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Charles Town, West Virginia
September 24, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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September 24, 1959

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WEST VIRGINIA'S OLDEST NEWSPAPER CHARLES TOWN, JEFFERSON COUNTY, W. VA. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 1959 COMPLETE LOCAL NEWS COVERAGE PRICE 10 CENTS $ oun amn us ennnnger Presented Plaque nn Honor nven From Home cholarshstabhshed to Hus Son r^. . mrvn[i I , Tr+" ] 1 M0rnin. Fire + ........ I A/, - l n+l- Mrs. Joseph L. Buracker and ! ++ + rot .ruiser her three small children, who a- ! ............ O.+[T a TT ] IN[TT 1 "~]lli[I ]li]ll 1 w l= /long wi*t,h Mr Buracker reside on I | +.- I The town of Ranson now has a ] ~--il f 1 ['lt / .~ ~ . . . , . ..... , ion for dismissal under advise ..................... [two" other childlen were still a ]~ ~ i For the time being Cam oil lS lln West Virginia when he was[on its top ~. Should the motion be gra,n't ]~v~C~n~rgm hV;s~been X;;a~.ta+; Isleep in the house. They fled the] ~ ~ lutomb l fc tamdegaU ltaYhf d ' n oen Irzv ngl Saturday afternoon about 1:20 ~ would have the effec't oI con divorce from Charlene M John- I home taking along with them only ] [ 0 . + i*~v~,~ ,,,~.~ w,:~,+, a'o~ .... a I..e ,~.~ ~+~,] ~+:,[ a,++. m, ='~,+ la two-car collision occurred at mg t~he annexatmn, althougn /son Forrest Hoffmaster has been I ~ome articles of clothing ]k " : .......... i ..... Ithe mtersecUon of Mordmgton Av uecisionwould robabl be ' " * ' :,+ + ~ ~: :~ ..... ~:L..... ~ ~a Z Z~O I Z ~UU"aC" ,aVe ~az~eu a evemng, en t - ._. .~ , . P, ,.,Y [granted a divorce from Dorothy| The Charles Town Indepe.nden,t] ~.~il;:.,~:::::.,u~.~i;ii TM............... I .... I t e m Charle~ Town and State ~Jea. oy the tracks. ~nould iv_. Hoffmastel." I Pire Company.. , was summoned but I |~i!:~::~!: ~+ .::~:::::~.,:'.: ,;,:. ..:.::. _--_ - : - - - ..2u z-a~e 2az~u~s. ~o ~uz-[ 'Miller was ~aKen in~o eustoay ]Route 9. motion be den~ed it would / Iron- ~ A~g-- has h~en award- ] the back hart of the house was a ] ~:..~i~i~i . - .... - - [cnmase ~ p.mace car .. . [ about 4 p. m. Sunday near the en Trooper Ward said a 1953 Dix- .the effect of leavm g t~he ques ed a divorce from Manuel Prank- ]mass of flames by the .time they[ ~i] - - - - - i ~, a'.ne a~ave Ior voi _ . =[ t~ance" to the~ Cha 'tee To n ace ] co, being driven North on State o.f the validity of the annex- [ Al~er Gloria S Brown has l arrived , ':~'+ .~u~ons..!or .me car was..s~ar~ea Course by Charles Town State Route 9, by Roy S. Willingham 16 a'open to judicial rewiew. ]been awarded a divorce from l Working under a handicap with [ ~:'| ~~. ]i~e~sago, ,and while $5201Trooper Tommy Ward. This was I Route 2, Charles Town attempted kan.while two other su~ts i,n- Harr W,illiam Brown And Ernest the only water available 'being . nab veen vecelvea LO tale..~.ayor the 27th drunken ariver wnicn to pass a car being driven North ~ted by each track to chal-1E LYne has been gran,ted a di-If'hat which the truck carried the I ~" [ . ~~ ~eeald oCotm~l{tare[Trooper Ward has arrested this Ion State Route 9 by James Prank the validity of a town or-[v.~rce from Sarah M. Lane. I firemen managed, however: to I~" I --~i ?~mma~'~ ~ ~'I~:~DO(oeiI~L~ e ~.. +/~.721Year and his tifth this month. I Cameron 48 Millville. Tro~per ace imLposing a $250 per day/ I~ave the front part of the homel-~~.:( ~~~.~c~ ,~, ~;= ,u,[,,[ Trooper Ward spotted MiHerlWard said Cameron had started on each track were held in / c,.,~ nt e,.,t~J^.,g,, I xnd also to preven~t the blaze from [ ~~ -2:. i [d te T*'e d~-i~''~ t^ -* ....... [wh~le on patrol. I a e a right tmn rote Mordln ~ance pending the de,term~nat- / ~}~1|~ ~l ~[ll~U~|{[:[|~ I spreading to a ;nearby building. I " --"~~:::~ - [ I.-o~: ...... ~,% .... ~ .... ,,,,,~,,, [ Friday .night about 8 p. m. a[ gton Avenue and WiHingham who af the other suits. If the an-I n Purr said. the fire started in a l lcon++ri~u~'on ~v~"~;~'s'*..f~='~'~ 11951 Ford being dz~ven Soz'th on l was in t, he act of passing him on ~on Should be held invalid / ~^~^~_~, k~^$ ~^~b ~0 I chimney in the kitchen of the [ A special tribt~te was .pa,id Tues I Sandy Adams Larry Burns Mary /th~ Ran~s~ .... ~ Y,~ ~2?22','?~. ~ [Samuel street, by Ellis Hysaw Jr I the right crashed into the C~m- luestio,n of the validity of the [ t~l~lall~ .IVl~/~i$1. ~/ [ house as the result of a defective ~ day morning at a spela,l assembly [ Cheshire David Burns Wayne If,~,,nn i~n~,ih~, ~, th, ~ ..... ,~, ]24 of San An'tonm, Texas struck [ exon ca~. ~ance would be "motet" since [ -- I flue Although investtigat~on after I by the Gordon Eisvnon Chapter of IBrewer 'Alice Ann Edwards Pat I'_:~?:_"-~_':TY2~..L~" _:'L_~::2.'._=" la 1959 Pord parked on South Sam ] Will .nffham was charged with " , , I-ha'chase ~L tS~'l ~lll~J~ ~:IU IJ*IUVI~IUII*S ' im re r ass' ;own would be wi,thou* author [ Henry Kyd Douglas Qamp, Sons J the fire revealed pennies had *been [t~he Nat~on,al Honor Society of [Bowers Carolyn Lehman Susan [h,~d h~n m~ era" ,~n~ tn *h~ iuel street, and belonging to the [ p pe !5 ,.lng. Damage to the leg, isla'te beyond i'ts borders /of Confederate Veterans, w,lll hold [ ~sed ,in the fuse box instead of the [ Charles Town High School to Gibson' Mar, y Jenkins 'Jeanne |~wn,sannua~'7~.d,~,~"~,~,,;~-~ I Jefferson Motors Charles Town [ two cars amounted to about $150. ~he other hand, if the annex- itheir September meeti~ag and din- ] proper ty'pe fuses, F'urr said this [ Charles F. Reininger, ~r., Charles [ Len,ner' Natalie Warden Mary | .................. |State Troopers Tommy Ward was [ There were no personal injuries. t should be held proper t~e /ner a,t the Uvilla Church Haft I was not in anyway responsible for | Town indus'triali~t, and civic lead I Martin' ' |~ m ~ -- |called and a short~ time later ar- [ Car Hits Pole bion of the vaiidi.ty of Vhe or- [Tuesday September 29 at 6:30 p. ] t~he fire. Furr emphasized, however ] er and to his son ~he late Charles i The "f~rst one ,to receive ,this |~,~h~A| ~]~A~ U~ ]rested H.,~saw and charged him ] Saturday evening about 7:15 ~ce would still have to be de- / m., DST'. r ,hat such a practice could, and I F. Rekninger, Jr. Who was k~lled in I scholarship was Nancy S,mailwood/~,ll~l ~lN$~lU Iwi.t'h drun~en driving and hit and ITroper W. R. Barlow invest]gai- t' l Host members, Dr. W. H. Sheal I 0fte~a does, cause costly fires. I combat in Worlci War II. The tri I Who is now attending Hagerst, own/ ~ o . /run. Ied a one-car accident which oc- seemed unlikely tha't the bat- Icy. (~hairman, H. A. Bes'ter J. Kerl The entire kitchen section of lbu~e was in a*ppreciation of the I Business College l~ln~|~e IDrunken Drivin~ | curred on State Route 9, South of etween the town and the two I feit Dailey Robert M. Kn,~t~t, Rob I home was destroyed along with a- I seho,l.arship ~Mr. Reinin.ger has es I ,Mrs C'haries '~hipley is s,ponsor-/~Vl~Vlllllll~lil~! I H-~.~ ........ = .............I Charles Town at the entz~ance to ~s would be fi,~ally resolved |ert S Knott Rbger Osbourn WiN I bout $500 worth of furniture and I tablished as a memorial to ,h,is I of the Society Lee Brown and | ....... |_ ~ ~.~.,~.u o,, aL~u c~s [the Blue Ridge School. ' ' ' an(1 nacl his arlvlng prlv~Jeges in , !e current term of cou~t, tiam B. Snyder and E. J. Ware. ]~ther household articles. Damage leon. At the .assembly ffvh'. Rein]n- I Jimmy Robinson played taps at/Ne~ 1L l e ~all~tl |Wes~ Wir=ini ...... ~.,~ ~,, o+ .... I, Trooper aBllow said a 1950 Pord ~ ....... -,, oemg m~ven North on State Route I to the home was estimated at a-Iger was presented a large plaque I the close of the pz-es~n~tat,i(~ of |~l I~ 13 II~I|UU| .. ,~ n .... I_ , '~. I ml kl ~ I / ]bout $1,200, Purl" said. rand in the above picture he is I the plaque to Mr. Reininger. / ...... "ff + " |ge+ He +was'al'so '}ined''$ 5 'and Oy ~ilbert Bill Jenkins, 48, Al- , -me Jeneison ouney ~oala ot exanaria va stained to pass an ~l~l / nlnn N4Ul 1Al~l~l~$A~l I The dwelling is owned by Lu-Is'hewn (left) accepSing Vhe plaque l The well-planned program was 1 ". ~ ' " / "~s ....... I ' , '. ' ' s" - cos.~ on ene mr-ann run ena~ge ~|l~UUl L~lllll~ I~,~N ~l~;U ~lll~l~|~U |ther Buracker of near Kearneys..~from Miss No~a C,heshire, presi-Iheld at ten o'clock in ,the gymnas- | made a number of.tea | ~ro~r w~~ ~ ~ ,~.oro .^ [other car and on_seeing some ~l 1 " _ . _ ; _ I ville. ]den of ~he Honor Society as i ium 0Lf the new ~high school with |cmng an.a non=eacmng .a,ppom~-/th~ ~.=~.d." =;2. 2~-',~. ~'*'2"~_~_:V | on t,ne ngnway, cut his f I'h~lae TA.I~ 7a~|~ rA~|~|Am~ I The house was pa'ptially covered I Charles Town High Prk'~eipa'l'Gor I~he entire studen,t body attending./men~Seramng` with discussi,.ng a/n ure ..... a m .orlc,ar ~wards the entrance to ~#ll~||~ l~|| L~||l|lU ~|||||l|~}i~|| I by insurance,'but there was no in-Idon Eismon, for whom the honor [The program was conducted by/ oI omer matters at their/ " i~ne ~me triage School striking a + I surance on the content's, it .was re[society was named looks on. I Miss Nora CheShire, president of iregular~mee't!ng *_Monday night.. / A M.a.rtinsburg man. and l~s 12 |ut, i, ty pole.... . : ' I ported.. l A verse 0heir brou.g,ht ~thoughtslthe Honor Society. Mr. Rekninger I !mrs. t)oro~ny Y. Tayior~ Charies/.year om son were mjurea aaou~ I rtUZUS ~. ~trou~:h, Alexanaria. eneral zoning of the new area lporation and councilmen.I I of t~he purpose of memoz'ialslres,ponded briefly in his appreciat 1Tow~ was appointed to sabsti,tute |it p. m. ~'riaay ~ight when the/Va, sustained lacerations of the ~h recerltly became a part o.f ] C,,,,n~i~ ...... ,~,,+~ I,,, ~h~ s~/ ~u *.._~_.- J e.._J.... I'throu h the age, s Individual mere lion of the occasion and ~,ave stu- |a:t Grand View Sc~hool in the placel1956 Chevrolet he was drtvintlhead in the accident Trooper Bar rles. Tow,.'a was a oproved Men [ial ~m~,~'~*A~e~~,'ch'we'~t ~o~ CA~r| 0 3U[Kld ]bers o~f the Honor Society dedica-id~ s o~e well-'fo~n~te~l advice |0f Mrs: R~b.b,y Reeler. . |cr.ashe~ into..a ut~hty. ~.le on. the ! low said he charged Jeelkin.s with ~t by. members of Charles I l,: ~on for a hearl:r ~rore th~/,_ ,' , I ted ~he program ,to the memov~ t about 'g~%'~ag ~;helr undivided abten / .wec~ a..r~, ng was ~mea as reg/~'lo.wing ~prmgs maaa a l~ot~ vwo- I tauure re nave his car unner co~ 1~ ~Jounci after neanng a re- West Virginia Public Service Corn/ ~.- ~w,l,~,,~,l ~o,,k I of ~Mr ReJnlnger's son Those tak I.tion tO their Studies a~d to work /uia'r ~us anver ~or me oi a rmie norm oz rvanson./trot. from Zoning.. Commission Imission on a request to purchase/ /=lUll ~i~[~l ~]~!1 ling part in the assembly as me~- I hard in order to make the highest |Kearneys.~il!.e area and. the fol-|.~ Charles Town State TrooperR: l Damage !n the ac, ciden~ was ~, James Strmer. ]the water system that there had ! I bers of the choir were: Danny Eis Igrades possible, |Jowl~-~g su~tituee cue ~r]vers were/r~. rruex sam aenery ~even ~ia~ very ~maall, ~t was st~a. ~ler the new zoning set-u,p on Ibeen no or'~sition to the nronosal [ Tweney six persons were con-/men Jane Spe~ht John Wfar~in I (Photo Bv Tlm Sinn) /named: Walker Tabler at ,~hep- 1 .... ~ t Washington street al! ProP land it is now necessary to await |firmed in Zion Episcopal Church | I* e