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September 18, 2013     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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September 18, 2013

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I PAGE A1 1, , farm TED K. dNIT S pirit of JEFFERSON and FARMER'S ADVOCATE} Wednesday, September 18, 2013 (A comedy of errors -- mostly mine) Steering wheels, that is. A simple auto- "Through the natural progression of time, it has motive steering wheel puller won't work to remove the wheel on most older tractors, become so that the folks at Wenger's are about Often one must reso to .ing a hole in half the age of the parts they sell so it can take a the wheel next to the steering shaft, then breaking the wheel with a chisel. This, of couple of tries to get the right part " course, destroys the wheel and a replace- ment must be found. However, there are situations in which, for one reason or an- I guess I should explain why I'm in this Somewhere in all of this, in a conversa- other, the wheel must be removed intact, particular situation.To owners of Ford 5000 tion with old-time Ford tractor expert Ros- I ran' into such a situation recently at tractors, circa 1965 to '75, this may sound coe Tutwiler, I learned that a relatively Sandstone Farm in Clarke County, Va. I do familiar. The Ford's power steering devel- small number of the earliest version of this have" the perfect setup to do this job if it's oped a leak at the steering cylinder control tractor came with simple, foolproof manu- possible at all. This combination of tools in- valve housed at the very front of the trac- al steering. We decided to simply convert volves a:heavy steel collar that clamps un- tor. I installed a new seal kit thai cured the the tractor to manual steering using salvage der the wheel, two heavy threaded rods that problem temporarily, which experience has parts. reach to a massive puller that exerts astro- taught me, is about as good as it gets. An order went out to Wenger's Tractor nomical force on the steering shaft and the It takes a minimum of an area 14 feet Salvage of Myerstown, Pa for a used tie unde/'side of the wheel. This is a wonderful square to split a tractor for a new clutch, rod and drag link and aftermarket device to have -- home, locked in a cabinet When this need arose, we found that Sand- manual steering "knuckle." Through the in my shop 40 miles away. I had forgotten stone had ~-.ome so crammed with sta- natural progression of time, it has become to put this puller on the truck before I left -- bles, paddocks, show rings and the afore- so that the folks at Wenger's are about half advancing age,I guess, mentioned clutter that there was nowhere the age of the parts they sell, so it can take Plan B isn't my favorite -- using the out of the way to split a tractor. The ma- a couple of tries to get the fight part. It add- truck's crane to pull the steering wheel. This chine went to Good's Garage at Siler for the ed to this misadventure that I showed up at method has its limitations in that the pulling clutch and Seth Good put in another pow- Sandstone to install these parts on a Sun- force cannot exceed the weight of the truck er steering seal kit, as well. As expected, it day, just before going away for a week, to (about 6,500 pounds). Sometimes, more ' soon began leaking again. The basic cast- make this discovery. force is needed. The other problem is that ing of these units eventually wears to the While I was away, ,Sandstone used the once the wheel releases its grasp, there's no point where they won't hold a seal for more 5000 with a gallon jug of power steering oil telling where it may land, than a few minutes. (Any machinist who in constant attendance. Upon my return, the Working at riding stables and equine may want to explore boring and sleeving correct parts awaited. I began to install the event facilities puts one in nearly constant these units is likely to find a ready market.) drag link, which is the rod that goes from company of beautiful women. It can be An order for a rebuilt unit went out to the steering gear box below the steering hard to get things done with these beauties Cheap Tractor though not neces- wheel to the front axle. This link mount- cluttering up the place and I had to shoo a sadly on my recommendation. I was sus- ed differently from the power steering ver- minor bevy away to a safe distance before I picious of this arrangement from the start sion. applied force tothe 1968 Ford 5000's steer- but the $500-plus price tag suggested that The tractor was equipped with a sluggish ing wheel, some machining may have been involved, old Massey Ferguson loader that would I had rigged up an.arrangement tocap- With no little effort, I installed the unit, clearly need to be removed permanently ture (museum lingo, dontcha' know) the which was leaking by the next day. Appar- before the link could be installed. The load- wheel and though the cable flailed violent- ently, like the rest of us and with all good er wasn't a real asset so this really didn't ly when the wheel broke loose, the wheel intentions, Cheap Tractor Parts had simply matter all that much. I attached the crane to didn't try to go into orbit, installed a rebuild kit in a wom out casting, the loader, unbolted it fi-om the tractor, start- ed the machine then attempted to simply capacity to spare. back away from the loader. I, then, diseov- At last, everything was finally hooked" ered that whoever had made the conversion up and ready to go. 1 told David Porquette, from Massey to Ford had done much of the the barn manager and 60-year-old Vermont welding and fabrication with the loader in rustic, to take it away. He started the tractor" place. The heavy, cumbersome attachment and turned the steering wheel to the fight had to go sla'aight up and over the tractor -- the tractor went left. Upon hearing about in order to be removed. This was accom- plished with not an inch of vertical crane See WHEELS Page A12' L|VE $fOBK reports FOUR STATES LIVESTOCK AUCTION MARKET REPORT . HAGERSTOWN, MD Sept. 9 SLAUGHTER COWS pREMIUM WHITES at $84 BREAKERS Avg. Dressing $74- 78.50 BONERS Avg. Dressing $72-77 LEAN Avg. Dressing $66-71 THIN & LIGHT $65-Down BULLS YG #1 1500 Ibs. at $94 FED STEERS ~h - Prime 1350-1500 Ibs. $125- 1"26:75 dh~:2-3 1250-1500 Ibs, $122-!25; one at 1592 Ibs. at $122 I~ED HEIFERS Ch3-4 1250-1400 Ibs. $120-123.75 Heiferette 1432 Ibs. at$117.50 CJ~M.VES Holstein Bulls Returned to Farm,:~ #i t00-120 Ib& $130-142; 92-98 Ibs. $t30-140 ,:" . #2 90-120 Ibs; $i10-130; 80-88 Ibs. $97-115 #3 75-85 Ibs. $52-70 Holstein Jersey X Bulls 70-90 Ibs: to $57.50 Holstein Heifers 90 fbs. at $80 Slaughter Calves 70-90 Ibs. $42-52 Sows 566 Ibs. At $73 Sept. 11 Hol. Heifer Due November $1110 FEEDER BULLS M&L Frames CALVES 95 Head $10-20 higher 300400 Ibs. $160-182; 400-500 Ibs. Holstein Bulls Returned to Farm $150-167; 500-600 Ibs. $137-152; #1 94-110 Ibs. $137-150; 112-126 Ibs. 600-800 Ibs. $102-127; 800-1000 Ibs. $125-136; 88-92 Ibs. $110-125 $91-106 #1 + 2 80-86 Ibs. $92-102 GOATS 6 head Sold by the head #2 94-110 Ibs. $115-130 Billies 78 Ibs. at $127.50 Holstein Heifer 94 Ibs at $95 Wethers 114 Ibs. at $190 BW Face Bull 112 Ibs. at $150 Kids Selection #2 38-50 Ibs. $65-80 ' BW Face Hfr 106 Ibs. at $190 LAMBS 9 Head Slaughter Calves $50-down 79-122 Ibs. $122-135 BUTCHER HOGS 15 head PIGS &SHOATS 21 head mainly light 1 + 3 240-295 Ibs. $67-69 weights 2 + 3 240-295 Ibs. $60-66; one @ 380 Sold bythe head Ibs. at $60 15-20 Ibs. $31-35; 36 Ibs. To $37; 50 Sows Ibs. at $50; 70-80 Ibs. $65-69 Lean 438 Ibs. at $56.50 Boars FARMERS LIVESTOCK 400 Ibs. at $17 EXCHANGE INC. STOCK CAI-FLE 116 head WINCHESTER, VA. FEEDER STEERS M&L Frames 375-490 Ibs. $145-157; 500-600 Ibs. Sept. 16 $144-160; 600-770. Ibs. $129-137; one @ 1078 Ibs. at $127 HOGS: Holsteins 975-1100 Ibs. $87-90 US 1-3 200-250 Ibs.: 3 FEEDER HEIFERS M&L Frames SOWS: 1 325-400 Ibs. $135-142; 400-600 Ibs. BOARS: 2 $122-137 LAMBS: 19 EleCtrical Work One Name Comes To Mind Inc iSince 1958 SLAUGHTER COWS 44 head BREAKERS H Dressing $84-90 BREAKERS Avg. Dressing $77-82 BREAKERS L Dressing $72-76 BONERS Avg. Dressing $73-79 BONERS L Dressing $67-72 BULLS YG #1 1400-2200 Ibs. $94-102.50 FED STEERS Light Supply Ch 2 1320 Ibs. at $122 L Choice 1175-1400 Ibs. $117-119 Returned to Feed 1150 Ibs. $110-116 FED HEIFERS L Ch 1100-1150 Ibs. to $1!8 Dairy Replacements by the head Your HVA C Specialists RESIDENTIAL * COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL Sales - Service - Installation - Heating & Air Conditioning o Gas Fireplaces, Heaters & Stoves . Generators Water Softeners (30i) : comfor table, 304-728-8455 { 797-4887 - Toil Free: 1-877-797-4887 Automa# Standby Generators I HI CHOICE & PRIME: $125-140. 500-600 Ibs. - $148-163; 600-700 500-600 Ibs. - $123-129.50; 600-' CHOICE: $110-140. Ibs. ~- $142-158.50; 700-800 Ibs. - 700 Ibs. - $102-126; 700-800 Ibs. -, SLAUGHTER EWES: 35- $35-49. $133-140.25; 800-900 Ibs. -, $130- $104-109; 800-900 Ibs. - $108. KID GOATS: 65 - 20-40 Ibs: - $120- 140.25; 900-1,100 Ibs. - $135. BULLS: 371 - Med & Lg #1 -200-300 155; 40-60 Ibs. - $135-212.50; 60-80 Med & Lg #2 - 300400 Ibs. - $147- Ibs. - $176-200; 300-400 Ibs. -$168- Ibs.-$207.50. 169; 400-500 Ibs. - $128-153; 500- 186; 400-500 Ibs. - $150-177; 500- SLAUGHTER CATTLE: "600 Ibs. - $138-158; 600-700 Ibs. - 600 Ibs. - $137-156; 600-700 Ibs. - COWS: 132- Utility & Comm. - $72- $128-139; 700-800 Ibs. - $131; 800- $122-135; 700-800 Ibs. - $107-120; 95; Canner & Cutter - $50-68.50; 900 Ibs. - $115-129; 900-1,100 Ibs. - 800-900 Ibs. - $102-118. Cutter & Bng.- $66.50-86. $100-109. Med & Lg #2 - 300-400 Ibs. - $158- BULLS: 21 - 1-2 - $78-106. HEIFERS: 437 - Med & Lg #1 - 300- 172; 400-500 Ibs. - $144-155; 500- STOCK COWS: 67 - Beef BH - 400 Ibs. - $131-149; 400-500 Ibs. - 600 Ibs. - $121-135; 600-700 Ibs. - $775-1,425. $134-147; 500-600 Ibs. - $124.50- $116-128; 700-800 Ibs. - $90-108; BABY CALVES: 10- BH - $55-205. 138.50; 600-700 Ibs. - $126-135; 800-900 lbs. - $93-95. FEEDER CATTLE: 700-800 Ibs. - $115-124; 800-900 LG. FR. 1-2 HOLSTEIN STEERS: STEERS: 272 - Med & Lg #1 -200- Ibs.-$126.25. 400-500 Ibs. - $102-109; 500-600 300 Ibs.-- $176-200; 300400 Ibs. - Med & Lg #2 - 300-400 Ibs. - $130- Ibs. - $98-105; 700-900 Ibs. - $93. $162-193; 400-500 Ibs. - $148-174; 142.50; 400-500 Ibs. - $118-130; TOTAL: 1,436 JeHerson County Property Transactions Scott Bearup to Carroll L. Rice; 15.487 acres; Kabletown District; $125,000.00 September 6 - 12 2013 Paul L. Congleton and Kimberly A. Lot 22, Section 1-C and Parcel 2, Congleton to Sharon M. Helms and Lot 23, Section 1-C, Shannondale Tracie M. Hanson; Lot 204, Section - Subdivision; Kabletown District; 1C, Breckenridge Subdivision; $12,500.00 Charles Town District; $250,000.00 Eric A. Waldron, Lisa Waldron and Gemcraft Homes Inc. to Martin J. John Miller to Owen J. Gauvin; Lot Herbert IV and Jessica E. Herbert; 1, containing 0.048 acres; Charles Lot 6, Springs at Shepherdstown TownCorporation; $79,000.00 Subdivision; Shepherdstown Dis- trict; $340,121.00 Norman R. Corbin and Lori L. Corbin to Joshua Wolf and Cas- Donald J. Mumaw to Robert sandra Remsburg; Lot 12, Section P. Rankin; Parcel containing 14-J, Shannondale Subdivision; 2.30 acres; Middleway District; Charles Town District; $27,000.00 $40,000.00 Donald J. Orser to 33mothy T. Champion; Lot 25, Section 4B, Shannondale Subdivision; Charles Town District; $2,000.00 Wells Fargo Bank to Ronald Bauer; Robert R. Dawson and Judith M. Lot 247, Locust Hill Subdivision; Dawson to Kurt Christensen and Charles Town District; $238,000.00 Brenda Christensen; P/O Lot 40, Wager 6-Acre Reservation, con- Ann Marie rock to Flagg House taining 3,836 sq. ft.; Harpers Ferry LLC; Parcel 1, Lot 3, Section 1A, Corl0oration; $328,500.00 T/W Waterfront Lot 3, Section 1A, Parcel 2, Waterfront Lot 3-A, Sec- Secretary Veterans Affairs to tion 1A, Parcel 3, containing 0.3843 Kyndal Cook; Lot 406, Phase acres, Glen Haven Subdivision; 3A, Section 2, Huntfield Subdivi- Harpers Ferry District; $197,500.00 sion; Charles Town Corporation; Darienne Y. Moyer and Harry A. $155,000.00 Dusenberry to Norman R. Corbin WV Hunter LLC to John J. Forster; III and Lora L. Corbin; Parcel 1, Lot 17, Point Subdivision; Shep- herdstown District; $56,800.00 Earl M. Bowers and Nena M. Bowers to Kenneth Hausman Jr and Melissa A. Hausman; Lot 324, Phase II, Locust Hill Subdivision; Charles Town District; $285,000.00 Roger Lee Kriss and Sandy Kay Kriss toAdriana C. Moreno; Lot 17, Section D, Fox Glen Subdivision; MiddlewaY District; $75,000.00 Seneca Trustees Inc. to R&D Investments LLC; Lot 249, Phase 2B, Section 1B, Huntfield Subdivi- sion; Charles Town Corporation; $198,293.50 Marianne E. Caruso to Yasmin C. Ryan; Lot 25, Bolivar Estates Subdivision; Bolivar Corporation; $119,900.00 Richard A. Wallace and Pamela M. Holstein Wallace to Martha J. Wood and Elizabeth A. Sturgeon; Lot 132, Section II, Cloverdale Heights Subdivision; Kabletown District; $249,900.00 Ruby M. Gainer to Charles L. Wal- lace Jr. and Heather R. Wallace; Lot 66, Section III, Heatherfield Subdivision; Shepherdstown Dis- trict; $160,000.00 Sponsored by: iiii:i 1,5w washington Street PRO' SER "MAINA'GEME ; T Charles Town, West Virginia 25414 & REAL ESTATE SERVICES (304) 885-0772 A Sense of Community, the Strength of a Team