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Charles Town, West Virginia
September 22, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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September 22, 1966

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TWO SECTIONS -- YOUR NEWSPAPER -- THERE'S SOMETHING IN IT IT FOR EVERYONE SIXTEEN PAGES READ IN MORE T~]AN 5,000 HOMES --- FIRST IN YEARS - CIRCULATION - ADV. ii ---OVER 25,000 READERS IN THE PROSPEROUS JEFFERSON COUNTY TRADING AREA--- 102 NO. 38 Busine -News Dept. - Dial 725-2046 or 2047 CHARLES TOWN, Jefferson County, W. VA. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1966 West Virginia's Oldest Newspaper PRICE 10 CENTS "-~f the 22 home~.- on Morison Avenue, lo-rormer Harpers Ferry on the southeastern edgei Charles Town and just one Girl Makes Profession from Jefferson Avenue, stree to become a part the municipality and they have At Holy Family House the @harles Town Council J for theI i Plans are progress'rLg I community auction to be held Iby the South Jefferson Ruritan [Club October 1, at 10 a. m. in I Sum,mit Point, it was announced this week by Warren LaRue, the )resident. Numerous articles have been eceived and promised, staCed Mr. LaRue, inclu&ing ~, live~ock, a pony, other small animaJs, a gar- den tractor, electric motors, trac- m In a busy session of the Grand Jury of Jefferson Cotmty on the opening day of the September Term of Circuit Court here Tues- day nine indictmer~ts ranging Petit Jury Calendar For Circuit Court Of Jefferson County DATE NAME OF CASE TYPE OF CASES A robbery indictment was re. turned against Gervis Christopher Steele The indictment alleges that he robbed Raymond Creamer of Charles Town of the sum of $440 last June. His case is set for trial on October 3. Two breaking and entering in- dictments were returned against Rc4~rt Johnson, one charging him with breaking and entering Jefferson Motors Garage and an- other charging him with break- ing and entering Dixie-Narco plartt. Trial on the first indict. tor mower, 14 fox elevator, mix-: take the necessary steps to ed hay, TV sets, various pieces - from murder to larceny were re* ~e this done. - ....... c~ "icles September 27 Fern Horow]tz vs Wm. Longerbeam Civil oi turmture ann Kit hen art ., turned against six defendants. A group representing the street bicycles and several sets of tires. October 3 S ate. of W: Va. vs. ~.. ....... The murder indictment was re* muted a petition to the Coun- Mr LaRue said he plans to .............. ervls nnstopner ; eele r~oDaery turned against Ervie Webb. He at it s meeting Monday night, present a more detailed list of _ n. _ October 5 State of W. Va. vs Moses Wood Brown Rape is charged with the slaying of a le nex u v" rtelnlnger, vreslaent ann ce appearing before Council the items to be avail b , ~ t . : .... October 10 State of W. Va. vs Robert Johnson B & E Luther Carey as a result of an e Oliver Kastle, Glenn Rams- week, many of them new ones. ~enerai ~anager o~ rownatan October 12 State of W. Va. vs Ervie Webb Homidde alleged altercation which took g and Vivan Bush. Selicitations for sale items is ~rass ano ~on wWe:l~K~?ranSon~ October 14 State of W. Va vs Joules F. Craver place in Charles Town last month hey gave as their reasons for [continuing, LaRue stated, annou a ., " ...... on August 17. promotion of two memoers ot his ~a(l ;necK Wobb entered a plea of not ~ing to become a part of the 1 ,M = ~e r, _ _. _ management staff. " MISS HAZEL OPEN Jurors will report at 9:30 A. M. on the days indicated guilty to the indictment when ~oration of Charles Town, a rcent decrease in garbage t n mDer ul' ,omm e Mr. JOhn H. Wyndham has 1965. Mr Wynctham lives with his! unless otherwise excused by the court or clerk, arraigned in open court Wednes- z, a 45-percent decrease in. ] ..... been named Comroller, repmcing wife and two daughters at Belve- day morning, and his case has 1 been set for trial before the petit insurance ra.tes plus tmlice LU[~s0n |~d~y Noon A~h~L~lh~l~e~ wh~i~s ro~h~Ing: de~IeissH~he~,(~:~l?hTo~Vn- been [ ~,~A,| ]~ ~4~ ~[~l,~l, jury on October 12.~ tection. And while they ad- ,ted their taxes wottld be in- I T, he September meeting of the tinsburg, has been wi,~ Powha- @Rh Powhatan since August 1954, JL, IIWl ]g~/OIU# Jl~|~ ~| [l~[U[~ An indictment for rape by ~d this added cost would /Jefferson County Chamber of tan mace June lute..An Army has been named Assistant to the _ .... violence was returned against offset by the decreases they [Commerce will be held Tuesday, career man, ne serveu In th.e.U : PresiderS. She has served as pri- ~11r'1| Plane Fnr Imnrnvamsn Moses Wood Brown, of gearneys- tioned. "Bhey a'lso asked the [Sept. 27 at noon in the Rib Room , ~. ......... Army ~or z~.u years, reurmg ~: vote secreta, ry to. the President. ~,~.~,~,~ = =~=~,~ =v~ =u=[~v~,=n~=== ville. He is charged with having ~cil to keep Morison Avenue | at the Turf Diner. Thurman A. Iw~th the rank o~ ~met .warrant land cor~tmues m thut capaoty, a,t I ~ ~ ~1 = p ~= criminally assaulted a young closed street as it is at pres- [ Whi~cre of our Roads Committee I O ff!cer .After re uiremen ne corn:! She was elected Assistar~t Secre- Luff|cuIum Anti rlanTs raClllTle$ Kearneysvitle woman earlier this / will report on the Roads Commit- p mAed his eaucat on az ~nepnera ~ tory of the company in 1957, Sec- i year ,uncil asked a commi~ee [tee and the Eastern Panhandle ~o~,ege, r:ee,vAg a u. u. aegree ~eetrav~o:~ 195~n~;d h~da[ha~e li~] A enera d--'~ussm o ~ - " Brown pleaded no guilty to Led by Dr. C C. Master to SISTER MARY MERCEDES | Committee. (which concerns it- in Busin ss m'nistration in lt r p ' "on '1 P g 1 " " n f pos'TP .... @.-Zal. M.....I the charge when arraigned in with the annexing group Shown above is Sister Maryl self wi~h [he highway ..... system of 1963. He served as Assistan~ Trea-t came a Division of "Automatic" sible procedures in planning a|~]ry ~ml|H [~lH~fl[] court yesterday morning and his report to the Council at it's Mercedes the former Jecoueline our eastern countms. Everyone surer of Powhatan from June Sprinkler Corporatmn of Amemca program for improvement of the| case has been set for trial on meeting, v.... C~lr~ daughter of Mrs :is vitally interested in our high- 1864 until the firm became a Div- Her new responsibilities will be curriculum and also the physical|R~n~ ~$~1~ October 5 Another indictment pay raise for city employees Anita Cooke Rideoutt, of Harpers way problems and we look for a ~szon of Automatm Sprinkler pmmarfly m the fields of person- plan~s of the Jefferson County]"~'"~ ~"'''"'~ was returned against Brown proposed to Council by Ferry and the late Garland Cook, large attendance at this meeting. Corporaion of America in la~e nel and administration. School system, was held by the] charging him with larceny of an Howard Sechrist, whomade her final pro~ess~n Sat- Jefferson County Board of Edu- automobile, but disposition of that case will await trial on the a $20 per month across urday, Aug. 27, at the Holy Fam- | i Rr As eaion meeting in special session board raise for the. 13 men ily Provincial House in Baltic, emirs sodatio. u Tuesday night at the Board of- more serious charge. he plice' garbage and sewer Cnnectieutt" Bishp Vincen' ~ E iflees" a~men~, Scchrist said the Hines offieiaeed for the Profess- mphasizes Number To Participating in the discussion these men who are on fixed by members of her family and Harreh, director of the division are the pinoh of tJ fall F0r [mer lea of educational planning of the added cost. He, said this friends. State Department of Education; ~p did not receive a pay raise Sister Mary grew up and spe~t -.-- Officials of the Jefferson Coun- Dr. Ernest Betty, director of the the last budge{ was pre- her childhood days in the Har- Announcement was made this and Jr. iterdsman, also he]ty Volunteer Firemen s Associat- division of research of the State .d. If approved he suggested pers Ferry area where she at- week b~ W. P. Perks, general Peop,les Bank i~ awarding an a-[ion i~ order to clarify wh~t alad J. W. Anderson, specialist pay ra~e go h~to tend~ etem~ta~ school an~4t ~t~p~it4~d~r~t of the Jefferson ward for~the most blue r'hbbon$|mt~!~be some misunderstanding on buildings and lands also frmn ~ber1.. was While sh~ w',~ maldng 'her. Cotir~ty ~r ~f~p be held October in Se~vilig, Canning, Home l~lust- ] a~ to "what number t~ call in case the sts~ office. . i inance committee, hen home with her grandmother, the 13, 14 and 15 at Shenandoah ries, Baking, Vegetable and Hand- ] of aft emergency as a resUR of ~efjames Senseney, will r~dedt late Mrs. Jaminia Fox Willis, that The Iso disctisSed the city treasurer Kable John- she decided she wa~ted to become Downs Race track in Charles icr~ft. I the manner of listings in the re- poss~bil ~y of secUring the ser- Toc~m, that the catalogs for the The following have donated] cently published telephone direct- vices of various agenies and in. to out the details of a Catholic Nun. Later she moved fair are now off of the press and $10000 toward the purchase of [ ory, today listed the following pro stitutions, state and federal to Connecticut where she received available to the public and ex- a beef or dairy calf for the ten cedure to be followed: ~rn, theC*TJfvCh~g~l~s ~i~evr~!!iahtt s~hme~end:~:~s~h~w~d h~ietr~:" said ~he fena~e~ai.nmcoenmt, encFyr:a~]~e Wad ~e~beUrlZeceo~e~, : " s bid for fed- t is year is fu 1 o v r'ety, c - t ; p including Shepherdstown, Har- ., g. fun s ror s wera e system graduated._ Sister Mary ,s now edy and country music, plus Town; Bank of Charles Town; I pers Ferry, Bolivar and Charles iP b iut Snf g e nalhe .......... A breaking and entering indict. .. _o_ . _~:_=^.., .~ teaching tne ~tn graae at ~acreu numerous outstanding local e- Jefferson Security Bank and W I Town and Ranson the calls ~". _ e, ~-- ,*g ....... ~" t ~AI~ ~ffllTli ment was alsoreturned ~,ainst inert am, supenme-u - ~- h "n Bloomfield Corm " , . . vezopmen ann improving me, . . . i~t~,~,. ,,,,,.t-~, r~ad a telegram Heart Sc ool x , ~ ven~s such as band concerts, each H. Knode & Son of .~hep.pherds. [ should be made only by dxahng ~h,,~. ..... J ,,,m,~ ~-'~"~'~m~, o,~,~.. o Charles Funk, general manager Linden Haines CarroU. He ~s "~::.~'~.'~"~-,,~l and a ..... ] evening by thecounty s high town; uommunRy uii. re opms ] TelephoneNumber 725-2121"~::.". .................... " : of the Charles Town Race Course charged with breaking and enter- ................ J" " 1 Ch rl s ellRms. - . - -. u .... ~.. ~nd [~a ~#*~ "l[A PI~v I~fll~ l school bands; a quarter horse Supp y and The a e Town[which is the number of the coun- . announced today that C. Gary mg the Turf Diner last July. He 2 b-oi[~ I .v .mj ,v, I race; a Rock-and-Roll dance and, Lions Club. ~ [ty emergency headquarters I The boaru also named Mrs. Col-]smith had been appoir~ted racing pleaded guiRy to the chiarge ?: .~'?'~'Y.(":~":.'~'_'~_~'::^a _ _ _ , [ calf scrambles both Friday and t Prograrms are at all four banks [ " [ een ~r .um~ey., a graauate oi ~ap-] secrethry and handi~aper for the yesterday morning and asked to W~lCn c$~ea tne prt~pu~u ,~ ~ -- ~ty-Wide sewerage system as teen uance ammay : . Y . "] . . . ".. ~" . . Y l P,,I,,--,,I E~,,, @ I/',,L~,, . . '.. :. 166-nig~t autumn meeting which be placed on probation The , e le Su 1 [ltal unlverslw, ~olumDus Omo, t Saturda evenings of the Fair ]m the counCy, P op s pp a W Kn & Son Also wno prewousiy taught m t~eorgm .... ~ntries for eli LivestoCK must' net . H. oae [ t~UIUllI~ M(IL ,}. l~l~ I .... ..' " . ! [gets underway, Monday, October eour~ took the request under ad- reason ~or aelay , ,, ~ m assume the Qutles oI toUSle '-' .... " .... :,- ....The ' Five Acts will play for be mailed to the Fair Secretary i advance tickets [ ..... [ , [ 3 and coninues through Decem- visement. epresentaCweSinde endear f~ret" tUecomp,~.~,,~, th~ Teen Dance to be held Sa~ur- N. C. Furr, Charles Town, by t Perks, also announced that he | ~a~|~=~,,=u~,~ ==vmFr~11~ ,,I,=A[P ,v,~,eFAr~' I instructor at Charles Town Junior~ ber 26 1 Two, violatior~s of West Yir- p . ames da~, Sept 24, at the Charles October 9th. It is necessary to|is wen pleased the way the de-[ ~ I High School. She replaces Joseph l ,,~.~ c~.,**. ~ ,,,m , ginia s bad check law were re- ;' Pi~lnger" "and Ernest riouser J~ " ' I , ~or~lj i~l~l|l~ttl ~ lo IULtl~y la/4|Ll~taL ....... net-Town Race track by the Jefferson file an .entry for Dept. C, partements are shap).ng up..InI ] Marcaldk fa.rmerly of. Mendan,Ithe raeiug scene in this turned against James F. Craver. ~i~"~- ~'~o ~'~"~'~-~rec'~o~ Cou~y Jaycees. , ~. - e~ni~ixs Will.De accep~e~ sp~ze o~ rue orougn~ mzsyear tne | Waco, Tex - Colonel Max S. I t~onn., wno has re~gnea to enter[ area," said Funk, "He has always He also pleaded not guilty when .................... " - - " ~"azuk --ro~ect chair- weanesaay, uc~. lz from noon lwaysme t~araen ~lU0 has plans [ Tr~t,~ o,~, ~ M, ~,d M,~ ~h~ [ mHllAtry service. Mrs. ~rummy/antavprl c-~rdis~ ral~ttnns with arraigned in Court esterday on day October 1 in the 200 _yaul~ A':',~,~i-" ~,l~ be from to 8:00 p m by Dept Heads and|for another top flower show. The ............ "~ ................ " is now a resident of She herds- - .................... mornin and his caseYwas set :z n We~ Washtn~o stree~ ma-, ~a~ ........ ~, . . . . ." ~ . ... ......................................... [ ~ies H. Kable, Charles Town, has [ P [ horsemen and owners who cam-. _ . g. ..... ~,v ............ ng~on ._." o o..._.a ~.2n n m an~ aamiss- asslstams, n., r,ior~=tu, turu i uumuzuzx=Jat ooovn spauv i~ going | ,.~+;~.,~ r.,,~, h~ TT ~ hi,. ~ .... ! town i .,~i~, ,., ~k~. ~ .... ~ ,~h~ r~.~|or trial on ~ooer la mzssmn" was graateo tor tins o:ou$1 "" person"h. unit' 11:00 a m. bette th n x,~- hMar~ a~ thi|' v. ( [ The grand jury " h annual fund.raising event ion wR1 per i Thur~a~cepted date, randab,,el~ein:al~le to boo'k[atConnally AFB, Tex., job he has done as racing secre- failed to indict t ," y. _ . ! .... .., .s ~ ..... /after more than 26 years service /~. , a ~ ,,, /,.=., .., ..^,_,.~.^..,..~ o~, .... a^~u in one ease preseztted to it A _ _ [ There will be more special a-!me en, ter~amment early mncmls/ Prior to his assi--'ent to Jam"/~mer ~ peatlllfle ..... ~,~,,?~ o,~,,=,,~= not true hill was returned against = a a __ I ..JL , wards this year than ever before, were able to get some of the top/ ,, , . . ^ ." | / Do as, weighed neavi y in his Emer Nelums who was arrest rerson~ lnmrle , Dm ,]z,~ Ill a total of nine awards in the performers in the field of enter-[eoS~nn~Y ~st ~ce2tmemm::~e ~| i~... W_L._ "lP___..._ /selection to the aU-important pos for alleged theft of la~Pe~" ......... . . ,. . A,, 'Youth Dept. for the best by var- tainment. The special award offer[ ~.'~ "~"~7~~ .~r~ :~'~'i~'~" A~'~| I-~r ~[u|~r ll'alll$I~l" / i~ion." owned by Russell B Roper " ~=~--M~l,,. ~.=~A Da ~ll~ll~ in ~/~[1~ [|t mus businesses in the county. The ed by the fair for the club or/Corn o~- ~,,~llati-n | | A veteran of the UnRed States The ~,etit ~ur,, wtll r~,,-'-* "-- UU [I M(llIKIU nl :i~l~;u -" ,#~,-,'-,, v. Peoples Bank of Charles Town organization having the most en-[ ~"~%'.~..~A"~e ::e~..^ ^._ ~ | | Navy, Sm'tth attended Potomac duev fo~ the ~irst H ~ ~,~'~-~;~"~'_ r ,iF -- ' " " " *' October i da . . ..... . - -- , t and Southern States are awarding trms has created quzte a lot of/,, .... ........ ........ / 8 w 11 be 'the last Y[ Sta~e College for two years be- day ~,~*~-~,~,- ~ -.*.^- *~.^ * .... in er " ~,,.~u a,,u w,,~ ~,,,,,,,,,-~,~,,~u ~pu,, for v t " "' ""~'~"~"~" ~', ""~" ~"~ t=~ A . le [n rmlmV | trophms for Fxttmg and Showing t est, Perks said. | ..... ,..,,.... eh,~ .... .~. ...,..| o ers to transfer thear reg-] fore transferring to the Univer- only ci,m ,~,-* .... ,...a. ~.a ,... .Pro gr.a m / I I * , .ag acci:i U S Route 340, about a mile ltff: nl [ l}rlt} [ flnva hflfl /westminster, Md., and receive~l ~on in November. ,.~, .....z ,.,, =,,~ L~..,... [_ ee r r oLecture mostly costly occurring in ]Stiles Tr i er Court, slowed down The Charle' 'T'own Kiwanis " " ' "g 11,,. to M,, IU . glam [ le ..... rover ' -- - - left turn off of Route ..... " I AA [ Ave., San Diego, have five daugh-'[ VII i I lii:) i} IVlJ 1if(l] Jqtl IIVIR I iT a In s .own p ___,,_. I to make a ". ....... Cluo will have at least Iour rep- IVll~ MQI J I.~l~ I#IglllVl ][ [ ters Carole, Maxine and Diane[ ...... I l~ ~ Ill ~l;lll~plllltffllt~,-'~l~Wll t 9 000 in property is ca was StrUCK In ~.e ' -- . ~ cta~ of $ , . .... J340 and h r resen~txves at the 1966 convent- [ are married while Tallulah and[ ....... I~..~--.llm.&.~m n~& ~l I .~age resuRed Frmay mgn~, uto o crated by Rol , " ..... tt, u.~^on~ / rear by an a P .., " ion of the West V,rgmm ..... K,wams W~ I'~ MI~ ~ / Louise are students '] AffdllgliKI v~mUilblf IIIIUll U~,I. 0 I The Septer~ber m~ng of the wnen a. c~ we.n~o~ ...... / and M. Baker, 20, ot raeoman District at Huntington, Sept. 25-27 w ~ ,v ru. ~uv.v | The Kables will reside at theirl ~ ,~ ~------ |Je~erso.n uounty Democratic i on ~ast wasm.ngou ~-~/S~rin~s Va After the acciden~t it was announced this week by F. * , ~ ,, , ~ - - horn= at 648 E Ralston Ave SaC'l[ ........................~.^ ...,_^,..., ............... t .~l~ttlon will be held at the e enea into three par~eu ~-,- ~, , " " " ", This IS my way, wuz tm ~ue eu~ pzm~zptu ~p~aaez" ~t ~ne murn- Wa " " are .... e left the scene, but he was S. Woodford, pres~den of the . . . r Memorml Bt~ilding in Shep. and wound smashing into [ Bak r .......... . me~tnri.~t ]~e~ C'h,h i Lee ~ll, Jr., ept. ~1 Bernardino, Callf. "[ main topic of Mrs. Herbert H.lug session. Make reservations by herdstown Tu=~., .v~, .)v ~ ~l~. | appr ..... Y .......... Dr ~ames M Moler a nest I --. ~ , s lecture.and demonstrat-September 28th thro ~u~h your 17.30 p. m. it was announced this Calvin and hem un,m ponce coum arrive " " ' " | ion m some of me arts ot flower " ~havles Town Patr0~man.. ~ | ........ Baker was char~ed president of i~he Charles Town Mr. andMrs Lee E Demory ~erc~=~[1~n|re | ..... ~ ~ =^_ .~.^ dub presidents, Mrs. Carl Mer-I wee.k by Wi]:limn W. (Bill)WhRt ~ett said a car o era~ea oy ~ on t.~ ~'~,,~.... . " " [ arrartgln~ Ivlonuay, ucz. o, .u.v.,~ ' In n resid P " "and run Dame e to the Club and presadent-elect of K~w- of Kearney~ille, announce the _ chant or Mrs. George IIeidrich. ! ~o , p ent. s of Marshall, with h~t " " g " " " ' ' I Shenandoah-Potomac District Gar- ~rnas H;. B ro~l~:~ ~o-s owned|two vehicles revolved was hsted an~s Inte.rnatmnal, wd, l_be an marriage of their daughter, Mary g,,nttak Annm,nr ! den Club meetin~ to be held in The morm~g ~ss~.on and .the I, T~!~,?e~,&l~len Ba~}~t, ~or avid F. War(l, u _ I " " ........ o and he will also be on the con- 77~Ir an~ Mrs ~)a~i(i" Lee ]3~i ~_ . _ " "~.~)ose will be $3.50. [ les *z'own and President of the den Ha ers ~er- Frida night anou~ ~:~ tw ..... ~ . u . ~ ~ ter in unarms Town Jeffer rraan L Bree , rp Y , venuon rogram. ~ . . son Cotmty Mer~tal Health ~d e ie Tumblin of Charles I cars were involved m an acc~dertt~xr,~^.~P.,~ o.~n .~..~.~ .... a of KearneysvilleW Va. Miss Deborah Ka, Cheshire and ~ .......inn i~ n e~haractar ~ A . _ .. [ A ...... : ............ arles ute 9 Soutn ot unar-.. ........ - ..... o .... , all harked near the Ch on State Ro , . a,l~rns*~ n~m~d bv the local The d uble ring ceremony was Mr RiChard L Pe rce Umted ~stic of this particular lecture and .}Ull Olll li l (ll [ for the program Th ee'tin~ i~ ._ r t # _ _ _ : e m ,,o ~oo~ HOn~ei[he~l~fd~e les )TOnW~p~i;e~yhi~hJa~:rSteis~t:~ ~u~'~'~(he-~o'nvent=~n are: Ros- ~]re2~z~dtistSeCPt~umr~b~ro3, i~mgth: Vst~mtes oA~yU~ttehe~m~ ,,Its. Greger er~Y~oe:t~rY~amer::U ......... |tO~a~ atO lt~me ~ttbhc and R is hoped as t e o " $600" p ' " coe Payne and Jack Akers with ' " , arrange f ow P .... rg crowd Will ~ttend Home. Brooks was charged A car being driven by Robert Leo Widmyer, Robert French and town, Md. by the Rev G. Bartow 1966. The wedding took place at al conviction you ~ispatch a rues- |0 H~ve U|n[~sr ~p~. 71 1 Rei~reshmel~ts Will be served reckless driving. F. Armstrong, Route 1, Charles Gerald Shumaker, as alternates. Harris. ~he bride and grooms the Virginia Avenue Baptist Chu- sage as surely visible as a smoke Men~bers of Henry Kyd Douglas[ ~ut 6:45 Tuesday morning a m out of a s~de roan ann Town, ca e " . ... ! Payne, Widmyer and Woodford a, ttenda~s were Ann Allen WhiSt rch, Hagerstown, Md. signal. The price of admission to Sons of the Oonfederate Veterans [ vehicle operated by ~tton A ~Plymouth vehicle owned by a " ' are expected to attend, t ington and Ricard Demory, both Mrs. Pierce graduated from Cha the lecture is $1.50 and a love will hold it's September meeting l U. S Governmen~ and being f Washington, D C, rles Town High School, Class of of flowers. ~n by Michael Gerald Hoff- Hogge, o ' Convention sessions wil,l be~of Kearneysville, W. Va rounded a curve and thetwo hel.d at the Frederick Hoteli Fallowing the ceremony the 1965, attended Shepherd College, Mrs. Greger will also make and dinner Tuesday evening, SeptI and was employed as a secretary , 16, of the Harpers Ferry machines" colhded" . Charms Town Represe~tng~ Kiwanis Internat-'couple drove to Buckroe Beach ~t the Uarpers Ferry Job Corps e~gbt to ten differe~ arrange- 27, ~t 7 p. m. in the Lutheran| Corps Conservation Center, State Trooper Tom,my Ward eharg ional a the convention will be where thev srmnt a few days "~ ments at the Charles Town Moose Ohurch Hall at Uvflla, it was ann I ............................ damaged to the extent of ounced Monday ~ ~....~-m~.~ _- _ -- !0 when it went out af control ed Armstrong with driving to the Ralph E. Wilson, a trustee of the They presently- are residing "in Conservation Center. Club at 2 p. m. ~econday Route 23 about 5-10 lef~ of the center of the hi,ghway in ternatk)nai service organization. Leeto~m Mr Bell is emnloved Mr Pierce attended Charles All garden club members please Host mem, bers will be H. A. ~ Cloudy and warmer today, high o e with drunken driving lie t'~ n at o .... and H gg is a prac 'el g t rney from with tho n~rtane ~ Camnan Town schools before enlisting in notice that the Shenandoah-Poto- Bester, chairman, Holland R. Coff[ 68 to 74. Possibly a few showers ~nile North of U. S. Route 340 .... ::; ........ Su.. ..... Ga ........ ~__y , uscema, Arl{ansas. tie wm De a ~_ e.~,.le., m~,,,,~ ~.o Uell ~o ,.m the United States Army. He is mac District meeting will begin i~berger, J. Kearfiett Dailey, Rob| In afternoon. Fair and cooler to- t to make a fir or ceda rmc a s Town State Trooper " r . . . ,,, ..... o .......... ,o Wan P Pal speaker t Huntington presently stationed at F. Eustis, at 10 a. m. October 3, at the eff- ert Knott, Roger Osbourn and | night, low 50 to 55. Divit -- a4d Hoffman .... r a idl . . ." p loyed at the law ofhce of attor- b es fa.:ed on the car. fence or aecz weame r p ,y. Also on hand wdi be James q" Va. e son County Civic Cen er, Mrs. James E. Senseney. | Friday, partly cloudy, high 66 wu c arged with ailure Hose it down daffy, in full sun-I Moler of Charles Town, West Vir- ......... , ........ o ....The codple is residing at 200 William P, Cain, District Direct- A.J. Kirch ,a retired State | to 70, becoming cooler in after- ndel conCrol, t light and the bleaching action of [ ginia, who is the presider t-elect | a Woodhaven Road, Apt. A, New- or, presiding. The s te president D ent official, will speak on[ noon. Saturday, fair aud moder. m the Far East". a cool m. kmday an|sun and water will do the job. of Ktwards." I l-lt.)l%i. rl port News, Va. Mrs. C. Manning Smith, wiAl be "Ourreat Events " / tely .