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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
September 28, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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September 28, 1961

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SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS ADVOCATE Mark Bolivar, Mrs. Alton Mu e this wife and son. ent. , All three of the Tnbb family ,f a,, xT ,vu,To nAxr D,Vt OWO OQ 10 i and sons, Timothy and Kenneth] Miss Jennifer Gray was an The Vice president opened the had supper at Seolley Itall Tues ,,,,, ...... shopped in Winchester, Vs. on]overnight guest Friday of Miss meeting with devotions. The lea- day evening and had as their Thursday. ]Molly DeLauter, in l olivar and son leader Mrs. Ily Bratina had guests Mr. Robert Carter of Rich xTn At"rTXrT I Mrs ( harles Gray and daugh-[on Sunday spent the (lay with the lesson "Argentina" which she mend, Va., Dr. Eva Sissen of Win + .... .... ,, lMr and Mrs Stephen Dalgarn gave in a very interesting way, ston Salem, N. C. and Miss Ev- Il I~l~lml~lm llmllml~RII kll~ il~ltl I|~A I~ ' day with Mrs Gray's mother and ].Jr. and family in Charles 'lown. she had maps and many pictures elyn (.as(leman of Georgia. nA r r' I L|VA sister Mrs. 'ergie' RumbargerI Mr. and I rs. David Penwell to show her specia! points. She "l r..and. Mrs. Ta),lor Wlnkler == w Mice inJ,,,l lud' - ere in Win- nan a weir prepareu reason. 'vne anu IJOU~IO were (unntx ~U~2NlS "-7 ............ z ......... ............. ,, ...... ,7 ' business session was held after Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Clay ly Mrs. G. E. Webb Telephone 2492 Winchester, Va. [chester, Va on bud;mess Fll(lay. * . . . . ; .......... - .............. (Little Miss Nancy lean Penwell the mason, v ostme project mnm . Mr. eorge w(n! mgs [visiied wii'h her aunt Mrs tIar 'y sheets were turned in and other Mr and Mrs lohnnv Winkler ton anu lamlly lormer "esl ca. , .- . " " "" ' " fir. and Mrs. Ernest Littleton Alice Snowden of Charles Town of Millville moved last week into }Dinges in Ranson while her par business was d scussed, are the proud parents of a (laligh Atlanta, Ga. spent Friday with Mrs. Minnie Berry of Bardane their new home near Halltown on lents were in Winchester. The hostess invited the group ter born Sturday morning at Fort ., formers mother Mrs. Grace and Miss Elizabeth Donivan of the Shepherdstown road We well25th Anniversary Party in the dining room for refresh. Dix, N. ,1. msdill in Bolivar. They were Shenandoah Junction, 21 grand- come them to our community | Mr. and Mrs. William Trail of menls of cake, cookies, punch, I Mrs. F. P. Owens drove lo mute home from a trip to Col- children and 14 great grandchild- Mr and Mrs Alec Costelloand [Bolivar were pleasantly surprised mints and nuts. I Wheeling W. Va. last Sunday and Me Springs, Col ren; one sister Mrs Lucettie Ham dau-hter Mar~- Lane accomnan- ]Friday evening with a 25th an- I Next meetin~ will be October I attended a State Federation meet ~tev and Mrs. Clarence Knapp ey of Barbourswlle Va The de- ted b- Alec's father Mr Edward[nlversary party at thew home. 18 at the home of Mrs ] Frank tiny ot the Repubhcan Women al Baltimore, Md. spent Sunday ceased was a member of the Pen. [Coste~lo of "Charles' To~,n werelMrs. Trail, before marriage was Gardner in Charles Town" IOglebay Park. ernon at the home of Mr. and ticostal Church, in Duffields. The[in'Martinsburg Tuesday evening, / Miss Virginia Gray, daughter of Don't for-e( the Rumma,~e SaleI Thursday Mr .and Mrs. Spence Ned Winters body rested at the Eackles Funer where they visited Mr and Mrs I Mr. Nathaniel Gray Sr. and the ~o~,h,,. ~ ~' ~,, ~:~,,,uo~' o~,,~ [ Watch of Detroit, Mich. and Mr. ~'r. and Mrs. Bob McReynolds al Chapel, Bolivar-Harpers Ferry itterman Snowden an(l" Miss Es:llate Mrs. (~ray and until her mar I~.l~"~ff'i]l 't~ one~"hel'~'i'n'~'to"~eiland Mrs. Arthur ttanlen of Ber- (e moved from the Shugart and the funeral was held from ther Dunn |riage resided in llalltown. Relat-trendy for'it meet at ~he~ church lkeley Springs were dinner and )perty to the Fossett property there on Wednesday afternoon at Mr and" Mrs Bill Bowers and[ives and friends from this vic- I,n Th,,~s,~a- ni~'m "t 7"~0 | supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. F. ich they recently purchased. 2:00 p. m. Burml was made m [son Stephen of Charles Town[m|ty present for the enjoyable J Mr and Mrs Charles Willis] P" Owe,. ~Ir G E Webb is slowily im- Uvilla Methodist Cemetery at Uv [we~e visitors Frida,, "evenin-/ccasin were Mr Nathaniel I, _ .... ~" , : m_ ~1 -., ,--'777-~, ,~ ...... , ' " ~ s " ." nau as melr supper guests rnurs USE TIlE (LASSllrlEDS )ving at his home after being ilia, Jefferson County, W. Va. I with Miss Elsie Edwards and Mr ]Gray Sr., Mrs. Edwin Clevenger ,~ ........ i~ ~ ~,,~ ~,~ 'c'L.,,.,~ ] ' ' Ire ill and hospitalized The Rev Raymond Jones had ]snd Mr~ William Hoak and fam land dau~,hter Sharon, Mrs. Earl ~. ~ .,~S" ~ ..... ] ~.;o,~ (,.~,, ~[ Moscow nrofoundlv moved by " " ' .......... " ~ " 1 ~.(.~ ]LaV,ta,~.~, .l'.J.y (~,IL$~)- Alv~x,~ta &Jva~, tAIT*~ ....... Jr" ....... " ---------'~'-- "--~*" lit. and Mrs. M L. Beamer an charge of funeral services. In,, It ca(her and sons Chfton and A ............ / .... ~,m ~. " ,u- a occasion oelng Mrs. Long S olrln- ~pa,.~ ,x,~,,~. anee the birth of a daughter Earl Rowla'nd, son of Mr and] ........... ]len, Mrs. Alec Costello and d ugh,da.. | ~~ - . * .. vtr. anu mrs. amon t ray anu Mrs Sadie Caton Y" r.n several, days ago. ThisMrs. Fred Rowland and m the]the former's mother Mrs. Nathan-lter.Mary Lane, *:;, I The Leetown, Toppers 4-It Club] /12f urthwd c~ld. Mrs. ~ean)erwas U. CS. Service has moved with l iel Gray Jr. anent Monday in Sain ] an(1..~rs..Wlulam rma~. ,., [will meet Friday night, Septem-] ~']/~,_/#/_ ~. f~)rmer tieneweve ~oiana or his wife and little daughter tO[bridr,e and Perry Point Md Ram[ ,Lltue ~v,~ss Lynn ~aewm~ogelber 29 at the Methodist Church| ]/t;~r)~- iivar -ear Meade / . . ' " , aider spenomg me sumlnt Y nlon- i ~ ,-, / I i dld llri J "" ....... "7 " on has accep[eu employment as , ' n" M at p. m. ~lss Eleanor Johnson of Alex- where he is stationed. After/corrective Therapist at the Perrv[t~h_s~ with her grandpare~s r.[ The Wisenberger children had] ~[[l~l~l I~ aria, va spent me weeKenu snendinz some time in Soain he / o^., xr.,., u,,~,.;,., .,.n h..,,h I anu ~vir~. z~eu~y rratvy ,td~ to- I ~ ,~;,~n,~,. , nn.,, ,.,- ~h,~ an,h ,,,,~A/ I I ~ t 1 | ll It | th her mother Mrs C C John .;m. hT, m. ~.~ a an da~r 1-ave | ~o~t ~.: .... ..~,,,~v:~?, 2"~ ",~. ~:',~ I turned to her home in Brunswick, l ~.~'"'_~_'. ,~"'_~?~..~. ;~_*_ .~_'~:_="~'_~f.~/ I '~111 | | J i ~1] . '" " " ~ ....................~ -~- / his wile Will real(re in 15alnorlfl-i a~ _...~ L^.. ~,...,:_... ,~.. C-"d I alng anniversary zof tnetr pareztts/ I I II " 11 / I ! a. with his family and parents and / ge where they have located anlaUU" a~,u pc). ~tuu,r~ ~ t ...... IMr. and Mrs. Tom Wisenberger./ I ! II I I ! 1 =11 I_ Yr. and Mrs. Asher Webber was transferred to Camp Meade.[anartment moving in last week. le ,2cn. mere., ..... ..... ,IThose present'were Mr. and Mrs.| IIIMilillill t-" Mr all(i lYll,~ KI~II~ /~ill~b UL d family of Knoxville, Md. were They purchased a trailer and just] Mr. and Mrs Alton Muse andl v..~., v;~.i,.~'~,,nda,, afternoon Itarry Wisenberger and family.[ , ~tors at the home of Mr. and moved into it last weeK. /sons were dinner -uests Sunday l "'."::~L" "."'L"" ~'" ~-~ .... ~Misses Dorothy, Margaret and/ 1=O~tl; ~l[m~lt~ ,~, o dr i s e in " o with me litters morner r a- 's. C. E. Garten on Sunday mor Mrs. C. E. Du ow s p nd g] of the formers mother Mrs, Gen-| ....... n f---il " ]Sara Lou Wlsenberger and Bob[ _ lg and Mr. Webber a recently this week in Pittsburgh, Pa. with[ tr,, L Muse and famil,, in Lees-I mantet t~ray ~r. a u am y. I Wisenberger / fX_ ,ired B & O employee, called Mr and Mrs William Evans who/ " ", J ~,. ~ " ne st l~r | ~J~ ..... . . bur Va Mr and Mrs. Hugh Mr. and Mrs. Ge ar e en -- G. E. Webb: The two had work will bring her home anct spenutwho were recently marriedI 1 F F.T fl W I tertained Mr. and Mrs. Lester] together ~or a numoer of this weeKenu. . wire her. Mrs. in" Leesbur~,~, were visitors with/ ~ =- .=" a v ~t a~ t Locke, Mrs. J. L. Locke, Mr. and/ a . . " . *" "]Aiton and his family on Monday/ By Mrs. Mary Bruce Furr ]Mrs. "m y L - " pp d[ lira Evans is the mece of Mrs Dud Jl m ocke at su er We the ary weather continues row. /enroute home from their honey-/ -- I nesday evening. / :oughout this area with no re- There will be an interesting mn.n ?tin /~'~,.,~ Warns. m,~at I .q~tnd.v ~vanin~ Mr and Mr/ f in sight. We have learned .of game.of football played on the 1o ""~Ir". Eiwood Bowers who re-[ -"Th'"e "l~eet-'o~vn"Farm Women's ~Marlon'Blu'e~h'ad~'as'"t'hei'r'sup"per| ~eral more cisterns failing sin- cal h~gh school grounas on .~at- mains a patient in the National[Club met Wednesday afternoon guests Mr. and Mrs. Lester Locke[ our letter of last week urday evening, Sept 30, begmn . . " , . . . ~: Institute of Health in Bethesda,]with Mrs. Mary Bruce Furr, with Mrs. J. S. Locke and Mr. and Mrs.[ and Mrs. L. D. N chols have mg at 2:30 o ctocz ann sponsorea Md. spent the weekend here witht 20 members and one Visitor pres Jimmy Locke. / by the F. H. A. Club, The game home after visiting son-in-law and daughter Mr. Mrs. S. C. Dalton and family Lake Bluff, Ill. Mrs. Dalton been very much indisposed some time. has been several cases one or two day virus like all the local high school. serious to date and we it won't be. and Mrs. C. E. Garten and and Mrs. E. H. Garten and :le daughter Pamie enjoyed a picnic dinner at Braddock on Saturday evening. and Mrs. Morris Kain mo- te Charlottesville Vs. on where the latter enter- the hospital for surgery on hand. Mrs. Bertha Slaughter sister-in-law of Martinsburg them to visit a sis of Mr. Slaughter Mrs. Eliza. Whittington who is quite a* patient, in. the hospital, of Mrs. Donlvan Emma Lee Donivan, 79, in King's Daughters Hospit on Monday, Sept. a long illness having a in the hospital for Born in Elkton she was of the late Zachariah I Elizabeth Hensley* McDaniel. had been a resident of Duf- Jefferson County for some are her husband, Gee W. Donivan, three sons, Lu- D~rnivan of Four Mile Va.; Lewis and James of Shenandoah Junction Va,; three daughters, Mrs. wil be played by all girls "The Powder Puffs" and "The Pee Wees." Price of admission is 25 cents for adults and 15 cents for students. There will be an auction sale at the Fireman's Hall on Satur. day, October 7 beginning a t10:30 o'clock a. m. for the benefit of Band uniforms. Any one having anything to donate for this sale will please get in touch with Ray mend Biller and any article will be p~cked up. Another paper drive is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 14 for benefit of Band Uni- forms. Paul Winters of Wilmington, Delaware and Miss Joan Smith of Pensville, N. J. spent the week end with relatives and friends in this area. Mr. and Mrs. David Duffy of Washington, D. C. spent~ the weekend with the litters mother Mrs. Virginia Orame; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Evans "and son of Charles Town were dinner guests at the Orame home on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Webb and son Roger of Baltimore, Md. spent Thursday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Webb. I 0 TELEVISION HI+-. FI STEREO. LL By Miss Dorothy Bowers Rally Day Rally Day was observed Sun- day during the Sunday School hour at the Presbyterian Church with a very good attendance. The general theme of the program this year was "Sharing Our Heri- tage" and those having a part in this program included Joseph Ranalli, Allen Pea(her, Raymond Parks, Mary Peacher, Senti Gray, Suzanne Gray and Charlotte Pope. The Rally Day offering this year will be used by the Board of Christian Education for the financial assistance given to can- didates for the ministry and the ON ALL MAKES mission service and the new Co renan( Life Curriculum The Superintendent of the Sun day School, Mr. T. A. Lowery, TELEVISION read the Attendance Record for the past year which is as follows: Tommy Bowers, 24 years, Mrs. West Washington" St. Nelson Boyd, 14, Miss Charlotte Costello 13, Mr. Nelson Boyd and Town, W. Va. Mr. Calvin Costello, 11, Danny Morgan, 10, .Sharon Clevenge.r, 9, PHONE 487 Suzanne Gray, 7, Mr. Lester Mol- er, 6, Mr. Warren Costello, Jenni- -- fer Gray and Mrs. Virginia Gray FOR YOUR .-AND OTHER_ .... Call 424 Edward Magaha GEORGE STREET TOWN, W. VA. Ehtimates Cheerfully Just Call Us.) 4, Terry Penwell, Edwin Cleven- ger 3, David Penwell 2, Richard Wright, Mrs. Bernard Ott, Mr. Bernard Ott, Mr. Stephen Dal- garn, Jr,, Clifton Pea(her, Allen Pea(her, Marilli Jo Ranalli and Vivian Ranalli, 1 year. Those m~ssing one Sunday were Mrs. Lester Moler, Mrs. Bet- sy Simons, Mrs. David Penwell, Mrs. Stephen Dalgarn Jr., Mrs. William Honk, Michael Simons, Mr. Ray Parks, Stephen Dalgarn, III and Joey Ranalli. Mrs. Elmer Wright, Donna Gray, David Dal- yarn, Carla Gray and Nancy Ran- alli missed two Sundays and those missing three Sundays were Mrs. Alec Costello, Mrs. Winerd Bow- ers, Miss Dorothy Bowers and Mr. James Tabb. The offering am0un ted to $53.17. The promotions included Mar- ill Jo Ranalli from Beginners to Primary Dept., Stevie Ruble, Pri mary to Junior Dept., David Dal- garn, Donald Haines, Allen Peach er and Margaret.Dodson, Junior to Pioneer Dpt. and Stephen Dal garn, III and Suzanne.Gray, Pio- neer to Senior High Dept. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Parks and son Michael (~f Charles Town accompanied by Mrs. Edwin Clev enger motored to Bethesda, Md. Md. on Wednesday where they visited Mr. Elwood Bowers a pa- tient there in the hospital. Mrs. Douglas Bowers and son # TIi hway accident take no va- j wiht boy and irl . Children well cation. Drive with care--Every- i seem to be every, where. Then where. This reminder from the I - o'- ,; 1 C" " ................ I v~ner~ v u pass a s(noo, pay lose WC'Sl virginia blale i'OllCe. [ :. :; ...... " ~.,~., --------- j al[efiIlon fln(I (lrlve salely. ~lnt~ Soon schools will open. Side-]reminder from the We~! Vir:;~inia walks an(1 playgrounds will swarl~l ~ State Police~ ANNUAL FALL SALE SILK MILL SALES ROOM FRONT ROYAL, qRC, INIA September 29 - October 7, 1961 HOURS:---Monday Thru Friday--- 8 A. M. - 4.30 P. M. Saturday-.-8 A. M. - 11:45 A.M. (EASTERN STANDARI) T[ME) ALL FABRICS RED LJCED NO MAIL OR PHONE ORDERS HANDLED AT SALE PRICE. 9 new "at Impala Sport Coupe.-with a roof line that ~oo "1~ like a convertibhea @ Here's everything a car fancier could want. Fresh.minted style that comes to a climax in the sportiest sport coupe you've seen yet.:. ,4 road.gentling Jet.smooth ride. A new choice of V8 skedaddle. Rich Body by Fisher interiors. Beauty that's ape. cially built to sta__g beautiful. Herein "62 is more than ever to please you from the make that pleases most people. ! It's like owning an exl~ensive car without the expense, Check it over from its clean-thrusting prow to its rakish rear deck. Look inside the deep-well trunk. Then--head for the open highway. II That sittin'-on-satin feeling you get is Chevrolet's famous Jet-smooth ride at work--with a pliant Full Coil spring cushioning at each wheel. The standard six and V8 are triggered to do special things on regular gas, and for real hair-trigger reflexes you have a choice of four optional-at-extra-cost VS's with out- I Convair Monza Club Coup~ THE'62 CORVAIR MONZA This jim-dandy's got the stuff that drivers dote on. Backstage you have a standard aluminum air-cooled engine that turns up 80 hp. (or if you like more razzamatazz, one that uncorks 102 hp?). Sure enough, there's independent stmpension on all four wheels to keep the ride as amiable as ever. Inside, you'll find a heater and defroster, cigarette lighter, dual sunshades, front- door armrests and automatic choke as standard equipment on moat models. There are lots of reasons forliking what's new--and tried and true--in the '62 Col vair. And your dealer's eager to tick 'era off for you. *Optional at r.tra eo . put all the way up to 409 hp. Hard-working helpers (like the new steel front fender underskirts that guard against corrosion) give this '62 its built- for-keeps beauty. Even the heater and defroster come as standard equipment this year. This is the kind of car that will make you feel luxurious all over, and your Chevrolet dealer will be only too happy to show you how easy it is to have one of your own. I HERE'S -THE CItEVY II I Chevy 11 300 ~-Door Sedan This plucky new Chevy II comes about as close as a car can to perpetual motion. All nine models (station wagons, a hardtop, even a convertible will soon be available in the lineup) are designed to save you money and service. Major" front- end sections, including fenders, bolt on for easy replacement in case of damage. The heater and defroster are yours as standard equipment. Tough--but ever-so-gentle-- Mono-Plate rear springs eliminate the friction of old-fashioned multi-leaf springs. And, maneuverable and sensibly sized as this Chevy II is, it gives you the kind of room that'll make'many a "big" car wonder how it's done. Meet the car that puts sport in the driver's seat! Bigger new brakes and Corvair's renowned rear.engine traction offer just about the surest footed going on the road. A new Monza Station Wagon. makes its debut. And all models sport freshly tailored upholstery inside matched by sassy new styling accents outside. Here's modern basic transportation in a totally new line of cars with all the solid, time.tested Chevrolet virtues-plus some surprises you've never seen on any car before. A full line of saucy new.size models. Thrifty? Choice of a frugal 4- or spunky &cylinder engine (in most models). Roomy? Sedans seat six solid citizens. Price? A real pleasant surprise! ....... C.hevy-.I ; a.nd.. q ..C r irs-at authPrized C hevrgletdealer;s" .................... 1 M West Washington Street Charles Town, W. Va. i I [ I [ I i m .] I Phone 42 Ill J I [