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September 22, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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September 22, 1966

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[rain fell on the community.]Women Of li0n Church I .--... gA. ~[u~ ings of the class where the Rev.( SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS ADVOCATE d}~l I~3 IV! ~dl]lyU11J Carlyle McDonald wEl be teach-[ ing the class for the next several[THURSDAY' SEPTEMBER 22, 1966 It Revival ServicesTo Hold Luncheon, Hatii aeeAnskJu I'~f t"~d ~llt~Ph Sundays. The class convenes m,~$1,111US] Vl VVU ~,,Ul 1,n promptly at 9:45 a.m. and extends{ The program also will corn- ___.. . ' _/Begh Sept. 25 At i@. At Parish House [! - ~'ev .... llia " Re-- asamOst cordial welcome to all visi-/memrate the one hundred and, ~'~ The ~t Wl m r. e(1, p - - seventeenth anniversary of the[ ~..~_~~~ to " ~'al" As bl " God tors to meet with them. Presx-/ mr o~t~. vary sem)y or.. _ dent Jos Warrenfeltz of the/church. Most of the hymnals are[ -~i~. ~'~ , I o.A ~,b a,. ~ ~o~ a~" Yo ows today lssueo a ape-1 Miflvdle t urch The women of Zion Episcopal ...~,~nuren'. ........ loca,e~ on., ,mr~ax ......... ,~'va--- "'. ketcH, v ..... " " " " 1 - b r "mererials" ~ i't | ~~__, ....... ~-~-llowi,~, sched-le ,~f cmy m l~a~on zor a l mem e s/ An inv.iCaion is e~tended tel ~ ..... ~, ..... . . t ..... Church, Charles Town, will have ................... ,8 ~'~ ~ , brine, o ~rie,,~ ...... ~ wi*h / the members, friends and all[ ~ ~ fl~ ~'O~ ~u~ ~ Tk~n~e~Vmn / A serms of Revival services wm a hat sale and luncheon in the' " n n ~o ~, ....... ~. ........ I I~]~;I ~1 i lmlta~ n|~ ]get underway Sunday evening, Parish House on Tuesday, Oct 4, I serwces for a d subse- them th~s Sunday. Mr. R~bert others interested in church] ~,~~ _ ~, at 7:30 at ~hechurch, it wasMfllvilleann-, ..... ~a~a * . IL?nF~[so . s!ptW [rd2 981~[ quent week mghts. ~ Gracey wil, l lead in group singing musm. I For Rain Offered At ~ ............ ~ Mrs. Ranch of Normstown, Pa., Sunday School a~ 10 a.m. ~orn- a,t 10 a.m. ing Worship at 11; Sunday eve- ~~~ | ounceo m~s wee~ oy ~. u. ~'mius, I will bring quality hats of the t ning Evangelistic Service at 7:30; ~ .-- d ~ . [ pastor, latest styles and colors for the Services will be held each even~ which" will" be from1 I 5, 1 [sale, to4 8 Tuesday,,t Christ's Ambassadors mmr ~moms~ F 0 R Y O U R esb er m Church -- [rag w~n ~ange'lst me lxev" w~"tP ................. M All hats will. be ..-riced atl meet at 7:30 p.m.; Thursday, Bi- RI:AhV MIX C0NC [ HEEDI A~mig~y God, creator of all [Liam Windsor of Woodbine, Md., i.~ 98' t hie Study at 7:30 p.m. Church DeSeates ..----" "' things and ruler of all nature, we i as the guest speaker. The public " L~tnch will be served at 12 a~knowledge Thee and Thee alone is invRed to attend, noon. i Rev. Md}0naid To Teach New ~,~ to be our God. We, Why unworthy ~ I ,,~.., Books Metal Doors Metal Frames And servants, express gratitude to]-IrI~ aFaea Tn r, |-L..~. E-* ~ I Thee for Thy great mercy which '" -- Junn s cplsc0pal j Y0kefefl0ws Class The new Methodist hymnals Re-Enforcing Steel Products for Cone Thou didst show to us last week I ..................... will be dedicated at a special serv- CALL CHARLES TOWN 725-7612 OR by gi~ing us an abundance of * " * * rain. Through Thy kindness we Commumon Wdl Be Church Receives Gifts ] ,,_ ~. s . . ice Sunday, Sept. 25, ~ 7:30 p.m. Next everaI Bolivar Methodist Church. VISIT OUR PLANT AT RANSON, W. VA. have been recipierAs of Thy favor. ~ == " " me ........... ~t oonn's ~p~scopai cnu- ' A program featuring special se- THORN LUMBER COMPANY as the earth has been watered. %~?~fl ['or ill.erratic . .. . Men of the Church as well as lecttons by the Senior, Youeh and Through Thy faifl~f~ness there ~.H,,v, .-u,,,~. u...~ rch Building Fund has received they are goingto all members of the Yokefellows Junior choirs arid soloists is Ranson Plant - Call 725-7612 - Charles Town memorial gifts in memory of Mrs. do away with Bible Class of the Charles Town planned, followed by a congrega- theml" Presbyterian Church are urged to tional "Hymn Sing" and the Dedi- Martinsburg Plant 267-8955 is now waeer in our wells, springs "The Preface To Commur~ion," streams, cisterns and ponds, the will be the sermon subject Sun- parched farm land, pastures, or- day mormng, Sept. 25, for the olmrds, forests and lawns have 8:30 a. m. Mains and the 11 a. m. benefRed greatly and human be- Worship services at St. Thomas lugs, livestock, wgdlffe in the Lutheran Church in Ranson, it field and forest and fish in the was announced Monday by the streams have been blessed, Thou~ ~ Rev. Richard E. Nell, pastor. gh many of us have suffered econ Nursery held during worship omically on account of the drou- ght, we thank Thee that in our afflivtton we have beheld our God and tha our fa~h has con- tinned .strong. We are greatful to Thee tha~ we can trust Thy providential care: that we can always depend on Thee as one who will never fail us nor forsake us, that Tlmu wii4 continue to pro- vide seedime and harvest, sum- mer and Winter and that Thou wilt give rain in due season. For this manifestation of Thy good- hess we give Thee praise through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen. Betty Boyd Bennett from the following. Perhaps little ~tend the Sunday morning meet- Mr. and Mrs. Harry Heskett, Johnnie heard Mr. and Mrs. Charles McDonald, someone say' that the "new Mr. and Mrs. Warren LaRue. Mr. morality" is do- and Mrs. Robert Anders, Mrs. Mar t Rev. Althouse ing away with gar~ Payne, Mrs. Lillion P. Kel- the Ten Commandments.Perhaps ler, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Orn- he got the impression from his for pre-sch~ol children. Sunday dorff, Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Burns, Sunday school teacher that Jesus Church School at 9:45 a. m. for Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Tumblin, I himself did away with the Ten adults, young~,- men and women, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Chapman, Mrs.: Commandments. This is precise. and chJdren; James E. Brand, Marguerite Willis and family, Mr. ly what his enemies charged, Superintendent. SenioY High Lu- and Mrs. James R. Mason, Mr. and This shocking Nazarenepreache'r and his ~new morallty" were un- ther League meets at the parson- Mrs. Daniel P. Lutz and family, dermining all the old moral ab- age at 5:00 p. m. Junior High Mr. and Mrs. Louis Drish, Mr. and solutes. Luther League meets at church at l Mrs. M. L. Adams and family, 6:30 p. m. Choir rehearsal on Mr. and Mrs, Kenneth Boyd, Mr. Not Destroy, ButFulffll Timrsday a,t 7:30 p. m. Children's and Mrs. H. O. Wilt, Mrs. Eliza- Unfortunately, they mlsunder- choir practice on Friday at 4:00 beth C. Hooe, Mr, and Mrs. Merle stood him. ~Think not that lhave p .m. Catechism classes meet at E. Alger, Mr. and Mrs. George C. come to abolish the law and the the parsonage on Saturday at 9:00 James, Mr. and Mrs. James Lout- prophets; I have come not to 10:00 and 11:00 a.m. han. abolish them but to fulfil them", (Matthew 5:17 RSV) Of course, even that statement inftiriated Be Wise- Advertise ATTEND CHURCH This prayer was used in the service at the Oharles Town Pres- byterian ChurCh on Sunday, Sep- tember 18. the Sunday following the week in which six inches of Dedicated to Serving Pharmaceutical Needs with All Precision our eal ervln For prescriptions compounded with professional accuracy and precision --- for all your health needs -- we are at your service. the reMARKable Mark III STUCK & ALGER PHARMACISTS Dial 725.2621.Charles Town, W. Vs. CHARLI TOWN, W. VA. OFFERS FOR SALE On Monthly Installment Plan FOUR GRAVES LOT -- $280.00 Payable $27.00 Down, Bal. 11 MONTHLY PAYMEI TS $23.00, Per Month SINGLE GRAVE LOT --- $75.00 Payable $9.00 Down, Bal. 11 MONTHLY PAYMENTS $6.00, Per Month NO BURIAL WILL BE MADE UNTIL COMPLETE PAYMENT IS RECEIVED. ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE COMPLETED WITHIN ONE YEAR. IF YOU ARE INTEBESTED, CALL AT SUPERINTENDENTS OFFICE EAST CONGRESS STREET, Charles Town, W. Vs. ATTEND CHURCH I I III II THE MRVIN T. S IDER CO. COLONIAL FUNERAL HOME Charles Town Shepherdstown 725-7068-PHONES-876-2683 Let our heating expert survey your home and show you how you can enjoy automatic gas heatingwith the semi- central heating sys- tem.,, Not a furnace-not a FOR COMPLETE DETAILS them, for why did the Ten Com- mandments need to be fulfilled? Aren't they completely adequate as they stand? They spell things out quite clearly: they say it is wrong to steal, to commit adul- tery, to bear false witness, to cov- et, to murder, etc. How can you fllflll moral absolutes? If they had listened to him carefully, they would have real- ized that Jesus was calling for, not a lesser righteousness, but one that went bey(rod the letter of the law to the very spirit and pur- pose of the law. This is exactly what he meant when he said to his disciples: ~For I tell you, un- less your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will never enter theklngdom" (Matthew 5:20). The Nazarene's ~new morality" aimed higher; not lower. Jesus did not regard the law and the teachings of the prophets , as moral absolutes, as iron-clad laws which could be Interpreted sifi'iply and without ,questibl~ hl every situation that demanded a moral choice. These choices are not always so clear-cut. These are times when one cannot make a choice which is wholly good and flee from sin or e,~ll. A man working for a business firm that indulges in certain unethical prac- tices may find it difficult to cho~ose ,his between resigning tO witness to '.'principles or remaining in his Job to do what he can to change corn- piny policy, ca~ion Service. The law, Jesus knew, was only an in'complete expression of the will of G o d. Thus, when they came to him asking him what was the most important of all the laws, Jesus summed up all the law and the prophets with: "You shall love the Lordyour God.. and your neighbor as yourself.~ In short, the p u r p o s e of God could be summed up in single word: love. Thus, the "new c6m- heater, the Siegler Mark III is a new semi. central heating sys- tem but need no ex- pensive pipes and registers. It pours heat out the front, both sides and out the back, too. Call orcome In and ask for a Free Home Heating Survey You'll be glad you did! & I/ II I*1 I I Superfine 6as Corp. (Formerly H. W Wageley, Inc.) Dial 725-7087 - Charles Town Offices East Wash. St. Warehouse - Fairfax Blvd. :i One day, recently, the children and I stopped, on our way home, to pet THE CHURCH FOR ALL , .. Behind It All Beauty and her baby. Beauty lives at Mr. Ryder's farm, not far from our ALL FOR THE CHURCH home, and the coming of her colt has been a prime topic of conversations these past few weeks Church the greatest factor on earth for This particular day Carla's question about Starlight's Daddy and his the building of character and good citizenship. whereabouts sparked a discussion with my threesome that ranged from God's It is a storehouse of spiritual values. Without & strong Church. neither democracy nor civilizatloa l lan for the birth and care of baby animals, on to people and their babies, ca. su,v; e. There are four sound reasons It was a rare and precious moment, such as parents and teachers tress- eve,y person should attend services regularly an{ nre, when young minds reach out effortlessly for information and under- sopport the Church. They are: (l) For his standing own sake. (2) For his children's sake. (3) For As we drove home, I thanked God for the opportunity He had given me the sake of his community and nation. (4) lrc~ the sake of the Church itself, which needs his mandment" which he gave them to share ifi this eager unfolding of my children's thoughts and ideas. I moral and material support, Phn to go to was the key to what he meantby thanked Him, too, for His Church which has inspired my religious growth fulfilling the law andtheprophets: church regularly and zead your B~Ie daily. . . love one another as I have and thus helped me keep pace with the developing queries of my children. loved you" (John 15:12). The Church is the urce of great understanding. ]f we look back to his inter-, c,,~r~;,t ~sSs ~ Aa,,~,.s~ S~t~ce. z,,., st~s~r, W. pretation of each of, the ten Com- mandments, we find that love is the key to his "But i say toyou . . " God desires not only trpth from us, but truth in love. The gift of sex is to be employed only within the bounds of married Child's' love. Iu speaking of the responsibiiity to honor his ar- ents, he called for love as ~oeth the motiveand the power off, is THESE FIRMS INVITE YOU: TO A HOUSE OF WORSHIP EACH WEEK obedience. Again and again, his fulfilling of the law and the proph- ets was dependent upon the power SOUT]~RN STATES H.S. CLOPPER, JR. RANSON MACHINE WORKS of love. He was not content, however, C]utrle Town Cooperative, Inc. INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE Phone 721 621 Ramoa, W. Va to mouth the word ~love., The RAN~ON, W. VA. AND BONDS word means too many different . things to different people. He i Hill-Dale Shopping Center J. EDWARD MAGAHA made that Word become flesh and ..... Phone 725-7081 Charles Town, W. Va. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR in one agonizing afternoon on a J.C. PENNEY CO. cross he showed man all that he I' ] J ~ ' ~~ meant by that one word, love. i'ALWA~S FIRST QUALITY" North George St. Phone (Baled .... H]nm~ co~vrighld by U[v|.;*. Charles Town, W. Va. J E F F E R S O N Chr,sfian Edt~ation. Nafio~t] Cou~i| ~ ~" HARDWARE CO., INC. Churchet M Christ in ~e U. $. A. Released by c .... ........ SlI tWIN-WIUlA S PAINTS WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE J. RUSSELL FRITTS, INC. PIsone fl - lG Charles Town, W. Va PHILCO DEALER E. SENSENEY, Owael On/jv th .... Charles Town, W. Va e Charles Town, W. Va Phme 725- x1 HALLTOWN PAPERBoARD CO. ' .... CHAI LES TOWN i/AX TOWN, W. VA. LEGGETT'S DEPT. STORE HOME of BETI~R VALUq[.~8" ESSO SERVICE CENTER I "- Charles Town, W. VL MeCLURE B. WILLINGHAM, Owner RANsON REAL ESTATE ; I Phone ?= 9904 Clmrle. TOwn, W, Va & INSURANCE CO., INC. POWHATAN BRASS ......... BANSON, W. VA. & IRON WORKS SUPERTANE GAS CORP. PHONE. 725.7072--725-7071 RANSON. W. VA. Formerly H. W. WAGELEY, INC .......... "Over 74 Years Of Progress" Dial 725- 7087 Charles Town, W.VaThe MELVIN T, STRIDER CO. ........ COLONIAL FUNERAL HOME COMMUNITY OIL CO., INC ' KABLE OIL CO, INC Charles Town, W. Vs. Phone 725-7068 CITIES SERVICE -" ONLY THE NEWSPAPER Charles Town, W. VL lets you enjoy advertising. Infact. ESSO DISTRIBUTOR SUDLEY FUNERAL HOME Martlzmburgo W. Vs.. Leeebm'& Vta surveys show that women rank the a~s Phone 72~7S10 Eharles Town, W. Va. Shepherdstown Phone 876-6043 Shepherdstown. W. Va. as the most popular l~art ~ the news* 10 ~ Y: Term ~. mere Plan