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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
September 28, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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September 28, 1961

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t I' i SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON ADVOCATE I i|Vl 4--A THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, Tow w. %A. "'" TO THE --- I ,L ..... "----- - ............ :'" .... -----'------ ""~i~i I The Charles Town Sem~James Watson the club's res] ~Ka~eO :~ S ann zunorm ~ ~o~..~,.~ ~~--~ D T 0 I1 lao~ Club celebrated the 40th bir-dent who with her fellow ~enL: ~ .=. :o~.~[tc~ ::z~:uv~oOW~o: j~,ff~. COUNW AN. AkL ~~~~1 -- "" /thday of the club Tuesday even-]bers is keeping up these fine tra ................. ~. .~,~ tam ..... z~m~ i , , , , ,, ~ ! ing, ~ept. 19 with a dinner party I ditions ~Xtl al. ~:.~l~i~ ~'uneraL services were neiu READ EVERY W[K BY MORE THAN iii O~ ..~ W. ~*-*- ai~ I ........... I at the Blue Grass Inn at the The Mrs. Watson stated briefly that : Robert Magruder Kearney, 95- 2 p m. this afternoon (Thursd~ o~ ~ m~m~r,,a~ I~Hu i ~ongress o~ me unLteO ~tates |mas Jefferson Hotel in ~:Charles ]the club nrojects for the comin~ [ year old retired farmer of near I from the Sudley Funeral Home -- ..v,,..,.,v ~,.,,.,.. -- "" "'~" House " - ' " " -- ---- ] I "-i,.t'~a ............ +~^ ] of RepresentatLves ] Town. It was a most dehghtful oc [ year will include beside their do ~ Shepherdstown, dLed Sunday in I Shepherdstown, with the PUaLlSHED k"~ERY THURSDAY I t'- ~'~'~ ~" ~ "'~'~'~P~P='~" "'~" ~ Washington, D C. leas]on and there was a large turn nations to charity; safety, censer- Reeders Nursing Home near I John Wright officiating. Bu nv THE J~Z~ON ~u~,smNa COW,ANY. me. loner pay ann.saw wnere a~r)ena I Se-tember 23 196~ I out of present and new members l vati~n, mental "health and art IBoonsboro, Md. after an illness J was made in Pleasant View M, aECOND CkAllll I~IITA~[ PAID AT CHARLEIi TOWN. W. VA 'OI mine, a feLLOW lawyer, nan an-1 ~" ' "lpast presidents and guests I She mentioned that the Clotnhor ]0f about three weeks I orial Gardens near Martinsbul oressea a group of club women Mr Max Brown, Editor .- ................ ' ...... ' . ............ i I Mrs. Charles RevLol presented ]meeting ~f the club will be held I The deceased was born in the I mm' zrrA,,-,SNZO ,at, - AVVOC~T- r~a'Aat.,s~zv ~oon ntnesu~.ect;riwnat~ou~nul~ [Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate Inn appropriate invocation, follow ]at the club home in conjunction ]Rocky Marsh section of Jeffer-[ VIVIAN FRANCES EBER~. COMIIINI~ MAR~I.I 1. 11148 xxuvw ~0,,~ ,.,~ ~,,,~ ~ ~ ~uv,,, ......... ed b'" a ~reetin~ from Mrs 0 S ' ................. ' son Count-" Jan 31 .o~ .... _ . . , ]Joel ahm~f whioh thara i both s |~ortn ~teorge ~t. I... ~ ~ . s . . I wtm me juniors. lTle senior clue .y, . , TouT, a ~u. ] Mrs. Vlvlan Frances Ebert1 ..... /5100 " " " ,~ renOWN to,re, ! great" a~n~oun't'~of "i'gnorance'~and l Charles Town, W. Va. ]Presmde_~asternDistrict Club l wlll be host,s. Theprogram will I of T hornt~urg Kearney and Mar I who resides in St. George A~. o~zmz Norv~ ~zo~$~ ~r~z~r ' - rm.m~oNz ZS~ misundcrstandin both of which m. pertaLn to civil ~e~ense The ma t~anuau J~earney. He was a ments in Charles Town, died.V - . .g, .. , 1Dear Max: i Mrs Bloom introduced Miss I meeting closed with the singing Well knewn In the Shepherdstown i neesday in Charles Town Gelei _ _ [ can oe extremely, costly; .ano per- t Your editori-~ i-~ ..... ,~,^,, I Olive Johnston and Mr Fitzger [ of Auld Lane S he. led bv Mr section He was a member of tht ' i NATIONAl. ADVERTISIN6 REPREBENTATIVEI naps a orLe~' wore nere Will" serve - ....... . v ...... ,,- a .... .~ Y . - . JospLtal after an illness o .f t WEEKLy NK~VSPAPER REPRESENTATIVES INC. Ins an attomnt alh,lt a ~o~hlo J of my letter to Cecil Underwood I.ld, music supervisors from the J Fltzgerald and accompanied on Reformed Church and also of tht I eeks. 404 v, rr. Avenue. N~w Vo~ ~O. N. V I-... ........ : ,,~. .... ~. .... ~. ]mvltm~ the former Governor to I ouaoun t;ounty Schol system. [the portable organ by MLSS Ohve Henry Kyd Douglas Sons of tht I ~. n ...... a ..... ~.__.. :..b~ 1311e, LU ~a~t.~O111~ II~IIL UIILIII~ bUO "-' " . ~.alc u~t.Ca~A Wa~ L,'Jlll ll~:V~ ATlaNTA -- CHICAGO -" DETROIT --" LOS A,a*'Z, I . . |OOO0se__ me in 1962 _aw ............. s mort inter /These capable musmLans added ]Johnson. ~ Confederate Veterans. i no rp .... '~-..,| I ...... ]~11 Jeer. . ..... ~o .tuw~, Z~tldlll .tO, .tOOO~ d l~ I ............ |estLng, and I might add, most wet ]much to the evenLng entertain-] Everyone appreciated the fine I Surviving are hLs wife, Mrs. | er of the late Wilder C ~g| A=- ,..r.z .,, sua == ~ a% co,so..,,,, I._wLm ap01ogLeS tO. my ~eL.mW |come. Iment oy leamng .the group in ]work of the committee who made ]Fannie Kretzer Kearney now a', i nd Minnie C Schaffe-'t~-~ SAl-ES TAX SUBSCRIPTION aS.SO Pta m Avvx~c: i lawyers for not using tecnmcai / r ,hint. i, n,,t ...h.k..;.. u.., /singing nappy oirtnaav as well/, .; .... ..... .. ..... ] the Reeder Rest Home and n nk I " , , " " "~ , ....... / ......... u .~u~ v~:xJ oa~x~., out / ._ . -- _- /~.~o u*u~u e~juyaote ut;C~l~slu/l pO~-I ........ "':',:~ "'~'~, ", I ier nusoand, George M.~Ebe , imnguage, iet us oegin oy sayLng/imnerative that the neonla ha Ins many pin songs from tne era/sible The tnhl~ rlaoavsti,ne ~tr.rt, lee, ~lrs. ~warma LLCKLLUer ~'LUSL ' ~,r~u=nov VN~ that in West Vir inia an erson "- ~'. ~" " ~" of o . : ..................... . . ,,:ed some time ago. . i..,~. , ...... **.~.. _~ Y,P~. .... /wholly informed on the issues, To i s me 40 years ago. /charming Ln the club colors of ]of WestmInlster, Md. and a nc I She was an em-lo,,ee 3f B N A T I O N A t E O I T O R I A L ..--]_f~ ,,:=-,-,~. us? ,,- =,.~-~.=,~/get the strongest possible candid. ] Mrs. James Watson, club presi- I gold and blue Tinv hats were I pnew z~earney Lieklider of York i ~, T~,,~.,,~., c,~f. ;..;,-~--,~ --u WhO ts o* souno mLna l m Pai:/mb?:: / "esmeebn r:w r c ] "-- ..Pc . " ..... ....................... o . ...... ~..~ ates waging the hardest possible dent introduced the officers, and used as place settLngs whLch sig] . and several great, great nic ] d a member of he A C TI N hap a rtght t~ sa~ .hat d,~p~,t ..... , ,, e n " own an_ _ __ Pr ~n ~hallta~hmaAdeO[llhLS Pnro[l~rt~ frn :heSeeL~S~e; hWelC?u~edtht:r~se ~i~mo~ theo~p~iShm~ntt:,. A Hat c ;:::r:?US:::vices were heh l" Yts:~:ninCghU::eh" two si;ers-M 1 . ..... J d e eetorate, but enables this 1 rs. Frank Bushong, IA most delicious dinner was|Wednesday at 2 p. m from th | ab- ~,,,~,~;~-" #;a , more or less man a arm ann ~ ~...~-o-,,,s~ ,,... ....... ....... I.~ ........... ,^_ ^, ~.;0 .~., ..... |electorate to openly judge the [Mrs. Henry Ditrow, Miss Anne Iserved~ the highlights, a beauti. J Sudley Funeral Home in Shel- [ "lam,~ r~ ...... h,,*h ~ r'h,~ xnursaay, ~eptem~er 1~',~'~ :~'~=~'~","~"~ ~"=a2[ |merits and capabilities of a pros ]Lloyd Baylor and Mrs. H. H. Hey ~ful three layer birthday cake of ]herdstown with the Rev. Roy L [ ~o,,~,,~.~,,,~'~'~:'~:::'~,,~"~i ~~ I"::~ .~ ...... 2~ "~. "".'~ 2 .... /pectiveRepresentative whom/ett. Past presidents of the club I white and blue with the numera'[] Coulter off]]eating Burial wa | a~"~,"~,,,'::',~'~l~'~~".~ wlm nls property wnen ne pies - Mr ........ " ~, ......... ; """ "~"'~'," "~"o HAPPY RIRTHhAV [ Now, while all people over ]~:b~?Yrthte]~fv~ttem:haf ::~ea~/Me~z Ba~n~illiMiS~orChi~Sel/S;"/40nin gold settLng Jauntily on the ]mad~s~huerz.An/~tam Cemeter. i ,hambersburg, Pc.; ~ada nti ]eighteen and.of sound mLnd have lsaerifice to invite the strongest/were also rcognized. Mrs. Wat-I Mrs 0 S Bloom was program| Bearers were" Brooks Luea. ir of nieces and n~hews. _ T:' ................... ~- ................ [a right to they [possible opponent to campaign i ~on introduced new members at I chairma~a" and Mrs S H Stone | Lewis McDonald, Nathan Rhode: ! Funeral services will be h! ~sewnere m ~nis msue wm ue [ounu a picture ann ac-Iwant meLr property ULSp0seu 0t/a~ainst me ,n t~ ......... ~- /this time which included Mrs ~ ..... ~...,. ..... , .~---_~" ...... ~.~.,,~ ~ .... . .... ~ ...... ~ amruay morning at. 10"30 frl count, of a small b!rt.hday pal.'ty.held in the at the r death, quite ,a few, for ]then I welcome the fight. Your/Williamson, Mrs. Robert Appell, lsisted by Mrs. Charles Marcus, / Joe Sanbower and Lester Stale Charles Town:Presbyte d oz ~n]s newspaper ~ms week ]n honor oz ~rown ~,. fussier varyLng reasons, .pont exercise |keen editorial analysis of m,, let-/3,lrs. Virginia Birkitt, Mrs Max/Mrs H ~ I-Iuflte- -,,.~ ~..~ m~ ] ~ I nurch, the Rev. f2rlyle Mc~ Lt The lawyers nave a stuffy, Bro M td, astor, offLciatin Until on the occasion of his seventy-first birthday. For morel . ........ [ter to Cecil Underwood reveals/ wn, rs. Forrest He]rick, Mrs. ]eight Shaffer. t MRS. DAISY F. LAIGN I P g. . three OoLmr woro ~or tins Known Donald Kable and Mrs harle rday mornLng the remaLns than a half century and for all his adult life Mr. Risslerl ......... [this approach " / . C s l ,,, | Mrs Dais- Frances Lai-n 65 i- " " has been associated with this newspaper. The days that lySrL o estacy" s p erw : S[w einaW Thank you again, Max and con |Willis members who I widow of the late Morgan uper I neeia t hue. elv n e SBtrldea he has missed from work, apart from the time he spent I threo .llahl ..... ill n,, ~ho ~,,h ]tinned success to you and the lwer.e, to att eno were mrs. |~nn~,mnmlMl~l|! I~li~Ul~! [Laign, of Harpers Ferry, d~et I . ...='.~: ,'~P- " :~,..r in the service of his country and extremely brief well-earned I for lawvers"haveavested interes't ]Spirit of Jefferson Farmer's Ad- [Y" Jonnson, rs.2ohn Wll- |., ,, ,. |Tuesday in King's Daughters ] ff;. :n o t.. eDrq uemetery:! . - llamslwrsrlarolo lcr ee, Jr - ....... --,,. vocate , pital m Martmsburg, followm vacatmns, can be counted on the fingers of one hand--l in unintelligibility .... and if you | -.. JMrs JM Funkhousr Mro t~,,,,,~::/~SI(~I |0 ~e ne|u [ ..... " ~ | t_t,, ,,,,,h ..... ,,m~ ...... ~ i , ~incerely, , o ~.,,s~. an illness oi a say ,-v ,~- with a couple of fingers' left over. It is a record of per-Idont believe me look at that last | /Clipp, "Mrs L M Pondfield and 1- - ~ I ' I ve* a rs wi '*'tl e* foll Wi formance and faithfulness that all of the rest of us here ]wordD If you don't leave a will ] Ken Hechler /Mrs Vir"inia Caruther ........ |1~ ~h~|A~, TAu,m ~,& !~ I The deceased was born in Bal 1 ,_ ~ ' ": .-. " s ~. ~,,~ ~vr m ~,111111~3 lOW o oe honorary oearers" ~ have all ready 10st the right to compete with. It is a I stating what. you want.done with , ]don Eismon and Mrs. John'Mar-t II ULlo lUmore, Md. June 189.6, adau tenesey, Dr.E I Allara,'Edw your property it Wlll oe alsposeo gmer me late lyranKlln Done record that no person who follows us, who starts with a| ........ ~e~r~ U~ ~t~ |tin were also recognized at this] The seventyzainth annual ses-1 ............. [Heckman, Leopaxd Propps , ot accormng to certain ruLes lai~ r- time and re ret as " ano r~atnerlne Dooo, mrmeriy el clean slate, can reasonably hope to match. I ....... | ] g w expressed ]smn of the Shenandoah Baptist[the "'ed i ........hJernle Tharpe~ ." . aown oy laws ~or example, it . * that these two devoted members AssoclatLon" " will" meet at the Char rx gesv lie secHon oI ~erKeL We take prMe m saluting Brown R ssler thin week His " e Cow t He ..... la~r~t- ~h,~,,1A~r~ ~r,f-,,'~b ....... 1 ...... ~-h, ~, ...... ",,,,,.~ ...... you are married and have no /C0nvenfi , See M0vJe Jwere leaving the club because of lies Town Baptist Church 0ct 5 J~Y _n y. ^....r husband died in [ The '62 Bu2k automobiles' ~,,~,,o o,va,,,,~,~ oVvaa ,,, ,.,,,,~ ,~,~,qu~,,,,~ ~,,a,, a,~ *,~,~uo cnildren ,,our little nel"mate/ / ..... l- ' ,/Jgecemoer, xu~u , - ........ w , . . / " moving away ~rom town. ~ix re- oeginning at 10"00 A M The As- ~ bOth on aispl~ly, ~eaturing all, e can fred to the service he has pet fomed m printing down hfe s drear,, ,,ath nown | The Jefferson Count .......... | ......... [ . . / ................ ] . . . ................ ....... :_ _..__, .... ..... v ,,- , .... / ........... , , /presentatLves rom me v aruns-/ssocLation is made up of Baptist m was a memoer a .vary/brano new lines, colors ann ~.el .ew~ uu~ ~uos~r~.x~ t-e~u wee . m ann wee~ ou~. tileever lawyersthin aSButa spouse.f 'v) Will get/1on Ior lvientaL, iieaLm met in reg-/bur~,~, club were ~.nresent, Mrs .... Ed/from thi ..... ~- ~..~,,,--s uuw.~+~"~;~ ~ .... w'~/Memouist Church, MartinsDurg isi-n~ s at Goo~ae Brothers, Inc, 1 gal eys of copy that he has set, ff placed end to end, would ry g. ] you e got a |ular sessLon Tuesday, Sept 25 at |na Stigers, Mrs Jepson, Mrs |Shenandoah Va There are twen /and of the W. S. C. S. of the ]thor]zeal dealers at the corner, ispan this country at its widest points. !ittle old help-mate and kids(-the ]the Hilleary House with Mrs. Wil [Barnhart, Mrs Glover, Mrs Ev" ]tv two chu~hes'and one mi~i,n'/church" ]North Samuel and East Lib~i We wish for Mr. Rissler many happy returns. May .mwyers call k!ds "!ssue" the ru!e |l~s Shuman, president in charge, tans and Mrs. ~Iatthews. Those re- [ -Mr. Clarence F.- Gregory.--o'f- Surviving are: a son, Ruppert ]Streets-in ~Charles Town. IS Ol~terent Ano it yOU naven t t~OUtLne OUslness and projects" his good health continue and may we have many, many ot a " owl " ',,. .... . |o .. . " presenting the Shepherdstown |Front Royal, Va. i~ Moderator o~[ F. Laign of Landale, Md.; a dan- ]great "new Wildcat V-8 and T!. ....... , ...... ~_ g sp se or Issue or IS-/for me coming year were oiscuss- Club were Mrs Sterlin Bradle , the Associatio . hter Mrs Wallace W Strider bin D iv a t o~ ~,. = .,,,=,~ ~. ~ ~p~e.u~u ~z.~mp~e ...... ~ , ....................... - g Y | n There will be g .... i " e r" e; w y up fron ~,~ __- - |~UY.niluren.OX~,~ue,.ill tmean~Jg grallu- ieu- . Mrs. Alfred Cave, Mrs. John. Link,]three sessions:, the mornLng one Shepherdstown. ..... W Va" three|Buick's frant wheels ..... is Buia ~e~Ulh I~AI LLirqr~mm.Ln,Fr |C ....~ St another rum ap-| l~eports were g~ven by delegat7 Mrs. Leroy Sheuller and Miss Hel ]beginning at 10:(}0 A. M. Lunch grandchildren and a sister, Mrs. |big new move, the announcen~ IUUii LULAL rl t,nAN/3 plms. ,(1~,. up,to mLS point., you /es wno attenaed, me en Goldsborough.]follows at 12"30 P M served by Thelma Wooden, Baltimore, Md.'says : naven t mougnt a~out seeing a iLng o~ me west virginia Assoc- -,~..^.. .............."'-- /the host ch~;~-~- "~-:~ ~*, ...... ~ ...... "~-" ~ la er ouaren't readin this "tat]on ............. r, e e.twere: lnr . / tt ltzz l wy , y g for entaL r ealtn at lwor. session b " As the fall season a) roaches and w " " , Dress and Mr. Lee Bushong, dan egLns at 2.00 P. M. fol- lP e begin to think stuffvery carefully, and youd ~gantown, Sept. 22-23. Delegates bh~ .... a .... f---~ ~,,~ ]towed b about laying our supplies for the winter, Jet's take a better go back and start all over/included Mesdames O S Bloom ~" .... .."-=7 .... : ":~" -.--7"', .... ,~ - ~ y supPer served by the i WHILE PASTURES ARE SHORT look at some Of the advantages that come from doing again ) |S H Stone, Hugh Via and H H' r" tone nusoano ot ars. S.? enlng session ill " " Hunter . ~tone, ~wrs. Jom ~urry, guests ~ : . our shopping right here m Charles Town and Ranson. Now, if you are over eighteen | I of Miss Louise Briscoe Mrs Wel- | , , IT,. o.. First we can save the time and expense of trave]inff and don't see snakes and dragons | The two day program included l shans and Mrs Russell'~xn'~^ ...a ,~i.__ ~,_~ i kN | t l "-~ '~ by doing" our shopping at home. Second, we see what every time you open your eyes, |a.conducted tour of the Vir ! her guest Mrs. Stagey. ' .......... t UaSS t]TIIt'lillS flame~ I1 --.-- -- .. -- . --. -- . --., we buy bef(n we buy, and finally, when service or ad- andyu, wantt.makeawillthe|~t~ ~n~vhe:2~tYm~ee~;~at ~en~erlPresented~lubHisto'ry ia.N , ,,, ,,.. 1! V$1[l l $% lAW. EiAIi justments are needed, we can g [. thero right where theest cJa I OLi n nag t w ne ; |Center Y ..... s ......[ Mr. H. H. Huyett presented a IA! I,n rle$ n0wn nn0n I1 ll VlLIh lF .I IO Vi"lllli 1 n a purchased. , Pri ci al " short hLst0ry of the club She : ..... . dear, frLends, be not deceLved, n p speakers included per . " " " Will] ..... t . In ad(htlon to the direct benefits cited above, there are holdin key nositions in the ]mentioned that the first meeting I am Brown, Charles Town l, / 11 l l 11'1/ hl / hll/ II lkl/ was held Ln the county court Senior Htgh Principal announ a number of redirect benefits. ] or example, Charles Town business for the lawyers For the [field of the Mental Health Pro-[ .............. ] ............... " 1 A IN/ILl I l rlKPUUL1 UJIMU ram i c room on Aprll z~, 1 1z1 me Ilrst ces tnat me rollowmg stuoents and Ranson merchants pay local taxes which help provide fee a lawyer will charge you for [g "n luding Dr. Kenneth E .... _ ... i ........ ~A s. ~'--~ ~ ..... ;; ..... ........ "Penrod Vice President W Va name ot me now present wom-lwere electeu to class office posts I IIl'&l |U&lldl benefits 1or all oi us. unarles 1own ano Kanson mer- preparing a WLLL, WLn generauy~ , " " "len's Club was "The Housekee-~b-- the student be'- Th ........ m ,.,,am al~nlm chants support community activities for our mutual bene- not be as much as one-percent of ]University; Dr. Charles Zeller .... A,,; ....... ,., , .... ~; ..... ~- ]~,.+~.,.... ~= uy ursuay, i =-V~=.. viuml,alm5 ' " " ~irector f t , ~:~L~ ,~kJL/*l~lll~:; Wltll J.1L~ y lllli-Ill! ~5~t~llllL$~l .LO ] fit (to a far greater extent than ]s usually recognized.) what he will make if you try to ..... o~ ..heDept. of Men.tal iCamnholI a~ the first n,o~id~n ] Senior Cla~. nr,~id~nf .n,,! I And further, Charles.Town and Ranson merchants prowde dap the joe yourself and foul it [~eea~l;%p:in~:~mc?a~rmLaOZtU~ Miss"~nne-Llo'y~d,-~ylor'~i~"~a'~.r ]Corso;-vice~-pre'si~nt, Nancy En-I SPECIAL PRICE: j oos zor people WhO ave wOrK here. ....... u~a ..... ,^ ,.; .... the Dept of Psychiatry at the:reminiscenses iooKing ~acR-In]s; secretary, t~etty Brown; ~! Finally, your Charles Town and Ranson merchants have w,, tr ..... University Medical School Mrs ward mentioned the varmus I reasurer, Bill ClendenLng; Sen- RTTT.K /l fiR . tiff mee LUg places of the club since a~large, Kay Lorenz, and HlS lind m a w de variety of merchandlse for the fall shop- Harrison H Farrell, ares]dent of " [ " " " , ............................ ~ its organization in 1921, including torian, Ludmila Bratina " - 11 ~' per. It will pay you to check the advertisements appear- sneech indeed It wt)uld so some the W Va Association for Men... , , I . . 1 (Bagging $5.00 to , ...... ' ,, ' " among them me legion lounge, ounior Class' presLdent4 John . mg m the Spw]t of Jefferson-Farmers Advocate during like this" Ladies and Gen-Ital Health, presided at the meet ...... I. " '! ' . II t ^l ...... .... " " i m the homes ot members ann in I[,owery; vice presiuent, Patsy .v~.tsvc - ~.OU tOH the weeks ahead Then WSlt your local stores first and tlemen over the age of eighteen] ng the r t "b ....... Gr ....... t J, ~ ] , - -" ...... ' Delegates agreed that attend p esen clu nouse Sne star., ant; secretary, anie uuen; see for yourself the fine quality and competitive prices years ot age ano wno nave notl. " ~a +~, ,. ~o~ o,^ .,::~. ~,..a ,.. ,+,,~ ...... r, ............ ~m ' in the convention a d learnin~...,~., ~oo,, .,~ ~, .,- --..ouL=., uv..a ~vxuuu.e. that are offered. You will fred that your besL and most seen any snakes or dragons lately [ g ..... n .g creased in membershin t- 7~ [ Sonham-r,~ /~! ........ in,,.+ [~ ] )i1~| i~ ~ |[~| V satisfactory buys wilt be found right here. Charles that.were not there...What you |~etnaee~::eon~L~en~ PTg~ml~ Mrs Henry Dutrow in further I John ay' ierchani.V ce president~, m L u r|, L J j iF F L i . snoulu Know aoout WUlS can oe . : . , and Ranson are becoming, a ............... better and better shopping .... ......U .......... .... r ...... .... |mental illness that are being plan reminLscenses stated that pro-IWayne WhLtmore, secretary, Can | Phon rl Town W. center every year. Don t fail to take advantage of it. tele-hone direct-r .... h ......|ned, was indeed a stimulus to jects of the club consisted of ef-laY ~mauwoo~; treasurer, Dlckie e 17Cha es , , v -, s ......s~- ~bersole I ..................... will find the names and addresses | continue and further support pro forts to bring down the high cost | ~ 1 1 I IAhn ~l/ W~J~ |~ |work unit but plans to move his and telephone numbers of the Igrams in education, community ot living, cLeanup campaigns and ~ ~i .... ~ ~ i ' ' : - JVlill w, WOIIIGI! JI. ]wife and two small children to lawvers in vour community Vou land hospital services and resear- other health problems as well as | ~ ""--" ch the well chLld chnLc It was in . . .... - . I CharleS Town as son as a suitable can write your own will if you]' " ' 1 ~l~mm~ ~m m==~ m~m= =='~='mi~ Tn Charipq j house can be found, want to; you can also operate on I After convention reports were 1921 that the by-laws of the club n n --I ~ ~ E1 II I[ mu- ~ I1 n ..... :1 ...... v..,.....~ ]gLven, The Rev Richard E Neal were estabhshed and that in [g*-----Ll'---- @L- Ax t*ur "Y~S~lof ~utatPP:ndiaci~es i~ you showed a 10 minute animat'ed col 1922 it was through the clubs fur I l| L |llll ! lJV V1 !F.E :.IN M Town C0nservatio. Unit i bodcrlullg ~liaT[ AI Url~ doin a" nassable ~ob are about or film depicting normal emot-ther efforts that the town library | IH r Ull rl nr~ ! .. , ........... ~ Ir , ~, ,~, , [the same in either case. Mimeo- Lonalstresses and ways of meet- w s established. | lll II ~ll lll ~l l,DI i ll qg ~onn w. warner Jr., ~oil ~cien/%l~llf~l~ Phr I(iW nlc Igranhed conies of this ~reat ing stress situations with people. Mrs. F. L. Bushong paid a very ! 1 :l 1 ll " ~ l-I I 1Ld tLst 1 ,.,~,.un,.,,,~ mvm nu~mam,a "- -- o , 'q wii mmv ti..wth the Soil ConservationI ]speechcan be obtained on re..Films may be procured and warm tribute to all past presi- ~ / V ~ervlce is ~eing assigned to the i ............... ]quest" shown to organizations desiring a dents who had done so much to| * ! ~wemoers o] me t;narles Town men al eal h r T ' ~ ' Charles Town work unit. | ....... I Generallyspeaking, any one t h t prog am. his is build the Women s Club into the | ..... :!) -- George L. Cote work unit con- ]wLwams ~IUD will hear reports [who owns .~ real estate should one of the services of the local fine organization that it is today. | ,, i~ servationist says Mr. Warner is |from the coaching staff at Char./have a will unless, by the terms organization. She also mentioned the five yea~ | D E T E C T O" L A T E X ~: exepected to report ~or duty Oct [ les Town Senior High School of the deed. the vronerty automa- A social hour and refreshments presidency of Mrs. O. S. BloOm FLAT WALL NEW $ERRY ober 2,.1961, His malf~ duties will ]when they convene for their reg tically goes'to someone else-upon were enjoyed following the meet during whose regime the obtain I BATHROOM NEWBERRY oe working with soils in Jeffer-]ular Thursday night dinner meet the death of that person This is ing, ing and the remodeling of the' | son county, correcting any mis. ling at hotel ~Thomas Jefferson. particularly true where the per- , club home became a reality Mrs. ! takes made in previous mapping, son owning the real estate has USE TltE C~ASSIFIED~ Bushong also paid tribute to Mrs. correlating the soils wlth other " " minor, or under age, children. In ' areas and ect. This work will be such a case as this a will can save [ in more detail than before and ]your estate literally thousands of| Regularly $4.99 SPECIAL Regularly $2.98 gal. 'ALUGal'- when finished will be published ] dollars in court costs, bond prem | in bulletin form. . _ ~iums, guardians fees and costs, [ ..... ~ At me present time ~r. war- [and the likes. ner is assigned to the Princeton I A word of caution. Beware ofI MEN'S FLANNEL BOY'S FLANNEL ]entrusting the preparation of kdAA& P.*---- i your will to persons not trained[ WASHABLE NEWBERRY WASHABLE NEWBERRY uur rme [lars] on the subject The couple of dol ]you save"~y seen" a course I' 1 5H I R I $ We Are Anxious For You To Know Them. ]can prove to be right expensive. ] ! Thor , i Some few years ago I was practic l SHIRT $ 57 ~, ,,~ .,,~,, . v,,, ~ u,~,.~,,, _x.~,t~j, .., lilly kept in business by a Yellow [ vor L items anu Any rnotos Y ou zuay Have I who wrote wills for other people [ ,~' Every Week of the Year -- ](without charge)without know-] , ; Regularly $1.98 , VALUE Regularly $1.a9 SPECIAL We axe anrdou_.s for you ~ racer our f~e group of Jefferson ling what he was doing. He mess. ] d~ County Correspondents, who send iaa ~he muny interesting new~ led things up, but good. And then [ ~ Items from various county to~as wl~ch you enjoy each week in ]there would be the inevitable law i FOR FALL ' NEWBERRY I L bhis newspaper. They will ~lso accept photos which might be Of]suit, usually a friendly one, to try ] I A L NYLON interest for ptrblic~tio~. They are aJways happy to receive your/to straightenit out ] . I STRETCH NEWBERR " news as well ~s receive your subscription to the Spirit of Jeffer-/ What should "ou b"o" "~'~''| R.A" ls : tl TI6HTI "" C' son.Farmers Advocate, All you have to do is to teH ax~y one of| 9 ..,, ~ . ~.: . [ .... ...... llum WILIS tne answer is simple en them that you wa~t to subscribe to the newspaper. TelePhone ]ou h' to know that ou robabl "| numbers in many cases are given for your convemence. / g Y P Y/ Miss Dorothy Lake, Mtliville ~ [don't know, and that you probab i Mrs. Robert Knott, Shepherdstown--Phone 3983 |ly need the advice of someone | Mrs. Lena Ambrose, Engle---Phone 69-F-024 ]who does. I A new addition to the Falcon line for 1962 i* this Falcon $ EICAL [ All Kiddies - Misses' VALUE Mrs. Roy Breeden, Ranson--Phone , 256-J i I " Smtire. (ton) a standard, four.door, six,passenger smdon ~a~oh g Y Mrs. Clarence SrmtHwood, Kabtetown---Phone 20-F-024 / Circuit Clerk and Mrs W M | wl~h silmulated wood exterior. ,,trim that ],re, parts a custom .ierafted . Mrs, Pauline Ott, Mannlngs--Phone 50-F-014 I ............ " . ." ." I look, The Falcon Squire is dressed-up luxury wagon. Wlt~ .a!l Jones, AILa-WLLIa urLve, celeorat- AY - SA TURDAY STORE, MiSSMrs. BruceLllllan Furr,Myers'Leetown---PhoneShenandah Junction--Phone24.F.013 66-F-031 leo| ................... mew toruem ('m) weoolng [[ the badeedvantegesofFalconeeOnomyaml maneuverability, wmt FRID OURS--9:00, A. M. TO 9:00 P. M. H Mrs. Georgia Pearl, Chestnut Hill ]Anniversary on Thursday, Sepo ] the ~mud se~t con~erted, the Squire boasts e big, flat and level cargo space of more then 76 cubic feet. The Deluxe Oub Wagon JUST SAY--- 'CHARGE IT! ' Miss Margaret Houser, Bakerton [tember Y4th. Mrs. Jones was the / (bottom) is one of three '~family fun vehicles" being o~ered in Mrs. Julia Viands, Mechanicstown---Phone 1%F-031 ]former Miss Elsie May Gore, dan I Ford's Falcon line in 196~. The Deluxe Club Wagon is des~gne.d 1o Mrs. Stuart Crim, Summit Point--Phone 47-F-032 ]ghter of Mr and Mrs James W Mrs. G. E. Webb, Harpers Ferry-Bolivar---Phone 2492 /.... ;~1 C~.+~. * "lA IO#1 -~, I cubit feet ~f ~rllo spa~e. The big double d oe~s swing back to give Mrs. Ethel Buz~rd, Silver Grove /-,-,;,,~.,, ,~,,~,~ .......... , ~?~.~, a~ I side opening of.more than 4g in~.ea: Thm.wagou teature,~ tne vrtaes nome near MIlIVlIIe Mrs.Elsie O. ~mstead, Kearneysvtlie--Phone 2108 i , , . I Mrfi.Austll~ Nicodemus. Rippon.--Phone 61-F-0tl "" -'j '- ...... I deluxe interior with a two-tone pleat~i vinT| ~ sct~eme carrle~ ~/sS CLroly~ ~, MJddlewsy..-Phone 43-F-013 ~ ~Jt~o I$~plr~A~vO~