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Charles Town, West Virginia
September 21, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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September 21, 1961

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WEATHER REPORT! today, tonight and Friday, today near 80, low tonight 60, continued warm winds 10 to 15 MPH, will dimin- and tonight West to South- wind~ Friday beginning 10 to Illllllllll I I I TWO SECTIONS Read By More Than 20,000 People Every Week "Best For News and Advertising In Charles Town-.Ranson and Jefferson County Since 1844" i Illl I I II II J ,, , $ 97, NO. 39 WEST VIRGIN/:A'S OLDEST NEWSPAPER CHARLES TOWN, JEFFERSON COUNTY, W. VA. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1961 COMPLETE LOCAL NEWS COVERAGE PRICE 10 CENTS • J" ----" " Grand Ju] v .,n i n Indic"ed By J rsou Gi and J ury,..h'e F. rsons., injured,. Six,.,..C, s, , re e F id Guilt V I s Cked . in ee IrucKs uamagea ,n rues SalJfie(l th , Probe tlonl)f se en Road kcidents in Cot men were indicted by • Charles Town State Police re- Franklin Good, 31 of Charles • • • grand jury of Jefferson Coun ~Ar~t Ft r l||r~ Trmlc F ntpmhp ' ]Tp I Cacpc ~ Fnr Iported Wednesday they had inveslTown went out of control about l~-~-. 1 ~ "~ ~,-~ ~ .~l-m . .r'~.-m,,Ih, !s the September Jury Term ~v~nwm m~ . ~mmj mm.w=,w = Iff ..... ,,.1, [=w , v~v~, ~ pu myra I tigated seven highway accidents l3.9 miles East of Charles ToTal lW~lll II • _11 I • • • • • nil Ill! he Circuit Court convened ~ | ot ~ m tm ~ n I| qP * i ~ ]which occurred in Jefferson[and went over an embankment I~tkli, II I! ~l~qJ IIIIL~I l~L.Irlli~ .~ Tuesday morning, Septem- • County during the six day period Damage to the truck amounted . /ermJei'l rsofl LOUnTV IT t,ourl I JU y/rlal, 1 lree i . i • I z~• ~ I " [of Thursoay, ~ept. 14 and Tues-[to aoout $1,500. [ --~ ---------~, -- ~lony indictments were re. t - -- -- ........ /kA, u ~ J~m re&L1, I day, Sept. 19 in which five per-[ Trooper Barlow said Joseph lm..m • . • I Security conditions at tbe ted against William Marvin DATE CASE TYPE OF CASE Lt || [sons were injured and six cars IRedman of Ranson, suffered a [ aD|e j0n s0n IS ]County Jail came under the close rs (forgery); Legarde M• ~,~ 9~ A.fhn~ l'l,-.t~.n v~ PhH;n Crp~mer J P Anneal -- land three trucks were damaged|right leg injury. Good was char. ~ • q. [scrutiny of a Jefferson County ~sell (forgery); Raymond ~l-:. ~"--~,~"7 ..... ~o......~.2: .... r- -~-.~--.-• • t-~- ,r.. ~ ....... :~.--'~'~ ........ ~.:~. }to the extent of a total of $5,700. I ged with drunken driving and e.nam a urea .rer [grand jury in Charles Town on sden (felonious assault); ~epI. ~--~tate vs. uonala tinware ~ave Larceny ar~e'x_~e'~.Y_~'~.~'_~:~e ~_.~"^[~_'.~ iThis was the largest rash of high Jwas fined $50 and costs and his "" .......... |Tuesday of this week as the Sep t2 IJ gtl2tl LU I-uquIFe lit II2USt ~ , | ~ ~ uel Berry (forgery); Donald Sept. 27--Gary Linaweaver vs. Robert Smith Damage Suit .... a ....... ,. , ...... ~..v Iway accidents ih the county in[dri~ers license revoked at a hear~ ~ V~ ~l'l~nll~n ’ ~’’n ]tember Jury Term of th( Circuit rard Kave (larceny); James ~ ~,~., 9~ l.mad I'~ ~/l.nn v~ l?ahart Rur~or I)ama~,e ~uit ] some time. [ ing before a Justice of the Peace, I ,,..~.. ,.~,,,,~,,, ,, ~.h.,. | Court of Jefferson County (,on- tt (breaking an entering); I ...... - ........ b^.j,-. ,. ................ I In three of the accidents drunkl Sunday morning about 1 a. m• [ " [ ' ,ned. James Brinklow (operating a ucL ;~---~tate vs. James lGrlnKlOW lVll~emeanor Court Uo~ Je~;~;son~ ~'~-~'~'"cont. ten drivers were invol~ed• A four [Trooper Barlow arrested Darrell[ : ~ | At the conclusion of its coastal- or vehicle under the mfluen- Oct. 4--Howard Walt vs. Robert Pummery Contract ..... a r,..o ~; ...... !. ’ ....... ]th drunken drover was apprehenlEugene Farley, 20, of Quantmo, ~~ |eratmn of routine indictments 2of mtoxmants);. AI! of the = Victor Pr s vs Dixie Narco Contract i that il n . ded before his car became lnvol- Va. on a reckless drlwng charge 7 , presented to ~t the grancl jury ask ~are ~rom the t~ounty except ,.~, ~ ~. ~o • .... t. ,~,., ..... The th..e cosestha,.., ex,,~.,,ved m an ace,dent State Pohce[followmg a one-car ace,dent ~:%: ~:' :::-::~]ed for and was promptly granteda Oct. ,) & 6-- oduct . on w 1 e d on October 16 . . . • ~mw, WhO is a Virginian. i u~. 11 ~ .t.~--.,-~,~[.,. v,a,~,c.-~. .~ . :'~ ?~ . ~ ?'y F~.~-lsaid I WhiCh occurreo aoout ~.~ miles ~:!:~!i~::: ~!i!:!:~: /time to discuss among themsel- Lrraigned in open Court Wed I John P Briscoe, et al Accounting ea to raze a total ox at I .... ..... f .... o’lNorth of Ranson on State Route lees what miehi be done to in ure a m rnln M ers Trussell ys jury work are wctor trod- 9 * n* : = ~'~ ": .... ~ " " y o g Y ' • - ' o ..... :: ~ ~ ?:~ the operahon of a more effwmnt .,, ...,+. +. Oct. 12 & 13--Dorothy H. Nelson vs. ucts vs D,xte-Narco set for Oct-I°f accidents occurred ab ut 3 p.J ,r ...... ~.., ...... ~ 1~'~i.. r ~i: ~ ] ..... -- .~,.u~ a. ~,,~.,u,.u ~,,.~z ,u o.._!,.~_• .._u .... .!.._^, -! ~r~ ........... " .... - I m ,r~,,~odo,, ~h,,,t a h~l’ ,~ila n ---v"v'~- "-"~**,,,, ......... : ’ ~ : J~..~ ~ / ano secure courtly locK-up ancI ..... +:.... ..I. ........ :...+ I ~_,arttota ~ee nut.urn, et al oa~tuage~ ooer ~ ano ~; dosepn walper anal .......... z .................. i lost contr-1 ^f ~.~o --r -nd it hit ~':'7~, .... ~ i.~., ...................... &~:~.$gU’ltYU I~:|I’:I£~UD ~lt~alllal, " S u u late, t,a a ~ ~t . • ,;.:~,~., .::., 1111211 Fettlrll(*(l ~1 WI'IIIt'II F(~{_'Olll= ' ' Florence M Walper vs John P West of. Rlppon orl U Route :~ ~'L~::: ' h ~:" ......... and asked to be placed on ] Oct. 14--Rudolph Brown vs. Mack L.Smith Damages ... "; ..... "[340 with two cars being involvedla utility pole and then went :~ /mendation to Judge Gray Silver ~ation• Their. requests were I Oct. 16 -- George .... Pollock vs BarbaraRomaine Damages t~r/scoe and ~ou~se~ u: ~rxscoe, ............../'...n ~), ...... +.,,..state.’ people[ through a. fence into a field be. ~~|~ :~':~" . requesting• him to lake the mat- , • [ ~. ........... [ beta. in~ured The two cars wereI g P. g ~~ ]ter up with the County Court set ior uctooer u ann 11, ano .... ,: ...... , en under advisement fore comm to a sto Damn e o •{ oorotny ta ~uezson vsuarlton s • to he car n :< " usden and Berry are both in ., • . . ~ ~a~,~oc,.a ,. ,~,~ ,~..,..~ .f ~,.,,~[ t • , pole and fe ce amount ~ ~~ / Judge Silver oronmtlv announ [ pemntentmry and thenr at-t ee Housden and Ronert Jen Ten Additional Harvev Beeler Jr ...... ..................... :/,2,~oo |od about $200, Trooper Barlow I ~A~IP ~ teed he would discuss the matter I~ |lll|~b i]UI~U||9 ~et tul uutuue[ 1~. sal(I ~ment was deferred pending I - _~ I "- "'e .... T I " t ~~~ /with John C Skinner Presecut- ir release , ann 1~ t~narl s Town~tate rooper .... ~ 'n, ' • ~ ' *• • hoe~ " • Another Drunken Driver r .... ~ g Attorney and members of lhe [ave, through his attorney, [Jurors C s Named Pmldem Of The Victors Products suit a-IT- R• B~low, who assisted b.y[ (~,wn-rn! a a ~,~ t ~ ]County Court " ares uorpora[ u ,~ taoxman,]nvestl .-...- .... In[an arres red to squash the the indict-/~AM Pmma*.~.& "r~.~t - g t. Dixie-Narco is a suit by[ .... a 2..;:4 ...... - David Ecl'uar• ~'a'inter 21 of ~~ / While individual grand jurors l ’ • • ~dLU~.& Lllg a~. I~A~ll[ ~dlLI, a i~tJlO ~ ~ ' at a amst h~m on the round /UI bUllUlll ~1111 the plaintiff to recover certain r" eX resse • * thge word "feloniouslygi' had [ Ten additional lurers were W~U Ahmnn Ass0cnafi0n tools and dyes, valued at $48,000 ]Chevrolet station wagon being|Washington street, Haypers Fer- lr~~~ [s,, ffi adl., rea 'vCianSrti(! 'lad , i ill, misspelled in the indict-Ichosen by the Circuit .Court of which are in the possession of/driven West one R~ute,~ 340~yyjr~oO? ~l..~UnsKa~nr~ayWnggt~[m[g~. [ ~~lt~ /~t~:nt lhat~mig{~l ~ave prompted t in such a manner as to Je f e the uetenaant corporationThe "--~'-~'"" ~• ,_..,o~,,,,, ~.. ,,..,~u- • the i’" ,, " ' I f erson County y sterd~ay to ser :--~:: ---- ..... . ....... : ~. /a..~;A,n ~ ................ [lowim' a two-car accident which ~~~ / ~suance ot the ~ecommendat the word meaningless and lye on the jury panel at the cur- --- - :=_=---_ - ae~enoant contenoed that tnel."-"-'~'~'--"-;-°'--'c~"ue:u-w~t~--~|occurred about fn,,r miles East . .-..~ ........... .. ........~..~ ~ ..... /ion, it was generally felt that the ...... Items " • lyou l~elltlUl£ DelIlg(llHyen J~a~ ........ therefore the mdmtment did were sold to ]t in 1957 by ~nLr~ ~ Jott~o~ I rent term of the C~rcmt Court. In ~-~L~ - . ...... | ............. /of Charles Town on U S Route " /actmn was prompted by an mc~d- !charge him with committing,lview of the heavy jury docket, ~~ .... victor r'rouuets, put the plalntiff l°n J~outeo ~.,,oy ~on[~ ~nomas/340 " " Kable D Johnson N. Clark tent that occurred at the jail last elony. Through a clerical er-I the Court thought it wise to in- contended they were not mclud, lr ..msey _mow ' C'ornoral Hol said a 1957 Furr Charles Peer Charles Coul/June when two p isoners. Ray- I I 1 s el "felni- • . ii!iii iii:iii:i:i: : ea m the contract ot sam. The rnree lnjurd • " • ter Leighton Welch, Allen Glass mend Housden and Samuel Ber- e word was p led crease the, number of jurors ourt rewousl Oldsmobile being dmven East on , ~Y". After hearing argumentsl They are: David L. Bell, Ernest c has p. ;..y ruled theyI Mrs. Driscoll suffered lacerat-IRoute 340 b~" William D Coffe- ford, all officers and members of/r), engineered a jail break anti the motmn Wednesda afterI flhn ham d ar Fr e B ~ were not mcmoea m the contract[ runs of the head and nose CharI ~ ~' • |m the r c ~ ) ,, • Y - W" " g , E g y , erkel- i:::!:i:]~):I • • " • " 45, of Silver Spring, Md had stop thet Charles Town Independent p o'e.~s (f makin,, the ~ll the court over-ruled the mol ey Custer, William G Mercer, ~ of sale and it is now necessary to lies H. Kerry of Glen Rock, Pa In.a*...~.,. .... ~,..~h;t, ..... ~- Fire Comnanw attended the an-/break seveIly beata fellow plis- ~1 following which Kave was I Mrs. A. O. Albin, Norman Corbin, determine what damage the plain I had lacerations of the chin and l a'~'9~ ~y~uth'belng'drlven'by nual convention of the West Vir-/oner, Hart y Bretden• who had ~igned and pleaded not guilty. I Clark Bowling, Steve Smith, S. W uII has sustame(1. I scalp and a chest injury; and I Painter hinted into the track end ginia Stale Firemen's Associat- I been enlrusted wi~h the jail keys. rinklow pleaded not guilty tel Hoffman The Walper-Briscoe suit ~s an 1 John Ramsey suffered lacerat. I.e +n. o'~. ...... ....• aa .... r.,, ion Inc held in Weston W Va I Earlier in the day the grand jury charge aaginst him and hisl ~ action by the plaintiffs calling|ions of the forehead, left armlise'~offe='=~4~"su"~ere'~l"~in~r Selateml~er 14-16 • " " had re(eivcd an account of the ' • ~! ""::~!~i~ii-~:~:.~?.: .......... " . • • • J~ , • ' ~ • , , • was set for trml on OctoberI h. PIdhi n upon the defendants to account|and chest ]njurms. I back and iniuri u in the ac af the hioh|i h’ : .f bleak and had I elulned mdivi- ] I#l. IVllli~llgl; ~,lRlUl~ll ~:~Jll~ to them for $2,250 allegedly, re- ] Trooper Barlow said the accid- [ el-dent ............ ,,..'~."~.~;~,~. "'~,~"'~'~',7~'~'~'::., "'~,'~ dual indictments against the two his charge to the grand' jury I • • n P.. t, ,-. ~~ ~ ceived by the defendants as a [ eat occurred when Mrs. Driscoll I Dama-e to the two vehicles o~:~'i;.~-[~'"-'~"'~"~-~-'l'e I)'~['~-'"~•.'~--" l e~c~pees. }tousden was being • ' ...'~:i~:':: " • . ~ 11 C421~ Wltll L~.~U • OUIJII~,UII, .... ge Gray Silver Jr. departed l Mate r|[q~[ ~0~-~0o ~~ part of the purchase prme on[attempted to pass a truck in the [was estimated at ab-ut ~800 Cor n .......... ,~ ......... r, .... ~. ,~,~ held m the jail at the time ior 1~ the usual charge to gwe at pn• •.. ,t. . property the defendants sold to ]face of oncoming traffic. When [,,,,.~ ~,~ ..... ~a o+.,. ~o~,~...~,,. ~ ......... ~ an alleged parole wolatmn while Rhy and reasoned discussmn I r|lfl~T [0 10r0~[0 ~ Donald ~eiger and Doris Zeiger [ she saw ,she could not make it [ ’Tha~.l~ q',~ ......................... Berry wa~ being held on a cha~ ge • . , , ~::~-i::. : :.:::..::!::!:!~i:~:~i$~..::~'~ " "::i?~:'~: " ~ ~ e ~hat the ' 1 " " ~ ~" ~ " ,.~'"~.. ~-~-- .. ~ ~; [ dr~ C~.,.o. +,~,. t,Ad ,~.,., ~~L" ~g " " -- _defendants so!d[rtghtful- ane of traffic, sh.e tl~led~of Kdward E. Smith of Arlington, Other officers named were" IMade RecGmmend~ton~ aU e II er ateo tna ...,- ,:, :, " ' " . ' , " g b v .... , . ~,.::.,:~ ~ ; :,; :,~ me property m l~b~ an6 repres, ~o get net car oxt cue mgnway, Va n a w • " ' ~a ~. ~.o ~h ...... aa .... I Charles town atrlmrt to Toronto ~i .... ~ ,^ ,~.^ .,, .......... .... =:.]i, .... , ....... ~.._ r, ........ =| ., o drunken dri ng charge John L• Proctoz, chmf of the I While the grand jury made no ......... ,- ..... ;, I lnternatmnal Airport non-ston .................. 1 .... ' ....... /and also for leawng the scene of Grafton Fne Department, as the lspec hc recommendatmn there -,-~u ~=t~,~-~ s-'-,'- j,..,,~o ,. n .... - ...... - nan recelvet~ ~xs,ut~ xor The prop kcar neaaeu xor ms, alsolrleu TOlq. ,~,~,~;da.+ ^χ . h..,,;.,~ I~,,r ......... ,..~ ........ ~ :a...~• ~z r~ c,,,i ~ ........ *...~. ~ ;~.~.~" ..,: .~ • ", | Jill (~t~l~l~*l£L, 4"~il. Ct l|ff&lKlll~ UK~IUI~ I|UW ~L~tU pl~hlUUtlt, ₯₯. 1~ [X’11 ~Wa*~ a ~LIUlIg JlllpllCiltlOll In IIS erson Me an and Berkele baturoay atternoon• He nao Ills ert A ordi ' " " , rg y • B y. cc ugly they turned get h~s car offtheh~ghway, the Justice of the a e Merle Al e , '" . " • " ...................... I dau-hter Barbara as co-ndot and HARVEY I~ELER JIU ............ .~ .............. / Pe c g r laghor, McMechen, as first wee- ~ep(nt that ~t ielt that the pres- ,-ty in an ez ort tu re-,t uu ~, r over tins amount to me walpel~ only troume oemg that tmtn uric he as fin nd c s " • ..... " " .............. I his son David as navigator This The Jefferson County Chanter .......... ] ......... [ w ed $50 a o ts on president, J. W. tIolbert of Hm-lent physical faclhhes at the jail m re.e: nOtmwear sU:Cfl i sI is the first time a non stop in- of the West Virginia lJniversity ross_, comm ssmns, r ow-|ers trma .to usetne same sine or|the Drunken Driving charge and ton,, second vice p esident; Rog-]are presently inadequate and ~.e_ c~[~..u_~t _to_w,. ~uto.~l ternational flight has been made Alumni Association held its an- ever, me pialnulis say tneae~en|men~gnway_a_nu ~ne ~me spotto/had his driver's license revoked er W. Nowviskie, chief of the I lh~t the Counly Court should pro a~te ue.uquuncy, I ................. uants actuauy recelveu ~,~au/neau melr cars ior. Trooper ~ar/for a neriod of six months He Morlt~olDel~ Fire Denartment as t vide a more (-e~-re ,~ri~,,n- nnd I xrom JetIerson uounty ~0 a tot- nuat meeting at the home ox ~ar. far th~ nv~no~.t. "Pha daCanrl~nte/lnur e~iel Mrc rt~.iePnll wae oh~r 1 .- ....... • . e, ~ r .- ' • I " .. a t-u. t-- ....... , ---- -- - -- a.. • I ~i~n Pnnnfrv and Mrs Kenneth W Metz on ~'/-".~:"~::~ .............. "~.l ": ~"'.': ................... "/was also nned ~za ano costs Ior secrela~y; Johnson, t[easurer; that prisoners should not be en- i ............. , • " contenu mat they never receivea--gea Tim improper passing |le via the s the accide * ~ ,. ~ . " " I . '. *. s 5n der,T0 Atte~l They took off from Charles Key s Ferry Road on September but 14000 for the re ert "th Tuesd ornin abe" ' a g cene of at. Je•se It. Sm]mons, Mdgeley, par t trusted w,th ~a]l keys; and that Y $ , p p y, ~ ay m g ut 8 ~ , , ] Tree er Ward sam a 1955 Cad hamenta~]an, Harry R T~uax ~ om~ law enforcnng ofhce~ Town at 4"15 p m and landed in 10 with more than 50 alumni at- a i e o 1959 " p • . " " • , . " . 's , •.. • . • • • • . t the t m the property was sold clock a ford pmkup truck .... ', ~ , t t - ~h n Of ]l bern r]v b Sm]t Wenlon, e~gcan a arms and ould be m constant attendance Toronto at 7•30-3 hours and 15tending t i e " b" riven lac g d en y h ~ " " , - • • " ' . • . • . • o the Ze g rs the Ze]gers execu- emg d North on Secondary . . . . ,. ,, e.|n~ .,lama ~n~ma minutes, The fhght took them The following offmers were ele t,~a ,~,. n-t,~ ,.,,o,,;-- -’~a9_~ Ra,,,,~ 1 north .r ~ .... ~, ~,,;., crashed mto a fence near Shen- Alvin A. Jan Schnmltz, Moore- at the jail. When the break . . , .... | directlypover Niagara Falls. They eted: president, H. B. Beeler; and tha't a~°'i~.'~2~:'3~.~:/7~ bv"J;mes Pr'est~n ~,"l~r~'i~n"~'/and°ah Downs race track about [ie!~, historian. . I occurred last June the jailer was t ............. ' / 11 45 the m ht of Se t 13 After I~ was ~tec~ded to hold the 1962 i out on another duty ~t was un viisted with relatives and friends vice presiden, William B Stuck " - ............ " ...... 2 ........... " ............... "g P • '" " " "~ " ~la K IO~al MeeTin . • Zesgers were credited w~th a cash 2, of fftoute 2, Winchester, Va. " " • - f -,. g I returning to Charles Town Men- secretary,treasurer, Mrs. Conrad d~rw’~it in th~ ..... nt .f -’9~ and~ 1961 ~hovr.l,~t ni~t-,,,~[the car had gone through the fen convention in Gra ton. tdel~tood. • "~" ...................................... ~ .... ""~" ce Tree er,Barlow said the driv George Vicke[s Marvin Dod The action of the grand jury ss Judith Lee Snydr, High] day morning. On the trip home C; Hammann; d ctors, Kenneth the Zeigers had previously paid truck, being driven South on Rt [ ' _ _pc ...... " --'n v ...... ~. "~i;:ili2..,..... ~-...'ti.. ,..i. .......... :.~..:~_" ........ et, Charles Town. a memberl mey stoppeo at ~au~tato iMernat- w. ~aetz, ur. w. r. Tureen, tree. th~ d~f~ndant~ h,,, thht thi~ mrm 1 hx, C.raelv Msda,~v R.,,t~ ~" Ier oacxeo ms car out onto the ~,, , ~_~..v,~\..;,, ~,~,,a.,, ~c,~- ] . tar.,.~ u.uvt cu.stuct-atmn " " I ert Butler h~storm Don -- ' ' " .............. ' ........ Ihi hwa and left the scene of the neth Kicner lvtiKe rittinger ttoo I matter on its own initiative is not ;eta Delta Cha ter of Si ma tonal Airport to clear U S Cuc- ; " " n, Mrs. --'--. .... ." ....................... • g y ..... • , P g/ • • ey ~s being held by the defend- Hampton, Ga. colhded [ n , " ' • - • • • • eat Turner and Joh Dal~a~n at without precedent m lefferson ~a Si ma at She herd Col toms and had breakfast in the ald Fiery. • .... accndent • ''1 '" "" ~' g P ants as add~tmnal securRy for Trooper Barlow sam eshmated tic ~C • "*- ' ......... " Air-oft Term'-al Beeler who returned withhis .......... ~ ...... ~xr...a ., ....... ,.n tended the convert Jn from the ~ ounty, but ]s the lust tram any 1 in ~ne nerast p m ocatea p own, the £wo notes damage to the two vehicles a- x.u,,t, .i. vYaLu ainu .~Fu.t=~t 'tiT s m a su " , ' • • ~ famil to Charles Town to reside " • C~ en Co p ny t ch action has been taken m a ira., will lore representatives~ '' Y ,m, ...... , ..... u .... ~^- mounted to about -’400 Maddox I the arrest on Sept. 5, of Marion " " _ ,, * ;; . L • only a few weeks a o IS" curxentl ..~ ~.a~v ut ~et~utt v~ ~uuau~u ~ " • • numoer of years r~o witnesses 1 Tri Sigma Chapters m this g Y .... was charged with failure to have Clay Smith of Summit Point on ...... as ~uests of the . .r.rltv, /Jeffes0n Gets Draft serving as manager of the C. L. et al ]s a smt by the plamtfff to .... . .............. ]- ..... * .... '---- - -ivin- a"a D.dh, h.., /|11 D., [were summoned and no attempt _ ~. ......... . o ' b .... recover damages ~or personal in "-~ vem~,e u.uet cumru~. ,, ~,,,~-s~ ,,- u--,...~, u. s. ,,- nell i/11 Will 01~ was made to lace the blame on ,ter at Madison College at[P.ll ~-.. I'1. .... kdA-- Re rosen Corporatmn m Ranson. i,,-, ...... *.,= ....... ~-^ .-,-'-.,,* Monday evenin~ about 7"45 a}also driving on a revoked hcen. ][ ][ P " _. • Af • . ~-.,~ ~-~-.aeu u~ .,~ p,o-,-- ~" " [ any one person or rou The • t,aul Fur /I.’’ Iq.. i ter the business meeting a . . . .1959 Ford truck being driven se. Smith was apprehended by du grand jur sire 1 t ou the ' sonburg, Va. for their trien icnic wa held on the lawn at ]n an automobile accident on U ......... p y g re.grand1 meet te be held A call for three Selechve Ser- Pl~e Metz ~ome S Route 340 just east of Charles west on u. ~. l~ou~e 340 by Earl' TURN TO PAGE 6-A Observed .,un.a; county could haven more secure emt)er 23-24. vice registrants ~rom Jefferson • T'own two-e ...... The ,qai- .... [~' .... 7,,,_ . t " " " ~ ,~.o as-,. v -" • salci so. The jurors were shrug new members m ac- County to be forwarded to Balt - ' • • tiff contends that the drover of n onal m a octo Meth0dnst Church commended by the court for thew ce with nati and local ore on Tuesd y, ber 10. for S sen-er Robert "-lmin-s Nelson ........ ser ,ices. " " ~llenic rulings will be the induction into the Armed Forces Spect rs at rle the car In which she was a pus ' the 1 g , oe g ~unuay ]s oemg ooserve~ as - subject of the Meet, though has been received by Loca ' • • . , • • Town Foetba ~ames and Housden, who was drsvmg a Rally Day m the Charles Town ~,,,_&,, . Lity for discussion with Board from Charleston neauquar- truck with which the car eollid .. •: ................... u , - lvtetnomst ~nurcn oo~n at ~'z~u in Ik~U III a s national officers will ters~ Miss Elizabeth S Watson, Wdl" Have to* re b h ' .' U • . * ed we ot neghgent and that the Sunday School and m the} collegiate members to clerk said today She sand the Stand she has sustaineddama-es in the Wor ........ • g snlp service a~ II:UU a. m. themselves with all call will have to be met by non- matters, volunteers. at Longwood College, There w~ts no instruction as to Va. in 1898, Sigma Sig ma became a member of Panhellenie Confer in 1947 and has grown to 59 collegiate and more 120 alumnae chapters with a membership of more than women• County Court of Jefferson yesterday made a motion Circuit Court to dismiss ~Pplication of Charles Town's race tracks for an appeal the property assessment on each of the two tracks County Court last July. July the county court as- the so-called old race track ,000,000 and assessed the track at $1,900,000. Both immediately filed a petit ~ith the Clerk of the Circuit asking that the Circuit review the assessment, in case, contending that it was men being forwarded for pre-in duction at the same time and to the same place, she said, other than that the order said the in- ductees would travel on a char- tered bus which would be pick- ing pre-induction groups from Berkeley and Jefferson counties. the County Court dr- merely filing the petit ion with the Clerk was not suffi- cient; that the statute requires that the petitioners file their pe- tition with the judge and get an order from the Circuit Court granting the appeal within 30 days from the action of the Court ty Court. The County Court order fixing the assessments was made July 29. The petitions were filed in each case with the clerk with- in 30 days from that time, but no other action was taken. The Court ty Court claims that the time for taking the proper action has now expired and asked the court to dismiss the appeals• Arguments on the niotion have been set down for hearing next Monday morning, September 25. Because liability insurance which the Charles Town Ameri- can Legion carries on the Legion field, does not provide protection for spectators at athletic events who might use them, it will be neecssary to remove the bleach- ers from the field and persons attending the Charles Town home football games will either have to stand to watch the games or bring along a portable chair. This was decided Wednesday night at a meeting between school officials and members of the Athletic committe of the Le- gion. School officials said insurance of this type can be purchased but the cost of it ~or such limited use makes it prohibitive for the school or the Legion to buy. Although the bleachers have been used at the field in the past it was not realized until a few days ago when a check was made on the Legion's insurance cover. age at the field, that portable bleachers are not included in the policy. And since the high school does not feel it should assume the risk in case someone should be ,hurt on these bleachers, it was decided that they should be removed from the field and re. turned to the high school gym- nasium, where they are used throughout the school year. CHICKEN BARBEQUE, Bay dane Community Center, S~tur. d~y, September 23, at 5:00 P. M. Complete Meal $1.50, Benefit SOUTH JEFFERSON RURITAN CLUB. ~ept. 14-3’.--FP amount of $25,000. The seven other jury trials are Arthur Dodson vs Philip Cream- er, a case involving a dispute be tween the parties over cattle feed Gary Linaweaver vs Robert Smith a suit involving right to damages as a result of an auto- mobile accident; James C. Moon vs Robert Burger, a case invol- ving property damages out of an auto accident; State vs James Brinklow, in which the defendant is charged with operating a mo- tqr vehicle while under the in- fluence of intoxicants; Howard Wilt vs Robert Pummery, a suit over improvements placed on'the defendant's real estate; Rudolph Brown vs Mack L. Smith, a suit involving personal injuries grow ing out of an auto accident; and George Pollack vs Barbara• Rom- aine, a suit to recover, property damages. Paul Reiter Will Speak To Yokefeliows Sunday Paul Reiter, one of the owners of the Old Dominion Appliance Company store in Charles Town will be guest speaker for the Yoke fellows Bible Class of the Presby terian Church this Sunday morn- ing. The class will meet promptly at 9:45 a. m. and extends a cor- dial welcome to all visitors. In the evening at 8 p. m. members of the Yokefellows Class will at- tend Church services at the Ben lab Church where Dr. Jerry White will be in charge. The facilities of Zion Episcopal lable facilities. They will check Church have been made available ~ on the space for cots, toilet fac- to the Chairman of Civil Defense, ilities, kitchen equipment, heat, Kenneth WiMngham, with the water and all other ma~ters re. full approval of the Vestry of quired in an emergency. that church. In response to this The Parish House has been invitation, Mr. Willingham made used for some years as a center a survey of the Parish House last for blood donations for the Am. week. erican Red Cross• A large num. In ease of war or disaster of ber of civic minded people are any kind, such as the destructive therefore already familiar with storms which struck Texas last week, the Parish House will be immediately available to Mr. Wil lingham and his co.workers. The Rev. Allen L. Bartlett Jr. rector is shown in the photo, graph above, checking over the building with Willingham so that no details will be overlooked should an emergency arise. The check being made now is to thor oughly familiarize the Civil De. fense organization with the avail the layout and availability of the building in an emergency. In ad dition to this group the Rev. Mr. Bartlett will soon appoint a com- mittee of church, men and women all experienced in public service to represent the Church. These plans are being made by Zion Church now so the populat. ion of this area can know that in ease of emergency they will have a place to which they can go and be assured of protection and im- mediate attention. A special speaker has been pro- cured for this great day and it is hoped that all members will strive to be present. The Rev. Ed Seymour of Randallstown, Md. will speak to Youth at Sunday School and then preach at the morning worship service, tier• Seymour, blind for many years as a result of an accident during hunting, has had a singularly suci cessful ministry for the almost 'forty years since the accident. We cordially inviteeverybody tel "Rall~" with us. i The Youth meetings will meet and travel in a caravan to the Me thodist Rally in Hagerstown at St. Paul's Church where Bishop John Wesley Lord will preach. Unified Meeting of the Episcopal Church Women Of Zion Church The September Unified Meet. ing of the Episcopal Church We men of Zion Church will be held in the Parish House on Monday evening, September 25th at 6:30. Following a covered dish dinner and business meeting, a program will be held on The Historical Backg[ound of the Ecumenical Movement. A Panel consisting of The Reverend Allen L. Bartlett, Rector, Mrs. C. Manning Smith, Mrs, E. L. McDonald and Mrs. Rolfe Hayes will lead the meet- ing. Highway accidents take no va- cation. Drive with care-Every. where. This reminder from the West Virginia State Police. While other parts of the nat' ion will stick with Daylight Sav- ing Timber another month, just about everything except Shenan doah Downs race track will re- turn to Standard Time at 2 a. m. Sunday morning, Oct. I. Last Spring when Charles Town, Ranson, Shepherdstown, Harpers Ferry and Bolivar all vo ted to change to Daylight Saving Time on the last Sunday in April, they also agreed to switch back to slow time on Oct. 1. And there has been no change in these plans since then. Superintendent of Jefferson County Schools T. A• Lowery said all of the county school systems will be back on Standard Time Monday morning. Most of the county's industries and businesses will also revert Io Standard Time, with the ex- ception of Shenandoah Downs [ace track which will stay on Daylight Time because of the traf fic coming from the metropolitan areas which are not going to go back to Standard ,Time until Sun day, Oct. 29. Officials of Dixie-Narco, Valley Board, Victor Products, Powhat- an Brass, E. E. Fairchild Corn* puny and Lore Lynn Company all said this morning they would revert to Standard Time on Oct. 1, GO TO' CHURCH SUNDAY