rough an acceptance of what~Idren see In home and "~ [ .... l*h~ nurtm~,~ ~ h~m~t~,~4t, ~,~th~* Po ndu t. Isn t it hkely the Bible gnves us a further , MRS. JESSIE. M. :J[,IN :{ ~PAUL WHITTINGTON , all retirea schoo~ emolo~; ~es from Thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and sh~ --~ k~ [t~ " Funeral services were held ehiS ! Wnrd was ~e~eiv~a hor~ this the eigh~t Ea~ern'- P'anhandle of them when thou sittest in thine house.".. (Deut. 6:6, 7) ........ at2 ............ " ..... I . erno.0.n ('rnursaay) . p. m. morning (Thttrsday) from Ruth counties to fami, liarize them with . .......................... am certainty no aumon~y on ateonousm, one way or the tro~ the St james bumeran .. : V. Whtttm,g~on, 1707 Surlee Rd,, the pohmes and programs of the Tiff i _ Chtlrch ~t Uvflla, for Mrs. Jessie Baltimore Md that Paul WAit star ....... i---" associat .....s s Just a thought I think is worth thinking about... m --^" *-own res- , ., " IlU II tL filiaI 'lOll Uq[ [ r Y'Y":~' 2'22, :Y'.~.'~'W'2.'_. tington, of Saban, N. H., and a retired school employees. I _. morn w am tree , nep . . - ..... " former residertt of Charles Town, . ...... I CHARLES $. W. SMITH -- SMITH MEMORIAL FUNERAL nerdstown, wno oleo Tuesday, i had d ed a~ his home in Saban, CHARLE Sept 27, in King's Daughters Hos ........ Adv ,o ! s TowN, WEST VIRGINIA ' 1 .._.. ........ Tuesday, eptem er zz. v, n pm~l in a~ar~msourg. me aev. Tha a~.~a m+~^ ,~,m+ hie John Grissinger, poser of the " " -- Uvil'la Church, of which ~he de- i ..... ~Y" "~'-'T" "~;Y .... "~""' ...... ter, Paulette, a brother, Bennie ano Dur al was made m Whittin on -'-'- slate- "--'-- wood Cemetery in S,hepherds- gt , a m r, I The deceased was born in Hat- VA Center Offiml (p era Ferry, March 8, 1893, a I d ghter of the l te William H. 1'0 land Nellie" Clil~P Mohler. She had Jp~Gl~ I IKll ~1 for many years been an active ........ [ member of Lutheran Church Wflll n'g (:El(lib ]Women and zd~ most active i~ ....a ............. Sunday School work. Her. hus I The Wnm,an'~ Club ~ the. War- " ban "~" ..................... ~" .......... d, moert va ghn Link, dma er F 1 t st [ in 1a~ ' ' p s erry Distr'ct he d i s fir S meetir g of tl e 1966-67 season on urviving are three grandchild. Sevte ber 15 at 6"30 n m | ren; four si~ters---Mrs. Margaret .~ delici0tl.~ eovet'ed sumner [ Mill:s, O nge,i Mrs. Hen: was served i-n the d ng" hal'-lrof t rze~ta lvl~'tls, t~m~nersvurg, ~a.; the Carom Hi~ Methodist Church | Mrs. Violet Hale, Dornstown, Md.; v~ al~)~u~ 52 members and 18 i and Mrs: Httlcta BroWn, of Doubs, auests attendina [Md.; and two bribers, William TAG of f~,,,r." , n,~i~,~,-ina |H.. and Boyd M ' ler, both o/ Wom m,s Cl' bs wer 'e in vited.'"" Mr ' s roir~t of Rocks, Md | , " ~ H. H. Huater and Mrs. S~erlblg } u,.~.,,, I Tenney represented ,the Charles / mn . Town Senior Womans Club; Mrs. | Funeral services for Mrs. Alice Henry MiNer, Mrs. Freel Welsh- [ Elizabeth Wries, wi~e of Oscar arts, Mrs. Sara Skinner, Mrs, John | Wiles, of Frederick, Md., wAd Link and Mrs. Betty Cross repre. , I | died Sunday ever i g, at her home, sertted the Shepherdstown Wo- I /ca 310 W. Pa~ick street, Fred. [man's Club. i | evick, were held Wednesday | Mrs. CAlbe t Perry, Senior [ morning at 11 from a Frederick [ Vice President presided. Mrs. |funreal home with interment in [ Marshall Orndorff immediate l Mt. Olive Cemetery in Freder-[ past presiden, offered the invo | ick. [catiom R was a pleasure to wel- J | Surviving in ad li ion to he | come back intoClub .Mrs, /husband are ~e following child-[ Reno Eaton and Mrs. Harry Dab- | ren, Edward D6u l Roo , of, fin. New members in rod41eed and | Columbus, Go., Raymond Eugene [ welcomed were Mrs. jackson [Roop,. i le; J0hn P. Roop,|Flanigan, Mrs. Charle MurptW, [ Frederick; Lester" R. Pa~me_, of } and as honorary mentb~rS, Mrs. ~y, In Wo guarantee H in wr flncj. If [Frederick; Mrs. Frmn~s Dorian, iMillard Aubey,,w~de of i~he mii~. Mm, l lizabeth Caud-[ister of Cancp Hfl Church. Other i ve a mobtte demonstration your Custom ark II doesn't you |ill, Frederick: Mrs. Audrey l guests were i rtreduced by the unit }h f' howS just how the Custom 30 in fuel costs,we'll poy diff ence i for, Jacksonville, Flu4 five bret J members w om. they came, /tt~t~ ii '^'~'OfeS. " [ ers, Thomas Pain~r, Of CharleaI Miss Su~a Me~tzer, loca~ high How famous Volu- curse(yes. | Town Milford Pail ter, Freder- / school' senior, who Slmmo ,d_ Metn com vsHon head fir o k ster,V " The proof's as nea r asyour telephone. [| Ick, :Painter, Jacob, Jamesall of ,W. Va.andandFraRk J bYone t Clubthe atHafiaersR11od0demlxenFerry Woman:sGift s [ sister, Essde Painter, N. J., l State Camp this sUrndmr, gave an I teflame. How fuel is burned 'white- Givo us a call. it can bring you some .-- ~1 oto $OviO9 /tlfitty-one grarldehildren and a aecount of her valuable ex r- of at least 30%. migh profitable retorts. |number Of fiiec s at~d nephews. ] ience t the camp and th ked Apro ofSl .eConditnontng, inc. / , / Ithe for aff0rdi hdr this tForm ly Fi mm m+W sl l / Funeral rvie. were eld on],+..u--.m.,+,...i r+i +, MrS.+v,., try, [ Sunatay, Sept, m 2 p. m. +rt mI the Club+ hk ry. L Karper Ferry, +or Jau ms t Perr/ +i roduced Mrg: Marshall | ing, 54, vf Lovet iIIe, Va., i OrnctoWf, as sponsor of the olmn- died Friday, Sept. 23. in Wash ling program. A quartet from the ington County (Md.) HospRal A~=ry Meth~li@t~ Clturol% @har~ following a long 11ness. The Rev lea TOwn rendered several select J an D. Hardin, officiated. Bur ions w Aoh wera enthusiasti lly ial was made in F irview Ceme+ received. The speakerthe tery in BoIivar. evemn,g, Mr. Lee LaCha , Direct The deceased was born in lhr, or of. Volurtteer Service at New, Dial 725,7021 Charles Town, W. V, pers Ferry, Aug. 12, t912, a ton D. Baker Center, spoil, of Katie Mae Springer and Voltmtary Service in v. OUR END-OF-MONTH SALEI BARGAINS G ! FIRST QUALITY " SALE ! FULL ASSORTMENT sALE PR,++TED I P'NWHALE +4 ..11 FLANNF 04 lU I ODRDUROY ! peelals I r The Home.___ 10 EA. 99c SUAVE SHAMPOO 45c I 5 EA. 2.98 LOOP RUGS 1.5] , 1'4 EA.' 99 SuAvE RINSE 45c I [11 EA.Cold PackCANNERS 23 EAI -' 1.00 RINSE AWAY 45c 7 EA. 4.9'8 TOWEL POLES 19' EA. 79c AQUA'V'ELVA 45c [ 15'EA.5.98 Furniture THRoWs 29 EA. 1.00 STOPETTE SPRAY 45c [ 7 EA. 3.98 Furniture THROWS .... + ....... _ 1 27 l R. 1,99 TIER CURTAINS For Her - Close-Outs ' / 6+ EA. 39C White HAND TOWELS 18 E'A 3.98'GIRLS DRESSES -2-00 [ 5 EA. 3.98 PLASTIC HAMPERS " ~+'PRIIr r 1:9~ JG+IRL I SNEAKS'" 99'C / ....... i For Close-Outs 16 PR i198 LADIES RAIN "EARS 77c I J , No 3 EA.' 8.98 GIRLS RAIN CO)iTS 4.50 i 12 PR. 1.98 'BOYs' DUNGAREES 94 + ,,, +A ++. + c+o.+ 3:+ = mi EACH SALE 24 EACH SALE]+ br( 0IRLS '50 INFANTS O0 RAIN ,COATS COATS ' j Regularly 4,98 PRICE Regularly 4.98 PRI0