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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
September 21, 1978     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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September 21, 1978

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SPIRITOF JEFFERSON Farmer's ADVOCATI 3 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1978 FULLY-COOKED, LOW SA, LT (CENTER SLICES REMOVED) SHANK PORTION BUTT PORTION lb. WHOLE OR HALF SEMI-BONELESS Smoked Hams FIRESIDE LANCASTER BRAND (WATER ADDED) (NO WATER ADDED) Super Savings Everyday/ LANCASTER BRAND LANCASTER BRAND Smoked Butts ,S17__9 Beef Cubed Steaks lb. Super Savings Everyday/ LANCASTER BRAND PROCTOR-81LEX • ONEIDA • HEALTH-O-METER • POLAROID • REVERE • HAMILTON BEACH FREE HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: 1. Pick up a special Tape Saver Envelope at your Acres/Super Saver checkout. 2. Every time you shop Acme, save your special Orange Register Tapes in your Tape Saver Envelope. 3. As soon as you've saved up enough tapes for the gift you want, br- ing your Envelope to the Courtesy Window at the mansger's office for validation. 4. Then, exchange .your validated Envelole for your FREE gift (state tax must be collected, based on the retail price of the item you choose). 5. And that's not all. You can keep on saving Acme Orange Register Tapes through November 18, 1978. For each FREE gift you want, you need $300, $400, $500, $600, $700 or $800 worth of Acme Orange Register Tapes. Just ask for additional Tape Saver Envelopes at your Acres/Super Saver Courtesy Center. As=t• Cold Cuts '2°::Sl.29 LNCAIbHBRAND log 12"°z.=4 tl Beef Bo na .. pk0 ,.,,, ESSKAY Chipped Beef 3o. 89* • • w • pkg. HOT OR MILD Gwaltney Sausage ';: 99* SLICED Gwaltney Bacon 0,o1-'° =1.59 OSCAR MAYER VARIETY PAK Luncheon ,m,a,,='"""2 die,, =1.79 SKINLESS Eckrich Franks ,.,b =1.59 . pkg. HEBREW NATIONAL FRANKS OH Knockwurst '2°z =1 79 • • • a pkg. • Fresh Seafood Savings/ FRESH Haddock Fillet ...,b =1.99 FRESH Sliced Hake ....... ,b 99* }11 Check These Grocery Super Savings/ Spaghetti'°"00" w00u,, O' s.. •... 4 14 /a-OZsqiO GIANTGREENNIBLETSCORN (12"OZ')' PEAS' KITCHEN'SLICED OR FRENCH STYLE 3Green Beans . m m 17ca-OZsStO 3100o. 89 # cBns 3,=s100 CAMPBELL'S Pork & Beans ...... SUPER SAVINGS ON Ideal Applesauce... ACME VALUF_J Cadillac 1 FooDDOG m m 14V=-oz.pkg'cans0'6 q14 SUPER SAVINGS ON HOUSEHOLD CLEANER • 24-0Z. = L,()g Cab,n Syrup .b,, 1.39 LeMoil Liquid. ,oz ... b,, =1.74 A ;1 E VALUE! SOAP JIF CREAMY OR CRUNCHY • box ..jer =1.1S---___ BriIIo Pads....... o,10 39* Peanut Butter.. 18-oz. CARNATION NON-DAIRY KELLOGG'S, ALL FLAV(RS 11 -oz. Coffee Mate.....°zH. ,a, . .88 Pop Tarts .... 3 ox. =2.00 KELLOGG'S BETTY-CROCKER, ASSORTED VARIETIES Froot Loops.. ,oz =1.29 Hamburger I.lelper:;: 79* GOLDEN GRAIN ASSORTED FLAVOR'! CAT FOOD igM Eyes dzJ)12"°z" "°°°" Parmesan 2 bo...°z =1.00 Br •... .. c.°,79. RONI SAVE 20C! SUPREME PLAIN Raisin Bread 1 -Ib. loaf SAVE 15 ’ SAVE 3(Y PAM DRY FRY IDEAL FRESH MILK SAVE I(P SAVE 15 € HUNT'S SNACK PACK FREE GIFTS AVAILABLE: wlthOrlng, Tapes Totaling Health-0-Mmr Ballt  Hamilton Beach Corn Popper ................ s400 Pr0cl0r-SJlex Steam/Dry Ir0n .............. s500 Pr0ct0r-Silex Bread/Pastry Toaster ..... . .... s500 Stainless By Oneida izo- .rv= tar 41 . .. "l" .... ss00 Polaroid "Memory Maker" Camera .... ,l. .... s600 Revere Colonial Tea Keltle ........... .l. .... $600 Proctor-Silex Beverage Brewer ....... .I. .... s700 First Alerl Smoke Alarm ............ .J. .... s700 Polaroid "Presto' Camera ........... .1. .... s800 You're going to like it here! An Ameran Stores Company LANCASTER BRAND LARGE END Rib LANCASTER BRAND BONELESS Chuck RoaMs..., *1.39 LANCASTER BRAND BEEF CHUCK ""°"=,o, Pot RoaMs . ., =1.39 LANCASTER BRAND BEEF CHUCK Arm Pot Roasts .,.=1.49 LANCASTER BRANDSHOULDER BLADE Veal LANCASTER BRAND SHOULDER Veal Arm Steaks = =1.99 LANCASTER BRAND (LOIN LB. $2.89) Rib V )al Chops ..  =2.49 LANCASTEt 3RANL) BONELESS VL Shoulder RoaMs• , =1.89 FRESH, CRISP ICEBERG -too :ilmm m-n mm rn4  mh3 rn. Z 5 You'll Like the Freshness Here/ Fail Plant Bonanza/ (o.,.,.m.... with Plant Oepla.) US. NO. ONE 8-INCH (BOSTON COMPACTA)OO White Potatoes 10 b, 99* "--...--- PURPLE TOP IIn o' white Turnips.... ,b 29* W,,.,..,TA,NEDWERSTA.O FRESH IN 4-INCH POT Calif. Oranges 4 bag'bSl..*.-a Gold FishPlant .. .ao. 99' Tokay FLAME RED Orange Trees. ,.,oc, =4.99 49 ;oo, IN 6-INCH CL),Y POT Grapes .... b. Rubber Plant....., =4.99 Home Baked Quality in Our Bakery/ SUPREME PLAIN, SEEDED OR BLACK RUSSIAN Rs Bread ,,b ........Io., 79* SA 0, V;RGINIALEEV,N. OROHO.SPANISH Bar Cakes l.oz 99* • • • • m m • pkg. SAVE 18€ Daintee Saltines..2 boxea''°' =4. SAVE 30€! VIRGINIA LEE FAMILY PACK Fresh Donuts...  =1.09 VI'RGINIA LEE English Muffins 3=1 LATTICECUT • • = Fresh Apple Pies. oz,, 99* Save on Health & Beauty Aids/ Frozen Food Super Savings/ MRS. SMITH'S Pumpkin Pie ....'°' =1.79p,0 BIRDS EYE Cool Whip '°' 65* • • • • .. m bowl IDEAL t6-oz. = Coffee Creamer4 o,ne. 1.11tl IDEAL MIXED VEGETABLES. SUCCOTASH (24-OZ.) OR Corn  Cob..... ;s79. BANQUET FROZEN Chicken Uvers 1'- 59' • • • pkg. SALISBURY STEAK OR CHICKEN CHOW MEIN GREEN 9-oz. G,,,T Frozen Entrees 0.' Dairy/and Super Savings/ WITH FREE LEGGS KNEE-HIGHS 2.5-oz, roll-on IDEAL CHILLED or 7-oz. = Secret Oeodor,,t • .,,..y 1.59 Orange Juice ....'tc: 99' 20’ OFF LABEU 11-OZ. LIQUID OR 5-OZ. TUBE MRS. FILBERT'S GOLDEN Prell Shampoo.. eac.=1.39 Soft MaLAarivRne. .o ,  SUPER SAV(NGSt LIGHT 'N LIVELY, AL 8-OZ. cups/ Excedrin Tabletso,,=1.59 Fresh Yogurt... 3 ou,'°" 93' 17€ OFF LABELI BORDEN'S Aim Toothpaste ,=oz ,u, 99' Grated Cheese ._o,. =1.69 . . . .n, CYCLE DOG FOOD MANUFACTURER.4 (169) Limit one per family please. Redeem Sept. 17 thru 23, 1978. #C.372 4(P I I SAVE 25 ' WITH THIS COUPON TOWARD YOUR PURCHASE OF ONE 16-OZ. BOX, CEREAL CAP'N CRUNCH MANUFACYURER4 (170) Limit one per family please. Redeem Sept. 17 thru 23, 1978. MODESS NAPKINS POLAROID 108 FILM "Prices effective in the following markets: 661 South George Street, Charles Town, W. Va. -- Berkeley Plaza, Martinsburg, W. Va.