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September 28, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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September 28, 1961

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Lucy S.aunders ,dsNat,onal. mhon Baphsts Lucy Saunders, W. Wash. Street, Charles Town last returned, from Kansas City, here she attended the Nat- Baptist Convention United America Inc. and the n's Auxiliary held with the ;t Churches of lbat city Sep r 3-10. trip was sponsored by the ndoah Valley Baptist Assoc of Shenandoah Valley and Woman's Auxiliary of which Saunders has been presi- for the past 24 years. .= left by motor with her bro and sister-in-law Mr. and Esau McDaniel of Warren, going from there to Kansas by train via Chicago. e reports a very informative appreciative trip. The con. was held in the Munici- Building in the heart of the part of the city of Kan- a whole block and to be the largest religious ~' of Baptist in the U. S. Roy, J. H. Jackson of Chi. Ill is the president. TO CHURCH SUNDAY A ROOM FALL OR WINTER? LOW PRICES AND YEARS EXPERIENCE, COMPLETE SELEC- OF THE NEWEST LATEST IDEAS IN AND WALLAPER, MAKE YOUR JOB EASIER? Mental Health Group Get Reports On State. Convenhon, See Movm The Jefferson County Associat ion for Mental ltealth met in reg- ular session Tuesday, Sept. 25 at the Hilleary House with Mrs. Wil lis Shuman, president in charge. Routine business and projects for the coming year were discuss- ed. Reports were given by delegat- es who attended the annual meet ing of the West Virginia Assoc- iation for Mental tlealth at Mor- gantown, Sept. 22-23. Delegates included Mesdames O. S. Bloom, S. H. Stone, Hugh Via and tI. II. ttunter. The two day program included a conducted tour of the West Vir ginia University Medical Center with luncheon meeting at the Center. Principal speakers included per sons holding key positions in the field of the Mental Health Pro- gram, including Dr. Kenneth E. Penrod, Vice President W. Va. University; Dr. Charles Zeller, Director of the "Dept. of Mental Health and Dr. Thomas A. Loftus recently appointed chairman of the Dept. of Psychiatry at the University Medical School• Mrs. Harrison H. Farrell, president of the W. Va. Association for Men. tel Health, presided at the meet rag. Delegates agreed that attend- ing the convention and learning of the intensive new program in the areas of mental health and mental illness that are being plan ned, was indeed a stimulus to continue and further support pro grams in education, community and hospital services and resear- 'Oh. After convention reports were given, The Rev. Richard E. Neal showed a 10 minute animated col or' film depicting normal emot- ional stresses and ways of meet- ing stress situations with people. Films may be procured and shown to organizations desiring a mental health program. This is of the services of the local organization. A social hour and refreshments were enjoyed following the meet ing. & WALLPAPER STORE Years at 121 N. Charles Charles Town, W. Va. Phone 486 & MILDRED LENNON 8 to 5 Mon. to Sat. 28--Dec. 14-12t. Chevrolet's Passenger Car Line For'62 Now At Merchant-Noland, Inc. Chevrolet's passenger car line- up for 1962 features extensively restyling and major mechanical changes for its standard models plus a new complete line of small er cars to be known as Chevy II. This will bring the company's 1962 passenger car line-up to 32 models-highest in it~ history-a- vailable in the Corvair, Corvette, Chevy II and standard Chevrolet lines• These cars will be display- ed in Chevrolet dealerships be- ginning Friday, September 29. Merchant Noland Chevrolet Olds mobile, Inc. dealers in Charles Town will have the new cars on display in their showrooms on East Washington Street. The new Chevy II is larger than the Corvair but smaller than Chevrolet's regular car. Station wagons, a hardtop sport coupe and a convertible are included a- mong nine models in the new line which emphasizes simplicity in styling and maximum function alism in design. From a styling standpoint, the standard Chevrolet for 1962 re. flects the greatest change, althou- gh Corvair models and the Cor- vette will: also feature a number of appearance changes as well as new exterior colors and interiors. ere at this Reliable Phar= macy every prescription priced according to a care- formula, involv- com- I~undJng time and a modest Thus, you are assured each price is a fair pricej "guesstimate." STUCK I HARMACISTS PHONE 173 ,ES TOWN, W. VA. Class Officials Named At {:hades Town High William Brown, Charles Town Senior High Principal announ- ces that the following students were elected to class office posts by the student body Thursday, September 15. Senior Class: president, Paul Corso; vice president, Nancy En- nis; secretary, Betty Brown; treasurer, Bill Clendening; Sen- ior-at-large, Kay Lorenz; and His torten, Ludmila Bratina. Junior Class: president, John Lowery; vice president, Patsy Grant; secretary, Janie Mullen; treasurer, Donna Mahone. Sophomore Class: president, Johnny Merchant; vice president, Wayne Whitmore; secretary, Can dy Smallwood; treasurer, Dickie Ebersole. SAY LOOK THROUGH YOUR WARDROBE AND SEE WHAT YOU NEED FOR FALL--- A NEW SUIT OR TOP COAT---AND FOR THE LADIES A NEW TOP COAT OR A NEW SUIT FOR FALL. We Guarantee To Fit You and Please You OR Give You Back Your Money. WE HAVE THE BEST IN ALL KINDS OFCLOTH. CALL OR WRITE MR. and MRS. THOMPSON Phone 623-R Charles Town, W. Sept. 28- lt. Va. |ntematlo~i| Unilor m IHble Material: Deuteronomy 6:1-9; Luke 2:39-52. Devotional ReadLIng! Deuteronomy 6:1-9• A PERSON who no longer grows ceases to be a person. He becomes a fossil, tf he is old, or he stays a baby, if he is young. Our world is cluttered up with babies who never grow up. and with fossils in human .shape. The fossils haven't had a new idea In thirty years, and the babies haven't had any ideas of their own yet A genuine human being grows throughout his life-time, grows in spirit when be Dr. Foreman no longer grows In his body. It shocks some people to that Jesus ever grew; but Luk~ says plainly that he did, and tell: us how. The church has alway~ said that Jesus Christ is both Go¢ and man; and this is hard to un derstand. But if we try to mak, the problem easier by saying tha Jesus was a special kind of humaz being who did not grow and db not need to, then we are not mal~ Ing the' problem easier but her( er; for we are then denying thz he was truly human. He out his way forward Luke, writing our third Gospe uses his Greek language wit care. He uses one word for "grow --ir~ Luke 2:40, and another wor, inLuke 2:52. Luke 2:40 tells ho~ Jesus grew, or rather simply tell us that Jesus did grow, before h, was twelve years old. Luke 2:5' tells us how Jesus grew after h, was twelve years old. In speakin~ of the little boy Jesus. Luke say he grew, but he uses the sam~ word that is used to describe th~ growth of garden plants and flow ers. It is a good word to tell ho~ little children grow It comes nat urally, they can't help growing Give them food and sleep and the out-of-doors to play in, and they will grow without knowing it. But aftdr twelve Luke has an- other word. It is a word suggest- ing effort, struggle. Body and mind Some people are, we say. one- sided. Part of them grew but the rest didn't. We have all known people who wer@*"brains" but physical weaklings. We have also seen people who are very strong up to the neck, but pretty weak above that spot. Luke is careful to tell us that Jesus grew both in wisdom and in stature; that is to say, mentally and physically The old Greeks used to have a motto which the Romans copied and is still in circulation: "A sound' mind In a sound body." Jesus cut his way forward in both respects. He grew in wisdom---that word is important also. No doubt he grew in knowledge. His mother would teach him, as Deuteronomy di- rects parents to do;~ but while knowledge can be put into a boy or girl from the outside, as it were, by an instructor, wisdam-- that is, knowing what to do with the l~owledge you have--has to be developed on the Inside. A coach can guarantee to teach a boy enough knowledge to get into the urdversity; but no coach can guarantee to teach wisdom to go with it Jesus grew in wisdom by working his way forward. It is of no use to wish to be wise without being willing to go °through the trouble it takes. Who liked Jomm'/ One way of Judging the worth of a man Is to ask: Who likes him? Merely being popular is not enough. Popular with what kind of people? Luke writes that the bey and young man Jesus ad- vanced "in favor with God and man." (God and men, literally.) Put into everyday ~anguage, this means both God and men liked ~dm better every day In later years Jesus had bitter enemies. who at last murdered him; but in his younger yeans, if Luke tells the whole story at this point. Jesus appears to have had no enemies. He made only friends Jesus was not one of these cranks who doesn't care what people think about them But he did not forget {what so many oherwlse normal persons forget) that tt is much more important that God should llke you than that other people should. We must leave R to the reader to think It out from here: It Jesus grew physically and men- tally, spiritually and socially• how can Christians have all-rotmd growth like that In our own lives? (Based on outlines eopyrlshted by ths Division of Christian Education. Nstional Council of the Churches of Christ In the U. S. A. Rele&se4 bF Community Press Serviee.) Kennedy stresses urgency of aid to Latins. Said ostracized by brothers in Saudi Arabia. SPIRIT gFI RS01 mm ADY0¢A ! 10h Warner, Jr. THI.,RSDAY, SEPTEMBER . 1961 -3--B --OFF ANn nVNNI: G 7o . z. ass g eu'--vn-" [O'IP-~nt~L les ............. ..... ....... They I ff! or l] 'l ]iey? ? • "'- , om al, tu~,uavH VUnU~;H ~iUldl o'ch)ck as originally scheduled. 'e Town Conservation Unit To Meet nct At 4. m I E ,eri,nen,.l Far,,, at Kearneys- 're ... , ,,r " j..~ ~ N'~r~/."- .... IF' ..... ville will speak on chrysanthe- fist with the Soil Conservation The Jefferson Cotinty Garden]mum cultureI Service is being assigned to the Club will meet on Thursday, Oct- [ GO TO CHURCH ......... SUNDAY Charles Town work unit. ober 5th at Piedmont, the homeI George L. Cole work unit con- of Miss Louise Briscoe, with MissI USE TIlE CLASSIFIEDS servationist says Mr. Warner is Virginia Rider as co-hostess. TheI ............... exepected to report for duty Oct ~granteel in this I iakes°berwheninareasCOrrelatingSOninbe bulletinmoreW°rkingcounty,2'madeand finished1961.detailect~form.theinwithcorrecting~isThispreviouswillthansoilsmainsoilsbeworkbeforewithdutiesinpublishedmapping,anywillJeffer~other ntis-willandbe timesoUTHH.Of lheFRiDAy,andmeetingGEORGERehaS benc0~[SS[0NsEPTEMBERSTREETChan AdvertlseRANSON,In 29~TheAuO[~Spirit'Adv°eate1961Wo VA. for I At the present time Mr. War- BEGINNING AT 7:30 P. M. (D.S.T.) age of o r b i t i n g hm~tware nor is assigned to the Princeton is that piece of mechanicalon Boundless, had the tall China Closet, round: Organ, Bedroom Suite," Phileo and electronic equipment, the position and stood most of the 'work unit but plans 1o move his Radio and Record Player Combination: Phiico T. V., starting gate. Today a delay time balanced, one foot on the wife and two small children to Cedar Chest, Metal Wardrobes, Radios, Washers, of more than a minute or two rail to ease the burden on his Charles Town as son as a suitable at the post causes a rumblemount. Legend also has it that house can be found. Studio Couch, Dre, ners, Single Hollywood Bed, Desk, of nervous impatience in theGarrison, who later became a stands. Well within the mere- stern disciplinarian as a Stew- ory of many, however, are ard, was fined $1,000 for his delays during which one might part in delaying the proceed- ~o have lunch without missing ings. Four other jockeys were the race. The record perhapsfined $250 each before, after was the 1893 ~unning of tbo 25 false starts, they were American Derby wherein a "off". The modern starting ~ield of 15 horses milled about gate, hailed on its introduction for an hour and a half before in 1939 as the "Saloon Door Starter C. H. Pet~ingill liter- Starter", has practically elim- ally whipped them into shapeinated inju~T to horse or rider and sent them away. The factfrom the thrashing hooves of that 1,000 or more heckling a competitor and, while it has spectators gathered at the reduced the Starter's headache s t a r t i n g point didn't help he must still have a quick eye '62 Buicks On Display At Goode Brothers, Inc. The '62 Buick automobiles are both on display, featuring all the brand new lines, colors and de- signs at Goode Brothers, Inc. au- thorized dealers at the corner of North Samuel and East Liherty Streets in Charles Town. The matters. Legend has it that and quicker reflexes to push I great new Wildcat V-8 and Tur- :Edward "Snapper" GarriSon, the button at the moment all l bine Drive way up front over who ultimately won the race horses and jockeys are ready.I Buick's front wheels, is Buick's ........ ~ I big new move, the announcement , says. Utility Cabinets, Rockers, Ironing Board, Kitchen Stool, Bathroom Scales, Heating Stove, Stands, Step Ladders, Lawn Mower (power); 27 Piece Punch Bowl Set, and Other Dishes; Lot of Tools and Many Other Articles not mentioned. SALE EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT. TERMS:--CASH. Nothing to be removed until settled for. He and Re COMMISSION AUCTION H. CLAY THARPE and SAM MILLER, Auctioneers. For Information and Consignments Call CHARLES TOWN 7.R. !;i!iiiii:i:!:::!:: !:!i: ::.!i: ::. i: ! :,.j: ================================= .....,._ ..,.•.,. ::::'::::::::.::::: i:i:i:i:i:i i¸ •.:/•: %:i:~i:,~ •.. :,. -:: ,. . Now here--a great new exclusive from Buick Moves power forward for arrow-straight $oin~ It puts the engine ahead like the tip of an arrow • It tames "wind wand~d" and road sway • It sweeps you forward in a hush of luxury • It turns the floor hump into foot space. WHAT IT IS--Buictds big new move: It positions the great new Wildcat V-8 and Turbine Drive way up front over Buiclds front wheels. WHAT IT DOES-As the engine went forward, the floor hump went DOWN. And, the forward weight makes wheel response far quicker, cornering far surer, ride far smoother. WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT- Ifs the closest you can come to sports car handling in a passen~r car. Distances shrink before its a/4-G thrust. Hills disappear. Lean on curves is gone because the frame's gone wider. Winds dor{t make you wander. It's lloin l at its Buick best/ CORNER NORTH SAMUEL - EAST LIBERTY STS. I I I I I | II CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. ii ii iiiii i ii ii ._