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September 28, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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September 28, 1961

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N{ i ICE T0 CREDITORS. I at my omce In the Citizens Office Commissioner of Accounts Igaliy verified to the undersigned, birthday. Those present were Mr. I and Mrs. Robert Lelght and faro. I SPIRIT OF J'EI I ON rXmNLW~ ___--.. IBuilding, Charles Town, West [ . Jefferson County. W. Vs. [at my officeln the Citizens O flies land Mrs. Allen Elliott and sons, lily of Grimes, Va., Mr. and Mrs. [ a ~ ' qPI-IIT~rIAV ~l~.Pqrl~.MRl~.~ 9~ " TO the Creditors and Bene- ~Virginia, on or before the. 21st September 21-3t- {Builcing, ......... ~nar[es Town, west Mr. and Mrs .... Arthur Elliott Mr Delbert McFillen of Clearbrook, [ ~-- ............ . _=,_ ' .............._._' ficiaries of the Estate of William [day of Mar., 1962; otherwise they ~ j v. lrgmla, on or De,ore me 21st and Mrs. Albert Henry and dau Va., Mr. and Mrs. Harry Nicely,] ........ Carroll McNall- deceased rmay, by law be excluded from all ~U'I'IU~I TO UI4~IJI'I~R~L [day ot i~ar., 19~z; omerwise mey ghter, Mrs. Pa~e Henry, Mr and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Creamer and [teachers Were elected Suncay reople, fdrs. terry nott; All n~rannu Jhn,in~ el:qm~ n-/beneflt of said estate. All bene- -- /may by law be excluded from all Mrs Roy Chan~man anti sen'Mrs i son Mr and Mrs-Milton Nicode-]morning at Grace Baptist Church Adult Intermediate Miss .~i.,~:, ~h, ,~~sto ,,~ ura~.,~ ~,. ]ficmries of said estate a e notified To the Creditors and Bene-!benefit of said estate. All bene- Nsno, Kh,,t~u an,1 ~n Mr nnr] ~rnuu snfl ~nn Mr nnd MP Wil [effectlve October let N. Myers; Junmr Girls & ................. : to be p esent on said date to p o- hcmrms of the Estate of Charles Ificlanes of stud estate are notffmd M... r ......... v~--., .~ ~ ',..~ ~ ..... ~ ~_.. ' ~#:.. ~ ..... I ~ ........ ~. D~'^rt Rls,tr Mrs Bettie Padgent; Pr roll Mcl~ally, ueceaseu, wnemer i tect their interests ~ T .4 ~ [ ~,fl hD nra~Dnt, fin ~l|d d~ltAg~ tci nY'g. IS* ~IWAISII~U 11,111~ all UI. IYJLIUUIV t 114;1111 lp~i* 4|lld ~Vll, J.11~ UU~;~ | llC(~UICJ., lYJtJt. JL~bUUV ........ " " due or not are notified to exhibit Given under my'hand this, 19th r~. ,rues, ueceaseu. . test'- -~ l~'~lntt elr terests. ................ way, Mr. and Mrs. Suell. Palmer. Drish, Mr. and Mrs.. Andrew Lon Iford; Assistant Treasurer, Mrs. Miss. Anna LomseWhitm~., same w~th vouchers thereof, Is- day of September, 1961. ,All, pe~ons,havmg claims ~ I Given under my hand this 19th and daughter of Summit Pomt, I gerbeam and family, Mr. Mason [Robert Blackford; Clerk, Mr. Roy gmners & t;raale R011, mlS, gaily verified to the undersigned, I MARK B. WETZEL ~n~e~~ ~ecease'~~ whet't~er'~due ]day of September, 1961.Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Lewis of Pifer and daughter all of Middle J $. Shirley; Pianist, Mrs. David ~ Miller. at my office in the Citizens Office [ Commissioner of Accounts ^r "~:* ~r~ notlP'~ *o exhibit the I ~ MAR~ B. WETZEL Martinsburg, Mrs. Lucille Brown i way. ! Payne; Assistant Pianist, Mrs. J Building, Charles Town, West ] . . County of Jefferson same~'w~tl~ voucl~ers thereof le- I Commissioner of Accounts and Mrs. Elsie May of Charles I Visitors at the home of Mr and [ Grover Thompson; Sexton; Mrs. IA|~,m~n U|rh~,-I T [ virginia, on or before the 21st [ Septemoer 21-3t- ~,allv verified to the undersigned I - . . County of Jefferson Town and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest I Mrs I E Moreland on Saturday ] Homer Ferrell; Missionary Treas I ~,Hlmu ~,,~,H~ ~. ,~ day of Mar., 1962; otherwise they } ~t ~ay office In the Citizens Office ] Septem~er 21-3t- Simmons of Ranson. evening were Mr and Mrs Mar- I urer, Mrs. Oscar Seal ...... may, by law be excluded from allI NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Building, Charles Town, West l ~ On Sept 16 a surprise birth-[tin BraithWaite" and daughter[ Superintendent, Mr. Robert[~t$ Diploma From benefit of sa~d estate All bene V~rglma on or before the 21st da art wa ~v n ,. ! . .... ..1 ---- _ /:: .... ..... I MI I AV y p y s g en i honor of IMiss Joy Dunn and Walter Dunn. ]Blackford; Assistant Superinten-I ltlclarles oi salct estate are nou h editors an Bene way o~ ~vlar, ~vx, omerwlse mey ITIII/MI.I= W M/ ....... " [ To t e Cr " d - . . . " . . I h's fifth birthday to little Gary I Sunday dinner guests were Mr. I dent, Mr. David Payne; Secretary I @..L..I l~ e.._~ ILd..- lied to be present on ~11(1 Late to f m may, oy law oe excmaed from all Paw n " / ficiaries of the Estate o An "e .... [ B,~ ~is~ co,..l=. C.r.o.. so by his parents Mr and I and Mrs I E Abe, Fort Ashby, [ and Treasurer, Mrs Alta Sager; [ ~iiOUI A| rurI D IVO protect their interests. ....... /M. Crane, deceased, benefit o~ s~d es~a[e:..All^be2e~/ .r .... ~.~--.,, .... v,-- Mrs. Wayne Dawson. The room t W. Va.,'l~r. and Mrs. Rowiand lAsst. Secretary & Treasurer, Mrs. I .......... tilven unaer my nana ~nls l~tn A era n havln claims a ""~ .... " ..... ~"~ "~ ""~'"~" was trimmed in ree an 1 ~x/~c Mlcnael T Jones, ......... / 11 p o s " g " " to be nresent on said date to nro- ~ Preaching services will be held " " g n d wh'te. I Moreland of Ranson, Mr. and Mrs. I Iiley Teller, Jr.; Pianist, Miss I Lay o~ ~eptemoer, io~l. /gainst the estate of Annie M. tect tl~elr interests " |this Sunday night at the Metho. Those present were Phyllis Ann]Grover Wilson and daughter oflMarie Weller. I Mr. and Mrs. Raleigh F. M, MARK B. WETZEL, l Crane, deceased, whether due Given under my'hand this 19th |diet Church at 8:00 p. m. and and Ronnie Longerbeam, Tress I Pieasant Hall, Pa. | Teachers-Adult Men, Mr. Per-'Bakerton has been awarded~ Commissioner of Accounts [or not ,axe notified to exhibi,t the day of September, 1961. [Youth Fellowship will be at 7:30 Ring, Debbie Pifer and Rodney I ~ |ry Knott; Adult Ladies, Mrs. Os- loma from the U. S. Arm~ County of Jefferson/sa~e, with vouchers thereof, is; MARK B. WETZEL /p m Ring, Master Bobby Hough sent I {[~J~L|~k|~ |car Seal; Young People, Mrs. eer School at Fort B.elv( _Sep:::C~ .2~t CREDITOR~: IB~~ivg~ee~n:~ltl~e!h~T~'~!ci Septem::;2C~'3:ln~y~f ~eACeou2ts ]sMr" MndaM~SylArl]~lE:lirt~eannrd ~BtPr~hi:~tbl~fiwa:kUn:ble tOI ~.L,,~= ~--=~,9" ! F:a~ka:sBr.eAnuB~r~eckfYo~i:~Aer~m~l~'' ~!p:UCsCO~h:;i~g:C~nuPlr~ti[nwe: [Virginia. on or before the 21st __ ........ .... :__ landdaughter visited Capon State A double surprise birthday cell JUHIIII0N lior, Mrs.'Iiley Weller; Primary, eral Mapping Su~ject~ To the Creditors and Bene- ~aay ot ~uar., muz, omerwise mey NOTICE TO CREDI'I'OR~, |r~tr. un o u~uay.. .. - _ ebration was held Friday night at I B~ Miss LfllianM=ers I Mrs. Sylvia Harrison; Beginners Selection, Plotting and E~ fiiaries of the Estate of Thomas I law, ~. excretes irqm .. ^ .."777--. . ~. |. Mr. ana mrs. Joe riougn ana the home of Mrs. Edna Pifer hen I ~ a I & Cradle Roll, Mrs. Eileen Chap- ,Map Compilation and EBaumr~nerdeceased~au~enen~smaesmze.~uT~me~reait~rsan~ene~amilynaaapicnic~n~un~ayatri "'1 1"" "1" . ga , . ' f s~i e ate ar .... o ng Mrs. Dema Nlceley s seven- man., Bible School Supermten- and Mosams. He has been benefic~@ries o d st e tic|arms of the Estate of Lilly Es the Hagerstown Park. . CHURCH OFFICERS SUNDAY All persons having clalms a- t . . - ty-nmth blrthday and Miss Phy- dent, Mrs. Robert Blackford. ed to Shaw Air Force , notified .to be preser~t to protec le L~ Rln h t e sed Tr o 68 h - , gainst the estate of Thomas E tel nk e ar, d cea o p of t e Boy Scouts lhs Ann e SCHOOL TEACHERS thel~r in,terser . . ......... Long rbeam s seventh~ Assistant Teachers- Adult Men C. . Baumgardner, deceased, whetherI G~ven" trader" my hand th~s" 19th All persoo.s r~aving ..... cl~i'n~, ag~i.~,/hem meir annual meeting uatur- birthday Both received manv l,, The followin= .............................. church officers I Mr ahn,r Whltmor- Adult I _ due or not are notified to exhibit I day of September, 1961.~ee~Str~t.edOfc L:~ly ~v~teelhler~nue~ |day mght at the home of Mr. nice gifts. Those present were Mr. and Sunday School officers and ies, Mrs. Lewis E. Sager; Young I GO TO C~URC~ ~me, with vouchers thereof, le-[ MAR~ B WETZEL . , e .... , ....... /t'au[ t;namoim ...... gaily refilled, to the undersigned, I Comrn~ssio'ner of A.ecounts or noL are noun ea ~o exnim~ me/ Mr. and Mrs. Glen Cave and at my office in the Citizens Office I Jefferson County ' same with voucners thereof, Is- [daughter of Martinsburg were ulldlng, Charles zown, west S~nt~rnh~r 21-.qt- " gaily verlIlea r~o me unoers~gnea, Sunday supper guests of Mr. and ~ir~inia on or before the 21stl--= ............ at my office in the Citizens Office. ~ ~ r-r,,,,, day-of Mar., 1962; otherwise they[ ~,~v~~ ~, ~"~T~T~T'kTrrta-~n~ ~?~n~g' Chn, rles~fTwnL~ West "~r.~and"~i'rs.~'Ben Hoover of may by law be excluded from all ~ ~,dx~,.~ Jtty ~u~u~o. --.-s .... , ,~ .... .~ v.~ V,~ .... .. .......... ............. [ da~ of Mar 1962" otberwlse they r~arrlsDurg, ~'a. ano Mrs. H. H. Denellt oI s~la es~tr, e. ALl oene- ------ - ., , ~ . Jenmngs were Sunday droner flelarles of said estate are notified I To the Creditors and Bene- may. by law be excluded from all to be present on said date to pro- I ficiaries of the Estate of Herman ~enefit of said estate. All bene- guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Hater. test their interests I S Lewis, deceased flclarles of said estate are notified Mrs. C. M. Kearns is on the sick ~-~wn under m,,'~ond this 19th ~ "--~ ...... ~o, ...~. ~.~ ..... ~ to be present on said date to pro- list this week day of September, 1961. t gainst the estate of Herman S ,e~. their interests._ .......Mrs. W]lham Whittington and ulven unaer my nana mis t~tn dau hter of Ra n S _ MARK B. WETZEL I Lewls, deceased, whether due da" ^f c^'-tember 19~1 g nee were unday J commlssloner of Accounts I or not, are notified to exhibit tm y u oev~ 'B ~--"'-- evening callers of Mrs. Viola Daw - . . County of Jefferson I same with vouchers thereof Is- -- --s i "r " z... _ son. ~epremner 21-3t- - ]gaily'verified, to the undersigned t;n~oSu~ne~f ~e~erCoUnn~ Miss Kimberly Kay Hough of ~TA~ ~ ,~m~ | at my office in the Citizens Office Se,~tember 21 3t ~ ~ Charles Town spent Saturday ~,~u~at~ Jtu ~u~xu~. | BuilcUng, Charles Town, West ~ " " with Mr~ .Tnv Kt~nvn~ ------ Virginia, on or before the 21st .......... " ........ ' N TI E TO RED . Mr. Osa Herbaugh, Mr. and To the Creditors and Bene-I day of Mar., 1962; otherwise they O C C ITORS ~ro w~.,n~,~ rz~.,. .... ~.....~ ~..~ "el " of he state f no~ .- .................... s ........... fl arms t E o S w- may by law be excluded from al~ ~ fly and Mrs Sonn Herbau h of den F. McCarty, deceased. ! benefit of said estate. All belle- To the Creators and Bene- . _ _Y . g _ r mwoou were ~unaay evemng call All l~)ns having claims a- ~ ~lclarles of said estate are notlfle, ficiaries of the ~:state of Ma y W. . .. ~ .......... gainst the estate of Snowden F./to be present on said date to pro Rouse, deceased, ere ot Mr. ann ~rs. ~tay White. McCarty, deceased, whether due [ te~ their interests. ....... All persons, having claims a- .~rs: ~rover ~nutts an~ Jerry due or not are notified to exhibit/ ~iven unaer my nano mis lvtn gainst the estate of Mary W. attenaea a oirthday party in non -ame--wi~h vouch-ere thereof le-/day of September, 1961. Rouse, deceased, whether due or of Mr. William Dfllow at Ran- :ally verified to the undersigned,/ MARK B. WETZEL or not. are notified to exhibit the son on Sunday. ~ame. with vouchers thereof, le- Mrs. Anna Horner and Mrs. I Ill I I lllIlllll Illl II EAST 5th. AVENUE, RANSON, W. VA. PHONE 209 24 HOUR SERVICE. ALL WORK GUARANTEED BY EXPERIENCED MAN DOING WORK IN THIS VICINITY FOR THE PAST 10 YEARS. PAUL HENDERSON WILL APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS. Sept. 14-4t. I II"ll II Illllll Alfalfa weevil larvae eat the leafy parts of alfalfa that account for 75% of the high tein feed value and 50% of the weight. Stop them dead with Heptachlor, and get higher yields of good quality hay. Fall application kills adult weevils. Larvae never get a chance to develop. It's fully approved, and proven in wide pr ad use. Saves work in the spring. It's the safe, sure, economical way to protect alfalfa, Heptachlor is easy to apply with equipment you have on hand. Available in sprays, granules and fertilizer _) mixtures. Heptachlor must be applied at the right time, in the fall, for maximum effec- tivene . Consult your local state rec hmendations now for dosage and recommendations. - ~E'Y SET TO SAVK YOUR At.F~IULFAI ~ ~, SEE YOUR DEACER TODAY FOR IEPTACHLOR f:liy approved for fall .ifalfa weevil co.~rol Illl rally verified, to the undersigned, Bessie Barbour of Darkesville at my office in the Citizens Office spent the weekend with Mrs. Building, Charles Town, West Clemmye Baker. Virginia, on or before the 21st Last Monday Rev. and Mrs. day of Mar., 1962; otherwise they Reckley, Mr. Charles Grove and ,nay by law be excluded from all benefit of said estate. All bene- Mrs. Holmes White attended a rtclaries of said estate are notified meeting of the Hagerstown Dis- *o be present on said date to pro- trict Church at Shepherdstown. ect their interests. The theme of the meeting was Given under my hand this 19th "Evangelism". day of September, 1961. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Dunn and MARK B. WETZEL family and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Commissioner of Accounts Ruby visited Mrs. Clara Dunn of Jefferson County, W. Va: Darkesville on Sunday. September 21-3t- Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hough and daughters of Charles Town anti NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Mr .and Mrs. Jay K~arns were Sunday evening supper guests of To the Creditors and Bene. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Kearns. ficiaries of the Estate of Robert Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Martin W. Thornton, deceased, spent the weekend with her sister All persons having claims a- and brother-in-law Dr. and Mrs. gainst the estate of Robert W. Donald Schrubbs of Washington, Thornton, deceased, whether due D.C. or not, are notified to exhibit the Sunday dinner guests of Mr. sable, with vouchers thereof, le- gally verified, to the undersigned, and Mrs. Harry Nicely were Mr. at my office in the Citizens Office and Mrs. Robert Hoover and son Building, Charles Town, West of Winchester, Va., Mr. Jacob Gil Virginia, on or before the 21st es and Mr. Ernest Pifer of Mar- day of Mar., 1962; otherwise they tinsburg. may by law be excluded from all Mrs. Kathryn Brown of Mar- benefit of said estate. All bene- tinsburg spent the weekend with ficiaries of said estate are notified Mr. and Mrs. Linwood Swartz. to be present on said date to pro- Mr .and Mrs. Ervin Tbrdiff of tect their interest. Given under my hand this 19th Inwood were Sunday evening vie- day of September, 1961. itors of Mr .and Mrs. Walter Moy MARK B. WETZEL, er. ~t~ Commissioner of Accounts Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fortune of County of Jefferson Takoma Park, Md. spent the week September 21-3t- and with Mr. and Mrs. Donald ~c~,~,O Schill. NOTICE TO CREDITORS Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Chap- _ __ man of Berryville, Va. visited Mr. To the Creditors and Bene- and Mrs.. Roy Chapman on Sun- ficiaries of the Estate of Harry day. J. Cain, deceased. Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Sardone who " All persons having claims a- spent two weeks with the litters gainst the estate of Harry J. mother Mrs. Randolph Barnes Cain, deceased, whether due left Monday for Charleston, S. C. or not, are notified to exhibit the where they will spend, a few days ame wails Vouchers therenf, Is- visiting Mr. Sardones daughter gaily verified to the undersigned, Mrs. Earl Lanier. From there at my office in the Citizens Office they will return to their home in Building,- Charles Town, West Belleville, Ill.- Virginia, on or before the 21st Sunday evening Mr. and Mrs. day of Mar., 1962; otherwise they William Baker and family, Mr. may, by law be excluded from all benefit of said estate. All bene- and Mrs. C. F. Swartz and family, flciaries of said estate are notified Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Webster and to be present on said,date to pro- son,and Mrs. Clemmye Baker had test their interests, a picnic on the latters lawn. Given under my hand this 19th Mr. apd Mrs. Joe Sardone and day of September, 1961. Mrs. Rahdolph Barnes viisted Mr. B. WETZEL and Mrs. Earl Harter on Sunday. Commissioner of Accounts The Middleway Climbers 4-H County of Jeffersoa Club had their monthly meeting September 21.3t- on Friday night at the home of NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Bill Perks in Charles Town. Mr. and Mrs. Jay Kearns and To the Creditors and Bene-Mrs. Edward Gardner were Sun ficiaries of the Estate of Mabel day dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. M. Henkle, deceased. Raymond Hough of Charles Town. All persons having claims Colonel and Mrs. Edwin Lee gainst the estate of Mabel ~I" from the army War College in Henkle, deceased, whether due Carlisle, Pa. were Sunday callers or not, are notlfled to exhibit the of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Hater. same with vouchers thereof, le. I Mr. Port Moore, Miss Kather- gaily verified to the underslgned line Bavlor and Miss Mary Moore at my office in the Citizens Office I nf (2,hnrlo~ ~nwn P~ll#~el ~m~n M'r~ Building, Charle Town West .................. :- ""~'" ":--" Vir~,ini~ ,n ,r ~,,~r, ~ ~tlRandolph Barnes Fmday evemng. benefi~ of said estate. All bene- | and Mr. and Mrs. George Crim of flciaries of said estate are notified I Summit Point called upon Mr. to be present on said date to pro- ] and Mrs. Donald Schfll Sunday test their interests. I night. Given under my hand this 19th | Mr. Edward Gardner, son of day of September, 1961. ]Mrs. Evelyn Gardner is receiving _ ~ B. ~EL . I training at Fort Jackson, S. C. His ~3ommlSSloner o~ Accoum;s I wifo th~ f'~rm~r MnPv Ann County of Jefferson ............................ ............. ] Hough of Charles Town is resid- S~2~L~|llU~I- ~I"OL" . Y' . . - , ~r~v~ ~ ,~T,~W~.O [ mg here m M~ddlway. Eddie s ad- z~uxa~r~ au ~,r~uax,J~. ~ dress is: Pvt. E-1 Charles E. Gard .- .~ .-'7:7--- - .. ~ her U S 52532389, Co B 4th Bat To me ~realmrs ana ~ene- " " " ficiaries of the Estate of Sophie Itahn' 2nd Piston let T. R., Fort JaCKSOn,~ S. Bates, deceased. | .... = .'. AIP persons having claims a-lnl,l~'a~y .a'2r~es ...... ~ainst the estate of Sonhie S I "rnc lYUll uospet vemecostal Bates, deceased, Whetholy dUe |Church of Middleway gave a bir- or not, are notified to eXhibit the |thday party for the pastor Rev. ame With vouchers thereof, Is-' Clark Elllott on his fifty.f0urth \ \ The indians could send a rallying call many, mary milts drums. Each drummer, tati ed" o a a' onely ridge, would for the sound of distant drums, and re]ay the message to others waiting across the valley. Overnigl t a dozen tribes could be rallied to a common cause. We don't need such crude methods of communication today. Men with a common purpose can join forces around the world at a pre-arranged time, Wodd Wide Communion Sunday is such an expression of unity. In every Christian land the church bells will summon men and women to the Lord's Supper on this Sunday. And the universality of this great rdigious event will not depend on belie relaying the message from town to town. It will depend on to[ks like yourself coming to their Church to, receive this ttoly Sacrament. THE CHURCH FOR ALL... ALL FOR THE CHURCH The Church ;s the greatest factor on earth for the building of character and good citizenship. It is a storehouse of spiritual values. Without a strong Church, neither democracy nor civilization can survive. There are four sound reasons why every person should attend services regularly and support the Church. They are: (1) For his own sake. (2) For his children's sake. (3) For the sake of his community and nation. (4) For the sake of the Church itself, which needs his moral and m~terial support. Plan to go to church rcguhrly and read your Bible daffy. D~ Book Chapter Vetsee Sunday Hebrews10 19-2~; Monday Luke 22 14-20 Tuesday P,alms 5~ 8-14 Wednesday Psalm~ 133 1-~ Thursday Iohn 17 20-26 Friday Ephcslam 4 1-7 Saturday B.evdation 3 ) ~-20 q~ , ~ ii ~opyri.~ht lSSl Kei,ter Adv. Sea'S, ]ht. Strasbm'g, "~ THIS ADVERTISEMENT SPONSORED BY THE BUSINESS FIRMS BELOW IN SUPPORT OF THE CHURCHES OF THE COMMUNITY: J. RUSSELL FRITTS, INC. PHILCO DEALER Charles Town, W. Va. Phone 403 i, , , , CHARLES TOWN ESSO SERVICE STATION Phone 5007 Charles Town, W. Va. i J. C. PENNEY COMPANY "ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY" CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. H. W. WAGELEY, INC. SUPERTANE GAS SERVICE ~Phone $41 Charlce Town, W. VL W. & R. SALES, INC. CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. BOX 591 PHONE IIR m m ........ , J. EMORY KABLE E~SO DISTEIBUTOg Phone 578-W Charles Town, W. Vsa JEFFERSON HARDWARE CO., INC. SHERWIN-~ PAINTS Phone 45 Charles Town, W. Va. POWHATAN BRASS & IRON WORKS U SON, WEST V gGm!a RANSON REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE CO. )~IN~ON, W. VA. PHONE 309 RANSON MACHINE WORKS PHONE 481 RANSON, W. VA. ,tilt , , COMMUNITY OIL CO., INC. CITIES SERVICE Charles Town, W. Va. Martinsbu~g, W, Va. - Leesburg, Va. ,=,, ........... VALLEY BOARD CORP. HALLTOWN, WEST VIRGINIA LEGGETT'S DEPT. STORE "THE HOME OF BETTER VA~UB~} Chseles Town, W. YL SHENANDOAH AIR CONDITIONING CO. HEATING--COOLING PRODUCTS Plmmblng - Sheet Metal - Roofing Charles Town, W. VL 'Phone 265 THE MELVIN T. STRIDER COLONIAL FUNERAL HOME Ch~Hes Town 165- SUDLEY FUNERAL HOME She~herdstown 2683 PITTS CHARLES THEATRE-.Ranson "ALWAYS A GOOD SHOW" [ ,